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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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11/08/2013 at 21:21

cc - I have just worked it out for next year and I don't have enough holiday to take every day off that the kids are with me during the holidays / half terms, and I only have them for 50% of the time in the holidays and I only work 4 days a week as well. and that is if I buy the maximum amount of extra holiday that I can so that I have 7 weeks a year. it won't be so bad hopefully now as I can probably persuade them both to go to a holiday club together for a day or so during the holidays - up until now, J has been reluctant to go because he thinks he won't know anyone and E hasn't been big enough to go. but if E is going too, then he may be more inclined to agree. well - at the moment at least because they are actually not beating the crap out of each other all the time! by the next holidays that will have changed, i'm sure!

11/08/2013 at 22:25
For some reason when I came to the thread today it took me to 2010 so I have just spent a nostalgic half hour reading about what we were all doing in oct/nov/dec of 2010!

CM - I wrote exactly that in a feedback form for school. We had 3 weeks of half days before Isabelle went full time last September, and I pointed out that while school isn't about providing childcare, it's virtually impossible for working parents to arrange ad hoc childcare to cover these half days. Don't think they've changed the way they do things though! Mine will have to do some holiday clubs as we don't have enough leave to cover all their days off and there's no way my husband and I are never going to have time off together. Most of our friends are in the same situation so I assume we'll try and arrange that they go along to clubs with a friend or two - and I'll trade some days of having children here for friends loooking are mine.

We had a fantastic trip to Switzerland and survived the 1400 miles of driving(!), but not really looking forward to husband going back to work tomorrow. O slept terribly whilst we were away but for the first 6 days my parents were with us and they got up every morning with the other 2 which was amazing. She's been much better the 2 nights since we got home so not sure if it was that she had a cold, the altitude, the tooth which has just arrived, or just her being a baby - as long as I get more than 2 hours of sleep in a row I don't really care!
Camlo    pirate
11/08/2013 at 22:48

boo to inconsiderate schools, worn out trainers, lack of holidays (in fact boo to working full stop...), disturbed nights and running in the heat.

yippee to some fab running from CM and CC, parties, successful holidays and kids getting on for a change.

You will be pleased to hear I did not fall off at 39mph, rather embarrassingly I fell off before I left the drive at 0 mph. Went karting today and had a laugh, kids were brill but then I dropped them off with grandma for a few days and got a call later to say I hadn't packed any of Archie's night bags. gggrrrr it is such a pain having to remember all his catheters, tapes, bags, dressings, medicine etc etc every time we go out. 

12/08/2013 at 17:41

Camlo, glad you were not going full tilt when you fell off, great riding though. Ooops to forgetful packing.  I didn't win any awards for Mum of the year yesterday as we went across to some friends' place late afternoon for dinner and by the time we arrived there Os had had a blow out in the car seat and Mummy had not packed any spare clothes so spent the whole time there just in a nappy and socks (actually 1 sock as he had removed the other!) then later in the evening Max didn't quite make it to the bathroom for his tinkle and ended up in just his t-shirt.  Oops.

Loved MM's pictures, looked like a fun party.  Wasn't sure at first what the theme was but then I guessed it must have been 80s. 

Vixo, we binned out of a trip to a friend's lakehouse this year, one of the main reasons being the 600 mile trip each way so don't envy you that drive but I bet it was beautiful.  Hope O settles for you now that you are home.  We are sooooo lucky with our O's sleep but having no family around to help out, we would probably have adopted him out by now if he wasn't sleeping .

No progress yet on our mortgage applications, hopefully this week will be crunch week.  Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies.

12/08/2013 at 21:25

Fingers are crossed T-tid!!! I am still chuckling to myself at the idea of both your children semi-dressed while out. Do the friends have kids?!! Lucky it doesn't get too cold where you are!!

Specialist then physio today and then a load of work to do. Matilda and I are heading down to the farm tomorrow for some recuperation. She is SOOO excited!!

12/08/2013 at 21:30

Yes Hoggle, our friends have kids so are familiar with various states of undress. 

How is your back now, is your recovery going well?

12/08/2013 at 22:04

'through the decades' party TT . Will read back now...

Camlo    pirate
13/08/2013 at 20:43

crumbs I saw fingers crossed and thought you were preg again TT,  Crossing my fingers for a mortgage too!!! 

My boys are always in a state of undress..... good job it is warm where you are! 

Good luck with the recovery Hoggle, really hope you see the benefits soon and can back to a bit of walk/ jog soon. 

4th day on the trot of exercise, biked, ran, swam and ran again tonight. My swimming was pretty poor but I did manage 800m with hardly any proper recovery (standing each shallow end to click my clicker doesn't count does it??). 

Just had my 2nd plate of ham and parsley sauce today, got to mums as she was dishing up lunch and brought leftovers home for tea... result! 

13/08/2013 at 21:37

Haha Camlo, that would be interesting to have another one on the way already!  I did have a little stroll down memory lane as I think it was Vixo mentioned getting plonked into 2010 when she came onto the forum. I did too and started to read a little. It was Nov/Dec 2010. Was fun to read back although not good times for some of you with some really poorly little ones, especially JT. Tough times

Fab exercise Camlo and great result on dinner. Running tonight for me, must try and set off with the runners tonight and not the walkers. I CAN DO IT!!

13/08/2013 at 22:13

Mmmmm ham and parsley sauce. Yum. Impressed by exercise Camlo. All I'm managing right now is walking but hey ho. Only 8 wks to go, then recovery for a few weeks then finally I'll be back on it. We have mortgaapplications on the go too T tid. Oh man it is stressful. And it all takes so long! So it's hanging over you the whole time. It's so funny - during the holidays this thread is so much quieter but I bet some of the others are busier as people without kids have more time to post when they are off work! 

13/08/2013 at 22:14

Oh and hope u all have fun on the farm Hoggle. How are you feeling post op now? 

14/08/2013 at 00:27

I'm feeling good although had a wobble yesterday as my back was feeling crap which has reminded me that although the compressed nerve should be sorted, I'm a long way from having a properly fixed back. Sigh! Camlo I fear that walk/jog is a way off yet. I'd be happy with being able to do decent walks for a start. Have found a good physio. She spent an hour looking at all my postural issues! I mentioned Pilates and she said she won't let me go until she's taught me to breathe properly!! I am really focused on getting everything sorted properly not just thinking its all ok til the next time. Will be hard work though. God I'm so unfit though! I was fitter when I was 9 months preg!!!



16/08/2013 at 14:29
Everyone's obviously very busy!

I have entered a half marathon and have actually been doing some running - which is a bit of a novelty! I even ran 5 times in one week before we went away, and managed a few miles at altitude while we were in Switzerland - obviously I'm assuming they will have made an enormous difference to my speed! There's not much that's on the level out there, but there is one lovely track that contours round the mountain but is slightly downhill on the way out as it follows a stream, so feels deceptively easy until you turn round and have to come back - 3 miles out felt great, but I was aware of every one of the 1600m above sea level on the way back! I also ran up to the top of the road - 400m elevation over just under 2 miles - and gathered a few strange looks on the way.

We are having a really lazy day today since I was awake a lot in the night with O (I started some gentle 'sleep ttraining' as the broken nights have just been getting too much), and husband is also at home. We usually go out and do 'something', but it was pouring with rain, so the little ones have been allowed to have their naps when it actually suits them and we've been doing home-based things. Having said which, hubby and Isabelle have just gone out for a bike ride to get rid of some energy (and I might sneak out for a run in a bit!).

Right, had better go and interact with O since she's got some rare time with neither of the other 2 around. Hoe everyone else is having fun!
Camlo    pirate
16/08/2013 at 20:12

crickey it is quiet, hope everyone is out running! 

Well done on the 5 day streak Vixo, especially running on holiday. Good luck with the sleep training -sending lots of patience and will power to you! 

Have finally booked my 'summer holiday' -a week in October to gran canaria. it is a kid friendly complex called parque cristobal. Going a week after my triathlon and coming back 2 weeks before snowdonia mara so technically it will be both recovery and tapering?? 

Took boys swimming earlier and Tom did 18 lengths..... grrrr he will be beating me soon - the shame . Was supposed to be going out but our reliable babysitter (eldest) rang an hour AFTER he was supposed to be here t osay he was just leaving his place so I told him not to bother. 

Camlo    pirate
17/08/2013 at 21:03

weather forecast was rubbish so apart from a really short bike and run I've been grounded all clouds defo found me. Wish I had taken kids out as rain didn't actually come to much and it would have been totally manageable. gah. 


17/08/2013 at 21:28

We're home!  Super hols, no time to read back so a camlo style update on the top events over the past 2 walks would be much appreciated

hope all well.

18/08/2013 at 21:41

Quick hi from me, not posted for a while. Kids been driving me demented this week, 7 wks of school hols- there is no need!!! Back to school on Tuesday thank goodness. Had enough of the moaning, whining & general mess everywhere. We had a lovely holiday in Aviemore the last week in July, then had a festival the following weekend then went to see ' Runrig' the weekend after so it was all a bit 2 wks of work were lovely, weather was good & managed to get some running & cycling done alone!!

it was the " monster swim" yesterday. A mile or half mile swim n Loch Ness. Weather wasn't looking good, rain & gusts of wind. Early start to head to Dores. in the Q to register then Q to get tag and another Q for the portaloos. Into change tent, wetsuit on, bag dropped of, onto beach & await safety briefing. They took a while & the waves gradually appeared & the buoys were getting dragged ashore.

18/08/2013 at 21:52

Horn blasted & in jump 350 odd nutters into the waves.  Held back a bit so didn't get hit in the face too much!! Yikes not used to swimming n waves; did breaststroke to see where I was going. Couple of people already requiring the rescue canoes n boats, oh dear, not good. Anyway one f the buoys had completely blown away so no one knew where we were going & someone was saying they thought we had to go in. Anyway it was a 2 lap course & when. Got near the turning buoy I thot bugger that I"m not going round that again!! Just got out of the water, got my medal & they called everyone out of the water anyway!!!! Oh dear shame for the fast swimmers as they were more than half way round the second lap. Really nice event though & did feel safe in the water knowing there was plenty of paddle boats etc. anyway it has made me slightly more confident for my OW tri two wks today, yikes.

i cycled to the river today in the wind and rain, put wetsuit on, got in but couldn't really swim as river going fast so just stayed in for 5 mins. Changed back into cycling gear, wetsuit etc onto rucksack, dropped it of at home then did 10 miles MTB cycle & a 4 miles hilly run. Gosh am knackered tonight!


18/08/2013 at 21:58

Glad you had a great holiday CaroSeesaw some of your pics on FB, the kids are lovely.

oh Camlo, that will be something to look forward to then for October. Nice. What tri are you doing again?

only 8 wks left Brookie, wow not long to go.

CC - glen more is fab to cycle, luv it around there.

Vixo- yay to the running & training for a half. Your hols sounded brill.

em, canna remember much else.

hope everyone is surviving the summer

18/08/2013 at 22:00

That should say 'caro saw some of your "!!!!

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