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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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14/10/2012 at 19:48

It's not really. I am getting old and I need to  recognise that really . My best time is 1:20:55. I am so far off that now. Regularly used to knock out 1:22-1:24. Not happening anymore ....Time to retire and coach me thinks...

14/10/2012 at 20:54

Oh dear. Seem to have stopped the thread. Back to my grave....

14/10/2012 at 21:02
I dunno MM, how old are you? My sister is 39 and getting quicker.......but she is also getting divorced and has no kids! Can't have everything I guess.

Don't think you killed the thread, it's 9pm on Sunday so Downton or Homeland!
14/10/2012 at 21:15
Or in my case espn for some baseball!
14/10/2012 at 21:16
I'm still here - have never got into Downton! MM, definitely have another glass of wine. Surely you need it to refuel?! Domestic chores are always much more fun after a few

Glad Eric is a bit better today, Caro.

How did hubby get on, JT? Is he going to be sleeping in the spare room tonight?

Hope Lotte is enjoying her well-earned G&T

Cannot motivate myself to do any marking this weekend. I have a big pile of stuff to do, but I just can't! Still struggling to shake off the lurg, and I fear it may have gone to my chest - feel very breathless and temp has been 38.8 today. Will get it checked out if it doesn't shift soon. Boo! Still, only 2 weeks until hols now
14/10/2012 at 21:16
My friend who was gutted at going seconds over 3hrs has run cologne mara in over 3.15. I don't think it's a happy day.
14/10/2012 at 21:21

X Factor has finished so I'm back .  Now watching Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents which is always amusing/alarming in equal measures!

MM - well done on the run but boo to it not being as quick a you'd hoped.  Sometimes I think our bodies just refuse to cooperate and we're never sure why.  I wouldn't say retire and coach just yet, just take the pressure off yourself a little and enjoy running for running's sake - you may still do just as quick times. ((()))  Fingers crossed it was just a blip.

Glad Eric's on the up Caro, got hubby feeling dodgy here tonight, and my friend brought her family round this afternoon for tea, and she's just texted me to say her daughter's been sick everywhere just now!  Really don't want a sick bug...

And we went for a nice country walk this morning in the Peaks then to a pub for lunch, where Nicky downed a load of OJ then put a large roast potato in his mouth and basically choked a bit and threw up all the OJ and potato .  Then I went to the loo as we were leaving and the woman in the cubicle next to me started puking a lot!  Must be the day for sick...and I hate it!!

Feeling really tired for some reason so off to bed in a mo after a spot of ironing.  I started trying to follow Slimming World yesterday by the way and really trying to stick to what little I know about it (all the "free" foods and vaguely trying to monitor my "syns"!).  Really need a diet overhaul and to lose a bit of weight.

14/10/2012 at 21:27

 Don't give up MM. 1.28 is still an awesome time, and not really that far off your target if 1.24 is the target? If the last 7 miles were crap, put it down to a crap race day...not that you are ready for retirement. Is 4 kids including hubby, or have you had one more that you've been keeping quiet??

I've not got into Downton either. I've just watched X-Factor, not so much for the singing but my crush that I have developed on Gary Barlow.

Great day spent with friends and did a slooow 4 mile plod. Can feel it in my pelvis though, so need to start swimming and gymming in between runs to keep running for as long as possible.

Oh to be annoyed at a 3.15 mara... I supposed it is all relative though.

I should be doing work on my statistics assessment, but have put it off til tomorrow. I'm off to bed in a bit... rock and roll

14/10/2012 at 21:31

Just had a quick skim!

JT - hope you are on the mend!

Lottie - think I'd have gone mental regarding the comment about packing being women's work!  

MM - hope you are having a nice evening, don't forget you are juggling heaps as well too, I had a rowing coach who used to say you have 3 things in life; work, relationships/family and sport and you can only do two out of three well so something has to give!

It was Aidan's 3rd Birthday today, we went on The Watercress Line and had a lovely day out!  Nice that the big two really appreciate days out like that now.

Caro - hope Eric is all better and your oven starts working again!

Didn't manage a run this weekend, grr.

14/10/2012 at 21:36

Oh dear, really does sound like the celestial alignments were all wrong today!!!

Awww MM, so sorry to hear about your run. I know many would be very very pleased with that time but I understand the pressure you put on yourself along with your expectations.  I don't think the juggling should be underestimated tbh, I know that I find it hard to get in the zone sometimes just because of all the other stuff pushing for attention too. Don't hang up your racing shoes just yet though, your training has been going well, maybe now you are turning old and decrepit (not! well you are younger than me anyway) it is going to take longer to get results from the work?  Try and enjoy your rest anyway if you can and give the achilles a chance.

Caro - sounds like you are a bit run down in general - mouth ulcers are always a sign to me that I'm not thriving!!!  Finding an NHS podiatrist sounds a good call.

 to the OJ and the vomiting in the toilet Not nice at all.

Oh TBogle, you are sounding pretty run down too - you and JT need to do some serious looking after I think. ((()))

Brookie - great going on getting out with the buggy. Makes the world a brighter place getting the run in.

Lotte should be horizontal from too many G&Ts I hope!!

Trying to sort out when (between hubby flying back and forth) I can get down with kids to see mum and dad over Christmas/New Year break without pi**ing off someone in the family. Hubby clearly likes spending downtime at home, but I spend waaaaay too much time here on my own and determined to get some time with the rest of my family!

Big black clouds hovering aplenty in Findhorn this weekend, have finally reached point where I really don't care WHERE we live providing we vaguely live together not sure how much I have to lose the plot for hubby to get the point - am thinking perhaps a complete and utter meltdown might be necessary!

Anyway, got out for a good 10-miler along coast and it was glorious so that pushed the clouds away a little bit. 43 miles clocked for me this week - the most I've managed since kids went back in August - mileage creeping up a bit more each week but will get not much in next week - hey ho. I think I'll call it a 'recovery' week.

Best be off to bed me thinks so I am fully charged for first day of hols tmrw ...

14/10/2012 at 22:07

and happy birthday to Aiden and belated to JP!

14/10/2012 at 22:15
Oh cc that's tough! You have done amazingly the last couple of years. My mum did the same thing at a,similar age with my sister and i. She often says how hard it was.

Mm - tough one to call. Accepting what is reality is always hard and also not giving up on a possible dream. You are the one that knows best, but like the others,have said, don't give up after one race. You've had a tough year soo it may not be time to write yourself off just yet.

Kinsey I like the two out of three ain't bad philosophy!

Tatty - look after yourself! I ignored not feeling great and a temp that high is not sounding good!

Hubby did 1:56.01, I'd love to see what he could do if he trained! He has actually admitted (shock, horror!) that maybe he'd like to do another but with a bit more structure. We'll see!

No real change today, not been out of the house except for docs for five days now, really hope things start to improve. Enough is enough! Breathing still down and pain back in chest and steroids reducing... Rah.
14/10/2012 at 22:34

I am 39, but my running age is probably much older than your sis's. Been running since I was 11, and from 21 pretty high miles etc. Yep rest required then reassess.

And yes Anj, 4 kids including hubbie. I am his life manager after all!!!

Massive hugs to CC. I think massive melt down required. A good old tantrum often gets results I find!!

Well done Mr JT. Had he had brekkie just think how fast he'd have run!!

15/10/2012 at 10:54

Yes, I think he's starting to think about that now MM

Was just wondering, has anyone ever done the Marlborough Rough 'n' Tumble 10?  I need a goal for the new year and it has rave reviews.  Lliswerry 8 at the end of Jan will sort me out too, and then for which half...  Bath, Reading, Newport, Forest of Dean....

15/10/2012 at 11:09

I did it last year JT. I ran round, didn't race but it is the race that crocked my knee, although that was an accident waiting to happen. Very hilly. One particular hill you can't run up really and you have to run straight back down it too!!

I liked it, not sure I'll be there next year though!!

15/10/2012 at 13:15
Blurry, coughed all night or so it seemed, even tried sleeping sitting up but that didn't help. Eric not got an appetite again and has done one gross nappy this morning, I've got a sore tummy, sore mouth, sore head and am tired!

Boo. Happy Monday everyone
15/10/2012 at 13:21

Boo Caro, take it easy (if possible!) and get well soon!

15/10/2012 at 13:24

Caro - oh dear, sounds like the lurgy is invading your house. Hope you and Eric both feeling better soon ...

I definitely feel like my age is starting to affect my running and I'm nowhere near MM's league. Feel like I'm getting slower with every single run . Nevermind, was lovely weather for running this weekend and cold enough for me to try out my new cheap longsleeve tops which were fab (especially like the fluorescent one I bought, bet I can be seen from miles away in that one ),

Out of interest MM, how long ago did you set your 1.20 PB? It's a time, most of us could only ever dream of having. 

JT - well done to Mr JT but boo to you still being poorly. Feet up and lots of rest for you missus.

CC - hope you don't have to resort to full-on meltdown for hubby to get the message - how about a bit of uncontrollable sobbing to start with . Seriously though I really do hope you can work things out sooner rather than later, how about setting a deadline with hubby for making a decision or did you already try that?

Happy belated birthdays to Aiden and JP.

We had a lovely weekend, it's such a shame it had to end . Had Friday off so spent the day with Anna then took Lily out shopping after school to the huge shopping centre at Westfield in Stratford. Bought her a bunch of winter clothes and we had dinner out together too, just the two of us. Was so nice to spend time alone together, she's actually a lot of fun to shop with and she did make me laugh when she referred to my new wool dresses as "saggy old sacks", the cheeky monkey!  Saturday, the whole family went to "Apple Day" in the local museum gardens then took Issie out on her own for a treat which involved going for cake and getting a new Barbie (she's easily pleased). Then we all went to Paranorman at the cinema yesterday followed by football in the forest and a big turkey roast dinner. Fabulous!

15/10/2012 at 13:35

When I was 25 Karen, 14 years ago. I did run 83-85 regularly up until preggers with twins when I was 32. I ran 86 in Reading last year when S was only 10 months old!So think other things were wrong yesterday. Full of head cold today, so might be part of the problem. Anyway, enough moping. I have a R2D2 cake to make and Yoda and lots of work, house to clean and loads clothes/shoes to sort out after hubbie demolished our wardrobe on Sat . I am going to enjoy my time off for sure CC ...

Soound like a fab weekend Karen. Am really looking forward to twins birthday weekend. Can't believe they are going to be 6 ...

15/10/2012 at 13:37

Oh Caro sounds horrific (())...I have sore legs, sore nose and a headache but am fine otherwise...

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