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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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03/10/2012 at 21:47

yes CM, I tried that whole thing about they might say they have sweeties, or puppies and she is just like well maybe they really do!

Changing of the guard is great - Lou adored it and it's free!

Neither Andy nor I got into VLM thank the lord so we've just agreed with the friend I stayed with last year that we'll go down that weekend anyway and watch it and we can have nice food and wine!  Andy's still muttering about a charity place but it won't come to anything I'm pretty sure.  Though he has been doing pretty well on the running front.  From an absolutely nothing start, ie he had to go for a run about 3 weeks before dunfermline 10K in June to check he could actually get round it, he's down to 47 mins and he's entered jedburgh in a couple of weeks.  It's like we can't both be on an up with running.  If I'm training hard, he's loafing and if he's doing well my butt gets glued to the sofa. 

03/10/2012 at 21:50

SNOW CC???? please no.  I haven't even picked my last rhubarb crop yet.  THough it may be a little mushy anyway!  I'm so dim that I didn't realise that you cut it and it replenishes, you cut it and it replenishes again and so on....


03/10/2012 at 21:51

Monologue over.  Shower time.  Waves to everyone.

03/10/2012 at 21:53
I let M go to tesco loo on her own, as normally she says she needs to go NOW when I'm halfway thru unloading the trolley at the check out. Also if I then said no wait for me to pay, she'd bugger off anyway!

Am not holding out much hope for a dry bed in the morning. A friend gave me a couple of those pampers bed sheets but she knows it's on there, so will prob wee on it just to see what happens! Electric shock maybe? The new car seat has arrived and is a source of great excitement, so that is the reward, x dry nights in a row and we put it in the car. We shall see.

Definitely think the case in Wales will have a sad outcome. They found this man wearing camouflage gear and waterproof trousers and his car was at the garage....... He just sounds weird. But like anj said I hope he's not just an innocent weirdo who's now had his face splashed all over the sun as a potential child abductor.

We do give M a lot of free rein and she definitely isn't Molly coddled, but it's a cruel world out there and not the same one we grew up in. In hong kong from the age of 6 I went home from school on my own (before that my sister was with me but no adults) this involved buying a ticket, catching a tram then walking for 15 minutes. The thing I was most scared of was when I got to our building, having to go up 7 floors in the lift by myself!
03/10/2012 at 21:55
9.30 for off peak.

Hi EF! Go to bed, avoid wine
03/10/2012 at 21:59

I'm heading now Caro - on the tesco loo thing I don't let Loulou go on her own - mainly cos she's not to be trusted to wipe nor wash (even now!) and now not least because a 4 year old was sexually assaulted in the toilets at a supermarket in Dumbarton.  Awful and they've got the guy but still. 

and yes if he's innocent then his life is pretty much ruined.  But I still think he must be on the register.  Which is of course where that maths teacher is going to end up too.  Silly silly man.  Because there's a world of difference between him and a proper sex pest.  Though I don't exactly condone him getting it on with a pupil (just to be clear).


03/10/2012 at 23:23
Night EF - love your monologue tonight!!
Caro - bribery should help as she has been dry before hasn't she?
Lotte don't you wear earplugs? Sorry to hear you aren't 100% but then as you rightly say the mara was not long ago on the back of very heavy weeks.
I have also told the boys about not going with strangers but then I also tell them to do as adults say and sit on santas knee at Xmas...... Busy day but had some excellent advice from asthma nurses today about inhaler techniques etc, quick scoot home and out for another coaching lesson. Messed up as told hubby he had to have kids as I was "working late" but my buddy phoned to say she would pick me up so I was rumbled!!! practiced standing jumps and pulled my abdo muscles!! Ooch was surprised I had muscles there so guess I should be a little pleased??
OMG didn't realise it was so late - sleep is too important so I'm off too!!!!!
03/10/2012 at 23:26
Forgot to say boo to absent hubbies and 3 month business trips (no way would that happen in my house!!), tyres and MOTs, missing work trains (or was it a bus), and poorly kids.
yippee to still having rhubarb!!
CM hope you are feeling a bit better xxx
04/10/2012 at 00:22
Working 15 hour days at this event so am hiding in a corner as an knackered!! I will not be pushing M into gymnastics!! Far too much prancing and sparkly hair spray! Sounds awful about the wee girl!!
EF I have EXACTLY the same problem with my husband - sigh!!! MM 3 months sounds like a nightmare! Caro I love that you use the car seat as a reward!!
Not much else to report, missing M so much - I can't even talk about her without welling up. She seems to miss me in the mornings but logistically everything going well and hubby coping. Mum arrives to pick m up this afternoon. Still so long to go though.
04/10/2012 at 09:07
Just a quick wave! Feeling like poo at the moment. Got a serious chest infection which I think is finally going. Gp (sensible) told me if I got worse it was 999 or if no improvement hospital. Think the idea of being admitted to the Gwent is enough to make anyone get better!

Mm - hope you've managed to have a productive chat. Sounds a nightmare.

Caro - fingers crossed the bribery works.

Cm - are you any better?

Camlo - sounds a good day hope hubby was ok

So difficult about that little one. Mach is very close to hubby's parents, it's an area where people go on holiday leaving their cars unlocked. Don't bother locking doors etc and think no crime will hit their doorstep. I know where hubby grew up there is a big drugs problem as people have nothing else to do... Pure speculation but who knows? Apart from the git involved... But I would say the whole area is a generation behind, in a world where they think crime doesn't happen... I know Ted wouldn't be out at that time, but, would he if we lived there? Very difficult to say. And yes hope they have the right guy.

Hoggle - you'll be home soon, you can do it. X

Ef - Another London reject too! Quite happy in a way. Not ready again yet. Boo to missing hols, and quite rightly pointed out to A I think!

Right should go and rest. Mum is down thank goodness. Need to take one of my two antibiotics, steroids, inhalers (30+ puffs a day!). Have had to make a meds chart!!!
04/10/2012 at 11:36

Yes nightmare is the word girls. My head is exploding too Lotte and I am being so unproductive. Well I have ordered £800 of plants for a clients garden, ordered new trainers and clothes for hubbie and been to visit the client whose plants I've ordered as garden nearly finished. Very happy with it except the wall is closer to the lawn than I'd drawn, too late now though so hedging topiary balls a bit of a nightmare to fit in. Must do some housework today. Also need to make soup for girls lunch tomorrow, finish off planting plan and get a quote for the plants all by 2.45pm so best crack on.

Trip not actually been approved by the Swindon site GM so I'm hoping he says a big No. It's my only hope. Hubbie is trying to negiotiate costs of extra babysitters, hols we can't go on now and have paid for etc and maybe days in leu. I am burying my head in the sand hoping it all goes away.

Boo JT. Hope you feel better soon. I have a head cold which is making me feel pants with everything else going on, but mianly just tired. So glad I'm in taper for next weekend. Hoping I can focus on the race enough and this has blown over by then. Should know this weekend ...

Plus picked up Sophie from nursery last week and she had a nappy on with pants over the top!!!!????  Obviously I caught them in the act of being lazy arses. More issues to sort out. Sophie has been a nightmare with toilet issues since moving up into the classroom at nursery and now I know why. More problems. Arrhh!

How is your cold CM?

Scrambled eggs after track session Lotte. God you need more than that woman with your mileage? I am clueless in London too. But boys have set ideas where they want to go in April next year as long as hubbie doesn't scupper those plans too. Changing of the guards is one (My Mum used to take us to see that a few times a year when we lived in Kent. Loved it and used to try to make the guards laugh!!), London Eye and Big Ben are all on their list.

I am terrified about losing sight of the boys now after that little girl has gone. I was letting them out on a bit of leash a bit to do certain things but might reel that leash in a bit now !!

Right must get on....

04/10/2012 at 18:56

Mine are desperate to go on the London Eye, even just walking around places like Covent Garden are entertaining, can imagine trying to keep tabs on six kids is also entertaining though!!

MM - that's pants (sorry!!) re S and the nappy/knicker thing, just what you don't need along with everything else.  I hope you and hubby are not kept in suspense too long and (1) it goes away as quick as it arrived, or worst case (2) you get suitable compensation built into it. I have to say, initially, when hubby first came up here and we were still in Farnham we had all sorts of extras - flights paid for, babysitting allowance etc etc which did help a little.

Mine go to the loo in tescos together on their own but with S I stand just outside the main door to the loos. Now J is a bigger I do send them to do stuff together but never very far and really not off the leash that much. Is just horrible horrible. All I can think of is how that poor woman must be feeling..

Great evening last night but the girls didn't go until nearly midnight!! - oops, lost track of time, so by the time I was in bed it was

Absolutely glorious day here today so I said 'sod it' to the jobs, and as I'm not working this week I headed down to Glenmore, just past Aviemore, parked at the visitor centre and headed up the hills behind it ... Almost straight up from lochside so that was nice, so more of a yomp than running on that section, up to a ridge then across to one summit through mud n stuff and then retraced steps and up to next summit then off the other side - think my quads will be trashed tmrw!!! down into the valley and back to car. Was fab, views all around, good dusting of snow on tops of the big cairngorms. Even better, got back and realised I had a good hour or so before I needed to head back for school pick-up so quick browse in a shop that sells off-road shoes and then Fat Face. Shouldn't have been spending but somehow came out with t-shirts for hubby and kids and a scarf for me. Ooops. Anyway, 7 miles and 650m of climbing so was a good workout after yesterdays 10.5-miler!!

Right best get kids in bed so I can blast on with the Pilates stuff I should have been doing earlier

Looking forward to hubbys return, I've had a great headache the last few days ... feels like someones digging their fingures into the base of my skull and wrapping around!!! Think it's not just the kids that are ready for tattie hols

Bah humbug to work in the tattie hols EF.

Sorry for what i've missed and sorry for rambling on about my run

JT - I hope you are feeling better soon, that sounds totally dreadful (()) and hope you are doing OK too CM. Nasty nasty germs.

Edited: 04/10/2012 at 18:57
04/10/2012 at 20:07

Depending on nervous/easily scared  ( or into medieval torture!!  ) the children are The London Dungeon was a fun few hours!

04/10/2012 at 20:30

I think Joshua would LOVE the London Dungeon, not sure how S would take it though!


04/10/2012 at 21:17
I went at 23, I had nightmares for a month
04/10/2012 at 21:52

Mine loved the natural history museum, we only got round a quarter of it, but just seeing the Blue Whale was fab - for all of us, and the dinosaur section was great too although Scarlett, then not quite three, was a bit scared!! So we'd definitely go back there again.

My granny and grandpa (mums side) used to take us to the Museum of London all the time - they lived somewhere in Golders Green in a top flat (split level complete with my grandpas Hornby Train set set to run all round the house). Staying with them was always an adventure filled with rides on tubes and double-decker buses, walking all over the place and museums, and being woken up by the train set puffing round in the morning! Then we'd go and stay with dads auntie and uncle near the Alexander Palace and that was all about going in the paddling pool in our knickers, feeding ducks etc. We used to have great holidays in London  and there was me thinking I was a country girl!!

04/10/2012 at 22:10

Love the idea of the trains running all over the house - how fab!!  Sounds like lovely childhood memories C.

04/10/2012 at 22:20

Sorry - didn't mean to offend by saying people shouldn't judge, of course we're all entitled to our own opinions.  Combination of youth club shenanigans and TOTM seem to be turning me into a grumpy cow ! But I agree it's not looking good for the little girl now, especially if they're searching outbuildings and the like, and it's been 3 days (I think?) now.  So so sad.  That bloke does seem a bit like another Ian Huntley, if it is him.

I agree about the Sex Offenders register regarding the teacher too, seems a bit silly for him to have to be put on it but I can see that they would have to.  I was the, ahem, pupil in that situation when I was 16 (teacher 24 !) and he did totally take advantage of me, which obviously I couldn't see at the time (God forbid if my mum ever found out!), but not sure he was a Sex Offender, yet I'd only have had to be a few months younger for him to be counted as one.  Just a bit of a git really!

Got to get to bed.  Am considering (again) joining Slimming World as there's a group just down the road and I cannot shift this weight, it's been about 2 years now and I'm still a full stone (if not more) heavier than pre-baby.  Want the old me back .

Car all fixed though, £330 later  - turned out brake pad was jamming a bit and pads nearly worn down as well as the bust tyre.  Tax disc ordered so can stop sweating soon I hope!

And physio says I can run again  sorry that should have been top of my post!!  I can also do circuits but just do small press-ups etc (ha ha as if I can do big ones anyway!).  So this weekend I will guage exactly how unfit/fat I have got since my shoulder froze!  Different exercise to do which I really hope will sort the remaining niggle out.

Anyway, to bed!  Recording Horse of the Year Show and half watching it but it goes on till 11...

04/10/2012 at 22:21

It was fab Chynah, until Grandpa got ill - had heart probs and late onset diabetes which affected his circulation ... he ended up having half his leg amputated and he went from being such a strong person to a very frustrated and angry one, and frankly quite scary!! Was really quite horrible to my poor granny.  Thankfully that was quite late in his life though so we still have memories of 'before' - he was quite high up in the army during the war and helped plan and coordinate the d-day landings. My dads side of the family was faaaar less complicated and I have lots of great memories from that too. On boxing day everyone would get together and they would do horse racing using cinefilm and all would place bets.  Of course oldies were getting drunk but i never really clocked that!  And now we all live so far apart

04/10/2012 at 22:21

And MM - keeping everything crossed things go your way.  Tough situation.

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