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27/09/2013 at 14:03

Been reading but no time or energy to post generally!

I agree you look great Lotte but I would also take comments like that the wrong way - I am the queen of it!

Boo to marathon rejections - did anyone get in?

EF - eek to the f word!  I would be inclined to ignore it as she is probably trying to get a reaction out of you if she knows it's rude, but you could just quietly say next time she wants the tv on "no because you said a rude word so no tv today" or something??  Not sure how I will deal with it!

Sophie asked me yesterday if I knew Summer's mummy as she'd been invited to her house to get a tattoo  - fortunately I don't know her!

Had a bit of a chat with her teacher yesterday actually as he said she's not mixing very well at playtime and tends to sit on her own quite a bit .  Feel so sad for her, but she doesn't really seem upset by it.  He thinks it's because she thinks she's not allowed to join in, or if she's playing with someone and someone else joins in, she can't play anymore.    She's always telling me how certain girls tell her they've got enough people and she can't play so I was aware of it slightly.  Not sure what to do?? Have spoken to her about it, but if the girls are being cliquey I'm not sure what to suggest to her.  I said you don't always have to ask if you can play, just go and join in, but if they say no you can't join in then that's just mean in my book!  Does anyone have experience of 5/6 year olds socialising habits?  She's also one of the younger ones in her year which I thought may have something to do with it.

Other than that I've mainly been working this week - got an extra 2 mornings covering someone and an extra day and a half next week, so that's good though it means I'm working 4 days out of 5, but only 2.5 full days in total.  3 days over 4 next week so at least I'll get more money .  I've been enjoying teaching at the "main" site of the College - the students are much harder working and everything's just a bit better organised.

Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield for me on Sunday (10k) though I've been eating tons of chocolate and biscuits this week so not good preparation!  Nice to be able to just go to a local race sometimes though.

Nicky's come home in a complete change of clothes from nursery today - I think he just didn't want to use the toilets there and did it in his trousers . Generally he just hasn't used the toilet there and has either waited till he gets home and sat on the potty or done it in the park!  Not sure how to get him to like sitting on the toilet?  I've tried the extra seat and everything and he has weed on a normal toilet but seems quite scared, plus I find it hard to get everything pointing in the right direction when he's sitting on the toilet - any tips??!

Right I'm shattered, roll on bedtime!  I'm helping to set up a school choir with the PTA so got to email about funding possibilities.  

Sorry that was a very me post but I can't remember much that's been said !

27/09/2013 at 16:02

JG, I wouldn't worry too much about the toilet thing, Aidan took a while to sit on the loo, and then took a while to start weeing standing up and I let him do it in his own time.

not much help on the girls playground scene as so far Martha's class seem to all get on!

27/09/2013 at 16:29

Oh JG, that's just mean, girls can be so nasty can't they?  Does she have one particular best friend that she hangs around with?

Apparently one of Max's best friends told him a few weeks ago that his dad was going to bring in a knife and cut Max up.  Can't remember if I said about it at the time.  Max wasn't particularly bothered by it and still plays with the boy.  Mr TT told him to laugh next time someone says anything mean like that and say 'my dad's got an elephant'. 

Mr TT back tonight, woo hoo!  He's on a plane now between LA and Houston then gets in to our local airport at about 5.00 tonight so will get to see the boys before bed.  I am shattered as I have not been sleeping well and having to deal with everything for the boys alone (again, you ladies that do this all the time are supermums!).

Os's blisters don't seem to be going anywhere, he has just 3 in total, the original on his arm, one on the back of his hand and one on a finger of the same hand.  Strangely I was given a note at nursery yesterday saying that hand, foot and mouth is going round but I googled that and it doesn't look anything like it.

Max has another birthday party in the park tomorrow.  It's been wet this week so I hope it stays dry for it.  Then we have a sitter booked for tomorrow night and are going out to dinner with our English friends.  First meal out without the boys in a long time, probably since my birthday in June.

EF, the F word....hmmmm....Max has said something that sounded very much like it but his pronunciation is still quite unclear so I just told him he was saying 'duck', I'm sure our time will come soon enough though.

I'm just finishing a bag of crisps that I was feeling all proud as I have stretched them out all week and only eaten in 3 sittings instead of chowing them all down in one go.  Just read that packet though and it claims to have 4.5 servings.  Piggy!

27/09/2013 at 20:46

That is reassuring to hear about the playground thing .  She doesn't have a "best friend" or anything though, I think she's just different from the others in the games she plays or something.  There are a few of the older ones in her year who really do look older, so I can imagine maybe their games are more grown-up?  She seems to just play with different people every day so maybe they are a bit cliquey too and always want to play together.

Thanks for the toilet reassurance too Kinsey - is there a technique to boys sitting on the toilet?  Sometimes he's sat on one and he's so far forward there's no way anything's going in the toilet, but he shrieks if I try to move him back!

27/09/2013 at 21:04

I used to hold on to Max while he pee'd and reassure him that I would not let him fall in.  I can't remember how long it took him to transition but he now always pees standing up which should be a lot less traumatic for him!

Camlo    pirate
27/09/2013 at 22:27

boo to not having nice friends (grown ups and kids), hope you are feeling better CM.

JG - excellent tip for boys is to sit them on the loo facing backwards, that way they can see the hole in front of them but have a firm seat under them. 

Nan very poorly, we have a big family party tomorrow to celebrate her diamond anniversary and pretty sure it will be the last time we all get together as she is refusing the open heart surgery she needs. 

27/09/2013 at 23:38

Meant to say (((())) CM and glad that E has finally gone to sleep!  And that the cat is still alive...

 Camlo - it's a bit like that with my Granny at the moment as she's 98 and starting to lose her memory and things a bit.  I guess none of us know when the last time is so I suppose it can be of some comfort to know you appreciated the time you had/have.

Hmm...toilet seat backwards...never heard of that one!  Will have to investigate...

28/09/2013 at 07:34

We did have one of those under the toilet lid seat things JG, that sort of helped although it got very little use really!

Camlo, sorry to hear about your Nan. Great to have a Diamond wedding to celebrate though.

CM sounds like you had a tough day. Benedict is being a limpet at the moment which is tiring, and then just waking on and off moaning a bit then going back to sleep but meaning I feel like I have been up all night despite not having to do anything!

will try and drag my sorry arse out for a run as it will hopefully help!

28/09/2013 at 10:19

Go on Kinsey, I'll send you a virtual kick out of the door 

28/09/2013 at 13:21

I did run! Not sure how long I am going to stay awake for today though!

28/09/2013 at 19:20

Well done - afternoon nap (if at all possible) well earned 

28/09/2013 at 21:53

Well done Kinsey. I also ran this morning and can feel myself getting stronger with every run at the moment. Just spent about 4 hours in the park with the boys, first of all at a birthday party for one of Max's friends then he ran around in the water splash area for ages. Very late afternoon nap, about 4:30 into bed. I wonder when he'll wake up.....?

Hope you are all having lovely weekends so far.

29/09/2013 at 21:41

I enjoyed the Great Yorkshire Run this morning  even though I didn't get a pb.  Felt good all the way round (5k in 28 but a steep hill at the end caught me out and I finished in 59:59 according to my Garmin, but official result was 1:00:01 !  I was especially pleased as I've been feeling lethargic and eating carp all week but felt fine today.

We have also been and adopted another moggy (sorry Caro ) - a lovely ginger boy called Sid.  He's very friendly and a bit timid and loves other cats so we're hoping that combo will mean he settles in here fine.  He's currently hiding behind the chest of drawers in our bedroom but doesn't mind us reaching in and giving him a fuss.

Been a lovely day here today, hope you've had good weekends all!

Yeay to feeling stronger TT 

29/09/2013 at 21:45

Good to hear your running is getting stronger Ttid!

We had a lovely weekend. Old friends up staying (2 couples) but stayed in a holiday cottage nearby so we had al the fun without needing to be the fabulous hostess all the time!

My physio has just invested in a state of the art foot plate and computer programme for analysing feet. The doctor who designed it was over from Canada so I was a guinea pig while she trained. Basically the way my right foot is designed means that the forefoot pronates, which means my ankle drops in, my knee drops in, hip does same and my spine twists with each step. Which explains why all the discs in my back look very healthy except for the bad one which has degenerated to look like a 70 year olds disc. My Dad is about to have his first hip replacement and then my Mum will have her second so I have inherited crap feet from one of them. The good news is that with the fancy orthotics it should prevent further problems, however for them to work you need to wear them pretty much all the time which means that barefoot time is limited which makes me very sad. I love having barefeet!!!! Was about to throw my toys about it when she pointed out quite bluntly that the alternative is to end up like Mum and Dad who are both only in their mid-60's. Ok point well made then. So need to find some cash to get these things and hope they pay off by saving in physio bills in the future!! She made a lot of sense and it definitely isn't just trying to get a sale. Am thinking I should bill my parents as its clearly their fault

Now only 2 days before I head away for work for 5 nights. Had a horrendous evening with Matilda last night - missed her nap so had a huge meltdown at dinner, went ballistic when I tried to get her into bath etc. Horrible!! Then got woken by loud 'scary' rain and proceeded to wake about 5 times in the night - sigh!! So am exhausted today!

Sorry very me me me today! I hope you all had lovely weekends xx


29/09/2013 at 21:46

Well done JG!

I did about 4 miles yesterday and my legs were not happy today!  Martha had swimming and was very happy jumping in and attempting swimming unaided on front and back.  She was pretty fearless but not very efficient!!  I went for lunch with just her afterwards which was bloody lovely instead of having 3 to organise!

30/09/2013 at 11:05

congrats JG. and well done Kinsey on getting out for a run. I went out last night for the first time in a few weeks and my legs know about it today

E has been poorly this weekend - just been to the GP with her this morning as she is waking up in the night crying about stomach pain and it hurts when she wees. but only in the night. during the day she just complains about a sore throat and sore tummy. i was wondering about a water infection but apparently there is only a trace of an infection and they won't treat for that. also her throat is red but not pus-y. so poor lamb just has to ride it out. it's rather exhausting when they are nocturnally poorly.

30/09/2013 at 12:06

Hello lovely ladies.

Well done JG. You are brave getting a new moggie, you're so gonna get trouble from Caro

Poor E, get well soon. Hope you ok CM.

Yup defo bill your parents Hoggle. My mum is having her hip replacement in a couple of weeks and she is so nervous about it. I think she panics that she might end up worse off than she is now but I think she is better to go ahead with it now when she is still pretty fit and so should recover quicker.

Sorry to hear about your Nan Camlo. Hope the party was good though.

Hope hubby made it back safe and sound TurboT.

So  I had a wee jolly down to Inverness this weekend. Flew down Sat lunchtime and back home in time for tea last night! Ran Loch Ness marathon in 3.04 which you prob saw on FB. Beautiful race but blimey it was hilly not just one or two big hills like I was expecting but constantly up and down. Delighted to bag a PB but slightly frustrated as I think I would have been another 2 mins  quicker at least on a flatter course. Still happy though and another step towards the sub 3 dream perhaps. It was  a really competitive field with it being the Scottish marathon champs and according to their Scottish athletics FB page this morning I apparently picked up bronze for the masters O35, yay!

Had a nice weekend actually. A couple of guys from home were also down racing so it was nice to go to the registration etc with them and then I went out for a meal with a guy I'd met on the last couple of ultras, so that was far nicer than my usual lonely pre race sandwiches in a b&b! Then got home last night and my sister, nephew, mum and dad and my friend and her two kids were all at our house so we had a Chinese takeaway and lots of wine.

So sore today. I couldn't sleep last night as my legs were in agony, hips, inner thighs, glutes and quads all totally trashed. I think it will be a few days before I even think about running.

Anyhoo better get some work done, I've achieved nothing this morning!

30/09/2013 at 12:54
Sorry, just a really quick one for CM - you might think about worms as a cause for the night time tummy pain and discomfort when weeing. Shouldn't cause a temp, but the odd symptoms at night could be explained by them (I know this from reading about them when Isabelle had them - yuck!). Hoe she's better soon.

Fab running Lottie, you're amazing! I did think about you when i was doing my race, running your half, then 'jogging' back to the start, all in a time quicker than I was managing!!
30/09/2013 at 13:20

oh blimey, vixo. you are right. yuck yuck yuck!!! i will keep my eyes peeled for worms. i assume it's a case of just inspecting the - erm - poo to see if you can see any? and her bottom too. boak.

wow lotte - amazing effort. glad you had a great time

cc - i spent most of yesterday at a rugby tournament with J. again it was a gorgeous day and i was thinking of all the other things we could be doing (including mowing the lawn!!)

thanks for your thoughts, girls. i'm still struggling but hoping now that i'm feeling physically a bit better, i can get out and do some running again which should help. as long as my bl00dy calf muscle holds up...

30/09/2013 at 14:11

Hello all, just a quick post to say hello. 

Boo to poorly children, worms...(we had them a few months ago) and bad calfs. That has taken a while to heal CM. 

Lotte - brilliant on your marathon time. Yes on a flat course I am sure you will comfortably do a sub 3. So London next year? 

I did a half back at the end of July which was very disappointing as I tore my calf two weeks before, I did 1.58, then did a much more enjoyable half at Windsor yesterday and finished in 1.52 which I am pleased with as it was pretty undulating and hot. 

The F word... oh boy, when we came back from our travels L told her Grandpa to put his effing fork down whilst eating lunch one day. She was only 3.5!! Goodness only knows where that came from.  Luckily she knows what to say and what not to say now. 

Boo to mean girls too JG. Can you tell her to ignore them and play with someone else? Luckily L tends to play more with boys who seem to be less cliquey and mean... 

Anyway, crying baby woken from her nap early. Back later. 

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