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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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31/01/2013 at 07:43
TT - many congrats, like the name too, Oscar was on my list of boys names that I never got to use. Can't wait to hear your birth story, hope it wasn't too traumatic ... Since it was an early arrival I'm wondering if he came out of the conventional door rather than the planned sun roof exit?

Camio - so you paid for that torture? Crazy lady! Massive well done though.

RF - those icy conditions looked horrendous, I'd be scared even walking on those roads let alone tearing around on a mountain bike. Well done you too.

Caro - glad you survived your first day back at work.

Was Anna's third birthday yesterday, although all morning she insisted she was still 2! Had a bunch of kids over after school and we made super hero capes with their initial on the back which they decorated. So cute to see them all running around in them. Luckily weather was dry so we managed to get them out in the garden for a run around. Am desperately in need of a run though as was just no time to fit one in yesterday and i ate so much cake I probably put on half a stone in one day!
31/01/2013 at 08:11
Karen - the pics on fb were fab, what a great cake! Isabelle has already changed her mind about 4 times on what cake she wants for her birthday next month. I'll have to give her a deciding deadline!

Caro - glad work was ok. I have been using a sling and our single maclaren, but in a month or so when O is bigger, the easy to use pouch sling will get quite uncomfortable, and then I'll be into ones which need to be tied on, which then take longer, so not great for just popping out of the car. Maybe I should just persevere and not resort to buying something else - I think that's what my husband thinks!
31/01/2013 at 11:49

wow, TT. well done you. great name too. hope this will make you laugh - i had a 3-legged cat called Oscar (after Oscar Pistorius). he's a great character

caro - glad work was ok too

and vixo - in awe of all your activities with a baby in tow

wow to the race reports, girls. you are phenomenal

mad busy at work here. calf muscle still hurts if i walk any distance and hurts up and down hill. having a massage tonight.

went to GP this morning about coughing and wheezing. she couldn't hear anything but then unless i am exercising, i don't wheeze. she did give me an inhaler and also gave me clarithrimycin. i reacted really badly either to that one or erithrimycin - can't remember which it was - 4 years ago so am paranoid about taking it in case it happens again. i am going to hold off until i don't have the kids (ie next week) in case i end up vomiting like i did last time.

talk about vomit - poor poor J. he was very sick on saturday night and then fine during the day on sunday. sunday night - more diarrhoea and a bit of sickness and then fine all day monday. fine all night monday and absolutely fine all day tuesday. then tuesday night from 2am he didn't stop being sick and having diarrhoea. T took him to the gp yesterday afternoon and he said it's just a bug, but the poor boy. he has been drinking diarolyte (the boy deserves a medal) and hasn't had any diarrhoea since yesterday but was still retching this morning so still isn't eating. he hasn't been at school all week. poor poor poppet.

31/01/2013 at 11:50

oh and i had a chest xray too today but have to wait 10 days for the results? GP appt, referral to chest clinic and xray all done within 2 hours of each other, and then 10 days for the results? seems a bit long to me. anyway i know there won't be anything that shows up on it (or at least i hope there won't), but even so - seems odd.

31/01/2013 at 12:57
Oh CM poor J. Being sick is so rotten! I know!

Your chest x ray - the person who needs to read the x ray must not be in I guess. Hope nothing shows up.

Erithrimycin is what I'd remember you having - you should check back on here!!

Well I'm working from home today as gas board coming to see boiler. They duly arrived at 1020 so pretty good for 10 - 2 slot. Anyway. Nowt wrong with boiler, is a drain prob! Phoned dial a rod at 11.15 and they came immediately, found blockage, also fixed blocked downstairs loo drain which we had been putting off fixing due to January financials. All done and dusted by 1215! I feel a bit whirlwinded to be honest!
31/01/2013 at 12:59
Vixo my friend sold her p&t and got a double Maclaren which she massively preferred. I had a single Maclaren and loved it too. No idea where it is, not in our house!
31/01/2013 at 13:09

god you are right, EF. i should check back. seems the 10 days is the standard time for xray results. it's what GP said it would be and also what the hosp said. seems a long time for a standard xray result, but maybe it's normal.

just phoned T and J was sick again this morning in the car. he hasn't had anything to eat at all since tuesday night. i am so worried about him.

31/01/2013 at 13:13
EF - the p&t does seem a real pain, but loads of people have them and seem to like them so I'm wondering if it's just me! They're great for bumpy surfaces and 'off road' stuff which a maclaren wouldn't be, so I'll definitely keep it for walks from the house, and when my husband can haul it in and out of the car!

CM - round here the GPs cant see the actual images because the computer systems aren't linked up (all X-rays done digitally now rather than printed films), so they have to wait for the image to be reported by a radiologist and then the report sent to them, which would explain the delay. Locally, if the radiographers see something grossly abnormal they usually tell the patient to go to ED, or phone the gp and tell them to refer urgently, so stuff which needs immediate action hopefully isn't missed. To be honest, you probably wouldn't want a gp reporting your X-ray as it's not something they're likely to have done for a long time! Erythromycin is a vomit-causing antibiotic for definite, but I don't think clarithromycin is supposed to be as bad (not taken it myself!).

I am tired today - very little sleep from the baby last night - but am managing to have my lunch in peace since E & O are both asleep - don't know how long it's going to last though as O is grumbling in the Moses basket!
31/01/2013 at 13:18
As long as I do 4 hrs of work at some point today it's ok isn't it?? CBA right now! Might even have an hour's kip before pick up. I was at work til 7.15 last night too. Home 8.15. Might explain the 5am vom sesh.
31/01/2013 at 13:20
Cm maybe back to dr tomorrow if j still sick?
31/01/2013 at 13:23

thanks vixo. i have just checked back on here and i didn't post which one it was annoyingly! but i am fairly sure it was erythromycin. i just can't quite bring myself to take the clarithromycin now in case i am ill, as i get the kids tomorrow and J is still poorly and the last thing i need is to be ill myself if i have to look after him. given that i have had this whatever it is now for 2 months, and i'm not actually really ill (just can't exercise), i guess waiting to take the clarithromycin for another week won't kill me. can't exercise anyway this weekend as have the kids.

and yes, EF. one of the joys of WFH is that you can 'flex' your working day! so do it! 

31/01/2013 at 13:24

yes, i think if J still bringing up water tomorrow, i will have to take him back to GP. he is being good and drinking diarolyte and water but even so, i am so worried about him.

31/01/2013 at 13:46
Can you get him to eat anything at all CM? Juice, or those pure juice lollies are quite good as they have a few calories in them, and some of it will go in/stay down. I'd probably give the antibiotics a miss in your situation too - doesn't sound too much like a bacterial infection!
31/01/2013 at 14:13

vixo - asked T to give him some blackcurrant squash (not the sugar free stuff) but he said no. i think he thinks diarolyte is a meal replacement thing (like complan). tried to explain it isn't, but he wouldn't listen. i am getting very anxious now but there isn't anything i can do. i can just ask T and have to leave it up to him to make the decision. it's the worst thing in the world knowing your child is ill and not being able to be there to help when you easily could be.

i am still coughing up dark green gunk when i do cough. gp thought it was possible there was still an infection there. not sure myself. i am not unwell other than the cough.

31/01/2013 at 14:21

ah yes, just remembered. gp mentioned whooping cough, too. wondering if i haven't had the same bug as JT!!

31/01/2013 at 14:52
Sorry, I hadn't read closely enough, I didn't realise they are with T. If he's drinking he'll be ok. He'll probably feel a bit wobbly without food, but for a few days he'll be fine. Must be horrible not to have him with you.
31/01/2013 at 14:59

thanks vixo. the kids went to T yesterday morning, and i get them back tomorrow morning.

it's weird because normally it is T who is trying to feed them when they are sick. in fact, he would rather give him solid food now - he said he was going to give him some toast. but given that J sicked up water in the car, i thought he would be best sticking with just fluids for now. i need to learn to step back and just let T manage the situation. i find that very hard because every bone in my body just wants to scoop J up and look after him. the anxiety i am feeling is not helpful really. certainly not to him, because i can't even see him!

31/01/2013 at 17:31
Thought of you today cm when I had to move a load of spices for the boiler man coming. Thought I'd have a wee clear out. Not done it yet but first one I picked up was cayenne pepper. Date - sept 2006.
31/01/2013 at 17:37

EF -

31/01/2013 at 17:42
You guys are all amateurs at the out of date food game. I'm sure when we cleared out of our place when we moved out here 3 years ago, I found dates that started with '19'.
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