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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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08/01/2013 at 22:58

Hoggle - that is so awful about your friend, like I think Vixo said, anything about things happening to children is liable to get me in floods, let alone thinking about my own kids.

Camlo - hope you are in bed by now, sounds a horror day. Not sure re your friend and her brother, that's hard ... and also tough for you re your friend too ((())). Schedules, well I think you have to be realistic and adapt them to fit lifestyle otherwise you end up getting stressed out and depressed if you miss targets. BUT schedule can ensure quality of what you do. I don't follow six-day-a week ones cos that's not realistic, ones that require 5x running per week, I figure in a tough week you drop one of the easy runs

Umm - 'pancakes for breakfast' yes that's me at a lovely 30a - I picked up a shock absorber one from TKMaxx the other week for £12, you do need to be houdini to get out of it though!!! I also have one I picked up off Sweatshop online sale for £5 - Pure Lime ones which has straps that can cross over at back or not - only downside is it's not double-lined so whether it's cold or not I look like I have raisins in there!!!!

CM - definitely stick to your guns. You've spent a lot of time and tears getting your life in order and on track, I think it's only fair to yourself and your children that anyone else coming into the family unit is sorted too. We all have a degree of emotional baggage, but that is a whole truckload you DON'T need!  If he's serious he should be able to sort it out.  What about some Yoga? I know you've been doing pilates but Yoga is also good mind/body. I would think, with all that you juggle - childcare, travel for work etc etc you run on an almost empty tank a lot of the time and are probably a sitting duck for all these nasty germs around. You need to give yourself some proper TLC. Gym sounds fab for J.

08/01/2013 at 23:03

Good ideas girls re present. Off to Elgin tomorrow to pay in some cheques - so am going to see what I can find there.

Mad old day here, what with class this morning 9.30-10.30 (four ladies), no-one cleared out properly until near 11 - will need to get on top of that or I'll lose half my day!!! So by the time I'd done admin stuff, washing, clearing up etc only had short window for a workout, so I leapt on the dreadmill and knocked out 4 miles with 6 x 500m sprints at 14.7 kph which felt GOOD ... esp as I watched the wind hurl the rain across the garden outside!!!!  School pick-up, swim lessons, kids tea etc (S was absolutely hideous as so overtired - lots of screaming and flinging herself around!!!!), then another class 8-9pm (three ladies) ... and breathe!!  So, I have my first income from my enterprise

Right, must get off and to bed for first time before midnight this week!!

Am sorry, I know I've forgotten stuff

Think my new inhaler is making a difference, lungs definitely feeling more effective.

Edited: 08/01/2013 at 23:05
08/01/2013 at 23:09

I'm pretty sure I had to post on here asking whether anyone could tell me how to get in and out of my shock absorber!!!

Trying to get a giant stain out of the carpet (rented house!). There was a dirt mark (about 2 inches) and once I had rubbed at it it's now the size of a basketball!! Arrrggghh!! I have used one lot of carpet cleaner and it's a bit lighter but not much. Going to get some other stuff to try - sigh!! Here was me thinking it would be Matilda that stopeed us gettng our bond back if/when we move out! Finally had money through from Kester's grandmothers will (took 2 years to sell a flat!) so we are going to buy this year hopefully! I have told him that he needs to focus on getting job sorted first though!!


09/01/2013 at 05:30
Oh and a big well done CC!!!
09/01/2013 at 08:19

camlo - i am sorry to hear of your loss. i come from a family with lots of estrangements and this is something which has happened a few times. my advice would be to go with her wishes, if you can. in the absence of a will, you may not have any choice anyway as things will usually go to next of kin. all you can do is reiterate her wishes and see what happens.

09/01/2013 at 08:21

I am dreading when I have to clear out this rented house, there are various horrible stains on the lounge carpet where hubby either has knocked over/dropped a glass of wine after falling asleep!! or kids have knocked over his mug of tea, one of his dropped glasses of wine managed to spatter all up the wall behind - so nice on a white wall!!! Think we'll be doing some repainting for that one!!

09/01/2013 at 08:26
Haha CC - this is smack bang in the middle of the carpet in the living room . Not only is it unhideable but I see it a million times a day and it looks horrible!
09/01/2013 at 09:14

this is why i hate carpet so much!!!

i am going to have a purge of my house this weekend. i am fed up with the clutter. i can't afford to do any decoration but i can get it tidier. i want to car boot some of the clutter but i can't put it in the garage in the meantime as the roof is leaking. so i think i will have to sort the eaves out and try and squeeze it in there. having made a decision re: N for now, i feel the need to do some physical sorting out in my house too. there is so much that needs doing to the house but i just don't have the money to do it sadly.

09/01/2013 at 11:48

Decluttering is fabulous for many reasons I think. I am not the tidiest of people but when my head is full of lots going on, I find life a whole lot better if the house is vaguely in order. Am trying desperately to keep on top of the house at the mo - between hubby and I we have got it vaguely presentable, but I find with the general chaos of life it slides all too quickly!! And with juggling the pilates, library shifts and all the school stuff I know I am going to be in chaos/stress-ville very quickly!  Could do with carbooting some stuff myself, trouble is that I need to hide it all from the kids so they don't start snaffling it all back again.

Hoggle - one of the tea stains in the lounge is really grim here and now I have people literally looking at my floor for pilates I really do need to get it sorted.

I LOATH carpets too CM, sadly there is much of it in this house - although thankfully NOT in the bathroom and toilets

Seven miles done for me this morning round the forest - sun had almost risen by the time we got to school so I think it is gradually getting lighter, and wasn't totally dark after swim lessons finished yesterday either.

Edited: 09/01/2013 at 11:49
09/01/2013 at 13:03

Need to do some here too. Most rooms OK except for the office which is the general dumping ground at the mo and is slowly turning into a pit. if we are going to use it as a spare room we need to sort it out. First things first though is getting my clothes into my wardrobe which is now finally back in our bedroom. That will involve some chucking too!!

Then get spare room painted and ready for S to move in, then buy some bunk beds etc for the small room. Too much to buy and not enough dosh just now ...

Fabulous session last night, must have been 40 or so of us out doing hills and flat 600m reps. Awesome. 8 miles easy this morning, niggles still niggling so going to ring the physio. Just had massage which should help a bit.

Hubbie's birthday tom, so lots to sort out and still sorting people to run/bike with hubbie on his challenge and FIL arriving friday. Arrhhh!

CM. I think its the right decision. He does have to understand that you can't take it anymore. So hard though, so very hard as you sure need some love and caring for just now too ...Try to make sure you're eating well love. I know you won't but thought I'd try and mention it again as you so need to get on top of your health too.

Right icing of foot and achilles done so bedroom sorting next!!

Edited: 09/01/2013 at 13:03
09/01/2013 at 13:21

wow - lots of sorting to do in people's houses by the sound of it. glad it's not just me! i am lucky to have eaves i can hide things in. thinking a big toy sort needed this weekend too

just got myself some good sounding consultancy work with Home Retail Group for next week. in Milton Keynes, unfortunately but beggars can't be choosers

struggling so badly financially that i am thinking about upping my hours at work. was going to hold off until E starts school in sept. if i do up them, in theory i can get all day nursery placement for E at school (more than 30 hours and single parent) but don't think T would want her to do that...

i have carpet in my en-suite. bleurgh!

09/01/2013 at 13:33

oh and MM - i have been trying to eat a bit better but it's not easy for me as you know. i am having poached eggs and a jkt potato for lunch. i didn't do a shop this week as was away at the weekend and am trying not to shop before this weekend to save some money. so there is very little in the way of fresh vegetables at the moment!

the irony with N is that he does care and love me a lot. and literally would do anything for me - except, it would seem, divorce his wife. he proactively does loads of stuff for me, without me even having to mention it. and he is far too loving towards me - i am not really a touchy feely person but he is, and he has to be careful not to annoy me. he doesn't understand why i have such a problem with this situation as he is literally always there for me if i need him. i don't even have to ask - he just comes or helps or whatever is needed. and he is brilliant with the kids. it's just that, 3 years after 'leaving' his wife, he is still married to her and his financial situation is still not sorted.

09/01/2013 at 13:54

Totally with you there CM, you are so very brave and strong for making a stand but it needs to be done.  As I said a while ago I think, 2 friends of mine who are together are in a similar situation where he is still married and she threatened to leave him several times but never went through with it...thankfully he is a decent sort of bloke and they now have a lovely little boy but it's so not fair on her and hardly makes her feel like No.1.  

Eek to carpet stains and massive clearout needed here too!

09/01/2013 at 15:27

JG - yes, i remember you mentioning your friend. it is an awful situation to be in. i know we all have baggage. you don't get to my age without suitcases full of the stuff (and i'm not talking car boot stuff here ). but there is some stuff i am not prepared to live with in a relationship. i am never going to be totally free of the stuff that happened to me in my childhood or of the stuff that has happened with my parents, and of course that affects my reaction to stuff. that's my baggage i guess. and some people wouldn't put up with that. but N doesn't seem to have a problem with that - he understands why i react to things in the way i do because of my experiences. he accepts that. i CAN'T accept the impact that the guilt he feels towards his wife has on me - and also would have on my kids if he were officially part of our family. i would lose my CB if he moved in as he is a higher earner. and yet he has no money - even less than i do - because it all goes to his wife or on paying off their joint debt. so we would be worse off financially if he moved in, AND my kids would lose the CB, which i currently invest on their behalf.

anyway it's all bla bla bla and irrelevant.

in spite of me telling him not to contact me, he has managed to email me twice today about work related things. the first one was asking me if i wanted the consultancy work (which i have now got), so i guess that is ok. the second one was an email to everyone in the practice asking if anyone wanted Lean or Six Sigma training this year. now that one was contrived i'm sure - he knew i would respond because i am running the Lean programme for the company for 2013. so i had to respond and say 'yes please' and now he has emailed saying he has put my name down for a course which is 5 days long and run in Cardiff. oh how convenient... so i am sure he is just trying to find ways of eliciting responses from me to emails. grrrr.

09/01/2013 at 15:34
Hi Melanie, welcome to a very friendly and welcoming thread. I sometimes read other threads but there appears to be a fair bit of rudeness on them. Must pop back onto the Scottish runners thread again. Anyway I have three diva girls aged 2,6 & 8, work P/T and fit running/ cycling in around that by either running with buggy, cycling with trailer, going on treadmill or at the mo doing turbo at night when monkies go to bed. My hubby is not the most supportive either. I laughed when CC said about hubby moaning that you had already been out for a run this week! Grrrrrrrrrr. Girls copy him now and say ' your always running/cycling', it soooooooo annoys me. I would go a lot more of I got the chance. Must get back to swimming again after work once a week although after a 12.5 hr shift its hard to motivate yourself!
So sorry Camlo to hear about your friend. Very difficult one re her brother but I think as others have said you need to respect her wishes (((((()))))
Must do a will.................
CM- Agree with the others -N needs to sort it all out. Don't take any nonsense, you deserve the best and you do blooming great. It must be so hard coping financially as a single parent. Look after yourself, some walking, Pilates/yoga and healthy food, ok
Carpets in your en suite CM, yech no need! We have carpets in the sitting room, bedrooms and upstairs landing. Bathrooms have Lino and kitchen and hall is oak flooring. Utility room has freezing cold tiles, brrrrrrrr! We need to vax the sitting room it's getting a bit grubby and want a new big rug for it but don't think there is much point until M is potty trained. We have loads of the girls clothes to sort out. Did go thro some of M's clothes yesterday and got a bag of 1-2 yrs to give to a neighbour. Have a few black bags in the cupboard of different aged clothes for the girls...........need to sort them all out and the two bigger girls wardrobe is a real mess, arghhhhhhh a job for this month.
MM- good lucks for hubbies challenge, hope all goes well and he enjoys the curry at the end!!!!
CC- well done for your Pilates class. Your life is sounding a bit hectic sorry for those that I missed but gotta dash and help the girls with their homework and then get dinner sorted etc etc.
3 mile run with trailer earlier and will do 'angels' sufferfest on the turbo tonight( have SPD pedals n shoes now))
09/01/2013 at 15:45

yes, do do a will. i did one this year, and i do feel better for having done it. still a bit worried about what happens if both t and i pop our clogs at the same time. rather unlikely i guess, but you never know as we do still go places together at times (eg laplandUK). my will says the kids go to my friend, S, who has the two boys the same age as my two and whom we holiday with. T doesn't have a will but says he would want the kids to go to his sister, who lives in newcastle, has no kids and whose husband doesn't like kids. tricky one... but the kids don't really know his sister very well. whereas the kids have grown up with S's boys and see loads of them and J and E love S and her husband. in fact, we went over there on NYD and E sat cuddled up next to S's husband on the floor while he stoked the fire, chatting away. it was so cute. S and i sat looking at the pair of them. it was lovely.

still - no point worrying about it. i will be dead if that happens, i guess. and i am sure the kids would be ok with T's sister, even if they don't really know her and her husband doesn't want them. as long as the kids don't end up anywhere near my parents... that's the main thing!

09/01/2013 at 17:46

Got this back today afetr sending e mail so fingers crossed:

Thank you for sending this. I will have a good read through. I also just want to let you know that we don't want to pay you less than you currently earn but at least the same if not more, we just need to establish your exact package at CC which I think your previous email will. I will get back to you as soon as I can as we also want this to work out. 

The 4 bags of 0-12m baby clothes went today, to a friend whose M in L is involved with a charity that helps mothers in Holloway prison.  Apparently they are allowed to have their babies with them for 9  months so need clothes, but then after that the kids go into care.  Could you imagine looking after your baby for 9 months then having to hand it over??


About to book summer holiday  Huttopia campsite in Rille, which is about 30lm from the Loire river, on a lake, looks nice and it has been recommended.  Found v reasonable ferry tickets the other day so hope I can find them again!

09/01/2013 at 20:17

Ohh that sounds very positive Caro - the obviously really want you!

Run done this morning - VERY ploddy! My quads were trashed! Luckily I decided to go down and do the coast path as at least it was flat. Wanted to stop and walk the whole way there and back - not helped by the fact that I hate out and back runs! Oh well, can tick that off now. Heading off for a girls weekend tomorrow with a couple of my best friends (one is over from the UK so haven't seen here since we moved home) - CAN'T WAIT!!! Taking M with me as 2 of the others have babies also although theirs are only 6 weeks so much more portable!

Forgot to say - Camlo very sorry to hear about your friend and tough call on the notifying family thing. (())

09/01/2013 at 20:49
Yippee to negotiating new jobs, training courses on your doorstep for a change (CM), seeing friends, booking holidays and running.
Boo to carpets, carpet stains, mess, poor diets, niggles and lack of cash (CM please use the CB now instead of living in poverty, that's what it's for!!!)
Took Tom with me to junior running club and he loved it. Pity he can't really join for another 2 yrs. We were doing throwing but luckily had a 'proper' coach so i didn't have to demonstrate how to do it, just had to demonstrate how not to do it!
apparently hospital are going to register death and put 'funeral services' out to tender so basically whoever can do it cheapest gets the job! Of course she wanted to be buried but cremation is cheaper so hope they respect that. With regards to contacting her brother -hosp were going to speak to her cousin but had no idea how far they had to balance her wishes against duty to notifiy closest relative.
09/01/2013 at 21:29

Ha - worked out why my legs were tired! I measured the route I just ran and I thought it was shorter than a route I did the other day but obviously got confused between 2 different runs and turns out instead of being about 4.5 it was 6.5km.

Ok so not massive distances I know but I'm starting from scratch again here so am pretty pleased! I did wonder why it took so much longer than the other day!!

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