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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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02/09/2013 at 15:17

Fantastic Hoggle - onwards and upwards (literally )!

Caro - I know I know , it was hubby who really wanted to get another cat and I eventually came round, remembering how friendly Ralph was in the shelter with another cat and he and our old cat used to get along fine.  Saying that, we haven't introduced him properly to Ruby yet and when he saw her he didn't hiss or growl (she growled though!) so who knows.  I am regretting bothering with the whole business though, has been fairly disastrous really but made worse by the fact that Ruby is recovering from cat flu so we can't even introduce her to Ralph yet (although that's probably not a bad thing, all things considered!), so have this ridiculous set-up of keeping 2 cats and children all apart from each other!

So because of that it's impossible to keep her in one room really, without totally upsetting Ralph, but we are keeping her mainly in the living room or our bedroom, although last night she followed me into the conservatory and had a nose-around!  I sooo hope the whole situation improves.  Maybe I need to do a crash course in cat psychology !

What is Feliway by the way and does it actually work?  Had a quick Google but for the price I will need some proof that it works!

Thanks for all your help by the way, and sorry for being a cat-bore!

02/09/2013 at 19:06

Always worth giving it a go, and personally if I had more than one cat I'd keep one plugged in all the time.  We have it at work, and lots of clients swear by it.

And - online it is way cheaper than at your vets!  This is just after one quick google search so you may even find cheaper.  The refill lasts a month, buy you only need to buy the plug in bit once, after that you just need the refills which are cheaper.


02/09/2013 at 20:19

Thank God I am only in work for another 2 days total or I might kill someone!!!!! Still, at least it has raised my BP

JG, really hope moggy trouble is settling down now. Sounded positive before on FB! LOL at the morgue, Brookie! My iPad wanted me to write 'mog rug' just then btw

hope today has gone well for JT.

CM, glad you're home and clean now

great news on the training, Hoggle! 

Oh dear, Keele are on University Challenge and embarrassing themselves 

03/09/2013 at 12:51

How did scan go JT? 

Great news Hoggle! 

03/09/2013 at 13:50

Good news at the progress Hoggle.

Wow TattyB that is low. My BP was 100/60 when the nurse checked it a couple of weeks ago. Is that the thread norm then!

Hope things work out with the cat JG. We have two cats, mum and daughter and there is certainly no love lost between them. Both love the kids though. Thinking what Caro was saying,  have seen many dogs and cats with much closer bonds than between 2 cats hmmm.

Hope all well with scan JT.

Good luck with the move Brookie. Hope all paperwork ok. I did the Abingdon marathon a few years ago and hubby entertained the kids in a soft play place while I ran. Then we had a car smash on the way home so not my favourite memory but it was a lovely area.

I'm quite enjoying my new weekly routine. Work 10 - 3, Mon, Wed, thurs and car share with hubby those days so we are both home to sort out the after school activites which has eased the pressure slightly, he still coaches those nights mind. Tuesday is my day of indulgence. Have done 20 in the bike and a 10 mile run already with another run planned for later!

Dylan fainted at school on Friday, fell off a chair and clonked his head on the floor. He seemed a bit subdued but ok afterwards. We thought it was just a hot room etc. He was fine over the weekend, did all his usual activities. Then yesterday I was at work and got another phone call from school, he'd collapsed in the lunch queue, luckily the janitor had caught him and laid him down on the floor til he came around. Not sure what is causing it, could just be to do with growing ? but we do have an apt with the nurse (earliest we could get next Monday) to check fasted bloods and ECG. Dr yesterday was pretty useless, couldn't even take his BP because they didn't have a cuff small enough!

03/09/2013 at 13:51

about to take E in for her meet the teachers session. dressed in a flamenco dress lol

dropped J off at juniors and waved him goodbye - no handing him over at the door any longer

had GP appt this morning as i thought i had athletes foot which hasn't cleared up after 6 weeks of treatment. it turns out that it may actually just be eczema on my toe (GP not sure) but she was horrified by the state of my mutant toenail. it looks like a claw. i had it removed when i was 18 as it was ingrowing and getting badly infected all the time. when it grew back, it grew back like a claw so i thought it was damaged. however, she says it has probably had a fungal infection all that time!!! 23 years?! anyway she is keen to try and treat it (although i'm not bothered - but if it is fungal, it could be causing my toe issues if they aren't actually eczema as she suspects they are). so i have 3 months of tablets to take, and i may need to take them for up to 9 months. eeeek! side effects include weightloss - that would be nice

right - best clean madam up and ship off to school

03/09/2013 at 14:09

Nat went throo a spell of fainting at school when she was 

about P5-7, had to put a drink and a chocolate/cereal bar in her bag to have in the afternoon (the school's suggestion), did work as it didn't happen again.

She did faint once about 4 months ago, would have bn 16, but it's cos she'd bn lazing in bed all morning with nothing 

to eat and then jumped up out of bed to go dwnstairs for food, 

and promptly fainted at top of stairs. Hit the floor like a ton of bricks, gave 

us all a fright. Just low blood sugar and low blood pressure from lack of food 

and dehydration.

03/09/2013 at 14:25

It could be just that TT, but on Friday it was just after lunch and he was sitting watching a DVD in class. And yesterday he'd  had breakfast and a good snack in the  morning before the lunch but maybe. I am a bit of a fainter, if I am ill or spew I faint and it was my party trick during pregnancy. Hopefully it won't be  regular occurrence!

03/09/2013 at 15:02

Aw, hope the wind blows away your black clouds then CC. Those Weds logistics would have driven you mad for sure. Sometimes we just have to say no, I'm getting better at it but its a shame when its something you enjoy which has to give. The poles are meant to be really good once you get used to them but I can't imagine using them. That's such a shame about your pool. Our lessons work out at £2.70 per class (max of 6 kids per class) It used to be cheaper but the council stopped subsidising the recreation trust. Still not bad but it does hurt when its x6!

03/09/2013 at 18:34

Just been asked for 69 quid for rugby membership and subs. Then will be 50 odd for ballet this week and sd for swimming. Plus 60 for art class. Argh.... hate beginning of term

xpost earlier lotte. Hope Dylan ok 

03/09/2013 at 20:19

Urgh CC - sounds like you are having a tough time.  I try to not take too much on with mine as the running around does take its toll.  My FIL was talking about 'when you go back to work' recently which bemused me as I find my kids more than a full time job at the moment!!

We are also contemplating moving away from the SE as its so expensive here to buy a house and we don't really need to be here anymore.  Might go to Herefordshire, so nearer my family, but also not that close to Bicester where Alan is working.

Lotte - hope you can get Dylan checked easily.  Sounds worrying but hopefully its just a growth spurt, of his blood being busy digesting or something?

CM - urgh to the gammy toe too!

03/09/2013 at 22:28

Hope I can remember everything - yay to scan JT. and the description of a laid back but determined baby made me smile CC. glad your class went well. Hope the black clouds stay away. 

Funny about your toe CM - feet are weird. I had e veil verrucas for years and chiropodist tried everything short of soaking my feet in neat acid to get rid. Then randomly, when I was pregnant last time, they all vanished! Laughed at J's dancing. Good on him! 

Hope you get houses/move issues sorted soon kinsey. Deciding where to live is such a toughie. Boo to pools closing and expensive lessons and clubs. I haven't had any such costs yet really but sure they will come before I know it! Glad work ok and routine shaping up Lotte. I am such a creature of habit I love routines! (For me at least, never been keen on strict baby routines howevwr). 

Yay to physio Hoggle and started to train again. bet that felt great! 

Main news from me is that we exchanged on our sale and purchase on Monday! So we move 27th. Baby has to stay in until then!! 

03/09/2013 at 22:51

Big hugs CC - have had many similar conversations in the past with hubby! Fingers crossed he seems on track now and is a LOT happier! Of course now I start feeling anxious about him finding a job as soon as possible after his course! However am sure things will all work out - head in sand! I can really see why you wouldn't want to shift from where you are though! Going out and actively promoting your classes when you have black clouds is nigh on impossible! Can you postpone?

Great that scan went well JT!

Umm who else - sounds like RG's cat is settling?! Hope so!

I'm at Regional gymnastics schools festival all day today helping out. Organisation is chaotic to say the least and on Fri I was lumbered with the job of scoring which is really complicated - fingers crossed I don't stuff up! Friend is picking Matilda up - hope she survives with 2 2 year olds and her 6 week old! Felt terrible even asking but no other options as childcare couldn't take her for extra hours!

Gah - can feel the hamster wheel starting up.....


03/09/2013 at 23:06

that's funny Brookie cos my verrucas all cleared up when pregnant too and the dr laughed when I connected the two! but I'd had mine for 10 yrs by that point so it was a big deal. 

Hello to you all. Sorry not posting much as I phone has gone mental with the changes again and it's a right faff. 

04/09/2013 at 10:02

Can I ask the teachers a question?  Schools in Scotland went back a while ago - Lou started on 14/8.  They were assessed at the end of P1 for reading etc but it has taken 3 weeks before Lou says they did any reading and she still doesn't have a reading book home.  Does this sound acceptable?  as you can probably gather from my tone, I don't!  I asked her every night if they did any reading and she would say no they did number work or whatever (usually whatever!) but then yesterday she volunteered that they did reading and it is Biff and Chip again (oh joy) and her book is called The Bully.  I googled it and she has skipped a stage cos she was on stage 5 at the end of  P1 though she'd breezed through it and then they got these extra stage 5 books and I was going mental because she was reading stage 6 at home ones with no problems - I know it was only 3 weeks til the end of term but I felt she could have been most of the way through stage 6 by the end of the summer term.  However the Bully is a stage 7 so I feel better about that but I still think it's a bit shoddy for them not to have had a reading book home at 3 weeks in.  We have meet the teacher tonight so do I say something or do I let it go now that she has a book at school at least?  Though Lou said it's not at all tricky, it's dead easy to read so should I ask for her to zip through the stage? Or move to stage 8?  She pretty much reads anything you put in front of her now. 


sorry re grammar - seems a bit rich for me to be moaning when I write like that!  All thoughts welcome!

04/09/2013 at 13:22

Wow that is SOOOO brilliant CC. what a fab husband!! Bless him. That's the sweetest thing I've heard in ages! Who'd have thought walking ppled could be so romantic?!  

04/09/2013 at 13:22


04/09/2013 at 14:37

EF I think it depends on whether you trust the school/teachers or not. LB was in reception last year and the teacher he had has 15+ years experience of teaching 5 year-olds to read. Sure, there were time when I thought that the books he brought home seemed too easy for him. Or other times when he didn't seem to do much reading at school. However, I just had faith in the school and the teacher and, low and behold, his reading developed and continues to develop. Proof of the pudding and all that ... Sounds like Lou is doing well, so I wouldn't interefere (personally). Instead, I'd just make sure that she is reading plenty of stuff at home and then you can keep an eye on things.

04/09/2013 at 16:48

A client is getting bitten and has brought in a jar of insects for us to identify - she thinks they're lice...........They're not, they're bed bugs!!!!  Ugh ugh ugh.  I now have bed bugs in a jar in front of me whilst I am eating my lunch.

04/09/2013 at 17:37

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