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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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30/01/2013 at 09:06
Oh yes, never did pack my hospital bag...
30/01/2013 at 09:06
Huge congrats TT, looking forward to hearing more about it later! Enjoy those gorgeous new baby snuggles, and hope he gets the hang of feeding soon.

Camlo - wow! That sounds absolutely horrible, but well done!!

CC - I think you're absolutely right. Our job as doctors is to make sure there's nothing serious wrong and then try not to interfere too much while the body does its stuff (although unfortunately people don't like to hear that things will just take time to get better so we so it's good to have a few simple things to suggest so they feel they can 'do' something).

MM - so from a purely logistical point of view, tell me, do you wash your hair twice a day when you run twice?!! (I know, I know, that's a very 'girly' question, but even when I was doing my maximum tri training I found it really annoying to have constantly wet hair!!). Running twice in a day is not something I see in my near future so this is purely from an interest point of view!

I did make it to choir last night and it was good to go, but not quite 'me' time yet as I have been taking the baby with me. At 5 weeks she's still a bit unpredictable in the evenings and I haven't got round to expressing or trying her with a bottle so would be a bit harsh to leave her to potentially scream for 2 hours with husband while I'm out! I wasn't going to do this term of choir but one of the pieces is one of my favourites - Britten's Rejoice in the Lamb - and the choir has an amazing opportunity to work with the bbc singers which I really didn't want to miss. All of the BBC singers and their conductor are coming down to do 2 evening workshops with the choir, and then we are going to London to work with them for an afternoon and put on a concert +/- a recording - pretty much a once in a lifetime chance for me I suspect so am going to give it my best shot despite grizzly baby and lack of sleep!
30/01/2013 at 09:43

No I only wash my hair after morning run Vixo, evening I just shower body as far too late by then to get my hair dry. If running morning then lunchtime I'll just have a very quick shower again no hair and then just wear kit again until I run again. I don't get massively hot so don't find its a major issue. Don't know what Lotte does? I have to have a quick shower just to warm up as I get so cold after running.

Sounds fabulous at the choir. Yes not worth it with her so young. I was always being asked to come home if I went out when I was BF in the early days.

CC, so hard to know what to do. Have you spoken to your english friend about it and explained your other (scottish) friends' disposition? Might be worth a bash?

Sophie dropped at pre-school. First school day for her today. She has been so desperate to stay for lunch and I really struggle to get 15 miles in by 11.45 unless I pick her up in my kit. I do like to come home and potter a bit before I go off running, have a coffee etc and my breakfast has never gone down by 9. So she's there until 2.45 bless her. She will be so tired later!! Still better get a few more jobs done and get going. At least the sun is shining for me!!

How was it TT? Bit of a rush then?

30/01/2013 at 10:07

OK now just read back and read Camlo's report. Wow! Is all I can say. Seriously electric torture chamber really. How many actuallly get round the course? What is the drop our rate? You are amazing! I can run miles and miles and will do/have done some pretty bad off road races but will never contemplate that. Well done you!

30/01/2013 at 11:36
No where near MM + lotte miles (by a long shot) but I do often run twice on a Tues as run in aft alone + then run with running buddy in evening. If I am not going anywhere other than school/nursery pick up I usually just stay in my stinky running stuff between runs. But if I get soaked I shower + dress between runs + wash hair, but my hair is VERY short so doesn't need drying. I have showering post run dwn to a fine art, as long as I am in shower for 20/25 to 3 I can b out dried, dressed + at school for 3.
30/01/2013 at 11:54

oh WOW TT, well done you, can't wait to see some pictures too. Enjoy the snuggles

Vixo - just reread my comment, sounded like I was taking pi** a bit, I did actually mean kind of what you said. I know when J had a really annoying cough that was driving us nuts after a cold he had, the dr gave us some nasal antihistamine stuff and I'm sure it was kind of to tide us over until he just 'got over it' and forgot about it all!!! Agree, leaving a 5-week-old at home would be fairly unreasonable! But just doing something you enjoy that's not 'home' is good. That sounds an awesome opportunity with the choir. Dad and his group have been having some coaching too but nothing like that.

MM - can remember upping S's hours and she was shattered but she loved it so much (and yes, it allowed me to get the longer run in too!!).

I haven't been able to speak to friend and she didn't want to talk in person about it, but yes, that's what I said via text, that it really wasn't meant as an insult - goodness, she has English friends aplenty - just her rather dry manner.  At the end of the day they will probably only meet one more time at next weeks pilates class and then the 'offending'  lady can't do the daytime class, so am going to leave the whole thing be as it really is well out of proportion!!

Wonder if Lotte caught the bus home OK and is still drunk or sobering up??

Haven't done double runs for a while but still often have multiple things going on  and can do the whole shower thing in 5 mins if nec, sometimes skanky kit does come off until evening if shower thing not done. Like TT my hair is now short enough I can wash and go - am so loving my new haircut

Well I ran this morning - five miles outside. Wore my more cushioned trail shoes and ankle definitely didn't feel any worse so think long mountain bike tomorrow and perhaps another run Friday and build back up a bit and see. Week off when skiing anyway.  Did lots of massage etc last night.

Soooooooooooo windy here last night and today - was pushing the car all over the road as I drove back from town, had to go out and retrieve stuff that was blowing round garden last night. Made my run more interesting this morning though ...

30/01/2013 at 12:17
Congratulations TT! Hope you are both doing ok, looking forward to pictures!!
30/01/2013 at 12:25
My hair is too long to be quick to wash, and unfortunately I don't think short hair would suit either me, or my hair (it's quite curly!). I get really red and sweaty when I run, even in the cold, and my hair turns to a frizzy mess, so I look a real fright if I don't shower - and I get really cold very quickly if I don't get out of my sweaty stuff - I wouldn't subject anyone to seeing me like that except under dire circumstances!!

Have been meaning to ask - has anyone got/used a maclaren double buggy, and what are they like to push? We've got a Phil & Teds that was given to us by friends but I find it really heavy and awkward to fold and load/unload from the car, so I have been wondering about buying a second hand maclaren that I could bung in the car for times when I just need to nip out quickly with both little ones. The p&t is great for walks on the common and down to school when I can just get it out of the garage, but I can't see myself easily using it for car journeys (or am I just being wet?!!).
30/01/2013 at 13:16

Bloomin heck TTid - wasn't expecting that news. Massive congratulations. Love the name. Hope you are both well and look forward to hearing all about it when you get a moment to get on here  (ha ha, as if there is ever a moment to yourself with a newborn!)

30/01/2013 at 13:23

Have no idea about double maclaren buggies but my mum had a single one for such moments and it was fab actually. I used to nick it off her if I needed to do some shopping involving shopping centres as it was so light and maneuverable

30/01/2013 at 14:07

Back from run was 16 not 15 due to my underestimate. Could have done without that tbh as was struggling. Such strong wind, stopped me in my tracks several times and that and the wading, so fed up with the weather now. Suppose it was sunny so can't have everything!

Still 16 done in 2:04. So tired now and need more food, still hungry!!

30/01/2013 at 14:12

Congrats TT, wow what a surprise!!  Love the name Oscar .  Hope it all went ok and wasn't too terrifying being that early.

Someone at playgroup used to have a double Maclaren and loved it. My issue with side by side ones was always that my children have always been so big!  Plus I thought they might torment each other?!

Vixo - am with you on the hot and sweaty after a run thing, no way I could not shower and get dressed so I never do 2 lots of exercise in one day (not that I have time anyway!).

Lotte hope you had a great time last night, I was watching a bit of it and it looked spectacular.  I wonder how much you can remember 

Just entered the RW Trailblazer in May - a 10k so should be manageable I hope!  Still £20 with a discount but I thought I'd take advantage of the RW offer.

Tummy not good today, hurting and gurgling for some reason - was planning on getting to circuits tonight for the first time since before my shoulder froze (!) so will have to see how it is later .

Caro - hope new job is going well.  Were you pleased to get back to work?  I took on that extra morning before Christmas, and now the teacher whose class it is is being taken off our programme to teach elsewhere, so if this was a couple of years' time I could now start working 4 days a week, finishing at 3-3.30pm.  Frustrating that I can't/don't want to do that yet while Nicky's still little, I just hope these opportunities come up in the future too.

30/01/2013 at 14:14

Can't remember if I congratulated Camlo and RF but well done both of you nutters!  Camlo I can't believe you are considering doing it again!!

30/01/2013 at 14:25
OMG turbo, huge congratulations, that must have been a surprise!!!! Welcome wee Oscar fab name. Enjoy x
Thanx all for the well dones!
Camlo- oh. My. Goodness. That sounded horrendous!!! Your insane woman to think about doing it again............makes my 24 hr MB event look easy!!! So very well done............there is NO way I could crawl n tunnels, get claustabhobic. Yikes to someone arresting, glad they survived. Enjoy your tough man status, well done to B also
Horrible weather here, very very stormy. Told the girls to walk home but going to get them n the car so betta go in a minute.
Hope job went well Caro
JG- hope tummy settles and u make training.
I feel ready for a run or cycle. Might try one later if I get time but have an application form, CV and letter to do for two jobs.............
Hope your not too rough Lotte, crazy girl!!!!
Bak lata
30/01/2013 at 17:27
Vixo - I have a double mcLaren buggy, it is fine to push + plenty room for kids, only thing I found is it is quite long when folded up so won't fit in some cars, I can only get it in My zafira if 2 back seats r folded dwn + have really huge boot as it has to go in diagonally. so I would check it fits b4 buying.
30/01/2013 at 17:46

WOW TurboT that was a surprise. Congratulations and welcome to the world peerie Oscar. Hope you are both well, looking forward to hearing more.

Camlo - respect.

Vixo - I had a Maclaren double buggy which was great, very practical and easy to fit in car and set up quickly but wasn't much room in it (which was ok for my twins but not sure how it would be for an older sibling) and was impossible to push with one hand as it had three seperate handles.

So I survived and not too hungover. Fun night, had a right laugh. Saw folks I haven't seen for yonks which was great. Managed not too drink too fast, just a constant steady trickle of wine, fizzy wine, cider, gin, and then lager for breakfast at 8am Had a bit of a sleepy patch at 3am but a jagermeister and red bull saw me through. Made it to the end of the night (8.30am) then had a rather surreal half a mile walk to the bus stop in a storm supping lager from a tin (how dodgy!) 45 mins on the bus another wee walk and then home just after 10am not too worse for wear. Had tea and toast then hubby drove my friend home. By 11am I had been up for 30 hours so I did go and lie on our bed snoozing until 1pm but been up since then. Can't wait until bedtime. Kids are being particularly noisy today, thankfully hubby is off work today. He wasn't out last night but his offices are shut today.  No running today and I fear tomorrows miles will not be fast!


30/01/2013 at 18:50
Cc, leila has a cough that is driving us nuts too. She has just got over a cold and is continually clearing her throat. It is soo annoying. She doesn't cough at night but hoping she gets over it soon.

Lotte - good effort on the all nighter! You are a machine! And you look like a teenager in the pic on FB. In the very best sense!

Mattress for the cot bought... When did they get so expensive?? Along with nursing bras and a present from leila for baby. I kind of feel like I am nearly ready. And my hospital bag is packed.

I have a whole day tomorrow to get on with some college work as leila at school all day then at her friends for tea until 6. I will do that veggie patch tm if its not raining!
Edited: 30/01/2013 at 18:52
30/01/2013 at 19:13

ha ha Lotte, that is an epic session!  I did think it was a very classy pic of you wandering along the streets in the not-quite-morning light with a tinny in hand!!! But agree you look very youthful  I am sure your slow tired post-hangover miles are still a decent lick ...

Well done on the run MM. Sounds tough with all the surface water. We have had rain this afternoon but the winds are something else, I was almost blown over walking from car to Js guitar lesson and was hanging on to S to keep her on the ground!  You and me RF clearly have the same weather

Anj - good to hear you are prepared, in case you do a TT!! J had exactly that, the throat-clearing, drove us absolutely nuts, esp me in the evening. Once he went to sleep it stopped and in the morning he would forget for a while so I knew it wasn't asthma. Eventually it DID just disappear but did take a while.

JT - that's horrible about the beating up. I have had full-blown English bashing in North Wales - got chased out of a fish and chip shop in Bethesda and then chased down the street. Whenever we used to stay in the Scout base there on mountaineering weekends, the landlord of the Douglas Arms was always very friendly but would put us in a different room for the evening to keep the peace!!!

Edited: 30/01/2013 at 19:14
30/01/2013 at 19:31
Isabelle's done that throat clearing thing too, and it drove me crackers. I know the right thing is to ignore it, but I just couldn't help myself sometimes, I found it sooo annoying!

We still haven't got a cot or a room to put O in. I think we are going to have a shuffle of rooms, and are trying to get a quote and start date to have another bathroom put in, so we've sort of stalled in sorting out anything else! Our friends are going to lend/give us their old cot so we thankfully don't have to buy anything new - I will just re-use the same mattress the others have had.

Anj - it took an evening of bad braxton hicks to spur me into packing my bag - not that I needed it in the end, but at least everything was in one place when the time came!

Thanks for the maclaren feedback. We have a big family wagon now - an Alhambra - so it should fit in, and I think there should be enough space for E at the moment. I hope I should only need it for a relatively short period of time, but I think for that time it will make life easier, so worth spending ??40 or so on one second hand - have seen a few on gumtree.

Off to book (wine & gossip!) club this evening, but will take O with me again so fingers crossed she sleeps and I can enjoy a good natter and a sneaky glass of red!
30/01/2013 at 20:08

God you guys have been chatty today!  I didnt dare see whether this website would be blocked by my new place of work!  Will be good for a while yet.

Havent fully read back, will do later.  I survived, it was good to use my brain and be appreciated  Really easy commute, about 45 mins door to door incl dropping the kids, who were fine.

Vixo - a mummy friend of mine had twins then a singleton so would push the twins to pre school in the buggy with baby in babybjorn.  She is pretty small so you'd see this little lady pushing huge buggy with no 3 attached to her and just be in awe!  So poss a carrier is an option rather than another buggy if you dont want to go down that route?

Right, need food, and feel like I have a million things to do after not being at home for the day, but in reality I probably dont.  I have no idea how mums work full time with kids - hats off to those who do!


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