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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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09/10/2012 at 20:26
Caro, what a charmer! Hope she at least makes it better even if you are none the wiser.

Have always wanted to see the northern lights but don't think I'll get a very good view from here
09/10/2012 at 21:06

Just a really quick post from me as I'm desperate to go and rewind British Bake Off so I can see it from the beginning (love it!).

If anybody is looking for cheap long sleeve running tops they've got some super cheap ones on reduced from 29.99 to 9.99. I've just ordered 3. Don't think they have a lot of stock though so order quick ...

JT - hope you're on the mend soon, take it easy now.

Caro - remind me not to go to your woman if I ever need an osteopath. 

Lotte - I'm pretty sure that looking after 6 kids is a full time job in itself so I'm amazed you get anything done at all let alone all the amazing running you do. 

Reading? No time to go into it now but Issie not really interested in even trying much. She can read short words and easy sentences but she's not keen and she said to me the other night that she doesn't want to learn to read. Hubby says not to worry and that she'll pick it up when she's ready but I don't know. Anna on the other hand is already really keen on knowing letters and can already recognise a, i, t, p, n and s (which are all the letters in Issie's first jolly-phonics book). I'm also not at all convinced generally by the phonics method of teaching but as that's what they teach in our school I don't want to confuse the kids by trying anything different.

Right, off to my British Bake Off now ... am hungry already. Mmmm cake.

09/10/2012 at 21:54
She'll get there Karen, don't panic. I think I'm right in saying she's a,summer born? If so doubly so, it will happen!
09/10/2012 at 22:11

God Caro, what a horror! Can't imagine why you wouldn't want to go back!  MM and Lotte wear orthotics.  Would have thought if your feet were causing you issues you would have already been aware of problems?

Brookie - YES - I think Pilates is fab ... clearly biased as I am learning how to teach it but I do attribute it to keeping me on my feet and running!

Vixo - I've got the 'read, write, inc' cards at home and these seem to make more sense than the jolly phonics stuff! How making an aeroplane noise makes you recognise the letter 'n' I don't know - S just says 'aeroplane' in response to the letter ... noooooo!

J is summer born but a natural and avid reader but think he takes after me and my dad in that respect as all three of us seem to have inhaled books since whenever, on other stuff though I'd say he definitely reflects that. S is spring-born and the oldest in her year ... I guess that's why I feel a bit stressed about it sometimes, just aware that kids just a month older than her are already stuck into their reading, being in P2 ... equally ... if she'd started earlier (as in if we'd stayed in England) who's to say she wouldn't be struggling and feeling bad about it!!! She skips into school every day so clearly loving it.

Usually I'm really chilled about this stuff - did absolutely nothing with J before going to school, not sure why I've got so hung-up this time. Am working on not being so!!!

Just spoken to my mum - but we had to wait for British Bake-off to finish before she would speak.  Off to check out long-sleeved tops as I definitely need some although running today I managed t-shirt and knee-length tights with a pair of gloves while the sun shone

erm yes - full-time job you already have Lotte I think!!! My brain boggles at your juggling skills.

Definitely agree with lotte re the homework and the juggling.

Gutted that I missed last nights lights - not that I can see much from where we are, I usually get a notification from a website if something is going to happen - but nothing yesterday. Since up here I have seen quite a fabulous green glow in the sky but that's about it. Have a good friend about to move to Stavanger, Norway so she should be in with a chance I reckon. Right, I'm waffling ... sorry state of affairs so best head to bed me thinks ...


09/10/2012 at 22:17

You lot are making me chuckle tonight, what with repeated bog hugs, Lotte in awe of mums working full-time and aiming for the twins to avoid prison, and Caro's inanimate osteopath .  Just spoke to a friend who I haven't seen for ages too which is always nice.

Sophie's school is doing Read Write Inc too (Read WritIN according to Sophie), haven't got round to looking it up to see what it's all about,, but they seem to be doing lots of letter worksheets and some copying of words as far as I can tell - I'm sure there's way more to it than that!  She says she doesn't want to read so I'm not going to push that yet.  She also seems to be left-handed - have they decided one way or another by this age?

Must get to bed at a decent hour tonight, been up way too late recently for no reason other than disorganisation!

Oh and my friend had her second baby on Friday by emergency c-section and has since haemorraged and been rushed back into theatre, spent 2 days in intensive care after a blood transfusion (9 pints) and is now back on maternity ward but not able to do much.  Who'd have kids?!!

09/10/2012 at 22:34
JT - sounds like you got a good service at the hospital today! Now have to hope you start feeling better soon- do take it easy whilst you recover!

JG - we've had quite a few letter sheets too, and a sheet of 'key words' that's she's supposed to learn by sight this term - think they're ones that don't work with phonics - we, be, me, she, to, go, no, I. She seems to be enjoying being able to spell a few words, but it's very sporadic and not always repeatable, so not sure yet how much is actually going in. They do a thing called 'fred talking' words (Fred is apparently a frog!) - does Sophie do that?

Caro - sounds like she's rather lacking a personality! But I guess if she helps at all then it will have been worth it.

British bake off is recorded for me as I've been at choir tonight. Right, off to bed!
09/10/2012 at 22:49

Ooh thanks Karen, just ordered a few hoodies, waterproof jackets and running jackets to try .

Vixo - not had any mention of Fred the frog but will ask her in the morning!

JT - sorry forgot you earlier, yeay to being seen by the top dog!  Hope the virus clears up soon - nice to have a diagnosis at least?

09/10/2012 at 23:48
Ok so it's taken several days to work out what bog hugs are!! I was thinking toilet hugging whilst sick or maybe a fall in a bog whilst running....
Thanks for happy birthdays and on fb. Not best birthday ever if I'm honest - with all the busy-ness it kind of got overlooked. Hubby cooked a lovely dinner but couldn't find a present and an annoying email from best friend re. the bridesmaid dress she sent me that is at least a size too big - will spare you the associated rant. M sick so mega clingy and then had a complete meltdown at bed time - took 2 hrs to get her down so pretty stressful evening. Bit depressed to think that's it for a whole year (usually I love birthdays - mine and others). Terrible night with M awake every half hour and just been to drs who diagnosed croup - poor thing. Explains why she's so miserable. Sorry for me me post - cant remember anything!!
10/10/2012 at 04:07
Perfectly entitled Hoggle! Think I'd be feeling the same hope she's on the mend soon. Miserable.

Caro - forgot to say earlier, the osteopath sounds a delight :-S. Not sure about orthotics, just know you can get them very cheap (??20 or so) from the School of Podiatry in Northampton from their sports clinic on a Friday afternoon!

Vixo - yep, I think I did pretty well too! Don't think any of the staff with me from the chest clinic thought I'd be going home, but was in best place to have such a fit!

Jg- the diagnosis is a bit mixed tbh as although I do know what I'm dealing with, it's knowing how long it's going to last now. At least with a bacterial infection you can be fairly certain where you are whereas this just seems to be how long is a piece of string So scary about your friend. Happened to my aunt and she fully recovered and was fine if that helps? Isn't 9 pints pretty much a full transfusion though? Crikey!

I'm wondering if Fred the Frog is the school's version of Metal Mike who sound talks. Think c-a-t in a robot voice! Like the idea of a frog, more appealing to the girls.

Cc - hope you got to see the lights. Would LOVE to see them.

Well I've just got to love being on steroids... Had three hours sleep yet again and wide awake. I've tried adjusting the time to earlier in the day with this lot but it's making no difference. They seriously help with the symptoms but I dread to think how I'm going to crash potentially with sleep deprivation at the other end. Still, only three more doses before I start to reduce and at least I don't have the pressure of having to think about being back in work next week. fingers crossed this virus will have gone and I won't need another course!
10/10/2012 at 07:04
JT - hope you got some sleep in the end. You should definitely take the steroids first thing in the morning and no later - did no one mention that?! Very rarely give steroids for anything that you have to take them more than once a day. Yes, Fred is about sound talking - I'd forgotten that was what it's called!

So how come it's 7 and I'm up for work but no peep yet from the children? there's absolutely no way they'll still be asleep on Saturday or Sunday at this time!

Isabelle absolutely cracked me up yesterday. We were trying to get out to school/nursery/work and I said, in a slightly exasperated tone "Isabelle, will you please put your shoes on". She turned to me and said "for goodness sake mummy, you're driving me nuts"!! When I just stared at her trying not to snort she said, "well, you say that to me" - umm, rumbled..not much I could say to that really, and she had the tone exactly right too!

Hoggle - hope you have a better day today. Had missed it was your birthday, don't think I've found you on fb - sorry it was a disappointment.

JG - your poor friend, hope she's better soon. Not the best introduction to parenthood! Stories like that make me extremely grateful that I live in the first world with quality health care, however much some people bang on about their 'birth experience' I'm always just grateful that me and the baby have made it through intact!
10/10/2012 at 07:29
Thanks Vixo, I'm taking them at 8am... Not really sure what else I can do really. I'm on 6 for five days, four for two and then two for two days as already had a,five day course. They are working through as the 48 hours I had off I went rapidly down hill.

How funny is Isabelle! You've got to love comments like that! The amount of times I'm in the classroom and hear myself coming from a quiet corner!!!
10/10/2012 at 08:03

Does make sense Caro as you do get injured easily.Beg flat footed would cause your foot to pronate inwards and cold be the cause of your previous shin issues.

YesI wear orthotics. I pronate quite badly and they stop me getting injured. I go to see a fab guy in Marlow, Simon Poole.

Best get going. School run, preschool, run with a friend (nice easy 6), pick up S, photos at nursery, lunch then hopefully a wee bit of work while S sleeps. Boys off to a friends for tea and then have to pop into nursery as open/parents evening, then pilates. Phew!!

Lordie JT, thats serious steroids. Big hugs (())

10/10/2012 at 08:27

Sorry my key board is really playing up, dreadful mis-typing and you don't seem to be able to edit posts these days?

10/10/2012 at 08:43
Think it's a good job I'm not due to run the Cardiff Half this weekend MM Standard course though I think in these cases. Gutted as I was going to watch as hubby and a number of the running girls doing it too.
10/10/2012 at 08:58

Matilda is on steroids too and was told to get her to take them in the morning but needed to do first dose at lunchtime as thats when we got them - guess that's why she is struggling to go to sleep!

10/10/2012 at 09:21
You have my every sympathy Hoggle!!! Xxx
10/10/2012 at 10:48

oh dear, so many poorlies. JT - sounds awful, and frustrating just to have to wait it out as well. hope things improve. hope Matilda improves too, Hoggle

i am still under the weather. 4 weeks now. just have coldie type symptoms now, but am hot / cold and also so so so so so tired. i am worried it's going to turn into some sort of post viral fatigue thing, which would be an absolute nightmare. anyway for now i am just getting on with the minimum and crossing my fingers. at least my meetings in hemel aren't happening this week. instead next week, on weds i have to be in reading for 11, then up to Hemel for 2. then on thurs i am in warrington and fri i am back in hemel. hope i'm better by then...

one of the reasons i haven't been posting is that i am fed up about not being able to run. that, and the fact that i do all my browsing etc on my iPad now and can't be bothered to type posts on my iPad so i need to wait until i am on my laptop (at work!!)

i also went to the dentist to have a filling today. first filling in about 25 years (i have one other). he numbed the tooth, scraped the decay out and then said 'oh i needn't have numbed you, it doesn't really need filling'. so he just put some enamel stuff on it and sent me home. so i am sitting here with a numb face - for no reason! still, at least it is NHS so only cost me £20

have J home this afternoon as it is the caretaker's funeral today so the school is closed. he is very excited but as i am working from home, he will have to play with the cats / watch the TV etc and keep quiet!

his arm is much better - thanks for asking. we go back on friday for a final xray and hope to get signed off so he can go to swimming / athletics again and so i can stop having panic attacks every time he jumps off the sofa!

re phonics etc - J has, fortunately, picked it all up quite well i think. he has no problems with words and sounds or reading. but his writing is bloody awful. i am at a loss as to what to do - he really HATES writing and even to get him to write his spellings out is such a bind. he starts letters in odd places so it is such a drag. and if i try to get him to practise, he goes off in a sulk / cries etc. he always gets all his spellings right in his spelling tests because he knows how to spell words; it's just that his writing is so bloody awful, it's impossible to read!

10/10/2012 at 11:56

Brookie - thanks for the exercise dvd recommendation.  Anyone else use anything that they'd recommend?  Preferably with some cardio and some stomach stuff?  Ta.

10/10/2012 at 14:03

how about the 30 day shred RK?

10/10/2012 at 14:23
New Year's resolution - get on here more often! Haven't posted since June!!! I know you all know I am still alive but it's not really the same on FB.

Hope everyone is OK aside from lurgs. Much catching up needed! Xx
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