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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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29/01/2013 at 22:34

sounds great . I'll dump Andy at cam toll to do a food shop and pop round til he calls to say he's done! 

29/01/2013 at 22:37

about to read back again, but just want to post this link before I forget!! Got if off someone on the ultra running forum and it's fab for those that like help things along with a foam roller and tennis ball for injury assistance and prevention!

29/01/2013 at 22:44

agree, good news TT, hope you now have bag packed!!

Yuck to camera up nose though ... not sure about the antacids or water either!!! sometimes you think these things are made up to keep you quiet! (sorry Vixo).

Ef - a good rant/chinwag with MR sounds the way to go ... I don't think the rollercoasting hormones of pregnancy help in these matters either ... I can remember being told I had some kind of wierd cyst when I as expecting S which would probably disappear of it's own accord but were suitably vague about it all, boy did I get stressed about that - and that they didn't tell me it would hurt like hell when it burst, so I got a major panic on about that too!! ((()))

Caro - didn't realise you started back this week - yikes!!  Just been trying to get my lot to do side-lying tonight - just a rib lift and little leg raise, nothing too dramatic, but my morning group have definitely got a better handle on it!! Doesn't help if you have bony hips though. Have been having all kinds of nightmares with my evening group in this position as two have bu**ered shoulders we have to work around.

Right, away to my bed NOW. is blowing a proper hoolie out there at the moment and I've just collected a load of stuff from garden to stop it rattling and banging all night!

29/01/2013 at 22:49

EF - great, Dave works late on Fridays so will be out the way too!  Mind, if the two of them were wise they'd tell us they were shopping/working and instead slope off and drink cheap beer in the students union at Kings Buildings

29/01/2013 at 23:04

Whoops! Went out for a run this morning and got a bit carried away, then a bit lost and ended up running just shy of 10k when I was planning about 6!! Good run though - lots of big hills and some beautiful scenery along the way. Looked at the clock when I got back in and realised that I had 20 mins to get showered and out to a meeting!! Luckily it was the sort of meeting (Sports types) where getting lost on a run is an acceptable excuse for being late!! Did get laughed at though!

Feeling a bit swamped at the moment! My fault for not getting stuff done in my first couple of weeks back but I am on leave next week and have such a lot to get done. This is where the only working until 2pm becomes trickier!! Its 12 now and I haven't so much as opened an email - ok also my fault for accidental long run!

Anyway, needless to say I will be working every night this week! Just wish I could get M setteled in bed earlier - its too hot in her room so she stays wide awake and often ends up getting back up.

EF I am sure the desire to think of names, plan room etc will come back to you, it sounds like you need to work through the disappointment of this first - chats will def help!!! Pity wine is off the menu!


29/01/2013 at 23:05

race report

Ben and I turned up on Saturday to register and collect our numbers to find the course frozen solid. All the water was covered with 3 inches of ice, hard enough that bricks thrown on to it just bounced off. The increase in temp overnight melted the mud but not the ice which would require crow barring later on.

We started amongst thousands of others and right from the off I was on my butt. Grass quickly gave way to slush and slurry and within 10 minutes we hit the obstacles. I am not sure of the order of these- partly because there were so many and partly because I was totally out of it at times! Before we left the killing fields there were a series of deep ditches full of the stickiest mud up to the knee and then a stretch of hurdles to jump (or duck under). We were then directed around a new feature gallipolli which was frozen solid at this point and had several marshalls smashing the ice into slabs in readiness for our return. The 1st climb was tough as I realised my legs were just not long enough to bridge the spaces between logs. Had to use the sides too and threw myself over with optimism waning.

Muddy slides and lots of falls around us took us towards the slalom which was a series of impossible ascents and descents requiring a lot of shoving from behind and helpful tugging from above. Fell numerous times but worryingly injured my shoulder and got whiplash. Out of the field and into the river for a quick paddle.  Next the wood and jumps, cargo nets, gates (huge made of logs)…. As the course got worn down the sides became slick and there was little purchase to pull yourself out. River slalom was  tough- in and out of the river and more pushing and pulling to get me through. Back to Gallipolli- this time we went straight into the water and waded the full length and back. Feet turned to concrete but luckily my core stayed ok despite it being chest deep. Around the outside again but this time no feeling in my feet. Back into the killing fields and the FUN began…… pulling over massive A frames with NO safety net and little grip was worrying. Reached the 1st electrified section – ouch. Another series of A frames had rope bridges to cross, managed the 1st  & 3rd  but on the 2nd  was unseated by a guy joining my line which pulled it taut and I fell off. Ben did really well and his agility was far better than mine.

29/01/2013 at 23:06

Dad and Adam begging us to drop out as Ben was Blue and I was grey but I was never going to do that and we stumbled over walls and by the fire/ water to reach the torture chamber. Pitch black with dangling poles forced us to our knees and led to another electric section. This time I was fried as I was repeatedly hit with shocks…but at least I was warm for a minute or 2. Through the gloom we saw the tunnels which would lead us back outside and I literally felt my way along as the tunnels got smaller and more claustrophobic. We were pleased to see daylight again and later shocked to hear that 1 guy had suffered an arrest in there and was airlifted off the course (he recovered thank goodness). Some cadets pushed jelly babies into our mouths and off again.  Up over another A frame and approached the next water obstacles but thankfully they shut some as frogmen were struggling to keep up with frozen bodies…. Ben was suffering from cramp too and any crouching brought on an attack. Uncontrollable shivering slightly eased over the tyre section, more electric and a swamp (or was that earlier?) and we approached the last obstacle Viagra. The correct route would have involved a walk, climb, slide into water and climb out but I didn’t fancy the slide so I swam across instead to the last climb and first glimpse of the finish clock.

A lovely lady pulled my gloves off so I could eat 3 chocolate biscuits and we went in search of dry clothes.

Ben was a fetching shade of blue and the dribbling shower did little to ease this as I helped to dress him.

A hot coffee was also wasted as we were too cold to hold the cups.

I finished in the top half of women which made up less than 10% of the competitors.


29/01/2013 at 23:15

Camlo fab report but you truly are mental for doing that! 

29/01/2013 at 23:15

Hope that worked!!

Yippee to vikings, high mileages, good food (well plenty of it..), flexi working, golf and mountain biking with clips!

Boo to broken cars, D&V, crappy odds (although they are the best they can be for the tests available), bleeds, water leaks, low incomes, stroppy scots (), poor nights sleep and weight loss (obv for those who dont need to lose any, otherwise it would be a yippee....)

Cross with myself for not doing EVERY obstacle exactly as it should have been - skipped a major water one and I'm sure I would have been OK in my wet suit so hovering over the entry button for next year.....

29/01/2013 at 23:41

bl**dy hell Camlo, how can you be cross with yourself?????? Tough guy, tough woman ... either or both, you are awesome!!! Reading your race report was inspiring but I have no desire to take part . Hope your shoulder is OK, is that all that got hurt???

Hoggle - hope you get things back on track. But great running . I specialise in getting lost on runs ...

29/01/2013 at 23:56
Whiplash is pretty sore too, big bruises/ grazes on shins and major doms in arms! Couldnt lift shopping from the car earlier. Legs are fine! Finished in 3:35 or thereabouts so I am classing it as my long run for this week despite it 'only' being 8 miles (in fact it was prob only about 5).
Even went to club tonight and did 3 miles of hilly reps!
missed a load of stuff in my yippee/ boo earlier - Caro getting back to work (hmm yippee I think), Hoggle doing extra (yippee but boo to having to squeeze stuff in), and Dylan's birthday (def a yippee and love the idea of birthday breakfasts).
30/01/2013 at 06:16
Ok quick update. Oscar Alan born at 23:15. Bit bruised on his face but apart from that all seems ok. Currently asleep on my chest making the cutest little noise. Not managed to get him to take any milk yet.

Anj, beat you!!

Please don't mention on fb yet, need to make sure parents get message first.
30/01/2013 at 06:47
OMG Ttid!!!! I take it the bleed was a sign of labour starting naturally!! Awesome news and huge congratulations!! Will look forward to seeing pics once it's public news - Ohhh my different time zone must mean I'm first to know!!
I hope you are recovering well xxx
Camlo - you are actually INSANE to be considering that torture again - don't even think that you didn't do it properly - you are definitely a Tough Guy!!!
30/01/2013 at 07:02
Sorry, forgot to say he was 7 lbs 4, not bad for 3 weeks early!

Thanks Hoggle.
30/01/2013 at 07:22

Oh wow t tid congratulations!! that was speedy!! 

30/01/2013 at 07:36
Yay! Good news TT! So was it natural?

Right, time for work! Eek!
30/01/2013 at 07:46
Fab news TT, glad he is here safe and sound.
Welcome to the world Oscar, he prob hasn't fed because he is waiting for his golf lesson....
30/01/2013 at 08:04
oh fantastic TT, welcome to the world little Oscar
30/01/2013 at 08:35

OMG! Wow! Welcome Oscar. Well done you TT. Fabulous news!

Back later after school run...

30/01/2013 at 08:58

You certainly did beat me to it TT!! Congratulations, so did you end up with a section or natural? Brilliant news.

Camlo, I cannot believe after reading that race report that you are seriously considering entering next year!! You have just been upgraded to the threads "number 1 nutter" (depending on Lottes shenanigans and gin intake last night!!) Sounds amazing what you went through though, well done you!! Tough guy

Off to see my NCT lot this morning, I am the only one who hasn't had my baby yet and Leila is the eldest of the "older siblings" so hopefully she will have fun being the oldest and teaching them new things!

Having a rest day from the gym today, so going to get over to mothercare to get last few bits and pieces whilst Leila is in preschool. Might dig the vegge patch over and put some stable manure on it if it stays dry later too.

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