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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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29/09/2012 at 21:26

Kept 2 pairs 

CM - glad all ok, scary.  Hope J's arm is ok.

Camlo - well done on the running group, boo to the toenail loss!

Sonya - had plenty of those days, when they're tired as well punishments just don't seem to work either!

Wine and X Factor and some long overdue nametape sewing.  My I know how to live 

29/09/2012 at 23:03
Sonya - my you are speedy!

Fab effort RF! You will have the bug now!
Camlo - sounds like a fab day and what a coincidence re the people you know

J's arm is fine thank god. He is such a clutz and falls over his own (enormous) feet!

I have been putting stuff on eBay today. First time for me. Have got bids of ??23 already for a dehumidifier that I put on for collection only

My scintillating Saturday evening has been a run on treadmill, followed by ironing and bathroom cleaning. My tea has been a bowl of muesli and a glass of lemonade (diet). Do I win the naff evening competition?!

Went to theatre with the kids today to see a short kids play. Was fab seeing their faces. E didn't know what to make of it. Her expression was a picture

Cats are turning into utter loons. Diavlo has decided his safe place is on top of the living room door so he jumps up there all the time. He then steps onto the door frame which is fine for now as there is a box of piano music which stops the door swinging right back so he is stranded on the doorframe. I may just have to move the box sometime (cruel woman!!)
30/09/2012 at 11:30
If we are going for naff evenings... Hubby out and was hoping to get some work done but blinking daylight savings - Matilda wide awake, I just found her having put my entire knicker drawer over her head - would post a pic if it didn't reveal the sad state of my underwear!!
30/09/2012 at 12:05
Hah Hoggle, amazing what kids find to amuse themselves!!
CM - your evening does sound a little, well, um, lack lustre??!! Not sure how you can jazz up treadies and cleaning though! EBay can take you totally by surprise can't it? things you think are ok get no bids and things you have saved from the tip can fetch a fortune.
was up and out at 8am but instead of the gentle 4 I had in mind, i got persuaded (boot camp style) to keep up with the others for another hilly 8. Legs are smashed!
Roast pork, stuffing, roasties, carrots, cabbage, broccoli and apple sauce should be ready for 1pm. Eldest is coming to eat with us and collect the 3 loads of washing I have done for him today!
30/09/2012 at 14:02
My hubby was out babysitting last night, and I spent the evening working on a crochet blanket I'm making - I'm clearly 35 going on 75! And now I'm at work, so my weekend hasn't got a lot better.

Have been reading when I get a chance but not much posting due to lots of vomiting in our house. Luckily not me, but the children and hubby seem to have been taking it in turns all week so I have been mostly cleaning and washing. The children have limited their vomiting to overnight, and during the day have seemed absolutely fine, which is odd, but hubby was not well...poor soul!!!
30/09/2012 at 18:01

Boo to the spewers, hope they are all better now.

Wish I could have a quiet weekend sometime. Been mad here. Athletics comp all morning yesterday followed by gymnastics and football (Dylan just found out he has been selected for development team which is great but means extra training on a Sat and he will have to give up gymnastics now). Today Em and Dylan have been swimming in a gala and Sophie has been at a netball tournament. Still only one car so its a bit of a logistical headache, but we got it all done!

Had a brilliant night out last night for a friends 50th. What a laugh, my cheeks and stomach are still sore from laughing. Head a bit sore too right enough and really looking tired after 3am to bed and up at 7.

Right  better go and get tea, back later for a proper catch up. Was it this weekend that MM was racing?


30/09/2012 at 19:38
My weekend not much more exciting than any of yours;

Highlights; Max pooing in his potty on Friday night (hasn't since, when asked on subsequent poos why he had not done in potty; 'my already did a boo in the potty', so I guess that's our lot! Nice meal out last night with Max and Mr TT at our beach club restaurant with the harvest moon rising over the sea.

Lowlights; Max drawing on our bedroom door with pencil yesterday, having to put Max back in bed for the 4th time today for his lunchtime nap. Have had 2 dirty nappies and one round of toast to deal with. Fingers crossed he stays there this time. Max drawing in pen on the cream leather centre consol in our car (2 year old range rover, grrrr). Have tried to get it off as best I can but still shows. Anyone got any good suggestions?

To be honest, I would trade my nice Saturday evening for any of my lows from today.....
30/09/2012 at 21:27
TT- sounds identical to Maggie this weekend! She has just figured out that she can get out of bed and hop (in sleeping bag) to the door. So no lunchtime naps have happened. Hubby keeps putting tv on for her which makes her soooo much worse. Then he has a go at me saying a little tv never did any harm! I agree but not all day because we can't hack her overtired bad behaviour! Closest we've got to the potty is one sit on it for a peppa sticker on her potty reward chart, so you're way ahead of me TT!
Sorry, no tips for leather sofas. We have a stripey sofa which hides pen well!

Lotte- that is a nuts day! Assume you got up at 7am after 4hours sleep and a hangover and went running?!

Vixo - poor you with a family of vomit! Glad you haven't succumbed though.

Camlo- gosh you've had a hardcore exercise weekend! Hope you devoured the roast after those hard miles! And you are far too nice to eldest doing all his washing

CM- think you win the crap Saturday night competition! Although I quite fancy the treadmill bit! Nipped out for an hour at 6.30 this evening (leaving hubby to put the grumpy children to bed ) and it was so dark already. Seems to be a lot of streets around here without lights so I need to assess the roads as I drove/walk around from now on so I'm not tripping along in the pitch black again!
30/09/2012 at 21:33
Well hubby and I had a lovely evening at a French bistro nr chancery lane, and got home at the late old hour of 11.15..... Such extravagance.
Lotte I don't know how you do it.
Am in ne of those frames of mind where I think I have a million things to do and am getting myself in a bit of a tiz. My dad is staying at the mo, got an old uni friend coming to stay tomorrow for a couple of nights (in town for work so doesn't need entertaining) and just various bits and bobs. Have managed to give myself a headache stressing so am missing downton and am in bed. Have even written a list next to me so I can try and switch off and go to sleep! Silly really.

Hope all sickies better soon. night all!
30/09/2012 at 21:44

Vixo, hope the vomming in your house stops soon.

TT/Sonya, Aidan did a poo on the potty last week, was very proud but i don't think he's keen on going for potty training and after all the wee accidents when we did try I am definitely not ready.

TT not sure about pen on cream leather, rather annoying!

Caro - hope you manage to relax, glad you got a night out!

I did my 3 mile run on Saturday, ache all over today, still on antibiotics but its only my sinus/ear that is a problem, the ear still feels all weird, hope I don't have to go back.  Anyway, was good to get out in the sun!

I am finding the monday to friday school run a bit manic at the moment, juggling everything to get out the door etc and not forget anything.  Martha and Aidan also had birthday parties to go to yesterday and today, however I did the one yesterday and hubby did the one today so I did get a bit of peace and quiet!

30/09/2012 at 22:35

Boo to the vomits Vixo, hope you continue to steer clear and the rest of them perk up soon.

Wow to speedy Sonya, intrepid RF and Camlo with her hardcore bootcamp weekend. What a fab bunch ... and let us not forget hardcore Lotte who stays out drinking to all hours and pulls off speedy runs at all hours of the day!! Managing all that on one car - well the mind boggles ... any chance of getting the van back soon??

Caro - 'and breathe' ... hope you are asleep now and the list is forgotten for time being.

Kinsey - can remember when school run first hit us - took me a while to get it all sorted, and that was just with S to drag along too, let alone another one. Glad hubby was back to give a hand anyway. Sinus infections are the pits

CM - definitely not a party night but I have evenings aplenty like that.

TT - that sounds a grim day. Have had furniture and wall writing from my darling daughter in past. My son decided, after scrapping with his sister the other night about who sits where at the table, that he'd write on the table covering with biro - 'Joshua sit's here' ... not impressed!!! Hubby fell asleep the other week with wine glass in his hand (not unusual but I was away on course and not there to retrieve glass from his hand) so he threw it all over the wall and carpet ... someone has some painting to do!!

Pretty busy here.Orienteering in the morning along with my friend. Between us we had 5 kids, 4 competing and the youngest is 2 so she was bundled in the 3-wheeler with dog in tow while we coached/herded my S and her 4-year-old round, while my J and her eldest went and did course on their own (helped each other a bit I think) but no adult intervention, no getting lost and it was a hard course so two proud mummies!! Hubby biked in afternoon. 

Nice evening at pub, home by 9.45 but good to get out although nothing especially productive on plans for the future.

Nice speedy 10-miler in the forest today - 1.22 which I was delighted with although it did feel like hard work with a stitch half way round and nice brisk breeze blowing but gorgeous blue-sky-sunshine day

01/10/2012 at 00:18

Hi all, hope eveyone is good, been ages since I've posted but I have been trying to keep up from time to time but struggling to do everything these days. Also been a bit down about work / life balance still - won't bore you all with the details though, suffice to say I'm going to turn 40 in just over 6 months and feels like this is a turning point as far as work is concerned. I checked the govermnent website this week and I still have another 27 years until I can draw my state pension and there's no way I want to keep doing what I'm doing now for another 27 years so something needs to change. Husband and kids are wonderful though so I'm managing to keep my chin up best I can ...

Anyway, am sure I remember reading though that TTid has another blue one in the oven - speaking from experience as one who has 3 pink ones I think it's so much easier to have more than one of the same type, actually maybe easier is the wrong word, I think cheaper is what I mean .

Sounds like you ladies have been continuing to put me to shame with your dedication and speedy running. Sonya, seem to remember seeing you've done another half, well done you, I haven't raced at all properly since the Royal Parks half we both did in 2010 (park run excluded). One of the mum's from school is trying to persuade me to do the Brighton half with her next year but my leg still isn't right since I slipped down the stairs 6 months ago so my mileage still pretty meagre right now and I've gone through some pretty low patches recently where I've not managed to run at all some weeks. Getting back on track this week though with 4 miles Sat and 5 today .

Had to laugh at your writing on wall experiences, I cleaned and dusted hubbies bed-side table tonight for the first time in I don't know how long, to find that somebody had drawn a stick man with a smiley face in biro on the top of the table!!! Must have happened months ago so can't be sure who did it (although I have my suspicions) ..

 Caro - don't know if you've ever been but it's not too far from us and we spent a nice couple of hours there this afternoon, really lovely gardens and nice cake too .

01/10/2012 at 08:35

Was it hubby Karen?!  Hope you get everything sorted soon. Maybe the Brighton half would give you something to focus on running wise?

Boo to the pen everywhere. We have been lucky so far. Leila hasnt drawn on anything...cue major graffitti episode!! You could try a little white spirit TT. Maybe use a little on a damp cloth first and see how it goes on the leather?

Some great running going on, Sonya, CC...sounds like a nice run through the forest.

Yay to the boy TT!! We had our 20 week scan last week and all looks normal so it is a big relief after everything. We decided not to find out and have a surprise. Whatever sex it is, sure to say when it comes out Leila will say "oh, but I wanted *whatever it isn't!!*"

We had a nice weekend, we had to go to the Gower as hubby left his golf clubs down there, so had a nice sunny day on the beach on Saturday digging castles and rockpooling and I had a nice run along Rhossilli in the morning. Good for the soul!

Raining here today, so not sure what to do before taking madam to school this pm...should probably start with getting dressed!

01/10/2012 at 14:07
TTid - think you can get pen removers for leather

Karen - lovely to see you again

I have another sodding cold. Sore throat and shivers. I am so hacked off
01/10/2012 at 18:55
Part of last nights headache was sinus pain from a cold, but It was getting worse every time I thought about anything, which is why bed seemed a good solution! I agree with you about school run Kinsey, it's just unfamiliar at the moment, and trying to remember other things like swimming, dancing etc, if it wasn't written down I'd forget and that's so unlike me!

New slow cooker under test tonight. Jool's stew been brewing since 10am so hope it's good!

Went and spoke to colleague at work, who is seriously hacked off needless to say. Despite having run the place for a yr she's not really being kept in the loop about what's happening so I guess I need to call head office and see if there is the likelihood of a job, but make it clear that I haven't handed in my notice yet and don't ntend to until nov 12th. If they could employ me hen it would make it easy regarding my pension childcare vouchers etc as they'd all just carry on, as I'd be employed by the same umbrella company.

Right, bed for Eric. He just bit my boob and it hurt!
01/10/2012 at 19:00

Cameron just swallowed a geomag ball. He's given himself a right fright (good) but should I be worried or just let nature take its course. I suppose the only thing that worrys me is that it is magnetic, its about the size of a small marble.

01/10/2012 at 19:43

Hmmm Lotte. I would get him to docs as magnetic not good???

Quick post as not read back yet.

No racing for me Lotte, two weeks to go till Cardiff half. Big family wedding on Sat which was fantastic. Far too much red medicine and late night dancing away in silly high heels. Hence am now rather snotty and hoping it doesn't develop too much.

Boo CM. You need red medicine back in your life me thinks!!!

Catch up more later...

01/10/2012 at 20:09

Lotte - just found this on swallowing magnets, only gave it a quick look but seems to suggest that danger is if more than one magnet swallowed. As MM says, would get it checked out though. 

CM - off to bed for you and your germs, hope this cold passes quickly.

Anj - seems I've been away so long I totally missed news of your new little one on the way. Congrats! Glad the scan went well .

Right, off to pilates for me and I'm going to be late ...

01/10/2012 at 20:40

hmmm Lotte, tough one that - we have some of those randomly strewn around the house!  Can see that one is better than two, ideally a trip to the drs otherwise a whole lot of fibre!!?

Big family wedding sounds fun - esp the dancing in high heels and red wine

Stew sounds nice Caro.

Shattered here today and only Monday, nearly fell asleep on sofa while sitting with S trying to keep her awake long enough for me to retrieve J from Cubs - finishes at 8.15 so have only just got S into bed which is NOT ideal. Now to get the bigger one in and I think I'll not be far behind ...

01/10/2012 at 21:36
I would expect it to find its way out, but to check and make sure it does........yuck! Wouldn't have thought one magnet would do any harm, as long as no metal implants/ pace makers in him!
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