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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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18/08/2013 at 22:29

Caro - Brookie has 8 weeks to go; Hoggle has had her op; MM is on HRT; lots of people have been running. Some people have been doing swimming and mountain Biking. Or just biking. The scots are going back to school. loads of people have been on holiday. Some of us are fed up. Err - I am not sure what else...

18/08/2013 at 22:30

Oh and birthdays. Lots of birthdays. MM is 40. And so is MR. 

18/08/2013 at 22:48

and so this weekend we went up to the isle of bute. as you do when you live in s wales. actually on the way up wasn't so bad as was in chesterfield with work on thurs; stayed overnight at N's parents in Richmond (n yorks) on thurs night and drove up mid-morning on fri after doing a bit of work in the morning. so got up there about 5-ish and went for an 8 mile run along the coast (seal spotting as I went). the weather turned overnight on the fri so there was lots of rain and wind but tent didn't leak! we did some low level touristy stuff on Saturday and a bit of wandering on beaches / up Viking fortresses etc. was lovely. then more wind and rain overnight but still no leaks (yay) and set off at 9.30 this morning. got home at 6.30pm - argh!! then straight back out for my training run; home and still haven't unpacked or sorted out. never mind. tomorrow's another day...

Camlo    pirate
19/08/2013 at 08:07

nice summary CM, although you left out the bit about Lotte expecting triplets, JT winning the ironman, Hoggle taking up trampolining and all our children being germ free. 

Fantastic stuff going on for you RF, should pay off big time in your tri. Glad you all got pulled out of the loch ok, no point taking risks!  Mine is Aberystwyth - tried my wet suit for the 1st time in a lake yesterday. Felt fine but boy did I notice how tiring it gets when you don't have a wee rest at the end of each 20m like in a pool!! Was also knackered from a 9 mile run in the morning so counting that as a doubleday! Do you put Vaseline around your neck line? My mate says it is vital to stop chaffing but I didn't feel rubbing.    

CM you are mad camping in this weather! Thank goodness you stayed dry!!!! Kids will be home soon enough and then you are going to be struggling with those stupid half day integrations won't you? Could you ask the school that given she is so confident and ready (blah, blah) could you either scrap the integration all together or at least shorten it so she isn't messing about for so long. Given they won't let you use the nursery they obviously acknowledge she is 'too old' for it and by reducing her opportunity to attend 'big school'  you are afraid she will go backwards..... 

Kids gone to sis in law so hoping to use the next 4 evenings to really cram some good training, cleaning, sorting etc.... off to work first though. 

19/08/2013 at 13:28

Camlo - hope you have productive evenings.

Have looked after friend's 12 year old this morning as friend in court. Wow what a delight - we had a LOT of fun baking. If that's what 12 year olds are like, bring it on

I doubt school will be very receptive to the idea of shortening integration. there is basically no school in the first week back for any of reception. we have a 30 min meeting with her teacher one day and that's it. I won't be the only person who has to juggle work and no childcare - so I'll just have to make do. My friend, whose daughter I had this morning, has offered to help out but she has a really long school run to do every day so she would have to take E on that if she picked her up for me in week 2. i shall just have to see what happens - shan't book any meetings in after 1.30pm on those days and hope i can just blag it!

19/08/2013 at 17:32

Hi all, just back from our hols in Llandudno so a lot to catch up on, but my exciting news today is...Nicky has done 3 wees on the potty!   I am desperate to get him sorted (or nearly at least!) by the 10th Sept when he starts nursery, and a day or so ago he suddenly started announcing when he was doing a wee in his nappy, so today I decided to have a "no nappy in the house" policy and it's working!  Yeay.

Will try to have a read back later...hope everyone's well.

19/08/2013 at 21:53

Ha ha camlo!  Love it.

CM M's school was the same.  1/2 days for blooming weeks. I think she was afternoons but I can't remember.  And because she was one of the young ones, they split the class 20/10 so she ent several weeks with just 9 other kids in her class and then wham, one day there were 30!  Odd if you ask me.  But I was on maternity leave so it wasnt an issue.  

RF that sounds mental!

my gorgeous boy has turned 18 months and he is turning stroppy.  The trouble it he is so big and heavy that it is really hard to deal with him when he's having a strop, and its usually not wanting to have his nappy changed, or sit in buggy, usual stuff, but I obviously need to manhandle him and its not helping my back!  He has perfected 'mine' whilst we were on holiday, as well as a great chat up line of walking up to young ladies he took a fancy to and saying 'bang bang' . That's my boy.

vixo did you see my earlier post about the shoe pLace?  The school shoes came and they are lovely.

19/08/2013 at 21:54

Hahaha Camlo, luv your summary!!!! Lol.

yes I put Vaseline round my neck when I wear my wetsuit. Gosh there nae easy to get on are they & rather restrictive!!! What length is your tri??? I ordered a tri suit & race belt today...........decided to bite the bullet as on Sunday I put my clothes over my swim costume & it just wasn't very comfortable. How attractive?!!! For my 2 pool tri's I just wore my costume but seeing as I'm hopefully going to do a few more I thought I may as well buy one. This triathlon lark is an expensive hobby.

yay to N using potty JG. I forgot to say that M was potty trained 2 wks ago in one day!!! Amazing. She had been using the potty now and then but I want forcing her and  2 wks ago I just put her in pants to see how she did and she had no accidents & has even nearly had a dry nappy most nights. So good & the other 2 girls were in night pull ups till 6. Fingers crossed it continues. She won't start school nursery until after Christmas even though she is 3 in October, very annoying.

camlo- hope u enjoy your kid free evenings!


19/08/2013 at 22:01

Nice summary CM and haha Camlo!!

Sounds like you had a great trip Caro. JG I have very fond memories of Llandudno as I did my gap year in Colwyn Bay teaching at a school (went back to NZ did Uni and then moved back to UK) and Llandudno was where we went out on Saturday nights - was an eye-opener for a farm girl like me I can tell you!! Well done to wee's on the potty. DO they have to be toilet trained when they start nursery school? M showing no signs of interest which is fine by me - if she could wait 6 months until summer that would be ideal!

We had a lovely time at the farm. Matilda absolutely loved every minute and has become my Dad's shadow! He is great with her as well. He is a classic hands off Dad (too busy on the farm) who is consciously making up for it now which I love and to hear him say that they were making up farm versions of wheels on the bus whilst out rounding up sheep is both unbelievable and beautiful! My sister and her 15 month old was there for a few days as well and M has gone overboard with sharing and turns - if anyone has anything she wants it and then struggles badly if someone smaller than her snatches as she can't understand why she can't but they can - this is extended to cats by the way - my aunts kitten grabbed a cat toy from her and she snatched it back saying 'turn'. Much the same with my friends 9 month old. Very tiring!!!

Back home now and back to work. Refereeing some petty dramas between clubs - its like blimmin school children at times!! 

19/08/2013 at 22:25

Yes great summary CM and lovely to hear all your news RF. wow - your energy levels are astounding. Mind you, I think that about CM, CC, Lotte, Caro, er...,, actually everyone on this thread!! ( injured people aside of course & pregnant ladies too!! we are allowed time out!) 

what ages do people generally potty train then? E is just 2 but I figured he wasn't really ready just yet and thought I'd wait until early next year when the baby has come and things have settled down. He'd be 2 And a half then. Is that late? Or normal? For boys? I hear girls are quicker to get it..,? 

CM - camping on bite looked and sounded fab. Pics on FB lovely. 

Argh - cant remember anything else. Hope the back to school/starting school childcare logistics work out for folk too. Sounds a nightmare. 

19/08/2013 at 22:28

And yes Camlo - good additions to the summary. And good luck for your training etc over next few weeks. Know what you mean about swimming. For ages I used to say swimming wasn't half the workout that runNing is - until my friend pointed out that I stopped up chat or to "relax" at the end of every length....  

19/08/2013 at 22:40

M is 2 as well Brookie and definitely not ready!


19/08/2013 at 22:44

Brookie - Nicky was 3 at the end of July but I think anything from 18mths to about 4yrs is normal!  Of course my mum had to make a comment about "15mths late" when I told her  she just can't resist!  As if I could potty train him at that age!  Now in a dilemma as to whether to risk going out tomorrow with pants or go for pull-up or stay at home...!  He was asking for his nappy back this evening but I said not till bedtime and he didn't get cross - had an accident after I'd gone to gym after 3 successful potty trips so hubby decided that was bedtime!

Sophie was nearly 3 when she finally got it I think - N has only just been telling us when he's doing a wee which to me is an essential sign for potty training, otherwise you are just sitting them on it when you think they need to go!

Good luck with the strops Caro - tough when they are too young to understand consequences etc.  I've only recently started counting to 3 with N and it actually works but wouldn't have done when he was younger.

Busy day for S today - gymnastics "camp" for 2 hours every morning this week, then riding lesson this afternoon (I got  5 for £25 on a LivingSocial voucher - bargain!).  She was shattered by bedtime poor thing!

20/08/2013 at 16:44

Ooh, quiet on here today - hopefully we are enjoying the sunshine! have been very bad about posting because I feel like I keep up to date with goings on via FB. Looks like there have been some lovely holidays.

Lotte, I did chuckle about Mrs. Brown's Boys! 

Well done to N on the potty training success! I seem to recall JP was well gone 3 before he was trained. He basically couldn't be bothered going to the loo and was quite happy to be wet! Even now, he will tinkle if he is engrossed in something  but he has always been dry at night. Strange! 

Had my MW appt this morning and all is well JP came with me as Ben was in work - he was most amused by hearing the heartbeat and also feeling baby's head. BP is still a bit low (would explain the salty cravings!) but nothing to worry about. I have managed to come off the ADs now, which was tough but I am glad that I have, due to the risks of baby withdrawing from them when she is born (yes, it is a pink one - have kept it secret on FB as some people don't want to know). Only 13 weeks to go now if I have my C-section at 39 weeks!

CC, I could do with some Pilates Hope it goes well! Will like the page when I see it

20/08/2013 at 18:21

ooh how exciting TB, a wee girl, so Frances would work 

just fine   

Camryn loving school, went to school dinners 

for 1st time today and said it was deeelicious


20/08/2013 at 18:35

She had roast beef and Yorkshire pudding 


They go in 9 til 3 here right from start although they 

don't start school til they are 4.5-5.5, they start nursery 

at 3 and go for 2.5hrs a day

20/08/2013 at 19:58

Ooh TB exciting!  My brother just found out he is having a boy today!

my MacBook which I bought in Nov seems to be wonky, won't turn on, seemed totally dead this morning, oddly as I used it first thing, but after a stint in the airing cupboard it is now whirring and heating up when plugged in but not turning on still.  I put it in the airing cupboard as B tipped a glass of water on the table so it got briefly wet on the bottom but I'm pretty sure no water should have got in, but then v odd that its kaput.

had good hols in Pembrokeshire but Benedict did his best to ruin it with v disturbed sleep.  Much better since we got home so not sure what that was about!

20/08/2013 at 21:46

Ohh exciting TB!! And well don getting of the AD's! My sister is having another girl as well - think my Da is planning on moving into his truck when we all come to stay!

Physio shortly, hoping she can give some good advice as I feel like I'm going nowhere - 6 months since I last ran or even did a decent walk!! Back has been sore again over the last few days (op was fixing nerve pain in leg not back pain). Sick of thinking about it and generally feeling low about it. I want the old me back NOW!!! I feel a shadow of my normal self and am well and truly over it!!!!


20/08/2013 at 22:31

Yay, baby Frances/Francesca 

hoggle think my hubby and you would be good to sit down and have back chats together, he feels the same way.  Fed up and not seeing any improvement.  Boo.

M in law asked me 2 wks ago if I had started potty training E yet.  He was 18 months old yesterday!!  Ask me again in a yr.

20/08/2013 at 22:49

Did my good deed for the day yesterday on my run.  Had run 1.5 miles and was going to sprint the next bit along a quiet path for some speed work.  So set off, passed a black dog trotting happily in the other direction, kept going, rounded a corner expecting to see owner of little dog, but no one.  Carried on gong then finally, over 0.25 miles later came across little old lady on mobility scooter, going in the same direction as me (so opposite from dog) looking for her dog.  Hmmm, so yes I pant, I have seen your dog, prob by now almost 0.5 mile away. Would you like the to try and catch it?  So off I go, running even faster this time as on a mission.  Finally caught up with dog, then realised I should have asked for the lead, as it was too fat to carry. So I just held on to it and hoped she wouldn't be too long on her scooter.  She wasnt, and it was nice to see them reunited.  It meant I ran over a mile more than I planned and a lot faster!  

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