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21/10/2012 at 14:14
Do you definitely have whooping cough JT? Keeping him off in case he has something which you might have seems a bit off?! You could try posting on mums net. Not official obviously but you could find out what other childminders would do.
21/10/2012 at 14:49

Ridiculous JT, if he's not coughing at all, and has been immunised.  Bearing in mind WC lasts months, is she saying she wont have him for months??  He is not sick, she cannot refuse to have him, and if she does, you dont pay her, simple!  Except of course not so simple as you need childcare!  If he's not coughing, he is not contagious to other children.  Found this....

Your GP may prescribe a course of antibiotics if whooping cough is diagnosed during the first three weeks of the infection. This will prevent the infection being passed on to others.

It is important to take steps to avoid spreading the infection to others, particularly babies under six months of age.

Children with whooping cough should be kept away from school or nursery until after they have finished taking antibiotics for five days. The same advice applies to adults returning to work.

As a precaution, household members of someone with whooping cough may also be given antibiotics and a booster shot of the vaccine.

If whooping cough is not diagnosed until the later stages of infection, antibiotics will not usually be prescribed. The bacterium that causes whooping cough will have gone by this time so you will no longer be infectious and antibiotics will not make a difference to your symptoms at this stage.


The last paragraph basically implies that you wont be contagious anymore as you have had it for so long, therefore your household are not suddenly going to get it if they havent already, so really she shouldnt worry.

21/10/2012 at 16:24
Thank-you both. My sentiments exactly, we don't keep kids off school because their parents have illness! I'd forgotten my neighbour is the clinical governance bod for university hospital Wales so asked her, who within seconds had me linked to the appropriate document on the Health Protection Agency. Basically asymptomatic close contacts do not need to be excluded from social situations.

Caro luckily I've had clarithmyricin which is one of the antibiotics indicated to get rid of the bacteria so shouldn't be infectious anymore. From what I've read Archie will probably have to have antibiotics as he's only had the three doses so not classed as fully protected yet, Ted's fine and hubby, not sure as,he,had it as a child so may have good immunity.

Cm - not confirmed yet, but looking at the hpa guidelines, I've had unexplained cough for over a fortnight, coughing fits and the doc yesterday thought he heard a whoop. Just one of the latter two would signal a necessity to notify of suspected whooping cough so having two makes it even more likely. can't remember stats but it's not the most reliable test, only about 60% effective I think.

And yes, if she refuses now, no money! Can you imagine how long Ted could be off school if I took that attitude?!
21/10/2012 at 20:41
Oh dear, JT Not good! Hopefully you will be able to get it sorted now though. Fingers crossed for good news with the childcare.

Hope your friend is on the mend very soon, CM.

Cakes looked awesome, MM!

Sorry not to name check everyone. My brain is so fried that I have honestly just read back and promptly forgotten it all! Need a holiday. Have managed to acquire two new cats today though! You know the pic I posted on FB the other day? Well, we have got them now. They are very cute The fluffy black and white one is really friendly and is more than happy for us to fuss him, but the white one is hiding for now under the bed! He will let you stroke him but he is very unsure as yet. We're keeping them apart from the other two until they are both happy to come to us and then we're going to gradually introduce them - first while they are in th cat carriers and then loose... That might be a while though. Signs are good, as I have let Moomin smell my hand after I have been stroking them and she doesn't seem bothered. Fingers crossed!
21/10/2012 at 20:45
Eek JT - hope you get confirmation yourself soon and feel better. I'm sure childminder will have been speaking in panic and hopefully will realise it is not necessary. How old is Archie now? I would have thought 3 doses would be enough to protect him but perhaps he can have his Pre-school boosters early?
Glad to hear the single glass of wine made running easier!
Boo to changed plans because of weather but a lagoon sounds fab fun anyway!
Race today was a killer, took 2hr 31 to drag my butt up and down the steepest hills on the planet which was 15 mins slower than last yr. Ran with a club mate so at least I could chat on the way. Got home and hubby had me labouring for him but we managed to get all the scaffold down so pleased and exhausted!
21/10/2012 at 22:18
The steepest hill on the exaggerate me thinks. Well done, and just think, the labouring will help,prevent post race stiffness.

Hope party was good MM.

4 cats TB.....glutten for punishment! Hope they like each other......
21/10/2012 at 22:19
Leisure lagoon was fun but the hot tub was They're refurbishing it in Jan apparently Karen, not sure what they're dong or if it will be closed for a time. Will have to do the castle another day.
21/10/2012 at 22:37

whoops - left the empty lolly stick from a Lindt chocolate carrot on the table beside the sofa.  Bear in mind it's just a green bit of plastic -  Louise "Columbo" Newcombe "who's been eating my chocolate carrots?"  FFS she got the Lindt bunny and carrots at Easter.  I shoved them in sideboard and incredibly didn't pinch them.  Til last night.  When I noticed they were dated June.  Ooops.   Well I wouldn't want her to be ill would I so........

22/10/2012 at 12:57
That's impressive EF! Sounds like she's got a good career ahead of her!

Camlo- good running! hills sound a killer.

The kittens sound really cute tatty.

Well, GP has said I have all the clinical signs of whooping cough, performed spectacularly twice ( for those not in the know the cough is like nothing on earth) during consultation I ended up with three Gps at her door to check I was ok, in isolation waiting room I had two receptionists, three doctors and two nurses. Nothing like making a show of yourself . SATS at one point looked like 91% but meter wasn't on my finger properly thank goodness as that would have been hospital!
22/10/2012 at 13:10

Schoolgirl error that one EF, you've always got to dispose of the evidence when you eat the kids sweets. Preferably straight into the outside bin so there's no chance of them finding it .

JT - good to have a diagnosis I guess but sounds like whooping cough is a bugger to get rid of. Poor you! Sending lots of sympathy and get well soon vibes your way.

Camio - well done on the race. A half marathon with hills doesn't sound like any fun in my book so good on you for enduring it.

TattyB - 4 cats? Good luck with them. I got a bit carried away the other week and bought 3 extra fish - 2 to go in the new tank that my dad bought for the fat fantail goldfish that won't die (despite our previous appalling track record in keeping fish allive) and one for Lily's room as the other fish belonged to Issie and Lily wanted a pet of her own. So now we have 1 cat, 2 adults, 3 kids and 4 fish in our house - so definintely no room for any more kids or animals now! 

So have just worked out that we've had 5 dry nights in a row with Issie since I mentioned on here last week that she was struggling to make it through the night . That's the longest dry spell we've ever had (without lifting) so I think (fingers crossed) she may have finally cracked it. Really hope so as my mum ordered Issie's new bed yesterday and it's one of those mid-sleeper beds with a ladder so I really don't want to have to change the sheets on one of those every day! Anna will then get Issie's bed as although she still fits the cot (just) she keeps pushing herself up and banging her head on the bars and waking herself up. Will be sad to see the cot go as really means she's not my little baby anymore. It's also the same cot we've used for all 3 girls so it really is the end of an era to be saying goodbye to it forever .

After today only 3 more days of work until I have a week and a day off ... can't wait!

22/10/2012 at 14:57

OK, one of my more random requests....MM can you think of anywhere nr J17 of the M4 (chippenham) for my dad to meet us for breakfast next Sat morning?  We are driving to Bristol with cat in car and need to hand him cat before driving on to our friends in Bristol for the wk end.  Do you know any cafes nr there?  Or a servce area?


22/10/2012 at 15:59
There's Leigh Delamore services Caro, I'm sure that's pretty much on junction 17. I'm sure mm can come up with something far more interesting though!
22/10/2012 at 16:43

Leigh Delamere services Caro just after Junction 17. Or Morrisons just at the end of the dual carriageway section of the A350 Jcn 17.

Am exhausted after morning of planting and not enough food. Pics up on FB of most recent garden. Needs more plants but getting too late to get them in now, so looking like spring to finish it off sadly. Pleased with it though. Time to go and eat some birthday cake, then I might go for a trot later when hubbie back.

22/10/2012 at 16:44

Oh and OMG to JT. Whooping cough is a nightmare...Although refusing to look after kids is a bit steep from childminder?

22/10/2012 at 17:53

Garden looks lovely, esp the path.  Thanks for tips - have also discovered this place  just outside chippenham as well, which looks promising.  

22/10/2012 at 20:20

Yep allington is lovely just a bit further round the ring road. Probably 5 mins drive from motorway although it can back up a bit at the first roundabout. Shame we aren't here this weekend

Little 4 mile jaunt up the road and back at 8:15s. Nice to start running again after a week off but it does feel a bit odd, but that might be after 4 hours of planting this morning!! Achilles still a bit niggly though ...


22/10/2012 at 20:21
Yay to dry beds Karen but boo to putting the cot away for the last time.... I did think about keeping mine in the attic for prospective grandchildren but then didn't want hubby getting ideas so I gave it away promptly!! I think nappies, cots and dummies are the 3 things that make a baby a baby. Hmmm and maybe thumb sucking but of course we still have that age 5....
Enjoy your time off too Karen and Caro.
JT I don't think I've ever heard whooping cough either but your description alone is making me wince! How long will you be off work?
Good planting MM, wish I had your talent.
cats & pets - errr NO, I find it hard enough looking after humans without adding another dependent, non- communicative creature into the mix!
I have eldests birthday tomorrow and he is coming over for tea so I need to either find him a Pressie pronto or take a deep breath and order him the washing machine he needs.
22/10/2012 at 20:29

Ha agree Camlo re pets...why give yourself extra work?! Can obv appreciate that some people like pets though. Hubby would love a cat.

JT - hope the cough is getting better? I have never heard whooping cough either.

Karen - good news for dry beds. It is Leilas last night in her toddler bed tonight too. She has a new single bed arriving tomorrow. We have ordered one with a trundle underneath that meets the level of the single bed to accomodate guests as our guest room will become the babies room in the next couple of months.

We are still having problems with Leila and wetting herself at preschool. Not sure what is going on, but am wondering if maybe she has an infection as it is really quite unlike her. Caro, was it M that had to have her urine checked recently? Did anything come back? Might have dreamt that bit though!




22/10/2012 at 21:30

Anjelicals, is it just tiredness, or forgetting to go?  We are having to race home with Martha, luckily we are close to school!

All this talk of whooping cough reminds me of the cough Alan and I had last winter, wonder if that's what it was, it gave both of us cough spasms and went on for an awfully long time.  JT - hope you have had a better day today!

Camlo - hope you sort out a cheaper pressie than a washing machine!

EF - I'm always hiding the evidence, Martha can smell chocolate from 3 rooms away!

22/10/2012 at 22:04
Yes, we're convinced Archie is part Labrador, any food is sought out and demolished. Tonight was Ted's half eaten cake from lunchtime!

Anj - often if they're just wetting in school it can be they forget to go, or don't like the toilets. Is it worth asking them to nag her?

Kinsey - the cough absolutely racks your whole body, the GP was hitting me on the back to get a breathing rhythm back whilst shouting breathe at me simultaneously! Not sure what banging me on the back was all about! is worth looking at, it's on the symptoms page. I also tend to half black out by the end of the fit.

Karen - we're talking about putting the boys in together, the thought of the nursery no longer being so made my cry!

Camlo - interesting you've never heard the cough, I'm guessing that even though we're in a epidemic, most medics still haven't heard the cough. The GP I saw today is Indian so maybe has, as she was very confident in her diagnosis, the other GP I know is an ex pediatrician so possibly has too, she was the one banging me on the back! Hope you got the pressie sorted.

We've had a problem that Ted has wet the bed a couple times this week. I'm hoping it's just him being out of sorts with everything going on, it does freak the boys out. I kept him off today as he woke up coughing badly and was complaining of A bad tummy. typically by 8 am the cough had gone and he was bouncing off the walls by 9.30! Still, going to the doctors with mummy and doing nothing wasn't quite his plan. That said, they whisked him out, plyed him with cake and then he got chocolate fingers while I was having my blood test!
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