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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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27/09/2012 at 18:07
CM you aren't old and have plenty of time to see your lovely children grow up and have children of their own. Then you will have a big family all of your own and will not be worried at all. You do have next of kin - its just that they are little!!
3 sets of wet clothes from Archie today so he has come home in clothes for 7yr old, pretty much swamped his 3yr frame! Was just sat eating a yoghurt and peed on the floor too....grrrr not sure what happening today.
Have set up a for my wacky races to raise money for birm children's hospital - thanks CM for kicking it off xx
Edited: 27/09/2012 at 18:19
27/09/2012 at 19:07
It's been my new yrs resolution for about 5 yrs to write a will........Hubby has found this
27/09/2012 at 20:34

I will look at that Caro. I bought one of those DIY packs from WHSmiths about three years ago and it's still in a tray gathering dust!

CM - Camlo puts it so well, of COURSE you have next of kin.  Shocking things like that put it into perspective though don't they. I used to climb with a guy as part of a group, he was bright, energetic, quite an a amazing person actually but had troubles at home ... aged 17 he hung himself, we (the group) were stunned and horrified - he did it a week after we got back from spending two weeks together climbing in the alps. You never can tell what is going on in peoples minds can you?

Ooops to the wet clothes Camlo. Hubby has to book hot desk when he goes to HQ, bugs him enormously. I think only thing he likes about current job is that he gets to have his own, proper office!  Good luck with London training.

Am delighted I am not feeling any pangs at all about London. If I get the urge to do a marathon next spring it will probs be Lochaber but am hoping to do Dee 33 as my 'spring marathon' - well it's 'only' 7 miles further!!

27/09/2012 at 21:01

Camlo you made me laugh out loud re my job, thank you   and thanks for all the other supportive comments.  Interestingly she has put on her wall on FB (I am told by a friend as she is not friends with me!) that she has received her redundancy letter and is blaming it entirely on the government's lack of mention of being an unreasonable b**** then !

CM - as I said on FB it is a crap situation that you can only sit out.  Re the will, CC I'm the same as you except I bought mine from WHSmiths about 4 years ago, after Sophie was born!  And yes when you start thinking about death and things it is very depressing but fortunately you can reasonably expect to live for a good while longer yet .  It's like that Friends episode when Ross and Rachel talk about who they'd leave Emma to if they died .

Oh and yeay to VLM Camlo 

Caro - hope it goes well with the nurse, sounds very promising.

Had a good day at new job today, partly because I got to leave at 2.30pm!  The place is soooo relaxed, it's lovely.  Taught a very low level group this morning the alphabet and upper and lowercase letters and it went fine.  Nicky's much happier today though still got a horrible cough from time to time.  Sophie was a real sweetie from when I picked her up until bedtime, even didn't make that much of a fuss about her lamb stew - ate a very small amount under duress then left it.  Sigh, some things never change!

She just started wailing again - 9 times out of 10 she needs a wee but all she can manage is lying in bed jiggling her legs and wailing!

27/09/2012 at 23:28
Camryn does the jiggling legs + wailing 2, think it's just cos her bladder is screaming wake up + go for wee, but she is tired + doesn't want to wake up. So u end up fighting with this half asleep toddler who makes no sense + has no idea what is happening in her half sleeping stupor.
28/09/2012 at 18:58
Just sat down for a catch up whilst feeding Eric and nowt to read! Everyone been in bed all day??

I went shopping and spent my b day money on a pair of jeans and cords from next and a new pair of boots . Tried to M some school tights and another jumper and nothing anywhere! I looked in m and s, next and John Lewis. Finally came home and bought them online from m and s and they are delivered free to the local food m and s on the high st so that's ok.

Tomorrow hubby and I are going into London for dinner. My dad is here so s babysitting, and it is technically for our anniversary, even though that's not for 3 wks, but seeing as we've got the babysitter we thought we'd take advantage. Hubby has booked it, don't know where we're going. It's been yrs since we've been out for dinner in town I think?

Pork chops for dinner, from the hobby farmer who lives opposite my dad. Yum!
28/09/2012 at 20:25

I've spent most of the day trying to choose a pair of shoes   Slightly annoyed that hubby has expressed disapproval at me keeping more than one pair of the 5 I ordered, but I think I could do with a couple of pairs...Skechers by the way, not running shoes or anything good like that!

Keep thinking I might just go for a run on Sunday, but physio hasn't ok'ed it so not sure if it's a good idea. I feel as though my shoulder is better but if I don't do my exercises I do feel it tightening up again and becoming painful.  I've been such a lazy so and so these last few weeks, I have done approximately zero exercise, although that is partly related to having a new job, stupid unnecessary meetings in evening at old job and feeling too stressed to do anything .  

Looking forward to a nice quiet weekend getting things done in the house and delivering my Avon.  Enjoy your dinner Caro!  TT - your description of the half asleep child needing a wee was spot-on 

28/09/2012 at 20:48
Haha it was quiet on here today!! Hope your pork chops were nice Caro and you have a fab night out tomorrow. I LOVE going away with hubby so we can eat out together.
JG must be hard not running but if shoulder still reacting to stuff then best to wait. Your lamb stew sounded nice too.
WILLS - my first was done with a WHSmith kit too and seemed to be fine. It is really important to do, not just so your wishes are carried out but also it saves so much time and stress. Must get on with ours soon!
I pigged out so much this week I thought my tummy would burst so have been good today drinking hot water and had salad for lunch and prawn, chicken & tomato dish for tea. NO BREAD at all today so hopefully tum will deflate.
Am leading a group staying locally for a run tomorrow morning- hope it stays dry and I don't get lost. In return I get to join them for a workout session in the afternoon if I can get a babysitter.
Spent last night sneezing / snotting and overslept. Woke at 8:55 to find kids in PJs watching tele so quick dress and breakfast and only 10 mins late for school - oops!
28/09/2012 at 21:45
JG I love the fb pic of the shoes all lined up!! I would accidentally only return 3 and keep 2 pairs. One for every day and one for best....
Tucked up in bed having had a hot choc instead of my usual bowl of cereal, nuts, icecream, toast etc etc etc.
28/09/2012 at 22:05

ha ha CAmlo to the kids in pjs watching TV, that's the sort of thing that would happen here ... well it does in the holidays and at weekends anyway! that sounds fun re the run tmrw though, hope it stays dry.

JG - defo keep more than one pair if you can!

Worked this morning - reading stories to 10 from a local pre-school which I really enjoy ... except for every single one was coughing and snotting over me, especially one who seemed to love hanging of my shoulder so I got full blast from that one ... hitting the echinacea & goldenseal now me thinks in preparation for the germs ahead!

Dashed home for some quick kitchen floor mopping (was minging!!) and then 6.5 miles along the coastal path dodging showers but not the brisk breeze. My run yesterday was obviously hard work (well the speed told me that - s l o w) as my quads were sore today. Anyway, todays felt hard work but do seem to be getting a wee bit faster. Then quick shower and back up to town to get S and then hang around half an hour to get J. Have had no after-school clubs for three days in a row now - felt very decadent coming straight home.

Hubby home - now he flies from Birmingham we get him home at a sociable hour just a shame he has to leave at 4.30pm on a Sunday.

Orienteering tomorrow morning for the kids so looking forward to that if the weather can behave.

Good luck tomorrow RF. My friend is doing it tmrw and then coming to babysit for me in the evening for her post-race recovery!!!  So hubby and I are off out too - told her not to worry that it'd be a late one as we'd probably be snoozing in our pints by 9.30pm.

Had a full eight hours sleep last night Can't remember when that last happened but definitely must do that more.

Made yummy lentil dahl for hubby and I tonight ... am going to try it on the kids next week.  Kind of reminiscing the fact that this time 11 years ago I was doing frantic last minute packing for our month-long climbing honeymoon in Nepal.  tinged by that news today of the plane that crashed leaving Kathmandu on it's way to Lukla.

28/09/2012 at 22:07

Made interesting flapjack tonight - had no block butter so decided to try it with peanut butter, then I had some molasses that looked like it needed using up so put that in instead of the sugar (did stick with the more normal ingredients of oats, nuts/seeds/raisings and golden syrup though) and it came out OK. Bit heavier than usual but really quite yummy!

28/09/2012 at 22:56
Cc honeymoon sounds much more active than our 3 days in Rome! However we did come home with Archie on the way.... I need a good flapjack recipe - always comes out like concrete! Glad you have hubby home and yippee to sleep, judging by the grunts already emanating from next door I doubt I will get a decent block.
Good luck to RF too!
28/09/2012 at 22:59
Here comes the doom monger again. As if a redundancy scope notification and a suicide wasn't enough for one week, my really good friend (with the 2 boys with whom we go on holiday and see every week) has just texted to say she has been blue lighted to hospital with her 4yr old tonight and he is In theatre having 2p piece removed. Fucks sake
29/09/2012 at 07:46

oops and eek - hope the op went ok. Swallowed or inhaled? 

Good start to the night but early waking and archies cath had come loose so already stripped bed...... getting everyone breakfasted before I drop them at swimming and head up onto the beautiful hills with this fitness group.... hope they arent expecting a 'proper' coach or anything remotely official as it will just be little me on a normal run stopping for a wee if I need to. 

29/09/2012 at 08:54
Surely nobody could get a 2p up the nose?? I guess it could go down the trachea from the mouth........eek. Hope ok CM.

Sunny here, inlaws and auntie Shirley popping round this morning, I've only met auntie Shirley once. Matilda and I have made a cake. Osteopath first, so better get dressed.
29/09/2012 at 11:12
Swallowed. Coin removed and all ok now. Poor friend in bits tho .

J was running ahead of me today and fell over and landed on elbow he broke. Argh. Sooooooo much wailing but think I have established only a graze. Difficult to tell due to enormous over reaction!!

Camlo - hope all goes ok and you enjoy. Beautiful day here!
29/09/2012 at 14:03
Wouldn't 2p just come out the other end? Did they use an endoscope to pull it out?

Glad allok, and hope J's arm is ok.
29/09/2012 at 19:24

CM (()) not a good few days for you. Can only improve?! And glad your friends little one is ok. My sister's niece-in-law swallowed a US penny, they waited for it to come out the other end apparently.

Hope Auntie Shirley enjoyed the cake caro. And the physio did good stuff.

Camlo- good coaching I hope?! Really feel for you with the amount of bed stripping you have to do. I am really fed up with a day of what seemd like continuous nappy changing, wish I could get Maggie to potty train.

CC- lovely sounding run. Like your boggy pic on FB. Is that your usual running surface?! Yum to flapjacks and lentil dahl too. That plane crash was awful, I'm not sure what the airplanes are like over there but guessing they're not up to european standards? Like Camlo I am impressed by your adventurous honeymoon, we did the usual two weeks in posh hotel in Malaysia (loved it though )

Well, I signed up for the Shakespeare - Stratford marathon! Feeling quite excited about my first non-London marathon! Hubby was keen for me to not go far from home so Edinburgh was ruled out. I did see that Stratford was a shambles last year, cancelled due to the apalling weather (dont remember end of April but I did have new-ish baby so probably wasn't out much!), many people were actually already running when they discovered marathon was cancelled (still did the half). Anyway, decided that lightening won't strike twice and 28th April will be lovely in 2013.

And on more running news I did my first Parkrun this morning! Can see how it can get addictive... So I did it in 22.43, quite pleased with that, finished 203rd out of 900 odd and 15th lady. Just looked at the tables and I was 2nd in my age group because 10 of the women in front of me were in the junior under 14s group, youngsters are too speedy these days! Shouldn't they be at home watching telly? Must have mummy's like Lotte, and talking of Lotte I did get beat by a man pushing a double buggy too Anyway, I will be back to try and beat my new PB, even got hungover hubby to bring the kids too, such a beautifully sunny day.

Right, back to my wine and Dr Who. Hubby making me pizza, nom! One of those days when you need the kids in bed, Maggie was a little demon all day (if you hit your sister/mummy/the cat again they'll be no tv/teddy/stories etc) but obviously tired as not a peep since 6.30! Have a good Saturday night all.

29/09/2012 at 20:27
Mmmmmmmmm enjoy your pizza Sonya & yay to the park run, brill time & to entering a marathon, yippee.
I didn't get into London yet again, shock. Don't even know why I bother, crap ballot system. Thinking about lochaber maybe or maybe just do tri's ????.
Camlo- hope your run went well & you enjoyed being a coach!!! Oh dear to yet more wet beds, poor u
CM- enjoy your treaddie run and boo hiss to all the crapiness happening at the mo. your cats look lovely although I'm not a cat person really!
Caro hope you had fun with your visitors, ate the cake & got on well at the osteo!
CC - hoping your having a great night out with hubby! Thought about you whilst at Nairn today!
Well I'm just having a cup of T n have eaten sum chocolate and now going to have Pringles- piggy!!!!
Well loved the tri although was tough in places and felt like puking during the run!!!! Swim was 400 metres, 12 km cycle & 3 k run ( felt like 10k!!!) did it in 11 mns/32 mins/16 mins with a 1 min 20/50 sec transition. So altogether 1 hr 3. Won't break any records but was loads of fun. Really need a road bike though!!! Passed 3 people in the swim, 3 passed me on their road bikes (!!!!) & then I passed 3 on the run ( men!!!) yay. Felt fine after but wee bit tired tonight so bed early methinks. Bit jealous of those doing the loch ness marathon tomorrow, wish I had entered the 10k!
29/09/2012 at 21:02
Fab racing ladies - Sonia you are super speedy and how the heck do you negotiate all those other runners?? Those youngster's are flipping crazy fast aren't they??? RF you did fab and the fact you pass anyone is great. A road bike is a must though so getting writing to Santa NOW!!
CM hope you are out on the treadie, sorry to hear about J's fall and I can just imagine how upset he would have been.
Turned up to lead the group to be met by an old school mate and the brother of an ex!! Quite surreal given they had come 2 hours. Anyway set off and soon realised they were FIT.... Thankfully I brought up the rear as no way could I have kept up with their quickest guys. 10 miles - muddy, steep, gloopy and streams, Quick lunch and shower and joined them for a boot camp class. OMG circuits with the most obscure and tough options which left me crawling from 1 activity to the next. Lost 1 toe nail in shower at lunch and another after the circuits.... Supposed to be meeting at 8am for another run but I have already pledged to lead a shorter, slower group for those who are too knackered from today!
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