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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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13/10/2012 at 08:58
And no doubt he'll get a PB........

Is MM doing Cardiff half too? Good luck if so.

So coughed solidly for over 2 hrs last night, and woke up this morning to a cot full of sick frm Eric. Brought him into our bed, fed him then like a geyser all the milk came back up again, everywhere!!! He doesn't seem very happy. Not sure what to do really. No diarrhoea. Oh joy!
13/10/2012 at 09:29
Oh no Caro! I was told breast milk was best when we had it with Archie. Yuk. Is it just sickness or is he coughing too? Good luck. Xxxx

And yes, he probably will get a pb, rah. But at least he's trained this time. Last time he did 2:03 on about a total of 20 miles training...
13/10/2012 at 13:59

Was trying to remember and  I know it's miles back, but Ted's labels are all fraying and coming out of his uniform (rah!  there was me thinking sew in ones would last longer, hah!) which was the company that a number of you use?  Was it  They seem to have interesting stuff and after my experience with Stuckonyou last year I want to try and get this one sorted!

13/10/2012 at 14:22

I have to make a Yoda cake and a R2D2 cake this week for next sat (boys are 6!!!! ) Any tips or pictures please!!??

Yes am doing Cardiff. I am currently sitting down feet up, eating homemade flapjacks and I will be eating my spag bol tonight, choc icecream (always have that before a race!! and will be having porridge with my Mum's honey (she has bees) raisins and a banana at 6am. Then a gel with caffeine just before I start and one at 10 miles. Nutrition critical JT, but then what we do we know we only have a coaching qualification .

Caro I hope Paula hasn't doped. I was coached by her coach at Bedford and there was nothing there but then she had plenty of other advisors. I hope it's just sheer talent and hard work!!

13/10/2012 at 14:40

Stress level on all time high here, think I'm gona blow! So much flying about in my head my brain is overloaded. Packing has not been happening, was trying to get on top of the washing and cleaning first but that hasn't happened either, other computer is playing up and I haven't printed out all our maps, booking confirmations etc. hubby worse than useless and Sophie and Dylan have been playing in the accordian and fiddle festival which has involved being out with them at a concert 50 miles away last night, only home at 1am then they had to be pack in town and on stage at 10.30am! Hubby was coaching athletics today so had to take the little guys to the concert too, 2 hours of fiddle and accordian music, but the did really well. I got up at 5am for 10 miles so a bit bleary eyed. If we make it onto the boat tomorrow that first g&t is going to be so good! Anyway enough moaning just need to get on with it. Have just had a tantrum and told hubby if he doesn't go and hoover out the caravan and car I'm not going! Good job I didn't have a weapon to hand when he told me packing was a womans thing and anyway "what have you been doing all week"

Just wanted to say yes RB that is still my number.

Good luck MM.


13/10/2012 at 14:43
Ha ha MM! Good luck tomorrow, you sound like your nutrition is pretty sorted unlike Mr No breakfast, gels etc!

I got a Yoda cake frm Tesco for Ted's birthday, but a cake topper for Archie's. Prob cost as much as Ted's in end though! Will find link.
13/10/2012 at 15:09
Cross posts Lotte! Will find directions to crystal palace given to us for way home. Although longer in distance, it's probably quicker and much easier! We got them from the park, much better than those in the book. X
13/10/2012 at 15:18

Oh was going to make them JT. Don't know why I feel I have to do these things but I never buy birthday cakes. Kind of have to prove to myself I can do it cos my Mum was so amazing, should I say is so amazing at making cakes. I know I can make the actual cake its the green fingered yoda bit that I need help with. Will be and hubbie and bottle of wine me thinks friday night!!

Oh lotte. I would have suggested don't run? Aren't you having a rest now anyway. Why force the running and making yourself more tired when you have so much stress?

I am fuming too. Am trying so hard to chill out but no. Boys have just kicked muddy footballs all over the bedding on the line, that is only there cos J wet his bed AGAIN!! S weed in her bedroom and pooed her pants. Hubbie decided to rip out our fitted wardrobes today???? Sophie just wet herself again in the garden. Cos hubbie was ripping out bedroom I have had to do homework with the boys, watch Sophie in the garden, go and get the eggs for lunch. Grrrr!!!!! Finally he has taken them all out and I am now sitting watching gardener's world!!

13/10/2012 at 17:31
Mynametags janie. They're great
13/10/2012 at 17:33
Good luck mm and deep breaths lotte!
13/10/2012 at 19:22
I sincerely hope so too MM. Good luck, do u have a goal or are you not telling? I also feel the need to make b day cakes, could never buy one......why do we give ourselves added pressure??!!

Ok turned on the top oven for the kids mac cheese and it doesn't work!! So it's nice and clean but non functional. They are coming on tues to look at it. Thank god I hadn't planned a roast for tomorrow as we have 6 adults and 6 kd for lunch! Doing sausage casserole on the hob, with rice and veggies.

Lotte I hate that feeling.....hope you get a double g and t!

Eric not wanted food today but has had milk, and not been sick again. He has had yucky nappies though so obviously not right. Hope he doesn't wake up in he night starving.

It's nice seen our friends and M and their daughter ar playing nicely. It's really interesting comparing them as despite being exactly the same age she acts a lot younger than M in almost very way- speech, behaviour, maturity etc. they are emigrating to NZ where you don't start school till 5 so they didn't bother to put her in school here, which I think will be so good for her, as I think she might have struggled otherwise, and been at. Disadvantage due to being young for the yr.

Red wine time!
13/10/2012 at 20:53
Good luck tomorrow, MM. I will put a picture of the (Tesco!) Yoda (only the Yoda remains after the party) to hopefully give you an idea about the fingers

Party went really well - JP very happy and no misbehaving He had lots of really lovely presents too - always good to have the party a few weeks after the birthday itself and then it's like having two birthdays! I am quite tired now tonight after being sociable all day. Not that I'm usually miserable, hehe.

Caro, hope Eric picks up soon, poor little man Enjoy the wine!

Lotte - grrrrrrrrr!! I definitely would have struggled to stay calm there!
14/10/2012 at 07:48
Well my artistic skills definitely do not stretch to cake decorating!!! I'm quite capable of the mechanics, it's just the decorating that goes pearshaped! I think I'll stick with thinking up party games

Glad the party went well tatty. Always a relief when it's over.

Mm - sounds like you needed to have wine last night!!! Hope you've got to cardiff ok.

Caro - hope Eric is ok. At least it sounds like it's going through his system. Boo to the oven.

Hubby only just left for 9am race! Serve him right if he missed it! Starting to feel grot again, on top of that I seem to be weeing more and have some right kidney pain. Just hoping it's my system cleaning out and nothing more sinister...
14/10/2012 at 08:57
Such a gorgeous day for a half down here. Bright and cool. (bit of frost overnight but probably fine in city centre). So glad I was,never doing this one, I'd have been gutted! It's probably just starting!
14/10/2012 at 09:04

Party sounds good TB. Good cake on FB too!

JT - grr to hubby, it would annoy me too if my hubby was so blase about something I love and have infinitely more knowledge about! Boo to kidney pain. Hope all this clears up soon.

Good luck at Cardiff MM.

Hope Eric is better Caro, projectile sick - not nice. At least your oven will stay nice and clean!?

Lotte - hope you got everything sorted. I always panick 24 hours to go, although I have got better at packing and things since our big trip away. Hope hubby pulled his finger out and got things sorted. Packing for 6 kids...the mind boggles. Have a good trip and enjoy London.

What else... oh yes Caro your osteopath sounds like a real shocker. Do you think she knows what she is treating? Is there no other NHS osteo you can see?

Hubby out to golf this morning, so we are off to meet friends at Savill garden then I am hoping to fit a quick run in when he gets home, then we have friends coming over with their 3 kids. Need to start putting stuff out of the way as they are a bit of a nightmare with playing with things they shouldn't!

14/10/2012 at 10:55

MM - hope you blast it (bit late but I am sending vibes anyway). Stressful day yesterday by the sounds of it!!!! Hope you utilise all the energy from it on a good race!!

Lotte - I'd be fuming at hubby tooo!!! Hope you are all sorted by now and got all the maps and stuff. Hope the journey goes OK - at least weather is calm at the moment (well it is here) so hopefully you'll get a decent crossing.

JT - well my hubby is doing a mountain marathon in two weeks time - he hasn't spoken to the guy he's doing it with since he rang him to ask if he was up for it ... and his training has consisted of gym sessions mid-week and going out on his bike at the weekend ... so not much sign of navigation and training on ankle-twisting terrain ... and then he said to me 'well if ????? can't make it you can do it with me' - er no, the reason my parents are coming all the way up is so they can babysit the kids that weekend while you do your event and I do my last pilates training course weekend!  Sigh, much desire to strangle said husband! I don't even understand why he HAD to do an event that weekend anyway, esp if not even training for it, then parents could have come when they were originally planning to (about two weeks earlier), then hubby and I could have had some time together without the kids, I'd have seen a bit more of my parents and so on. When I did try and point this out back in the summer, he just got the ar*e on that I was trying to stop him doing things - rah rah bah

Hope Eric on the mend and whatever it is doesn't spread around the rest of you Caro. Bu**er to the oven though.

Hmmm to keeping stuff out the wee ones way Anj - good luck with that. Like Saville Gardens and Virginia Water.

Ummm, not much else I think ... no running yesterday but hoping to get out when hubby returns from bike ride with the boys this morning ... before I have to take him to airport later ...

14/10/2012 at 13:12
Good luck for today MM. Bit late but hope it went well. We are back in the UK now. Phew. Virgin let E fly no problems and his spots have all cleared up already. American doctor prescribed some anti viral meds which really helped. Hubby stays in US for over a week more than me so I've been single parenting since Thursday when we landed. Going ok so far.

Even managed a 5 mile buggy run in glorious sunshine his morning. Yay! I did a couple of runs in Miami. Wow the heat and the sandy beach - hard work. Descended into run walking really but did me good to get out and get going again.

Boo to lazy hubbies. Hope trip to London goes well Lotte. And get well soon Eric!
14/10/2012 at 14:42

Put it this way Caro. Didn't get my goal . Legs had nothing. Ran 6 miles at 6:30s then the wheels came off . This gives you an idea of what my target was! Finished in 1:28:57. No idea what was wrong just felt heavy and laboured. No excuses, no missed training, very good taper, proper fuelled. Period is due on thursday so that might be part of it. Achilles was fine didn't feel it at all. Only thing that was a pain was my arthritic ball of foot joint (whatever that is called). That went numb about 7 miles. Think I need to stop wearing racing flats for halfs and maras. All in all, pretty pants as no wind etc etc. Was a bit cold but thats fine.

We only just got there tbh Janie. My warm up was rather limited. M4 shut between junc 18-19. Meant massive diversion and not the best prep!!

Anyway beans on toast to re-fuel. Hubbie about go on his bike and I'm going to take the kids out on theirs then get roast in the oven.

Having two weeks off to shake the achilles, and I mean OFF!!! Only thing I might do is swim a bit next week. Need to think about London. Might just be that I don't race well this time of year anymore as the holidays are too much hard work. I had some good runs recently though so no excuses really, other than 4 kids!!

14/10/2012 at 19:44
I think 1.28 is blooming amazing MM! but I know you're disappointed. And given all you do on a daily basis, I think you are amazing doing the level an quality of running that you do!
14/10/2012 at 19:46
Oh boo MM, annoying that you can't pin point anything as well, other than annoying motorway closure. Try and enjoy your 2 weeks off!

I am coughing so much my ribs hurt, so probably a good thing I'm not running as knowing me I'd still be gong otherwise! Ulcers in my mouth too. Grrrr.
Eric is better thanks, not fed him much today but he's been keen to eat, and other than a small milk chunder and one yucky nappy has been ok.

Angelicas I was sent a list of local osteopaths that did NHS work and I could choose, so I looked at various websites and chose the one that was near home, sounded good and did evening appts......more fool me! Think I will go to GP next wk and see if I can be referred to a podiatrist, as apparently they do exist on the NHS. At least I have resigned myself to the fact that its going to take time. It definitely feels better having not run for near y a wk though.

I found it v cold today and its only October! Not looking forward to winter

Hope the g and t is good Lotte!
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