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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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08/10/2012 at 17:45
Oh no Brookie!! Wonder where he has caught that from?

JT, hang on in there, hope X-ray comes up good.

MM, I'm sure you'll conjure up something yummy!
08/10/2012 at 17:57

Oh no to the CP Brookie... can you keep him as covered as possible? Surely if the doc says he can fly!?

JT.. look after yourself and get as much help with things as you can. Hope the next set of antib's help.

Good to hear from you Vixo, how much longer do you have left?

Eek to the fireworks...although I clearly remember going over to the park with my Nan when I was little collecting old fireworks in a bag and taking them home

Hope you get Aus news soon MM. Cant be much fun not knowing whats happening.


08/10/2012 at 18:32
Eek to chickenpox n fireworks.

Vixo google jools' favourite beef stew and you'll get a great and easy Jamie o recipe which I use. You need sage onion beef carrots parsnips and butternut squash.

Sorry I'm reading too but struggling to post much from phone. Have requested kindle fire hd for Xmas which shld be better!

Bog hugs fab.

Tired today. 4am bed on Sunday am catching up with me!
08/10/2012 at 20:32
Wow JT - you've been in wars. Hope you start to feel better soon. What a nightmare. Are you off work for another two weeks then? MM - yes agree I hope you hear about aus soon. Being in limbo like that waiting to hear something is always tough. I hate not knowing what I'm doing. I just want to plan everything.

Re CP - it was at his nursery about 3 wks ago. But he'd shown no signs at all and there had been no new cases for at least 10 days before I left so I thought he'd escaped this time. Obvs if he'd been poorly I'd never have come away. Insurance will cover us if the airline won't let us fly. I guess I'll just have to see if any new spots appear over the next few days.....
08/10/2012 at 20:53

JT - sending you get well soon vibes and to little E too Brookie!

Vixo - I know what you mean, on round 3 I definitely didn't feel I should moan too much!  Hope everyone in your house starts sleeping better!!

Hmm, not loving phonics here, M has a sense of letter sounds but cant glue it all together, feel like they are pushing it a bit hard considering its all so new to them!

Fell in with two other mums today and (if we don't move) I will be seeing them at school for the rest of forever as we all have 3 kids who are each going to be in the same school years - hadn't realised what a long haul schooling is going to be, I'm having to do flipping homework every night and I'm not sure how you juggle multiples of that MM and Lotte!

08/10/2012 at 20:58

Being in limbo is horrible, I'll definitely agree with that.

Can't imagine what twin sibling rivalry is like, but I guess it all varies from family to family anyway. My two get on fabulously in general, but S winds J up an absolute treat (she's a natural and he bites). So we rollercoaster along. They are so different at school with S finding it very easy to make friends whereas J has had something of a struggle but fingers crossed at the mo seems to be on the up, in fact today he told me this school is so so so much nicer and better than his old one ...

Parents evening and all seems to be OK, bullying thing looks like it's currently under control and he's doing well in class, despite being 'something of a dreamer' which we know anyway. Usual stuff - needs to improve handwriting, but believe me it has improved!! Great reading, good maths so pretty OK really. S doing well too, listens well etc etc and apparently doing well with all her phonics and sounds (despite what she doesn't seem to understand at home!!?). Very independant and a bit quirky was the observation and I'll agree with all that!!

Bog hugs - yes we like those   Boo to chicken pox. Hope you can fly though and good to get that one over with.

Vixo - I don't think it matters how many you have really ... ALL entitled to feel tired and frazzled whatever, and the multiples and singulars all come with their own different challenges. LOL at the wedding anniversary, some of ours have been a lot like that ... am sure hubby relations will pick up, being shattered, working, arrival of an extra are all things to add into the joyous melting-pot of marriage.

No running for me today - felt shattered this morning ... but 1 hour pilates class that I go to plus 30 mins on the turbo and a load of lunges and squats - thanks MM. Just off to do more homework now having finally got kids to bed. This Monday eve Cubs is a killer with an 8.15 finish, madam will be HORRIBLE tomorrow

08/10/2012 at 21:00
Eek to continued and new poorlies, long sleeves brookie and a big hat as you check in?? Hope the happy pills are helping xxxxx JT I hate it when I am signed off sick, feels like a spoiled holiday!
love slow cooker recipes and sudocreme story / Vaseline pics.
EF now you have your night out done and dusted are you going to get some rest and relaxation ready for the iVF? When do injections start? I found them quite easy but found the need for same time every day a hassle. I remember taking one In a cool bag to a concert so I could give it in the car as soon as I got out!
CM how is J now? Not heard from you lately? Are you ok?
Vixo - it is not luxurious to have 3 kids..... In fact I find it torture and think I deserve a medal....
MM - twins would finish me off. Pity the teachers aren't more supportive and little things in school may help a lot. Why can't you raise it on parents eve?
Fireworks - lunacy. We have a country obsessed with health & safety yet once a yr you can buy explosives from supermarkets! Think they should be strictly limited to organised events only. Stupid parents for allowing them to touch them and also for allowing their kids to bully others!
rain was forecast so took the opportunity to run first thing. Did a nice 6.6 in an hour which came in at 8:59mm. Felt speedy! Also gave blood today so am stuffing choc to replenish my iron stores......
08/10/2012 at 21:03
Don't worry about gluing it all together just yet Kinsey. When she's ready she'll fly. Concentrate on doEing words such as in, it, at, an etc then add in things like sat, pat, pin. If you google letters and sounds phase 2 words and phonics what she's doing should become a bit clearer. You can start to make simple sentences too which might be the way forward rather than random words that get thrown at them. Being able to read It is sat (from first six phonics taught) can be more meaningful to some whereas others prefer to match words and pictures. Hope that helps!

Sounds a nice run camlo!

Mm- school definitely need to address the issue and there are definitely ways round it!

Hope e is ok Brookie.

Screaming upstairs and hubby out for a run. Joy...
08/10/2012 at 21:09
Oops xposts Kinsey and CC.
K -Agree that thought of doing school runs for the next 12 yrs fills me with dread! I am teaching Archie phonics but haven't got to the glue bit. With Tom I used to say aaa, bbb, ccc so when we got to putting them together he would repeat each letter 3 times ccc,aaa,ttt rather than cat. Is M doing it in school too ?
CC had visions of S winding J up and him literally sinking his teeth into her! Glad parents evening went ok and nice to hear of them doing well.
08/10/2012 at 21:59

"Vixo - it is not luxurious to have 3 kids..... In fact I find it torture and think I deserve a medal...."  Love it Camlo

08/10/2012 at 22:11

Oh god Sophie winds up J too. So I have the twins shouting death threats at each other and Sophie joining in. Her speech is rather too good for a 2 year old!!

Tonight they were all little angels actually, but yesterday was horrific at times.

At least its a different school after a few years Camlo...

Good training there CC. I intend on getting out in the garden with my medicine ball that I stll have from Bedford days. Its only 3kg but thats enough when you do squats, sit ups, lunges and throw it. Nothing this week though except pilates. Taper time ...

Long and protracted running club comm meeting, too tired to write up minutes as secretary not there tonight so I offered (why??), bed for me ...

08/10/2012 at 22:14

I totally agree on the torture too. Sometimes it is enjoyable, and can make me feel very happy but mostly its hell on earth and never ever luxurious. But I can see that actually the process of being able to have 3 children is a luxury. Although I would say to anyone thinking of it, think very carefully!!!

08/10/2012 at 22:17

ha ha to the teeth sinking Camlo - sometimes I think he'd like too!!!

JT - sorry, missed you earlier!!! So sorry you are still so ill, really really hope the meds kick in soon - you deserve some relief for sure! I wish you were teaching S her phonics etc. I feel a bad mum in a way as I haven't focussed on it much, whereas, of course my friend who has three girls has got her 4.5-year-old reading stuff and I am still struggling to get my 5.5-year-old to get it together!!! I think S is actually finding the jolly phonics really confusing - the whole making a sound and then giving them a list of words beginning with the sound - so when she sees the letter she shouts out one of the words relating to the sound!  I find it really hard to know what is 'normal' cos J was so NOT normal, I think he was born reading with no effort from me!!! Sigh, sorry, waffle, but I worry about S in this respect more than I ever did with J.

Kinsey - it does kind of get better, well it changes too but the older ones do more for themselves eventually.

Camlo - love it!!! We are all gold medallists in my book

08/10/2012 at 22:18
Ha ha to the idea of 3 children being luxurious! Isabelle goes through real phases of being an absolute joy to be around, and then flicks into complete pain-in-the-arse mode, and I find it sooo hard sometimes to maintain any kind of patience with her. But then I think of that poor little girl and her family and mentally beat myself up for getting cross with her. To be fair, I think she was really feeling off colour for a good week, which coupled with school and broken nights made everything very challenging. My patience and mood definitely not at best when I'm exhausted either!

JG - good to hear you're feeling better, and that the job is agreeing with you. Sometimes I really wish our lives were simpler, but I also think I'd really struggle if I didn't work at all, so I can totally see where you're coming from. It's nice to feel like you deserve, and can afford, a treat sometimes!

MM - have they said when you'll hear about his job? I have to say I think that in your position I'd be really tempted to say, that's fine, but if he goes we're all coming too - the boys would be fine missing a few months of school, which you could cover with them, and what an amazing opportunity for you all. Probably easier to stay put though I guess!

CC - very jealous of your amazing looking runs on fb! My local friend who I run with has already started wondering when I'll be back on track for our Wednesday evening sessions - I'm counting down the weeks! My husband and his friends did a 100mile bike race this weekend all in their matching kit - funny boys!

EF - thank you, will look it up and make sure I've got what I need. Pics of your reunion looked great fun, although I've got no idea how you managed to stay up until 4 am - no wonder you're tired!!

JT - hope you're feeling better soon. Sounds miserable, but at least everyone's being sensible about you having time off work. I usually tell people with pneumonia they should have at least as long again as they've been unwell, and realistically should expect not to feel 'back to normal' for a good month or so - and that's for young 'fit' people.

We've had some interesting phonics experiences too Kinsey. She gets the sounds, but is struggling to put them together. We've had "m-a-d," "b-a-ck, ummm....camel?". I'm definitely not cut out to be a teacher - I'm not going to recall my frustrated responses for you all! We've got parents evening on Wednesday so it will be interesting to hear what she's actually been doing and whether she's on track as it's hard to separate fact from fiction from some of her tales. A few weeks ago both the reception teachers were obviously doing something else as were both missing and they had other teachers standing in. At first Isabelle said they were doing some other work, and then she said her teacher had gone to center parcs on holiday - am sure she'd be thrilled to know the children were telling their parents this!
08/10/2012 at 22:21
No idea what phonics is really. Hubby is gong to the curriculum meeting at school thurs evening so maybe he'll know more then! We have looked at some on the computer with her on her schools web page when she was off on fri. Loads of pics of them doing stuff on her classroom page which is nice, as she then can talk to me about school and her friends, rather than I don't remember or nothing which is what she usually says.

So called GP today as I reckon she prob has a UTI. It finally all came together in my slow, maternity leave brain on Sat when she said it hurt when she was weeing. The several days of wet beds last wk, sore tummy, a couple of episodes of vomiting, bit lethargic, bit off food but not a tummy will take in a sample tomorrow and the dr is prescribing antibiotics as a precaution. Don't know whether you agree with this vixo, but she said in children under 5 with a suspected UTI it was better to give meds straight away rather than wait a wk for the urine analysis to come back, as if it is a UTI and is left untreated it can lead to kidney scarring. I asked about just dipping the urine and she said it wouldn't necessarily show anything.

What is normal school policy on giving antibiotics?

jT sounds terrible, poor you. I hope you didn't go to longleat!

Missed the Florida bit Brookie, glad you weren't just up at 3am!
08/10/2012 at 22:26
Oh and they had a kid on chris Evans this morning spelling some words they'd done in a test....expect he was spelling them phonetically! Most what was wrong with the way we were taught to read??
08/10/2012 at 22:28
Isabelle does 'read, write, inc' as her phonics programme. Have no idea whether this is good or bad - bit early to tell I guess. It's interesting as there seem to be lots of us with children just started school this time round. They're also making them write letters with lead-ins and lead-outs ready for joined up writing, whichisabelle is finding very hard. She can write most letters normally, so can write cards etc if you tell her how to spell things, but the extra 'twiddles' on all the letters are really really confusing her - and turning her writing into nonsense!

Lots of posts whilst I wrote my last one. Yes MM, I meant that managing to have 3 children is a bit of a luxury rather than the reality of actually having the 3! I know some people who are also very environmentally against the having of more than 2 children, but hey, despite my sometimes slightly lacklustre parenting, I think we can give our children a pretty good start in life so maybe we're not doing too bad a thing. Still no closer to deciding on possible names though - in fact have hardly discussed it until tonight when we sat eating our lasagne which husband bought from waitrose on the way home from work - our 'romantic meal'!!
08/10/2012 at 22:32
Center parcs... If only.... sounds like she's doing fine Vixo. I had a horrid feeling that may be the case. Thankfully asthma is behaving itself (but I am still on 24 puffs of ventolin a day!) so at least there's not that to deal with too. Currently hitting it with doxycycline so hoping that works!

Cc - my son started school knowing the letters T and d. He could also barely write his name. I dread to think what school thought of me, but I dont care tbh. He's a summer born, we'd had fun at home and he is able to read and write so I don't see a problem!

Not going to comment on Jolly Phonics. It will turn into a rant. Gimmicky carp!!!!

Archie not happy, please god he's not got this. Taken an hour to get him back off. It looks more like a cold, but paranoia is kicking in!
08/10/2012 at 22:35
Caro - I have virtually no paeds experience at all so not qualified to comment but it sounds sensible. In adults we'd do the same if someone was symptomatic. It drives me bananas when gp's treat without sending off a sample, but fine to treat symptoms as long as a sample has gone to the lab so that if they don't get better you know what bug you're dealing with and can treat it with the right thing. Don't know what first line would be in children - amoxicillin at a guess, although lots of resistance now in adults. In adults probably trimethoprim for 3 days, followed by something more serious if no response. Don't know about school giving antibiotics but I'd probably just spread them out as much as possible at home and not involve school - first thing in the morning, straight after school and last thing before bed would be fine.
08/10/2012 at 22:39
Read write ink is supposed to be pretty good Vixo, I've not seen much of it but like the principles. And poor I, cursive writing!

Caro - there was some funny system in the mid 60s which might explain it. Can't remember what it was called. General rule is to think of the shortest possible way to say a letter eg s is ss. Reason behind it is that if you say suh, a, tuh you get suata. Not sat if that makes sense! Hope m is getting better.
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