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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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11/10/2012 at 08:46
He is a tosser!!!! Really hope nursery refuse to take her cm... X
11/10/2012 at 08:47
Oh and what's wrong with out of hours if she's been up all night?!!!
11/10/2012 at 09:00
Glad it isn't just me outraged. Given that he needed to phone me to ask for the doctors number (even tho I have given it to him many times before) I think there is no way on this earth he would ever have thought to phone OOH!!
11/10/2012 at 09:10

CM. I would ring nursery and warn them and go there and take her home with you just after. I would be seriously worried about that. He is such a tw@t!!!

Totally agree JT ...

Lotte you do make me laugh. My mile PB is 5:15. I will never get near that again. My 1500 is 4:57. As the others have said we're not speed merchants at the end of the day. I would be annoyed about the session though. Did you do something on the road instead?

I am feeling rubbish. Usual taper stuff. Feel slightly more up beat after 4 mile run this morning. Shoved in 0.5 mile at race pace and that felt OK and has lifted me a bit. Felt awful awful on 6 miler yesterday which was a shame as was running with friends and I hate not enjoying runs like that. My breakfast was jigging around. Must remember to eat less for breakfast when I'm going to run straight after school drop off . My body is too used to the 6am no breakfast running like Lotte!!

Hubbie has been told he can't go to Aus by the GM until at least mid Nov as the new guy they have recruited here doesn't have enough experience yet to cope for 6 weeks. Hurrah!! Might still be a no for then too. Here's hoping!!

Caro. I get mine revamped every year as they do fall apart.  I pay £15 a year insurance which means they keep the cast of my foot and they will revamp for free. I get them replaced probably every 4-5 years. I do have 2 pairs no though as like trainers they need to 'recover' after each run and the double days wear them down even more. Mine cost about £175 to replace. The guy I see is fab if you can drive over to Marlow. He is worth it. It takes me 75 mins to get there but worth it for someone you can trust. Website here: Podiatry Marlow

Hope little E OK CM...

11/10/2012 at 09:28
Wouldn't mid nov mean away for Xmas?!

At school for harvest festival. Half thought that T might be here with e having reconsidered the decision to take her to nursery and decided to wait with her for the appt after our conversation. But no. Absolute twunt as you say. I am too scared to phone nursery in case they tell him. He will go ballistic
11/10/2012 at 09:57
Truly unbelievable, CM! Hope she's OK ((())). Selfish, selfish man.

Fingers crossed for a no, MM! Or otherwise, would work pay for a family visit if it's over Xmas?! Ben is away for the first two weeks of December - he hasn't been away for that long for about 2 years so I am not looking forward to it. He's going to Malaysia, Hong Kong and Brunei. Lucky sod!
11/10/2012 at 10:58

Reading but not posting - just not enough hours in the day at the moment! The school lark is giving me logistical nightmares!

Hello TattyB - long time no see, but sooo nice to see! Hope you can get the lurgy shifted.

CM - talk about cutting off nose to spite face! Why didn't he just let you have her instead of taking her to nursery? Men, eh?  Hope E is ok.

Achilles still giving me bit of bother, but physio identified that problem is with more gneral with arch/pronation. Cannot afford new shoes or swanky orthotics right now so will just have to be off-the-shelf orthotics until after christmas. Any advice welcome...? Guess they will need to be superslim to get them into existing shoes & trainers!

On holiday today - after week of glorious sunny days the forecast is now for peeing rain, blooming typical!!  Although the weather matches my mood - took car to garage and needs £400 worth of brake repairs and 2 new tyres. Bu**erations.


11/10/2012 at 11:30

Another one creeps out from behind the woodwork....

Hello again! Been busy job-hunting (no luck so far) but still manage to skim read here most days. Interesting that so many of us have a child in reception this year. The long settling-in periods most of you have been having sound a bit tedious. I guess it's due to the sheer numbers of new children as it didn't happen at LB's school last year where there were only 20 new ones starting. They were all dropped off at 9am on the first day and that was that!

We've been doing reading and writing this term too. LB has taken to it quite easily and I am proud of the way that he takes his school work seriously (in a good way). I had no idea how phonics worked so I did a bit of research a couple of years ago simply so I didn't mess up what the teachers would be telling him. When I was at school it was "look and say" but I gather that, after a raging battle in the eighties, phonics was found to be the most successful single strategy for most children. Having said that, if you read a lot to your child and they have a good memory, they will recognise lots of words and don't need to use phonics to work them out. I also read that, for Spanish children, phonics is incredibly simple as there is only one "sound" per letter of the alphabet, unlike English where there are 42 phonemes. No wonder it's so tricky to learn!

I'm also incredibly proud of the fact that LB rides his little bike the last mile and three quarters to school each and every day. He is the only pupil in the whole school to do that!

I'm another orthotic wearer. The type I have got do not need adjustment or replacing - I've had mine for over ten years. This is the third "generation" of orthotics I have had. Previously I had carbon fibre and, before that perspex, both of which needed adjustment/replacing every couple of years. I got mine from the London Podiatry Centre, which I would thoroughy recommend.

Are you camping at Crystal Palace Lotte? If so, you might like to visit the Horniman Museum, which is only about a mile away. We go there a lot - it's free apart from the small aquarium - and it's got something for all ages. When are you in London? I'm tempted to take a quick trip to the campsite and see you! It's only a few miles from oor hoose.

11/10/2012 at 12:08

yikes to the car, MR

nice to hear from you, R_B. sorry about the job thing. i find out tomorrow if i am required to go to Birmingham for a 'meeting' on monday. that will be interesting as i don't work Mondays and don't have childcare...

just heard back from T - doctor has said it's viral. he has, himself, admitted that she is not well enough to be at nursery. hoo-bloody-ray. so they are going back home. finally, the man sees sense!

11/10/2012 at 13:27
Allelluia!!!!! might he be developing a parenting bone in his body???
Rb - I'm impressed!we've had the same system for nearly a decade though so that means they'll decide it's all wrong again

Mm - taperitis! You'll be fine. Xxx fingers crossed about aus!

Mr - boo to car, hope weather picks up for you.

Tatty - that trip is bordering on rude if you're not going too. Hope you're feeling better.
11/10/2012 at 13:28

We are at cystal palace RB would be great if you wanted to pop over and say hello! We are there from Wed sometime until Saturday late morning. Me and the older 2 kids are intending to do CP parkrun on sat am! What a nightmare the job situation is, hope you find something. Thank you for the museum link, looks like a good place to go.

Poor E, hope she is better soon,, and you too CM. Words fail me on T!

Nightmare on the car MR but good to hear from you.

My orthotics started to fall apart after a year (of high mileage) instead of sending them back to be refurbished (£45), I didn't want to be without them for a couple of weeks,  I ordered a new pair which I now have and so now can send the old ones off to be refurbished so I have two pairs on the go.

Ran 17 miles this morning, house was in chaos when I got back as hubby had overslept, was a nightmare trying to get everyone out on time. Emily somehow managed to miss the bus so I said I would run her up to school only to find out that Hubby had helpfully buggered off to work with my car keys in his pocket. So we had to leg it up the hill and were mad late. Can't do the swimming runs without the car so waiting for him to come home with them in his lunch break.

11/10/2012 at 13:55

blimey, Lotte - your hubby has some making up to do after that one, i reckon. would have been pretty unimpressed at the oversleeping and then the car key thing. sometimes i am glad i live on my own. nope - make that, all the time

11/10/2012 at 14:57
Boo, Lotte, sounds like a mad morning! And the 17 miler was the most stress free bit of it!

Glad he has seen sense, CM - poor E

MR - I am putting off getting my car serviced as I have a terrible feeling it needs new tyres too! It was due in July, oops. I only tootle to and from work in it, mind (round trip of 10 miles) so it doesn't get much hammer.

Good to hear from you too, RB, sorry about the job Great to hear LB is enjoying school. It sounds quite similar to JP's in that we were also straight into full time and the class size is nice and small (21). Mind you, I couldn't imagine 2 John-Pauls, never mind 21! Give me 32 teenagers any day!
11/10/2012 at 16:52

Oh Lotte - my hubby has stitched me up like that on numerous occasions and is rarely very apologetic about it!!  Good going on the run though.  I was thinking of you today - by way of motivation ... I got out of bed feeling absolutely shattered, did my morning at work and then went of to forest to squeeze in a run before pick-up but felt soooooo shattered, it felt more of a shuffle than a run BUT I made myself do two more hill reps than I planned and completed the route!!! I just kept saying I do at least half the mileage you do therefore I had no excuse!!!

CM - well we know he's a to**er, but good to see some sign of sense and caring I guess!!  How are your germs doing?

MM - definitely sounds like taperitis. Also, didn't you have a sports massage the other day, I often find that can make me sluggish the following day. You will be fine.  Phew to a reprieve on the trip although still a cloud lingering I guess ... so could it be Christmas on the beach with no arguing about which relatives have to be appeased by visits etc??

JT and TBogle - you soooo need the happy healthy fairies to visit your houses! I hope they do very soon and you are feeling better - some really vile viruses

JT - that's the oven stuff I use, a bit messy but pretty straightforward and definitely works. I love the putting the trays in a bag and leaving them too it bit!!

MR - double bu**er to the achilles AND the car - sometimes it feels like money is just pouring out of bank account as quick as it goes in!!

Hubbys car needs MOTing so hopefully that'll pass. We still recovering from the Sharran bill!

RB - sounds like Little B is doing fantastically at school, love the biking too. Big boo to the job hunting though, really really hope something turns up soon for you.

Camlo - get massaging those calf muscles, probably all this leaping up big hills thats tightening them up and agravating the achilles. We don't want you on the bench too.

TB - I'm with you, give me teenagers any day ... when I was a Scout leader I always swore I'd never work with Beavers or Cubs, and I stand by that, but I absolutely LOVED my years as an Explorer Scout and Venture Scout Leader. Scouts aren't too bad either.

Weather due to be absolutely vile tomorrow - weather warnings and everything, yet today it was so warm - bizarre weather. Am meant to be squeezing in a 10-miler between work and school pick-up tmrw ...hmmm

11/10/2012 at 19:45
Ugh! Teenagers! Give me a five year old any day!

Lotte - oh my! I'd have been tamping! And how is it never their fault?!

Am starting to seriously wonder about investing in orthotics. I still have my ongoing hip problem to a much lesser degree so it may help.

For the medics! Sorry! I'm starting to wonder if it's my trachea with the brunt of the infection I'm suffering with. Food/tablets feel like they're getting stuck around the top of my sternum (I ate at 6pm and it still feels congested) and the pain is definitely there between the ribcage, feels like I'm being constantly winded. Am I spending too much time on my own dreaming up symptoms?!!! Other issues are, dry cough (but makes everyone comment!), very little voice, high breathing reps, and tachycardia (if it's the number under the sats on a finger oxygen number it was 112 the other day). Sats have been fine at 99%. If so, is there any benefit in seeing the gp again or just keep riding it out? Peak flow still about 400.
11/10/2012 at 23:17

well with all that cr*p going on you still have the same peak flow as me (on a good day) JT!!!! Sounds grim though ((()))

11/10/2012 at 23:38
JT I would certainly go back if those symptoms are not easing significantly. Could be a number of things but pleurisy springs to mind?
CM - nowt to add except A*se!
TB and RB - really good to have you back! Hope germs abate TB and lovely to hear how well LB is doing.
Lotte only you and yours would attempt a run to school rather than either call a taxi or scrap the morning session!
MR I have off the shelf orthotics which were about ??20 I think. They were in a Physio catalogue and yes they were 'slim'.
MM - tapering is supposed to be a holiday so why do we all hate it so much??!
Off to Munich in the morning - saw on the website that if there are spaces then you can enter the marathon..... Hmmm it is tempting but prob not a good idea and should stick to the 10k.
See you all Thursday xxxxxx
12/10/2012 at 06:41
Peak flow has amazingly been pretty stable cc, usually about 440 so not really dropped off.

Thanks Camlo, needed to know I wasn't being paranoid. And let's face facts, googling symptoms is lethal. I've just managed to give myself diptheria

Enjoy Munich, sounds fab! X
12/10/2012 at 07:10
Good luck camlo and have fun!

Thank for all advice. Think I'll rest for a bit then go see someone in the new year. Prevention is better than cure and all that, and I have patched myself together a lot in the past!
12/10/2012 at 07:46
Just a quick post as on my phone (we're away at a conference - woohoo!!).
JT - I doubt that anything has changed since you saw the consultant the other day, and it all still sounds very viral. The throat thing sounds like your trachea has got really inflamed with all the coughing. If you're able to take anti- inflammatories they should help, otherwise regular paracetamol/codeine while it all settles down. You could also try gargling soluble paracetamol as it has a slightly local effect as well and may help a bit. I'm not sure the Gp would be able to add anything, but if things have changed, or you're worried, then of course you should go back. Sounds like this is just going to take some time to settle down - hope you've got your patient hat on!!

Right, need to get up - after an uninterrupted night of sleep!!! - and go and have some breakfast. Back this afternoon to pick the children up from my parents, but has been lovely to have 36 hours away with my hubby catching up with friends. Will come back later and write more!
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