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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/08/2013 at 22:12

Hey guys - yes busier on here than it has been! 

Hoggle - so hear you on the 2 yr tantrums! E isn't toooo bad but bedtime and dinner time can be tough - basically just when he's tired. Routine helps, & lots of advance warnings - eg after this game it's dinner time, after in the night garden it's bath time etc. and I am learning to pick my battles. Ok so you don't want to wear your coat, well, you'll get wet but nothing worse and frankly, it's not worth a screaming fit! Usually if he refuses my request initially (coat, dinner, bath) he will come round after a bit. 

IVF sounds tough. I am getting super stressed about our house move etc but hearing those stories puts it in perspective. 

Gkad people are having good runs too. And good luck with completing 2013k walking tatty. I have up when I found out I was pregnant. Big wimp! 

Sorry I cant remember much else and on phone so hard to scan back (& post for that matter). Yay to new cat tho JG. AND PARK run PB. an double sessions Camlo. And fingers crossed for a new car EF! 

26/08/2013 at 01:43

Ok so if anyone needs a good dose of perspective - my sisters friend has just been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer (secondary's in liver and lungs). She has a 1 year old and they were about to moving to San Francisco in 5 weeks for hubby to start dream job with Google. Her family is in Australia and his in France and she has roughly 2 years.

BLOODY AWFUL!!! She feels fit and well at the moment so its even more unreal I think although chemo to prolong life will soon put paid to that.  It has reminded me that even if my back never improves much from where it is, I am still fit and healthy etc.


26/08/2013 at 13:37

Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted here for ages,  not since the summer holidays started I think and that was 8 weeks ago! How time flies. I have been reading when I can though, I do like to keep up with what you guys are all up to.

We had a brilliant summer, just stayed at home but a couple of jollys with the caravan and a lot of beaches, walking and socialising with friends. The first couple of weeks we also managed to redecorate 3 rooms and move the kids about so that now the girls each have their own room and the twins are in the girls big old room. It meant I lost my office but with laptops and being in the office 3 days a week (10 - 3) from now on it was just a glorified dumping ground anyway and boy did it feel good to get it all cleared out.

My baby boys started school last week and are loving it. Not such a big deal really for them as they were at the school nursery before anyway so just a longer day and in uniform! They have had homework everynight which I am not loving mind you. And they even have school swimming tomorrow.

As you probably saw on FB I raced the Speyside way on Sat. Had a great race and managed to retain my title. Boy did I have to work hard for it though. Was pushed all the way by the 2nd lady. We ran together until almost 30 miles, at one point I had kind of resigned myself to 2nd place and was trying to convince myself that would be ok as long as I beat last years time but then she just started to fade a little and I took my chance to push! It hurt but it was worth it and I finished 3 mins ahead of her, 32 mins quicker than last year too which isn't bad over 36.2 miles!

I was pleased because after my last ultra at the beginning of July I did my usual of not taking much rest and expecting to bounce back... but I didn't. Had a few weeks of poor running and lost my mojo, but then managed to pick up in time for a 100 mile week and then a 2 week taper before Saturdays race. So trying to do the recovery a bit better this time around!

Right better stop skiving, but I will try to keep up more now on. Should be easier now that I am in the office more


26/08/2013 at 19:01

Argh I killed the thread... maybe I should go away again!

Having a shoe dilemma. They seem to have discontinued my workhorses - my asics sky speeds, cannot find them anywhere and the pairs I have are buggered. I do 90% of my miles in them... what now? Argh. Did you sort out your shoe problem CC?

26/08/2013 at 21:28

JT, yes! Right pain it was too! Early this year, the whole dash display just disappeared all of a sudden - when I was going round a roundabout, which seriously freaked me out. It cost about £400 to fix and it is fine now, but the problem we now have is that when it was done, the mileage counter reset itself to zero and there is no way to get that mileage back. so it basically looks like someone has clocked it to be fraudulent . Hence it is probably only worth about £800 now. Hope things work out for your friend. Someone I work with has been through two IVF cycles now unsuccessfully and it was pretty heart wrenching I know she was pleased for me, but then I know how you can be pleased for someone and then sob your heart out in private. 

Hoggle, that is awful And with a little one so young too. You are right in that it gives you a whole new sense of perspective on things. My auntie (my mum's twin) has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It is quite advanced as it has spread to her lungs and stomach lining. Oncologist has said she has a 30% chance of surviving 5 years. She isn't young (66) but it is horrible all the same. Like your sister's friend, it seems worse because it has all been so sudden. I am pragmatic but hopeful that she may be one of the 30%

lotte, good to 'see' you, hope the legs are holding up after your amazing efforts!

JG, does your friend not get some IVF for free? Work friend had 2 cycles on the NHS. Guess it depends on area though?

Had some retail therapy today as some of you may have seen. I hid the price tag from Ben, haha Had another spurt of energy after we got home and started sorting out bedding in the nursery. Bought a few boring things too, like fitted pram sheets, so wanted the cupboard to be tidy to put them in. This also entailed moving the nursery furniture around again (I think this is the third time!) so I am quite tired now. I need to learn to pace myself better though - was completely wiped out yesterday. I am pretty sure it was low blood pressure though, as I had a headache and felt dizzy on standing. Ate loads of salted popcorn last night, which seems to have done the trick! 

27/08/2013 at 14:33

CC - sorry to hear you have a calf niggle. Sounds like you are looking after it though and I'm sure it will be fine for the 100k. Food sounds yum! I am getting better eating on ultras but then on Sat I had 5 gels, a banana and a creamed rice. But at no point did I feel low on energy so it must have  been ok. That running warehouse site is good for comparing heel toe drop of shoes. Sometimes it can be really hard to find that info out. I have spent an hour looking at shoes on the internet this morning and it is doing my head in! I got saucony kinvaras a month or so ago which I do like but they are 4mm drop and I don't think I could do 80+ miles a week in them yet. Plus they would probably wear out really quickly. There seems to be no replacement in the asics range for me although I did email asics to ask and I have had a reply asking for my phone number so maybe I will find out! Might try the saucony Ride 6  but they are 8mm I think, my sky speeds were 6mm.Not sure how much it really matters anyway. I did ponder the Hoka Kailua comp road shoes too. Decisions decisions!

I was thinking about your pilates. My pilates teacher (who is a friend too!) has always done her classes by going around the local community halls but this summer she has moved into a new venture and is now a partner in the injury clinic (physio, podiatry, pilates in one building) and doing most of her classes there. Making quite a thing about it being good for rehab etc.(She is still doing a class at her mums house just along the road for 6 which I will be going to as I can't justify driving half an hour each way to get to another class. )Anyway if you are interested you can look at her FB page which you will prob find through my FB. Other things she has done is spoken to some of the bigger businesses, schools and council offices and got them to book lunchtime classes (block of 6) in their premises for staff.

27/08/2013 at 19:40

Hope Asics can sort you out with some freebies Lotte after all you are a bit of an advert for them with your long distance wins!!

Flipping tired here, had inlaws to stay so lots of tidying and cleaning and then Benedict slept one night, but the following two were shocking.  Anyhow no running done here!

27/08/2013 at 20:10

Don't think u could ever b described as 'all the gear and no idea' CC. Not with ur race/ultra experience

27/08/2013 at 20:24

I have a motley array of trainers I am running in just now. 

Can't bring myself to chuck My asics cos shared all those long 

runs during marathon training, even tho I can't wear them as give 

me blister in instep and they've done 500 miles. Going to try different insoles and see If helps. 

Got an ancient old pair of trail brooks adrenalines I hadn't 

worn for ages, which have done 420miles, but wore them last wk and felt great. 

Also got a pair of Lidl trainers that r very low heel and A pair of karrimor and A pair 

of Nike lunar. I am just rotating them all round daily and seems to 

b working ok. But not run more than 10miles in one go. 


Will have to find trainers that work for long distances when start training 

for another marathon, just 

don't have money the now

27/08/2013 at 21:04

Very sentimental about trainers here too. I have three pairs on the go at any one time - all Asics. Creature  of habit, me! What are the Lidl ones like, TT? I have tried other makes but always go back to Asics. Brooks tore me to shreds and Nike were relegated to general use. Not that I am going to be buying any in the near future, mind. I am considering temporary retirement as running is starting to feel too achy Sacroiliac joint constantly playing up and pelvis feels heavy. Walking may now be in order!

27/08/2013 at 21:30

i can only run in new balance as i have massively wide feet. even then i need the men's ones as the women's are too narrow! so a stop off at the NB factory shop on the way to scotland last week was an expensive business!

logged on to do some work so must work and not browse!!

27/08/2013 at 21:37

hoggle that's just awful awful news. It brings me to the verge of tears to think of it. 

Cc Pilates wise I used to do them at my gym but they rid to bring a girl in to do it as the staff didn't have the qualifications. She was very strict that you had to do beginners class and move up when ready. Are there any gyms nearby that you could get in on - not as good as doing own classes but you can build up a following. When Gail left we all went with her and paid! 

my feet have expensive tastes. Only the gel kayano will do. Tries the model down and suffered for it. Got two new sports bras today. The shock absorber run one. It's my usual bra but so pricey I was trying to wait til my boobs shrank before buying. However I went to an outlet store today and got the pink version for £26 and it was buy 1 get 1 half price so bought two. Did a huge 2.5 miles and boobs felt much better! 


Im right into Turkish delight at the mo. yum yum. 

27/08/2013 at 21:38

Oh and awesom run lotte! 

27/08/2013 at 21:57

And tatty you've done so well to keep it up til now. 

27/08/2013 at 22:05

CC I think offering to go to peoples homes is a great point of difference if people are already doing the local hall. Linking up with businesses is also a good one!! I know some hairdressers go to your home and can certainly see the appeal of either having someone come here or going to a friends to do it - good luck!!

Internet dropping in and out today - grrr so annoying! Been told by phone company I need a new line filter (little box that the computer and phone plug into. Apparently you should change them every 6 months - WTF?!!!

Collected a load of lemons from a friend yesterday so need to think about what to do with them! Am suffering badly from having a million things I want to do an simply not enough time at the moment!! Not going to improve until November unfortunately as we are building up to our busiest time which is a major National event where I am away for 5 days. Then a staff training 2 weeks later. Ah well only once a year. Hubby complaining bitterly because my 5 days away is while he is off on half term from college. Got really annoyed at his complaining - its not like I planned it and this was scheduled a year ago!! He obviously had visions of spending his break doing all sorts of adventures. I did point out there are another 9 days of holiday!!! GRRRRR


28/08/2013 at 10:54

survived first jags and rotavirus Vaccine. Next challenge is to avoid the tex ritters from the live vaccine in rotavirus. Have washed hands three times since getting home. Paranoid!!

28/08/2013 at 10:55

And he's weighing in at 10lbs 5 today  

28/08/2013 at 16:07

Growing well EF! Congrats to your sister too (despite the scary birth!). Well done on the running too, just love the shock absorber bras - and they work well for flat post bf boobs too as the padding makes me look like I have a chest of some sort!

CC- was also going to say about doing pilates attached to a physio etc. My pilates class I'm about to start was recommended by the physio (got a discount because of physio too). Think home teaching is good idea for those stuck in with the kids, my old PT is always training in peoples gardens/garages when kids are asleep inside. Obviously you'd have the problem of your own children to sort...

Hoggle/CC - does put things in perspective and just makes you thankful for having a happy, healthy family. Hoggle - how is your back doing? still making progress post op? grr to hubby!!

TB- do be careful!! I'm sure my continuing to run when things started to hurt when pregnant with no.2 was some of the reason for my last few months of injury. Everything completely out of whack and I just started running again as if nothing happened. Running still going well! No long runs but managed an hour and the right leg is generally niggly if not seriously painful on the knee/itb so I'm still wary and being careful to stretch/lunge etc. But it is soooo great to be able to put my trainers on and go out even for 30 mins though 6months has been tough.

Did some rather wet camping down in East Withering over bank hol, very feral kids by the end and all exhausted from lack of sleep and too much wine (just the grown ups on the wine ). Amazingly hubby seemed to enjoy it so much he has been tent hunting ever since we got back!! It's taken me years to get him to go and now he's a convert! Our enthusiastic friends helped a lot though, we all kept each others spirits up in the rain and there is less bickering with people watching. Anyway hubby now wants a humungous tent for next time! Admittedly we had no room, with Rosie's travel cot taking up the porch and rest of us in the bedroom bit, did mean when it was raining we were very cramped with no where to take off wet things.

Now two days back at work and off to Hay on Wye on Friday for 4 nights! Haven't finished washing the camping stuff yet! No investigation into Wye area so will figure it out when we get there. Got a very nice cottage in Glasbury just outside Hay. My mum is looking after the girls these past 2 days (nanny on hols for 2 weeks). I was very nervous about how she'd cope but yesterday went fine! They went for a walk (massive tantrum from Mags apparently but mum dealt with it somehow) picked blackberries, made crumble, both girls slept(!) then played in garden. Then mum came to bootcamp with me in the evening! She is a very fit 65yr old! She did bring rather too much beer with her for my liking but seemed to drink most of it last night not during the day... Feel a bit guilty for assuming she wouldn't manage, but suspect more than 2 days might be too much. I am often exhausted after just one!

Right, must get back to work, before heading back to see what granny has been entertaining the girls with today.

Sorry for all I've missed!

28/08/2013 at 16:08

Yes, meant to say, blimmin awesome running lotte!!! Of course second place wouldn't be good enough


28/08/2013 at 17:46

i didn't realise you had a nanny now, sonya. how is that panning out? i absolutely LOVED having ours. miss her sooo much!

glad you are running again too - i am off out for a 5 miler with efforts up the hills apparently. which is why i am sitting here prevaricating rather than actually running!

EF - fab weight gain there from the wee man. you must be chuffed to bits! didn't realise they did a rotavirus vaccine...

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