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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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16/01/2013 at 23:23

Caro - it's the KNI Waltham Forest Borough Run. Not sure I'd actually get anywhere near my PB anyway so the stopping probably won't be an issue, will see how the training goes and then decide whether to do it later.

CC - forgot to say, a whole 5 days with no kids sounds fab, not that we don't all love our kids to bits but some grown up time without them is lovely too. Hubby and I are going away for 2 nights for my birthday this year - so looking forward to having 2 mornings where I don't get jumped on by small children from 6.30am onwards!

JT - yay to the run, take it easy now!

17/01/2013 at 06:35
Another one here who has to admit to losing her rag with the kids. Some days they really know which buttons to push and Aidan can have phases where you pick up his shoes or something and he goes mental because he was going to do it and that somehow turns into a full scale row!
Anyway, am sure it happens less with you CM than it does here!
17/01/2013 at 08:20
Caro - I used to walk everywhere before I went back to work - prob an hour a day at least. Now time is more precious so drive - eg 5 mins in car to daycare 20 min walk. I do do some quite long walks with a friend and the buggies though so must count those!!
17/01/2013 at 09:10

Wow could only dream of 5 days with no kids. Dream on....

I think that dinner sounds just grand CM. Nothing wrong with a bit of chorizo every now and again and you so need to eat good food at the mo.

6 miles very easy for me this morning, legs felt very tired and have tempo run tonight. I know I'm marathon training and hitting high miles when easy runs are 9mm plus!!

Snow forecast for tomorrow for here. Usual school stresses and warnings. Yawn! I am supposed to be on a coaching course in Taunton on Sat though so would a shame to miss that.

Off to see podiatrist this morning as my orthotics are falling to pieces. Too many flooded runs me thinks, the neoprene layer has split and is breaking down. They have been refurbed one too many times anyway so time for some new ones. Ouch!! Too many things to buy and not enough money at the mo. Sophie needs new bedroom furniture and bed and we need a new spare bed. I might enter the lottery this weekend!

17/01/2013 at 09:17

i am stinking of raw garlic this morning. feels like something has died in my mouth!

i am the only one of you who does get 5 days without the kids. and i HATE it.

it's snowing lightly here this morning so i have moved my car off my drive and down the hill so i can stand a chance of getting around later! no way i would get it down the hill in the snow!!

i have discovered that my running shoes have worn right through on the inside of my right ankle. can see the plastic stuff inside. means i am overpronating obviously. grr. they aren't even that old. have orthotics too but maybe they also need looking at. why!?!??!!?

17/01/2013 at 09:40

Ah that reminds me MM I need to send my old orthotics off to  be refurbished. I got a second pair at the end of the summer and they have split already so also need to speak to them about this. Glad to hear your easy runs are so slow! (well you k now what I mean). My pace has been very slow on easy runs too, well over 9mm sometimes. But I guess thats the only reason I can get in so many injury free miles. I was blaming the pitch black mornings as I can hardly see the road let alone where I am putting my feet (no street lights around us) and can't see my watch either which is probably a good thing, my daylight runs are always faster.

This morning I did 10 easy averaged 8.54mm. But after speed session last night that is more than acceptable. The track was too icy so we did timed intervals around the rugby pitches on very rutted frozen grass. Off for another 5 miles in a bit. Not long enough between the two sessions really but all I can fit in today.

Your hill run yesterday looked fab CC. Baltic here today but amazing light and red skies just now.

17/01/2013 at 12:10
9 mm would b interval run for me lol
17/01/2013 at 12:11
But I am about 4.5-5 stone heavier than u 2
17/01/2013 at 13:40

Oh bless you CM. I know you feel that (()). I often have stinky garlic breath, we eat tonnes of garlic!

Survived my drive to Marlow and back. It felt such a long way this morning and I was horrified when I felt so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open at times. Marathon training def hitting me big time! New orthotics ordered with his new company as the old brand just messed them up too many times. The new company uses carbon fibre in its bases so last for life instead, with refurbs to the other bits. Should help a lot and lighter too.

Will then send off my old pair to be refurbed by them too. My arthritic ball joint was hurting badly after rutted off road running yesterday. Shame as scenery was stunning in castle combe yesterday. Seems ok today though and he is hoping the new orthotics will help.

I am really struggling with the dark runs this year too Lotte, gone over on my ankle twice in the last two weeks. I think the ground/roads are in a bad way after the floods round here. Lots of debris on the quiet lanes and lots of holes on the busier roads.

Oh I wish I hadn't turned the heating off before I went out, its so cold in here now while it warms up again!

Coaching course cancelled which is a shame but does mean a free weekend now which is never a bad thing. Hopefully boys' football will be on to use up their energy on Sat.

17/01/2013 at 13:42

I know TT. Its all relative though isn't it. My mile reps were 6:18-6:21 on tuesday and I was holding back to ensure I ran them at 10k-half pace not flat out. My podiatrist asked me how heavy I am at the moment and I have no idea tbh. Not weighed myself since I was pregnant with S. Pretty same as ever I assume as clothes still fit!!

17/01/2013 at 13:43

Oh and CM when did you last have yours refurbished. They certainly don't last forever, probably need a refurb once a year unless they ones like RB used to have...

17/01/2013 at 14:37

i do need mine refurbed MM. i have done so little running in the last year tho - hardly seems like it's worth it!! but i should book in. can't go next week as in Reading weds, then Milton Keynes Thurs and Hemel on Friday. eek! can't fit it in on mon / tues around school runs.

i am sitting with my down jacket on while working from home. i have my pjs on under my trackie bottoms too. what a skuzz. i am going to run later so haven't bothered getting dressed properly, even though i have been out to move the car and sort bins out!

17/01/2013 at 16:46

Ok, will try to stop lurking and post a message occasionally !!

CM, yes we were pregnant at same time, my daughter is 6 and a bit now !!

A lot of you are chatting about orthotics, i had an interesting experience last year.  I initially got orthotics about 12 years ago when i had a sore back, the physio just took one look at me and said i had one leg longer than the other and booked me an appt with a podiatrist.  The pod reckoned i did have a difference, almost half an inch, and gave me orthotics with a heel raise for the short leg.  Had worn them since then for everyday and running and hillwalking, was quite a pain finding normal shoes and running shoes that they fitted into ok.  Anyway my brother recommended this physio when i was having trouble with my hip last year and i mentioned it to him and he asked if anyone had every tried to see if a bit manipulation would make my legs equal again.  i said no, so he decided to have a shot and hey presto my legs were same length again, he gave me some exercises and showed me how to check the length in case they reverted.  The first week my back and hips were pretty weird and achy as they adjusted to no orthtics and legs being the same length, then i started running again and everything seems to be great and i've even been running better than ever (managed a sub 2 hour half in october).  Also a lot easier to find everyday and running shoes !!!  Apparently a lot of leg length differences are not genuine but the result of hips, muscles etc being out of alignment.

17/01/2013 at 18:20

As a pilates instructor in training I can well imagine there are a lot of people out there who think they have one leg longer than the other but have not!!!  

Is reassuring to hear that easy runs are run at an easy pace for you two mileage bashers!  And a timely reminded to the rest of us as to how our pacings should be! 

Oh boy, cannot tell you how trashed my quads are from descending off that mountain yesterday!!! More on one side than the other but as the day has gone on, well ...  Worked in library 'till 1 then got changed and did a 7.5-miler - was very icy in places and difficult to predict so that kept pace nice and slow for sure! Was fine on the flat bits but downhills were not comfortable ... was hoping to fit another 8-miler in tomorrow similarly so hoping pain will have subsided somewhat!!!  Definitely need to do more work on throwing myself DOWNhill. I always find on the Fling that the descent of Conic Hill at about 20ish miles catches up with me at about 40 miles, just as you  hit the undulating section to Tyndrum - ouch ouch!!

Back later

17/01/2013 at 20:05
CC I feel your pain.... Running downhill has a definite effect and can ruin a good run.
Lotte / MM wow, just wow..... One day I aspire to the land of speed.....
Boo to being cold CM and of course whilst I also dream of a holiday away from my kids big hugs that you are still having this enforced regularly.
Mrs O - hello! good to see another mum fitting running into their lives. I don't look after my skin at all, either water or cheapo cleanser at night but no moisturiser, eye cream etc. Guess I should with the big 4-0 looming.
Orthotics - I have a bog standard pair from a Physio catalogue which I use for day to day wear but don't run in them. They don't alter my gait but just add a bit of support to my arches to prevent them dropping and causing probs as mileage increases. Don't most people have slight leg discrepancies? CM if your trainers have worn out then keep an eye for your fave on eBay.... Often see them new on there for less than RRP. Otherwise sports pursuits have mostly half price deals- you have to keep checking though as stuff seems to change on a weekly basis.
Garlic - yummy!
Roads - yes MM not good to run in the dark if you can't have confidence in the surface. Spooky too!
I went for my LSR as planned but knees started aching prob from combination of running on soft snow then on road with off road trainers so no cushioning. Stopped at 10 miles as left knee gave way a few times but still out for 1:45.
School shut tomorrow and expecting 15-30cm snow......
17/01/2013 at 20:35

i don't know which shoes to buy tho camlo. the ones i have now have worn through in no time so they are obvs no good. i need new balance because i have wide feet and they are the only make that are wide enough. but these were new balance motion control and i have still worn through those on the inside of my right ankle. argh!!

eek to the snow. think we are also due to get some too!

just been for dreadful run with club. lungs are just awful. so much wheezing. i am sure there is something wrong and wish i could just get an inhaler. back to the gp i guess but the last one just said it was to be expected after a virus. but it's now 7 weeks and the slightest exertion has me wheezing and coughing. grrr

18/01/2013 at 11:51

who's got snow then ?  i'm sitting here up near edinburgh, beautiful blue skies, lovely cold crisp conditions for my lunchtime run, only problem is the only other person who wants to run is quite speedy, no one else will be there to slow the pace !! (We have a bunch of people at work who go out running at lunchtimes, have showers and flexi time at work)

18/01/2013 at 12:07
We've got snow, and lots of it in Mid Wales. Juggling work calls with trips to the window to check how deep it is.
Make the most of the sunshine though MrsO - your forecast isn't brilliant. Running with speedy people (was going to say speedos but that doesn't sound right) is good as it makes you try harder! If it gets too fast send them off up a few hills. Have you got the 1 daughter?
CM - glad to see you got kids back, think it was pretty mean (stupid) of him not to have brought them back last night when forecast was so bad and I would be pretty disgusted to have had to drive in this.
18/01/2013 at 12:18
Nae fresh snow here either north of Inverness. Chilly mind, 0 degrees & it feels like snow in the air!!!! It better not though as I'm working tomorrow and canna bear the thought of ploughing thro snow to get to work.
Your near Edinburgh Mrs O, a few of the others are in or near Edinburgh. Lovely city. I did my nursing training there many moons ago!!!
SIL kindly looked after M for an hour earlier and I got out on the MB. Only did 7.7 miles in an hour though as had to go fairly slow & walk wee bits as still ice on the trails. My muscles are slowly getting less painful after core training n Tues. night!!!
Spoke to the camara man this morning who's coming up next Thursday to do some filming!!! He sounded very friendly and loved the idea of me running with the trailer!!! A week tomorrow till the puffer- I am getting nervous. Snow forecast and freezing temps, yikes!!! Don't know how I'll cope to be honest, hate being cold. My fingers were cold this morning with thick bike sealskin gloves on! Any one recommend saddle cream or something I can plaster over my bum to stop the pain????
School pick up soon so betta move ma bum and then going down to Dingwall the nearest town 40 mins away to get some bits and bobs. Hubbies b day tomorrow and have nothing so far, oppppppps!!!!!
Oh dear to the rubbish lungs CM- what a complete pain for ya, hope u collected the kids ok earlier.
Gotta go x
18/01/2013 at 13:31

Snow here, but M's school still open.  The other local school has closed, and I can hear lots of shrieking kids outside so I'm guessing quite a few have!  I have been told by other mums that M's school NEVER closes!  And if you knew the head you'd see why......she is lovely, but takes an absolutely zero tolerance policy towards anything!

So.....I have me a job.  Every Wednesday in West Ham.  They were really lovely, I got a great feel about the place and feel genuinely positive, unlike the last place - even if they had sorted out the salary.  So for the first 4-6 wks I'm just going to be a locum, paid by the day, then as long as it's working out I'll go on a contract after that.  Feeling good about it, and childcare is all sorted so it's back to work I go!  Hopefully in the not too distant future another day will come up at one of their other branches.

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