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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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11/01/2013 at 10:31



There's a mums running club on Tuesday afternoons in Battersea park which is run by physiotherapists, there's always a small number of us so we tend to get a lot of individual teaching. It's £6 a session and has a strengthening aspect as well as running technique.


I'll try and find their website to post.


Amy x

11/01/2013 at 12:16

hope J ok today, cc. not what you need!

i am obsessing about this job and logistics of childcare if i got it. as assistant director, i don't think getting in at 9.45 and sloping off at 5 would go down too well... and what about the holidays?! having said that, i probably won't even get an interview...

just done a 6 mile hilly walk. lungs aren't as bad as they were yesterday after my much shorter walk. i just want to run again. today is soooooo beautiful too.

right - time for some work.

11/01/2013 at 12:23
Does T have set days cm? You could compress full time hours so that you work long days when he has the kids and you do shorter days when it's your turn. MR does a compressed week as do I though mine is less so than Ali's.
11/01/2013 at 12:40

EF - i doubt it. it's a pretty senior role with all the staff reporting to it from the IT dept, so i think it will be a case of actually needing to be on site during normal operational hours. i will ask though - if i get as far as an interview.

the main problem will be that even working normal 9 - 5 hours on the days the kids are with me will be a push for me with the traffic / parking in cardiff. before school club opens at 8 and after school till 6. so i would need the kids in there 8 - 6 every day just to work a 9 - 5 job and i imagine that they will be expecting more than just 9 - 5 from me in that kind of role.

on the days the kids are with T - weds / thurs every week and every other friday, i can work unlimited hours. but that is only 5 out of every 10 school days (and on 2 of those days i need to do the school run so can't get in early) and that may not be enough. there are only 3 out of 10 days when i can get in early and leave really late.

11/01/2013 at 13:02

CM - whilst it's good to weigh this sort of thing up beforehand so you can think of what you need to ask in the interview, I also wouldn't stress too much about it all yet. Get to the interview first and get the vibe as to whether you'd even want to work for them first ...

Maybe getting out yesterday got your chest functioning in again?  I'd stick with the walking though, no point in overdoing it and ending up back where you started. No harm in some fresh air and especially sunshine at this time of year!

Great run done - legs felt fantastic which makes a change and won't last I am sure. So 8 miles done, a right mixed bag of hard-packed trail, turfy sandy bog and large boulders, moss-covered tree-roots and some hill reps to finish  1 hour 10 for that little lot and now the sun is shining too

11/01/2013 at 13:21

you're right, CC. i probably won't even get an interview

fab run on tough terrain, too. it does make such a difference when the sun shines. looking at the forecast for the next week it looks GREY GREY GREY. argh!!!

lungs really are feeling surprisingly good. i am thinking of going along to a bootcamp thing tonight in the local comprehensive school. never done anything like that before but thinking it won't do me any harm. since i can't run... i probably won't be able to walk tomorrow if i do go to it tonight mind you!

so far i have written one section of my report (the scope) and one line of my findings. tis not going particularly well. argh!

11/01/2013 at 14:01
He should do more core stuff that's for sure. He has seen the NHS physio a few times and been given exercises but he's not great at doing them. He says it makes it worse. I should send him to my Pilates teacher, but then each of us .paying ??12 a wk for adds up! He's certainly better now than he was only a few hrs after he did it badly and had to have the paramedics come. Can't bend though.

Not heard from job, but worked out what they wanted to pay was less than I earned seven yrs ago........hubby took a pay cut for his new job after being made redundant, but it was something totally new, and he had to be trained etc. I will be doing the same thing I have done since I was 22!

My friend will be here with her kids soon, all 6 boys are out on the lash tonight, the mums are home with the kids and my friend and I are gong to 'dine in for two' courtesy of m and s. yum.

Anj I know so many people who say the same as you about CTFs and jr isas, I guess I am just hopeful that my children won't be like that when they get the money. Maybe I won't tell them about the money till I know they're sensible......
11/01/2013 at 14:11

caro - maybe he needs to go a few times just to get the hang of how to do the exercises? once he knows how to do it perhaps you could nag him to do them at home?

is hubby going to be well enough to go out on the lash then?!

i am sure there must be a way around the money situation with the CTFs. both of mine will get them when they are 18 or whatever it is. i shan't be impressed if they pee them up a wall! i am thinking it's uni money or deposit money for a house or whatever. but i'm not sure how you control it!!

if i got the cardiff uni job, i would be taking a big pay cut on my full time salary. going back to what i was paid 8 years ago...


11/01/2013 at 14:23

I think that's my main worry CM, that you can't control what they spend it is legally theirs to do what they like with, and lets face it...when I was 18 the last thing I wanted to do was put a deposit on a house. If it was spent on Uni, travelling or house that is fine...but that is why I keep hold of the purse strings!!

My worry about home birth is if something goes wrong. The midwife has said that we are only a 15 minute ambulance ride away but still... Less importantly I am worried about the mess, as we rent and the carpets are cream!! I have the scan a week on Monday so will see how I am feeling then... hopefully I will feel a lot calmer about the whole giving birth thing.

Glad your walk went ok with no coughing and wheezing. Maybe its damp weather kicking it off?

CC, your run sounds lovely. I am looking forward to getting out and running in the air again. I so miss the fresh air I got from running. I hope your 20 miler goes well...enjoy! I've just done an hour in the just doesn't cut it though

Have a good evening in with your friend Caro. We are out tomorrow after sorting the babies room for a greek while my friend has L over night.

Hi are you feeling?!

11/01/2013 at 14:55

i was very sensible at that age and would have invested it. i guess i will have to brow beat my kids in the same way...

i had a very straightforward first birth and J was nearly born in the back of the car on the way to the birthing centre so for me it was easier to plan a home birth than worry about whether we would get to hospital on time. the birthing centre i went to the first time wasn't attached to a hospital so if i had needed transferring it would have been a longer ambulance ride to get to the hospital than it would have been from home to the hospital.

my waters went as i was pushing E out and they had meconium in them. if they had broken earlier and there had been meconium, we would have been sent to hospital. sometimes i think things work out whatever you choose. i firmly believe both times that i went into labour at the weekend because my body knew that if i went into labour in the week, i wouldn't be able to get hold of T as he would have been at work and he doesn't answer his phone when i ring it (no change there).

for me there was no doubt in my mind about having a home birth if the presentation and circumstances allowed it because of my experience first time round. but if you have any worries at all i would say it's not for you. you have to be relaxed in your mind knowing it's the right choice - then you are most likely to have a stress-free birth. if you are worrying about the transfer then (in my opinion) you are probably more likely to need one.

i don't normally believe all this fatalistic clap-trap but somehow when it comes to giving birth it seems that things do just work out one way or another!

11/01/2013 at 15:02

Yeah I agree. Its all about the right hormones etc allowing the body to give birth. I just need to chill about it. I think ignorance first time round was indeed bliss! Even though the first birth was quick and straight forward, I guess I know about the pain this time round!

11/01/2013 at 16:22
I would have loved a home birth 3 rd time round but hubby was having none of it especially as we live an hr from the hospital. I actually could have had three home births as all girls were born in the birthing pool with a bit of gas and air and not a great deal of midwife intervention,
I see 'one born every minute' is on again
Glad your lungs are vry slightly improved CM but a boot camp will have you gasping for breath am sure so be careful!!!
cC- your run sounded lovely. I did another boring three miles with the buggy but I suppose I've done a few small runs this week with the buggy, 4 on the treadmill last night, an hour on the turbo and a 40 min MTB night ride. Might try and go out tonight but we're getting a Chinese so I'll see. Working tomorrow though so won't manage anything then.
Caro- enjoy your M n S meal Caro. My hubby did something to his back last weekend and couldn't move, he went to a chiropractor middle of the week who said it was a muscle thing so it's getting slowly better. He hated not being able to do anything as he normally never stops.
Poo bum to change, back lata
11/01/2013 at 17:20

RF - i've never done a bootcamp so am 'lalala' about the gasping for air bit. also walking there and back - over a mile each way. guess that may prove to be a mistake on the way back. hahaha!

i have been watching OBEM again. easier when there is no bloke in the house tutting about me watching it. i also have a strange and guilty fascination with all those 'i didn't know i was pregnant' programmes. less so with the 'i'm pregnant and ... my husband is a woman' ones but i will also watch those if there's nothing else on. now - my secret is out. i watch next to no TV - maybe an hour or so twice a week, but i always look for those sorts of programmes! dunno what it says about me

just been to asda to buy J some new daps (size 3!!) and wellies. argh. bumped into T and the kids there, which was initially lovely. loads of hugs and shouts of 'mummy. my beautiful mummy' from both of them. and then i had to leave, obviously - i was on my way out and they were on their way in. oh god E clung to me, screaming 'i hate daddy. i want to stay with mummy'. and everyone was looking at me as i walked off. it was awful.

11/01/2013 at 17:55
Oh CM, so hard. Hope you're feeling better soon too, sounds like its been going on a long time. I'm hoping my children will be sensible with money too! We're both very risk averse with our savings and aren't big spenders - maybe that will send them the other way!!

Anj - I'm probably the wrong person to ask about home birth - as doctors we have rather skewed views about what the potential risks are. As it turned out, my home birth was fantastic, but I'm still not sure I could plan to have one. If I was going to have another baby I might tell them I wanted a home birth so we had things ready, but still plan to get to the hospital if I could. If you've had an easy and straightforward first birth, then according to population statistics you should be pretty safe going for a home birth, but...if you're one of the very tiny number of people who have a major complication, however close you live to the hospital you would be too far away - and that, for me, makes it a very hard decision to make. I think choosing a home birth for your first is madness, but I'm sure there are people out there who have successful ones. Like lots of things it's about balancing risks, and we all see those risks differently, so I think you have to make the decision that's right for you, but based on accurate information rather than hearsay - and obviously be happy with your decision, as CM says.

I've been watching OBEM too. My husband claims to hate it, but if he ever watches any of it he's always got a tear in his eye when the babies are born - he's a real softy!
11/01/2013 at 18:29

I planned to have a homebirth first time round and was greeted with a multitude of "you're mad" reactions, but the midwives all encourage homebirths.  I was worried about something going wrong and in the end I did have to go in an ambulance while fully dilated, but that was because the useless midwives thought Sophie was breech when she wasn't.  In the end though, I think I got the best of both worlds - lovely relaxed labour at home in a pool then the messy bit and stitches in hospital!

With Nicky, hubby didn't want another homebirth (not his choice, I always thought ) but also I didn't want Sophie to see me writhing in agony or anything and thought it easier to just go to hospital.  I really didn't like labouring in hospital though - I felt very self-conscious (silly I know) and not relaxed.

So I'm not sure what I'd advise - I think if your pregnancy has been risk-free then go for the home birth.  After all, you're only 15 mins from the hospital (as I was).  I think every birth has a risk but the midwives and other staff seem very well prepared for every eventuality.  My friend has had both her girls at home and I do envy her!

Sorry for the waffle - hope it makes sense!

11/01/2013 at 18:31

I have a question for you knowledgeable girls too - as I am working part-time now, do I need to inform CHB people?  And Child Tax Credits which I no longer qualify for?  Working Tax Credits? I have no idea how you even qualify for these things!

11/01/2013 at 19:57

Right, I think I have decided I will go to the birthing centre... then all being well I can go home same day... I have the same kind of thinking as you Vixo. Will discuss with hubby anyway. Thanks for everyones thoughts on the subject. I am NOT watching OBEM at the moment...

I can't believe how some people don't know they are pregnant and it fascinates me too CM. When I was booking my presentation scan in the hospital a afro/caribbean lady came in asking for a scan...she was quite clearly about 6 months pregnant and had not had a scan before and had no idea how far along she was... not that I was listening or anything! Crazy. It's those people who say, "well I thought I had a tummy ache and out popped a baby" WHHAAT?!

11/01/2013 at 20:09

for me the choice was a bit easier because i definitely did NOT want to go into the gwent (our local hospital). JT will understand why... that is why i chose the birthing centre in caerphilly - which was actually a very long way from where i lived at the time. it was at least a 30 min drive, and also a similar transfer from there to hospital (no hospital attached to birthing centre) as JT will know. she was bluelighted from caerphilly with Ted.

the second time round it made absolutely no sense to go back to caerphilly because of the length of the drive to get there and the fact that we would need to sort childcare for J. i was simply too worried that, by the time we had found someone to have J if it was the middle of the night, we wouldn't make it to caerphilly. so that swayed my decision to try for a home birth. we could have J at home with us until i really couldn't cope any longer which gave us time to sort out someone to have him. in the event, E arrived at 11am on a saturday morning so the timing was perfect. he went to his friend's house down the lane at about 9.30am and came home again at 1. and if i had to be blue-lighted in, it's only a 10-15 min transfer to hospital, less than from the birthing centre.

anyway, i think you have to go with what your gut says about these things. for me it wasn't so much about the idea of having a hippy home birth. it was more the practicality and not wanting to be pushing in the car!!

just survived bootcamp. lungs weren't brilliant but i seem to have recovered. but oh my actual good god - what a workout that is!!

11/01/2013 at 20:48
Busy, busy on here
Home births - wouldnt with a first, wanted to with Tom but got polyhydramnios (too much liquor) & so had to go to hosp and ended up with a cs so no choice with Archie (who was induced as no liquor so would have been hosp anyway). I think if you live within spitting distance then go for it and midwives can bring most things they have in a birth centre.
boot camp - Ooch sounds tough, well done CM.
24 hr strathpuffer - RF i am praying for good weather for you (is it same weekend as my tough guy? 27th Jan?)
Jobs - eek to being offered less than before. Thankfully I have only dropped when reducing hours or I would be seriously miffed. guess they have to decide whether to risk losing you though Caro so it ain't over yet!
Child tax credits etc - I would tell anyone that was giving me anything if I had ANY changes! I doubt we will get anything from April as hubby going back on the books so will earn more (on paper) than now where he is self employed so claims all his expenses. We still get child benefit too although I am sure as a household we have more than some that are losing out now.
yippee to nice runs -CC yours sounded particularly nice today, watching OBEM & other trash (JJ all the way here!!), dining for 2 and well behaved kids.
Boo to hubby's going out, carp foggy weather, continued lurgy and upset kids ((cm))
I looked at the first schedules and figured if I can get 3 runs a week (speed, tempo and long) I will be happy. Did nearly 8 earlier in 8:42mm ave but that included a 7:22 mile in the middle to see how fast I could do one!
Also baked a gorgeous chilli chocolate cake - well worth a try for those un'delia ones among us
250g plain flour, 350g dem sugar, 65g cocoa powder, 1tsp baking powder, 1 tsp salt, 250ml water, 10g Tabasco sauce (I used 6), 240ml ext virg olive oil, 1 tsp vanilla paste (I used essence), 100g rough chopped dark choc (I used white).
Mix together and chuck in 20cm round tin (I used 2 loaf tins!), bake at 180/ gas 4 for 45mins or until top is no longer shiny. can eat when still warm as middle still soft and gooey.....yum yum although am going to try without Tabasco as Tom wasn't impressed with spicey tongue!
11/01/2013 at 20:55
JT - I don't have an inhaler. Gp said lungs were normal. They are when I do nowt. Anyway - they have recovered well tonight which is the main thing. I can stand wheeziness at the time if it doesn't hang around all day making me cough and heave!

Hope consultant has good news for you JT. Fingers crossed x

Cake sounds yum and simple Camlo. And blinding run!!
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