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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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23/01/2013 at 22:42
Xpost CC & Kinsey
hmmm not good about no running but yippee to finding another outlet for energy. Where did you get the pedals and shoes from? dead cheap sounds good!
Asthma and wheezing with every chesty prob is common in our house too, very frustrating and scary. hope Nicky and Aiden grow out of it soon.
I wouldnt consider proper holidays with toddlers but then I can't manage 2 and some of you have 3 (or more!!). Crazy ladies......
23/01/2013 at 23:08

Haha not cheesecake! Although yummm to that! It's a cheese platter instead of a birthday cake (cheese cake!). Hubby doesn't like cake so I have spent a small fortune on different cheeses to make a great cheese platter for him instead!

Sounds like lots of sickies still on here! Horrible!! Dreading heading back into those winter months with lots of bugs etc.

Managed to get stuck into work today and its gone so fast!! I am going to be VERY busy next week and will totally regret the slackness of this week I'm sure! However the last few weeks have made me realise how happy I am here and how much this slower pace of life suits me and us as a family!!

24/01/2013 at 09:01

Doesn't like cake!!!!! Bit of a sweeping statement. Really no cakes at all, they can be sooo different. I can understand a dry madeira cake but a nice gooey chocolate cake or fruit cake are miles apart from the kids type cakes. Hmmm!

My cold isn't really shifting now seem to have a bad cough too. Still I am managing to train just about so it's not that bad, just annoying. Woke up hacking last night and woke poor hubbie too .

Sophie driving me totally bonkers at the mo. Just won't do anything I ask or takes forever. Meal times are a battle ground every day. Mind you she was an angel at the orthoptist clinic yesterday. She will have glasses but its not very bad and she will grow out of it they reckon. Bit of short sightedness quite bad in one eye so they want to balance it out before she starts reading. Bless her ...

Snow has pretty much melted off the roads here but we now have the dreaded black ice to contend with. Going to wait a bit to do my run to ensure its melted a bit, I have 16 to do so don't want to be slipping. So cup of coffee and some packing me thinks. Off to my brother's for the weekend as its my nieces birthday. The adoption court case to secure them as her parents is tom too so hopefully we will have something to celebrate !!

24/01/2013 at 09:36

boo to black ice, i always think that once the snow starts to melt is when it gets really nasty. And to the continuing colds - lots of it about for sure.  And girls will be girls I reckon, Sophie displaying many of Scarlett#s less than endearing traits!!!  Good to hear the eyesight should sort itself out though.

My hubby is another who isn't fond of cake - just really doesn't do sweet stuff ... he'll eat banana bread if you only put a little sugar in it, a gooey chocolate cake is something out of his worst nightmare - but then that's all the more for the kids and I!!  Oooh re the court case though - could be a fab celebration. Good luck for the 16-miler

Bit of ice around here, think we are in for a little more snow tonight but we've got away with it really lightly. We do however have plenty of ice around.

Hoggle - nice to hear you are feeling settled.

Off out on my bike in a mo once done a few jobs. Shoes were £35 off Evans cycles (got an extra 10% discount which brought them down to that) ++ £17 for the pedals - bargain.  Sometimes they are waaaaay cheaper than Wiggle.

Ankle seems a lot better this morning - am doing the ibuprofen etc but did REALLY deep massage to my calf last night, and I really went for it and I think that has helped. But sticking with the bike for another week definitely and we will see ...

24/01/2013 at 09:45

Good luck on the bike and hope the ankle sorts itself.

Very late to be eating Camlo, I thought 9pm was late last nighI hate eating past 9pm, but it does happen. Hubbie just finished painting spare room in pink ready for sophie. So going to look at carpets tomorrow and order some furniture. Not sure what with mind!

Boo to the calf CM. Hope it's not as bad as it sounds. These boot camps are lethal I think. Do they warm you up properly first?

I am getting a road bike for my 40th (I hope anyway!), so interested about shoes and cleats/pedals etc. Sold all mine from old bike years ago, so will need to buy all over again.

Wow 2x 10 milers Lotte. I did one 9.5 mile run yesterday and pilates that was enough. Cut back week though, so just 70 miles this week for me. Then hitting the big miles again for the next 3 weeks before Bramley.

Right time for some packing before hitting the road/tracks...

24/01/2013 at 11:03

My hubby will eat cake, he will pretty much eat anything if its in the house!

MM - Aidan has been like that for a while - turns into a control freak about all sorts of things that I am not allowed to help him with which means it all takes AGES!

Last night was shocking again, can't wait until things improve a bit!

24/01/2013 at 11:11

Yay to the road bike MM. I haven't been out on mine for months. Use the mtb regularly at the moment but just for short runs and towing twins! Boo to ice and having a cold, glad you can still train.

Hope ankle continues to improve CC. AT least biking will keep you sane, well you know, as sane as you have ever been, lol!

Not liking cake is just plain weird.

Oh Kinsey hope things improve soon.

Camlo - no wonder you are scared but you will be great, you crazy woman!

I can never face eating late. By the time I got home from the track. picked up twins from mil's and got all the kids to bed it was after 9 and I could not face proper food. A bowl of cheerios it was!

Track session last night, did 2m w/u then 4x1 mile reps (6.02/ 6.06/ 6.06/ 6.10) don't usually die quite so badly on the last one but just had nothing left. Had also done 6m in the morning.

Today weather is glorious. Flat calm and frosty and amazing light in the sky. 10 miles first thing, then jogged to school with the twins cycling and then carried on for another 6 miles. Just time for a quick cuppa and shower before I cycle back up to fetch them. Swimming lessons all round here today, twins 2.30 - 3pm then rush to get them dressed and drive 10 miles to pick up others from school then back to the pool for Reece lesson at 4pm. Then Dylan and Em swim from 4.30 - 5.30 and Sophie from 5.30 - 6.30. Long afternoon of hanging about the pool but thankfully a friend lives nearby so I will hopefully sneak up to hers for a cuppa at some point!

24/01/2013 at 13:21

I agree not liking cake is just wrong, but hubby isn't really that bothered and much prefers sweets or savoury snacks.  All the more for me .

Reassuring to hear that other kids get wheezy with a cold - do they throw up too though?  The doctor this morning seemed to think it was all very normal to get wheezy and throw up but I've never come across the 2 together before.  Poor Nicky was up till about 1am after throwing up 3 or 4 times since around 6.30pm.  

So I'm very tired today although hubby had to get up with him at 4.30am as I just couldn't face going downstairs with him (which is all he wanted to do at that point ) and has had to drive to Belper today which is about an hour's drive (?) each way.  Straight to bed for everyone tonight!

Anyway he's having a nap now after charging around the house (and doctor's waiting room - compulsory behaviour it seems no matter how awful they looked at home) and has eaten a decent amount of lunch so hopefully he'll be all better by tomorrow.

Lovely to be out running on a cold sunny winter's morning Lotte .

CM - boo to your calf.  Missed your post on here but do you know what you've done to it?

Only annoying thing is I've had to take the day off work to look after Nicky, which means I don't get paid as I'm on an hourly rate .  Brain is going to sleep so better stop waffling there.

24/01/2013 at 13:23

How old is Sophie now, MM?  My Sophie is being a bit of a "I know best" madam at the moment and has to be told several times before she'll do what she's asked.  Downhill from here I fear!

24/01/2013 at 13:42
JG - E wasn't wheezy, but she was vomiting pretty much daily for 2 weeks with a nasty cough before Christmas. I think if they're prone to being wheezy then you'd expect them to be whenever they get a cold, and vomiting definitely follows the coughing. Hope he's better soon.

I agree, not liking cake is just plain wrong. However, I do approve of liking cheese, and have probably eaten far too much of both since O was born - in fact, we're missing our Christmas cake so much that yesterday I made another one! (well, it's a big fruit cake, but I haven't decorated it - am sure it won't last long though!) I'm not a fan of chocolate cake, or anything with icing or buttercream, but a plain sponge, or a fruit cake would definitely be my weakness.

Lotte - I'm feeling weary just reading about your after school activities! At the moment we've just got ballet after school on one day, but I can see that when all 3 are bigger we could have similar logistical problems (although without the distances involved!). I will have to grit my teeth and make sure that by the time O's at school she still gets some opportunities to do activities! Think I'll look into brownies next year and get Isabelle's name on the waiting list, but then leave it at that until she decides she doesn't want to do ballet anymore!
24/01/2013 at 14:36

She is 3 in May JG, and certainly know how to push my buttons!! Very very bright, and plays on that far too much!!

16.6 miles done. Felt hard tbh, cough annoying me and still rather snotty. Quite a bit of snow round on the offroad tracks I use, most bigger roads clear but then some side roads not great so failed to hit MP for the last 5-6 miles. Nevermind, 16 in the bag and did have 5 solid miles at the end increasing in pace, just under 8mm for the whole run. The last 3 were around 7 mm just never ducked under, not quite 100% for sure. Still not worried at this stage, its all about miles just now.

Long chat with coaching mentor which was nice as I'm hosting a marathon Q&A evening in two weeks time for the club so quick chat about that and he is coming along too to help field the questions.

Right time to collect madam and the boys then we too have the joys of swimming lessons for the boys, then I have the club AGM tonight. Yawn!!

24/01/2013 at 15:23
Oh a Q&A evening MM, good luck for that. You will have no probs with that I'm sure with all your experience. Well done on the long run but rubbish to the snot n cough, grrrrrrrr. Blooming germs eh.
M is 3 in October and is turning into a right madam just like her sisters. Gosh they drive you demented those girls.
Imagine not like cake, blimey anything sweet I love. In face I have just eaten a crunchie!
I love cheese Vixo but my tummy doesn't
JG - I ad to take yesterday of work also, it's a real pain although I do get paid at least.
R gets asthma when coughing and chesty but the other two don't appear too.
Both still of school but are a bit better today and slept all night thank goodness. I also feel bit better today.
Lotte- blimey how do you keep track of them all, sounds exhausting!
Nice weather here today also, 1 degree and frosty and dry.
Well the camara man has been and he filming done. Hahaha so funny! Cos the girls were all of school he filmed them sitting at the table colouring in with me helping them. Then I put M in the trailer and he filmed me running with her up and down the road, I had to keep doing it again! Then he filmed me speaking about the event & why I was doing it etc etc. oh my hope its ok, can't believe it will be on the TV. I will be well mortified! Then at the weekend they will do wee clips of me and others on our bikes no doubt sticking a camara in my face at 2 am when I'm freezing, knackered & can't face doing another 2 mile climb up the fire road again!!!
Ah well, all a laugh.
Very very best of luck to you Camlo in case I don't get the chance to get back on as busy day tomorrow getting bags, food etc organised. You'll do brilliant I'm sure, take care & stay warm(!!!!)
24/01/2013 at 17:04

which program does it go live on RF - will have to be watching or recording that one for sure!

Yes these girls deifnitely keep us on our toes.

After school activities are a rite of passage for parents   Glad I don't have to do that kind of stint at the pool though - thankfully my two both have lessons at the same time so it's quite painless. Weds guitar for J in Nairn is the pain - 30 mins each way plus and hour of lesson and nowhere to go so S and I sit in the corridor for an hour on the floor ... at least come summer we can head over the road to the beach if it's nice!

Sun didn't quite make it out today but -1 and dry, so everything still frozen. Biking is wierd as my bum is bruised from my ancient saddle and all the bouncing around but my legs really don't feel like they are working out much ... need to get some hills in really but takes up so much more time to do a decent bike ride. Oh well, keeping me ticking over I guess  but I am so envious of MM and Lotte training at the mo

Ballet for us this afternoon - S finishes at 2.50pm, ballet is a t 3.20pm just as J comes out of school. Only just across road from school and have lollipop lady so for first time let J come across on his own with a friend and the lollipop lady and meet me in the library.

24/01/2013 at 20:13
Busy for everyone then?
Boo to coughing voms, sore butts, extra curriculum activities, being cold and tantrums. Archie is doing his best to break me and is 4, I am ashamed to say he is close to succeeding.
Yippee to our very own film star, lollipop ladies (I used to love mine), cake...mmmmm, new trainers (cm), doing Q&A session and new bike (MM)
Lotte-Not sure a drop from 6:06 to 6:10 would be classed as dying in my book....
RF - will you be finished before I start? I am doing mine 11 am on Sunday? Weather forecast is dire for us isn't it? Rain and wind...I'd rather have cold than wind. Are you Ok for support? can you stop and refuel/ rest whenever you like or just in allocated areas? I am so scared now my hands have completely broken down and are an itchy mess and I've bitten all my nails off today. Eek!
24/01/2013 at 20:24
Camlo - good luck. And RF - you star. All the very best

Yes I have torn my calf muscle. Did it at boot camp doing knee kicks into a pad held by the instructor. Think it was aggravated by a 6m run in the snow in completely knackered shoes. My right shoe had worn thru on the inside of the ankle and my calf had twinged on the last couple of runs so I ordered a new pair of shoes. Of course - they turned up today once the damage is done. I can now limp fairly normally which is a bonus. I couldn't put any weight on it at all for most of the day. may I just say AAAARGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

JG - hope N is ok. Poor lamb

Oh yes and I also lol'd at 6.10 constituting dying!

I did some proper consultancy today. Makes a nice change from being am excel monkey!
24/01/2013 at 20:27
Oh and I am not fussed by cake. I like crispy things. Crisps obviously. But if it is to be sweet I prefer biscuity things. I would always choose a caramel shortcake thing or a scone or at a push a chewy flapjack with nuts in it. I am not keen on stuff which just disintegrates in my mouth!
24/01/2013 at 20:51

know what you mean about crispy things CM - chocolate covered brazil nuts or similar cannot be left in my company for long!!

LOL about the dying at 6.10mm - I was thinking the same girls!

Camlo - oh dear to the nerves, I can't wait to hear your write-up though, you will be fab.   As will RF.

Had high hopes of coming up to shout you on a bit RF but the kids seem to have endless activities on this weekend - but I will be doing it anyway, you just won't be able to hear me!!

Glad you are just down to standard limping now CM!! I am now worrying whether I should even bike with my ankle or just give it some proper rest for next few days - oh god, my sanity ...

24/01/2013 at 21:39

Grrr  just typed mamoth post and lost it - bl**dy Blackberry.  On Laptop now! 

Brilliant running going on but boo to all the lurgies - I seem to have the same cold I've had since November - not good.  Hope all feel better soon.

LOL at the 6.10 thing here too - I can only dream of that speed!

RF - can we get the programme down South or online as I'd love to see it.

Loving the running in the snow though on the couple of occaisions I have got out.  still a lot here though so maybe get a run in at the weekend.  to be honest I really struggle to get much running in with hubby still away - getting a bit down about it as its been more than a year already and I really struggle to fit everything in and my work too - think I may have to look at reducing my hours to save my sanity.

After a bit of advice (non running)  Lex was toilet trainined in Oct and did fine and has been good  (odd accident aside) but this last week or so she has been awful. SIX accidents at nursery alone today!!  She wont tell me why she does it just "sometimes I do" Grrr  .  How can I reason with her?  she doesn't seem bothered by any of my "threats" to take toys away but will promise she wont wee in her pants and then does!   Help!!

On the plus side - I've never seen Les Mis but will as I was lucky enough to get on the movie set for 2 days when they filmed the opening dry dock scenes as it was done where I work   Hugh Jackmman was lovely  - even with all that horrible makeup on!

24/01/2013 at 21:52
Chynah - sympathy to the regressed potty training, we had it cracked but now getting wet pants nearly daily (age 4). Hang in there- she will prob stop again just as quickly! Only thing I would check is that she has no irritation or wee smell as UTI's can cause wetting but 9/10 it is fine. Would love to be on a film set, sounds very swish!
Mmmmm crispy things, mmmmmm cheese, mmmmm just scoffed a load of crackers with philly and p??t??.... Doh!
24/01/2013 at 22:05
Camlo- will be just finished when you start! I can't imagine how knackered, sore and wet I shall be! Start 10 am Sat. till 10 am Sunday, madness methinks!!!! Why did I think it was a good idea??!!!!!!! You can stop whenever you like and for how long you want. You dib in at every lap so if you stop for an hour it just looks like you've done a very long lap!!! The laps are 11 k long which is on fire roads, single track, forest and rocks, a lot of it is uphill my dad will be there with his campervan so that's good and between him, the cycle club and guys from hubbies work I should hopefully get mechanical help with my bike. If the course is muddy it apparently eats the brake pads!!! Forecast is for rain and 1 degrees, fabulous
I have two bags of clothes, jackets, gloves, trainers etc to take. My hands get cold even in two pairs of gloves. CC - got those gloves so will give them a try!
Chynah- yeah as Camlo says, it's one of these things and before ya know it shell be back to normal.
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