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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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31/08/2013 at 22:18

Went to 3bike ships today including halfords, didn't buy anything but think I am going to get a Ridgeback-anyone experienced those?  Not from halfords, but from a local family run shop-more my cup of tea.

where are you moving again Brookie?

have a sick boy again, under arm temp 39.1 and v miserable.  He literally was fine one minute and dancing in the kitchen, plonked him in his chair for supper and hubby commented he looked a bit puffy, but he was still happy. i went for a run, 45 mins later I came home he was inconsolable, burning up and just wanted cuddles.  Hope he's ok by tues as M and I are having a mummy and daughter day at lego land whilst my dad looks after Eric.

01/09/2013 at 11:05

Poor E, hope he is brighter this morning. JP really enjoyed Legoland when we went a few weeks back, although I didn't so much because it seemed I was banned from every ride! I spent quite a lot of time sitting in coffee shops and reading. Not such a bad consolation, I guess. Have you taken M before?

Brookie - exciting times ahead! I think you're really brave to move when heavily pregnant. Or will you have had the baby by then? Is it far that you're going? Great that mini Brookie is growing well now. Like you, I'm a bit apprehensive about the recovery time from a section as I was back jogging within about a fortnight (tbh that was probably too soon - I need to learn from that one!). I have a feeling that this is going to be another obscenely large baby (my bump is MASSIVE and everything feels heavy!) so when I see the consultant at 32 weeks, I am going to ask if I can have her at 37/38 weeks rather than 39. Well, ultimately I will do what I'm told, but I would rather it be sooner than later. I've not put that much weight on (1st 5) but it is all round the front. If I wear leggings, they are all baggy around the legs! I guess some of that can be attributed to muscle loss from not running though.

Camlo, boo to the bike Hope you can get it sorted.

JG, sorry the puss cat isn't settling. Maybe she just needs a bit more time? That said, you can't have S and N terrified We've been lucky with ours (although Pootle and Mugglewump don't get on - they will just about tolerate each other now) but we did have a real psycho cat once...He was our first cat (called Zippy). He was incredibly possessive and jealous over me and hated just about everyone else (he did remotely like Ben). He would do things like hide under the sofa and lash out at people's legs as they went past/sit on top of the fridge and hit people on the head/have people backed into a corner...The funniest thing ever was one night when Ben dreamt he was having a fingerprick test for diabetes and he woke up to find Zippy with his claw stuck in his finger (with a look of sheer smugness on his face, it has to be said). Poor Zippy met a sad end when he got knocked over by a car one morning - we lived on a busy main road at the time. I was gutted but looking back now, there is no way we could have had him with JP around (he died 2 years before JP was born).

Definitely going to speak to MW about my dodgy BP now. reached new lows this morning of 80/43!! For now, I shall get my compression socks out (I can at least then pretend I'm running ) and eat salty snacks

01/09/2013 at 11:33

def contact midwife re bp. Mine went to 60/40 during sections and I felt effing awful. Was really distressed in fact. I was generally low at 100/60 too but nothing like that! 


i have a bourbons addiction. The "s" makes all the difference but I've had about 8 today! 

Did anyone use lilypadz when feeding? I've ordered some but no idea if any good! 



01/09/2013 at 11:34

How's Eric Caro? 

01/09/2013 at 11:38

The new guidelines say 39 weeks so you may struggle to convince them tb - they made a huge concession of planning 38 weeks with me and quoted studies at me then of course it all went Pete Tong anyway. 

off to try to come up with a way of making family room bearable to go in. Louise presently owns two rms in this house and I want one back! Pondering ikea trip - it's only 4 mins away after all. 

Man my autocorrect is having a bad week - just tried to change only to on jungly!!

01/09/2013 at 11:42

Oh and Brookie good luck with move. Where are you moving to again? 

01/09/2013 at 13:48

I used them with M EF, - they were ok but I think they may have contributed to my predisposition to mastitis!  For E I just used washable pads, but didn't need them before long as I never really leaked anyway!

E is a bit better thanks.  He still looks half asleep and a bit puffy eyed but he's eate today.  Had one dose of calpol and he'll have another after his nap - no point being calpol deprived if you don't need to be!  Don't think I'll take him swimming though tomorrow.

We wet to legoland last summer but we were with my cousin and her family and Eric plus her baby, so we took it in turns to baby watch, plus the crowds were awful so we didn't go on too many things.  I'm hoping that this time, as some schools will have gone back it wont be too bad, plus E wont restrict us - I want to go on EVERYTHING

01/09/2013 at 19:49

Have you not just had a scan JT?  Thought I caught the end of that conversation buy may have got wrong end of stick!

Brookie - don't worry, my memory is terrible for details!  I'm working for Sheffield College teaching English (ESOL) to 16-18 yrs olds, but as I'm employed by the Sheff College agency I don't get much of a say in how many hours I do, other than my manager putting in a good word for me.  Still, at least it will cover the mortgage.

Well mental cat is staying for the week .  Me and hubby let Sophie upstairs to go to the loo this morning, with Ruby wandering around upstairs, and I went in front, but she still made a beeline for Sophie, hissing at her and following her with intent to the bathroom - I had to quickly get the door wedge out of the way and pull the door shut, otherwise we could have had another incident!  Wasn't good and made us decide we just couldn't keep her, but when I rang the Shelter they made me feel soooo guilty for not giving her a chance to settle in properly.  Stuck to my guns and said we wanted to bring her back, but rang back about 45 mins later and said we'd give it a week...!  

We've got an ok set-up now where she's in the living room in the evening and at night, kids upstairs and Ralph can come in the kitchen and come upstairs, then in the day she's upstairs and the rest of us can do what we like downstairs.  We're hoping it'll get her used to the noise of the kids and maybe eventually she'll tolerate them, but like you say JT I'm worried we may still always be on edge and reluctant to leave her with kids around.  I suppose she can always be shut in a room for an hour or 2 if necessary though every now and then.  Some children must have seriously damaged her trust in the past as she's sooo sweet with us, it's a real shame and I really hope she comes round.  Really gives me butterflies to see Sophie so scared of her though  - she could end up being Upstairs Cat for a couple of years until she can tolerate them!

No run for me today because of the cat issues though  - still feeling quite unfit from holiday despite my pb at parkrun last weekend!

01/09/2013 at 19:50

Oh and EF yes bp does sound low - mine is low but is 100 at least I think.

01/09/2013 at 20:47

Yeah I'm 100/60 usually when pregnant and when not I have no idea! 


Exhausted. We did toenail cutting tonight. put it off and off. And rightly.  Away out for proper wine. 

01/09/2013 at 21:31

back from camping and exhausted - no sleep for 2 nights. whitemead was a disaster, JT. so noisy and people were really ignorant. one dad ran past our tent with his small crying child after midnight (when the noise from the bar stopped). child didn't want to walk so dad was running past BARKING loudly at said child to get him to run away from the 'scary dog'. that and the noise up until midnight from the bar. plus the people doing their recycling (bottles) at midnight. and the screaming, pissed people until 3am partying in their tents. and the car horns at 2am. and the person doing cry-it-out in the caravan opposite with their toddler (every hour of so 'mummyyyyyy' screamed at the top of poor child's voice for about 20 mins. no comforting going on). also place was FILTHY - showers were black and so muddy. bogs didn't flush and no paper. pool was murky; hairs in shower and loads of green slime on the walls. I could go on - but won't. it really was the worst place I have ever camped

that said - the kids had a ball! they got to sleep eventually in spite of all the noise. it was just us adults who didn't sleep at all

JG - I would keep the cat in just one room for now. she is probably attacking because she's unsettled by sophie coming into her space at the moment. I think she just need to be in one room till she's settled. we did that with ours for about a week or so; then let them out of that room into a confined space like just upstairs. perhaps talk to a vet about it? or caro may have some ideas...

01/09/2013 at 21:37

good luck for tomorrow, JT!

01/09/2013 at 21:42

Yes hope it goes well jt. 

01/09/2013 at 21:47

Ha ha, Caro's ideas came from a fab website and JG has seen them on FB.  Am no expoert in cat behaviour but you have to give them time, and lots of it.  Also, am personally in favour of single cat households as you will remember when Karen wanted to get half a dozen (ok I know I'm exagerating a bit!) as cats are generally solitary animals and like their own space.  Have you got any feliway plug ins?  I would make sure you have at least 2 in various places around the house, and agree with the confining her and not letting her go nr the kids or vice versa for a while.

CM that sounds positively minging!  Yuck yuck yuck!  Hope you're enjoying your nice clean sheets and quiet bed now.

So it's only 2.5 wks till I go to America to see my sis on my own.  Am begining to realise how clueless my husband really is on the day to day of looking after them......have just given my dad a mini spread sheet, and hubby felt the need to copy oit!  I mean come on, he really should know by now what we do every day.....but no.  I have told them I don't want to know all the disasters and things they forget.......but I am dreading the disaster zone the house will be when i return!

01/09/2013 at 21:48

MIssed what was happening with JT tomorrow?  Good luck anyway!

01/09/2013 at 22:20

Just a quick post cos on phone. Good luck tomorrow JT. we're moving to Oxfordshire. Not far from Abingdon - home of my favourite marathon, one run 3 times with my sub 4 PB. not that I've chosen where to live based on my favourite marathon - oh no! But maybe living near will inspire me to a sub 3.50 one day?! We haven't exchanged on sale or purchase yet - hopefully this week. The stress has been horrendous! 

Sorry to hear about icky camping nightmares and unsettled morgues. Will post tomorrow when on laptop as autocorrect driving me bonkers. Morgues???!!! Supposed to be "moggies" clearly! 

01/09/2013 at 22:23

yup, am just off to my lovely bed now. trying to get through the washing, ironing etc as back to school this week (for J anyway). wanting to get as much done so I can have one last nice day with them tomorrow...

it's been a fabulous summer, helped by the lovely weather. think the kids are exhausted now though - they have been all out of routine with late nights. we went to the disco at that awful campsite and my two LOVED it. E won the prize for dancing - only because she danced enthusiastically for every dance right in front of their noses and talked to them and answered all their questions. J did every dance too and was sweaty bloke by the end of it! was lovely to see them laughing and flinging themselves around with no inhibitions. although I had to laugh at J and the Macarena. he didn't have a clue except for when it came to the pelvic thrust bit! he did that bit expertly every time

Camlo    pirate
01/09/2013 at 22:53

yippee to fab dancing, legoland and trips abroad without kids

Boo to crazy cat, end of holidays, poorly boy and 39wk rule. 

Good Luck JT - hopefully if you keep stressing the fact that your others came before 39wks they will realise the risk they are taking by letting you go on and probably having to deal with you in labour. 

Bike wheel changed - they tried to fix but it wasn't happening so I insisted on a replacement. Sea swim was great fun and such a lovely group of people who made me feel welcome despite my pathetic efforts. Got home and fell off bike again.... oops. 

Only a week to ultra and sciatica driving me nuts tonight's. 

02/09/2013 at 10:35

Ohh fingers crossed that all papers get signed Brookie! Not the kind of stress you need at this stage! I moved to NZ with a  4 month old - trying to get hubbies visa plus everything sorted with a very little one was muchos stressful! The actual flight was a breeze in comparison!!

Well, I very quietly have some 'training' to report! Before anyone gets excited, what I mean is its the first purposeful exercise for exercise sake I have done since Feb (ie not a stroll with a 2 year old!). Physio suggested I start walking up stairs to rebuild strength in my glutes and I drive past a random flight of stairs to nowhere on way back from daycare everyday. So I stopped and did 2 lots of 50 stairs

My physio is forcing me to go against all my previous training/recovery etc ie. do more and more and you will get better and I am learning (with gritted teeth) to take things much slower!! But it is PROGRESS people!!

02/09/2013 at 13:32

Woohoo! Fantastic news Hoggle. Before u know it the last 

yr will b a distant memory and u will b fit and strong again

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