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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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04/09/2013 at 17:38

Thanks Rb. I think that's exactly it, I don't know this teacher at all and no one does as she's been off for 2 yrs pretty much straight on mat leave. I will see what I make of her tonight. 

04/09/2013 at 17:40

Yuck!!! Mind they don't bite 

CC, sounds like hubby has just about made up for things with the pressie! Love it. Amazing how the kids got ready so quickly this morning too. JP was back in for his first day today, and was really enthusiastic and speedy in th getting ready department. It won't last, i am quite certain.

JT, what a naughty baby Hope the repeat scan is OK! 'Frances' needed a really good poke to get her to move at my 20 week scan so I am certain we have a strong character in there...

Went needle-tastic today. 28 week bloods plus shot of Anti-D. And I have a GTT plus whooping cough jab tomorrow! Sob. I keep trying to tell them I don't have sugar issues, I just grow big babies, but they are not having any of it Still, at least it was my first day of being part time (I.e. day off ). I work next door to JP's school, so It was really funny dropping him off this morning and seeing colleagues going in to work, hahaha  

He is really tired tonight so we will hopefully get a nice quiet evening.

04/09/2013 at 17:45

EF, I would definitlely keep an eye on how it goes. I wouldn't personally be happy with not having a book sent home for 3 weeks either, but I am with RB on having easier books often being a good thing. If she is happy reading more challenging things on her own at home then she is getting a good balance of material that will both stretch her and build her confidence in securing the basics. 

Oh, and my verrucas went when pregnant last time too. Weird!

04/09/2013 at 17:49

Fab present CC!!

04/09/2013 at 18:04

and the worse thing is - they're HUGE!  I thought they were tiny, microscopic things, but they are at least 5mm and clearly visible to the naked eye - I can't imagine having them in my bed!!

04/09/2013 at 21:55

Ewwww to bed bugs and yes I agree surely you'd try and i'd them at home to save the shame!!

Worst of the madness for the week is over now and had a lovely bookgroup last night. It was such a laugh which was exactly what I needed!!!

WIndy and freezing today after some really warm weeks so feels like we have gone back to winter - yuck!!! Even though its been a really mild winter I'm ready for spring to really get started!!

04/09/2013 at 21:59

Ewww - Martha keeps asking about bed bugs, ever since I said 'make sure the bed bugs don't bite' one night!!  I've explained you can see them and there aren't any real ones in her bed!

Why did your client bring them to you Caro instead of a gp?!?

CC - Alan has been in Bicester for a year now, initially it was on contract but he's been full time for a few months.  He normally stays in a b&b for about 3 nights a week as the M25 bit of the commute can add on an hour to a 90 minute journey.  I'm fine with that option as him in a b&b is preferable to a grumpy husband who has spent over 2 hours in the car getting home!

Yeay to the new poles!!

If its a comparison then Martha went back to school today and had a book in her book bag this evening!  I'm debating whether I should have a meet up with her new teacher as I want to make sure we are on the same page regarding her development following on from the weird categories she got put in for some of her reporting areas as the end of Reception.  

TattyB - yuk to the needles - that is one bit I don't miss from my pregnancies!

04/09/2013 at 22:01

lolLoll to bed bugs. Ugh. Not that I know a THING about teaching kids to read, but RB's advice sounds sensible. Bad luck on anti D jabs and the others TB. I had anti D last time but when they tested my blood this time (apparently using new more accurate technology) they informed me I was positive not negative so At the age of 36 my blood group is not what I 

04/09/2013 at 22:01

Thought it was! Sorry phone going mental so will say night might now. 

04/09/2013 at 22:10

I think they thought it was a louse and they wanted treatment for the lice on their pet!  Er no!  Apparently this client is a bit odd. I drew the line at calling her and telling her she had a bed bug infestation.....someone can do it tomorrow.

04/09/2013 at 22:12

I'm not sure........she's very young. I liked a lot of the presentation about how she will teach bits of it but I'm still not convinced about the reading. Apparently homework starts next week. I'm wondering if Lou sounds more hesitant than she is as she now tends to read the sentence to herself and then read it aloud with proper expression so that she puts the right inflections and emphasis. Acht I think what I will do is agree to go in and help a few times and really get to know what is going on. 

Camlo    pirate
04/09/2013 at 22:52

yippee to going part time, clever kids and new poles. 

HUGE YUCK to the bedbugs and boo to crappy weather returning and all those injections and tests Tatty. 

Brookie - never heard of someone finding out they had a different blood group to what they had previously been told

I haven't had verruca's disapearing when preg but toms chronic molluscum cleared completely when he got chicken pox.  

I haven't a clue about teaching and reading but was rather frustrated when Tom started bringing home books he had read 6 months previously. When I pointed it out teacher apologised and said she had forgotten.

Forecast not looking good for my ultra across Wales on Saturday. Not given kit or fuel a thought yet and need to look at route and checkpoint needs but hey ho.....  if it is raining all day would I need waterproofs or just keep it minimal and keep moving to stay warm??? 

05/09/2013 at 01:58

Forgot to say - looks like you have been shaking your new very smart light weight poles at the black clouds to chase them away CC!!! What a difference a thoughtful gift can make to everything else!

05/09/2013 at 06:03

Don't Hoggle - if I'm a bit down it normally results in me self-gifting to cheer myself up!!

Camlo -hope the weather isn't as bad as they are forecasting xx

05/09/2013 at 13:40

Camlo you are one tough lady - 'ruff, tuff and hard to gluff' as we say up here! (Gluff is a dialect work for fright!) You'll be great, crap weather or not. Good luck.

Homework makes me cry. I am just delighted the twins don't have reading yet, doing their drawing for a letter each night is bad enough but at lesast they can do that at the same time! We had a homework crisis this morning. Em had forgotten to take her weekly spelling and maths home over the weekend which is the best chance to do it. She only took it back yesterday and it had to be in this morning. So she was still sitting at the kitchen table trying to get it finished at 9am, she is such a slow worker and takes so long to think about the answer she forgets the question. Shes clever enough, just a dreamer. So that was a panic since she had to cycle the mile to school for the bell at 9.15. Meanwhile Sophie is having a melt down about a talk she has to give in English. They were only given it on Monday and she genuinely hasn't been in the house long enough to do it before now! Argh. And the other chaos  going on, 6 pack lunches to make and the twins having bum wars (don't ask!)  Fun fun fun. Work is so peaceful in comparison but I better get on with it!  

05/09/2013 at 13:58

Lotte, I always say I go back to work for a rest! There always seems to be a million and one things to do for school. Much as I have loved having loads of time off with JP, it is nice to have some peace now he has gone back though. I am sooooo glad to be part time now  

Got to love a bit of self-gifting, Kinsey It is positively good for the spirit.

JT, hope your class have calmed down a bit today 

Camlo, boo to the weather forecast! We're in Wales over the weekend (tomorrow and Sat) so I shall hope that we bring the good weather with us. 

Needles all done for now, hooray. 5 in less than 24 hrs!!! I also had my whooping cough jab done after my GTT (may as well get stabbed one more time!). That was an interesting experience. I had to have a pre-school booster, of all things, because the single whooping cough vaccine is too high a dose for baby. Hence I am all done against tetanus, polio and diphtheria too. I am pretty certain I was due a booster next year anyway, so it's all good. I now understand why JP screamed his head off when he had it though - it stung like buggery!!! 

Had some sad news last night My auntie had surgery yesterday to hopefully remove the tumour from her ovary and some of the mets from her bowel. Unfortunately, they opened her up and there was too much there to operate. She has too much on her bowel to remove, and it has also spread to her liver, diaphragm and her other ovary. The oncologist seems pretty positive about the impact of chemo, but it is sounding like a case of palliative care to me It has all happened so quickly. She was only diagnosed 6 weeks ago. Certainly makes me want to live in the moment! 

05/09/2013 at 14:34

So sad about your auntie Tattie.  F in L is having his chemo at the moment.  He is having a cocktail of 2 drugs, where normally they would give 3 but apparently because he has a stent in his heart they can only give 2.  Anyway he's had 2 rounds so far, and the only side effects he's having is tiredness, and part of me worries that because he is only having the 2 drugs, and not having the bad side effects, that it's not doing much.......I think he has one more round then a CT scan to see if it has done anything.

So I took advantage of the nice weather and did a 4 mile baby jogger run this morning in a park with a playground so E could play afterwards.  He loved it, enjoyed looking at dogs, other people running etc.  But the bloomin thing still pulls to the left all the time - RB or anyone else do you have any ideas how I can get it solved?  Do you think a bike shop would be able to fix it?  It pulls so much that it is much more tiring on your arms than it should be because I'm constantly having to turn it right to stop it drifting left. Thanks

05/09/2013 at 17:06

oh dear Tatty. Sorry to hear about your auntie? My uncle is in cardiac care because he collapsed on monday on a building site and had a massive arrest. the ambulance took 26 mins to get to him so he was without a heartbeat for all that time. when they finally restarted him, they airlifted him to hospital, sedated him, put him on life support and on an ice bed. he came off the ice bed yesterday and took him off the sedation but last i heard he wasn't coming around. they think even if he does, he may have very bad brain damage. he may also not be able to breathe for himself...

and then today i'm in reading doing mid-year reviews for my team and one of the ladies, whose husband has been having treatment for prostate cancer, told me today that, after they had good news following his operation last week, he has now had a full body scan and they have found another tumour. she was in bits (as you can imagine).

so yes - carpe diem everyone.

05/09/2013 at 19:21

Caro Well it's been nearly three years since I hung up the babyjogger but (assuming you have the type with three wheels), the trick is to try re-aligining the front wheel by trial and error. If it pulls to the left all the time, loosen the quick release on the front wheel and re-align it ever so slightly to point more to the right. Then try pushing the babyjogger along again (preferably do this on a flat path with no camber, rather than a pavement) and so on and so on. Some models have a way of making that adjustment permanent by means of a small screw at the back of where the front wheel goes into the front fork.

05/09/2013 at 20:11

voddy sounds good JT! Sounds awful week at work.  The thing with lou is that she now wants to do sort of voices for different people and if she thinks she hasn't done it right eg it says shouted and she feels she hasn't actually shouted the words then she 're reads it! So if it is just to read it then she does that easily but if you want a full on performance she might read ahead to herself then say it. I'm not sure what they are looking for. 


Carpe diem indeed. So sad. 


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