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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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06/02/2013 at 18:44

that is EXACTLY what J was like at that age CM so I totally know where you are coming from!!! It does get better but it took a couple of years

06/02/2013 at 18:46
Meant "why does food stay in the small intestine" not study ... That would just be odd.
Edited: 06/02/2013 at 18:47
06/02/2013 at 18:55
Anj, lol that she has found Siri, should at least take the load off you for a while!!

How are you feeling? Not long now.... Now that O is here already, I can't imagine still being pregnant!!
06/02/2013 at 19:03

LOL at the small intestine ... WHERE did she get that???

06/02/2013 at 19:19
lol Camryn is the same, constant questions, constant chatter, people are always saying to me I must b exhausted at the end of the day. She has to vocalise every thought that comes into her head, but so does her Dad. Drives me flipping bonkers, I am quiet talk only when need to kind of person.

I wear my hair flat too CM, sometimes just rub a little serum through it to give a little definition if it's looking fluffy.
06/02/2013 at 21:01

I tend to go for "because it does" although it sounds as though E would probably find a way round that CM .

Argh, have inadvertently started a gay marriage debate with my devout Christian sister .  She refuses to accept homosexuals at all which I find really difficult to understand - and to make matters worse her boyfriend seems to be siding with me despite also being a devout Christian (him not me)!  

06/02/2013 at 21:22

ah - i disabled siri on my phone because it was annoying me. perhaps i should switch it back on and just tell E to ask siri!! fantastic idea. the 'because it is / does' etc doesn't work with E, unfortunately. she keeps asking 'but why?' in increasingly shrill tones until i want to scream!!

just been swimming for the first time in far too long. i take the kids regularly but never swim myself. thought i would do 50 lengths but once i did that, it felt rude not to make it a mile... it was hellish to start off with - far too many people. but then it emptied out and was lovely

am going to go and park my now capacious arse on my brand new sofas. woohoo! they arrived today and they look lush. i am going to have first sit on them too. no kids here tonight to mess up the cushions.

06/02/2013 at 21:58
Boo to bench filling up ladies, I feel your pain. MM your running still sounds amazing but I can imagine how it must be frustrating for you knowing you aren't at your best.
CM sorry to hear kids have fine to T's but every cloud has a silver lining and new sofa with peace and quiet sounds quite nice?
LOL to incessant questioning, i found myself in a very deep discussion about why some children can't stay with their mummies and daddies earlier.
Love the new baby news, soon you will all be carrying bags of nappies, wet wipes, spare tops and cars will be stunking of poop and sick.... Love it!!
managed a quick ish 5 earlier, then junior running club for an hour, scooted home and realised there was a committee meeting for our local 20 miler so only just got back in again.
06/02/2013 at 22:12
Who or what is Siri? Sounds like one of Tom Cruise's children!

Day 2 of work today and am shattered! Night all.
06/02/2013 at 22:32

ha ha Caro - that is all I could think of too ... have never heard of it as an app on a phone but I am fairly useless on that front despite now having a phone that can apps downloaded on it (hubbys birthday present to me - what was wrong with my old 'granny phone' I ask??!)

We ended up having a conversation about different religions last night - J is learning all about the Vikings at the mo and he has a girl who is a Jehovas Witness in his class who either (a) sits out of stuff relating to other religions or (b) they don't sing particular songs etc because of her ... frankly this annoys me immensly as I don't see why you cannot LEARN about other religions etc, it doesn't mean you are converting to them does it? Anyway, J was wondering why she can't partake in all this stuff either. I have ended up googling Jehovas as I know nothing about them really.

JT - that's fabulous news re your lungs, so fingers crossed the back catches up.   Did you ever return to the scary Pilates teacher???

Busy evening for you then Camlo - well done on the quick 5-miler in the middle of that lot

CM -  I nearly went swimming today, but instead did a good session on the turbo (if I do say so myself!). Not up to RF standards I am sure but I managed a whole 50 minutes on there which is a record for me, plenty of hill climbing included. No idea how many miles worth - at least 10 I would have thought? Maybe more?

07/02/2013 at 09:05

You would think a six year old would be tired after all day at school then after school club till 4.30pm, but my daughter never stops chatting either, last week it was all about bears, sharks and crocodiles, woundering if they would eat you or if you get friendly ones and also if crocodiles could eat sharks etc , don't know where she gets all the ideas !!  Also funny to hear all the playground chat, who's been naughty etc !!

Have been getting on fine building my running up after bout of norovirus followed by nasty cold at christmas time then yesterday took a spectacular spill  !!  Was running downhill on tarmac, went over my left ankle and landed mostly on my left knee, so today i have sprained ankle (not too bad), right knee bruised and a bit grazed and left knee grazed, cut and very swollen and bruised.  Am feeling a bit sorry for myself i must admit

07/02/2013 at 10:06

Feeling a bit down this morning. After discussion with hubbie last night we decided I would go in and chat to the teacher about the boys reading as they have both been on the same level for ages and read straight through their books very expressive etc. Obviously we listen to them every day and she listens to them once in a blue moon. But she insisted they were not ready to move up a level. I feel sorry for them as they have read pretty much every book on that level and they are dragging the bottom of the box with random often rather odd books. So now I feel like pants. She does have that affect on you their teacher, makes you feel awful for asking, very defensive . I just want them to feel motovated in their reading and keeping them down will not be doing that.

Anyway off to see physio today and osteopath and other jobs in town. 10 miles this morning. Supposed to be progressive but that was not going to happen, too tired and really icey cold this morning. Started with 8:45 and ramped up to quickest mile at 7:13. I did see glimpses of 6:xx but nowhere near where I should be. Feel a bit down about that too. Just praying it starts to click soon. Think am rather low on iron after heavy period and high miles as getting that burning feeling in quads up hill so decided to take two iron tablets a day during TOTM now. No idea how you run 100 mile weeks Lotte and still hit pace, I am struggling and just hope it comes good soon.

First aid course tonight for us club coaches, quite looking forward to it in a funny kind of way!

Good swimming there CM. Hate swimming but I can do it so a good fall back if injured. Might do some more of it over the summer. Def not aiming for anything specific in the autumn this year.

07/02/2013 at 11:45

Mind if I join you?   I do keep up but never post because I don't always have time to get on here consistently then feel bad when I can't remember what everyone has said to name-check you all.  But I totally identify with a lot of the current woes.

MM, feel your pain re. the marathon training.  I think I have to talk myself out of wanting to quit marathon training before virtually every run at the moment!  The cold, strong wind over the past few days has been a particular killer - I even found myself shouting and swearing at it the other day (fortunately on a bridleway in the middle of nowhere so no-one heard this crazy woman yelling at the wind!)  I had a virus a couple of weeks back (courtesy of K) which left me with a hacking cough just as the snow arrived.  Every time I went out into the freezing cold air (running or otherwise) it would set me off, and after my 16-miler a couple of Sundays ago I sat in the car and coughed until I was almost sick - and that was at the end of the cough.  Upshot is I seem to have strained one/some intercostal muscles so my ribs below my left armpit feel bruised and tender - coughing is incredibly painful and at its worst, breathing deeply can be uncomfortable.  Not too bad when running, although I did a hard tempo last Friday which was rather painful (not to mention stupid).  Also have piriformis niggles in my right buttock so will probably see chiro in a couple of weeks just in case I need straightening out.  I thought that marathon training would be easier now K is at school but it's not - life is just so full-on all the time there's just no opportunity to recover properly from runs or to rest/relax.  On Sunday I got back from a tough 20-miler (bitter cold wind), had a quick shower and then cooked a full Sunday roast while hubby went and did the food shop.  K was just coming down with tonsillitis so I confess to a quick snooze on the sofa while the potatoes were roasting!  But yes, it feels like I'm constantly walking a knife-edge between fitness and disaster.  No half-measures this time either - I feel that for past marathons I probably haven't pushed myself as much as I could have done and so this time my schedule is a lot harder (although still nowhere near the sort of miles you and Lotte run).  This will definitely be my last marathon, PB or no PB.  Cannot face training through another winter and summer training just isn't really practical with school and family holidays etc.

07/02/2013 at 12:01

MM, I would go back and see the teacher again if you're not happy.  Explain that you don't feel the boys' current level of reading books is sufficiently challenging and that if not careful, they will lose interest in reading.  I don't know why schools seem to be so reluctant to let children progress in reading.  K was on the same level books all last term - I commented three times in his reading record that we felt he was ready to move up and eventually they put him up about 3 weeks ago, just after they went back after Christmas.  Only K and one other child in the class (who joined last term from another school) are on this level, which is the highest in their class and higher than most of the children in the year above.  I don't know why he was kept at the previous level for so long though - some of the books he was getting were just way too easy for him and weren't holding his interest at all.

LOL to incessant questions.  Have never really gone through that stage.  He is curious, but we get a lot of "Did you know ...?" rather than him asking us questions!

Quick round-up - congrats to TTid on the safe arrival of baby Oscar.  Well done to RF and Camlo on those mad, mad, MAD races (you nutters!)  Boo to the bed-wetting - we put K back into pull-ups just for a couple of months before Christmas.  He was dry for a few weeks then started having accidents.  Just decided he wasn't quite there so gave it a couple of weeks or so in pull-ups then tried again and he's been completely dry since Christmas now.  He's 6 at the end of the month so it's taken a while but we have never stressed it, just gone back to the pull-ups each time then tried again in a few weeks.  Caro great news on the job, boo to M's tantrums though; quite a feisty one, isn't she??  JT glad your health is finally getting back on track.  CC boo to the ankle and lack of running, but great going in that race which sounded pretty tough!  CM frustrating run of poor health/injury for you too, but love the new hair - really suits you.

07/02/2013 at 13:42

ah yes, i've had the reading book level conversations a number of times. invariably i ask and they say he is on the right level. then a few days later, mysteriously he jumps at least one level. once he jumped 3!! i must admit i worry a lot less about it now. i don't think home reading books are the be all and end all anymore. we do a lot of other reading so the school books are just another set of books we read.

had a hell of a drive to Hemel today. took me over 4 hours. groan. have a security briefing this afternoon. imagine i will be struggling to stay awake...

spoke to kids for about 30 mins in the car this morning. they were driving over to school from T's via E's nursery. was lovely to speak for that long. at one point J said 'when can we see mummy again? can we see her this weekend?' T said 'what?'. J repeated it. T just said 'I don't know' in a really off-hand way. it was horrible to hear, but just confirms to me what a complete twonk he is. i expect his girlfriend and mum will be here this weekend so doubt there will be a chance to meet up. but i would bite his arm off if there were.

07/02/2013 at 14:08

glad to see you are still lurking Minks. I'm sure you've told us before that *** was absolutely your last marathon ... and here we are . I think it doesn't help that you start ramping up the longer mileage as the weather gets worse and worse, the kids continually have winter germs that they pass to you and frrankly it's a challenge to get to Spring mentally in one piece let alone physically!!  Don't let that piriformis hang around though - get thee to the chiro PDQ before it sets in properly like before. In the meantime are you rolling on a tennis ball?

Am with you CM on the reading, having got one child who is taking her time to get there and the elder one who eats books for breakfast ... there is so much other stuff you can read with them outside school that will keep their interest, especially if they whizz through the other stuff.  Mind you, J said he wanted to start reading the newspaper as it looked like it had interesting stuff in it - it was the article about the baby that had the dummy taped into it's mouth that had caught his attention. I'd love him to read paper but what do I do about the pages talking about paedephiles etc, surely an eight-year-old doesn't need to know about that??

Try not to get down about it though MM, sounds like a combination of everything at the moment, tiredness and hormones do not help put perspectives on things though do they?

Am so hoping ankle will be good to go when I get back from skiing ...

Am eyeing up the Lakeland 10 Peaks at the end of June as another possibility, have been up all the peaks at various times aplenty, depends if I can get ankle back up running again so I can start throwing myself up and down hills again ...

T will be a twonk until the end of his days, but clearly his girlfriend has blinkers  Before you know it the day will come when the kids TELL him they are going to see you and there will be nothing he can do about it. And it will be YOU they choose to see.

Edited: 07/02/2013 at 14:09
07/02/2013 at 14:36

Hear hear re. T, CC!  Once a twonk, always a twonk.  He's an idiot.  Nuff said.

I know, CC - but if I even seem to be considering another marathon please someone shoot me!  I am 99.9% certain that I do mean it this time.  I most enjoy running when there is no pressure and my longest run is around 10-12 miles, preferably in reasonably warm and dry conditions.  So 20-milers in freezing cold, gale force winds aren't really doing it for me at the moment!   Chiro appointment booked for first Monday in March - can't really afford it until then so will make do with the stretches he gave me last time for now.  Quite envious of your upcoming skiing trip - something I've always fancied having a go at.

CM, boo to the rubbish journey.  Mine was a nightmare this morning too.  Roadworks sprang up overnight on one of the major roads near us and the road between our house and the station/K's school was totally gridlocked.  Had to abandon taking hubby to the station - he got out halfway and I turned the car round, otherwise I wouldn't have had time to get home and make K's packed lunch before setting off for school.  We thought it was a bus by the station roundabout causing the problem but I discovered later it's definitely roadworks.  Normally takes me 10 minutes to get from home to where I park for school drop-off, this morning it took 30 minutes and I was still parking with 5 minutes to go before the bell.  Managed to get K into school - door had closed but luckily he was let in without a late mark - but had by then missed my train and had to wait 30 minutes for the next one.  Just to add insult to injury, my ticket somehow disappeared inside the ticket gate at Baker Street station and I had to wait for a member of station staff to come and open the gate to retrieve it. Bah.

07/02/2013 at 15:42
CC - there is a newspaper for children which some friends of ours get and really rate. I can't remember what it's called but can find out for you if you're interested. I think it's weekly.

I agree with the others, I'm not too fussed about what reading group Isabelle's in, as I assume that by the time they're all about 8 the vast majority of them will have the same reading ability. Some will get there fast, others will take longer, but will all end up somewhere similar. We get the same 'book' (they are about 6 pages long) for 2 weeks at the moment, and we are encouraged to look at all aspects of the book - punctuation, paragraphs, the story, why certain words were used, what everything means etc as they say there's much more to reading than just decoding. Isabelle seems to find it boring to read the same book repeatedly so we usually read it once and then use all our other books to look at all the things they want to focus on. But I agree, if they're bored they're much less likely to enjoy it, and I'm sure variety is important.
Edited: 07/02/2013 at 16:15
07/02/2013 at 16:56
Hi Minks half of me is jealous of u all marathon training & the other half of me is not to be!!!!!!!! It's hard on your body & mind I think.
I need a new challenge to focus on..........had seen a fab tri called the craggy island tri, looked it up, thought yay going to go for it and then noticed its sold out! Grrrrrrrrrr
CM- T is a prat end of. Must be so so hard hearing the kids say they want to be with you, I cannot imagine the pain of not seeing them ((((()))))
My girls were very different with their reading. C took forever to get it but R read straight away with no problem but now they are both good. Pretty good in oor wee school and they fly thro the books fairly well.
Took the dog to Inverness to get clipped today as the place I used to get her done appears to have shut. Pleased with the result and it was ??15 cheaper. Went to asda and did the shopping, M was being a right wee madam, screaming and throwing stuff put of the trolley. La la la as I tried to ignore the stares!!!! She keeps saying 'butt hole" & obviously doesn't have a clue what it means. Arghhhhhhhhhh. She heard R saying it the other day as she was explaining about a girl at school saying it!
Just cooking dinner. Gonna go for a wee run when hubby gets in........
07/02/2013 at 17:31
Isabelle keeps calling people 'pussy head'! It's rather hard to keep a straight face when she tries to justify it - 'it's ok, I didn't say poo head'. We've been focusing on not calling names at all whilst trying not to snigger!
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