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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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24/09/2012 at 22:11

Really?  That's crazy!  My sister has some massive isofix effort for Carys and she drove me and my mum and dad to a restaurant last week.  Talk about squashed - mum and I were squidged in on an angle. That thing was huge!

24/09/2012 at 22:44

phew, just about skim-read ... and I was going to bed!!

I often think of Hoggle too, and am inclined to agree that things didn't go her way ... just so so tragic to think about.

So, can I do a brief synopsis - unlikely I think, brief doesn't seem to occur in my dictionary!!!

Awesome running from Lotte - can well believe you did it on a spur of the moment, AND that you did so well. Sometimes I think the 'last minute factor' almost helps, less of the flapping and panicing. I have done a marathon on a whim - Clarendon Way back in 2009, last minute entry, on the back of a vomiting bug and six weeks training and loved it and not too bad a time for an untrained for trail mara. Anyhoooo I well believe you've got more in the tank to come - very exciting.

Camlo - the woman who was bemoaning no running and a sore foot one week, not long after completing her first ultra (where she did VERY well) snuck in a tough hill race - of course - well done

Oh god, no longer brief at all!!! TT congratulations, glad all well.  EF ... sounds good so far, hope it keeps that way. MR - good to see the achilles is beginning to do as told.

MM - great training and love the garden planning while supping the wine

Car seats - We have a maxi-cosi one and something else I haven't a clue about, both are with the extending backs and headrests but I think J is getting too big for his. Also have two moulded plastic blue ones (Halfords £12 I think - although one I found at the tip so was free) Means I can take multiples in car. We have VW Sharan Vixo and can get three seats across in that - even when one is a full-blown baby seat.

RF - sounds like you've had fab time ... was that your little sis that beat you running the other day? So you beat her on the mbk?  I like Grantown on Spey - just love all the big buildings down that wide high st and the backdrop of the hills.

Tomatoes - my baby toms are lovely and tasty, and most have gone red unlike last years effort. Have been amazed as such high winds but we've had loads of sunshine this summer

CM - I have lumpy boobs too and have been to drs before about them - he was really good about it and I didn't feel stupid. not worth the risk at all.

24/09/2012 at 22:48

mad mad weekend on course. fabulous but more information overload. got to catch up with two different friends too but also spent much time totally lost in the centre of Edinburgh in my car ... dam those roadworks ... EF you would have laughed but it was totally hideous!!! Four hour drive back up, home by 9.30pm straight back into usual chaos.

J has cubs on Monday eve but last week and this no-one turned up and I'd had no messages to explain why so, in complete fury, I took him to the one up in town which he seemed to really enjoy but it's 6.30-8.15 so poor S wasn't into bed until 8.30pm and J not until 9. Not so worried about him but S will suffer. Hey ho.

Hubby said today was the closest he's ever come to phoning in sick - sooo totally unlike him, feeling the strain all round at the mo. Like Lotte - roll on the holidays, three weeks and counting.

Have lots of homework to do for course - lesson planning etc. Only have one 'victim' tmrw so she'll get a 1:1 of my fantastic teaching!!!

Running ... yes ... I did 30 miles total last week, and just shy of 7 this morning. Better than nothing so it will have to do!

24/09/2012 at 22:53
All this talk of car seats and giving kids lifts reminds me of the time I invited a friend of J's back for tea, then another. Then another mum asked if I could take her daughter. And I thought - yeah. That's fine. J plus 3 plus me = 5. I have 5 seats. Forgot about E . Walking to the car with 4 y1 kids to pick E up from nursery and thought - shit. E also. Argh!! I had E's big seat in the back, J in the front on his booster seat; two strapped into one belt on one side and 1 strapped into a belt in the middle. Fortunately it is literally a 2 minute drive. Even so
25/09/2012 at 08:29

sorry Hoggle ... meants Hegs!

I've done similar CM in same circumstances

25/09/2012 at 09:52
Cc that didn't sound fun - they changed all the works at the weekend so that won't have helped. Buses now diverted yet another way! I spend my time trying to find a stop!
25/09/2012 at 11:16

oh god, it's vile out there today ... have homework to do ... to run or not to run or will it be the turbo trainer ... not sure my feet would stay on the ground tbh, there is lots of debris around and I don't want to be part of the debris!!

25/09/2012 at 11:44
CC - we're looking at a sharan or a seat Alhambra. Well, I say 'we', what I actually mean is my husband is trying to decide which features and model are affordable and what he's willing to sacrifice! I'm not too bothered, but the newer models do have electric sliding doors which I think would be really handy when you've got handfuls of children, bags etc.

Am seriously tired today. The children tag teamed through the night and I feel like I got about 2 hours sleep. E was grizzling from about 5.15 and I didn't get back to sleep. Luckily, it's one of the days I've had to take as annual leave to cover all the school half days, so I've taken E to nursery and am having a sit down!
25/09/2012 at 12:05

Don't think there is much at all between the sharan and the seat ... if you look in the glass's guide the Alahambra, Sharan and Galaxy are all effectively the same. My hubby is obsessed with VWs hence with have the Sharan. Sliding doors would be the piece-de-resistance on it - hubby and I have both said that.  Apart from that it is soooo versatile (and I used to loath people carriers btw) and I find it mega easy to drive and park too (parking sensors v v helpful!). Ours now has 140,000 miles on the clock and fingers crossed still going (lets not think about £1400 last month for drive shafts!).

Well deserved sit-down, make the most of it!

25/09/2012 at 17:10

Wow, have been reading but not posted for a while.  So much to comment on so am sure will forget loads. 

CM - really happy to hear your lump was nothing, you did absolutely the right thing though.  Hope you start to feel better soon, has dragged on for too long.

Lotte - book that smear NOW!  Awesome marathon at the weekend.  You are so fit right now, are you still planning your cross-Shetland ultra?  Will you do that this year or wait until next year now?

MM and Camlo, fab running at the weekend too.  Am just about managing to plod twice a week, was jogging alongside one of the guys who was walking last week though, definitely not going to break any records!

Vixo, hope you managed to recharge your batteries a little.  Not looking forward to that aspect of another little one.  I'm sure it's more than twice as much hard work with 2 than 1!

EF - so it's all systems go!  Those numbers sound good, hoping for some speedy positive results for you.  You are getting to be quite the IT expert these days.

RF, well done on your bike ride.  Sounded like a great weekend with your family get together too, some lovely photos on FB.  I'm guessing that was you with the pinky top in the photos, you look fab!

Camlo, you make me laugh so much with your summaries of the forum and your self put-downs.  Saggy, greying, approaching 40....been there done that, got the t-shirt! 

Sorry, can't remember any more, off to do some more work....


25/09/2012 at 18:19
TT - I think it depends a lot on the age gap as to how hard it is when the second comes along. Was nice and easy with our first two, but think we're in for a bit more bother in December! Would definitely like them both to sleep tonight though, I'm shattered, and have decided not to go to choir tonight as I just can't face it - have had a look through my music this morning though, so don't feel too too bad!

CC - I don't mind too much about the car so I'm leaving it to hubby, who's much more bothered about these things! I do think a sliding door would be very helpful though, especially trying to load and unload 3 children - and Eliza's not exactly going to be at a particularly cooperative age in December!

Caro - which slow cooker have you got? I really like the idea of one, but lots of the recipes I've seen seem to want you to fry or brown off stuff before you put them in, which I definitely wouldn't want to be doing before I head out to work. I also wonder whether cooking anything for 10-12 hours is a great idea, but if you got one with a timer that would mean leaving meat out for hours before it starts cooking, which doesn't seem particularly sensible either! I think it could be very useful though when I'm on mat leave and have to feed the children and then us later on - can see that using a bit of time earlier in the day would be worth it later on.
25/09/2012 at 18:38
Vixo I've just got sainsburys own brand slow cooker and it works fine. I just do stuff on low if it's going to be 10hrs or so. I don't brown meat either. Jamie o has decided it tastes better if you don't and if it's good enough for him....tho I did think part of that was to kill off any bacteria!
25/09/2012 at 19:34
Thanks EF - so does it still taste ok if it's been cooking for 10hours? I love the idea of having a meal ready when I get back from work, but it would be a long time by the time we're both back, the children are in bed, and we're ready to eat. A lot of the recipes I looked up just now said they took 4-6 hours - do they survive twice as much cooking?! I don't usually brown beef if I'm doing a stew as it's a faff, but I suppose I do fry onions and garlic first. Lakeland have a reasonably priced own brand one and they are amazing at refunding if you don't like something or find it doesn't work for you so I suppose I could just give it a go. I know my husband thinks I won't bother using it, but I suspect it's one of those things you have to get in the habit of, and I do use the bread maker and yoghurt maker he was a bit sceptical about!
25/09/2012 at 21:46
Yes in fact on low it needs about 9! And then if you are back but not ready to eat you can stick it on warm and it holds it. I did a Jamie I stew and cooked it for 11hrs it was scrummy.
25/09/2012 at 21:49
I quite often switch mine off when I have dished the kids' up and then just reheat it again later if I need to. Love love love my slow cookpot. Never brown anything. All tastes fab.
25/09/2012 at 22:02

I was just contemplating a slow cooker too, would be great to have something ready for after school so I can not be cooking tea when I could have some quality time with the kids!

Got my antibiotics today, ear was getting quite painful and I saw the doctor I like rather than the sneery one so that was good.

Vixo, we are liking our S-Max but I agree a sliding door would be handy.  Having the kids sat higher up has helped a lot as well - don't have to lean over to do them all up in their seats!  

Aidan and I are coming to terms with Martha not being around, I am hoping he will stop asking for cbeebies every 5 minutes at some point!  I'm letting him have some after lunch but he would happily watch it all day.

CC - I'm in the 'weekend husband' club too at the moment, hubby is staying down in Oxford most nights rather than commute, and despite planning to work from here on Mondays and Fridays he feels like he needs to be there to crack the whip and stop them sloping off early etc.

25/09/2012 at 22:37
Well only 2 wks of school run has made me doubley realise I cannot be a stay at home mum! My life has to be more than trudging to school twice a day, chatting to mums in the playground, doing chores whilst Eric sleeps then going shopping! At least it will give me incentive to find a job when the time comes.......

Slow cookers are fab. Sometimes I brown, sometimes I don't, but I guess i do always do the onions and garlic. But you can do so much more than just stews,mi have a slow cooker curries cook book, which also does rice pilafs and things, rot now it is set up for porridge in the morning. Yes things do survive 10 hrs cooking. My new one is untested so far, only done rice and porridge (it's a rice cooker as well) but am planning on doing a pork joint to make pulled pork at the weekend which cooks for 20 hrs. Jools Oliver has a great beef stew recipe where she says don't bother to brown.
25/09/2012 at 22:38
Sounds like the slow cooker might be a good investment then. Any good recipe book/site suggestions? We've got into a bit of a bad habit with 'tea' for the children over the summer. Isabelle would often only want sandwiches after she'd had a cooked meal at nursery, and she'll always eat tomatoes or cucumber with it (Eliza won't!), but recently she's been asking for banana porridge for tea, which is nice and easy for me, but doesn't feel quite right somehow (although I'd quite happily eat it for my tea!). I can sort of see her point if she's had one full cooked meal, and she usually also has some yoghurt and other fruit as well, but I somehow feel like I'm being a really bad parent by not making 'proper' food!

Kinsey - the extra space in the big cars is amazing. We have an Audi a6 estate, which is pretty big, but would still be very difficult to get 3 seats in comfortably - and be able to do them up! The mpv's are just so much easier - and luckily most of the places we go have decent parking, and we have a driveway and plenty of on-street parking so hopefully won't have to squeeze it in anywhere too often!

I'm always very reluctant to get too much ready in advance of babies arriving, but we both feel a certain amount of pressure to get a car sorted as otherwise we won't actually be able to get anywhere together. I'm going to have to get over some of my not wanting to tempt fate feelings - still feeling a bit 'will it all actually happen' about this pregnancy after the rocky start, but am nearly 28 weeks now so I guess I should start to try and think about it sensibly!
25/09/2012 at 22:39
Yeah that's the stew I did
25/09/2012 at 22:40
Which one have you got Caro? I just put our porridge in the microwave for a couple of minutes- does all night cooking improve it?!
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