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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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20/09/2012 at 13:50

We just have ballet today for half an hour, we were having orienteering too but that was just a short 3 week crash course. A shame it's finished in one way but in others I am relieved, was struggling to find time to get the hairdresser to come and sort all our hair out!!

Busy busy ladies aren't we, all juggling away in our own special ways

Hoggle - am so pleased the job is panning out and the domestic side of things too

Grrrr to flat battery Lotte, but yay to the twins running up the hill to school this morning.  Also glad you've managed to get your holiday plans sorted.  Dorset is lovely, I am always happy to head to mum and dads for some R&R in the summer hols and enjoy.

Camlo - hope spews are abating?

Hubby just rang me to double check how late he can check in for flight - late leaving office and it's two hours across to Bham from where he is ... so fingers crossed he'll make it otherwise I'll not even want to think about the stress he'll be in.

Absolutely glorious morning today, was planning to do 15 but got my route planning a bit wrong, but 13.5 in about 2 hours and legs felt fine. So a lovely bimble around the forest and I did have the occasional pause to take in the views as was so glorious. Now need to get sorted before school runs etc so best be off here NOW!

20/09/2012 at 15:11
Swimming for M at 5.00 too. So hard now Eric is so big, I now have him in the baby bjorn whist she changes, waits by the pool etc but he's so heavy!

First day of packed lunch at school today, she was ??ber excited, same tomorrow, thn finally on mon it's all day, after 2.5 wks of faffing.

Eric finally decided food is good so stuffs his face with all the weird stuff I can find, poor child . Before he gets old enough to object!

Right, nappy change then school pick up.
20/09/2012 at 15:42

Sophie is a nightmare at swimming lessons Caro. I tend to take much food and sometimes she is happy to sit and watch. Others she is a nightmare!!

They faff like that at our school, you will soon forget about it annoying as it is those first few weeks. It will be the same when S starts I guess.

Time to get some tea down them...

20/09/2012 at 17:57
Our new routine is busy and if I go on the Internet with Aidan around he pesters me so I am not online as much, trying to keep up with everyone's news but not getting a chance to post!
20/09/2012 at 18:13
Just good to know you seem to be creeping your head above water Kinsey!

Sooooo glad I am past those days of swimming lessons with younger sibling in tow - s used till be the predictable nightmare, stripping off clothes and nappy, trying to clamber over into the pool etc!
20/09/2012 at 20:25

Hearing all these swimming stories, I'd never really considered that the fact that the viewing area in our pool is in the cafe is actually a God send by the sound of things!  Archie and I sit down with a cuppa and a biscuit and the half hour goes by relatively stress free.  Archie was very funny at the Paralympics though, he kept pointing to the diving pool and shouting 'in there, in there!'.  Didn't quite think I could let an almost two year old swim 'in dere'.

Kinsey - your life must be manic!  Good to hear from you!

Not quite sure why schools faff so much getting them in to Reception. We do 7 days part time, then that's it.  They do no need some breaking in to school, as in spite of what a lot of parents think, full time nursery is not the same, but they certainly don't need weeks.  My sisters boys all had half a term of part time, why????

Lotte - it's funny, reading your post earlier took me back to spending hours on the poolside from about the age of 4-8 watching my sister train.  I think that's why I actually started swimming in the end, I was so bored of sitting on the poolside several times a week!

Well ended up doing a nine miler tonight, was supposed to be 8 with my good friend from running group but I misjudged how much she was going to have done already and the fact I had to do a mile to meet her!  Duh!

Also had to bite my tongue at school.  The mum who has caused multiple issues for me over the last 18 months or so, is very unhappy that her son did not go into the Y1/2 class as he is too clever for the Y1 class (yes really!).  She seems to think he is in a group on his own as he is far too intelligent for the rest of the class.  Had to SO bite my tongue and not say that the rest of the kids aren't thick!  I'm not sure I'll manage it again.  She was quizzing the poor teacher as we had meet the teacher sessions tonight for all parents.  I swear if she bent over she'd blind herself!

20/09/2012 at 21:59
I've barely said 2 words to Matilda's teacher, and have started to stand back a bit from the door when dropping her off now. I don't feel the need to keep asking how she's doing etc, and you see some parents just crowding the poor teacher, who must get so fed up with it all! Today Matilda ran far ahead of me, told me to hurry up and couldn't wait to get in there, so I figure if the teacher needs to tell me something she will!

Today at swimming she went in the big pool for the first time! She was so so so excited when she came out. Managed to swim about 1/3 length front crawl without being able to put her feet down for once.

Hubby is taking her to Suffolk camping overnight sat/sun with the dad and son of the friends we met on hols in Corsica last yr. it's quite amusing watching him try and pack stuff for her to go away with overnight, I am trying to butt out but put my foot down when he chose one of her nicest smartest jumpers and put it in the bag!

Not sure what Eric and I will do. He has a bit of a cold so will have sme mummy and Eric cuddle time I think, without me feeling the need to cook/clean/ school run etc etc.

Some friends gave us their old fridge last wk, a huge smeg thing, that superficially looked fine, but of course on inspection was rather yuck, and I have spent hs cleaning it this wk. I have taken all the drawers to pieces, de moulded it to death, scrubbed, washed etc. hubby did 1/2 hr last wk end and thought it was done....I then pulled the frnts off the drawers and the seepage and smell that came out was rank! Men.......I asked him to rinse the mop tonight, and he genuinely said he never rinsed the mop, and didn't realise that you should;)

Good run this evening, have made my NHS osteopath appt for next sat so we'll see what they say, but at the moment it's feeling better........bizarre.
20/09/2012 at 23:44
Lotte, I would have had to book sandy balls too, just for the name! Your schedule with all your kids is brutal, I'm amazed you have time for anything else, let alone working and your own running.

Hoggle, really glad you are enjoying your job and they are being so flexible. Fab.

Caro, bleurgh to the fridge. Hope your appointment goes well on Saturday.

I've just booked an appointment for tomorrow afternoon for my butt pain. I looked up sacroiliac joint pain and it does sound spot on. Thanks to whoever suggested that, was it Ange?

Had our scan this morning. I'm 18 weeks now, measured at 19 apparently but all looked really good. We decided to ask what it was, and it's a.........

Boy!! So happy that it seems to be healthy. The sonographer announced it by saying it had its plumbing on the outside and called it a 'tallywacker'!

Max has been saying for a while that he wants a brother so he'll be happy. It makes life so much easier from here on too as we have everything we need.

Really looking forward to my massage tomorrow. Also got some gift vouchers for local spa places so must get on and book myself some more treatments, yummy.
21/09/2012 at 09:26
WOW TT that is fabulous!! Glad Max wanted a brother too! It def is easier to pass things down when they are the same sex.
Caro - yuck to stinky fridge
JT here is Powys they are offered 2 mornings to spend time in the reception class then its full time from day 1 of the term they turn 4, much easier! Archie started the same time as my cousin in england who is much older and has been blathering about with half days for a whole term too. If jack lived here he would have been in a whole year by now! I hate pushy parents too, how do you tactfully tell them their little precious is NOT Einstein and that their interference could well lead to pressure, fear of failure etc...
I'm proud to say my Archie is as dumb as a rock and we love him to bits!!
Must get my arse out soon - not run for 10 days now and beginning to feel a little lardy.... Also don't want to get throwni off the thread for not being a runner!
21/09/2012 at 09:45
Camlo - your Archie is DEFINITELY not dumb. His speech is fab and he is a demon on a bike!
21/09/2012 at 09:58

Fab news TT. Boys are ace!!

Have poorly we baby today. She slept well, but woke burning up. had appt at docs already booked to get referral for orthoptist so went along and she has an ear infection. So pencillin it is. Poor love. She is munching on toast now though. See if she keeps it down.

Not sure what to do tonight no. Cycling fund raiser tonight at the castle combe racing track and we promised the boys we'd take their new bikes with gears. I would like to see them too, so might take Sophie along with her bike just for a wee bit but go in two cars. Am sure the ABs will kick in pretty quick they usually do.

She is missing dance class, swimming and her friends coming round for lunch and play which is a big shame, especially as I'd made tomato soup with all my toms. They taste yuck, not enough sun, but make fab soup!!

Lol Camlo, you would never be thrown off, you're an old thread hogger like me !!

I hardly ever chat to the teachers either, don't like to intervene. I went in the other day just to chat about them being separated given they are twins, and chatted to her about the school trip the other and Harry being patched but thats all. Casual chit chat more than anything. I tend to write in their book diary if I think they need to move them up a level reading wise.

I have hassled about swimming lessons as I hate paying for things and seeing no progress. If I learnt anything on the coaching course it was that coahing should be progressive. Last nights lesson tested them out for sure but they loved it and I can see they will really progress with this new teacher which makes me feel like I'm getting my £40/month (for both) worth!!

My dreadmill session last night was pure mind over matter. Not feeling on top form after heavy week, and feeling slightly nauseous, not sure if S's bug is getting me a bit or whether just time of the month ickiness. Anyway, 9 miles in all, with 4 x 1.5 miles at 6:30 pace. Was a tough tough session, but so pleased I did it. That made 14 for the day. Treadmill still not right though, squeaking and creaking. Might ring York Fitness next week.

Rest day today, except for pootle round the race track tonight on bikes. Think we might go to sainsburys to try and get some more clothes for the kids later just to get out the house!!

21/09/2012 at 09:59

I've never met Archie but am sure he's not dumb either Camlo.

How are the kittens CM?

21/09/2012 at 10:32
Sonya- it may be different as I live in Scotland + we have different regulations for childminders, but I have been given permission by the care inspectorate to exceed my child numbers in the past. So it may be worth asking ur childminder if she could approach them and ask if it would be possible in this instance. The whole point of having a childminder is the continuity of care from birth right throo to teens, so it is really annoying when the regulations get in the way of that. I currently have 5 afterschool children + only 1 preschool, which means I have no full time space available even though I only have kids 3 til 5. The way it works with only certain kids on certain days if I were to take on any preschool kids I would exceed my numbers for half an hr a day as high school kids get home at 4 and 2 of the primary kids get picked up at 4:30. Relative of some of my minded kids is currently looking for work + would like me to take her 2 little ones 3 days a wk, so I intend to ask care inspectorate to give me permission to exceed numbers in this instance.
21/09/2012 at 12:26

oh no, poor S, MM. hope she is better soon

J's cast has come off today but the fracture is still quite visible so he isn't allowed to run around or do any sport... for 3 weeks!!! wtaf??? how the hell are we supposed to stop him from physical activity for 3 weeks. he is devastated as he can't go swimming or go to athletics. or play tag in the playground!!

kittens are fine, MM. they are very sweet, especially the bigger one. he is super affectionate too. they are very good overnight as i lock them in the lounge and they don't destroy anything and i don't hear them either!

21/09/2012 at 12:32

oh and i have been for my eye check this morning as was supposed to be booked in for repeat laser-eye surgery and although my 'numbers' are coming out the same on my tests i can see more lines on the chart which means my vision is a bit better. so my numbers aren't stacking up with what i see but ... who cares?! hopefully it means that i won't need re-lasering! another check in 2 - 3 months unless it deteriorates again before then. weird but

21/09/2012 at 13:02
Just a quickie, MM can I have soup recipe please! I have quite a few red toms but not the best tasting either. Also lots of green ones.......chutney?

Yay TT!
21/09/2012 at 13:15

I have loads of green ones but as they are in the green house I'm waiting to see if they go red and will then try on the window sill too once the plants get killed off.

Just rescued a chilli pepper and 2 normal peppers out of the greenhouse beds that have done nothing all summer but suddenly seem to have peppers on them so have brought them in onto window sill.

Its dead easy the soup:

3lbs toms. I don't even bother to peel or de-seed them. I'm too lazy!
1 potato
1 pint of good chicken/veg stock, might need to add a wee bit more water later.
x2 onions
3-6 gloves garlic to taste
large bunch of fresh basil or dried herbs if have none
salt and pepper

Usual thing, fry onions, garlic, add potato and toms. Add stock and basil. Bubble until spuds soft up to 45 mins I did yesterday. Whizz up.

Makes vats!!

I have added chilli to it too which was yum and also carrots too which makes it nice and sweet. My kids prefer it without the chilli.

Good news CM .. But oh lordie to no sport. My boys would go mental. teachers aren't going to patrol that are they?

Sophie seems fine now. Typical. ABs must be kicking in. She has been out in the garden with me digging and playing with her kitchen while I wrestled with the raspberries. So I think she will be fine to go cycling later ....

21/09/2012 at 14:08
Aw lovely news TT!
Lotte Sandy Balls is very popular with people around here so I hope it's good!
21/09/2012 at 15:53

Hope so too Kinsey but good to hear that its popular.

Fab news TT

Have a good weekend CC.

The soup sounds yum MM. Hope Sophie is fine and you all enjoy your cycling.

Spent a lovely afternoon at the park, picnic with my friend who has twin boys 6months younger than my two. They get on so well the 4 of them. Nice to feel the sun after such a long absence!

Feeling a bit sleep deprived today. Didn't get home from Sophie's concert until after 11pm so not in bed until after midnight, way too late on a school night. Then Cameron was through at 3am and slept in with us, not sure slept is the right word mind, and I kept getting kicked and couldn't sleep. Gave up at 5am and got up!

Right better get on . Kids have athletics tonight (20 miles away). Only 3 weeks until our Oct hols start, can't come quick enough!

21/09/2012 at 16:38

 Lotte, thought you might appreciate this, I found it somewhere recently and it made us laugh, so true.

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