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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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01/02/2013 at 23:25
I put some pics on Facebook but no-one could see them until I put them on my hubby's and then shared the album. I think i changed my privacy perhaps but now I'm having real issues!!
Lol to lasagne/ vagina and pulling a trailer like a horse.....
02/02/2013 at 02:22
RF, yes a section. Still haven't finished my 'race report', will try to finish and post soon.

Haven't seen Camlo's pictures on fb, will have to have a look.
02/02/2013 at 11:29
If anyone knows how to share my pics feel free, or post on here- I can't fathom it out!!
02/02/2013 at 14:49

Does this work at all?

02/02/2013 at 20:06

Great news JT, onwards and upwards !

02/02/2013 at 20:13
Caro's post did remind me of one dwnside to mcLaren buggy, the buttons to release strap can b really hard. sometimes they pop open easy other times u have to fight with them for ages.
02/02/2013 at 20:32
JT - excellent news on test results.

My poor Mum ended up back in hospital on Thurs, thankfully home this morn. For some reason her blood results for her warfarin went bonkers, should b on 3 + had shot up to 9, doc gave her an antidote to bring it back dwn + went to far the other way plus she was feeling unwell + very pale so they thought she had internal bleeding + rushed her off to hospital for xrays. All fine now although she has to go to hospital every morn for injection + blood tests until levels stabilise. Also unfortunately there has bn no improvement with her damaged femoral nerve, so she has no feeling in her quad muscle + there is nothing they can do, so the muscle will just waste away + she has to use a splint + crutches, not good when u have severe arthritis + two 15yr old shoulder replacements. All in all her hip op has bn a complete + utter failure + has left her more disabled than she was b4. She is lightest she has bn in over 40yrs which would b great if wasn't due to so much muscle loss. She has lost so much muscle from her bum she finds sitting uncomfortable. The only good news, warfarin scare +loss of quad muscle aside , she has bn getting stronger + feeling good with the steroids so on the mend and hopefully get back on her arthritis treatment in couple of months.
02/02/2013 at 21:53

oh TT - your poor mum. that sounds just too awful

JG's link worked - mad mad mad, camlo!

J seems to be better today. has eaten and was overjoyed at lunchtime to do a 'goodie poo'. there was much shouting and whooping from the toilet and when i looked in, he was sitting on the throne with a big huge grin on his face!

i took him to rugby this morning. first time i have taken him.  as CC described, my son was the one doing little skips and hops when the ball came in his direction. they were doing lots of drills and throwing the ball to each other.  every time someone ran towards him and it was his turn to catch, he would do an excited little skip. it was soooo sweet.

i am also ROFL at vagina / lasagne.

right - time for bed. have worked all evening since i got the kids in bed. still trying to catch up on sleep after the vom-fest earlier in the week!


03/02/2013 at 03:38
OK, here goes from me;

On Tuesday morning I think I already mentioned I had some very light bleeding. I didn't bother calling my doctor as I had a scan and doc appt booked for Wednesday anyway. Went to work as usual (sort of, actually spent 2 hours in hairdresser in afternoon!). Stopped at supermarket on way home as had zero food in house but after I had shuffled with trolley to beginning of first aisle, I realised I was not going to enjoy walking around and asked an assistant if they had any motorised scooter trolleys (they usually do here). She got me one so I tootled around the shop on that chatting away to people who were asking how long I had left 'oh 3 weeks yet'! ??Funnily enough I decided to stop in baby aisle and picked up some newborn nappies and some pads for me.??

When I got home I was in quite a lot of pain so jumped into bed. Mr TT was going to cook us dinner but I had gone off the idea of food altogether.??
I started to time the contractions and they were coming thick and fast (and painful) so while I was in the bath I called my doctor who said I should go on in to the hospital. It was about 7:00 by this time and Max was still up so the 3 of us bundled into the car and up to the maternity unit.??

They stuck me on the contraction/baby heartbeat monitors and I was having very predictable contractions about 6 minutes apart with 3 peaks to them. With Max I never had anything like this so was a bit of a shock to the system. I was only 2cm dilated so they wanted to monitor me for an hour and then check me again. I have to say, I think I'm quite good with pain but I take my hat off to anyone who delivers naturally with no painkillers and even those who push them out the traditional way with drugs as it was one of the most painful unpleasant experiences I have ever felt. ??They also hooked me up to a drip to try to stop it as I was a bit dehydrated. ??Anyway after an hour I was still only 2cm dilated but my cervix had thinned so they kept monitoring me and ignoring my requests for painkillers.??

My lovely friend came by at about 9:00 to take Max back to her place for the night. The doctor came to see me and I was at 4cm and I think my cervix was 50% thinned (was not really paying too much attention to detail at this point). They were still giving me the impression at this stage that as I was only 36+6 they were going to send me home but then one of the hospital staff started asking me admission type questions as the doctor had agreed to go ahead. ?? Woo hoo.??

I was not planning to try a vbac so they went ahead and prepped for a section. ??It was a good thing I had not wanted to eat earlier as that meant they could just go ahead without having to delay as I had not eaten since lunchtime.??

They used a lot less morphine for pain relief than I had for Max so I was a lot more alert and aware of what was going on. I had the identical reaction to one of the drugs as last time though which made me shake uncontrollably, bit disconcerting but not really a problem. The op seemed to take forever and it felt such a long time before we heard him cry but it was a beautiful sound when it came.??

Official time of birth 23:15 weighing in at 7lb 4oz and 20.5" long. Amazingly just 1oz less than Max at full term but he looks a lot leaner.??
His face was quite badly bruised, no one could answer whether that was from the contractions or from previously while I was going about my business. After the op instead of having a morphine IV, the anaesthetist injected anaesthetic into the muscles in my stomach which provided about 24 hours of (unfuzzy-headed) pain relief.??

Due to my gestational diabetes, they tested Oscar's blood before every feed and wanted to have 2 sequential readings of over 50 before they would be happy but annoyingly he kept having a good reading fo
03/02/2013 at 07:30

no!! don't stop there!

03/02/2013 at 07:36
Due to my gestational diabetes, they tested Oscar's blood before every feed and wanted to have 2 sequential readings of over 50 before they would be happy but annoyingly he kept having a good reading followed by a low one (although not much under 50) so they kept doing it until we finally got 2 on Thursday morning.??

Max was a little standoffish at first but seems to have warmed to the idea of a baby brother and even declaring last night that he wanted 2 baby brothers!

Poor Mr TT was juggling all of this with bringing Max to see us and all of the hassle of the plumbers, flood damage people, insurance people etc but still managed to get the cleaners out for a special visit on Friday morning and also get the car valeted so we were collected Friday afternoon in a spotless car and taken back to a sparkling clean and tidy house. Apparently a stark contrast to how it had been with all of the workmen trampling through and making a mess, so he did good!!

Oscar's first night home was disturbed as expected but we then had a lazy day at home Saturday, Max even joined in and had a lovely nap with us all mid day despite not having done anything to burn off energy in the morning.??

We have had a few 'what were we thinking?' moments but couldn't be happier really as he is so like Max in temperament that if he continues like that, we will have 2 very lovely boys.??
Unsurprisingly, I am still in quite a lot of pain at the scar and am making good use of the painkillers they have given me.
03/02/2013 at 07:37
Haha EF, I hadn't realised it had cut off. Part 2 above.
03/02/2013 at 07:58
He was only 3 oz lighter than Eric, and Eric had a whole 5 wks more inside! Well done you! Max will come round, M has never been anything but lovely with her brother.
03/02/2013 at 08:13
Great race report t-tid!
Down at the farm for the week before sisters wedding. Crazy hot here!! Serious drought time for the farm though and so incredibly dry!
M being much better with both the dog and her cousin so much more relaxing for me!
Awful for your mum tt - she really deserves a break!
Hope you are getting on top of work CM - I worked til nearly midnight Wed-Fri to get enough done before going away. J sounds v sweet at rugby too and glad he's on the mend!
03/02/2013 at 08:47

Great report TT. Yes, he was 8oz heavier than Leila and she had 4 more weeks of cooking. Glad you are all well and happy. My turn next... 

TT, your poor Mum. I really hope things get better for you all.

JT, great news on the peak flow etc.

Hot sounds good Hoggle right now, I hope the weather sticks for your sisters wedding. Or gets a bit cooler but sunny.

Brilliant pictures Camlo. You are mad. And madder to be considering entering again.

03/02/2013 at 13:31
Yes Anj, you next!! It feels really funny sitting here in bed on Sunday morning with Max and Oscar knowing that in theory I could have still had 2 more weeks to wait.

TT, glad your mum is home but so wish she wasn't having to go through all of this.

Hoggle, enjoy the wedding. Is it next weekend?

JT, great results on your peak flow. You probably have the lungs of a teenager now!!

CM, love the image of J skipping around the rugby pitch!! Hope he's finally over his bug.

CC, hope your mb injury is healing.

Camlo, will try and look at your pics on fb. Your description of the race sounded absolutely horrendous to me. Glad that you and your eldest made it through unscathed. Still think you are nuts to be signing up again. That is definitely one experience that I would consider one tick to be more than enough!!
03/02/2013 at 15:44

Congrats TT on a great race report  a new PB to have got to 4cm surely?   I think if you have no reason to opt for a c-section you just have to grin and bear the natural labour - helps if you want it as well of course!  It is strange to have 2 children and such a palava leaving the house in particular but you do get used to it, I promise!  We are now at the stage of Sophie and Nicky playing quite well together (and squabbling!) and not requiring so much supervision, and Nicky starting to walk everywhere so we don't need the pram all the time anymore.  Hope you are taking it easy as best you can .

03/02/2013 at 17:30

Can someone recommend a good cycle helmet for a 4 yr old?  You may have seen on FB that Matilda can now ride her bike  Proud mummy moment.  We took the pedals off about a month ago and got her to realise that stabilisers were a hindrance rather than a help, so she used it as a balance bike.  Then we put the pedals back on yesterday and voila!  So as a reward we promised a new helmet - the one she currently has needs to be passed down to E anyway.

03/02/2013 at 17:47

We've had various over the years Caro - bog-standard ones from Halfords that have done the job perfectly, but currently we have a couple of these J has this model and S has a green one with apples on it!!! They were presents a couple of years ago and we get many comments about them 'looking cool' - but, I hasten to add, they are safe as well!!!!  Well done M though

TT - agree, great race report - well done you!  and for hubby getting the house cleaned up in time for your return too.  J ignored S for a fair while but he eventually got over it and they are fab.

TT - (()) re your mum, such a tough ride for her at the moment

Camlo - your pictures just completely reaffirmed for me that 'no way, no way, no way' for me!!  Awesome effort, can quite see why you'd want to go back again though

Well I raced yesterday on the dodgy ankle, held up okish but is definitely not improved by the experience, but then I knew that anyway!!!  Considering I have not done speed work for yonks, let alone a 'short' race, frankly I was pleased to complete - couldn't work out how to pace it at all so went off too slow but better than too fast I guess. Not a challenging course especially but I was conscious of my ankle throughout so was cautious. Anyway, course was just shy of four miles apparently although not sure I believe that, 33rd out of 60 women in 27.56 and was 3rd counting lady for our team. Given the calibre of the other teams entered we were glad to be 5th womens team but there were some awesome runners.  Leading lady did it in 22 mins.  She was in the V35 cat so that's not really Vet is it???  Loved racing but am defo on the bench for longer but don't think race would have made any difference.

So I am really hacked off with the ankle now, off to osteo on Tues after teaching class though.  Chest not too bad but definitely some bruising still coming out.

3rd week of no proper running . On a plus note my inhaller is working a treat as was seriously cold yesterday and I didn't cough or splutter once and lungs were working fantastically. Maybe the second half of 2013 will prove more fortuitous on the running front ...

03/02/2013 at 17:54
TT - fab, well done! Hope it's all going well - I can't believe how quickly they get bigger. 6 weeks down the line I've already had to pack away someof the tiny clothes! I'm sure max will get used to his new brother - and he can teach him to play golf in a few months time!

Caro - links are rubbish from the iPad, but Isabelle's got a giro rascal which is great - it has integrated flashing lights on the back! We've got the pink and white flames one. Her new bike arrived this week and I've almost had to restrain my husband from giving it to her this weekend - she's got to wait until her birthday in march! We've got an islabikes Beinn 20 in pink - since we've just had the 3rd girl we gave her the choice this time and said she could have pink if she wanted (although we quite wanted to get red so it matched the others!!)

Isabelle and I found our first geocache this afternoon which was quite exciting. We couldn't find the second one we were looking for, and there wasn't anything in the one we found that was worth swapping anything for, but she was pleased with the concept of a 'treasure hunt' and it made for a very moan-free walk!
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