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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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07/09/2013 at 00:14

Actually I just remembered that I used mesh pants which I think you can get in jojo for at least a week - mesh allowed scar to breathe! 

07/09/2013 at 15:23

Ooh, hadn't thought about the bleeding thing - 'twas bad enough when I stood up about 3 hrs after labour last time . Looking forward to th granny pants shopping! Managed to find some quite nice stuff in Matalan today on the way back from Mum's. nightie even had a matching dressing gown and slippers Brookie - due date 27th Nov, section will be 39 weeks I am pretty sure. Although I have not had confirmation f this, I am pretty certain this is another big baby. My mum, veteran of 6 pregnancies, says the bump looks large for my stage and that is confirmation enough for me! Getting measured on Tues so will have an idea then at least. Hopefully the MW will send me for a growth scan if things are looking large! 

Caro, hope you have a great time. Sounds like a brilliant line-up. Hope hubby is OK after his procedure.

wonder how Camlo is getting on?

07/09/2013 at 17:33

TB - I had 9lbs 14oz after Sophie the 10lb 5oz whopper, so not quite as big but still pretty sizeable!  Also I had a growth scan for Nicky and the consultant said no more than 9lbs, "a good 8lber" so I don't have much faith in their assessments!  A friend of mine who lives in Birmingham had their second baby about a week ago - 11lb 2oz !

Been reading but not had much time to post so apologies to people I appear to be ignoring - I'm not, I just can't remember what's been said!

07/09/2013 at 18:41

Good Lord, my cousin was 9lb 13oz and she was a bruiser. 

My Mum was at her birth and just said 'Oh My God' when she seen her, both my brother + I were between 5lb and 5lb 4oz, so 

my cousin looked like a 3month old baby to her LOL

07/09/2013 at 20:52

Hope Camlo is surviving.....

We've just eaten the first of our first ever crop of home grown sweetcorn - and it was quite honestly the nicest I have ever eaten - yum.  Also made chcolate courgette cake today - all the hard work in the garden is paying off.

Hubby has shown me how to align the wheel properly so did a 4 mile buggy run todaay and it was better.  Hopefully I will get out with it a bit more.  Plus it fits in the car with just the wheels off so I don't have to dismantle it totally which is a real faff.

Listening to Josh Groban on you tube to get me in the mood for tomorrow - hope it stays dry!  Am trying to work out how many layers I need to stay excited!

Hubby is ok, I was going to pick him up but the nurse said he was ok to go home by tube so he was home mid afternoon, and he thinks he feels more comfortable than last's hoping.

Big babies - shudder.....7lb 7oz and 6lb 13 were quite enough for me thanks!



07/09/2013 at 21:09

Jeez, JG, that is a whopper! Good to hear of someone having a slightly smaller baby second time round though Ben's reaction when JP came out was 'Oh my God, he's MASSIVE!' (10 lbs 6.5oz) His godmother had her little girl a week before and she was 5.5lbs so we used to joke it was like getting 2 for the price of one . When I see a normal size newborn, they look really small, LOL.

Love homegrown veg, nothing quite like it. We haven't done any since we moved into this house but hopefully will get the garden sorted for next year. Choc courgette cake sounds amazing! 

07/09/2013 at 22:15

I made choc beet root brownies a couple of weeks ago, yum!  Ouch to big big babies!  

Camlo    pirate
08/09/2013 at 13:24

yay, I am home and alive!! Race report to follow after I have got washing on and made several cups of tea and found some paracetamol and brufen gel and found something to cook easily for lunch (hubby just arrived home with kids but gone straight to bed with a hangover). Only read this page but yay to big knickers!! 

Camlo    pirate
08/09/2013 at 14:21

2:30am pick up to drive to Clun to register and drop checkpoint bags then bus to the start. As it was the 50th year they had taken 180 entries, only 160 turned up but that still took longer than usual to check so we didn't get off until 5:15am and then had to weave through the walkers. 

Had a walk/ run plan but from the start we were slower than last year and running in a group of 4 instead of 2 meant twice as many wee stops, stumbles and kit probs. Thankfully I didn't have any exploding bananas but I did have shorts which were too restrictive and they hampered me especially on the steeper sections where a longer stride is necessary.  Ditched them at CP 2 and felt much free'er but the road section into the hafren forest was relentless and although we made up time here our legs took a real pounding. Stomach was cramping and I made several dashes into the bushes. 

Stopped at CP3 which was at 27miles and managed a snickers bar and 2 cups of tea, put waterproof trousers on and topped up bladder with water after deciding not to touch lucozade again! We were all feeling ok at this stage and even the ascent up plymlimon was bearable as visability was good. Fab views as we traversed across the top and only one icy shower of rain. Andrew began to flag badly now was very tired as we began the descent.

Camlo    pirate
08/09/2013 at 14:46

Thankfully the path is clear and 2 of us pushed on beating the others into cp4 by a good 15mins. Of course this meant a long break and getting going again was nearly impossible. This stage is by far the prettiest with breath taking views, a few tricky sections across a tiny path cut into a mountain side and we trotted into the last cp together where I had road shoes waiting. 

We had talked about splitting and were all keen to finish together but Andrew was struggling more and more which was causing issues especially for my team mate who was getting stiff starting and stopping. We walked together a few miles out of CP 5 but Andrew could not run any more and so 2 of us pushed on again knowing that the last few miles drag like crazy and wanting them out of the way as quickly as possible. The heavens opened and although I ran all of the last 5 miles I was soaked to the bone.

I took an hour longer than last yr (about 13hr 15) and was hurting like mad. In a way I wish we had split earlier so I would have been less on the legs but hey ho. very sore shins and Achilles. just put some brufen gel on so hope that helps. 

lots of lessons learnt - no caffeine or lucozade, keep pace steady rather than spurt/ stop, don't sit too long at checkpoints, check kit on similar course/terrain (taking label off shorts just before I left obviously was not a sufficient test)...... 

08/09/2013 at 15:31

Good on you, Camlo, an amazing achievement! Lots and lots of tea needed now  

Feeling the need for an afternoon nap...

08/09/2013 at 17:33

Well done Camlo!  Sounds awful but nice that you ran as a group, even if it did get frustrating.  Hot cups of tea for the next 24 hours!

08/09/2013 at 20:26

Wow. Marathon reading session to get up to date. Thank you cc for thinking of me. I am here but have not read for a long long time. Work and house situation as stressful as ever with a little dose of extra stress from uk company thrown in last week too. Bleurgh!

Boys as lovely as ever though and keep us getting up in the mornings. 

Don't remember which of our pregnant ladies it was now with very low blood pressure but my only advice I can offer is to make sure you stay well hydrated. Hope all you lovely pregnant ladies are keeping well. JT did you have your second scan already with your little bean a bit more lively?

Camlo, omg another amazing run from you. Well done. Lotte, saw your fb post, you're still a nutter!  Bet your little run back to get your car was faster than my half mara pb!

08/09/2013 at 20:37

Grr posting on iPhone a pain in the butt. Lost last bit I wrote. 

Missing mm here at the moment. Hope you're ok mm and black clouds staying away. 

Cc awesome gift from your husband. What a sweetie. When is your race?



08/09/2013 at 21:57

Wow Camlo, fab girl!  I have a vision in my head of you running in knickers after you ditched the shorts.  Am assuming that was not the case!

Hyde Pk fest was fun - it was pretty much as I imagined it.  I really enjoyed Josh Groban, James Blunt and Jack Johnson and could give or take the rest.  Left before Smokey Robinson (god knows why he was last and therefore the supposed best on the line up!) as I didn't want to battle 30,000 people to the tube.  Good call as I heard some of him on the computer after I got home and he sounded just like I imagained a 72 yr old would!  

Baby jogger in the car for a blast after swimming tomorrow.  Now I've got it going again I must keep it up!  Esp as I know E doesn't mind it now. 

Edited: 08/09/2013 at 21:57
08/09/2013 at 22:59

Camlo you are awesome!!! Well done! I had the same vision as Caro of you running in your knickers!

T-Tid  I'm very sorry to hear that the house stresses have not resolved and work is adding to it all. Hoping you get something going your way very soon!

Caro - concert looked fun! I saw Jack Johnson live years ago when he was a support act for Ben Harper before he became big - he was great!

Nice weekend here, just pottering and getting jobs done etc. Really enjoyed getting some gardening done without an aching back during or after!! Nothing has blown up yet over work saga so will wait to se what happens next. This woman really is such an incredible bully. Sad thing is apparently her daughter is lovely and would probably really enjoy staying with the team!

Loads to do so am procrastinating on the internet!!!



08/09/2013 at 23:19

Well done camlo! 

Some happy news - my pt, whose baby died at birth in march, his wife is expecting again. She's 11 weeks. Bloody ill again tho - been in hosp again. But i'm so glad for them that she's pregnant again so quickly. 

08/09/2013 at 23:40

Wow that's great news EF! I'm desperately hoping to hear that my friend who lost her baby earlier this year is pregnant too - they are having fertility treatment at the moment.


09/09/2013 at 01:52

Awww that's lovely news EF. I expect she'll have a hideously stressful pregnancy and birth but fingers crossed all goes well for them this time. All crossed for your friend too Hoggle.  It'sunthinkable what your friends have been through. We are watching Broadchurch at the moment, it's currently being shown here. Fabulous acting and compulsive watching but I've been in floods of tears watching every episode so far. 

09/09/2013 at 07:48

Ah that's nice news EF. Fingers crossed for them.

Good to hear from you TurboT. Yes I was wondering how MM is too.

Fab running Camlo, very well done.

I am always late too CC. Even when I could be on time I get sidetracked and end up late!

Bit of a strange weekend here, missing the oldest two who were away competing in an athletics comp in Orkney. As you saw on FB I ran a half marathon yesterday and then ran back to the start for my car. Since its only 2 weeks since my ultra and 3 weeks until my marathon I decided to do it at just about marathon pace. ITs a very undulating route and I didn't want to trash my legs too much. Stuck to the plan and ran 1:29 for first place!! Beat all the guys too. Don't know where the speedy guys were yesterday but hey you can only race who is there on the day, lol!  Enjoyed the post race tea and cakes and then ran 1:42 back to the car.

Must admit my 10 miler at 5.30am this morning was a toughie! Woke to a commotion at 3.30am - a polecat-ferret had got into our utility room and was causing chaos and making a loud noise! I don't know who got the biggest shock, the dog (who had opened the door in the first place letting the damn thing in), the polecat-ferret or hubby who went to investigate because I was too chicken!

Right better get on with kids breakfast. Hubby should be back from picking the older two up from the boat in a moment.

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