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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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28/01/2013 at 13:50

Oh yes and Lotte - very bizarre how you went to your hubby's wedding!  Makes for a good story!

28/01/2013 at 14:34
Wow Camlo, very well done, that sounds horrible, you are one very tough cookie!!!!! Don't think I could do that. Will u do another one???? How's the body today???
Oh dear to the car TT, very scary. Hope it gets fixed soon. A right pain with no car
A six hr exam EF. Oh poor you, sounds my worst nightmare. Hope it all goes ok. How run feeling??
Lotte- you are crazy.......over 100 miles? Just WOW think the G&T was very well deserved x
Karen- hope the garmin turns up, very annoying.
No joke but I have eaten almost continually since I got up & it's mostly been junk, ooops but just going with it today as I'm sure I burnt plenty of calories at the weekend! Have just eaten one of those burgers in a roll that u put in microwave & it actually tasted ok!!?hubby had taken them to eat but didn't eat them!! I have had 2 pacets of crisps, 2 bars of choc, some jelly babies & other sweets that were in my bag............... Feel a bit sick now!!!
Well I survived my 24 hr mountain bike event.............17 hours of darkness and slippy sliddy scary sheets of ice, mud and snow. Managed 11 laps so overall that was 77 miles. Pleased with my effort but am sure I could have forced my self to do another couple as had 3.5 hrs of in the night as feeling tired and sick. Had a wee rest after every lap, some tea and food. From 10 am sat. It was blue skies & lovely when we started. Really enjoyed the first 5 laps in the daylight. My first lap was the quickest in 1 hr 7 mins. My SIL visited, my sis n niece & my mum so that was nice. Also a neighbour walked some of the course so saw them a couple of laps. The marshals were fab & gave u a boost when you were flagging. Very well organised event & proud to have taken part in one of the 10 toughest MTB events in the world. Started raining about 6 pm when it was dark and the ice got even icier, it was treacherous. Thank goodness for ice tyres & spikes for ma shoes! Couldn't believe how many we're slipping of their bikes but what a speed some were still doing. Think it was my 7 th lap that freaked me out as it was just so freakng slidy but got over that
Bak lata, phone ringing........
28/01/2013 at 17:34
Put some music on and got me thro another scary lap. Had to stop a lot to let people past so I reckon every lap but the first ( as started near the back!) I wasted 5 or 10 mns stopped letting them past or drinking out of my bottle or just having a breather!!! The camper van was parked about 1.5 miles up the fire road so it was quite good cos I would have a wee stop there each time ( or sometimes a big stop!!) hubby was mostly down at the start so helped me wash the bike each time and take the bike to be checked by the cycle club coach who was happy to do my mechanics. Nothing actually went wrong with the bike, think its because I'm fairly slow and careful, unlike the nutters who fly over the rocks! Seen a couple of big falls from bikes, yikes! Stopped at half 12 till 4 as lost the will to live. Did lay down but couldn't really sleep! Was a real effort to go back out at 4 am!!! Then did 3 mo laps and finished at 9 am. Should really have squeezed in another lap but my head was saying no, my body would have managed. Was freezing when I finished & while we were waiting for the prize giving I felt like I was still riding my bike. The winning girl is a machine. She did 24 laps and was 6th overall, amazing eh. The winning man did 28 laps! The fastest time was by a 15 yr old boy, 32 mins!
I got a bottle of special strathpuffer Black Isle brewery beer , exposure bike lights and a snow club with 2nd on it!!! Got to stand on a podium made from wooden slats, yay! Oh my I was so tired yesterday afternoon, eventually at 6 pm I went to bed and slept till had to get up at 7 am this morning. Would have slept longer if I could though!
So tired today but not too sore
28/01/2013 at 17:53
RF and Camlo, you are both amazing ladies. I can't say that I fancy doing either of those races but what amazing achievements by both of you.

RF, not surprised you are hungry today, nomnomnom, keep replenishing those calories girl!!

Sorry, going to have a me me me moan now. Got back from Orlando yesterday afternoon to find some odd standing water on our driveway and in garage. Didn't think too much of it until later when found water bubbling up between gaps in our wooden floor in the main room. Mr TT switched our water off at mains but apparently the local building technique here involves running water pipes under the concrete slab and after a while they spring a leak! Had plumber here all morning, he found and fixed one leak but now looking for another as meter still whizzing round. Damage already done to wooden floor though and flooding specialists have been in, pulled up loads of floor (only laid last year when we moved in) and skirting board etc. don't know how much insurance company is going to cover, have a $1000 excess anyway so is going to cost. Also, apparently the insurance companies drop you here if you make big claims!!

So, have provisional c sec date of 3 weeks today, was hoping to move it a little earlier as that is just 2 days before due date and really don't want to develop the high blood pressure like I did at the end with Max, have scan and appointment on Wednesday so may get some news on that then, and house is like a building site once again

Bugger, bugger, bugger!

TT, hope car fixed soon and EF hope exam went well, ugh 6 hours!! Hope you are feeling ok too.
28/01/2013 at 20:07
Was wondering how many of u have wills + how much they cost? Have never gotten round to doing ours which is terrible given Mr Tangy has 2 kids from previous marriage so a little more complicated than usual family set up.
28/01/2013 at 20:15

£150, did it last Nov as part of Willaid month

Basically every Nov lots of solicitors take part in willaid and instead of paying them, you give them a suggested donation which goes to a charity instead - the suggested donation for a pair of mirrored wills was £150.  

TTid - boo hiss!  Not good timing (although possibily better than our major bathroom leak when Eric was 2 days old, when the plumber spent 5 hrs in our house and made several holes in the ceiling!!)


28/01/2013 at 21:33
Survived but think I made a mistake in the last part of the paper. It was a reasoned decision at the time but now I've changed my reasoning. Bugger.

Phoned the midwives today and they told me I'm low risk. Then they called back to say risk is 1:283 (or poss 263 ridiculously I forgot literally as I hung up). They said my age risk is 1:108 so that's good in that risk has decreased but still I feel a bit hard done by as my sister got a stat of 1:6970 or thereabouts. I know that they couldn't do bloods for me as it was ivf and a vanishing twin pregnancy so my stat was based only on nuchal translucency and my age but still I went from being quite happy to bricking it. So now I don't know what to do. I'm entitled to amnio but (a) it's a risk and (b) I don't know how to go about getting it even if I wanted to. I think I'd rather see if they can do second trimester bloods like they did back in 2007 for me when we didn't get nuchal testing here. Or maybe a scan to look for more soft markers. I do already know that there is a nasal bone so it's a good start. Again though I don't know who to speak to to get Information about options. I can't stand my appointed midwife as she's the wishy washy and generally hopeless - that's not just me saying that, it's a fairly general consensus among friends who've had to see her, and I don't know how to get access to a consultant. I think I'm going to call the genetic counsellor I spoke to two years ago but I'm worried she will palm me off because my risk is said to be low.

Sorry me post as on phone. Andy on pc and kindle won't let me post for some reason.
28/01/2013 at 21:36
T tid mare!

And tt my firm charges ??150 for a standard will (and I think that means generally you're not looking for major inheritance tax planning!) I think that's prob going rate - we are Glasgow based.
28/01/2013 at 21:52
Ef - that is less than 0.4% chance isn't it? The only way you'll know for sure is Cvs or amino which aren't a barrel of laughs. I had cvs and would have it again but my odds were 1:90 or something. Tricky one, pretty sure you can pay for less invasive screening, I looked into it as an alternative to cvs. But as a diagnostic test is the only way to be almost certain I went for cvs. Although a 0.4% risk of downs is less than the 1% chance of miscarrying from amnio or cvs... Sorry waffling a bit and prob not helping. It's just everything we weighed up.

Rf absolutely amazing effort. I was thinking of you on sat and early Sunday. You must be so proud of yourself.

Well done camlo you tough guy. Sounds horrendous and seriously electrocuted? Did your eldest do it too? Brilliant!!

Feeling grumpy and uncomfortable and still not really prepared. It gets to the evening though and I haven't energy after running l around, gym and doing college work. On a positive note I have been offered an interview at one Uni at the beginning of march! Exciting. Need to check I can be accompanied by hubby and baby for the open day that is after though.
28/01/2013 at 21:58
EF, at the end of the day, unless you have an amnio (or is cvs an option?) you are not going to know for sure until bambino arrives. Even if you have more bloods, more scans etc etc, and they tell you the risk is actually 1:10000, you won't relax until you know 100%, and you will keep doing Internet research and driving yourself mad!! So I think you either need to find out for sure, or just say to yourself that you're happy with your odds, presence of nasal bone etc, and try not to stress too much for the next x weeks (easier said than done I know).

What was the exam for? Does it get you a pay rise/promotion?? Hope so!
28/01/2013 at 22:20
EF- echo what Caro just said, I had same risk given with Cam + chose to do nothing + was able to forget about it. But I can understand why that wouldn't b so easy after what u have bn throo ( I.e. if u were to end up with a child with DS at end of this pregnancy it wd mean u had gone throo the agony of ending the previous pregnancy + all the stress of trying + ivf for nothing). I do remember seeing something on news a few yrs ago about a blood test for DS that had bn developed but not sure if it is widely available yet + if u could have it done privately. Sorry can't remember much about it and they have a habit of reporting these breakthroughs on news then u never hear anything about them again.
28/01/2013 at 22:34
I think I'd just like to have odds similar to what feels like everyone else around me - sis, sis in law etc and I feel a bit cheated at not being able to have the more sensitive test to enable them to be calculated. I know I'm bad for google etc but I do tend to try to read the journal papers rather than the USA baby center morons. I really don't want amnio cos the odds of m/c are higher than odds of DS but if I got similar odds based on different criteria I think that would reassure me. Aaargh.

Caro it's solicitor advocate exams. Mainly it gives me an added extra over some of my peers. I have a glorious full weekend of training in 2 weeks then I have to present an appeal to a bench of real judges who will be trying to be as awkward as possible. Frankly I don't know why I'm putting myself through it. I doubt they'll give me a pay rise. I still have to do the procedural exam anyway as I missed it in nov due to ivf.

I phoned my mum and mentioned the stats stuff and now I feel guilty cos I think I worried her and truthfully I'm probably just jealous that my sister has had it relatively easy - natural conception with an age gap she wanted and now a nice secure stat and I feel hard done by on every level. I've told you all before that sometimes I'm just not very nice!
28/01/2013 at 22:35
Ps tt the test I think you're meaning is the harmony test but it's only available in London and it's just under ??1000. We just don't have the money after ivf unfortunately.
28/01/2013 at 22:55

Sounds like a big mind F*** for you EF (()). No suggestions other than it sounds like talking to the genetic counsellor is a good idea. Surely if you explain the background they will talk it through with you and hopefully help you to keep things in perspective. Also, the presence of a nasal bone is such a clear difference from your last scan so that has to be a good thing!

Ttid - that sounds like a nightmare!!! Not what you need right now! Perhaps go to Dr's after you grapple with insurers and get your BP tested - should send it high enough (temporarily) to bring c-sec forward!!

Went for a bush walk with Matilda and a friend and her little one yesterday - too hot to be out in the sun in the afternoon at the moment. It was so much fun - M walked such a long way and the kids just loved it!! We have a couple of monarch caterpillars that M has been watching for several weeks (I don't think you have them in the UK - beautiful caterpillars and butterflies) and one is forming its chrysalis now. I'm going to have to Matilda-proof the plant though as am worried that M will think it's edible!! She is obsessed with my vege garden and picks everything and eats it - no peppers left, corgettes only protected by spikey leaves and beans haven't made it to the table yet!

29/01/2013 at 08:42

But EF, isn't it the blood test that pushes it up to the level of 1:2000 etc? We looked at the test and decided it was too much money for not 100% peace of mind?

TT - floor sounds a nightmare. Hope it gets sorted quickly. Our next door neighbours came round saying they were having a visit from a structural engineer as their ceiling has fallen in and they were worried the building wasn't safe. We are a 1865 semi detached so I guess it would have affected us too! Thankfully just dodgy plaster, but I couldn't imagine moving in with parents again with L and a new baby.


29/01/2013 at 11:28
EF - I think you just say out loud the things that the vast majority of people would feel in the same situation - I probably wouldn't be brave enough to vocalise it, or write it down, but I know would feel the same way. Have you got a decent GP you could talk to? They could write to your obstetrician, or the local fetal medicine person who could then hopefully talk you through all the stats, info and tests available. Or you could email the person you saw last time who did the amnio if you know their name and see if you could get to talk to them that way.

RF - congratulations on an amazing effort. One of our friends used to do loads of 24hr races (pre-children!) but now I think does one a year with a group of friends. The last one he did was so muddy that everyone was carrying their bike through large sections of it - not sure which would be worse, ice or mud! Anyway, hope you're feeling a bit more rested today. What's the next challenge?!

Camlo - you're bonkers, that race sounds awful!!! But well done on finishing it, what an achievement. Would you do it again?!
Edited: 29/01/2013 at 11:47
29/01/2013 at 12:42
EF- can see y u feel that way with Sis being given such wildly different odds. Only other person I knew at time had odds of 1:50 + their wee 1 was fine so I felt lucky with 1:250. Was actually a bit annoyed that I was called into the hospital to b given those odds, felt they had wasted my time + worried me unnecessarily as there was more than double the risk of miscarriage with amnio than my DS risks. I think I am bit weird tho as once I had decided that I never thought about it again, not even when she was born, I remembered about a wk after her birth. Whereas my friend with 1:50 risk didn't have amnio either + worried sick her entire pregnancy.
29/01/2013 at 13:24

Oh EF so hard for you. I was lucky as we never had to worry about it, well we had no tests bit I did worry!! I never had the nuchal fold scan with the twins as we would never have been able to cope or decide what to do if one was high and the other low and of course blood tests show nothing with twins. I wouldn't have risked a CVS or amnio due to previous miscarriages. For that reason we also never had any tests at all with Sophie either. My friend is a GP and she had low odds on her 3rd and had the CVS done but she had never miscarried before so had no past feelings on that front.

I did worry a lot in the 3rd trimester for some reason, but then I worry about everything. In the end the kids have their issues, asthma and sight and Harry has his one testicle and all the issues with that but otherwise they are fine and most likely yours will be too. So hard though I know. Maybe some counselling is the way forward. I did feel happier at the 20 week scan after features were seen and measured I must admit.

Gees Lotte 101.5 miles. I am on for 85 this week and I know about it, so tired, hungry and a wee bit grumpy truth be told . Are you going to keep increasing your miles every month or so, surely you can't go any higher!!!

Long hills tonight which I quite like. Nutter!

TT such bad news, house flooding is horrific. We came home before xmas after a weekend away to a flooded hall and downstairs loo as the upstairs radiator had burst. Not good. ceiling still needs sorting too, needs replastering ! Hope you get sorted soon, so hard when you're heavily pregnant.

Seriously short of money at the mo since hubbie's old consultancy business closed I now have no salary unless I get some more designs soon. Just applied for 2 jobs as I just can't see us going on holiday this year or buying S's new bedroom furniture unless we can get back to the income we were getting. Looking at campsites in Bordeaux, which look so fabulous so will try my hardest now.


29/01/2013 at 13:27
I spoke to the fetal nurse from last time. She didn't help! No second trimester bloods and no early anomaly scan cos they don't check for DS markers then anyway. Plus she said nasal bone is only other fairly recognised marker and we know it's there. I think I'm just going to have to pull up my bootstraps and get on with it. She's nice enough but I hate being spoken to in a slow patient manner. That's unkind really - I just don't like facing the fact that it's amnio or nothing and it's my call.
29/01/2013 at 14:07

Firstly a HUGE congratulations to RF and Camlo for their nutter accomplishments at the weekend.  That ice looked terrifying RF - complete hats off to you for coping with that, and the night with no sleep etc. Often it's the no sleep thing that make or break on endurance events as it really messes with your mind!!  That said, I read your race report which was fab and was thinking - hmmmm - might be up for that myself next year ...

Camlo - that is one psycho race, and exactly why I could never do it - the thought of being electrocuted or having to walk through flames (think that sometimes happens) - no way, you are one tough, albeit crazy lady!!

Lotte - awesome mileage, at least you are clocking some miles for me as I am sadly lacking. So how many of your days are double days?  I definitely need some top tips on how to stop your body breaking as mine seems to be!!

EF - that's just really tough. Agree with Vixo's comment that you are great a putting down in words what most of us are usually thinking but dare not voice!!  Can remember being shocked when I went for scan with S and them checking the stats for DS, had totally forgotten that at 37 I was considered an older mum. Scared the wotsits out of me and hubby as we just hadn't considered it.  How far are you from the 20-week scan?  That sounds a heinious exam btw, although the next bit doesn't sound to hot either! Good luck ...

and TT with the flooding, sounds horrible and so what you don't need at the moment (()). Hope it all gets sorted for you very soon with no more to follow.

Hoggle is running in sunshine - you lucky soul!

Can't believe Anjelicats and TT are so close now. So, who's next then - isn't there usually someone coming out of the wings to be next on the production line?!!

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