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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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19/09/2012 at 13:29

LOL CM!! Sorry .... Glad you are enjoying them but sorry you feel so rubbish

Do you have any dates for kids in half-term. Trying to think how can hook with you...

Fab 10 miler in the sunshine today. Felt easy and very enjoyable running along at 7.30s. Funny how its like that some days.

Another corker of a session at the club last night. Split 6 min reps, 4 mins, 45 secs rec. then 2 mins. 2 mins harder than 4 mins. Managed 6-ish pace for the reps, so pleased with that. We did 5.

Sophie shocking today, massive tantrum after I picked her up from pre-school. Lunch in the bin as she refused to eat it and now in bed. Nightmare!!

Boys on a school trip to a windmill. They weren't overly inspired at the thought of it but am sure they've had fun. They computer club after, so then rush home for tea then swimming lesson at 5.10pm. Then babysitter coming round so I can go to pilates at 7.30pm. Hubbie finally home about 9.30pm so a long day for us both. He has to do the same day at work tomorrow, which means the same awful long day for me too ...

19/09/2012 at 13:46

CM  for you I think after a sterling performance last night. Glad you managed to have a civilsed evening too.

The kittens sound fab ... was thinking the other day (and this is the woman who is so anti-pets) that perhaps a cat would be nice company for me ... but it would be such a bind when we go away and I don't think rentals would be keen on idea either!  I always said if I had a pet it would be a cat as I grew up with them and I feel they are less of a bind than a dog.  Hope you start to feel better soon though.

Vixo - I am envious of your singing skills, I really don't have that talent although love warbling away in the car. My dad loves his choir - he sings in the church one but I think he's also got involved with another bigger choir to do with Salisbury cathedral and they were doing some stuff last year that he was getting really excited about. Will now have to go and google what you are practising on Youtube!! Hope coffee wears off quick!  Baby will be leaping around doing somersaults!!

MM - fab running from you, sounds like the speed is coming back. Good luck with tantruming madam. My daughter nearly went to school in pjs this morning!!  Hope you manage the juggling and get to everything you need to.

Dropped hubbys car up at garage for MOT, fingers and toes crossed they get it done by Friday morning as I was planning to drive my car down to Edinburgh for course otherwise I'll be on the train and could do without the hassle!  Anyway, a glorious morning here too although still windy - getting a double workout with every run at the moment as it's resistance too!!! So 6 miles - on the road for a change - at just over 8mm with a quick detour to the beach so I could go for a paddle ... boy it was cold though ... seems much colder than it was this time last year for some reason. Have spent entire morning hoovering, clearing up and chucking stuff out but still haven't done supermarket and have to get S in an hour so best be off here. Determined to get jobs done so I can do my homework undisturbed tonight!

Beach was stunning this morning, tourists are disappearing (not that there are many), sun shining on sand and sea and clear views of the Black Isle ... shame it's just pi**ed down now though!

19/09/2012 at 14:36

I love running in autumn, but I don't like the thought of the days closing in .

Am really enjoying running the daylight on weds now. I think it will really help with my marathon prep not having to run 15 miles in pitch black midweek. I don't mind 7 or so miles but anything over 10 in the dark and without company is just so depressing. I can run sometimes with the girls from the club once I have less stringent hours to squeeze the run into. 9-11.45 is quite a short time once you've done the odd jobs that need doing too.

Sophie awake after just over 90 mins sleep. She will have to wait till tea no. Seems happy enough. Can't cope with these melt downs. Tempted to ask if she can stay for lunch and then pick her up as she doesn't seem to cope with coming for lunch after pre-school.

I would love kittens again our two or 13 next year, so getting on a bit now. Good company on a cold evening but otherwise just a bit of a pain as they always want feeding around the same time as the kids!!!

Going to cook dinner now and get kids tea ready. Does seem a long day when you don't get them till 4pm.

19/09/2012 at 14:51
That is awesome running MM, you sound in great shape for your half. Boo to toddler tantrums, at least she's gone for a nap to calm down!

CM - the kittens look adorable. We've only rescued adult cats so haven't experienced kitten cuteness. Hope you feel better soon and well done on managing T. I have a cold too so feel your pain! Also having my first post baby period! Quite a shock after a year and a half, wondered why I was so bloated and grumpy last week
CC- we have a cat in our rented house, had to ask permission but I reckon kids do more damage. We get a cat sitter to come in once a day when we're away. Like the sound of your run, although I would never have quick dip in the sea
Also jealous of the singing Vixo (and cm). Wish I did something like that (not that i can sing!) would also make me more sociable rather than the lone running as my only no kids hobby.

Rosie finally eating solids again! And doing solidish poo! (highlight of my day!). Just gave her pur??e veg yesterday and tried chicken today, have gone back to square one which is depressing at 8months, I hate the weaning process! Just made a butter bean and sweetcorn chowder, it does taste rather bland so probably perfect for her to try! Meant for me and hubby of course, will get hubby to jazz it up, he's good at that If Rosie stays asleep a little longer I'm also going to attempt soda bread, got my buttermilk and my sis promises me it's dead easy.

Waiting for a call back from a nursery to see if they have room for Maggie. Getting quite stressed about the fact I'm due back to work in October and have no childcare sorted. Really wish my childminder had room for both of them as she is so great Maggie is on the waiting list for preschool but I wasn't organised enough to get her in this term. Also Rosie is still so little and has just developed major separation anxiety, wouldn't let hubby hold her again last night (he complained that her screaming wasn't what he needed after a hard day at work so I gave in and held her instead). I can see why so many women dont go back to work after no.2, no.3 etc, is hard emotionally, financially and logistically!
Right, better take advantage of my last few weeks at home and do some baking (can you tell I've been watching British bake off
19/09/2012 at 15:08

oh MM - we are away all of half term i'm afraid. i have the kids from the fri to the weds morning and we are going to ... Butlins.

we should try and do something at sometime. do you have ANY free weekends ever?

jealous of all this lovely sounding running. will leave it one more day then try

glad rosie is on the mend, sonya. how long does rosie scream for if you do hand her over? or haven't you tried yet?

how much are cat sitters, sonya? wondering about that for when we go to butlins as i don't really want to put them in a cattery having only just rescued them.

19/09/2012 at 15:29

Great running MM. My boys are in nursery 9.15 - 11.45 and you are right it is not long by the time you get home and do jobs etc. I have am still doing almost all my running first thing and then tend to use that time to try and fit in short second run or a bike ride. I think I will be needing my head torch by next week boo hoo. Trying to hold off going out before 6am as then I don't need the torch yet.

I am really feeling the cold this year. It doesn't usually bother me but just now I am permenently freezing. I can't imagine running in shorts all winter like I did last year! Wearing a long sleeved top tshirt, shorts and gloves for running at the moment. Must be turning soft in my old age, Raynauds is bad after a run already and at other random times too. I am having to layer up. Today I have a long sleeved tee on, plus cardi and just had to go and put extra fleece on. My feet are frozen too. Our heating just comes on for an hour in the morning and an hour around teatime, but we managed like that all winter last year with the woodburner for extra.

Sonya, glad Rosie is on the mend. Sounds ilke its really tough at the moment. Such a shame childminder couldn't take an extra one. Fingers crossed on nursery.

CC - hope the car is ready on time. Just written my £200 cheque for the outstanding bill for work ours needed to get through the MOT. You are aff yer heid by the way, I wouldn't even dip my hand in the sea just now, brrr.

CM - well done for coping with T. Kittens look fab. We really enjoyed having our lot,  (we kept 1)they are hilarious to watch and great company. Does pee me off a bit that they sleep on Emilys bed during the day but too much hassle to try and keep doors shut all the time. At least it isn't my bed!! We tend to lock them in the office if they are in over night becaues otherwise they rant around the house.

I also envy those of you that can sing Vixo and CM. I unearthed an ancient Fairground Attraction CD this morning and was blasting it really loud 'singing' my head off while I washed floors etc. Great having no neighbours. Then I realised the postie had been and all windows were open and he always opens the front door to put the mail in

Edited: 19/09/2012 at 15:31
19/09/2012 at 15:46

Odd days on weekends only from now until xmas CM. Give us some dates?

We are very lucky. My neighbour pops in to feed our cats when we go away.

Just found out boys have moved up to stage 3 swimming from tomorrow. Useless leisure centre. I rang to find out whether I was taking them to their lesson today. Nice of them to tell me!!!  Anyway, very proud of them, and a new teacher, well she taught them as pre-schoolers so I think she will be good for them.

19/09/2012 at 16:43
Glad things are perking up for us all, new cats, new swimming groups, new singing pieces, fast reps and solid poo's - great!
Also hope diabetes stays under control TTid.
Lotte - I put the heating on yesterday for an hour as feeling the chill too and prog'd it today to come on twice a day as summer appears to have departed.
Poorly boy on the sofa - high temp in the night and puking all day. Have booked tomorrow as leave as he will need at least another day off. Grrrrr.
Had a funny moment earlier when I opened the door to a building inspector. he saw our wee project and just thought he'd check we had planning! Err yes!
19/09/2012 at 17:19

glad i am not the only one who is freezing. woke up cold this morning - NOT like me. and have been frozen all day. you will all know that i don't heat though. at least not until november and not beyond march. so will be a while of freezing for me yet!

haha to building inspector camlo.

will PM you some dates for possible get togethers, MM.

19/09/2012 at 17:43

Wow made a new tea tonight and the little three have wolfed it down - butternut squash and chickpea curry! Hope the older three like it too. I hate having to do tea twice in a night but hubby and the older three won't be back from swimming and gymnastics until 7pm. Tuesday Saturday and Sunday are the only nights we all eat together now

19/09/2012 at 17:51

We only eat together on Sundays as a family Lotte, so you do very well. I just give the kids what we had the night before so I don't feel like I cook twice as I'm just reheating it really.

We eat brekkie, lunch together on Sats and all 3 meals on Sundays. Hubbie and I do like our dinner together. We don't get to talk otherwise.

Must cook ours now the sprogs have had theirs actually. Reading to do with the boys and then bath and bed and babysitter. Not sure I have the energy for pilates mind. Yawn!!

19/09/2012 at 17:54

Oh and I'm freezing too. No heating on here yet, but we might succumb this weekend, at least the fire in the lounge anyway. Have you lost weight Lotte with the extra miles? Probably some extra fat anyway. Yes the head torches will be coming out soon, but the mid-long run in the light midweek will boost me a bit I think. Boo to the dark though!

19/09/2012 at 18:45

Yes, been freezing here too for last week or so, shoving on extra layers, socks in bed etc and it's not even PROPER cold yet! I know I've dropped a few lbs since the summer though so guess that might not be helping.  Ginger is meant to be good for circulation and therefore reynaulds so I'm starting to try and include that in everything where possible! When I started getting chillblains last year I was less than impressed for sure! And yes, I've been running with the gloves trying to preserve my poor fingers too. Ouch to £200. Am hoping the Subaru passes, one cos we need it back but two cos after the Sharran bill of £1400 we so don't need another one!!

Heating now on for one hour in morning and one in evening. Did you know there is even a sprinkling of snow on the Cairngorms already?

I didn't go full subs in the sea today - was toying with the idea but although beach was quiet there were still a fair few dog walking and I could do without the spectators (not skinny dipping btw!) so just a paddle it was.

Am not even thinking about the dark nights (well it's not nights is it ... by about December 'daylight' is from about mid-morning to mid-afternoon isn't it!  Just enjoying the autumnal season, is one of my favourites. Plus with the onset of winter ... hopefully snow ... and then hopefully skiing ... really looking forward to getting them both out up on Cairngorm this year.

That curry sounds yummy Lotte. Mine will definitely eat chickpeas but not sure on the squash, J used to love it but now on the DISlike list.  We've all had homemade fishcakes for tea tonight along with carrots from the pots in the garden.  I try and eat with kids in the week as then I will eat properly. At weekends, am trying to do a proper roast Sunday lunch so hubbys had something before he departs (he doesn't get to his hotel usually until 10pm). We eat lunch together on Sat and sometimes tea but sometimes hubby and I want to sit and eat/chat without the kids too, otherwise we'd never talk.

Camlo - LOL at the building inspector but boo hoo to sore tummys, hope you don't succumb

and Sonya, great to hear that Rosie is on the mend too. Fingers crossed we're all on an upward trend at the moment!

19/09/2012 at 21:08

Hi all!  Just off to bed to try to catch up on some sleep ha ha!  One bonus of school starting is that Martha is eating just about anything I put in front of her!

19/09/2012 at 23:08

Sounds like it got cold very quickly over there? Boo to shortening days although not that boo because it means they are lengthening for me - hooray!!

Camlo I love your summaries of the thread - it's like a little what's hot, whats not article!!

I am definitely reaping the benefits of flexible working this morning! Matilda had a bit of a disturbed night so let her sleep in (which she never does!) and she didn't wake until 8.30am by which point I was in a skype meeting with my boss and a colleague (in my pyjamas of course!). Got her up and distracted her by blowing bubbles while continuing the meeting! Dropped her off at daycare 1.5 hours late! I am so grateful that I can be flexible like this and that my work are fine with it!! It certainly has made going back to work a whole lot less stressful along with the fact that she loves daycare and I barely get a wave now when I drop her off.

Now I am getting into more of a routine I need to get out running more regularly again! I am definitely noticing the effects of not walking everywhere!! I also need to kick a pretty bad sugar habit that started while I was pregnant and is pretty ridiculous now!!! So am banned from sweets for a while!

We had a lovely weekend down at the farm. Dad now takes M off on his own in the truck to do farm jobs - she just loves it!!! If you knew my Dad you would realise how astounding and incredibly special this is (he had a complete lack of interest in small people and although a good Dad was def not hands on at all!). He managed to deal with a flood of tears when she got a fright at something and now any time you walk past his truck she stands by the door waiting to get in!

Off on a big walk up the mountain on Saturday as part of a take a kid tramping (walking/hiking not some dodgy trip round the back alleys!). Weather looks fab so ca't wait!

Well done on handling T CM - lack of booze may have helped in that case! I hope you have a bit more clarity on your job situation! The kittens are gorgeous too!

Umm what else - did you end up choosing a camp ground Lotte? Grrr to awkward people! We camped at the one in the middle of the woods near Brockenhurst twice and it was lovely but this was pre-baby and we just biked there from the train station. MM your life sounds so hectic - only a few odd weekend days free til CHristmas - blimey! I guess thats a bonus of being fairly new somewhere, we don't know enough people to have lots of plans so can just make it up on the day!

Right, having said how flexible my work is, I really should still do some.....

20/09/2012 at 10:29

Our life is more than hectic. It's mad Hoggle. We actually have no plans this weekend, which I love. Boys have football practice though and I need to get some hair accesorries for Sophie's outfit for wedding for next weekend plus find a small cardigan for her.

Just swimming in their new lesson today after school. So proud of them both...

My work is rather too flexible also. In fact have done very little yet today as had take cat to vets for check up on his teeth, and Josh wet the bed again so had to put extra load of washing on. Arrrhhh!

5 mile easy for me this morning. Feeling a bit sniffley though, so have to see how the dreadmill session goes later. 4 x 1.5 miles at half pace planned. We shall see!!


20/09/2012 at 11:08
Hoggle - sounds like dream flexible working! Love the fact that your Dad has embraced being a proper grandad. Mine was the same and Archie can wrap him around his little finger!
MM - don't know how you fit it all in. Hope cat was ok - did she get a sticker for opening her mouth like a good little cat?
Day 2 of spew, Tom slept okish but back to retching now as can't keep anything down.
20/09/2012 at 11:20

Life sounds good Hoggle, yay to summer. Hope you manage to get your running back on track too.

Yes we just booked Sandy Balls in the end! Everywhere else was either shut, wouldn't have all 8 of us! or no electric which I think we need in Oct. But it looks ok and its just a base really, and the free on site swimming pool could come in very handy for our lot if the weather isn't great. So 2 nights on the ferry, a nights stop over in Edinburgh on the way down, 3 nights in London and 7 nights in the New Forest. Just need to sort out two nights somewhere on the way home. Might just go to my uncles in Leicester for one of them or even stay an extra night in the new forest.

Jumped in my car this morning and the battery was flat again. Grrr. Just waiting on a friend to come and help me jump start it. The twins and I ran the mile up to nursery this morning, they do really well considering its mostly a gentle uphill.

Swimming for us today - all six at various times, twins at 2.30, Reece at 4.00 Em and Dylan 4.30 - 5.30 and Sophie 5.39 - 6.30, then Sophie is playing the fiddle at a charity concert in town tonight at 7.30.

Poor Tom, hope he is better soon.

Good to hear from Kinsey was thinking you'd been quiet lately.

20/09/2012 at 13:11

When are you going to be there Lotte. We are there too. In a cottage near Sway from 26th -29th Oct.

Goodness how do you manage that Lotte. 4 hours in the pool. Do you keep driving back and forth or just take them all at once?

Must work...

20/09/2012 at 13:32
Lotte we may have to book that site just because of the name! I don't know how you do that swimming run, yikes!

Hoggle - wow, that is fantastic flexibility. That's the one thing with teaching, there is none whatsoever. The holidays are great but the rigidity of term time is a nightmare.

Camlo.- hope the vom goes away... We'd have probably been stuffed if the building inspector turned up at our house, I can never find anything!!!

Mm - sounds like you're running really well.

Cm - the kittens sound fun, hope they're not trashing the house

Right need to sort a few things out, house is a tip and I'm supposed to run at teatime today as hubby is going to north Wales tonight....
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