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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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15/10/2012 at 13:59

Ahhh. TOTM just started. Might explain it all ...Need to plan that better for London...??

15/10/2012 at 17:08
That would explain everything, MM! Boo to the bad timing but I guess it's good to have an explanation when things haven't gone as you had hoped. Lots of R&R needed!

Karen, that sounds like a lovely weekend. Know what you mean about not wanting it to end!

Caro, hope things are better soon, sounds awful

Got off work a bit earlier so I could get to the docs. I do have a chest infection, boo. Have been given some doxycycline so hopefully that will sort it! I need to go back in a few days for some bloods if my neck glands haven't gone down though - I have some lovely little lumps on the side of my neck (as well as the under the chin ones) that she seemed a bit alarmed by. They are quite pea like! But on the plus side, I have been offered a flu jab for free once I am better

Right, time for the witching hour. Tea, bath and bed never seems to get easier!
15/10/2012 at 17:28

Karen - that does sound a lovely weekend. Know what you mean about getting time 1:1 with the children, Scarlett still gets some of that but sadly rarely Joshua these days

TT, hope the lumps go down and it is just glandular but good to get bloods done by the sounds of it. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon.

Lots of run down poorlies at the moment - Caro, hope you are trying to rest as much as you can.

MM - sounds like there were definite reasons for yesterdays underperformance then??

Well I'm older than a fair few of you ... but I don't think I'm slowing down too much yet! In fact, I'm hoping there is still room for a bit of improvement on the shorter stuff yet, but of course, that means actually doing some shorter races ... that said, I'd entered a local 10 miler in Nov only for hubby to announce he's not coming home that weekend as he's off to a beer festival. I tell you, I am simmering on so much stuff at the moment.

Karen - we've had several deadlines which have come and gone. He just says he doesn't know what to do ... which basically means, as far as I can see, he doesn't want to move from where he currently works, even though he loathes his job, but equally loathes the whole being away from us. He's been there so long he can't see over the wall. I can totally understand that, but equally, sitting tight with your head buried in the sand is not helping anyone, he hasn't actually tried to look for another job. I do agree that when you are working flat out it's difficult to look for other stuff, almost impossible, but surely even shoving a CV out with an agency is a start??? He's refused redundancy twice now, when actually we had worked out the sums and could cope with a year of him not doing anything at all if necessary. Then on the flip side he berates me (subtly but he does it non-the-less) for not bringing in some form of decent consistent wage to take the pressure off him. I am more than happy to work more hours but I struggle to juggle things as they are without him around and on weeks I work more hours it's a nightmare keeping on top of stuff - well I could do more but that will cost in terms of childcare, and I don't do high-earning stuff so it would be counterproductive. I'm not saying there is nothing else I can do but I am very very very stressed and frustrated about it all. And when he seems reluctant to bring about change it gets me seriously riled - I cannot get over to him how much my life has changed over the last eight years, with the arrival of kids, giving up various forms of work to adapt to the fact he's not around cos he's always away with work, moving up the other end of the country etc etc .... oh god, sorry, that was a bit of a rant ... I will go back into my hole now!!

On the plus side, the pishing rain cleared off eventually so this morning we did creative stuff with scratched up CDs and then this afternoon about 5 miles round local woods on bikes. Very autumnal and chilly now - my favourite with the blue skies and sunshine!!

15/10/2012 at 19:03
(((CC))) Bog hugs! Sounds like you deserve a rant to me. Sometimes they just don't think, do they?!
15/10/2012 at 20:05

Yes much bog hugs CC. I don't know how you have survived so long. I also get the get a better job thing a lot these days. I am trying, but working any more hours and sorting out his life for him would be hell. There is always so much other stuff to do, he really doesn't get it!!

Hubbie off to Germany for 3 days at 5am tom. I am dreading it and it's only 3 days in which I am resting so no worries on that front, but I will be so looking forward to seeing him on thursday night. Mind you he gets in at midnight so maybe friday am!!

Glad you got diagnosis TB. Lots of yuk bugs. I have much snots and period pain. Not nice combo...

15/10/2012 at 20:07

ok, massive post just lost.  I may weep.

Bog hugs indeed CC.  THe trouble in my view is that they do think - but only about themselves!

Boo to so many poorlies, it's not good.  Hope you all get better soon. I'm having a medicinal wine on a Monday, just to ward off the germs you know

Had IVF appointment today.  Went fine I think but my word it's like a whirlwind sometimes.  I don't know if it's because they think that I ought to be able to keep up because I have a professional job or if they speak at that sort of pace to everyone but it kind of goes like this - so you need to phone when your period arrives and you come in and we do a scan and then we do a dummy run and then you get the drugs and then you do this and that and more scans and lalalalalala.  I've lost it.  Are we in November or December here?

Good thing was Andy did another test and this time he was normal/low borderline but with good motility and good form so that's grand and they think we'll be OK for IVF over ICSI which saves us a couple of hundred quid and hopefully gets us some more embryos too. 

I've got to phone when period arrives and then I go in on days 1 -3 and they scan me, I think and do a dummy run of embryos going back in and then I get drugs.  They think I am fine for the short protocol which means 1 injection a day for about 5 days then 2 a day for another week or so all the while getting scans.  I reckoned injecting for 12 days versus the long protocol which is 5 - 6 weeks was a bonus! I lost it a bit at this point - something about a late night injection exactly 36 hours before egg collection and then I go in and have the procedure to remove the eggs and Andy performs and then we find out the next day how they all got on!  I didn't really catch anything more ie when I go in to have the embryos put back but I did get that you have to go in 14 days after collection I think in order to get a preg test.  Though chances of me not trying a sneaky first response are about zero. 

15/10/2012 at 20:15

So AF is due I think a week on Saturday and you all need to help me by willing her here (for once) as I absolutely have to have her start on the Fri or Sat so I can call and get appointment for Monday 29th  as I am to be in Cardiff 30 and 31.  They're so laid back - oh if you miss it don't worry, you're supposed to be in for November anyway so we can just wait for the next bleed.  NO WE BLOODY WELL CAN'T.  I am not injecting self throughout December plus, I'm in London 22 23 and 24 Nov!!  AAARGH.

Waiting on the spag bol cooking.  Smells good at least. 

Mentioned my mate who did the cologne marathon.  He's absolutely gutted.  Hit the wall at 18 miles and just crumbled.  He's threatening to quit running as well but thankfully we pointed out that this year he's done 3 marathons, 2 halfs and a handful of 10Ks so he can hardly quit over one disaster.  London was awful as he just missed sub 3 h but this one was worse at 3.16.  I have suggested a decent break for once and possibly a change of training regime.  Plus it sounds to me like he got his nutrition wrong, possibly as a result of being abroad.   He was 8th brit home and he's in the M45 category so he's no young whippersnapper either so I reckon he's doing all right.  Especially for someone with no formal coaching at all!

15/10/2012 at 20:16

Right suppose I had better go and check on spag bol or rather check on the bol and maybe start off the spag!

15/10/2012 at 20:52
Hubby has just announced that if all this doesn't work he thinks I should enter Edinburgh mara! Hmmm!
15/10/2012 at 21:00

Hope your spag and bol have been united EF!!! My eyes and mind were boggling with that lot, no wonder yours were! I guess for you, the challenge will be remaining chilled out about all this - as that is what will give it all the best chance of working - ie NOT stressing about where you've got to be vs appointments, but then, if it was me I'd be stressing. I'd also be unable to wait to do a pregnancy test too!

Snots and period pains = very horrible. If ever an excuse for a hot water bottle and a hot toddy then you should be tucking in shortly!!

Am not going to waste any more energy ranting, but, yes MM and EF - that's about the sum of it!

Anyway, dropped J up at Cubs at 6.30, did Tescos with Scarlett, dropped stuff back home and then back up at 8 to see him invested and back home by 8.30 ... both just about in bed thank god. Have two extras tomorrow as friend is working and have no idea what time they are pitching up but will be early. Think weather is meant to be good though ...

15/10/2012 at 21:42

EF - can you let work know so you can be around for the appointments or would you rather not?  Sounds stressful, hope it all works out though!

CC - def shared your frustration when my hubby was not looking for another job whilst hating his old one, glad we have moved on and he is back earning now even if he is away a lot.

Caro - cant remember if you are still on inhalers?  We have Aidans asthma review tomorrow but his cough has never entirely gone so far!

15/10/2012 at 21:46
I'm in bed with the hot water bottle, no hot toddy though. Keep getting intermittent tummy cramps, nasty guts, and still coughing. Have taken some ibuprofen for the throat and ulcers in my mouth, and did eat scrambled eggs and app,e pie for tea as the one thing I don't feel is sick! Have coughed so much my ribs hurt. I really want to sleep tonight!
15/10/2012 at 21:52
Yes still on inhalers Kinsey, but not sure they ever really improved my peak flow. Was on anti histamines too but stopped them when pregnant and as am still bf I'm not back on them. This cough is the end of a cold, but I see to have had the cold for ages, and now have the tummy thing on top of the cold! As matilda frequently says-not fair!

I assume as I am asthmatic I am allowed a free flu jab? I had it last yr when pregnant, and normally pay for one otherwise, but if I can get it for free then all the better! My surgery are doing a drop in for flu jabs on Sat.

Night all.
15/10/2012 at 21:54

Goodness EF. My head is spinning just reading all that, I guess you just need to know the basics, they can explain the rest step by step as they do it. Got eveything crossed that everything works out.

CC - definitely time for meltdown I think, I can't believe how much you do on your own with 2 with all the running around you do.

 I've just realised how lucky I seem to be with hubbys help, even though I do moan from time to time. He leaves at 6am, and often isn't home until 7 but if he's home earlier will always do bath, story and bed. Saying that he is away a lot, this week he is away for 2 nights. Last week it was one and there is talk about him going to Abu Dhabi for a while...

Boo to all the poorlies and bugs going around.

TB - I love this time of year too... the blue sky, crisp and sunny days.

Having a bit of a strange one when I run at the moment. I am feeling what can only be described as pressure "down there" I am guessing around my cervix when I run at times. If I stop and do some pelvic floor squeezes it goes but soon comes back. Do you think I should be worried, or stop running? Or is it just the baby putting pressure on the cervix. It's not painful, just weird and uncomfortable. Any ideas greatly received!!

15/10/2012 at 21:55

Oh boo Caro... sounds horrid. Hope you get a decent sleep tonight and wake up feeling better.

15/10/2012 at 22:17

Oh Caro - you do sound poorly, hope you get some respite too.  I'd say my steroid inhaler makes things marginally better peak flow-wise, but nothing amazing, BUT it does seem to keep inflammation at bay from coldy germs - there - I've gone and jinxed myself now haven't I.

Anj - travelling hubbys is tough, mine has always travelled a bit, but I found the odd week or two away not too bad and was always at least one night a week, but that's fine too. But each did take some getting used to!!! Not sure about pelvis, I guess baby has moved into a new position and the joggling around is not helping. I suppose it depends on how desperate you are to keep running, rather than something else. My runs became power walks from about 23 weeks, eventually power walks with my leki poles (wierd looks then) cos of my SI joint playing up!

15/10/2012 at 22:17

and Kinsey, yes, I think I could cope better if I knew he was happy and we were working towards and end goal, but that's sadly lacking these days!!

15/10/2012 at 22:39

CC - do you own or are you renting where you are, I can't remember. Think if I were you I'd be tempted to take the decision out of his hands and start house-hunting in an area you like that would be close enough for him to commute from. Then when you've found somewhere you like just present it as a fait accompli and tell him you're moving. Having said that, I'm clearly not a practice what you preach kind of person as I'm petrified of major changes and making big decisions which is why I'm still miserable in the same job working full time to pay the mortgate rather than up-rooting my family and moving to Wales where we could live mortgage free. So feel free to ignore me ... 

EF - wow, sounds like it's all happening at quite a pace now, fingers crossed AF cooperates with the dates. 

Anj - no idea about the running and pressure thing as I was content to mainly just waddle slowly for 9 months of pregnancy. If it doesn't hurt can't imagine it's going to do any harm but I'm no health professional so again, feel free to ignore me too ... 

I'll shut up now and go to bed. Only 4 more days until the weekend ...

16/10/2012 at 06:55
Wow I slept! Mouth still sore but head better, tummy feels ok for the moment, and coughing has got a bit less.

Ang sounds exactly like what I had with Eric, it started pretty early on in the pregnancy when he couldn't have been that big. It was worse later on, and it was one of the things that really hurt at work, after standing up for a long time. Totally separate from my back issues I think, and it has largely gone away now.
16/10/2012 at 08:10
Yay to sleep Caro! Always helps. And yes, flu jab is free, I'm due mine on Saturday if I'm well enough! (and I sort them out re my egg allergy!) hope you continue to get better.

Ef - blimey!!! Not surprised your head is spinning. If you,fancy catching up when in Cardiff let me know, im only 20 minutes away.

Tatty hope your'e feeling better.

Mm- good luck!!!

Cc - I rather like Karen's idea! Whether I'd manage it is a,different matter... I would be so frustrated. Bog hugs. Xxx (Rf what did you start?).

Anj - go with what you feel I think is the best to do. Your body will let you know.

Sorry if I've missed anyone!

Temp has finally dropped this morning, please, please let this,be on the,way out! Still wheezy and hacking but hopefully drop in temperature might mean I'm finally getting over this!
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