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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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03/02/2013 at 18:08
Great birth story Turbo. Hahahahahaha to the pain..........yeah it's ever so slightly painful!!!!!! I'll never forget the pain I don't think! Particularly with M as she was a bit back to back. Enjoy wee O and those newborn cuddles, ahhhhhhhhhh. M may be a wee bit jealous to begin with, just make sure he gets plenty of attention & get him to help you with getting you nappies etc.
Well done on the race CC, that's very speedy I can barely do a 5 k in that time but then I'm very slow! Grrrrrrrrr to the ankle, hope the osteo can help.
Yay to M riding her bike Caro.
Your poor ma TT, hope things improve soon for her. Such a tough time for her and your family.
Vixo-yay to the geocache. We've never tried that yet.
Horrible weather here today, pouring rain and very windy. Did 10 miles on bike and then was going to do a 3 mile run but decided to go on treadmill instead as was soaking and so did 5 miles so not too bad a brick session.
Bath time now for the girls so better round them up
03/02/2013 at 18:10

we've failed on our geocache efforts so far (using my running garmin) but need to get out and have another bash as kids are determined to find something. OUght to do it before all the gorse and broom starts growing back too thick!!

S has definitely outgrown her isla bike but we are hanging in there with it for the mo as her big brothers old bike is prob just a wee bit too big for her at the mo.

03/02/2013 at 19:00

RF - we have had the same weather - g-r-i-m, was lovely for rugby this morning, you can imagine the mud I am sure!!  That sounds a good session though, you've obviously recovered from the bike fest 

03/02/2013 at 20:36
Just got into bed as could hardly keep eyes open downstairs!! Session harder than I thought today after the puffer mabe!!! Awake now so going to read for a while................reading Andy Holgates book 'can't sleep, can't train, can't stop', about triathlons! His second book, enjoying it.
Still carp weather. Seen the forecast, to continue, joy
Mmmmmmmmm yeah can imagine the mudfest CC
03/02/2013 at 20:55

TT - so sorry I forgot to mention your poor mum, glad she's home again.

Yeay to Matilda, I want Sophie to learn now! Never bothered with a balance bike but she told me they had some at school last week and she loved it (although if they have them at school maybe we don't need to get one??).  She prefers to scooter everywhere at the moment and I'm not sure if she'll have outgrown her bike anyway - it's a boy's one too, blue and green with rockets on (grandparents refusing to buy her anything girly in case we had a boy!).

03/02/2013 at 20:59
Fab report TT. And yes LOL to the pain. Try having to push twice!

Never tried geo cache either. Think the boys would like it.

Am exhausted so off to bed soon but still feeling peckish so might have to find some nibbles soon! 85 miles this week with 20 today finishing with 5 at mp. Felt hard! But was out with school mums on Friday night till 1.30 and up too early sat to get run in before football and town jobs plus hubbie had to run too, so probably explains it!

Usual manic weekend plus went down to Yeovil to see FIL today. Nice roast pub lunch which was much needed and Chocolate fudge cake for pud. Yum! Nice run round nine springs for the kids after. So much mud though!

Just watched twins being born on call the midwife. Ouch! Could feel my own insides groaning in memory, especially when the lady said I can't do it again!

Good training rf. We have had nice weather this weekend for a change. Time for cuppa....
03/02/2013 at 21:00
Oh and helmets. Think my boys have met helmets. Bought them from wiggle. They also have lights on the back.
03/02/2013 at 21:46
Love reading all about your delivery TT and just a little jealous of the newborn cuddles.... Pictured you scooting around the supermarket on a motorised buggy, haha. Glad Max is ok with it all.
No idea what helmets we have.
weather also crappy here, sounds like only MM was rain free.
TT2 sorry to hear about your mum too, one step forward and one back as usual
Geocaches - hmmm must look to see if there are any local to me
RF - the puffer will be with you for weeks if not months, go steady!! I did 10 miles today and also found it harder than usual.
CC good result for a race which is not your usual thing, hope the ankle comes right.
Balance bikes - love them!! Well done to M for mastering the pedalling too, balancing is only part of it and the boys could both balance fine or pedal a trike but putting them together is a whole new ball game.
CM glad J had a good poo!!
So pleased you found my photos! Still bitter about missing the one water plunge so have entered next year. They pulled 700 out this year (7 in 7 minutes at one stage) but I know I could do better.
03/02/2013 at 22:41

CC - Well done, I'd love to get the chance to race xc.

Caro - well done to M. Proud milestone moment.

Thanks for sharing Turbo T. Yes almost makes me jealous too those lovely newborn days.

TT - sorry to hear your mum had another set back.

Another good weeks training in the bag MM, well done.

93 miles for me this week. Should have been over the 100 again but my midweek shenanigans stopped that Yesterday was a double day with last nights run including 2m at MP, 2m at HMP and 2m at 10k pace. Today I spent all day at the pool watching Emily and then set out for 20 miles (8.30pace) at 3.30pm.(I ran home and hubby took the kids back!) I found it tough, it feels so much easier first thing! Then had a swimming club committee meeting to be at at 7.30 so a bit of a rush to get tea and back out again.

So it has been a weekend of swimming, birthdays and sleepovers for the kids. Last night there was only me, hubby and the twins in the house. Felt most strange. I had two glasses of wine and zonked out on the couch at 9.30! Anyway cuppa finished and bed is calling.Vile weather forecast here for the next 24 hours with severe storm force winds



03/02/2013 at 23:13
Geocaching is fab, I do it with the kids during summer hols, always adds a little bit extra to a day out + it's free. Encourages u to get out + explore new areas.
04/02/2013 at 13:58

Great training from Lotte and MM as ever. Bet you are glad you got that run in yesterday Lotte - charming weather today isn't it?

Well we have blizzards and gale force winds

Just done an hour on the treadmill  ... walking at 8 kph with half an hour with the incline on 15 ... will give me buns of steel if nothing else!!! Walking doesn't make the ankle hurt and will re-start the priciroception (or however you spell the word meaning your ankle getting signals to work!!).

So glad my other pilates pupil (the one being rather unsubtle last week) is not returning to the morning group as the other lady who took her comments very deeply now isn't coming tomorrow ... sigh ... they don't teach you about all this cr*p in instructor training!!!! Am trying to keep well out of it tbh

I was moaning to hubby about the never emptying washing basket after a weekend of road biking (hubby), XC racing (me) and rugby (kids) and then I thought about what yours must be like Lotte

04/02/2013 at 14:16
Amazing mileage as ever from the super mums Lotte n MM!
Well done to the treadmill walk CC, boooooooooring eh.
I did 3 miles on it when the 2 bigger girls went to school. M played with sticker book, then the hula hoops and gym ball but then got a bit bored so had to finish there. Late morning did 35 mins on the turbo doing the sufferfest 'angels', only did one of the hills. Bless M she sat in the old baby car seat ( turbo up the attic room above the garage!!!) and watched the computer screen. Felt a bit like a bad mummy!!!! Then did some jigsaws with her and she fell asleep in front of the fire, don't think she's feeling right, a bit pale. Have just given her some brufen.
Horrible stormy, sleety weather here. One minute the sun will come out then gets really dark n windy and starts to snow. Yeuch. Think will collect the girls from school in the car. Yoga tonight.
Have an application to do for SHDU and a CV & covering letter for practice nurse position , both due in Thursday. CV & letter mostly done at least.........probably a waste of time as usual
Must be a bit weird Lotte when it's just you, hubby and the boys.
04/02/2013 at 15:39

I find that when its just us too and Sophie. Very weird!

My ball of foot niggle has flared up big style again after yesterdays run. Finally caved in and went to docs to get an x-ray today. Have also rung the physio to get an opinion from them. It's either sesamoditis (scarey!) or arthritis of the sesamoid bones, equally scarey or even more scarey a fracture of these bones ...I ran 10 this morning very slowly 8:30s and another 4 at lunchtime. Was agony this morning for the last 5 miles but much better at lunchtime. Bizarre!

I know what you mean about a waste of time and these job applications RF. I have applied for a few in the last two weeks. Just need a steady monthly income. Might have to bite the bullet and see if I can a favour from my old bosses. Only want 15-20 hours or something, and would love to work from home. Dotting i's, crossing t's  in science related subject or something would be great.

04/02/2013 at 21:15

Well done Matilda!  Must get Martha out there again, she loves her scooter too much!  I got her helmet on Wiggle but I can't remember the brand, great value though and delivered v quickly.

TT - hope everything is going well with Oscar, glad you got to find out what you were missing with a few contractions

CC - good point, I'm neck deep in laundry and never get on top of it, do your older ones help out Lotte?

Aidan was complaining about his knee this evening, he did fall over a couple of times today but there is nothing to see, suppose I will have to go to the doc tomorrow if he still says it hurts, he was having problems going from standing to sitting but there was nothing untoward to my untrained eye.  I gave him a bit of calprofen...

04/02/2013 at 21:38

Boo to the foot MM, take it easy till you know what it is for sure.

Just a quick question - Sophie is 4.5 now and stopped wearing pull-ups at night at 4yrs, but recently (possibly since she started school) she is having more and more frequent accidents at night - sometimes she doesn't even wake up, I just go in to wake her for a wee and she's already wet .  What should I do?  Start waking her every night again?  Put her back in pull-ups?! (really don't want to!) Or just live with the constant bedding washing until it passes?  Feel a bit confused on this one.  Seems to happen more when she's tired, which she is now and was soaking when I went in last night.  She doesn't generally drink anything when she gets in from school, then has a drink of water with her tea but nothing else.  She has a drink by her bed but she will wet the bed even when she hasn't touched it, and she generally only has a few sips if she does have any.  Sorry that wasn't a quick question was it?!

04/02/2013 at 21:43

So today for the third time in as many wks I got called aside for a chat with the teacher at school pick up time.  It seems my dear daughter is now misbehaving at school as well as home - oh joy!  She's always been tantrum tastic at home, and lately fairly impossible to discipline as she just refuses to sit on the step, go to her room or whatever, and rarely has tv because she seems to be on a permanent tv ban due to bad behaviour, but now she is refusing to do what her teachers say as well!

Last wk she and a friend were arguing and both refused to say sorry to each other, so got the naughty step and I think Matilda got sent out as well.  Then today she really seemed to go off the rails - she refused to do anything she was asked during PE, and just followed said friend round, annoying her nd apparently hitting her, until finally she was removed from the lesson.  She then wouldn't change out of her PE kit, and at one point just walked away when her teacher was talking to her and went into the loo and started swinging off the baisins.  Then at going home time she refused to get off the carpet and put her coat on, so that she was ready to leave when I arrived.  So I had to go into the room, and get her to put her things on and made her apologise to both teachers.  As punishment she is not having school dinners next wk (we have been alternating wk by wk and she much prefers school dinners so she was not happy about this) and I have told her if her teachers have any reason to speak to me between now and half term then she wont get school dinners after half term either.  Any other suggestions??  I realise I need to positively reinforce good behaviour as well - what do others do apart from the ubiquitous offer of sweets?

This comes after last wk when she got a sticker for being an excellent reader and moving up reading books, and of course us being v pleased about the cycling - so we have been rather pleased with her, so no idea what brought this on!

04/02/2013 at 21:44

JG...I am tempting fate now but M has been dry for 3-4 wks now, and we went through a huge spate of wet beds for months, but I never lifted her (didnt want to start doing it) or put her back in pull ups.

04/02/2013 at 21:59
Oh goodness Caro that's hard! Louise is a madam around the house - tv ban tomorrow for a start - but obeys school rules rigidly. JT might be best bet for advice being a teacher!

Tangy I forgot to say your poor mum (()).

JG I have no suggestions for you either. But my friend's wee girl suddenly started wetting and I don't think she did anything, just washed daily for a few weeks and it stopped as suddenly as it started.
04/02/2013 at 22:19
Wetting after being dry doesn't usually indicate prob with fluid intake or ability to be dry again. Reinforce bedtime routine of wee, teeth, story (whatever) and wee again as lights out so bladder is totally empty before sleep.
Gggrrrrrr to naughty children, sympathy here too! I guess she is old enough to get consequences but also seeing you and her teacher talking regularly so she knows you are both singing from the same sheet must help? I think your idea of balancing carrot and stick is good.
Boo to the pain MM - don't run on it again if it hurts!!! Could do more damage?!
RF good luck!
Thunder and hail here - not very nice at all. Hope everyone is safe too.
04/02/2013 at 22:35

JG - I think you're best just to ride it out - we used to lift Issie but I'm not sure it ever helped (apart from saving on the washing) as it was only when we stopped lifting her that she learned to go dry all the way through the night. Hope you've got some good waterproof sheets - don't know how I would have coped without ours.

Caro - oh dear, sounds like you've got quite a little madam there. My girls are occasionally contrary but fortunately rarely defiant (so far). The only thing I can think of is to maybe try some more immediate punishments say taking a favourite toy away just for the rest of the day. Could it be that if she knows she's being punished for a longer period of time for being naughty that she might feel there's no point being good because she still won't get her TV time or school dinners back so she's nothing to lose by being naughty?

TT - thanks for posting your "race report" - glad to hear everything went well, I also had that shaky reaction to the drugs after having Lily by c-section was very odd. Picture on FB of Max with Oscar very cute - lovely boys you've got there.

MM - have you considered becoming a personal trainer given all your coaching experience? I bet it's something you'd be really good at and the best thing about something like that is the flexibility around childcare.

Kinsey - hope Aiden's knee is okay. Reminded me of last year when Anna took a nasty tumble in the street and had a gash in her knee. It happened near the GP surgery so hubby took her in there to get it checked out and cleaned up but it was only when we took her to casualty a week later because the cut had become infected that we found out there was a piece of glass in it. Poor little thing must have been in so much pain all week, felt awful for not realising there was something in there. Oh, and she ended up in hospital on an IV antibiotics drip overnight for the infection and was very nearly taken to surgery to have the glass taken out (luckily her temperature was too high for a general anaesthetic so they sent us home and the piece of glass worked it's way to the surface a couple of days later and could be pulled out). If only these little ones would stop falling over our lives would be so much easier!

Half marathon speed training seems to be paying off already - did 9 miles yesterday averaging 8.34mm which is pretty good for me as it didn't feel like much of an effort and most of my easy slow runs lately have been closer to 9mm. Still not sure if I'll actually do the race though - am I the only person who enjoys the training more than the actual race? I hate the nervousness before races, having to line up and run with loads of other people all around you, and pushing yourself to run close to your limits. The only thing I like about racing is the finish line and the medal. Although I suppose I do get a sense of achievement IF I do well though ...

Sorry, have waffled on for ages there. Ooops, was supposed to be getting an early night so I'm off now. Goodnight!

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