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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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07/02/2013 at 17:36
Ah yes, butt, stinky + fart are Camryn's favourite words just now, the joys!

She also makes up words a lot + I cringe when she says ones beginning with F, they often end up sounding too much like swear words.
07/02/2013 at 17:50

Oh yes TT, K is into the word 'fart' too   When I told him it wasn't a very nice word to use, he pranced round the room saying "fartfartfartfartfartfartfartfartfartfartfartfart...".  Apparently Darcy in his class says it, so it must be OK!

LOL at 'Butt hole' and 'pussy head'!!

RF, yes - if I wasn't marathon training I'd probably be wistfully envious of everyone who is (like last year when I ended up on the bench and had to pull out) but the reality is very different!  I think if the weather were to just warm up a bit and feel a bit more pleasant it would make it all so much more bearable.  Just praying there's no more snow headed our way!

07/02/2013 at 18:06
Aidan's most favourite word is Poo. He is such a boy. The more tired he is the worse he is for saying it as well so last night I heard it an awful lot!
07/02/2013 at 18:11
Vixo, one book for 2 weeks must be a bit dull. We get 1 on a Monday and its swapped for 2 on a Thursday, obviously the other extreme! Martha knows more than she thinks she does but we had a book about a guinea pug last week and every time the word guinea pig appeared she said Hamster. She mostly guesses and often gets it right from just looking at the picture.
07/02/2013 at 18:33
Hi all! I'm new to this thread as I am 6 weeks post birth tomorrow! i have a little boy called Oscar and was a regular marathon runner before the birth and ran to 32 weeks and swam up to the birth so was itching to get back into it. However when I tried to run yesterday I embarrassingly leaked. I never considered that a weak pelvic floor would stop me running.. My birth was straight forward but I ended up in surgery post after to manually remove the placenta and I think that's buggered up my downstairs. Or is this just normal? I did my pelvic floor excercises religiously pre birth and have been doing them lots post birth but obviously its not enough. So what I want to know Is did anyone else experience this post birth? How quick did u get back running and how quick did your pelvic floor recover...... If I can't start running again soon I may go mad!
07/02/2013 at 18:51

Yes boys do like to focus on poo don't they!!! And the farting obsession doesn't seem to abate with age really does it?

Current obsession seems to be saying sex for six at the moment, and then saying 'but it's not a naughty word' ... sigh

Vixo - yes please - I'd definitely be interested in that re the newspaper.

RF - that's a bugger re Craggy Island tri - I saw that listed in a freebie pull-out I got with another mag on outdoor fitness or trail running, can't remember which. Will have a look and see if it has anything else looking fab ... there is a well evil tri based around Torridon - Celtman - which looks awesome, but as I've said on this forum for years now, I really do need to master open swimming and front crawl, this might stir me to though as it does look awesome - the marathon to finish is over Benn Eighe

Welcome Lanky Liz - hmmm dodgy pelvic floors, we have had/have the whole spectrum on here.  I had a mild prolapse after both my deliveries, six weeks after arrival of no. 1 child and a week after no. 2 child. I had to stop running for 12 weeks both times and be seriously focussd on my PF and that did the job, pretty bomb-proof now (youngest nearly six) and lasts me through ultras the lot. Others have different experiences so see what they say. whilst i couldn't run I did loads of cycling - static bike and spinning classes which did great stuff for my fitness anyway.  Welcome aboard by the way, I have an 8-year-old son Joshua and a nearly 6-year-old madam called Scarlett

07/02/2013 at 18:53

Running in the wind, not my favourite but I think I've toughened up a bit since I've moved North!! and don't find quite as hideous as I used to, mainly cos the days without a stiff breeze coming from East or West are few and far between. Sometimes I find it wierd when the wind isn't blowing and I have nothing to lean into/blow me along!! Makes for telling splits sometimes though.

07/02/2013 at 19:24
Hi Liz, I have 3 under 5 and my pelvic floor isn't perfect but its coughing that stresses mine. I would do as many of exercises as you can and it will improve.
When you have your check with the gp they might be able to help. Congrats on the birth of your son!
07/02/2013 at 19:31
CC - it's called First News. I think you can buy it at some supermarkets, or get a subscription.

Kinsey - that's just the reading scheme book. We get it home on a Friday and it goes back the following Wednesday. We also get a school library book once a week, but most of the reading we do is from books we have at home or ones we get from the public library. I've just got her a couple of longer books for us to read to her - Enid blyton, and The Worst Witch, which I remember reading as a child!
07/02/2013 at 19:33
Thanks all. It's nice to hear that it can recover. I will just have to keep on with the excercises and learn to be patient (not easy for me!)
07/02/2013 at 19:44
Oh CC- dont tell anyone but my ultimate aim in life before my bones n joints start creaking is to become an iron(wom)an! And the celtman is so the only way to go! Toughest one I reckon its in my future plans...............hopefully. There is as u said just the small matter of open water swimming first!!! This year goal is to venture into the unknown loch waters! What do ya reckon,2015???????
Just did a wee 3 miles, nae much and wouldn't have put much of a dent in the large bag of mini eggs I consumed today )) I do like running in the dark.
Hubby just gone out on the bike! How dare him start cycling also, LOL!!!!!
Welcome Liz
07/02/2013 at 19:50
I have "be iron fit" by Don Fink on my kindle !!!!!!!!!!!
07/02/2013 at 19:51

Kinsey/Vixo, we get two school reading scheme books a week (one on Tuesday and as long as you've written in the reading record, a second on Friday.  Also a school library book on a Friday which is changed once a week and is the same reading level as the child's reading scheme book.  I also get a lot of books from the public library, although I'm starting to find that K is too old for most of the picture story books but too young for the 'older children' books.  I might start reading some Roald Dahl to him, I think he'd enjoy it.

Welcome Lanky Liz, I have one almost-six-year old called Kit.  Can't comment on the pelvic floor thing as he was born by emergency C-section once they discovered (5 hours into labour) that he was breach.  Pregnancy didn't seem to do any damage whatsoever to my pelvic floor (I did my exercises religiously on the tube to and from work!) so thankfully leakage has never been an issue for me.  Many here have had problems though but few have been long-term so there is light at the end of the tunnel!  Congratulations on your little boy - enjoy these precious early days as before you know it he will be almost 6 and you'll wonder where that time went!

07/02/2013 at 20:16
Hi LankyLiz - sympathy from me, I have 3 boys, eldest was normal delivery but left me with dreadful pelvic floor, 2nd was c-section but last was ventouse so pelvic floor completely knackered again. Now youngest is 4 and I still cross my legs to cough or sneeze! For races or off road work with jumping involved I use a mooncup which does seem to help a bit. 6 weeks is very early to be running again and esp if you are breast feeding, hormones will be making things very slack.
Boo to windy runs, feeling demoralised, having to stick to schedules, road works, lack of cash and wardrobe malfunctions
Yippee to ironman planning.... (don't tell anyone but I would love to join the club), newspapers for kids and errrr, um can't remember any other good stuff!!
We get 2 books at a time changed 2 or 3 times per week and hopefully 5 for half term!
Went to give blood and only just scraped through the drop test, got prepped and nurse missed the vein completely so after several attempts, vein collapsed and they got nowt! Did 6.1 miles in 51 mins which I was chuffed with and kids bedded by 7pm. Hair appt tomorrow - am seriously thinking of doing a TT / CM.....
07/02/2013 at 20:18
Go on go on go onCamlo, get it chopped!!!
07/02/2013 at 20:20

OK RF ... 2015 then!!!  You sound a step ahead of me in that you can do the front crawl, so maybe I should finally pull my finger out again and stop being feeble about it - that Celtman has got me a bit fixated for sure!!  They had a bit of it on the Adventure Show a while back too.  So if I get my ar*e in gear re learning to swim properly, then we both have to give open water swimming a go this spring/summer/autumn?

We get two books home on a Weds that are the same reading level, that we keep for a whole week. We also have a blue notebook that comes home each week with lists of words in it that the kids have to practice - some being the words you just have to learn, rather than sound out. Plus we get a story book but that is not of same reading level. 

Our library has just got in some decent early readers, proper first step stuff - otherwise it was Horrid Henry or similar which IS early reader but no good for those just getting on the rung.  Dr Zeuss has a selection of shorter stories that are a step up from the Cat in the Hat (my all time favourite story that though).  J also used to love Astrosaurs by Steve Cole when he was a wee bit older than Kit. Trying to think what else he's been into - sounds like Kit is similar to him in that respect.

Mine absolutely adore having poetry read to them too if you need a change of tack.  Even though J is a fabulous reader he still loves having stories read to him, and I spend half my life reading stories with the amount of time I have to hang around killing time with S while I wait for J

07/02/2013 at 20:21

x-posts Camlo

... and a CC - mine was lopped too

Come and join the Celtman 2015 club Camlo

eek to veins and giving blood. Been too long since I last did it, always used to be a nightmare my low blood pressure meant blood came out re-a-l-l-y slowly so I used to have to go for a brisk walk first and pump my hand a lot, could feel it flowing out - euch!

Edited: 07/02/2013 at 20:23
07/02/2013 at 20:23
Hahaha I read the go on go on go on and thought you were going to egg me into the ironman!!!!
Good idea I heard yesterday for clubs to organise
Day 1 morning 5k, afternoon 10k
Day 2 morning half mara, afternoon 1 mile
Added together gives a marathon!
07/02/2013 at 20:24

I am

07/02/2013 at 20:42

LOVE The Cat in the Hat CC, Kit does too.  In fact he just loves having rhyming books read aloud to him, and I've just started reading some poetry to him (a favourite old book of mine called I Like This Poem, published for the International Year of the Child in 1979!  It's a book of poems chosen for children by children and it's divided into sections for each age group - although obviously much is suitable for any age).  I'm not keen on Horrid Henry but will check out some of the other suggestions.  K kis quite into non-fiction books as well - he brought home one about mummies the other week (the Egyptian kind!) and it prompted an internet search for information about Tutenkhamun and the Mummy's Curse which he found very interesting.

Wind has dropped a bit here, yippee - but supposed to be back for Sunday (just in time for long run), boo!

Go on Camlo, chop, chop, chop ... and yes, you know you want to go for an Ironman (mad woman!!)

I am too light to give blood, went along once and was turned away.  Oh well, if my blood isn't good enough ...

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