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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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07/10/2012 at 21:30

Brilliant for your sister Caro... fabulous time. Did she win anything good? (other than the winners medal of course!)

Sounds like some nice runs going on at the moment. Your run up the mountains sounds idyllic CC. I miss my adventure runs that I had while I was away last year. I am still plodding but no more than 5 miles or so at a time.

Families....don't get me started with mine. There is me and my sister who is 18 months older than me from my Mum and Dad and another 2 brothers and 2 sisters from my parents previous marriages. They are a lot older than me, in their late 40s, I get on with 2 (the brother and sister from my Dad) but one brother I havent seen since my wedding in 2007 (I wasn't invited to his previously) and the other sister who I very rarely see or speak to. My proper sister is very messed up and has eating disorders etc... and has recently got drunk and gone a bit mad at me, so it is a bit strained there too at the moment.

Camlo... I took Leila swimming after her lesson last week in the fun pool and she loved it. I need to make sure we do it every week now, as you are right. Swimming shouldnt be a chore. She has got pretty good too, and can swim a good 15 - 20 metres unaided now.

"Enjoy" your sports massage MM. You'll feel like you're flying after.

Speaking of medicine balls, I was on the treadmill running at the gym last week when some boys were doing sit ups with a 10kg ball. One of them threw it, the boy missed and it whacked me straight in the legs and bounced off the treadmill. Luckily I kept my balance but their faces were a picture when a 21 week pregnant lady stopped running and asked them what the hell (but not so politely) they were doing! They couldn't apologise quickly enough.

Had a nice weekend at friends with their 3 kids. But I always leave their house feeling like I am coming down with a cold. Just done some ironing infront of the X-factor and about to get to bed!

07/10/2012 at 21:32
Ha ha with the sudocrem! Wouldn't be laughing if it was me though.

Thanks for nice comments. My friends Hilary and joe who we stayed with in Portland ran their marathons today too, 3.40 and 3.53 and it was their firsts! A good day for my marathon running buddies.

I really want to take M back to bowood MM, but unless weather is glorious at half term it won't happen till next yr now.

Vixo are u lurking? hope all ok.
07/10/2012 at 21:47
$700 cash, $25 gift cert and a clock apparently!
07/10/2012 at 22:26

hmmm, I was thinking of Vixo too. Hoping she's just very busy.

MM - that all makes sense re the exercises, and getting the position right too - very pilates-esque in that respect! and the broom (without brush!) will help with the posture. Thank you, will start incorporating those in. and YES it was us re the mess - Scarlett got hold of a tub of vaseline and put the whole lot in her hair. The only thing that would get it out was very unbaby-friendly washing up liquid!!


Anj - whoops re the ball, that could have been v nasty indeed. I leapt onto a free treadmill when I was probs about 23 weeks with Scarlett. Failed to notice that the woman on before me had got off, leaving treadie running at about 13kph - bounced right off the back. Sounds like you are doing well with your plodding though and you'll be back to adventuring again.

Results up for orienteering now, I wasn't last, and if I hadn't bollo**ed it up early on would have only been about 10 mins behind my friend, don't feel so bad now and just goes to show how one silly mistake can end up making a HUGE difference!

08/10/2012 at 00:58
Right, I've read back a bit now. Wow I've missed a lot. Apologies to anyone I miss. It's so hard to remember everything! Camlo - where are you with your summaries when I need you!!
EF - great news about eggs. What's next then? And how has merger gone?
TTid - fab news about your scan - another boy! Brilliant. Thinking of you at the mo as we are in Florida now.
Chynah - just (((()))))) and echo what everyone else said earlier.
Lotte - kind of you to notice we were quiet. What a marathon!! 3.06. Wow. And loved your family story.
Caro - well done your sis!
JG - awful about the youth club. What a hard time & a tough colleague to have. Hope it all goes as well as a closure can go. Sory to hear its been horrible for you.
JT - get well soon!
CC - lovely orienteering stories. Sounds like fun!
RF - great tri and MTB action! You are unstoppable! And HOW gorgeous did you look in that peach dress in FB photos?! Stunning girl!
08/10/2012 at 01:06
Had to pause to check back again! CM - loving your kittens on FB. JUST adorable! How is the redundancy situation going? ( I have a few pages still to read so sorry if you've already updated). I'm glad you've got a holiday booked.
MM - coaching wkend sounded good. Glad you got something out of it. What's next for you race wise?
Camlo - your comments always make me smile. Your race the other week was good too!
Hoggle - glad flexible work is going well. Your employers sound great.
Anj - comedy medicine ball story!
Vixo - hope all ok with you.
Karen - nice to hear from you too and Sonya - great park run! You're fast!!

Again huge apologies for anything and anyone I've missed.

Work is taking over my life. It's so hard to find a balance isn't it?
And I've GOT to get running again. I'm back on the happy pills as well - just couldn't seem to cope back at work without them. Grrrrrr to the black clouds...!
08/10/2012 at 02:57
Ps love the Vaseline story (& the sudocrem one!)
08/10/2012 at 10:44

Not sure Scarlet will forgive you for that pic when she's older CC!

Brookie you do sound a bit stressed, and what are you doing up at 3am??  Hope you manage to get running again soon.


08/10/2012 at 11:42

I'm sure by then I'll have a complete repertoire to embarrass her with!!  I think this one gives me a good inkling of what she'll look like after too many sherberts!!!!

08/10/2012 at 12:21
Hello, I am here! Have been reading, but not finding time to post - I always feel like so much has been said, and then I can't remember what to reply to everyone so don't end up posting anything!

To be honest, I've been exhausted - the week before last was awful, with the rest of the family with d&v, and we ended up with lots of extra things to do and children to look after as favours for friends, and then were both working the weekend. The children were both up several times overnight for about a week as well, and I felt like I was truly running on empty, but we've just had a lovely weekend and one of those near perfect days yesterday which never would have worked out as well if we'd tried to plan it!

I feel a bit as though everyone is 'entitled' to have 2 children, but to have 3 is a bit of a luxury, so I don't feel I should really moan about being tired or fed up with being pregnant!! It hasn't been too bad I suppose, and so much easier than the last 2 pregnancies when I was working full time and doing much longer days and nights etc, but the last couple of weeks have been tough. But...we're off for half term week, and then I've only got 3 weeks left at work, which in total, with some extra days of leave I've taken means I've only got 16 days left at work - which is a bit nuts!

And a big oops today - it's our wedding anniversary, and I had only really clocked it as a sort of aside, so have just had to buy a card in the hospital shop, which didn't have a particularly great selection! Hope hubby will forgive me, although is probably a fair reflection of how our relationship has been feeling recently!!

So, my slow cooker is on its way - what should I try as my first recipe? And has anyone got any good recipe books or sites that they use? I think I'll need to use a few recipes to start with until I get a feel for how it works.

Sorry for the me me me post - I'll try and keep up a bit more now!
08/10/2012 at 12:46
Ooohh Brookie, where are you? We are in Orlando at the mo, will probably be in Palm Beach and Tampa at some point during this week. Our friends here in Orlando live on lake Kissimmee and have a boat so we have a VERY excited little boy this morning as they will go fishing later. Drive down last night was going well until we hit edge of Orlando when Max threw up spectacularly all over himself. Stopped car and cleaned him and car seat up and change of clothes then he did it all again about 15 minutes later. Neither of us ever suffered with car sickness but I guess were not strapped into seats with our stomachs all scrunched up. Also didn't have in-car DVD players!

Vixo, glad you have the d&v behind you and nice to have a good weekend and lovely day so you can draw a line under it. Wow, can't believe how few days of work you have left.

People's summaries always surprise me as I seem to miss loads. Must read more carefully.

JT, we've not heard from you since before the weekend. Hope you are ok. If you're lurking, please just say hello so we know you're ok.

Caro, I commented over on FB but WOW, speedy sister. You're a bit of an under the radar speedy one too with your park run wins while pregnant!

Glad to hear the tattie hols are on the way for those of you north of the border, you all sound ready for them. Guess the English ones are a few weeks still?

CC, love the pic of S, hehehe.

MM, do the boys usually fight or is this something unusual? I'm interested actually in fighting between siblings. How inevitable is it that Max and no 2 will fight? I know I fought with my brother and sisters but there was a pretty big age gap so I was always the bratty little sister.

Chynah, still thinking of you. Hope your weekend got better.
08/10/2012 at 13:28

Nice to hear from you Brookie but sorry to hear you're on the "happy pills" again - take it easy and don't be afraid to ask for help or say I can't do that, it's too much. ((()))  Loved your summary - far more thorough than I've been and I've been trying to keep up! 

Vixo - 3 is defo not a luxury!  You will be working harder than most of us so moan away   It's lovely that you are able to have 3 children, knowing that you are bringing the first 2 up so well already.

Speaking of black clouds, I finally feel as if mine has lifted - for now!  Don't know why, maybe it wasn't necessarily hormonal but linked to money worries and MIL stress etc.  I do feel very relieved to have this job and the income it is going to bring - it will basically cover the mortgage which is fantastic.  I also feel that I can look forward to things like maybe starting horse-riding again (not done it for 2 years coz too expensive), getting my Monday evenings back when I finish at youth club so I can do pilates or a gym class...  We're still not going to be loaded, but just not to have to watch the bank balance every month to see when, not if, we go overdrawn is such a relief.

Siblings - hmm yes I think they all fight a little, part of growing up I reckon!  With my two it's mostly Nicky who's a little pain at the moment, whacking Sophie with various things, pestering her when she's trying to watch telly etc.  Sophie has her moments when she doesn't want to share something, but I think in general they're pretty good together.  Sophie is a proper goody two-shoes which helps .  Nicky is also an absolute sweetie most of the time, he really makes me laugh with the things he does and says at times!

Our half-term is in 3 weeks so not too far away. We're going down to Suffolk to see my mum and 97-year-old Granny who recently lost her dog (think I mentioned it?) so I thought it might cheer her up to see the grandchildren.  Hubby always reluctant to go down there as my mum's flat is so small and crowded with crap (she is a real hoarder!) so that's a small bone of contention as I want to go Thurs to Sun and he would rather do Fri to depends on his holidays so I have to go with what he wants really.  Annoying!

Anyway enough waffling, this house needs a tidy and a clean!

08/10/2012 at 14:52
Wow well done to your sister Caro, what an amazing time and imagine winning, must be awesome!! Also your friends did brill for their first marathon, great times, lucky things!!!!
Vixo- I often think that too having three!!! When I moan and find its mega hard I think I should shut up and be thankful for 3 healthy kids! Glad your feeling a bit better and not long left of work, whoop whoop! I have a pork casserole in the slow cooker today............. Just chucked a load of veg in, tomatoes, stock etc so who knows what it'll taste like!!!
Ah Brookie that's very kind of you! Most of the time I'm a pure state with my running clothes on and hair scraped back. Was lovely getting dressed up and think my 2 hr MTB ride that morning helped my glowy skin!!!!!! Sorry to hear you've been feeling blue, hope the black cloud lifts soon for you. I think going back to work is harder than we think. I found going back last year the worst of all and was certainly tottering on the edge of a cliff, wasn't a nice time. Bog hugs x
Oopsssss to the sudocrem, that stuff is a nightmare to come of and is so not funny when it happens to you!!
jG glad your cloud has lifted a bit and money worries are slightly less so.
Turbo - hope u all have a nice time but yuk to the vomit, not good. C wears graven bands in the car and I always carry a Tupperware box huts in case!
Anj - yikes to the medicine ball incident, that could have been a real nightmare. That would have given them a shock I'm sure! Well done for being on the treadmill anyway
Ahhhhhhhh loving the pic of S CC! V cute. Your orienteering sounds great, I canna read a map to save my self, it sounds good though. Yeah must give you my mobile number as often in Inverness on a sat morning for a few hrs.
Yesterday a did a great 12 mile hilly MTB muddy cycle, was great. Came back n hubby n the girls were gone so took the opportunity and changed my trainers, grabbed the dog and did 3 miles!! When I got back they had returned! Oh u never guess hubby read the thread the other day, said I left it on. He was like ' oh so are you slagging me of again." , ooopzpssss!!!
08/10/2012 at 14:54
Oh dear sorry for all the typos above!!! Should have said travel bands!!
08/10/2012 at 16:15

RF - I liked bog hugs 

Quick rant - just back from picking Sophie from school and some Y1 kids (year above) picked up a used firework and started waving it around.  Waited for their mums (who were some way behind) to say something and they didn't.  Then they ran around the playground in the park with it, shouting about how it wasn't dangerous because it wasn't hot, but I drew the line when they poked it in Nicky's face saying "do you know what this is?"  Had a quick word with them which they ignored of course so we left soon after.  Mums just sat on a bench not saying anything - my friend and I had to have a quick word with our kids to tell them not to pick up fireworks!!  Rant over 

08/10/2012 at 16:37
I liked bog hugs too! Yuk to vomit TurboT - but you guys seem to have such a fab life out here! (Posting at 3am cos of time difference Caro! Not insomnia for once!) we're in south beach right now and will be until Wednesday. But we are thinking if coming back and renting a condo or something next time, maybe further up the coast so I'll let you know next time! Hubby has a conference at the Fontainebleau this week so I came along with little E.

Vixo - so pleased you had a lovely weekend and that sickness has passed. How many weeks are you now? CC - loved the orienteering stuff. Made me glad that some people still read maps and don't just rely on sat mav for everything!

JG - good to hear you are cheery.
Oh yeah - slow cookers. My MIL got me one. I did a lamb casserole which was quite nice and I'm not a lover of lamb. Meat v tender. Haven't used it much though so interested in people's recommendations for Vixo.
08/10/2012 at 16:39
And good for you saying something about the fireworks too!
08/10/2012 at 16:40
Rant justified jg!

Still here, finished steroids over weekend, but infection still has a major hold, back on them and a third antibiotic. Xrays tomorrow. scattered creps, ?consolidation and no response to antibiotics being cited for referral. Couldn't have xray today as outpatients don't work a Monday. Been told I'm on verge of being proper poorly. Signed off for two weeks and must go back to ascertain fitness before resuming work.

Still waiting for my 2-4pm Tesco delivery...
08/10/2012 at 16:51

Its sibling rivalry on another scale being a twin. Its being in year 1 mainly as in reception they had been separated into diff groups for working periods which meant they could see each other but not in each others pockets all the time and not competing/seeing what each other doing all the time. However in year 1 they are in the same group as they are the same ability. It's not working. Well it might work OK at school but its seriously disrupting home life. They can't get away from each other. I do separate them at home, one upstairs one downstairs, but it affects Sophie then too. I have tried to chat to her about it but she can be funny about suggestions from parents and she has been funny with me. Parents evening on thursday but thats not going to be my opportunity. Might have to chat to head about it and their teacher. She is relatively new to teaching although is our age, but she has never taught twins in the same classroom. It worries me ....

Big hugs JT. Sounds horrific. I can't help I guess as too far away, but if I can do let me know. I hope they can sort you out soon. How is hubbie being with it all?

Fireworks JG. Good god!! Totally within your rights to have a go there ...

Massage was good but my poor friend was so nervous bless her. Not achieved much else today tbh. Kids all home when boys were supposed to be going to a friends and we have no food as was reckoning on going with S before collecting them so going to have to conjure up something for dinner from tins!!!  I cannot do food shopping with all 3 of them, well not big-ish shops anyway. Might do tesco shop for tomorrow actually?

No news on Aus trip yet. If they don't tell us soon it will be a no. We do need some notice to get things organised ....

08/10/2012 at 17:37
E has chicken pox! Yikes. Doc has cleared him to fly although I'm not sure airline will take him if they see he spots. Hmmmmm
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