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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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15/01/2013 at 18:14
Yippee nearly 6 snowy/ icy miles in my wetsuit, no chaffing and warm as toast!! Should keep the hypothermia at bay in tough guy!
Like the sound of p butter cookies but then I would also scoff the lot!
CC you can't break up on the 31st as that is Easter Sunday.... If you break on the Thurs before good Friday it is the 28th. Hope they open holiday club here so I don't use a chunk of my annual leave right at the start of the new allowance. I quite like having a wedge to take through the winter months when I have long runs to fit in!
Think I get BBC Scotland on sky so can have a look for that show. Any idea when it is normally?
Tom munching on apples trying to loosen his front teeth and Archie is perfecting his burping technique......
15/01/2013 at 20:22

Camlo did I read that correctly - you just ran 6 miles in a wetsuit?!!! I struggle to walk in a wetsuit!!!

Just finished 6.5km - feeling really good! It was a pretty hilly run and it felt like my body is starting to remember what to do!! Must stretch otherwise my ITB will start playing up.


15/01/2013 at 21:15
Yep Hoggle - it is a shortie one and I couldn't actually pull the zip up myself but it didn't chaff and eldest will be with me on the day to help me do it up! I am so frightened of getting cold during the river sections especially with the total submersion bits that I will happily compromise a bit of speed to keep hypothermia at bay. glad your run was Ok and hills are good!!!!
15/01/2013 at 21:31

Happy New Year everyone, been popping on but no time to post lately as usual!

Caro - I did LOL to the weeing under the chair, she'd clearly put some thought into where she would go so as not to be discovered, you've got to give her some credit for that . Issie was more like Camio's Archie and woud just wee herself on the sofa and then continue to sit in it.

Happy to report though that we have been a nappy / pull up free family since just before Christmas for the first time in 5 and a half years! Anna had been dry through the night for a while so decided to give it a try without the bedtime pull-up and she's been dry every night since. Hurrah!

Camio - I'm also confused, did you really run that far in a wetsuit? Didn't it chaffe?

RF - yes, do let us know when you're gonna be on the telly, how exciting!

Hoggle - don't you just love those runs where everything feels right. Both my last 2 long runs have been exactly the same, did 7 miles on Friday and felt like I could have just kept going all day ... ok maybe a slight exageration, but for a couple more miles at least.

This 2013 challenge has really got me hooked so far. I'm now running 6 days a week and really enjoying all of it. Think the consistency of running most days is really helping as no big breaks between running means my legs don't forget what they're supposed to be doing. It's also not too hard or tiring as at least 3 or 4 of those days are my mid-week lunchtime runs which are only 3 miles on the dreadmill. I'm sure the motivational bubble will burst soon but so far so good ...

We've just booked a place in Normandy for a week in August and I can't wait. Am considering doing 2 nights in Paris with the kids on the way so we can do a couple of half days sightseeing (Lily is desperate to see the Eiffel Tower) and then if we can afford it to take them to Euro Disney for a day too. Just a bit worried that it might actuallly be a crazy idea to try and attempt touristy stuff in Paris with 3 kids?

Season 2 of Breaking Bad beckoning so gotta go. Hope everyone else is well and good 

15/01/2013 at 22:36

Oh Camlo you do make me laugh BUT I am with you on hypothermia vs speed and would definitely be tempted to do the same me thinks. When is tough guy? Will put recipe on here tmrw - is dead simple and doesn't seem to matter what flour you use as I defo didn't use the 'correct' stuff!!! they are disappearing fast - this cold weather AND running etc is making me very hungry

Karen - I think little and often with the running is good - anything that creates consistency has got to be good.  Normandy sounds lovely and I'd go for it with Paris. Have thought about it with our two - camping in Fontainbleau and then doing Paris as well.  My parents have offered - oh I am so excited - to have the kids for 5 days in the summer hols so was thinking might do that before/after the parental holiday.

Did about 10 miles on the MBK today, weather was just stunning and there was virtually no wind - unheard of - so much so there were not even any waves on the beach.  Frozen sand and shale makes for seriously bumpy riding though so am expecting to ache all over tomorrow - must be a bit like going on those wierd vibrating plates you hear about in gyms???

Was thinking of you RF as I did it and glided across a few frozen bits!!  I think you'll be a fab role model for the adventure show - demonstrate it's not all about the testosterone charged he-men types!

Must be away to my bed. Both Pilates classes seem to have gone well today ...

16/01/2013 at 07:39
Mmmmmmmm yes recipe please, sound yummy n I may make them for my event!!!
Sounded a lovely ride CC, it's well chilly here. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. Really wanna get out on the bike today, will have to wait in see the weather first and if someone could have M for an hour!
Went to core training last night with the cycle club. Took some A/L from work and finished early. An hours worth of press ups, squats etc, ouchie!!!!!! Fun though! All the young teenage boys who are mega fast on the bikes just don't have the strength I have!!!!!!!!LOL.
Hi Karen. Your hol sounds lovely Would love to do that, well jel!!
Camlo- wetsuit? Mad woman!!! So we are both doing mad things next weekend then!! You are hard core though as I don't think I could do that, it's the thought of crawling through tunnels............... Yikes!!!
Hope all the poorlies are on the mend (((((()))))
E mailed the production company back to agree
Betta get the troops into action, operation school should be well under way and its not!
16/01/2013 at 08:19
Yay RF!!!!
Think what an awesome thing it will be to share with the kids!
16/01/2013 at 13:08

wowee RF. fab job!

had a terrible morning with E. ended up screaming my head off at her when she refused to get dressed and brush her teeth. poor lass. she didn't deserve it, and i only did it because i am feeling so stressed about the whole N situation that my patience is frazzled. i apologised, and we hugged. but at nursery drop off she clung to me crying and i think it was because of the screaming banshee impression i did first thing. J was also shocked, i think, because i pretty much never shout and there i was screaming my head off. i feel so bad. choking back tears now thinking about it.

16/01/2013 at 13:25

wow I log on to find a celebrity in our midst! Go for it RF!

Finally a chance to say hello. Although I am never going to manage to remember everything so maybe I'm best not to try and just do better from now on!

Jealous to hear of all the holiday plans. I was trying to persuade hubby that we should do Aviemore at Easter and France in the summer. He is being Mr Sensible that we can't afford it. And he is right. £600 just to get off this damn island before we even start looking at holidays the other costs. bah, hope we can do one or other (with caravan) though. Skiing would be just amazing with the kids CC. Have you booked anything yet?

Lots of good running going on with and without wetsuits! Awesome achievement from Mr MM and sounds like your training is going great MM. Any build up races planned? Who else is doing London? Camlo, Minks...

I've entered Edinburgh marathon at the end of May but 100k race at the end of my main focus. Training going well, 91 miles last week despite a grotty cold/cough which had laid me low the previous week and has taken a wee bit too feel normal again. An easy 6 miles this morning before my first track session in 8 weeks (since my 80 miler) tonight. Doesn't help that I did my first pilates class for 7 months last night and my glutes are feeling it today. Hubby not been well either and is really struggling to get over it. Thankfully the kids have been fine.

Hoping JT and CM are well on the road to recovery now.

Yay to the nappy free status Karen. Thats a good milestone to hit.

Edited: 16/01/2013 at 13:26
16/01/2013 at 13:57

Hi, i've been lurking on here for years bu never posted anything for ages, do any of you have advice on trying to save your complexion in the cold weather ?? I have hit the forty mark and starting to see the effects of ageing in my face, wrinkles etc.  Running in this cold weather isn't doing it any favours and was wondering if anybody can recommend good face creams etc that will protect my face a bit from the elements when out running, especially in this cold weather ??

By the way some of you are awesome athletes, especially the ones doing all the off road endurance stuff, you all keep me inspired to keep running!!  I am getting more into off road running now, did the Carnethy 5 Hills Race and the Lakeland Trails Keswick race last year and it was amazing, such a nice route and awesome scenery.

16/01/2013 at 14:02

Oh dear CM - I do it A LOT and still feel guilty (sometimes......)

I am so cold!  I have on fleece tights, thick socks, slippers, jeans, a vest, a long sleeved top and 2 jumpers, the heating is on and I'm still cold!  

100k race.......

Mrs O I use no fancy face creams or anything like that, I just moisturise twice a day with boots stuff, and I do have a tibe of eye cream that I got for free from boots a while ago, so I use that as well - I actually dont have wrinkles or crows feet yet so maybe it helps!  


16/01/2013 at 14:15

You're too skinny Caro that what my mum always says to me anyway. I am always cold just now. Standing with my bum on the radiator as I type, had to give in and put the heating boost on because I am too cold to go outside to get wood from the shed for the fire, lol.

Hi Mrs O. Don't lurk, join in! I just use boots no 7 protect and perfect day cream with spf 15 all year round, and vaseline on my lips.

Don't feel guilty CM, E has probably long forgotten. I screech at my kids every morning trying to get them on the bus in time.Glad we don't have close neighbours

16/01/2013 at 14:35

i remember you Mrs O. you and i were pregnant at the same time i think - J is 6.5 yrs old now (and the size of a 10yr old)

i did really really bad screaming though. grabbed her arm and screamed in her face. several times. . totally out of control screaming. i feel soooo bad. i literally dragged her into the bathroom to clean her teeth and ended up pinning her on my lap with her head backwards to brush her teeth as she was refusing. for some reason, i saw red and the poor child felt the brunt of it. i feel so guilty because it was a completely over the top reaction to something that actually occurs pretty much every day. for some reason i couldn't cope this morning, whereas normally it's not a problem. whenever i lose it with the kids (which happens very very rarely), it is ALWAYS because i cannot cope, not because they 'deserve' it.

16/01/2013 at 15:40

ooh RF that's so exciting!

CM don't fret - I lose it like that sometimes too.  I once threw her backwards to brush her teeth so hard that she banged her head on the sink.  Guilt guilt guilt!  But sometimes you're just driven to it!

Well today was scan day!  Nuchal was 1.9 and the baby has a nasal bone.  Last time we were 3.3 and no bone so very very happy.  Under 2 for nuchal is good.  My sister got 1.8 yesterday.  I'm measuring a week ahead!  12 +4 but they keep the due date the same because they do know the date of conception.  Just means that for now the babs is big!  We don't get bloods done but weirdly they do send off an empty envelope so that they will still calculate a risk for us.  No bloods because the combo of ivf and what originated as a twin pregnancy (second empty sac was still there!) messes up the blood levels so it's better to discount bloods. 

I'm sooooooo relieved!

And soooooooo cold!!  It's not all to do with skinniness cos I'm blooming massive already and I'm frozen right now.  Though at nights I'm having the sweats and I've got heartburn already - never had it at all with Lou!

16/01/2013 at 15:41

Mrs O I just slather on vaseline on my lips and I'm a clinique 3 step gal other than that.  Nowt special!

16/01/2013 at 15:48
Lovely news EF!! I feel like saying Well Done, but you know what I mean!

My voice has been wonky for over 6 weeks so I am on antibiotics but the doctor want to not only refer me to ENT but also chest X-ray and bloods to check my thyroid (I think he said). Feeling a bit freaked out now!
16/01/2013 at 15:50

wooo hoooo EF. Great news. Those 12 weeks have gone past in a flash though not for you I am sure!

16/01/2013 at 15:53

wooooooohoooooooooooo EF!!!!

oh kinsey - best get it checked out tho. hugs xx

16/01/2013 at 15:55

oh and kinsey - i had a chest x-ray with my night sweats after J. they wanted to rule out TB!?

16/01/2013 at 16:00

Oh fab news EF. So so pleased for you.

((CM)). I so know how you feel. I have just been screaming at S cos she pooed and weed in her pants just before school pick up. I lost it completely too. Which is not good I know but she has been winding me up all afternoon. She has gone backwards again the last few days, no idea what has triggered it as she hadn't had an accident in months. Maybe the mad weekend, I don't know really. She is dry at night too Karen so not sure when to go for it. Josh is also pretty much there after the threat of the school nurses. He is dry 6 days out of 7 I reckon which is good enough for now. Keep an eye on it and keep encouraging him, so nearly a nappy free house here too

Lotte a 91 mile week with a cold. You are nuts! I will have done 84 this week but this is going to be my limit. I think I go up to 88-90 at peak but not consistently. I think it will about 80-85mpw and cut back weeks down to 65-70. Cut back next week, can't wait.

12 easy miles today in daylight. Hurrah! Although I suddenly realised I was going to be late for pre-school pick up so ran the last 3 miles at sub 7s just to get there on time!!

I am so cold too, not warming up until the evenings at the mo when the fire is on and I can wrap up in a blanket!

Oh best go boys have a friend round and they are upsetting Sophie now...

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