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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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10/09/2013 at 14:44

Haha I hate them slithering around my legs too EF! Our two have got that message now. It freaks me out. Woo hoo to tickets, hope you get what you want. I was dithering about ordering some as a birthday pressie for hubby.

Trying to work and entertain 4 x 5 year od boys at the same time, its so not happening. Doesn't matter since its not a work day for me but I had something I wanted to finish for tomorrow. The twins have their twin friends over today, their mum had them all yesterday afternoon while I was at work and she is at work today. Last week of them finishing school at 1pm, full days next week. Thank goodness. They certainly don't do these stupid half days for the parents convenience that's for sure. My Dad has been taking them on a weds and in-laws are covering Thursdays.

10/09/2013 at 15:54

It is annoying when they stagger them in like that Lotte, especially for working parents.  Nicky had his first day at nursery today - he still seems so little though  (hubby said "pull yourself together"!).  Made a right fuss this morning about wearing the nursery uniform (which is optional) so compromised on uniform polo shirt and tracky bottoms (which are easier for him to pull down if he needs the toilet).  Sophie had a quiet word in his ear which helped!  But anyway I managed to get him engrossed in the train track then said I was going to take Sophie to school and he said bye bye.  Phew!  Shattered this afternoon though - fell asleep in car on 15 min journey.

So the puss is back in the Shelter.  When I've stopped feeling bad I will be incredibly relieved.  They found our description of her behaviour strange too, when she'd seemed fine with the kids when she first met them, and declared that we were just very unlucky and were very sympathetic.  Would love a cat like yours CM!

Dogs licking my toes or legs - yeuch  

10/09/2013 at 16:49

He he. I wouldn't like a dog licking my toes either! 


im so sick of this mad autocorrect - my "and" got changed to Ian's! 


Soon I will post and not change any and you'll think I've just plucked words from thin air and typed them! 

10/09/2013 at 17:06

I might do that too, EF - would be good for a laugh

Sorry about the puss, JG, but definitely for the best. 

You all know how much I love cats Don't do dogs. Nasty, slobbery things. 

You will all be pleased to know that Frances is apparently normal sized!  Measuring bang on 50th centile. Good girl. I'm a tad anaemic (hb is 10.6) but my iron stores are good so I haven't been prescribed anything yet - saw the GP and  was told to see how I feel over the next week or two.  Lots of dark chocolate for me Have also bought some Spatone and going to try not to drink as much tea. Well, not that I have much (max 2 cups a day) but I tend to have it after meals, which I know is not good! 

Happy birthday to Caro. Hope you're being pampered!

11/09/2013 at 09:46

cat fight in my back garden. Fluff everywhere! 

11/09/2013 at 09:48

Caro hope you had a good day. 

Tb glad all normal! Try dried apricots for iron levels too. 

11/09/2013 at 13:00

sometimes I love my job. here I am, minding my business working from home, when I get a call from one of the teams in Reading to tell me that a bloke called S, who works on a client site in a government department in Reading, has turned up to work wearing a dress and make-up... Client (civil servants, trousers hovering a few inches above their socks) having palpitations. Apparently, he has told them all that he is still a man, isn't having a sex change and still shags his wife. Not entirely sure what I am supposed to do about any of this .But as I am puerile, it made me laugh!

11/09/2013 at 13:19

Hehe, sounds like an entertaining morning LOL at the socks thing - why do people insist upon wearing ankle swingers?!

About to drop Ben off at the station for his latest trip. He's only away for a week so it's not too bad. Well, I don't really mind that much anyway, as it means that I get to do my best starfish impression in bed . And it's my last day in work tomorrow!  Had some more good news yesterday - the buy-out proposal for the business came through and it's a great deal. So that means Ben will be leaving his day job as of January to do a far more exciting job that pays twice as much, along with a nice big cash lump sum. I am mentally spending it already, hehe 

11/09/2013 at 21:07

Just hold on to the thought of all that me time at the weekend CC. Shame the lengths we have to go to to get it hey!

I was taking the mickey out of the pampered triathlon boys at the track tonight. We did a tough sesh in pishing rain. Then at the end they were all heading for a sauna and maybe an easy swim if they felt up for it and food. So pampered! Me, I just had to rush over to my folks,pick up 8 kids drop two to their houses and then get my 6 to bed (which I still haven't managed with 3 still up practising instruments) and the twins crashed in the car and haven't done their homework tonight. What was that about dropping balls...

Anyhoo track session bagged - 6 x 1000m reps on very tired leggies. And 5 this morning.

Enjoy the last day TattieB.

Missed Caros b'day yesterday... hope you had a nice day.

11/09/2013 at 21:31

Lovely day thanks, and got quite a lot of £££ so some shopping is needed!  So far I have bought a le crueset frying pan - woo hoo.  Am also thinking about some wireless bluetooth speakers for the i pad - anyone got any knowledge on such things??

So I may have inadvertantly expresed interest and almost entered a 10k.......with Eric and the running buggy!  In a fit of enthusiasm on Monday after enjoying my 4 mile run in the pouring rain on the tow path I e mailed the organisers of a 10k on 13th Oct along same tow path.  They had concerns, have discussed it with club committee etc and I spoke to someone tonight who said they were keen and would love to have us along, but their main concern was about me trying to overtake people etc on a tow path.  So I said I wouldnt really be racing it, just doing it for fun, but that I woukd go and check out the course myself in the next couple of wks to see if it was feasable anyway, before committing.  Then the guy texted me just now saying as it was chip timed how about if I started a few mins after the main race - which I said was fine as well.  So what do you think?  Anyone done a buggy race before?  Am doing a 5k a wk on Sat with big sis in America (I go next wk....eek!) obviously without buggy and Eric - 1st race other than park run since london marathon '11!

Right, better get off here.

Oh Karen and Minks it's the Jill Oliver 10k on 13th Oct starting at Lee Valley Athletics Centre if either of you fancy it.

11/09/2013 at 22:01

on my second glass of fizz for the night.  ever so slightly pished., lord knows what it's going to do to Fraser!  Celebrating 11 years since we got engaged whilst staying in London in the shittiest hotel I ever booked (sat on bed and bum hit ground - was 2 single beds too) and then I managed to fill up every moment of the time we were there so that Andy never managed to propose til the last minute and then we had to dash as we were late for the theatre.  Had a macdonalds happy meal before the show to see me through and then we ate pizza and drank moet in our room.  Happy days

We therefore recreate this night by having pizza and fizz!  But I'd better stop here sadly.  I will express in an hour and a half - plenty time for it to get out my system n'est-ce pas?

12/09/2013 at 08:40

Aw that's sweet EF! Hope Fraser enjoyed the bubbles

I don't know what date we got engaged. It was in April and then we got married in May, I've always been impatient!

Wish I was running with you CC, would love to do a race in the Lakes. Whats your travel logistics?

12/09/2013 at 13:21

I proposed to Mrs B at the end of the Inca Trail when we had arrived at Machu Picchu. She was so stunned that it was only hours later when I realised that she hadn't replied and had to check!

12/09/2013 at 14:23

Wow you guys have exotic proposal stories!  Hubby proposed to me after a meal at Pizza Express on the pavement outside our flat !

12/09/2013 at 14:23

In Wokingham though so at least a reasonably posh location 

Camlo    pirate
12/09/2013 at 17:23

love the engagement stories, hubby proposed to me while I was in the bath..... at the Hilton in Park Lane. He had borrowed one of my rings to get size for engagement ring but had taken one too big for me so I still had to get it made smaller!

Boo to cat going back (although that is also a yippee), juggling balls, upset tummy (Fraser later....)

Yippee to being loved up still and preparing for racing!! 

CC - ggrrrrrr to forecast, hope it stays better for you as it did for me. No fun when you are soaked and cold aswell as knackered! 

Caro - you would need to start well back if they don't want you overtaking!! Will be lovely to see your sister, hope you have some good runs together. 

Legs aching less but chest is a royal bugger and coughing up lots of green still.... yuck! 

12/09/2013 at 20:26

It's interesting you say about the parents JT - there is one school around here that no one wants their kids to go to, as it's never going to be a great school precisely because of the kind of housing it's surrounded by and the people that live in that housing.  Anyway after yet another new head and revamp one of the TAs was made redundant and now works for my childminder and the breakfast and after school club.  The club deals with 2 schools, one 4 form and one 3 form so both big, and her comment to my childminder was 3 fold - the kids are well behaved, the kids all speak english(!) and it's obvious that the parents care.......

Busy day, work tomorrow, friends from Yrk coming to stay for wk end with kids, looks like bad weather all wk end.......

12/09/2013 at 21:54

Grrr to hubby CC - I've had similar!

Hubby proposed spontaneously in Hyde Park in London. He was planning on proposing while we were in NZ on holiday a few months later so we could celebrate with my family but got to excited! Took us 3 years to get married though!

Beautiful sunny day here today! Off to the farm when hubby finishes work yay! Although Mum has a bad back and Dad's hip is now terrible (scheduled for hip replacement next month thankfully - its taken him several years to get it looked at (stubborn farmer!) and he is so crippled so will be life changing for him.

Has anyone had problems with pushing with their toddlers? Matilda has become pretty bad at this. Apparently she did it quite a lot when she went up a stage at daycare which is normal but she now does it to her friends when we meet up (mainly the wee lad that is her 'best' friend). Sometimes its because they have snatched something off her, or she wants a turn on what they are on or it can be just for the sake of it. Trying to stop it without making a big deal of it but its frustrating. Also all my friends little ones are 4-5 months younger so she's the oldest and therefore the one who has moved onto more challenging behaviour. My friends are lovely so never make me feel bad but I can't wait until the others start the next level of challenging behaviour!

3 x flight of steps (its a big flight ok!!) so am progressing. My physio is getting one of those seriously fancy gait analysis thingees soon. I am definitely going to need orthotics of some sort because my foot still does not have full strength and compensating muscles are resulting in a very tight hip which will cause plenty of problems when I increase my exercise! Just hope they aren't going to be too pricey!!!

12/09/2013 at 22:03

CC the TA meant the kids she is working with NOW have parents that care......implying that n the old school the parents didn't care.  Astounding about not putting names on things.  I get so annoyed when she loses things even when they are named.  We picked up some new uniform today and I said she absolutely couldn't wear it tomorrow as it wasnt named.  Last term her PE shorts didn't come home at half term. After half term she assured me they had been found so I was a bit surprised when the ones that came home for the summer said 'spare' on them!  But I'm afraid as far as I'm concerned if I send in named shorts, in a class of 4 yr olds the teacher needs to help them a bit so we don't all lose stuff-so i cut the tag out that said spare and sewed her name on!  I call it a swap.......

grr CC, I feel your pain!  You will be shattered.......

eric seems to be a bit pushy, I just say no.  My friends little girl in Cornwall bit him repeatedly hard, so I just count my blessings that I don't have a biter!

12/09/2013 at 22:08

Yay to lovely weather and fun on the farm Hoggle. And hope your dads hip gets sorted. Good luck for weekend CC - and hope weather is not as bad as forecast for you. Think Sunday is meant to be the worst day Caro, so maybe do as much as poss with your Friends on the Saturday?

vlass sounds tough JT. don't know how you do it. Pleased your scan was good though. Loved all the engagement stories too! BrilliAny. But not as brilliant as iPhone autocorrect. Bah! 

Shame cat had to go back JG. but probably for the best. I know zero about scats. Would like to get one when we move house as we will have a decent garden/rural setting etc. should I wait till baby 2 is older? How old? And can I just get any moggy from shelter or are there breeds that are good with kids etc?! I only know about dogs!! ( which I want too, but I want kids to be a little older so I can properly train a puppy without potty training kids at the same time !) 

counting days till due dat

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