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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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04/10/2012 at 23:00
Boo to car bills, being grumpy (((JG))), lazy nursery staff and not being able to shift weight, plant bills, hubby job uncertainty, headaches and chest inf ((CC & JT))
Yippee to London, CC s run and new stuff, Physio blessings to run, getting mot, scrambled eggs and getting an early night (me....)
Want to go and help again in the search for April but can't get time off work and know that there are literally hundreds of people already doing so.
04/10/2012 at 23:39

CC love hearing about such lovely family things people remember.   I have very few relatives and so very few family things to remember  for instance I only have 2 cousins much older than me and neither of which I have seen in over 20 years and neither live in this country.  My parents had me aged 42 (late in life at the time) , my father is adopted pre records being properly kept so no idea of my family on his side at all which is sad.

I have had no contact with my oldest sister for years but would say hello if Isaw her in the street (before I moved here) I do keep in contact by FB with her youngest (my nephew ) although I haven't pysically seen him since he was 4   My other sister (older than me and adopted) is great but due to distance ne hardly ever get together these day which is sad.

I had a non eventful but borig upbringing really my parents were the sort that had children and carried on as if they really didn't exist unless necessary (they were older when they had me and think it was an age/times thing()  they leave all effort of contact/phonecalls to us children and never phone us.  Tis sad.

It does make me spend more time with hubbys family though who are great and although geographcally spread do make the effort (as we do) - just makes me adamant that I will raise my children differently from how I was raised - I love that they ask about their cousins by name and love playing with them.

Oops sorry !- totally self indulgent rant over with !    Carry on.............

05/10/2012 at 07:43
Just popping in, not enough sleep here still, think teething??

My hubby saw two of our neighbours boys nekkid in the street when it was hot, he was slightly surprised and told them to get themselves home!
We live in a quiet cul de sac but I would still worry and don't let mine play out the front mostly because delivery drivers aren't the most careful!
05/10/2012 at 09:24
Big spew from Matilda this complaining of a sore tummy for a couple of days. Of course now I've told the school she seems fine..........bang goes my buggy run today! Mean mummy is making day seem as boring as poss so she doesn't get the idea that staying home from school is fun! Think my day will be a bit long.........
05/10/2012 at 12:35

Oh I'm totally with you on that Caro - ill days are always as boring as possible! No way I want it to seem a treat!!!

Chynah - families are funny aren't they. I wouldn't say we have lots of family we keep in touch with but I am aware as I get older just how much time we did spend with various members of the family as kids - mum trying to keep herself sane in the holidays!! So my sister and i always had a week with my Great Aunt down in Gloucestershire, a week with the Alexander Palace aunties and uncles (and our second cousins) and a week with granny and grandpa. Not all in the same holidays btw!!! But throughout the year. I speak to my sister probs about once a month, mum and dad skype the kids every week here and I speak to my dad more than my mum now I guess because he's in charge of skyping but I speak to mum every couple of weeks I suppose. I have four cousins (two on each side) and I am probably in contact with just one and his wife.  My two love playing with any of their cousins - on hubbys side there are six and on my side one!!

Another blue-sky day and another 10.5 miles but can feel my quads after yesterdays hilly effort.  So that's three days of decent training I think and thank goodness nasty headache has disappeared

Hmmm best be sorting out the kitchen chaos and doing some pilates homework before school chaos begins.

Just can't read about that little girl without getting sick and sad.

Good news on the shoulder JG - DON'T go and overdo it though!!!

05/10/2012 at 14:13
Well after a good rest, I made her nap with Eric, we had a slow walk to the shops as I couldn't stand being housebound all day. Then she's has 1 slice of toast and butter for lunch, and now Eric's about to nap again so I am allowing some telly, mostly because I want to watch finding nemo too!

Awful about that poor family, I guess they've found hings in the car that have made them think she's dead or something. The guy they've got has 6 kids apparently.....
05/10/2012 at 14:49
Camlo - you are so good. I would find that such a,hard thing to do. Mum assures me if it was local to me I would. You're one fab lady. Current news on it is,heartbreaking though .

Cc - we used to be packed off to Nanna's too. We loved it though as we had so much more freedom on the island than in Manchester. Love the train set!

I am lucky my family is so close. My dad's side not so much, but mum's side is very close. Her dad was an only child, his family moved from Portsmouth to Barrow when he was small and his mum died slightly afterwards of pneumonia. Her family stopped talking to Grandad's dad as they said she would have never had died had they not moved up north. Grandad rectified it all at 18 but he vowed it would never happen in his family again.

Chynah - all sounds very tough. X

Well the docs have finally used the word. I'm highly likely to have pneumonia. they can't be fully certain without an xray, but given I have/had severe infection in both lungs in the lower lobes, it is highly probable. Must admit with my treatment regime, symptoms etc it's kind of what I knew already. Still dithering whether to go to Longleat this weekend. Given I'll be in the car sat down for most of it, is it really that different to being sat in front of the telly at home?
05/10/2012 at 15:22

sorry to hear you have been so poorly JT. i wouldn't go to longleat, tbh. we didn't spend much time on the actual safari - probably only an hour. the rest of the time we spent charging around, on the boat etc. and it's not exactly likely to be that warm... i love longleat though so i know it will be a hard decision not to go

i am mainlining ginger, garlic, honey, lemon etc and still feeling awful. everything aches like mad and i feel sick a lot of the time, but i think that's from coughing. i guess i may be going back to the GP on tuesday if no better. not sure whether she will give me antibiotics this time, or whether i really need them. throat still white and painful to swallow but not at the spitting own saliva stage at the moment

my family is too weird to go into, as you all know. needless to say, i didn't see any of my parents' families growing up. i am now in touch with my eldest cousin (i have 3) thanks to facebook and she is lovely. i have asked her to be an executor of my will as she is the only family member i am now in touch with (given i don't have anything to do with my parents these days) and she has agreed.

05/10/2012 at 15:26

oh and ... i have booked a summer holiday!! in spain!! with flights and everything. . easyjet announced their summer flights on sale yday and i went straight on there and bought 4 of the 5 lowest price seats available to murcia so we will be having a week by the sea in an apartment with a pool in august. woo bloody hoo!! apartment is £300 for the week (sleeps up to 7!!) and the flights were £80 each each way, so all in all not too bad. won't need a car as beach only 100m away. it's in a little village too, so shops / restaurants etc. and lots of snorkelling apparently. can't bloody wait. shame it's not until next august really!

now i just need to be made redundant next week so that i can spiral into panic about having squandered savings on a holiday. ah well.

05/10/2012 at 16:39

Oh fingers crossed CM - I think if you are made redundant you deserve to squander some savings to cheer yourself up!

JT - what's the treatment for pneumonia?  Doesn't sound nice .  I'm guessing being outside in the cold is not good for it...

Camlo and Chynah - funny how our childhoods were all so different, and that adopted children never used to be allowed to know where they came from.  

No it doesn't look at all good for poor April anymore does it, although to be honest when they hadn't found her after a couple of days it was already not looking good.  It's just awful - another Holly Wells, Jessica Chapman and Milly Dowler most likely   hope I'm wrong.  The fact that that man has kids of his own at her school makes it even worse.

CC - promise to take it easy   Will be going for a tentative potter this weekend to assess lack of fitness, and maybe to the gym for some weights tonight, although always hard getting myself out the door on a Friday!

Sophie has brought a "Home Hare" home for the weekend which she is loving!  Like on Same Smile for those who have seen it, same idea.

05/10/2012 at 18:17

CM - yay to having booked a holiday!  Sounds like a great deal too, it's lovely having something to look forward to.  I don't suppose the kids can understand the concept of something that far in the future though.

Have read the news this morning with dread.  It does look as though they have some firm evidence suggesting she is no longer alive, absolutely breaks your heart doesn't it?

JG - great news about your shoulder, hope this is the start of the end now for you.

JT - pneumonia!  Definitely don't go to Longleat tomorrow.  Rest, rest, rest!!  Mr TT had it about 8 years ago and it got really bad, ended up in hospital for 5 weeks with complications.  He still doesn't feel completely over it and is grateful to live in such a hot place now as it really helps.  Do not let it get hold of you, let yourself recover.

CC, they were some lovely childood memories.  My extended family is fairly small too (not helped by the fact that half of them live in Australia) but we do all keep in touch mainly through FB I guess.  We did see one set of cousins every summer though as they used to come and stay for 2 weeks over the summer holidays.

Chynah, you are definitely sounding a little down at the moment, (()). 

I have another massage booked for this afternoon, my aches in my butt seem to be in both sides now, owie!

Had a HUGE storm here last night.  Max woke up at about 11 and came into our bedroom as the rain was so loud, then the thunder started!  One clap of thunder was so close, it must have struck somewhere very near the house, made me jump out of my skin.  Luckily we both like thunder and have passed this on to Max as this is quite a regular occurrence here!  Looks as though we might be in line for another one soon as it has gone very dark outside.

Going to Orlando on Sunday, will stay with some friends for a couple of nights, take Max to SeaWorld and I'm also trying to book up some sales meetings for while we are down there.  Looking forward to seeing our friends and just a change of scenery for a few days.

Hope you all have lovely weekends.

05/10/2012 at 20:15

Yay CM on booking holiday.  I have been planning one for early next year , have found the villa, flights, hirecar etc but of course hubby cannot possibly tell me one week i can book in a 3 month wiindow i gave him so that  I can book it.  And it gets more expensive the longer he can't tell me -how frustrating


05/10/2012 at 21:28
Holidays are great things to look forward to. I remember my philosophy used to be never come back from one hol without having the next booked-those were the days!

M been up and down today, no more spewing fortunately, but has only eaten 1.5 pieces of toast, a mini yoghurt and an apple all day. Hopefully she'll be ok by morning.

Having an interesting day tomorrow, I'm going to the ordination of a catholic priest. He's probably around our age(mid 30s) I guess and is married with a 3 yr old daughter! He's ex CofE clergy which is how he gets round that one. I know him from seeing him around at various playgroups over the yrs, and frm church. Sadly once ordained he's going to a different church as he really brings life into the place. I do find what he's doing odd though, I just can't imagine why anyone would want to be a priest, let alne a nice, intelligent man like him! His wife's a dr, and she's nice too. Plus I just don't get the loop hole that allows him to do it, surely it is just such a huge contradiction to what is supposedly allowed? Anyway, I figure it'll be interesting and I'll prob never get another chance to go to one. M has a party so hubby will take both kids to that and I'll get a very peaceful morning in church.......

So how strict is the salt and babies thing? I'm obviously not spooning salt into him, but I made a yummy pearl barely 'risotto' in the slow cooker today and it is the perfect texture for him, but I made it with real adult stock and it has some ham in. Will it do him harm, bearing in mind that everything else he gets is completely home made, non processed, non preserved, even the bread he gets? I am definitely a lot more laid back this time.
05/10/2012 at 22:08
Haha to catholic priest Caro - I went to a catholic boarding school and often thought about being a nun. Don't think a portion or 2 of your risotto would hurt, not like it's all the time. I've seen mums liquidise a happy meal before.
JT eek to the chest, hope it shifts soon and doesnt drag on like CMs!
TT so jealous of your Hols, I am off to Munich next weekend though so can't grumble.
Also amazed at different family experiences- I was brought up initially by my grandparents as my mum had about as much talent at parenting as I have. moved back with parents when I was 2 but then mum moved out when I was 9 (hence boarding school for a few years). I have 2 grandparents left, 6 aunts/ uncles, 3 niece/nephew, 9 cousins and 10 second cousins - give me a few minutes and I could not only name them all but could give birthdays for them too. I speak to my mum, dad, sis most days and my grandparents at least every few days. Holidays were spent shuttling between relatives (I only spent 1 Christmas eve away from my nan), and we often have an uncle or my dad for tea. Hubby's family are not close at all and he finds it a little weird but I know which I prefer (I get 20 bday cards, he gets none).
No running today but did teach Tom to hopscotch using alternate feet and Archie to hopscotch in a wobbly fashion!
05/10/2012 at 22:11

ooh lucky me - hubby has come home - told me i am being 'funny' (dont think he meant as entertaining!) so he now has anexcuse to be shouty unreasonable etc.  That was worth looking forward to plus busting my a**e getting house presentable and getitng food for HIS friends at the weekend -PLUS all the housework washing drying ptting away etc because he still things the f-ing fairies do it!!!!!!   deep beaths..................

05/10/2012 at 22:13

sorry I really am a miserablecow arent i.

05/10/2012 at 22:13

probably killed the thread now.

05/10/2012 at 22:19
Oh dear chynah.........hopefully things will look better in the morning.

I have fab family, (camlo you're talking out of your arse about your skills as a mum so I'm not even gong to comment on that one!) lots of cousins,,aunts, uncles etc. knew 3 of 4 grandparents, and wish they were still alive now. M will never have any first cousins as sis has no kids and Hubby is an only child, so I constantly make an effort to see my cousins and their kids, technically M's second cousins (or once removed, I never know!) but to her they are her cousins and she loves spending time with them and that's all that matters. I am the youngest of 9 cousins, but the oldest (14 yrs older than me) has a daughter exactly the same age as M and lives nr my dad so we see them quite a lot, plus another cousin in London has a baby the same age as Eric.

Right,hubby not home from pub yet, but I need sleep so night all.
05/10/2012 at 22:44
Big hugs Chynah, my niece is trying to keep things afloat while my sis is away and her bro is being a pig so I've told her not to wash his clothes, hide the best food and dump any mess in his bed! Not sure I'd suggest the same for you but...... Hope he just needs to unwind, can he see how upset you are?
Night Caro!!
05/10/2012 at 22:45

Thank Caro - just sometimes you wonder whats normal.   I just seem to do practically everything bar breathing for him.  Plus due to my single parent satus for the last year I am losing touch with my wider circle of mummies - here I go again!  I stopped posting here as had nothing positive in my life and now im posting totally non positive stuff .  My life needs an overhaul I think.

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