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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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08/02/2013 at 10:10
I'd move out! We did the new kitchen thing when isabelle was about 2.5 and it was hard work - but we did have heating! You can actually get some pretty decent stuff to microwave, but it does get boring, and expensive. Oh yes, and washing up in the bath gets old very very fast!

Does anyone have any suggestions for good warm gloves for small people? E seems to get very cold hands, and we spend a fair amount of time outdoors - the school run, bike rides etc, and yesterday when I took her to a nearby wildlife park she ended up crying her hands were so cold. I think I need to get her some tiny knitted gloves so she can keep them on when she's playing, and then some warm thick mittens to bung on over the top when she's happy to sit in the pushchair to keep her warm. Off to google now, but any thoughts welcome!
08/02/2013 at 10:26

Mine would never keep anything on their hands despite having frozen fingers. When I could get stuff on that is what I'd do - cheapy gloves (those one size fits all packs you can get in Tesco and the like) and then some waterproof mits to bung over the top - with the obligatory elastic to stop them losing them. In fact just about to sew elastic on the ski mits - go J some fab ones in the Tiso sale for £8 but with a retail cost of £20 we are not losing those off a chair lift!!

We had no heating when I was 7+ months with S and J in tow. Had one bedroom that used to catch the afternoon sun and get quite cosy so would camp out up there. Layers, hot water bottles, electric heaters are good for heating a small room - do that here in the computer room during the day if hubby working from home. Saves putting on the heating for the whole house.  I did eventually decamp to my parents for a week then as well.

Am actually feeling quite fired up about mixing up the training a bit - I always am when injured!  But am absolutely going to get down the swimming pool when we get back from skiing and start working on the swimming, biking will come anyway and will fingers crossed be building back up the running. That race is really calling me!!!  

Right, really need to get back to the packing ... collecting kids from school at 2.30 then across to Inverness airport, fly to Gatwick and meet hubby, night in hotel then Gatwick to Grenoble tomorrow then coach to La Plagne. Phew.  So looking forward to a sleepless night tonight - four of us in one room. Kids are sooooo excited though after seeing pictures of how much snow is out there. J's face was an absolute picture. So even though I have been stressing about trying to remember everything, their excitement is definitely contagious

08/02/2013 at 10:26

Oh and good luck Kinsey with getting out for a run - some really evil stuff around. Chatting to a friend this morning in Tescos who's friend is a dr who basically said recovery from current viruses is about 10 weeks 

08/02/2013 at 10:58

my god - 10 weeks. i am about at that point now. cough is still very much there, but the inhaler helps when i start wheezing. i have actually started taking the antibiotics now - put it off for a week but the cough is as bad as ever so i am now taking them as i don't have the kids till monday so if i start vomming, it will not be so bad. all ok so far

am going for a swim at lunchtime. won't have time for a mile i don't think - will have to see how busy it is!

gloves - cheapy ones from tesco. the ones you get for a pound - or is it 2 pairs for a pound? i just put those on E. she likes to wear odd ones. obviously...

08/02/2013 at 11:18
Hahahaha Camlo- I'm normally running away from the kids also but there's been a lot of buggy runs lately as couldn't face going out at night ( just wanted to get to bed!) so no peace, just lots of whining n stopping to give said child snacks or attention! I also have little patience!
Brrrrrrrrrrr to no heating by'eck. Go out lots I would say!!!!
Tange- what marathon you doing again??? Think we're similar in speed!
Kinsey- about time you felt a bit better. Are u moving far?
Rubbish sleep last night as M awake loads= knackered today. Have running stuff on & did wash face n brush teeth but have been doing washing, hoovering, tidying etc n thought a better play dough for a wee while with M!!
Will try and go out soon with trailer.
Girls swimming lessons this afternoon, joy.
On hols now as schools of next week
08/02/2013 at 11:22
Have a fabby time CC, sure u all will
Can so see u doing the celtman but visualising me doing it is a slightly different story!!!!! Ha ha
08/02/2013 at 11:53

ooh yes, meant to ask where you were moving too Kinsey?

Hope you get out soon RF - is nice here at the moment.

Hope the antibiotics are useful CM and you don't vom . Question for you - how are your eyes now after the laser op? Was talking to friend this morning (big gossip session in Tesco's with friends in the 'beauty isle' - ha), she is -7.50 with some astigmatism and would love to have them lasered ... I know you were similar to me I think (I am -8) but couldn't remember how it all panned out in the end ...

Big heap of stuff on lounge floor so time to start making it fit in the two bags I am taking!

08/02/2013 at 11:57
Welcome LankyLiz and by'eck. I'm the other TT. Moved out to Florida about 3 1/2 years ago when pregnant with oldest, Max, and have a 1 week old, Oscar. Stopped running a long time ago in this pregnancy, I think I was carrying O very low and was uncomfortable for a long time. Was never as keen a runner as most on here, have had my moments when I ran more but generally only 8 or 9 miles a week.

CM, hope the ABs don't make you sick, also hope they make you better!!

Tt, how's the boy you mind now? Is he completely recovered?

Had good night with O last night. Late feed around 11:00 then bed. He went to about 2, fed then back to bed about 3 then awake again about 6:15 which I sort of class as morning! For some reason Max has been coming in to us during the night too the last couple of nights. The first might he did it he just snuck into our bed ninja style without saying anything. Usually when he comes in during the night he'll say something like 'my really hungry' or the like. He didn't say anything again last night, just came in. Mr TT took him and they slept in spare room. No sign of either of them yet (6:50).

One of my friends is throwing a 'sprinkle' for me and another friend on Sunday (scaled down baby shower as we both already have kids). The other one was due to be 5 weeks older than O but turned out to only be 2 weeks between them. Hoping people buy nappies, wipes and other similar useful stuff as we have soooo many clothes and other stuff already. Mr TT commented that O has more seats than us already!

Have good weekend all and keep warm.
08/02/2013 at 12:01
Oh yes, I meant to say, CC, have a fab time skiing. Only been once when I was 17 but l loved it. Bet you and your kids are pretty good so should be a lot of fun.

And yee-ha to an Iron Man. I'd happily live vicariously through you ladies if you go for that
08/02/2013 at 12:10

yes, it will be no heating and no kitchen

I must confess that we have never been on holiday since having moo.  Its too much work given everything he needs food wise and I just cant face the hassle of packing and unpacking and paying for the 'pleasure'.

Forgive my ignorance, but how does a mooncup help/work?

08/02/2013 at 12:47
Mooncup just puts a little bit of pressure on the right bits, makes things sit right I am guessing, and therefore prevents leaks.

RF- doing the Strathearn marathon in Comrie.

TT- D is doing fantastic, he is back at football training + doing fine at school. Still has some issues with change in taste part of his brain which affects his appetite so not quite managed to gain back all the weight he lost + he is getting help with memory issues, has problems remembering more than 1 thing at a time. But all considered he has made a remarkable recovery from such a serious head injury and his poor parents have learned to let go a bit more too. Initially they were scared to let him out, understandably so, but he's 14 he needs to go out with his friends. Led to a lot of falling out as he was so frustrated at not having his freedom as well as frustrated at having to build himself back up physically + he never went through the agony of seeing himself in a coma or recovering from brain surgery or the trauma of nearly losing him, so was hard for him to understand where his parents were coming from. But it is all ok now, they are getting on with it and doing well.
08/02/2013 at 13:55

Jeez you lot have been chatting, struggling to catch up!

CC - Have a brilliant hol, sure you will. I am so envious. Looking forward to seeing some lovely piccies! We get that First News for the kids, they seem to like it. Our local shop stocks it.

Minks - good to hear from you. Just keep the faith and it will all come together on the day.(likewise MM). And yes, sure we have heard you say no more marathons before!

Welcome to LankyLiz and by eck. I have 6 kids ages 12, 11, 9, 7 and almost 5 year old twin boys. Also like the longer stuff, currently training for a 100k race next month and putting in too many miles!

I would like to do an ironman one day too. Always thought I would but at the moment I am too focussed on running to give up any run time for other training so can't see it happening yet, but maybe in the future when the twins are at school ... oh they are in August .

Been getting plenty of miles in this week. Have had a bit of a wobble this week worrying that I am not making the most of my training. I don't do training plans. Not sure if that is good or bad but works ok for me. I basically try to do two speed sessions a week(one track and one on the roads usually tempo or marathon paced) and a long run and then fit in as many miles as I can where I can otherwise. I think my worry is that I tend to just pick my hard sessions from mid air and they don't follow a progression or have any scientific thought behind them. I like reading about running up to a point but when I try to understand the sciency stuff I fall asleep! Sort of wishing I was doing a marathon in a few weeks as I feel ready for one! Don't think I will ever feel ready for this 100k!

08/02/2013 at 13:56

cc - haven't had to be re-lasered and vision is good and stable. went back for my 1 year check and they were really pleased. there still seem to be some days where it's better than others but i never find myself struggling to see things and i don't get all the glare i used to have at night either. so all in all, it's been a success. just  been swimming again - haven't done much swimming for myself since i had the op. it is brilliant being able to see properly. i had prescription goggles before but they didn't make them strong enough for my prescription (-10 and -9) so it was all a bit blurry.

did 2km today in the pool. it was lunchtime lanes and a big difference from weds night when it was full of people d1cking around! everyone was swimming today and that makes a big difference!

and yes, mooncup / tampon means your muscles have to contract slightly as they grip it (i think) and that helps with the leakages. fortunately i don't suffer, although recently with all the coughing i've been doing, there have been a few occasions where it's been pretty close!!

08/02/2013 at 14:26

Struggling to keep up too!  Welcome LankyLiz and By'eck.  I've got Sophie who's 4.5 and Nicky who's 2.5yrs.  I got a free DVD (recommended by Caro I think??) called Pelvicore technique I think though admittedly only bothered to do it once - I can post it to you if you want it?  Otherwise just religiously do your pelvic floor exercises and over time I found the strength did come back, though I still can't do exercise if I even slightly need a wee!  Not sure anything would leak but I don't dare risk it 

Managed to avoid a big row with my sister over the gay marriage thing (luckily not TOTM for me ) but now she thinks her boyfriend isn't a real Christian.  I do worry about her - she's so fanatically religious I just don't think any man is going to live up to her standards, but then she's also very needy and vulnerable underneath so needs a man to lean on.  She's 35 now and is still adamant she's going to marry and have kids one day but I do worry it might never happen for her.

Did Cardio Blast (aka Body Attack) followed by pilates last night and I ache today!

CC - pilates advice please!  It's obvious when I do pilates, and I've suspected it for a while, that my right hip is not nearly as strong as my left, and I get mild pains down that leg into my knee when I drive or after I've been running (more stiffness than pain after running).  Are single leg squats the best exercise to do?  We were doing kneeling on all fours putting one arm and one leg out then bending the arm and the leg last night (if that makes sense) and I was so wobbly on that side!

08/02/2013 at 16:49
RF- think ur a little bit faster than me, fastest run I have managed recently is 3miles at 9:47mM, most of my runs r between 10 + 11ish mM. Training plan I am about to start is for sub 4:30 +has me doing 8 wks with an interval run then changes to tempo run. At moment I am running my recovery runs + LSR just that little bit too fast, so trying to slow them dwn. 1st interval run is next Wed (wibble) 6x 400m. However Strathearn is a very hilly marathon I believe so not sure if capable of under 4:30 on that route. Generally I run hilly runs better than flatish runs, in training. But not sure if that would b the case over marathon distance. Where I live is incredibly hilly mind so all my runs are hilly, I live at the top of a big hill so no choice, every run over 3miles involves a lot of dwnhill at the start and a lot of uphill on tired legs at the end. Plus I am a stubborn git, cannot stop until I get to the top, even if I want to, my legs just keep going. So fingers crossed I am pleasantly surprised + reach my target, they have cakes at the end so that should spur me on and won't have to endure being squashed onto a train like sardines with lots of sweaty spewing runners til I faint like last yr at EMF. Altho I plan to get my entry in early for EMF 2014 + this time I will b lingering around at the finish line area until the trains are a bit quieter.
08/02/2013 at 17:02

TT I used to always try to find flat races as I thought that would give me a better chance of PB but given that all my training routes (apart from the track!) are hilly I have come to the conclusion that that isn't the case as I have run equally good times on hillier courses. Flat marathons seem to trash my legs more than undulating ones so I guess there is a big aspect of what you are used to.

JG - glad you avoided a fall out with sister. I think most folk have strong/weak side but yes it would be good to find out from our pilates expert how to strengthen and lessen the difference.

So first sitting of tea done for the twins, Reece, Emily, Dylan and nephew Jay and they (minus the twins) have been collected by a friend as it is her turn to do the athletics then on to youth club run. Now to make for the second tea for Sophie and the three friends she has over for tea before I take them to youth club. Then I give up! and hubby, my sister and I are cheating with chinese takeaway before the youth club collection begins. Its really annoying because the younger ones finish at 8.30 but the older ones stay on until 9.30. Bloody inconvenient not just having to do two runs but worse means no wine with tea!

Edited: 08/02/2013 at 17:08
08/02/2013 at 17:15
True lotte, also think if doing hilly runs u use muscles slightly differently throughout the run + it kind of gives them a rest but if on the flat the whole time it fatigues the muscles very quickly.

That is a b*gg*r about all the running about + no wine, altho I am sure I would manage to open a bottle at 10pm.

Need to start doing my single leg squats again too.
08/02/2013 at 20:14

I have a similar run Tangy. yesterdays run was 3.5 miles, with a total climb on 900ft.  Ouch! I'm having a rest day today, despite it being my one day free of moo.  I needed to cook for him in preparation for the kitchen being out of action, and catch up on sleep. I didn't intend to sleep.  I sat on the sofa with my book and kinda realised I hadn't read much 4 hours later

Lotte, how do you manage to juggle so many drop off and collections, and be in the right place?  I find it hard enough trying to do after school club and nursery within 15 minutes.



09/02/2013 at 07:51

Do you know by 'eck sometimes I wonder myself how I manage it! Today is a bit nuts, I've done a 6 mile run first thing (sitting here with brekkie!) then the older three have an inter club swimming comp this morning so I have to be there (20 miles away) for 9.30. I will take all the kids because hubby coaches athletics this morning. The comp should finish about 12 noon then I have to zoom the 6 miles into town to put Sophie to her street dance group (which starts at 12), then quick lunch with friends, then have Emily and Reece back to where the swimming was for 2.30 for their gymnastics, then take Dylan back into town for his football development training at 3pm. At whcih point I am hoping hubby will meet me to take the twins home so that I can do a track session before heading back out to pick up Emily and Reece at 4.45pm and then back into town again for Dylan at 5pm. At some point Sophie will also phone needing picked up or she can walk over and meet me at the track. Then 20 miles drive home. Phew .I will SO be needing that bottle of red tonight!

Anyway better get on, bags to pack and all that. Hope everyone has good weekends.

09/02/2013 at 09:06
We have to go shopping for tiles and flooring for the new kitchen. I've narrowed it down so it's not too traumatic. Kids and shopping don't go very well together
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