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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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16/10/2012 at 09:29
Sounds like some terrible bugs at the moment! Take care all you poorlies! Bog hugs needed all round as sounds like there is plenty of stress as well as sickness. Good luck EF sounds like a crazy ride!! Fingers crossed AF turns up on time!! Away with the family and SIL - bit of a work/holiday combo! M got to stroke a lion cub today - 7th heaven!! We are in Rotorua then Taupo and as its a geothermal area the hotel unit has a private outdoor hot pool - fab!!
16/10/2012 at 09:35

Hello Ladies,

I had my little boy two weeks today and so figured it time to make the transfer from the pregnant runners forum to this one. I still have another four weeks before I can get back running, but thought I'd join now to keep a grips of any tips, advice etc for a safe and healthy return. I was lucky in  that I managed to run right up to 38+ weeks, and continued with lots of swimming and walking right up to, and including the day I went into labour! I am also a fitness instructor. I am recovering well, so looking forward to getting back into running as have never had such a long break in over 18 years of being a runner! I have been walking a good three miles each day for the past week or so, so hopefully not lost too much fitness. I have a very supportive and hands on husband and a little boy who seems to love being outdoors!

I look forward to being part of this forum.



16/10/2012 at 09:36

Yes Caro, flu jab is free. Go get one quick!! All the kids have had one and hubbie about to go too. Just me not eligble anymore ...

Legs are killing me today, so a week off def justified. I think I will be raring to go then. Sophie up for hours last night, so feeling jaded mind. She keeps having the odd night where she wakes to go to the loo then just can't go back off. So she was awake about 1.30-3.30 last night on and off. Did have a dry pull up this morning though which is happening quite a bit. Sadly her big bro still has full pull-ups ...

Music, lunch at friend's, homebase for some compost and tester pots, gymastics for the boys then back for tea. Then I think I'll be in bed with them tbh!!

Anj-I think it's OK but am no midwife. I was always having the odd funny pain when I ran with S, but kept going to 35 weeks, but then I'm bonkers like that!! I stopped when the pain started to feel bad. You will know when it's time to stop.

Good news JT. I do hope you are on the way up and woohoo to Caro sleeping, you got more than me by the sounds of it!!

I guess what is good about Karens idea is it is showing some pro-activeness from your side which might just show him that you have had enough and it's time to do something?

16/10/2012 at 09:55
Ooh love Taupo Hoggle. Lovely runs around the shore and lots going on. Envious!

Glad you're feeling better Caro and JT...on the mend hopefully. I need to go and get my flu jab, I've just had a letter through. Is Leila entitled to one too? I get whooping cough at 28 weeks too I think.

Think it a girl thing to go dry at night quicker MM. My friend has just been through the same as you with her girl waking to go to a wee and not going back to sleep. Better than not waking though!!

Thanks for advice on ahem...cervix discomfort! I am going to try a run today and have already cut back to 4-5 miles every other day with the gym in between, just don't feel ready to stop yet. i think I am going to start swimming next week too. I have half an eye on a Tri for next year after the baby get here so I definitely need to start improving my stroke.

I'm on the iPad as madam is playing games on Cbeebies on my laptop, so excuse any typos.
16/10/2012 at 09:57
Crickey I have a whole new area of back pain this morning. Was fine first thing, hung 2 loads of laundry on line before school, then it started twingeing on the walk to school, on the other side from normal, and it is near impossible to bend at all. Makes picking up and putting down a 20lb baby pretty imposs! Just fed him and put him down for a nap, and hovered for so long over the cot he woke up and screamed, and now he's in there god knows how I'm gong to get him out again!
Guess I won't be dong my normal Tuesday bathroom cleaning chore today either......maybe the dragon osteopath can fix it later. Ha ha. She'll no doubt tell me it's all my fault and what do I expect?? Blah blah. Got Pilates later too, but couldn't begin to do anything resembling a roll down at the moment!
16/10/2012 at 15:14
Caro - hope the back feels better soon, and the lurgies too. I woke up this morning with a really scratchy throat so am hoping it doesn't develop into the streaming cold E has had.

CC - sounds like you and hubby need to have a proper serious chat. I always find a few tears make mine realise I'm actually serious about whatever has been causing problems - usually when I get absolutely to the end of my tether! Your running sounds like it's going good guns at the moment and I am very jealous of someof your fb photos. Really can't wait to get back out there - but will have to make do with the New Forest for scenery!

JG - thank you for clarifying your family set-up!! I am essentially just nosy, but I think I'd worked it out right - it was the pictures of the cousins and the various responses that made me wonder. And I'd assumed the rude one had to be a sister - no one else could get away with that and stay a 'friend'!!

MM - shame your run didn't go as well as you'd hoped, but hope you're managing not to dwell on it. I suppose the one advantage of never having been particularly fast is that I don't really worry too much about getting slower - in fact I'm hoping that with some proper training I can still get quicker....but that remains to be seen! What's next for you after your rest?

Anj - I think I'm in the minority in that I am trying to do absolutely everything I can to protect my pelvic floor this time around, so no running at all at the moment, in an effort to keep things intact and ensure I can get out again asap after this one's born. I would definitely stop if it's uncomfortable and focus on something that isn't putting pressure through your pelvic floor, but I accept that my opinion isn't in line with what most other people have done!

OK, so now time for my husband-rant! When we were driving up to manchester last week (a rare chance to actually have a conversation - 4 hours trapped in a car together!) we started discussing what we might do around christmas time, and with paternity leave. Bear in mind that this baby is due on Dec 21st, and the other 2 have both been born within 3 days of their due dates so have to assume this will be similar...he announces that he's looked at his rota and is only working 4 days between 21st dec and 3rd Jan because of the way his days and the bank hols fall and none of them consecutive (although he's out 8-7.30 on those days), so he thinks it might be reasonable to take his 2 weeks paternity leave in Jan so he gets the most days off and we all benefit. All seems relatively reasonable so far....but then he said that even if the baby was born overnight before one of his clinical days he could probably 'just go into work a bit late and do, say, 11-6 instead'. Umm, presumably dropping me at home with a newborn, having just given birth, and two other children to look after!!! I don't think I said much, other than that we might need to re-evaluate that plan slightly nearer the time!! Admittedly, we have very good friends who would have the girls at a moments notice for me, but none the less...!

I won't go into his thoughts that we could have all the family at ours for christmas this year - I wouldn't have to cook apparently! (Although presumably would have to have done all the preparation and shopping!).

Anyway, enough exclamation marks for one day - congratulations if you made it through that ramble.
16/10/2012 at 17:36

hello Emz!  Congratulations on your new arrival.  There's no shortage of advice on this forum and plenty of opportunity to let off steam as well.

Vixo, I'm freaking about hosting Christmas and I won't be 9 months pregnant/few days post birth!!

16/10/2012 at 18:41
Vixo, maybe he is planning on conjuring up a fairy godmother for you?! I definitely think that warrants many exclamation marks

Hello to Emz! Good luck with the return to running. I was probably a bit naughty and went when my little one was 2 weeks old (albeit very slowly). I just waited until my stitches had been removed. The great thing for about two years after was that I was running PB after PB. They seem to have stopped now though!

EF, hope AF is on time. Sounds like a lot to go through so I really, really hope it works out. We have pretty much definitely decided that IVF is not for us and what will be will be. I am too selfish to put myself through all of the poking and prodding! That said, there is hope as I have had two periods since June (two months apart, so by that logic I am due another one about now). Keep doing your fertility dances for me!!


JT, glad the temp has gone down! Fingers crossed it will stay that way.

Anj - take it easy! I would stop when you feel ready - perhaps cut down as you say and then see how it goes.
16/10/2012 at 18:51
Vixo we went to the in laws for lunch when E was less than a wk old and I admitted after that it was too much for me....and that was their house! No way do you want anyone in your house for Xmas this yr, you want to be invited to someone's and then sit there and do absolutely nothing! Or stay home and do nothing, but then you have to entertain the other 2. As for leaving you with a newborn and two others......if he ever had a kidney stone make sure you go out for the day and leave him with all three! Maybe it'll be a 'convenient' 14 days late like Eric and be born in 2013.......

Eric not really eaten again today then was sick again at supper. Osteopath wasn't quite so scary this evening. She thinks whatever's happened today is muscular. It had better be! And it better go away as quickly as it came
16/10/2012 at 18:52

Oh god Vixo, I'd be seething! They just don't really get it sometimes do they!!! I'd definitely be VERY anti-hosting Christmas in your situation - whether the baby had arrived or not, either way you are not going to be up to that. And as for being dropped home with two others to supervise - sigh. My hubby would be similar though and would just assume my parents would pick up the pieces!!

I have to say, I'm with you on the pelvic floor preservation - the benefits of hindsight ... not that I am having any more kids, but having had prolapses after both of mine, and a fairly bu**ered back both times ... if I had my time again, I'd definitely be even more cautious. I was much more cautious with S but even so, think I probably should have ditched the running earlier and just stuck to the power walking, swimming, light weights in gym, spinning until 5 months, cycling while my bump still fitted on bike etc!! Plenty of other stuff. I know others have managed it just fine, but having been stitched back together twice and hand falling out insides twice - no thankyou!!

Yes, hubby and I need to have an absolute proper chat. Is always hard cos I cry when I'm upset or angry, at which point he just closes off which is not helpful.  But tough, we need to do it.  I guess we are at a bit of a stand-off really as I feel we have a very good quality of living here for all, whereas he clearly feels he cannot look for a job outside of company, and current commute is stupid - would work better if he worked closer to airport at other end but that is not happening. Anyway, thankyou girls for listening to my ongoing rants about all this over the last 2-3 years!!!

Thank you for kind words about running Vixo, I do feel that by being sensible and just creeping up the longer runs a little bit rather than doing too much too soon, my body is holding together quite well at the mo - jinxed now!!  Hopefully getting a little wiser as i get older - hmmm.

Anyway, entered first ultra for next year - The Highland Fling again so will be third time I've run it if I make the start line in one piece. 53 miles at end of April, would love to try and match my time from the first year if possible.

Survived the two extra kids today but quite hard work. Usually they all play really nicely but my daughter was very over-tired and horrible and the eldest daughter of friend was also very out of sorts so wound up J a treat all day - a sorry state really as he then got quite upset.

Welcome Emz though, this forum is not always made up of rants!! And is full of lots of motivation and helpful advice about all sorts of stuff.

Hoggle - it sounds busy!

16/10/2012 at 19:51

 Now I am petrified my pelvic floor has broken!! Must do the exercises... I think I am going to scale the running back even more and do some swimming and like you said CC spinning. The thing is, when it is such a lovely autumnal day, the choice between a run and gym is a no brainer.

What is hubby on Vixo? I will be 8 months pregnant at Christmas and there is no way I would want to host Christmas. And as for going into work the day the baby is born  Lets hope he has a re-think!!

Glad you survived the extra kids CC. Bet it makes you glad you stopped at 2!! Good for you on entering the Ultra. I bet you'll beat your time from teh 1st year.

Hello Emz, sorry I missed you earlier. I started running 2-3 weeks after my 1st and just took it easy, I ran my fastest half about a year and a half later, and did the VLM about a year and a half after she was born too. The most important thing I did was get my abs back into shape and followed the exercises the hospital gave me religiously and see an osteopath about 6 weeks after the birth to check pelvic alignment etc. Good luck with it all.

TB - hooray to the AF's. Do they know why they don't come v often? Mine stopped for about 7 months last year when we were away travelling. No idea why, but weirdly it arrived the day I flew back into the UK and then was back to normal 30 day cycle until I fell pregnant a few months later. The body is a strange thing.

16/10/2012 at 20:56
Anjelicals - no, I am a medical mystery Bloods have always come back within normal range and there is nothing structural wrong. I honestly think it is stress! Prior to this year, I hadn't had a natural period since 1997 but I still managed to conceive JP
16/10/2012 at 22:49
Don't worry, he was left under no illusion that hosting Christmas was a good idea! We will I think still have our Christmas eve party for our local friends, but without much in the way of elaborate catering, and safe in the knowledge that they're all very good friends who will help out/leave as required! I think I'll plan on going to my parents house on Christmas day, as they're only about 20 minutes away, so still nice and close if the baby hasn't arrived - in fact there is a lovely birthing centre about 2 minutes from their house if we get caught short! - and will be relaxing for me if the baby has arrived as the children are completely comfortable there and I know I will be able to sit/lie down as much as needed. I'm very keen to avoid committing to travelling up to my fil at any point as I think 50 minutes in the car soon after birth would be uncomfortable, and I just don't think I would find it relaxing very early on to be at their house - although how to limit their visit to a couple of hours ,and not encompassing a meal, around Christmas might be a bit tricky!

EF - when you next go to the clinic you should ask if they have written information about the time course and processes involved in your ivf treatment. It seems like a crazy amount of info to keep track of yourself. 2 of my very good friends have had ivf and I know they found it quite hard work, and very full on. The good thing is that there's absolutely no evidence at all that being 'stressed' makes any difference to the outcome!

Tatty - fingers crossed for you. The body is both extremely frustrating, and absolutely amazing in equal parts. Here's hoping yours starts behaving for you!

Anj - have you got a turbo trainer? I put mine outside in the garden so at least I feel as though I'm exercising in the fresh air!

Caro - in my head it's going to arrive before Christmas, but I guess really late would be better than just a little bit late! In fact, I know that although the scans put me at 40 weeks on the 21st, that's not actually possible, so it may be a few days later than that!! Oh well, not much I can do about it, so whilst I would really really like it not to be born on Christmas day, there's little to be gained by worrying in advance!

CC - are you coming back down to the sdw next year to get the sub-24 hr prize?!
16/10/2012 at 23:10
Hi All, been reading but not had time to post.

Welcome Emz, I did try looking for pregnant forum a while ago but it looked as though it had died a death. As someone said, this place is great for advice and motivation.

We have a load of absentees at the moment, not seen PP for ages although I see on FB she has a new pair of trail shoes so guess she is ok. Not seen Joh either or TangyT? Hope all ok.

EF, sending all positive vibes your way. Sounds as though everything is working for you both so hope things happen quickly.

TB, would be fab if things happened for you too. Fingers crossed.

Fighting off a bit of a head cold at the moment, nothing compared to what a lot of you are suffering at the moment but getting bored of it now and belly aches when I cough so feeling sorry for bump!

We have decided we need to come back to UK pretty soon so we go and return before I'm 28 weeks so have some flights on hold at moment for October 30th. Will have to juggle some of my prenatal apptmts but will be good to see families. Has been 2 years since we were last there and saw anyone!

Vixo - lol to you hosting Christmas!! They really do think the fairies turn up and do ALL the work don't they?

Am going to join my running group for a plod tonight. Will be walking though, think my jogging days are over already! Anj and Vixo, you are both incredible!

I see Lotte and her crew are on the road, what a trip! 6 kids, 1 car, 870 miles!! She is a braver woman than me!

Sorry to all I've not mentioned, not got Camlo's amazing memory, actually we've not seen Camlo for a few days either have we? Hope all ok there too...
16/10/2012 at 23:22
Think Camlo is in Munich
17/10/2012 at 02:05
Thanks CM, and of course I would have known that if I had Camlo's amazing memory!!
17/10/2012 at 08:06
Vixo, in my head Eric was going to be born in January (due feb 5th) he finally appeared feb 19th!!

Back slightly better I think...........another wet bed this morning grrrrrr
17/10/2012 at 13:44

Snap to the wet bed Caro. I thought we were finally making some progress with Issie this week as she went 3 nights dry in a row but we've now had 2 wet nights in a row. I know she's really trying to go through the night and she was really proud when she managed 3 nights but most of the time she just doesn't wake up until it's too late. Not sure how much longer to leave it before maybe seeking medical advice. Not that I'm convinced there is anything medically wrong with her but as most other kids are able to do it by the age of 5 (and Anna is pretty much there and she's only 2) so there must be some reason why Issie can't.

Emz - welcome to the other side and congrats on your little boys arrival! By the way, what's he called? Well done on running up to 38 weeks too, don't imagine you'll have too much trouble getting back into it once you start again. Very sensible to wait for the 6 weeks check too, I snuck out a week earlier at 5 weeks after with my last baby but that was only because I had so much weight to lose I needed to get exercising as soon as possible!

Vixo - hope the new little one doesn't arrive Xmas day; sure it would be a lovely Xmas present to have but I think personally I'd prefer to spend the day stuffing my face with turkey and chocolates than pushing out a baby .

TTid - 2 years already? How long are you coming back for?

Right, lunchtime over now so back to work ... boo!

17/10/2012 at 14:45

Wow is it really two years TT? Would be good to see you if you have a few spare minutes.

Birthdays cakes in the oven x 3 square slabs. Now just have to turn them into Yoda and R2D2!!!  Clean the house, clean the spare room and go and sort out all the rubbish as hubbie called it "my shoes and handbags" in the spare room since hubbie demolished our wardrobe . Plus feed 3 kids as boys friend is ill so they aren't going there for tea now . Have been to pilates this morning and do feel better for that.

Have so much sympathy for the wet beds. Josh still wets his through a pull-up. Sophie on the other hand is now dry pretty much every night!!??

Grrr to hubbie Vixo. Sometimes they are so infuriating, like arranging to have the ceiling plastered in our room when guests are going to be staying all weekend and the boys have a birthday party !!!???

17/10/2012 at 14:48

Karen J is the same. 6 this weekend and is dry 50% of the time and still wears a pull-up cos I can't cope with the wet beds anymore. I have rung the health visitor. I know medical opinion is to leave until they are 7-8, but Josh is getting very upset about it as compares himself to Harry who has never wet the bed ever and not worn a nappy since he was just 2 and his other friends. I really feel for him so I think it's time for intervention.

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