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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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31/01/2013 at 17:53
CM, they said my X-ray results here would be about a week. Hope J is better soon x
31/01/2013 at 17:54
Lol happily I only got my own flat in 2000 and was a strictly micro meal gal at uni so nothing can predate this millennium
31/01/2013 at 18:52

my xray results back in the summer took about that length of time ... I had to ring receptionist for results, and between us we decided the cyptic notes meant everything was OK!!!! So horrible for J but I guess dioralyte is at least getting all the salts and sugars back in, disgusting stuff that it is!!  I used it as rehydration for the SDW race as I'd left all my SIS sachets at home. Can quite understand re taking the drugs, and wanting your babies back with you. Very hard.

Ummmm - out of date stuff, yes, we're not great on it here either - whilst not having any spices with a 19?? on them, definitely found a 2003 one in there the other day ... so that clearly made it through the move to Scotland back in 2010!!

So, I went out on my mountain bike today ... God I wished I hadn't!  Nearly home and got distracted looking at the wind turbines near us - failed to notice slight sand bank, failed to remove feet from pedals .. bike went sideways, chestbone collided with end of handle bar - NOT to be recommended. Ouch ouch. Iced it as soon as I got home and have coated it in Arnica. can drive car, hang washing etc but do know I've done something!!!

made appt for osteopath next week, wasn't quite intending to store up a list of issues for her to deal with!  Strangely ankle feeling heaps better this afternoon after feeling crap this morning.  We have the Scottish Masters XC champs here in Forres on Sat and I am meant to be running ... got some top women names in it like Angela Mudge (she is legend in my books ) and Kate Jenkins to name a few. Am seriously tempted just to strap up ankle and run race anyway - not proper XC as is on forest trails ... obviously depends on if I can breathe tomorrow!!!

Am also considering pulling out of WHW race - the logistics of getting a support team together, along with the childcare requirements are stressing me out considerably, along with every niggle taking on ridiculous proportions in my head, plus not being able to enter other stuff I want to do because of it. I do have my own ultra run that I want to do in the autumn too - have worked out my route ... about 100 miles which finishes at my back door, just need to do the recces.

Anyway, that was me me me ... spot the PMT runner with niggles who's fed up with January/February gloom.

EF - yeuch to 5am barfing. And yes WFH is all about flexibility!!

31/01/2013 at 19:33
Come on TT, tell us about Oscar's arrival It's not like you're busy with a new born or anything.......

I threw away some spices at my dads recently that for some reason he brought with him from Hong Kong in 1995! Brick dust would have been nicer!

Shame about whw CC.

Still have not read you're race report camlo, will endeavour to tonight!
31/01/2013 at 20:08
Haha Caro, am actually working on it offline as I only have my phone here and it is going to take ages. Got Oscar feeding at the moment, getting good at doing things one handed again.
31/01/2013 at 20:17

ouch CC!

31/01/2013 at 20:23

Poor J, CM, sounds awful.  I remember my friend's daughter having something similar last year where she kept getting better then worse.  Some nasty bugs around at the moment.

Mine is pretty feeble as bugs go - spent yesterday evening lying on sofa feeling cold and tummy hurting then had to take day off work today (was all ready to crawl in and manage just to get paid) as my boss said they're trying to keep the tummy bugs away .  Then I've just felt tired and stomach cramping every now and then all day really.  Now feel ok but every time I eat my tummy starts cramping, really annoying!  Just had a piece of poached cod for tea - not going to get fat at least!

CC ((())) to hormonal rants, perfectly permitted   Boo to your chest though - ouch!  And yuk to 5am barfing - what brought it on?  Might have missed that bit .

Well at least on my dull day off sick (Sophie at school, Nicky at grandparents') I cleaned the very dirty sofa.  Silver lining and all that .

31/01/2013 at 20:26
Sounds as though you have it all going on again cm. hope j feels better soon.

Cc, boo to having to pull out of race and falling from bike. Ouch. At least you did it BEFORE the osteopath and not a day after!!

I went through my mums cupboard the other day looking for something or other and found jam dating 1998!!! I'm sure it'd be fine with all the sugar but I wasn't going to try it.

Day didn't exactly go as planned as had a bit of a car accident on the way to dropping off l at school this am. No idea how but I ended up ploughing into the back of a range rover and writing our car off. The bonnet was folded up to the windscreen and the steering and engine all over the place. Pretty sure it won't be repairable. Luckily neither leila or I were hurt. Just me very shaken especially when the women I crashed into turned out to be a hysterical American wanting to call police etc. and accusing me of having no insurance.(I have!) as I didn't know my policy number. Her car barely had a mark on it to be fair. Almost makes me consider getting one! Anyway walked rest of way to leilas school, had a few tears when the reception lady asked if I was ok and then my mum came and collected me and took me home. Insurance got the car towed to a garage and we are waiting for a courtesy car. I just feel so stupid and reckless and it could have been so much worse. I guess at least leila and baby are ok but cannot believe I ran into the back of someone. Feel like such an idiot.
Edited: 31/01/2013 at 20:29
31/01/2013 at 20:33

oh Anj. (()). you are ok. that's the main thing. accidents happen, so please don't stress about it. (())

31/01/2013 at 20:37
Anj don't fret. I see zillions of these - happens all the time and just so easily done. You are ok and so is leila and crazy American lady and that's all that matters.
31/01/2013 at 20:55
Anj, must have been awful ((())). So glad you, L and baby all ok. Not surprised you were a little teary.
31/01/2013 at 21:02
Glad all are well Anj, but not nice. I would have thought hysterical American could have toned it down a bit once she saw you were v pregnant with L with you! I think in America you get points or fines for accidents and the police always get involved.
31/01/2013 at 21:15

Oh Anj, what a horrible to start to the day. I know I've definitely had some very near misses on that front (going into the back of people, esp on the school run), so very easily done. Not surprised you were shaken up, just a relief to know you, baby and Leila were OK, and grrrrr boo to the American lady.

TT - is funny how quickly that one-handed thing comes back to you isn't it!

Got a lovely red medallion shape coming in the middle of my chest now. I think I am going to know about THAT in the morning!

31/01/2013 at 21:22
Also anj remember that nowadays cars are meant to crumple like that - saves on injuries as they absorb all the force so accidents tend to look worse than they used to but the people are safer.
31/01/2013 at 22:44
Oh no more boo's than yippee's for today. Not good to hear about those accidents Anj and CC or continued spews, sore calf and crappy chest CM.
Not sure I can compete on the oldest ingredient as had a new kitchen 4 yrs ago so everything should be younger than that!
Still aching all over but have decided I must give it another go as still not feeling I am a proper tough guy..... Until I have caught hypothermia and crawled to the end I wont feel like I gave it my best. Bit like jogging instead of racing - you don't 'know' what your PB would have been. Got to get London and snowdonia out if the way first....
RF your pics are fabulous, hurtling over ice at speed is gutsy!!
Karen - love the cake pics too.
Lotte - hope you didn't run too far today -you are human not a machine.
TTid - love those scrummy baby pics, can't wait to read your birth story!
Soooooo tired and friends funeral in the morning (it's been 3 weeks since she died but hosp had to organise stuff as no next of kin around).
01/02/2013 at 05:55

Oh dear Anj. Glad you are all ok.

Bummer on the crash CC. Hope no lasting damage. What a shame if you have to pull out of WHW but it is supposed to be our hobby so if the logistics are too stressful then probably for the best. Sounds like you have plenty of other plans! Fingers crossed that ankle is good now.

Camlo the photos on FB looked awful!

I felt remarkably ok yesterday. Did 2 x 10 mile runs, it was such a glorious day it would have been a shame to waster the chance. The SUN was out almost all day and I haven't seen that for a while! Included my favourite good for the soul route over the highest hill around here (there is a track up it)  and managed to alternate my 30s hard/30s easy all the way up which is hard going, reward is spectacular views and a glorious long long down hill the other side.

Right cuppa tea gone, time for run. We are forecast snow for today but hoping we miss it!

01/02/2013 at 08:40
Lotte - if you ever fall on hard times could you consider running boot camps in Shetland. I don't know what the hell you have up there but I want some!!!! I am a nutter for sure, but no way could I party through the night with beer for breakfast and follow it the day after with 2x 10 milers... With or without kids.... 6.... Kids... Oh.
Hope spewies are better and sternum ok CC.
01/02/2013 at 09:43

lotte - you are indeed a machine

hope anj is feeling ok today and cc's chest not too bad

have picked J up this morning. he was in his school uniform!??! the child who has been ill since saturday and hadn't eat since tuesday night until he had some veg soup last night and a piece of toast this morning. hmmm. needless to say, i brought him home and he is now playing the wii while i am on a 2hr conf call! he is such a dear boy, bless him. anyway fingers x'd he is on the mend now as no diarrhoea or vomiting since yday morning

T is now being sick, so at least i now think it's a bug. i was beginning to wonder as no-one else had had it. of course now i'm worrying about E... and if i get it as well, oh god. doesn't bear thinking about! lalalalala!

01/02/2013 at 10:14

mind you - when i was at T's this morning, E handed me her toothbrush and i took it back into the bathroom. inspite of J being so poorly, he hasn't actually cleaned the bathroom. the sink had what looked like cereal spat all down one side; toothpaste all over it; tap still crusty. as it was on SUNDAY morning. and the toilet - still has poo on it. so really - is it any wonder that T is now sick? my whole house stinks of bleach. i bleached both bathrooms, the hall way and sponged and sprayed J's carpet with anti-bac cleaner (not that that is probably good enough but I don't have a steam cleaner and I can't bleach it). wtf is he thinking??

01/02/2013 at 10:43
I do find the thought of T spewing his guts up quite amusing tho mwah-hahahaha (evil laugh)
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