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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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17/10/2012 at 14:57

just to let you all know that i'm not at risk.

and now off to do an audit...

17/10/2012 at 15:30

woo hoo CM, very pleased for you - a relief.

Wet beds, doctors won't consider it a problem until they are 7. Joshua wasn't dry until he was 5+ at night, after worrying about it, and getting him stressed, we decided to ignore and leave in pull-ups and it happened naturally. My friend up here's eldest daughter was 7 in January and only got properly dry in the summer ... after they finally stopped doing drink restricting and lifting and just left her to get on with it, she just finally got there.  I was very lucky with S but then she did the whole potty-training thing as perfect as I could want (just about the only thing she's done this way!!).

Wow TT, two years, that's amazing how time flies isn't it.

Vixo - I am still having horrors over your hubby thinking you can just pop out a baby one day/night and he can hop off to work the next day!!! Let alone the whole hosting Christmas thing. I'm with Caro totally.

Hope back is improving Caro too and you are feeling better?

MM - well done on the cake making. If it's any consolation, I haven't run since Sunday afternoon, Friday morning is going to be my soonest and my legs are twitching like you wouldn't believe!!

We went to the cinema this morning, small old-fashioned one in Elgin, now this I consider a bargain £1 for two hours parking, £6 tickets for ALL of us + £3 for the popcorn and a bottle of water (the rip-off bit), so whole lot for £10. Was Brave and we all really enjoyed it although had S in my lap for most of it as a wee bit scary plus J in tears near the end until he realised it would all be OK!

Not had kids out wearing them out though so just despatched into garden so I can attempt to do some pilates prep as have two friends coming tonight and need to make constructive use of everyones time!! Wish me luck as I don't suppose they will stay out there for long.  Am soooo tempted to send them to the beach and back on their bikes - alone - sounds really scary but they pretty much do it anyway when I walk down there (it's about 1.3 miles round trip) and they are cycling, and it would be a good challenge of independence for them .... hmmmm ... how brave am I? Hubby would go balistic for sure

Edited: 17/10/2012 at 15:31
17/10/2012 at 16:14
Yes, 2 years! Can't believe it myself. Max was just a babe in arms!

I think we will stay for 3 or 4 weeks, will depend how much time we need to allow for our appointment at us embassy and to wait for them to return our passports. Called my parents this morning to tell them. It would have been my sister's birthday today (some of you will remember she committed suicide 23 years ago) so it was nice to give them some good news.

CM, fab news about your job. Such a relief.

Ugh to wet beds. Not looking forward to that stage. Max is in pull ups now, a step in the right direction....? Really cross with myself though as just been to buy more to drop into nursery and got ordinary nappies, grr.

Lying on my bed at the moment as had really dizzy spell this morning and nearly fainted. Mr TT is out all day so glad I was at home as really had spinny head. Feeling a lot better now so should get on and make some calls I guess.
17/10/2012 at 16:18

cc - i wouldn't. i really REALLY wouldn't. you would NEVER forgive yourself if something happened. sorry...

TT - look after yourself

re: wet beds - J was dry just before his 5th birthday. we have a handful of wet beds a year now i guess.  E was dry by the time she was 3. we have fewer wet beds from her than we do from J! i think we have maybe had 2 since she has been dry. i lifted J for AGES but never lifted E. they are all so so different.

17/10/2012 at 16:28
Not read back yet but have been trying to keep up. iPad signs me out all the time n am too lazy to sign back in/ forget my password! I let the girls paint this afternoon, don't often as its such a palava!!! They did a canvas so its a work of art!!!! Did 4.4 miles with the buggy and two bigger girls cycled and they moaned the whole days this morning. Was a lovely crisp morning. -2 degrees last night.
Will read back lata as don't get the chance with this three annoying me
17/10/2012 at 16:35
CM - I see what you saying and totally get it but you have to give kiddies a wee bit of freedom. I guess living up here they get that to a certain degree although I am much more wary since wee April went missing. I think it's appalling that we can't give our kids the same freedom we got growing up.
Also regarding wet beds- C was 7 & R was 5.5 when we eventually managed to bin the night pull ups. Nothing we did helped the situation so in the end we left it and eventually they got drier although hubby still lifts C most nights at 10 pm ish.
17/10/2012 at 16:40

If I was back down South I absolutely wouldn't dream of it, and I know after April it makes you think more than twice, BUT there has to be a point and if I can't do it where we live at the moment then I will never feel able to do it. That said, I haven't as they just spent an hour on the trampoline. But I am fully prepared to stand at my end of the beach road and wait for them to do it and then let them do it without me doing that.

Anyway they are just about to help me make dinner, salmon in puff pastry ... could be stressful!

17/10/2012 at 17:06
I let the girls cycle home from school sometimes which is 0.8 of a mile. Most of it is with other kiddies and I can watch them coming along the last bit of road.
Sausage n mash n veg in the process of being cooked, yum starving and fancy a glass of vino; it's the holidays after all!!!!!! Enjoy your salmon, sounds nice CC x
17/10/2012 at 17:17

i am just soooo wary now. i would let J go off in daylight and play with the kids round the corner - except he doesn't want to. he does go out the front to play and down to the end of the close on his scooter but he doesn't really want to go further than that. but i wouldn't let him really go out of earshot - not that that helps.

the thing is that i just know that both of them probably WOULD go off in the car with a parent of someone from school that they recognised. and that absolutely freaks me out. especially if that parent said they had puppies / sweets / toys for them to play with etc.

so yes - i know they need some freedom. but at the ages that they are at the moment (6 and 3), i think they need protection far more. and i couldn't let them go half a mile away because i just couldn't trust them not to get in the car with someone they recognised. even though i have told them both many many times...

17/10/2012 at 17:40

I absolutely wouldn't let one of mine without the other, I guess mine are a wee bit older - Scarlett 5.5 and J 8 and a bit.  We've had some fairly in-depth discussions about the whole getting in a car with someone stuff and I've been surprised how switched-on they are about it, plus it's obviously been reinforced at school so I don't think either would do that actually. Tbh, J would be the one who'd be less wanting to go off on his own to do something, Scarlett would be there like a shot!!! Anyway, the moment has passed for the time being but it's something I've been mulling for a while, just because they need to learn a bit of decision-making by themselves and this stretch of 'road' - bumpy track is the perfect place to do it.

Salmon in the oven now, worked OK and the kids loved helping chop leaks, bash up garlic, fry up stuff, plait pastry etc AND it looks edible!

Well done on getting out RF. I'm going to Garmouth tmrw with my two and we are going to bike along the disused railway to Spey Bay, in the vain hope we might spot some dolphins and wear them out a bit. May run with them or just bike myself.

TT - I do remember you talking about your sister before (()). Look after yourself and the dizzy spells.

Am losing track a bit now - Vixo is due end of December, but when are you and Anjelicats due?

Hoggle - meant to say, your trip with a spa sounded fabulous - very envious!

17/10/2012 at 17:57
I'm not due until February 20th, CC. Am 22 weeks today. Does seem to be going quite quickly at the moment.

The whole 'freedom' question is a nightmare isn't it? I think we'll feel the risks even harder if we do stay here as US is still such an unknown entity for us. We live in a really good area but we still get crazy things happening on our doorstep. Not helped by the fact that you can get an app for your phone which shows you where all of the local paedos live
17/10/2012 at 18:33

I am due 15th February...wonder who will have theirs first TT? I was 7 days late with L. Any idea what is causing the dizzy spells TT? My antenatal has been pretty much non exsistent. I wont have an appt now until I am 28 weeks. Having seen the midwife at 16 weeks.

Yes the freedom bit....Glad I don't have to worry about it for now.  But as we are one of two cottages down a 1/2 mile country lane, except for the stables I guess I don't have to worry too much about cars etc, just weirdos.

CM - hooray to being safe in your job. Long may it continue.

CC - that salmon sounds good. Do you put the leeks, garlic etc in the pastry with it? Or serve alongside. I have gone right off fish. We used to eat loads but I haven't been able to face cooking it. I may give your idea a go next week. Cinema sounds great value too, we went to see Brave and Leila needed the loo and missed the pivotal moment of the Mum turning into the bear...

Hubby is away for the next couple of nights, so going to get my head down and get some work done in the evenings. I need to be ahead of the game come Feb when the new baby arrives not behind!!

17/10/2012 at 19:05
Anj, I didn't realise your due date was so close to mine. Race you!!

I think the dizziness is due to low blood pressure. I couldn't find my blood pressure monitor when I felt dizzy to check it but I do get it sometimes. Dehydration is a big cause of it and I had barely drunk anything all morning.

They are a bit OTT here with prenatal care. I had an appointment at 8 weeks with a scan (requested by me due to my mc), another scan at 13 weeks followed by an appointment with doc. I think another scan at 18 plus doc apptmt and another scan due at about 23 weeks with another appointment. Some of that is due to my 'advanced age' and they want me back every month towards the end but am going to try to get them a bit less regularly as long as all looks ok.

Yum to the salmon too. Think it'll be chicken stir fry for us tonight....
17/10/2012 at 19:25

Just chopped up the leek really finely and fry in pan with butter (naughty but nice!), crush up the garlic and chop that a bit too and then mix in with the lightly poached and flaked salmon, then put into the puff pastry - we then plaited it cos it was fun!! I poached the salmon in some left-over white wine that had been hanging around in the fridge for a while!!  J absolutely wolfed it down and has asked we had it again - didn't complain about the leeks at all either which is a bonus. S had a good old whinge as she fancies she doesn't like salmon - hmmm.

Can imagine missing the bit where mum turns into a bear would be a challenge!

Feel permanently knackered at the mo and is a struggle to do my homework in the evening. Am meant to be doing a pilates class tonight - had two friends coming, one has cried-off and I am sooooo hoping the other takes the hint and also cries off as if I really go for it, I reckon I could probably finish what I need to tonight. Once I get the monkeys into bed - sigh - madam just having a big drama as all of a sudden we have an itchy bottom again - more sighs!!

17/10/2012 at 19:30

Oooo. Not sure about that CC. I have gone totally the other way since the little girl April got lifted. The boys played happily in the close and had started to let them cycle around without me being out there. Have stopped that now. I had also started letting them go down to the zip wire when we go to the village park so Sophie didn't have to run all the way down there. It's just out of sight down the hill. I let them go and have 4 goes each, then they have to come straight back. Not sure I could even do that now as no idea who is down there tbh??! So Sophie will be going down now!!

We have chatted a lot about the April incident, but still they are kids and in a moment they can be unpredictable.

I have resorted to a glass of red medicine. Feel very guilty, like I really can't cope, but much needed tbh with poo accidents, tantrums, milk spilt all over the floor, trying to manage clients today and planning when I can get planting done for them before Nov. British bake off, 3 square 9inch choc cakes done and ready to shape!! Have sorted one room of clothes, so just my shoes etc to sort, bedding to wash, house to clean, cakes to decorate/shape and a day of work tomorrow to fit in. Oh and need to get a tesco shop sorted, best do that now!!

Oh and I forgot to welcome Emz. I am a thread oldie and really ought to leave but find it very hard to ...Must sort that reunion/meet-up girls?!!!....

17/10/2012 at 19:32

Oh and fab news to CM !!

17/10/2012 at 21:30
I saw on the school website that the reception kids had had a visit from a policeman talking about stranger danger, but M never mentioned it.

Back much improved from yesterday, but nowhere nr normal. With my original sacroiliac prob it never hurt to sit down, now I can't sit properly at all, I have to be bolt upright, if my spine curls at all it hurts. Still popping the ibuprofen, if I wasn't bf still I would take something stronger. Did a few stretches earlier, and am keeping active, walking etc, which is apparently what you should do with back probs.

We had salmon tonight too-done in Jamaican jerk spice paste, with lentils. Yum!
Got chocolate orange porridge set up in the slow cooker to be ready in the morning, hope its good!

MM we will always be running mums no matter how old our kids so no need to leave the thread!

CC great relief for you!
17/10/2012 at 21:35
I agree. We're mums even when kids are 20!!

On phone so quick post. Down in dumps.

Got proof running this wk (reported on bbc!) so leaving house 7.45 and home similar. In five mins getting home I got told by Andy that my sil is expecting, due April then Lou said it was not good that I had to work as I don't get to see as much of her. Then brushed her hair to shrieks from her and was told that daddy could read because he was with her all day and had time whereas you don't mummy.

I think I'm about to hit the wine.
17/10/2012 at 21:37
Ps I'm defending proof!
17/10/2012 at 21:39
Oh EF (())
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