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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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23/09/2012 at 13:48
Thanks JT!

MM I was assuming I could buy a fairly decent one now which grows with child etc, then when Eric needed it just get M a cheap booster cushion seat, but then read something which said they might soon be stopping just the booster cushions and kids will need the full shebang, side, back and all till they're 12.

Right, tired baby needs sleep! He just ate his own body wt in chicken, mushrooms, brown rice, butternut squash, sweet potato, a but of my soup, yoghurt, banana and porridge!
23/09/2012 at 14:02

Someone seems to be selling a load of new maxi cosi XR seats on e bay.......I'm guessing because they're an old model. New one seems to be called XP. What do u think? Can't be dodgy can it?
23/09/2012 at 14:58

Thanks Vixo, I would love ideas of things to do so will certainly message you. Will you have time for a wee meet up?

Local marathon for me today. Hadn't really  made my mind up if I was going to do it until friday. Tough course and lacking motivation, the forecast had been dire but suddenly improved so thought I would give it a go, very hilly and out and back so bound to get the wind in your face one way (today it was on the way back). Mini taper which involved cut back mileage thursday and friday and a rest day yesterday, my first no running day for 3 weeks ! Anyway pretty gobsmacked to clock a 3.08, only 2 mins slower than my London PB.

Supposed to be at a 50th birthday party at the moment in the hall, but sent hubby and kids on ahead and I will catch up after a quick shower, instead i am scoffing a cuppa and my mars bar from my goody bag. Anyway better move it, feel the red medicine calling



23/09/2012 at 15:32

Lotte you are unbelieveable!!  How many other people can get up in the morning, decide to run a marathon and clock 3.08???  No point saying the word nutter.........well done!

23/09/2012 at 15:50
We've got 2 gracco Juniors - Sh*t. guess I should nick the Britax from hubby's car...
EEK to amorous hubby JT. blimey does he not realise 5am is for sleeping only??
often think of Hegs too, with experiences like that I would send anyone with a worry to be checked out. glad it was Ok CM.
MM - very decent training and yippee to garden design. Sounds like the boys had a blast - I can see me spending mega bucks on bikes in the future.
Lotte- GREAT time for a mara regardless of hills and wind. A sub 3 is yours on the right course - in fact on any course if you carry on!
I ran the 2 rivers race earlier. no idea on where I came or my time as didn't wear a watch but it was hard and my Achilles is sore.
Just making home made burgers for tea and trying to keep a very tired toddler awake!
23/09/2012 at 16:11
Lotte - I can't believe you can just get up on the day and decide to run a marathon!! Would love to meet up with your crew - it would be funny to get the twins and Isabelle together! She'll obviously be at school during the day - but only until 3 - so we could play it by ear when you see what the weather's going to be like. I do keep forgetting she's now at school thou and planning things as if she wasn't - don think she'd let me forget to take her though! Contact me through Facebook and I'll think about some sunny and rainy day options.

JT - I completely missed the bit about your hubby!!! Mine would definitely have got short shrift, although he's not really a morning person so can't quite see it ever happening. He's more likely to come to bed at 11.30 when I've been asleep for an hour and think he might get lucky - no chance! Very useful car seat info. I think my dad used to have which membership so should see if he still does. Their car seat stuff is a bit weird sometimes though as they grade isofix higher because you can't install them wrongly, not because they're actually safer - which they're not in most cases as long as you fit the non-isofix ones properly.

I had read that about the high backed boosters too Caro. Apparently they're going to stop making the booster cushions altogether, although i might buy one or two of the cheaper ones to have in case we need to transport extra children occasionally - I'm sure for short journeys having one is better than nothing, and I'm not spending a hundred pounds on extra big ones, although having said that if we're going to need to get them anyway maybe it would make sense!

Camlo - you're a secret runner - love the way you just sneak your race into your post!! Sounds like a tough one. How's your house coming along?
23/09/2012 at 18:10
The graco junior is often in Asda for ??35 hence why I have 2..... To be honest they are crap, i have driven around a corner before and one has toppled sideways.... Wish I had isofix. my cousin has a fab seat which I guess is fixed to the base but the top swivels towards the door so you can strap in/ out easily.
Amorous thoughts in our house are few and far between as we are both too knackered and stressed. My hubby told me recently he is born again virgin.
Vixo - no way was I going to write a race report after reading Lotte's efforts this morning hence sneaking it in like I didn't care. The house is coming on slowly, barge boards are up, plumber coming tomorrow to move pipes, brickie this or next week and then hubby can get on with internal stuff. Was asked yesterday if I had moved and was a bit embarrassed to admit the HUGE house was mine!! Oh how my life has changed from a teenage mum, to a divorced single mum at 30 and now a worn out, grey, no bladder control hag nearing 40....
Took the boys to a local show yesterday and swept 2 firsts, 2 seconds and a third in the kids races..... Helped that there were few entrants (only 2 in Archie's backward running) and the fact that I disqualified anyone I didn't like..... Only kidding - disqualified some for not holding legs up in the wheelbarrow race and the entire group in the 14-16 bar one as rest were all younger.....
23/09/2012 at 18:28

Bloody hell Lotte. You are amazing. There I was feeling proud as punch of my run and you do that. I just don't know how you do it. I guess you are quite a bit younger than me but the miles do me in now tbh!! Well done you! I ran 74 this week, I guess with a lot of quality running thrown in, but I am feeling it for sure even after standing in the cold swimming pool for 45 mins!! I assume you didn't drink last night mind, so must have made up your mind really before this morning?

Red medicine consumed here. Kids have been so hyper all day as the weather so awful. Hubbie is ripping apart our bedroom so red medicine was very necessary!

23/09/2012 at 18:30

P.S. Love the

"worn out, grey, no bladder control hag nearing 40.... " Camlo. Sounds just like me, except I get the hairdresser to dye my grey hairs blonde!!!

23/09/2012 at 20:09

The Britax Kid Plus has 15% off on Mothercare website which makes it about £106, Aidan is 16kg so he could go in one now I think.  Mothercare have 15% off most things if you are spending more than £100 btw!  We also got two john lewis booster cushions for the other car, they were £15 each and are just for the playschool run basically.

Lotte - speedy lady, well done!

No running here, I think i have a sinus infection but i can't decide whether to sit it out or go and get antibiotics, had it when I was pregnant too so I'm fairly pissed off to be ill again!

Camlo, your house build looks exciting, hope the rain isnt a problem!



23/09/2012 at 22:40
wow Lotte, you are inspirational! I've run half marathons on the spur of the moment but not a whole marathon!!!!
24/09/2012 at 09:49
Bet u would do sub 3hr at EMF Lotte, it is a very fast course.
24/09/2012 at 12:19
Well done lotte! Sorry I am turning into a lurker. Phone such a faff to post on and work have blocked it. Boo. Tho I think if I use a different server I might be able to get round it, prob not strictly allowed mind!

Anyhow quick post to say I got my ovarian reserve result today. Normal is 5-15. I'm coming in at 29.1! So that's good news as I have a great reserve. The worry of course us hyper stimulation but that can be managed. As the nurse said, better to be in my position than the other end!

Had a good weekend. Beautiful sunny days, two 5.5 mile runs, visited my godmother for her 70th birthday, went to a wedding sat eve and saw loads of old uni mates then yesterday Lou's fave preschool teacher came to lunch and stated til 9.30pm!
24/09/2012 at 13:16

Good news EF what happens next?

Kinsey, boo hope you are feeling better soon.

Tangy - I do fancy EMF again (it was my first marathon back in 2007) but always put off by the timing, I'm rubbish in the heat!

Camlo - yay to the boys and their winnings and on your race too. Your races always sound interesting!

MM - I guess its all quite new to me whereas your body has been taking the pounding for years! I actually had 2 wee glasses of red on sat night, purely for medicinal purposes, got to help the iron level any way I can It was on friday I decided if the weather stayed as it was I would do it. The guy who organises it had messaged me and I felt bad not doing it. What you doing to your bedroom btw?

So sad to think about Hegs, was anyone a FB friend with her? I have had my third (and final) letter telling me to go for a smear, I resolve not to ignore it this time and just make the damn appointment.

Anyway, at work, better stop skiving and get on.

24/09/2012 at 13:37

Sounds like a fab weekend EF and good news on the ovarian reserve, not that I know what that means?

Just decorating Lotte. It's much needed. Desperate to get rid of minging carpet, fitted wardrobes and artex ceiling. None of which were put in by us, but we have put up with them for 3.5 years. Time to add our style and tastes. We have finally decided we cannot afford to do an extension so have to do up what we have ...

You are amazing Lotte. I drank quite a bit Sat night, but also had a lot of food which kind of helps doesn't it!!

8 very soggy, flooded miles this morning for me. Clock in our bedroom has obviously been played with by some little fingers though as we suddenly realised we were 15 mins late. I went out for my run at 6:15am instead of 6am. Ooops. Just about got to school and nursery on time!!


24/09/2012 at 15:00
Ooopssss not posted for wee while. Have been reading quickly but time appears to be flying by and don't seem to get a minute to post! You know how it is eh!!!!
Wow Lotte, well done on the marathon, amazing time especially since you didn't mentally prepare for it so to speak!!!!
Great news on the ovarian reserve EF, fingers crossed so much for you x
Lotte- I've also had two letters for smear that I've ignored. Must get it booked.
Yuk to the sinus infection Kinsey, get betta soon.
Yay to a bigger house Camlo, will be fab when all finished
Put the log burner on today as feels bit chilly but I'm tired so feel colder I think.
Lovely weekend spent down Kincraig & Grantown way. The MTB ride like a girl event on Sat morning was a 17 mile event set in lovely scenery and also the weather was sunny with little wind, perfect. Was in the forest and on forestry track road, very muddy in parts and all stony/ tree roots so quite challenging in places. I finished just under two hours, only stopped once for couple of minutes and was pushing on, wa great fun. My wee sis did it and she did well, 20 mins behind me. Well run and nice that it was all girls and good to have a wee natter with them on the way round!!!
At night their was nearly 40 of us in a hotel in Grantown on Spey. Was fab to see everyone in a happy occasion ( after several funerals last year) and we really did have a laugh. Still tired today from the weekend although had a good sleep last night. Sat night hardly slept and felt hungover yesterday after only a few drinks. I am so rubbish at drinking alcohol!!!!!
Have the Nairn novice tri this Saturday, yikes. Don't have a clue what I'm doing really. Have to go my self now also as my friend pulled out. Oh no.
Gotta dash now as its nearly school pick up................ Sorry to those I've missed x
24/09/2012 at 20:38
Lotte - great running! 3:08 fab time!

Ttid - congrats on the bun having a dinkie! Glad all well!

Caro - we have maxi rodi xr as main seat and Graco junior as spare in boot for being toddler taxi! When buying seat we were told ability/rating of car to
survive side impact more important than ability of seat. No idea if that is case but seems logical i guess...

RF - mtb pics look great, well done you. Family party looked fun too.

Also a lurker - full time work, school & brownie guiding just about leave me time to read but rarely post. Am on bike at gym as I type! Achilles proving and finally on a (slow) comeback, hooray!

Waves to all of you - keep posting, i enjoy reading it all!
24/09/2012 at 20:40
Achilles improving, not proving! Have such Sausage fingers when typing on phone..
24/09/2012 at 21:53

Ooh I forgot T tid - great news!

Next for me is a nurse's appointment on 15 Oct.  On further reading (think google) it seems that quality is more important than quantity but that seems to apply to the under 35s in particular.  For over 35 you could have neither and so therefore I am well pleased to have a high reserve even if they do all turn out to be a bit crap!  Though I do then find myself there a decent reserve because bod doesn't actually bother to release the ruddy eggs half the time......?

Had hoped to have lovely relaxing evening pottering about on the pc.  Instead internet packed in all over again so had to get out the new superhub virgin sent me last week and actually connect the darned thing.  so 1.5 hours later here I am.  It was actually incredibly straightforward except for the fact that you needed a bloody spanner to disconnect the old modem  - the poxy plastic thing they included was useless.

MR cheers for the invite, Loulou very excited.  We're in!  Glad you're making progress.  I did 11 miles over the weekend in that glorious sunshine so I'm getting there too.  5.5 of them were done on Sunday morning to pick up the car post wedding!

We have the Rodi xr too and a trunki boostapack as our spare.  It will make carsharing virtually impossible if they insist on a full car seat for under 12s!  At least you can chuck the booster seat in the back and it doesn't take up too much room but is there for emergencies. 

WEll done RF and good luck in the novice tri.  I admire anyone who does a tri.  There's absolutely no way I could do it.  I'd drown.  Then I'd do all the downhills with my brakes on on the bike cos I'm a feardy!

Off to get a wee cuppa tea.  Speak soon

24/09/2012 at 22:08
Bizarrely legally, if both spaces in the back are occupied by car seats with kids in (ie if I was driving my 2 around) and there is no room for a third seat in the back (as in most normal sized cars) then you can have a child in the back, belted in without a seat. So a friend of Matilda's could be in the back without a seat.
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