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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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02/10/2012 at 23:24

Anj - yay to good results, well done you!

Horrible news about that missing little girl, my Issie is the same age as the little girl and just can't imagine how awful her parents must be feeling. It did prompt us to have the "don't talk to strangers" talk after dinner tonight. It's difficult though as I don't want to scare her so much that she thinks a stranger might snatch her at any opportunity (especially as in most of these cases it's normally somebody the child knows) but for my own peace of mind just felt like I needed to remind her today. When I told Issie the missing little girl is from Wales she just said "Well that's okay then becauses Nanna lives in Wales and she has really good eyes so she'll find her". Bless.

Camio - 23 miles in 4 days? SIt down and have a rest now woman .

TTid - yes it was me making a re-appearance after my leave of absence *waves back*

Chynah - wow, a year already. You've done brilliantly lasting on your own during the week for this long, don't think I could manage more than a week. Any chance of your situation changing anytime soon so you can all be together again?

My bosses boss is over from LA in 3 weeks time so I sent a meeting request to him today asking for a one-to-one chat when he's over so I can ask for a payrise and promotion. Realistically, until all the kids are in school and hubby can start putting in more working hours I'm just going to have to put up with what I'm doing and if I get the pay rise and promotion I'm overdue then I could probably bear to keep doing it until then. Already planning what I'm going to say to him so fingers crossed and in the meantime I promise not to moan about work and bore you all anymore.

03/10/2012 at 11:26

Arrrhhh! Hubbie has just been informed he needs to go to Australia for 3 months. Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Feeling rather shakey and a bit stressed .....Back later...

03/10/2012 at 13:21

3 months?  Wow...more details MM!

Karen - hope the meeting goes ok and don't worry about moaning on here!

I'm holding back the tears reading and watching about that little girl, it's just so awful.  I don't think people can judge the parenting at the time it happened, as someone said it is likely to be a close-knit community where people let their children play out.  It's sad that most of us have to keep such a close eye all the time really.  I do worry if Sophie goes out of sight when we're walking home as I have an image of someone grabbing her and whisking her off, even though it's highly unlikely.  Can't imagine how her family are feeling .

Bless Issie - what a sweetie 

Driving a totally illegal car at the moment  - always seems to happen when we buy a new car, we completely forget about the MOT!  Until we apply for a tax renewal...fortunately it only ran out a couple of weeks ago, we have been known to go 5 months...!  Hubby took it in for an MOT on Monday and it failed  - illegal tyre.   But I had to get to work yesterday so had to drive it (hmm sure that one would go down well in court!), and stopped at the garage to book it in for tomorrow when I'm at work again, so fingers crossed I make it to work without a) being stopped by the police or b) the tyre blowing out!  All a bit stressful!

03/10/2012 at 13:44

Details... not many JG. Gap in resources at Aus site, so they want hubbie to fill it until a placement found (Quite what happens to the gap he will leave in Swindon by being gone for 3 months I have no idea???!!). I am not keen at all. No extra money or days in leu to make up for weekends lost and just a load of hassle for us as a family just to get some more global experience on his CV. No thanks...Anyway much chatting later me thinks ...

Ooops to the car... Good luck!

Back later as not in good frame of mind just now...

03/10/2012 at 14:00
Not judging, merely commenting, more on the time of day than who she was with. I am always amazed when I go to tescos after the kids are in bed how many small children there are there at that time of night, well past bed time.

M is consistently bed wetting at the mo, and thinks its funny- help!

MM eek!
03/10/2012 at 14:07

Where in Aus MM? It's not even like it is for a decent amount of time, some might consider moving with kids for a year but 3 months?? Hope it all works out ok.

Hope you made it to work ok JG. Ours in due its MOT in a couple of weeks and our tax ran out 3 days ago. Got it online when I remembered yesterday!! It all seems to come at once.

Karen, we had the stranger talk yesterday when L wanted to go into the loo in tescos on her own. Had lots of questions about "WHY people are horrible" and "what do they do, and do the missing children find their mummies again." Very very upsetting for the family. Still got everything crossed for the little girl here. Good luck with the job and getting what you want.

Camlo, I think I will be starting university part time September 2013 when baby will be 6 months. It will be every other weekend both days so hubby will have his work cut out. Still, it is only for 5 years!!  

TT - I have bladder issues too at the moment. As soon as start running whether I have been to the loo recently or not, I am desperate for a wee. I have to include a loo stop in the first couple of miles otherwise I end up feeling most uncomfy. Hope you got to running club.

Leila is at a birthday party this pm, so about to do a chilli to whack in the slow cooker for hubby and I later. Yum.


03/10/2012 at 14:10

Rewards Caro??

Agree with not judging either. But at 6.45 last night it was already soo dark. We have that in our tescos too. Screaming toddlers in trolleys at 8 at night. I guess that is the only option some people have? I like my 7 o clock kick back too much to compromise it!!

03/10/2012 at 14:24

Yikes MM.

Having a mad week so just another quick question for the London girls! I am clueless about travelling around London and how to do it. We will have 2 days to explore, should I get a visitors oyster card? And will one card do the whole family? Also can you suggest things for us to do, places to visit. Just going to the famous landmarks will probably take up alot of time I guess and that seems to be what the kids want to do most.

In the end I didn't do anything about the metal ball bearing. Hubby came home and pointed out that the actual ball wasn't magnetic, just the rods that stick to it so decided to wait and see if it passes through. No sign yet...

Finally got my car fixed today, yay. Rural public transport is so time consuming!! Have a track session tonight but will be back later to catch up properly.

03/10/2012 at 15:10
Got to go to school but Lotte look at the transport for London website. Kids go free but not sure up until what age, you and hubby will need your own card.

As for things to do, science museum, natural history museum, both free. Boat trip on river between Greenwich and Westminster is always a firm gave of mine as is not stupidly expensive like some things. London eye but pricey I think. The new cable car across the Thames from O2 to excel, again not expensive. Greenwich itself is great to wander round (when not running a marathon!) princess Diana memorial playground in Kensington gardens, free.
03/10/2012 at 15:19

I am also not judging that poor family. We dont know the full circunstances do we but i also think its late for a wee 5 yr old to be out but thats their buisness isnt it. Im praying she is found, the poor wee thing. THere is such b*****s about in this world we live in. Ahhhhh Karen - thats just too cute what your I said, oh the innocence of kiddies eh. Its hard explaining about strangers i think because you dont want to freak them out. if we're ever somewhere where theres a big crowd of people ( which isnt often where we live) i always say to the girls if they get lost to go to a policeman or someone that looks like they are ' in charge'. Its a real difficult one i think.

my lot are in bed by half 7 at the latest.

At work so fairly busy day canna wait to finish at 8.15 pm then on 2 wks hols, yay. Tattie holidays is what we call our October break as years go when i was wee we picked tatties then!!!!! Typically M isnt well but FIL's partner who looks after the other 2 before n after school has her. Hate leaving her when shes not well but what can you do, the joys of a working mummy eh!!!!

Anj- boo to the bladder issues at the mo. I was worried on satuardays first tri as to not wearing pants and a wee liner and instead a swimming cosi but all seemed to be ok although was only a wee run!!

Oh yikes MM to hubbys work. Big talk tonight methinks.

Anj- well done on your course stuff and yum to chilli in the SC.

Caro- i would try completly ignoring it??? or as Anj said some reward incentives?

Oh dearto the illegal car JG. Fingers crossed you dont get stopped.

Hi Karen. *Waves *  Hope you can get that talk with your boss and the pay rise u deserve.

Great mileage camlo. Well done you.

Need a foam roller. Which one do you reckon?? Nothing fancy though or expensive!!

Betta do some work!

03/10/2012 at 17:07

Made me cry reading it about the girl. The kids couldn't understand (1) why anyone would want to do that and (2) why you'd get into a van with someone when it wasn't agreed ... but then I do a lot of picking up friends kids and vice/versa from school and sometimes it's arranged at last minute so it's easy to see how it CAN happen ... cannot judge other peoples circumstances.

Lotte - I'd have done the same re the ball I think.

MM - that'll be an interesting chat then!!! If hubby had presented me with that a few years back I would probably been rather alarmed, now, living as we do, I don't think it would faze me especially ... but only if it had a definitive end date ... if 3 months is actually NOT really that but more a how longs a piece of string then that would be a complete nightmare!!

Manic day again, but squeezed in a 10.5 miler and it felt a real pleasure - even my lungs seemed to work

Have four girly friends coming round with grub tonight which I am VERY much looking forward to.

Good luck with boss talks Karen, hope you get results.

Picked loads of baby toms off my plants today and they just keep on coming!! Think we are meant to be due snow in a few weeks though so perhaps not!

Edited: 03/10/2012 at 17:07
03/10/2012 at 17:15

MM, that's a bit of a shocker!  3 months is a horrible in-between period of time too.  Daft if they are offering him nothing concrete in return for the family sacrifice.

Chynah, was just thinking about you recently.  Glad you are surviving and also can't believe it has been a year already.  Any light at the end of the tunnel?

I keep checking the news online to see if there is any update about the missing girl, so hope it has a happy ending, if it is this guy they have arrested then it has all been very quick, surely must increase her odds of being alive?

Karen, good luck with your boss and I echo JG's sentiments, never worry about moaning on here, we're all here to listen and all have done our fair share!

The 'stranger danger' thing is tough isn't it?  We always encourage Max to respond when people say hello to him when we are all out but not sure how we transition from that to the next stage.  Really don't want him to be scared of everyone but even more so don't want to put him at that sort of risk.

CC, have fun tonight, probably just what you need.

I tried rolling on a tennis ball this morning but it was a toy tennis ball not a proper one and my big fat butt squashed it almost flat so will have to look out a proper one!

Didn't make it out for my run yesterday, was just getting changed and was going to just jog down to meet the others with Max in the stroller and then jog home (only about 2 miles I think) but the heavens opened and so I got dressed again and started to cook dinner.  Oh well..........

03/10/2012 at 19:05
Cripes MM
03/10/2012 at 19:52

Wow MM - don't suppose theres any chance you could go with him?  I would love the opportunity but I suppose the reality with 3 littlies would be not so much fun!   

No end in sight for hubbys job situation at the moment   Feel sad that hes missing so much of N&L growing up but suppose we need to have money so mot much choice.

Started thinking about how to tackle the 'stranger danger' too - both mine are so friendly and outgoing I don't want to damage their confidence but think its time to talk about it (at least to N - L is probably a little young)).

Have a fun evening CC.

03/10/2012 at 20:16

Oh dear I think my head is going to explode. Sitting trying to eat my tea with Sophie and Em practising fiddles and Dylan on his accordian. Reece and Cameron wrestling and Lewis trying to be heard over it all! Still the red wine and scrambled eggs are going down well. Just back from my track session. Didn't feel on fire but then it is wet and windy and less than 2 weeks since the marathon. Kept it light, 800/400/200/1000 x 2. Couple of miles warm up and 1 down.

The ball has reappeared, almost exactly 48 hours since it was swollowed!

RF - I have a grid roller which is brilliant. But maybe too expensive and fancy! Just any foam roller will be fine. I had a white foam one  but it started to sag when hubby started using it!

CC - sounds like a great night, enjoy. Snow? I hope not but think we did have some early Nov lat year.

Thanks for suggestions Caro. The big smoke is so complicated for us country bumpkins. By the way Camlo I would thoroughly recommend Hotel Caro



03/10/2012 at 20:23
Forgot to mention changing of the guard at Buckingham palace. Google it, they do it every day in summer, maybe not every day in October. It's free, just turn up half hr before to try and find a good spot, and you get a marching band, horses etc, all outside buck house, so the kids can see the end of the marathon too!
03/10/2012 at 20:55

Lotte - think Caro has covered all the main go to places in London. Re the Oyster card you now have to pay a £5 deposit to get one so if you can't be bothered with having to queue up to get your money back on them before you go home then you might as well just get paper ticket daily travel cards, they're a little more expensive than Oyster though (£10 vs about £8.50 on the Oyster). Not sure when you're supposed to start paying for your kids on the tube but I've never paid for mine yet and Lily is nearly 10 now and I've never been stopped yet.

RF - enjoy your Tattie hols, I'm counting down to my half term week off but I've got weeks yet .

I was in the gym at lunchtime today watching the news when they held the press conference with the missing girl's mum, am so glad it was subtitled with no sound as I only just managed to avoid turning into a blubbering wreck just seeing the poor woman and reading what she was saying. Didn't help that the only other news story today was the funeral of one of the murdered policewomen in Manchester, also very sad. I fear this story is not going to end well ...

MM - sounds a bit like hubby's work are taking advantage of him if they expect him to leave his wife and kids for 3 months to go to the other side of the world with no compensation by way of extra money or anything else. Having said that I would love to go back to Sydney, went there once for work for a week and really liked it. But I'd like to take the whole family if I ever went again. Sounds like you guys have lots to talk about.

CC - hope you're enjoying your ladies night, sounds like fun.

Right, hubby is out working and I'm supposed to be re-covering the dining room chairs so best get going ...

03/10/2012 at 21:36


i'm afraid I'm not going to start trying to cover everything!  Tattie hols - bah, I have a case running and it's that bloody week.

MM that's a bit scary and really a bit off if they're not going to incentivise it in any way!  That's the trouble with being in recession - it's like carte blanche for employers to say you have to do things for no extra dosh cos frankly you're lucky to have a job.

Hubby is doing my head in.  Same old same old.  Job stuff.  Hates job.  Doesn't care.  Only does care.  Wants to do something different but doesn't.  Hates change but wants change.  Starts a course (last year, accounting) but no stamina to see it through because what's the point.......AAARGH.  Today I said well there's at least 25 years of work left for you so you'd better decide if you want to do something different because otherwise this is it for the next 25 yrs.  Didn't help.  Hasn't spoken to me all night.

The wee girl in Wales.  What can I say.  Yes 7pm is late.  However it looks like it was right in front of her house that they were all congregated and it doesn't look like city living where frankly I'm far more concerned about cars than strangers.  If I lived where I grew up then I suspect I may well let Louise outside til about 7 on occasion if all her friends were out and if they were fundamentally outside my house.  However, living on a road albeit a quiet one kind of scuppers that upbringing.  It certainly wouldn't be an every night occurence but I can see that it could happen.   I find it very upsetting but I am trying to hang on to the glimmer of hope that they seemed to know exactly who they wanted (registered sex offender in the area maybe?) and they have him.  I just hope hope hope that they got him before he had "finished" and there's a chance she's still alive.  We've been doing stranger danger too.  She kind of knows about it but generally ruins things by saying "but if they say I promise that i'm telling the truth about the puppies then that's OK isn't it mum, because they've promised"  aaaaaaargh.  I've now told her she goes with NO ONE that I haven't pre warned her about other than granny, gramps and grandma.  So even if my pal Rebecca comes for her she's not to go unless I've told her so because that's the only boundary she seems to understand.

03/10/2012 at 21:40
Lou sounds the same as E re stranger danger. "I won't go with anyone who says they have sweets. . But I can go with people who don't have sweets".
03/10/2012 at 21:43

Lotte, I think it's age 10 for kids in London.  I was gobsmacked that Lou was free.  We always got off peak travel cards which are a bit cheaper and only mean you have to travel after, I think, 9.30.  Might be 10am.

Singularly de motivated on running at the moment.  Managing to get out on occasion - did 10K sunday and 10k last night.  Tonight i'm sitting on my butt and I'll do some training tomorrow.  Got our school reunion on Sat.  Managed to get a new dress.  Actually in JG stylie I got 3 new dresses - eek.  Am keeping 2 but the third needs returned!   All in Debenhams.  Have never had such a successful shop.  One of them is something I wouldn't have picked up in a million yrs had they not had it on a model - bright orange lacy number.  I KNOW! sounds godawful!  But it's fab on.  Ben de Lisi for Principles.  THe dress code is singularly unhelpful as it's smart but casual with emphasis on smart.  So I thought I would pair this with black tights and i got a new pair of maryjanes with a sort of middly heel that will do and I can dance in.  Whole outfit was £75 and will do Christmas too so feel it's a bargain.  THe second dress was another £50.  acht well.  usually I can find nothing!

Just done some Christmas shopping.  My little nieces are all done.  A book by Debi Gliori each and a vet set each from Smyths.  Sorted.  The big nieces are a mare.  Age 18 and 15.  Make up and cash I suspect......I tend to replace their mascara for them so that they change it every 6 months ish between birthdays and Christmas!

Gordon Bennett I might need to get some wine.  The silence in here is killing me.  All I can hear is my typing!

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