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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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18/10/2012 at 21:11

OMG EF, that's an absolute corker ((())).  Not much you can say to that really is it???? I do usually find with madam that it goes in phases so hopefully she'll get over it soon?  I think I'd go and lock myself in the bathroom with a nice bubbly bath and a large glass of vin.

Those mats were great - used a bit with S and J when they first went properly dry. Were also good in car seats for long journeys. Using towels is what we used to do but sometimes on long journeys for camping trips it's not what you need when you arrive on your holidays!!

Anj - it's actually a great book - shows in really clear illustrations where the origins and insertions are. Thankfully NO, we don't need to know that, more just an awareness of how things are connected - mainly the shoulder girdle and spine. Plus our Course Director has done two of the most fabulous A&P training sessions I've ever had. Wouldn't say it's all stuck in 100% but she went through stuff and it made more sense than it ever did before, way way better. Did all the O & Is for gym instructor and sports massage and there is NO WAY i'd be able to do it again now. Has taken me weeks to try and complete my homework which in reality should have not taken me this long at all, I get too easily distracted and then am shattered come the evening. Ho hum.

18/10/2012 at 21:26
I once knew the origin, insertion, action and innervation of every single muscle in the fore and hind limbs of dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, cattle and more I can assure you!!

I put the bed mat thing underneath the top sheet, as we have two top sheets and they dry nice and quickly.

M and a friend swapped jumpers today and I didn't notice. I had to do a wash tonight so she had a clean dress for tomorrow, so friend is getting back a nice clean jumper, and we are getting back a grubby one. Boo.
18/10/2012 at 22:03
I'm back!!!!
Missed all the gossip so just spent half an hour reading back!
Night weeing - I would echo the advice to keep fluids up in the day and use pull ups until you have a run of dry nights as you aren't really waiting for them to learn about waking to wee you are waiting for hormone levels to control amount of wee made. You can help by double wee before and after teeth / bedtime story, but try not to stress.
IVF - hugs to you EF xxxx I found it all a bit confusing too so I did a calendar with all the different jabs/ scans/ appts on. It was tedious going through it especially as the clinic was 2.5 hours from home but I just put my head down and ploughed through. Work might at least take your mind off it all.
Bugs - blimey girls, shall we all shower in dettol from now on?
Kids being rude/ mean/ hurtful - yep my kids can make me feel crappy too when they tell me my cooking is rubbish, I don't make play dough as good as grandma or I'm not as funny as daddy.....
Running while preg - I'm NO expert but is there anything you can, er, put up there to support the womb while you run? Am thinking a mooncup or giant tampon?? Haha prob not a good idea!
Glad to see some good running along with the not so great running (well good times but obv disappointing for those concerned).
My little jaunt was great fun. The 10k was fine although measured at 6.6 miles due to weaving probably. Hubby was 1st back out of our group which went down a storm given his training (approx 4 runs this year). Can also claim to have run in the olympic stadium on an olympic track, ive swam in an olympic pool and (get this!!) i have dived from an olympic board (ok i think i tore my abs but hey ho). Beer was excellent too but I have one bit of advice for everyone. - DO NOT GO ON A DRINKING HOLIDAY WITH A CAR SALESMAN - We landed around midnight last night and at 4pm I collected my new ford focus estate....... Hubby and his mate (salesman) sorted all the details from Munich!!
Catch up more tomorrow - need an early night!
19/10/2012 at 08:28
Oh no I killed the thread!!! Was it because I am a numpty for buying a car when drunk or was it because I was bragging about being an (almost) Olympian???? Apologies girls for both - I'll try and redeem myself later with proper, intelligent and useful posting only..........
19/10/2012 at 11:43

haha, camlo. hope the estate is better than the last one... my poor car has had nearly 1000 miles put on the clock in the last 3 days.  300 miles weds and today and 340 miles yesterday. i am knackered...

EF - hmmm to madam. they do it to wind us up and punish us. she is, of course, absolutely fine. it's you who is in bits

my best friend is in hospital at the moment with undiagnosed stomach pains. they suspected appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, kidney infection. it's none of those. very worrying. . she is in theatre for more tests / cameras today. her 2 boys are being pushed from pillar to post, and i'm 150 miles away and can't help.

have another audit in 20 mins, then another 2 before i can leave for the day. i shall be glad when this week is over...

19/10/2012 at 11:51

chaos over redundancies here. all down to leadership team being shite. a member of my team has been put at risk but as his line manager i wasn't told. i found out because N told me. that is disgraceful...

those of us not at risk received an email saying 'unless you have been told otherwise, you are not at risk'. but now they have tried to put someone at risk who received the email saying you are not at risk. so now no-one knows what is going on.

then last night, our employee representation forum sent out an email saying that all the CR people had been contacted so everyone else wasn't at risk. and now the leadership team are saying that that isn't the official route for notification, so to ignore our represenation forum (internal 'union' type thing).

this whole company is just SHOCKING. i am sick of it all tbh...

19/10/2012 at 17:19
((CM)) Hope your friend is OK. So frustrating when you feel like you can't do anything to help.

Camlo, you do make me chuckle Glad you had a good time by the sounds of things!


Quiet on here today - must be Camlo's fault I am SO tired and glad it's Friday. Much as I am glad to have my head of dept back, I am NOT glad that he has carried on being the same disorganised sod he always was! Things are now not getting done and guess who will have to pick up the slack when he goes off on paternity leave?

Rant over. Time for a nice big dinner and a cup of tea. No booze for me ATM until I have finished my antibiotics! Happy Friday everyone
19/10/2012 at 17:42
Yes, I haven't been on as Camlo has a nice new shiny car and I have car envy. Especially after scraping mine against the side of a taxi yesterday...

Just kidding, about the car envy, sadly not the taxi bit. I expect everyone is out enjoying the lovely it grim and rainy with everyone else?

Glad you had fun camlo, and well done on the race.

Rubbish about all the redundancies CM. The management don't sound like they have any sensitivity at all. Suspect it is the same in most companies though when it comes to this sort of thing. No compassion or respect for the employees. Hope it stabilises soon.

Right... Treadmills, just went to look at a second hand one online and was interested until the guy said it went up to 4mph... Surely not? What's the point in that? What treadmills do you have CM...MM...TB? I think have one? Need to start looking as sure it will come in handy when baby arrives and in school holidays etc...
19/10/2012 at 17:44
TB enjoy your dinner and try to forget about the disorganised man at work...S annoying when you carry someone and they are paid more than you!
19/10/2012 at 17:53

yes, it's grim and raining. i finished my mammoth 3 days of auditing and went out for a trot along the nicky line in hemel. i now have a 150 mile drive home around the m25 and along the m4. the prospect is filling me with absolute delight. woooohooo. not.

my friend has been in touch and they have taken her appendix out.  they don't seem sure that that was the actual problem. WTAF?? i don't know why i am surprised though - this is the royal gwent we are talking about where they managed to remove someone's liver instead of kidney during an operation, thereby killing them...

she doesn't think she is going to be let out before next week for some reason so i will possibly be having her kids on and off this weekend

i do have a treadmill, Anj. can't remember the make - i got it on eBay. think i paid around £400 for it new and it goes far faster than i can ever hope to run


19/10/2012 at 18:12
Yup, raining here too, very grey all day.

CM - Good news that your job is safe - think I read that right? - but does sound like the company is a wee bit disorganised! 'They' often don't know whether the appendix is causing the problem (sometimes I think it looks really obviously inflamed and awful, but not always), but my understanding is that if they've had a look, they'll often take it out anyway in case it is causing a problem, and just so it's gone. I know I always used to hear that they'd take it out if they'd started the operation because otherwise if you had a scar there people would assume it had been taken out, which could be dangerous if it did then go nasty - not sure how relevant that is now most are done laparoscopically anyway. Hope your friend is better soon, and out of hospital.

EF - Isabelle is a master of that sort of manipulation and mummy-upsetting too. She will always choose daddy over me for bedtime if he's here, and sometimes if he isn't she opts for bed without stories! Rather infuriatingly she unfailingly shouts out for, or comes to me in the middle of the night if she wakes up - does make me cross. I think I'm more business-like at the end of the day and just like to get them into bed - hubby hardly ever does bedtime without me here - as I've got to sort them both out, then tidy up and usually start dinner as well. I try to let it wash over me, but it's very hard sometimes - I hope you get some quality time with her over the weekend

So, my first experiment is in the slow cooker...hope it works! I chickened out of using it at the weekend after the tales of hard vegetables and too much liquid - made the stew in the oven instead as didn't want to experiment while we had people here! Has anyone got any recipe book suggestions? I usually look online if I want specific new recipes, but didn't find all that many slow cooker recipes, and I think I need some guidance on the amount of liquid etc while I get used to it. Have made a beef curry for this evening - hubby says its strange that the house has been smelling like dinner all day!
19/10/2012 at 20:47
Vixo- I don't really follow a recipe, just chuck in a load of veg, meat, carton of tomatoes and some stock, normally about 100 mls i think. It normally works out fine. Hope your curry is good
Oh dear EF they are such little rascals aren't they. If daddy is here they will go to him more. They like playing games with you. R went through a phase of saying ' horrible mummy, I want a new one', not very nice but tried to ignore it. Arghhhhhhhh. Hope she's nicer today to you x and yes your IVF all sounds very complicated, maybe writing it all down will make it slightly less confusing for you.
Camlo- your trip sounded fun and well done on the run, grrrrrrrr to hubby doing well on little training, very annoying indeed. Your post mad me giggle. Yay to a new car!
Anj- I have a treadmill, Carl Lewis one. I've never gone as fast as it goes, would kill myself if I tried!
CM- hope u eventually get home. What a nightmare journey for you n so much driving over a few days. Yes the company sounds a bit like they don't know what's going on; fingers crossed your jobs still safe.
Hope all the bugs/ sore backs/ asthmatics are improving.
I have an ice pack on my right upper foot. Have pain in my third metatarsal, grrrrrrrrr. Tried to run today with the buggy and the other two on their bikes. Had to turn back after a mile and walk back, too painful. Felt it after my run the other day. Think will have to rest it from running for at east a few days.
One of our chickens died last night and M cut her finger badly on a tin yesterday. Wasn't a good day. Luckily I had steri strips so was able to dress it but had to re steri strip it today. She hasn't pulled the dressing of, she is good! She had her 2 nd birthday last Sat, my baby!!!!!
On the plus side I got some great powerful 1800 lumen lights for my bike so I can ride in the pitch dark. They are great and will be fine on rocky, tree routed, muddy tracks!!! Went out for a wee spin last night to test them out!
Forgot to say CM- hope your friend recovers ok x
19/10/2012 at 21:24

CM - how crap of your work, sounds like a right muddle which is awful if people think they are safe and then it turns out not to be the case.

Our landlord has decided he wants to sell the house so we have been looking at property over the last couple of days, saw one lovely house today but its so far from here and I would be forever in the car for the school run which I would hate as I currently have a 5 minute walk which is ideal.  There is one possibility locally which isn't too bad but its a bit pokey with a diddy garden and not really walking distance.  Think we will see if the landlord will let us extend a little as we think he is bonkers if his plan is to put the house on the market now as most people don't buy over Christmas etc...

RF - ouch to the finger cut, M and Aidan almost share a birthday, he is the 14th!

Hadn't realised that Martha's night times had been so easy but she ditched her night nappy all by herself and has only had one accident where I forgot to get her to go for a wee before bedtime.  She is waking up in the morning busting at the moment though so perhaps school tiredness might cause a few more night accidents... and she still gets caught a bit short in the day time too, getting home from school is a bit of a rush as she always needs to go - I do wonder if she bothers to go when she's there!

20/10/2012 at 07:42

Pics of cakes on FB, bit too much wine, have a sore head! Now just a party to get through!!

20/10/2012 at 07:53
It's quite common for them not to Kinsey, can't say I blame them tbh! That said we end up with all sorts of problems if they don't.

Camlo - Munich sounds,fab. Note made re car salesman!

Tatty - sooo frustrating.... Think of it as good cv experience!

Cm - hope you got home ok and your friend is on the up. Pity she didn't end up in UHW really.

Reading these stories about manipulative girls does make me glad I've got boys!

Mm - we,have no plans for half term so far! Just keep us posted. Hope j and h have a,great birthday.

Anj - I have a Reebok Irun which I like folds up easily against a wall when not in use. Can't remember top mph but training for 9mm pace was fine and speed work definitely got to 7.15 on it. I think it goes to 6.30 mm but I may be lying! I picked mine up for ??180 on ebay.

Vixo - if I'm having a really lazy day the Schwartx slow cooker mixes are handy to have in as often it's just chucking in tinned toms,, peppers and onion. The Lakeland slow cooker book is good too, it's probably available on Amazon cheaper though.

Well I'm still grotty. Gp admitted on Thursdsy I was no better and didn't really know where to go next.... I've started having really scary coughing fits. Can't catch my breath and people think I'm having an asthma attack as it's so bad. I'm fine afterwards and inbetween. Had six yesterday, one at toddlers and one at pick up time, thankfully very few people were left on the playground to witness my performance! Doc put me on Singulair on Thursday, started it thurs night, can't work out if it's caused the distinct change as I started to hack a bit more Thurs evening (before starting it) but got distinctly worse. Yesterday. Well gene please come back!!!!
20/10/2012 at 07:59
Oh and slightly anxious here about goings on in Cardiff yesterday. Happened very close to school and the nutter has to have passed by to end up where he did for attack 5. Not heard anything which is good, but I know for a fact that the police haven't released all details as my friend is a radiographer in UHW. Apparently at least 30 children arrived as she went home. Absolutely horrific.
20/10/2012 at 11:53
I heard that on the news JT, quite bizarre! Why would anyone randomly go round driving your van into people?? Cough sonds awful, poor you.

Took myself off to the GP for my flu jab this morning, and it so happened that the nice GP who has been trying to sort out my back was there, and as there was no queue she let me talk to her about my back and what the osteopath had said. She has referred me to a consultant podiatrist called Trevor prior who does a lot of private work but also works for the NHS out of a hospital in hackney. I have googled him and one of his specialist interests is sports medicine and gait if he will see me and I can have my gait analysed on the NHS that would be amazing.

Hubby has taken M off to some local climbing boulders and the silly man forgot the muffin that I said she could have for her snack.......I wonder just how big the meltdown was!!

We had the mother of all meltdowns walking home from school yesterday. Suffice to say the whole of woodford probably heard her, it involved wetting herself, taking her pants off in the road, rolling around on the pavement, all in the pouring rain. She ended up with a tv ban and I took away her Mandeville teddy. The final threat which got her to walk home was no school disco, which is this afternoon. Thankfully she didn't ruin that one as I am looking forward to it! They seem to do 4 times slots, and for the infants it's 1.45-2.45 and she is going as a witch.
20/10/2012 at 14:27
Gulp... Hubby just sent me to out of hours. They think it's whooping cough... Got to have tests done Monday...

Sounds like a productive morning caro! Hope disco goes well!
20/10/2012 at 14:44
Might explain why the coughs gone on so long JT, but no quick cure unfortunately!

Caro - we had a walk home like that. Isabelle shouted and screamed about wanting to wee in the bushes (of which there were none, on a rather upmarket residential street!) and when I said no she said "well, dogs wee in the street"! Yes, said I, but you're not a dog, so you can't!

Meant to say, I had my whooping cough jab the other day. It's the same one they give to babies and as a preschool booster and it was very stingy, and my arm is still sore 2 days later - feel quite sorry for the babies now, and can see why Isabelle wasn't too happy when she had it! My arm hadn't long recovered from the flu jab either - feeling rather pincushion-like, but there have been quite a few cases of whooping cough down here so am sure it's the right thing to do.

CM - hope you're not too exhausted after all your driving!
20/10/2012 at 14:56
Eek JT

Sorry Caro. I did laugh about the tantrum. We have them too.

MM - amazing cakes

Right - leaf raking before I go and visit my friend in hosp. Her appendix was so putrid that it wasn't recognisable and they are worried the infection may spread so are keeping her in. Poor love.
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