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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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05/10/2012 at 22:48

On Chynah, that all sounds rubbish. Hope he cheers up soon and stops being an arse.

Interesting to hear about everybody's familys growing up. My mum is one of 7 children so I have about 20 cousins on my mum's side and another 4 on my dad's side, but I don't see any of them outside of weddings and funerals (and I mostly don't get invited to their weddings anymore). After my mum and dad split up when I was 7 we didn't really see that much of her brothers and sisters famillies, I think they found it difficult or awkward once my mum was a single mum or maybe they just couldn't be arsed to come and see us. My mum's brothers and sisters all live really close to each other, literally short walks between houses, but my mum and dad had moved about 30 minutes drive away from them all. I wish I'd been closer to my grandparents though - although we saw them regularly as children once I got to teenage years I would always be too busy to go and visit them and neither of my parents made me go so I never really developed a proper grown up relationship with any of them. My brother on the other hand was always much more sociable than me and would go and visit my grandparents and would keep in contact with my cousins - everybody loved him. My mum's mum is 95 now and I see her maybe once a year now which sounds pretty bad as she's only an hours drive away . But she does have lots of family who live nearby and see her every day and my mum goes every weekend to see her. I guess I'm just not that much of an extended family type person ... either that or I'm just a miserable cow!

Caro - enjoy your ordination, you don't get to see one of those everyday. 

JT - I think maybe you should stay home tomorrow too, it's not worth risking getting worse, sounds like complete rest is needed to make sure it doesn't hang around for ages.

So where are you ladies finding your cheap holiday villas? When I looked last year I couldn't find anything for less than £600 (but then I did leave it til the last minute). I'd like to get a place in France somewhere so we can get the ferry over (flights for 5 gonne be far too expensive even in the sale), countryside is fine as long as it's not too far from a beach. Any suggestions welcome.

Having a lovely quiet night tonight, hubby out boozing with the dads from school so I let Lily stay up and watch Strictly with me (I love it) and now I'm relaxing with a glass of the red stuff 

Have a lovely weekend all.

05/10/2012 at 23:06

Caro - that does sound interesting/strange!  Wouldn't worry about the food for Eric at all. Second babies always get flung in the deep end!!

Camlo - pureed happy meals - eeek!!! Don't you dare diss your parenting skills, think you are awesome. Love the hopscotch story.

Chynah - please come on here and chat, if nothing else you get to read my similar rants and then hopefully you will realise (1) you are not alone, and (2) you are totally normal.  I have had (and still do) many weekends like that, the looking forward to and then totally abysmal weekends, where you wished they'd not bothered to return! Tensions are heightened both ways cos of the being away in the week and expectations (often different ones) are high for the weekend (the whole two days). Totally get the ostracisation (sp?) thing too. It is really tough going. Thing is, much of it is stuff that would happen even if you lived together all the time but the part-time bit just puts more pressure on stuff and allows it to drag on longer too. Thankfully we are going through a 'pleasant' stage. Gotta laugh though - hubby off on his Sat morning biking and I have him pencilled in to assist with childcare so I get to orienteer on Sun morning ... and he's 'well, I will if I am not out yomping in the hills getting some training in for my mountain marathon' ... erm, I'm not sure you came home just to spend all weekend training??!

JT - pneumonia - yeuch , please please tuck yourself up and do as the Dr says. Hope you are on the up soon.

CM - holiday sounds good, and if redundancy comes then you can just be glad it's all paid for no matter what.

Started on the red wine about 6.30 whilst skyping two good friends from down South which was great, followed by strictly ... a great Friday eve.  Yours sounds good to Karen!

Oh god to my quads hurt now, I KNEW yesterdays effort would come back to bite!! Rest day tmrw.

06/10/2012 at 09:46
Edited: 06/10/2012 at 09:47
06/10/2012 at 11:40
Hey guys. Long time no posts. Cannot BELIEVE how hard going back to work is - and I only do 3 days. I must be a total wimp. And CM - like you I have been floored by some kind of virus. Literally. Collapsed on train in the way to the office and ended up in A&E. (over anxious lawyer employers!) haven't run since 12th September.

I'm on holiday now for a week trying to work out what I'm gonna do and hopefully try running again!

Now to have a quick read back. I've missed you guys (although been reading in FB) - hope you are all ok. Xxx
06/10/2012 at 14:55
Huge hugs to Chynah ((())). How annoying hubbies are sometimes

And get well vibes to all those who need them. I've been suffering with chest infection too. It's gone on for about 5 weeks now, had ABs 2 weeks ago but only half strength as still bf. wish I'd just gone for the strong stuff tbh. Coughing is finally productive but lungs still not great.

Done no running since tri about 4 wks ago now; weird ankle ligament sprain that goes back to slipping in mud in July and has never properly fixed - I keep aggravating it when sitting on the floor. V v annoying.

CM, holiday sounds great. Wish I had one to look forward to!
06/10/2012 at 16:10
Boo to idiotic hubbies and horrible bugs, get well soon & look after yourselfs x oh and also to injuries and work, yuk!
Cc - your run looked fab the other day, was well jel, would love to do that!!
I was hoping to do 7 miles today but was in Inverness all morning for the girls stagecoach and when I got home at 2 and put all the shopping etc away hubbie moaned and said I didn't 'need' to go running and I was obsessed. WTF!!! Oh yeah really- stupid arse! So instead I've sat on my bum drinking T whilst he looked at some horse racing shite on TV and cut some kindles and is now cutting the grass. Oh yeah so fair! Should have just went, normally just ignore his smart arse comments and go. Defiantly going tomorrow or doing a MTB ride if not. Sorry moan over, can u tell I'm so annoyed.
We did actually go out for a meal last night as it was our anniversary on Wednesday; first thing we' ve done together in yrs. We were back by 9 pm though so perfect!! Party animal I am not!
Brookie- hope you have a fab holiday. Yeah working is hard work!!!!
CM - yay to next yrs holiday, sounds perfect and at a fab price. Something lovely to look forward too. Can't believe your still feeling carp, drs again on Monday methinks x
Hope u all enjoy strictly and red wine last night!! My oldest C is hoping its on tonight as she loves it, dunno if it is or not!!
Families.......... Strange things!! Although ours isn't too bad. We all speak!! Have 13 cousins who some keep in contact with and others don't. Some of them were at our family gathering a few wks ago which was nice. Hubby has tons of cousins, don't think he even knows them all. His mum is one of 11 kids!!! We both have big families so its hard to keep track of them all. My girls see their cousins once a month at the most just cos my two sisters work full time and are always busy. My other sister is in London.
Hubby taking his sis n BIL to a wedding dance tonight so I'll have to do all the bedtime etc and then will be woken early hrs when he goes and gets them. Bit of a pain as its a 45 min drive each way. But we can ask for the favour back at some point I guess if we ever decide on a night out drinking (highly unlikely!!)
06/10/2012 at 17:51

Oh yikes Chynah. You do so well not to totally lose it with him tbh. Must admit I would have told to F-off a long time ago but obviously all our relationships are different. I do lots for hubbie and he kind of just assumes it will be done now but he does help with the kids quite a bit with the everyday stuff. He is useless with the extras though. Totally agree with CC though vent away that what we're here for really.

I am very very tired after coaching development day in Taunton. Very interesting and fab to be part of a coaching network now where we can learn so much from each other. Lots of fab ideas for my group and myself tbh on strength training and lots more to come in the next two sessions.

Was up at 6am to do an easy 5  before I went, so do feel pooped as stayed up watching comedy last night John Bishop. We were both in stitches and I had to watch it to the end which was so late for me at 12pm.

Family wise we are all over the place. we all get on very well when we see each other. Have SIL up north with 3 kids, my bro with little un. Sadly only my Mum and my FIL left from the grandparents. Mum is capable of helping but won't nless totally under her terms and FIL is willing but incapable unless its for very short periods of time and with very strict instructions. Oh and my useless father too up north who I haven't seen for 18 months!!!!

Think I might head up for a bath as house empty at mo. Hubbie taken the kids down to see Grandad in Yeovil and taken them to see Yeovil town. Boys were sooo excited bless them. Think hubbie has bought H a top too to play in and he sent me a pic.

Also keen to know about cheap villas although we will be camping for a while longer. Hubbie still keen to see TDF next year so we might end up down there again.

Then glass of red in front of strictly...

06/10/2012 at 19:01

Yay, hubby out tonight and I am not. I am so happy to have a night home. I cannot keep up with our crazy life at them moment, school hols on friday can't come soon enough. Today was swimming league comp, gymnastics display and county football training. Was in town 9-5 ferrying kids around. Now the oldest three are away playing in a concert with grandad, hubby out on a night out and me home with the peerie 3. Hubby in a grump with me as we are both supposed to be out but I didn't organise a babysitter (actually both sets of grandparents or my sister coudn't do it tonight and I then forgot to ask anyone else). Anyway thankfully he has gone on his own. 2 glasses down on a bottle of red and the no DS after tea rule has been broken, hey ho!

Great to hear from Brookie and Joh, had noticed you guys were quiet.

Take care of yourself JT.

Hope the quads are less ouchie today CC.

RF grrr to arsey hubby!

I ahve a big family on my dads side. He is one of 6 and I have 16 first cousins, then 2nd cousins too. Keep in touch with most of them and we saw all of them through our childhood. My Grandma and Grandad on Dads side split up after 25 years of marriage, she ran away with his best friend and they married. My Grandad then got together with the best friends wife and they remarried. So we had two sets of grandparents on Dads side.Lots of happy memories of them all and big mad family gatherings.

My mums was an only child but we were really close to my gran (her mum) spending everyday after school with her as mum always worked. Mums Dad had died before we were born but gran had married again so Tom was our grandad although he died when I was 10. I was devastated when my gran died when I was 16, she hadn't had great health and was a heavy smoker but it was quiet sudden in the end. Being 16 I didn't speak to anyone much about it and basically didn't really get over it. Then mum chose a couple of days after her funeral to tell me and my sister that she (mum) had been adopted which was a shock. Anyway to cut a long story short about 5 years ago I quizzed my mum about what she knw of her birth parents (which was not much other than her mums name) and then asked if she minded if I tried to trace her. She didn't so I got on the case. I got quiet obsessed but once I found the link with Australia it was easier than I thought and eventually I found her listed in a graveyard index in Australia. Again long story short she got pregnant with my mum while her husband was in the RAF WW2 travelled over to SCotland, had the baby, gave it up, went back to Oz then her and her husband were killed in a car smash when my mum would have been 18 months old. Which might have been the end of the story had the newspaper report not listed that a baby had survived the crash, (my mums brother). I traced this uncle who had written  lots of family history stuff and he met with her brother and the whole story came out. Anyway mum is now in touch with the family and she has been in Oz twice and her and dad are going out again in January. So I have lots of cousins out there who I have never met, maybe one day...

Blimey that is a saga, bet you are asleep!

06/10/2012 at 20:50

Wow Lotte, that is both a lovely and a sad story - well done you for tracing your Mum's mum and lovely that the brother and sister are now in touch .

My gran died a few years ago but had had dementia for some time so didn't really know what was going on.  That was sad but almost a relief in the end.  And I went to my Great Aunt's funeral a few years ago as well which was sad as she had always sent us big parcels at Christmas, Easter and birthdays, though I had only met her once or twice.  Other than that no-one close to me has departed yet - it worries me how I'll cope to be honest, especially with all the goings-on in the news at the mo.  Fingers crossed I won't have to worry about it for a good while yet.  My Granny (mum's mum) is 97 so not expecting her to last much longer, which will be sad but not like a big hole in my life or anything.  Sad for my mum but also a relief I expect, as she is pretty much a full-time carer for her and does get quite irritated with her forgetfulness!  Sorry didn't mean to get all depressing!

Well I made it to the gym last night  felt great!  30 mins easy on treadmill then some bum and leg exercises and a few sit-ups.  Meant to go for a run today but decided it'll just be easier to go in the morning, plus hubby wants to visit his parents with the kids then and I'm not that bothered so a good excuse not to go .

Sounds as though there are a few out on the sidelines at the moment.  I really want to get my pilates going again as I know I need it before I start running longer distances.  I've decided I have one hip that isn't as stable as the other - the one leg I keep having problems on, so I reckon pilates should help that.

Boo to annoying hubbies too 

Right hubby's back from the driving range so teatime .

06/10/2012 at 20:52

That's pretty amazing Lotte that you found all that out.  Gosh - how lucky in a way that your mum was adopted or she might have been orphaned at 18 months or killed in a car crash!  Makes you start thinking maybe there is such a thing as fate and destiny, but who knows.

Ordination was interesting I guess.  Rather long as you'd expect, about 60 priests there, I guess it's a bit of a jolly for them!  Still cant imagaine for the life of me why anyone would want to do it, but each to their own!  I just think of his daughter in a few yrs time 'what does your dad do?' 'he's a catholic priest.....' hmmmmm.  Lovely cathedral, modern but pretty, nice choir and singing.  I didnt hang around for the knees up afterwards as a certain baby was needing his mummy.

Ran 8.5 miles in the sun this afternoon - by far the furthest in a yr at least.  Felt good, avg 8.30 pace, but towards the end back and pelvis sore.  Did lots of stretching and felt better, but fear I will be sore tomorrow.



07/10/2012 at 17:18

Loving all the family history stories - wow to Lottes, that's amazing, and agree with whoever said that sometimes things do seem to happen for a reason.

Absolutely stunningly beautiful day here today. Orienteering this morning and I had hubby lined up to take S round the White course (basic, dead easy beginners), J can pretty much cope with getting around a Yellow (next stage up) or to at least ask someone for help if confused! and so I got to enter a course too. Is so funny, people expect because I run and love mountains that I will be quick at this, but I am so out of practise and really struggle with the scale on the map - OS maps are much clearer (IMO) and bigger scale. Anyway, took me flipping ages as I kept overshooting things, plus I stopped to help a few people too. So ended up coming in about 40 mins after my friend who is a natural at this, and everyone was like 'so WHERE have you been' - how to make someone feel good - not!!  So I need to work HARD at this me-thinks.  Thing is, I just wanted to get round all checkpoints, in right order. Did get off-track a bit in the middle though!!

Anyway, kids loved it, hubby was happy chaperoning so I'll get him to do  a bit more (then I get more practise).  Good running week for me, almost 40 miles for the week and some really tough terrain so I am happy with that.

Hubby gone now for the week so best get of my a**e and sort out dinner for us all.

One more week until the tattie hols - yaaaaay.

oh yes, RF, I really MUST get your mobile number. Guess where I was yesterday morning - Inverness - admittedly a fly in-fly out as was getting new school shoes for J and winter boots for S (ouchy ouchy!!). But bet our paths crossed somewhere?

07/10/2012 at 17:18

Lotte - hope you enjoyed your 'peaceful' evening, lord I cannot imagine how manic it must get tbh!!!

07/10/2012 at 18:23
My sister won a marathon today! The well known Mohawk Hudson River marathon in upstate NY, in 2.56. Prob about 8-900 runners total. Her A goal was 2.55 but judging from her e mail she's pretty chuffed with the result
07/10/2012 at 19:38
Caro - your sis deserves a huge congrats for that!!
CC your running and orienteering sounds great. Also ouch to new shoes and boots though, I feel your pain! Got a pair of school trainers in aldi for 2.50 yesterday though so even if they only last a week it's cheaper than normal!
Lotte - wow to your mums history. Glad she found some rels though even if it must have been hard to hear about her birth parents accident.
JG - I had an aunt who always sent us gifts and I couldn't understand why but obviously now I realise my nan was sending gifts back for all her kids so it was reciprocal! I hear good things about Pilates / yoga etc but never quite get there myself.
MM glad the course was useful not sure I would have run before going though!
Busy weekend - Squeezed in a slow 7 miler with my niece who talked the whole time! swimming today and kids managed an hour wet and wild before I dragged them out. loved seeing Archie belly flop in time after time and Tom swimming about without moaning (like he does at every lesson). Lesson to self - must go more often so it is fun and not just a chore.
hubby just looking at Munich forecast as we fly out Fri - rain, rain, rain..... Oops!
Hope everyone has a good week and germs finially go for those poorly.
07/10/2012 at 19:51

Well done Caro's sis, fantastic!  

And well done on the orienteering CC, great to get a chance to do it yourself.  Ignore all the idiots saying you should have done it quicker!  Ouchy indeed to shoe buying!

I dragged myself out for my first decent run in a month this morning - ridiculous considering what a gorgeous day it was!  Anyway I plodded round 5 miles and felt ok apart from rather slow, but was only actually about 3 mins slower than my usual time so not too bad.  Then had loads of energy all day (but have just crashed!) and made macaroni & cauliflower cheese followed by sultana and apple crumble for tea, most unlike me! Sophie helped with the crumble but then declared she didn't like it, as did Nicky - strange pair!  More for me and hubby...

Best get on with some planning for Tuesday's lessons.  No youth club tomorrow night, just clearing out cupboards ready to close down with my suspected 2-faced colleague (not the awful one!) - should be fun not...!

Camlo - I always thought it was just because she enjoyed spoiling us, maybe she didn't have any kids of her own or something, must pay more attention to the dull family conversations in future !  I remember our delight when she sent us 3 Easter eggs each plus extra bits one year...!

07/10/2012 at 20:02

LOL at chatting while running ... isn't that what you are meant to do? Guess I talk to myself a lot then!!  I don't take the kids swimming enough for pleasure but with hols coming up that is one thing we'll definitely be doing. THankfully they both enjoy their lessons.  Hope the weather changes, it's early days yet!

JG - well done on getting out, that crumble sounds yuuuuummy!

Pilates is very good - can highly recommend, strangely ....

speaking of which, best be off here and doing my homework - lesson planning too!

So MM, do you have any gems of advice for us?  Any advice on building endurance in my hip-flexors for the lengthy horrors I hope to do next year gratefully received!!

Caro - wow to your sister, how amazing is she? Obviously got speedy genes in your family.

07/10/2012 at 20:59

Lunges, low squats and bounding CC. Those are the gems. With broomstick (no broom!!) on your shoulders. Body position is totally crucial though. Hard to explain here. All to do with the angle of your back and calf, these need to be the same during the exercises. No pelvic tilting, no chest popping or breaking at the stomach/pelvis area. It makes them all so much harder, but better to do 1 correct squat than 10 incorrect. Going to incorporate them into my tues night sessions and then do some workshops.

Medicine ball throws. I did lots of this when I trained in Bedford, over head, straight out and upwards. Use of therabands and the medicine ball to make the squats and lunges harder too.

More to come at the next one in Jan though!!

Lovely family day at Bowood House using a voucher Josh won as a spot prize in a funrun in June. Although boys fighting like mad again by the end, not sure what to do about it really. They fight all the time at the mo ....

Oh and sudocrem nightmare this morning. Who had one of those years ago, was it you CC with S?? Sophie said her bits were sore and when we didn't sort it out immediately for her she obviously decided to climb up the shelves and got the pot down and started to apply it herself. Urrrrmmmm. All over everything and herself !!!! I was getting changed into running kit and hubbie was stripping Josh bed .....again. So took less than 2 mins!!

07/10/2012 at 21:02

Oooo, just read back as saw about Caro sister. Fabulous!!

Well done JG and yes get thee to pilates...

Good running too CC and Caro.

I have run only 52 miles this week and feel awful!! Did hit pace on thursday but it felt hard. We shall see. Rest tom, few 400s tues, then 4-6 miles weds and thursday. Having massage from a friend who has just trained tom, be good to have a good girlie chat inbetween the pain!!

07/10/2012 at 21:23

Well done to your sis Caro!  Fab stuff!

Can't remember everything I have read, hope your weekend was ok Chynah, its tough having to cope with everything at home, my hubby is also away a lot now with his job in Oxford, we are still getting used to the new routine plus being knackered with a baby makes me a grump!

Did a 3 mile run this morning, felt a bit better but v slow.  Only doing one a week so its going to take ages to get better!

Joh - hope you are better soon, don't think my sinus infection has totally gone despite antibiotics.

JT - hope you are ok!!  Hope you had a restful weekend!

Lotte, not sure how you keep on top of everything, having the school run to do here is really testing my organisational skills most days!!  And that's just for Martha!

07/10/2012 at 21:27

Lotte - interesting family story, sad that your grans birth parents died so young.

All my family are in touch I think, apart from a bit of a shock that my grandad's brother, Uncle Eric, had a WW2 lovechild who appeared out of the woodwork last year and who U Eric won't have anything to do with, v sad really, this chap has waited until he is in his late 60's to find him and Eric is in his 90's but as far as I know hasn't even met him.

I've been fiddling with my family tree too and have found a strong strain of London-ness on my grandad's maternal side, very interesting but I have his a dead end I think about 1815.

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