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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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17/10/2012 at 21:40

(((EF))), how long will the case go on for?  Have a good glass of wine and hope Lou at least gave you a nice goodnight kiss. 

Absolutely, we are all Mums forever, no age limits on here.

17/10/2012 at 21:43
Well EF, within 5 mins of getting up this morning I asked M to go and get her hair brush....this resulted in a monumental tantrum, lord knows why, most of which was her sobbing 'I want daddy' . They really know how to get you, and I am sort of happy inside when she has a tantrum with him and yells I want mummy! But nothing makes me crosser than when she is doing the I want daddy act!

Not knowing much about lawyer speak, I have no idea what you're dong! Only 2 days till the wk end.........
17/10/2012 at 21:46
It's essentially a trial. Should finish this week. Court is perishing cold too.

Did get a kiss from madam but god she knows the buttons to press!
17/10/2012 at 21:56
Busy day on here. Boo to wet beds - such a hassle. JP has been brilliant at night (think we have only had about 4 wet beds ever) but he is still prone to accidents in the day...he gets distracted by stuff and CBA with going to the loo! Such a typical boy

I am very protective, I have to say. I don't ever let him out of my sight, really. I know I do need to start letting go a bit more but it is very hard!

MM, fingers crossed for fab cakes!


Yay to CM!

TT, hope your dizzy spells ease off. I had really low blood pressure when pregnant too - I am prone to it anyway (it's normal for me to be 90/60) but it got worse. I passed out on the MTR in Hong Kong, which was really embarrassing!!!

Well, I had an exciting evening in school (genuinely). It was our sports awards evening and Pete Reed (men's coxless four) was the guest. I got to meet him and hold both of his medals! The only time I ever will hold an Olympic gold, I am quite sure!
17/10/2012 at 22:06
Wow what an exciting evening Tatty! Cool! EF - good luck for proof. Yeah, law is a tough job to juggle with kids I reckon. I leave 7am to get to work but at the mo leave at 4.30 and I know everyone thinks I'm a slacker as they burn the midnight oil. And then there's logging on at home in the evening and don't even get me started in how little hubby sees E. he's in the states until Saturday - away for 10 days. I shouldn't moan as I know others single parent far more than I do, but it is hard sometimes.

Yay to job situation CM. MM - cakes sound AMAZING! Funny that TT and Anj due so close! Good stuff.

Interesting to read all your stuff about bed wetting. I wish I could tag pages so I can come back to them when I'm at that stage with E.

TT - meant to say I'm so sorry o hear about your sister. I had no idea. And yes, I bet your parents were chuffe to bits to hear that you re coming over.

Can't remember anything else and posting on phone so sorry for what I've missed. I feel like I haven't run for ages (although it was only Sunday!) but it's tricky juggling work, E and running without hubby around. Especially when baby jet lagged and thinks bedtime is 11pm..... I miss my evenings!!
17/10/2012 at 22:34
Oops dropped work blackberry in scalding hot bowl of soup. Sadly it seems to have survived!
17/10/2012 at 22:38
Anj, I didn't realise your due date was so close to mine. Race you!!

I think the dizziness is due to low blood pressure. I couldn't find my blood pressure monitor when I felt dizzy to check it but I do get it sometimes. Dehydration is a big cause of it and I had barely drunk anything all morning.

They are a bit OTT here with prenatal care. I had an appointment at 8 weeks with a scan (requested by me due to my mc), another scan at 13 weeks followed by an appointment with doc. I think another scan at 18 plus doc apptmt and another scan due at about 23 weeks with another appointment. Some of that is due to my 'advanced age' and they want me back every month towards the end but am going to try to get them a bit less regularly as long as all looks ok.

Yum to the salmon too. Think it'll be chicken stir fry for us tonight....
17/10/2012 at 23:03

Sorry gremlins again, always seems to happen when I post from my phone and my computer.

Oops EF, can't believe it still works!

18/10/2012 at 09:53
Hugs EF - tough day xxx
MM sounds like you need a hug too!

Good news CM though!!
18/10/2012 at 12:58

Feel like am getting to the summit slowly. So pleased not having to fit in running this week, but do feel like I might start again on Monday, but just 4-5 days of 30-45 mins plus do a couple of swims maybe.

Off to display a home made advertising board outside one of my recent gardens, buy some more icing and some more wine (and some food!!) for the weekend!!

Lots of work done this morning, and lots of washing too!!

Then just have spare room to clean and sort, bathrooms to clean, house to clean. Boys at after school film night, then pick them up at 5pm and straight to swim lesson. Home to bath/bed and then it's cake action!! Hubbie home at 12pm probably ...

Oh EF, are you sure it's working? What flavour soup?

Are you around in half term CM/JT? Not sure what days will be passing yet, maybe tues/weds and back fri/sat?

18/10/2012 at 13:47

Good luck with the cakes MM. I always make the girls birthday cakes too but that's mainly because I like doing it. Have been inspired by this week's Great British Bake off to make the fondant fancies from the final this weekend. Will be getting help from the girls though so don't expect them to be great works of art .

EF - hope you've got your thermals on today in your drafty courtroom.

TattyB - ooooh, to the olympic gold medals, very exciting. I also have pretty low blood-pressure, was 92/57 when I took it the other day but fortunately doesn't usually cause any problems ... clearly tempting fate by saying that.

Good to know I'm not alone with the wet beds. We stopped lifting Issie a little while ago as I figured that as long as we kept lifting her she would never learn to wake up for a wee on her own. Hubby wasn't keen on stopping initially (but I think that was mainly because he has to wash all the sheets) but he agrees we've got to let her try now. I'm hoping that by just leaving her to get on with it eventually her body will learn to wake up every night and now I know it's not recognised as a problem until they're 7 I won't worry about it. We did have a dry bed this morning though , fingers crossed for another one tonight ...

18/10/2012 at 14:21

Race you indeed TT.  Were you early or late with Max?

Boo to the wet beds and hooray to the dry beds this morning. Long may it last. Luckily this is one thing we never had. Leila was dry just before 3 when we were in Australia and apart from one incident when we were in the tent, 3 sleeping bags, a sheet and a big fluffy blanket, we have never had a wet bed.

Hope your crappy day got better with lots of wine EF. Wine always makes me feel better  

Looking forwards to seeing pics of the cakes MM.

Caro - we have screams and shouts every morning and evening when the hairbrush comes out. is the low point of my day. I have no idea where all the knots come from. I hate hair brush time!!

We had swimming lessons this morning, then swam for an hour after. Then I dropped her at pre-school and went to gym. Feeling whacked now, but got to get my head down and do some material reading for Biological Health & Disease. At least it is starting to get interesting!! This afternoon I have a friends boy to tea which will be nice for Leila. Hubby away again this evening so will have dinner later and get an early night I think.


18/10/2012 at 17:24
You need a tangle teaser, it's been a revelation. Bit expensive, but brilliant!
18/10/2012 at 19:14

I am definitely going to buy a tangle-teaser, Scarlett's hair is a complete nightmare and having to try and contain it daily is a struggle. Even if I plait it really tightly into pigtails the night before, by morning it looks like a birds nest!!

EF - that sounds like a grim old week. They absolutely know which buttons to press, and also pick up very quickly when it's working and therefore to go for it full-on. I get it a little from Joshua but heaps from madam ... oh what a surprise.

Busy old days for all then and lots of absent hubby's.  MM - hope the cake decorating goes to plan. That sounds a good idea re the homemade board.

Biological health and disease - that definitely sounds like something to get your teeth into Angelicats!

My two are currently jumping on the trampoline in the dark with headtorches! I am very glad I will have hubby back to help wear them out a bit!! But I have survived most of week one of the holidays, only one more to go and my parents are arriving on Tues afternoon which will be lovely, but add to the chaos!

After a bit of a late start we headed out for a bike ride today. Bailed on original plans as weather a bit soggy so thought we'd stick localish. Parked up on the front at Nairn and followed a riverside path inland, was fab for about the first couple of miles, at which point it deteriorated into single-track territory complete with wet roots and a rather alarming, unprotected drop into the river below. At this point I decided enough was enough and we backtracked!!! Back in Nairn there is a fab tarmac path all along the front perfect for bikes with several play areas and a tea shack. So that was us sorted! Did about 5 miles total - but I can't say I broke into a sweat!!! Well apart from the moment when Joshua nearly ploughed straight into a woman standing in the middle of the path having a chat. She WAS in stupid place, and I am amazed she didn't sense this child coming straight at her, full-speed on a bike, but OMG, I swear he missed her by cms - oh boy did I ball him out! But I didn't see her he said ... space cadet doesn't do him justice sometimes!!!

Supermarket on way back, bike cleaning (kids very enthusiastic) so they've all been hosed down and coated in GT85, then we made homemade pizzas. 

Kind of lost it with them though tonight as they are systematically trashing the house during these holidays!

Right, guess I had better haul them in shortly for a shower, and then I'll be getting the woodburning stove fired up. The hoovering can wait until tomorrow.

I have a date with Chris Jarmey and his The Concise Book of Muscles tonight!!!

Hubby somewhere on the M6 I think so that'll be a late one I reckon. Am not looking forward to driving back up the A9 in pitch darkness next Sunday evening after my course.

Anyway, with hubby back tomorrow - I can go for a run

Edited: 18/10/2012 at 19:16
18/10/2012 at 19:27

Scheduled c-section Anj, I suspect this one will be too.  Was scheduled for just 3 days before the due date last time but was supposed to be 1 week.  How about you with L?

TB, would be awesome to hold a real medal!  Loved your picture, I had forgotten you had gone short on your hair - looks great.

Brookie, is your husband still in US from when you were here?  That's a long trip.

Hearing you all talking about hair makes me glad I have boy(s), Max usually goes to nursery without having his hair brushed.

MM - good luck with the cakes, looking forward to seeing some photos.

OK, I have just booked our flights!  Return on Oct 30th for 3 weeks.  Not looking forward to the cold but am looking forward to seeing everyone.  Is going to be a tough trip this time as we have no home there any more.  Will probably try to rent a cottage for the duration as I hate being in hotels.  Then will have odd nights in Cambridge where Mr TT's family are and Somerset where mine are but will not have to load up the car with ALL of our luggage each time.  Any suggestions for good cottage rentals gratefully received.  I'm sure I'll be asking you ladies lots more questions between now and then too.

18/10/2012 at 20:20

What is a tangle teaser? Definitely need to get one of those (whatever it may be!)

You will probably pip me to the post then TT. I was a week late with Leila. Hooray to booking your flights home too. Where do you want to be in the UK? I am guessing between Somerset and Cambridge? Cotswolds maybe? I have always used which have some lovely places, but maybe not what you are looking for? Otherwise or similar.

The Concise Book of Muscles sounds pretty full on too CC. Do you have to learn all the muscles, origins and insertions? I had to do that for my PT & sports massage. I am not sure if I can remember all of them now though.  You amaze me how you manage with the kids and hubby away, really don't know how you do it and sound so upbeat all the time! Enjoy your run tomorrow. And eek to J nearly taking out the lady!

L has been somewhat challenging today. Even her teacher said she was out of sorts this afternoon, and she had full on wet herself at school which she NEVER does. (after all I said about dry beds...reckon it is my turn...please not tonight whilst hubby away) I am wondering if she is worried about something but when I asked her she just said she was too busy to go to the loo. Hmm.


18/10/2012 at 20:24
Ang she doesn't mind having hr hair was the fact that I asked her to go and get her hair brush. How dare I??!

I have discovered pampers bed mats, which so far has meant I haven't had to change whole beds for a few days. They're not cheap, so no good for an every day accident, but worth it for once or twice a wk. The underneath waterproof sheet we have is so thick it takes too long to dry in a day, unless it happens to be a sunny, breezy day and it can go on the line. I guess I could just buy another one, but I'll try this way first.

Back better still, tight right glute this evening for whatever reason, so stretching lots and still taking things nice and easy
18/10/2012 at 20:36
Anj - a tangle teaser is a weird sort of hairbrush. You can get them in boots. Somehow they manage not to pull nearly as much as normal hair brushes, and ours has really made a difference to our mornings - even daddy can brush her hair with it!

Caro - I got some washable bed mats from mothercare on lottes suggestion which are fab - same sort of size as the pampers ones but washable. Will search out link for you of you're interested. I bought 2 so if one gets wet I can just strip the bed and re-make without having to wait for it all to dry.
18/10/2012 at 20:56

re the pampers mats caro - they're fab.  if you decide to stick with disposable, DO NOT go cheap and supermarket own.  They do not stay in place anything like the pampers ones do!

tonight's delight was let's pretend we don't have a mummy and put her in the bin

hello to everyone. Reading all the time but minimal posting cos my wrist and hand are knackered from noting verbatim what has been said for 5 hrs a day!!

18/10/2012 at 21:10

Oh EF, she really is pulling your strings at the moment isn't she?  I guess she is punishing you for not being there for her during the day, grrr!  Your job sounds a nightmare at the moment.

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