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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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14/10/2013 at 20:38

Disturbed night here too! M got woken by noisy rain at about midnight and then was wide awake so spent the next hour or so calling out for various things. I am now tired and VERY GRUMPY!! Also feeling like a bad mummy as we had several battles this morning - hair ties, teeth etc and then when I left her at daycare she cried and cried and clung like a limpet which is so unlike her! Not sure if it was tiredness or she is still feeling a bit insecure with me having been away. Hope its not that because I will be making it worse next week with another 3 full days away - sigh! After that only 1 more trip until at least Feb but its 4 days so neither Matilda or hubby will be particularly pleased.

I'm hopefully ordering my orthotics this week. I must admit to having lost all motivation with exercises etc when the specialist said that I can maintain things with exercises etc but won't fix anything without correcting my foot problems. Could do with a walk but we are building an ark here at the moment to handle the incessant rain!

Sorry another me me post!! Will shake this gloom soon I'm sure!


14/10/2013 at 21:42

Minks was pacing her friend to sub 50 which they achieved so were pleased

Camlo    pirate
14/10/2013 at 23:18

Very quick post to say I am home, stopped by my nans on the way back to give her a hug too! 

Caro -we are defo going back to gran canaria,  went with Thomas cook to parque cristobal in playa del ingles. All the accomodation was little bungalows and food was good, hardly left there and because it was all inclusive we spent less than £200 all week! Kids had a blast with the pools and wacky entertainment team. Unfortunately I didn't try the gym (cba'd) but the pool was quiet enough to do 20 lengths if you felt inclined (I did twice...) 

Yippee to new baby Isaac and new car Tatty. 

15/10/2013 at 10:53

sounds like a fab hols, camlo and glad you've seen your nan.

i am struggling v badly at the moment, so have told my boss today that i will do a handover for the next 2 days and then i'm going to take some time off sick to try and get myself sorted. i have booked an appt with my counsellor and i'm also going to try and speak to the employee assistance people - they aren't union folk but can help with employment issues (which i have loads of at the moment). i can't stop crying and i am so fed up all the time, apart from when i have my arms wrapped round my kids. kids are getting lots of hugs at the moment - i think J is getting a bit bored of them.

i actually got an interview for a job in cardiff for tomorrow but i have had to turn it down because i'm in such a state that i can't begin to imagine how i would attend an interview and actually sell myself. even the thought of trying to find the building is too much for me at the moment.

15/10/2013 at 12:35

Just popping in to say hi to Caro - good to see you again on Sunday.  I enjoyed the race despite the dreadful conditions - the towpath really was one giant puddle!  Initially I tried to run one side or the other but soon gave up and went through the middle; figured my feet were wet anyway so what the hell!  I definitely wouldn't have beaten you even if I'd been racing - my 10K PB is 43:34 but I was MUCH younger then!  I'd probably manage 44:30-ish now I reckon.

Anyway, paced my friend to a sub-50 in his first-ever 10K so he was really chuffed and I had a short-lived warm feeling inside until I discovered that 45 minutes would have given me a 1st in age category prize - I have run a few times with the winner of that prize and she couldn't wait to rub my nose in it

Well done Matilda on the fun run - Kit didn't do it (hubby wasn't keen on him running as far as a mile; he thinks it's too far at this age which I don't really agree with but CBA to argue).  I think everyone who ran on Sunday thoroughly deserved their medals - I just wish they would do race t-shirts in women's sizes when they give them out as part of the goody bag.  I can never wear them as even XS drowns me!

(((CM))) Sounds like you're in a bad place right now.  Hope you can get the help and support you need.

[Waves to everyone else] - Hello all; I do read regularly but seldom have time to post.  Congrats to Brookie on baby Isaac; can't be long for you now, TattyB?  Hoggle, hope you feel more positive - so frustrating when you feel you're not making progress or not making it fast enough.

Camlo, glad you enjoyed hols!

15/10/2013 at 13:26

Just seen the results Minks and M's time was 07.59 so it definitely wasn't a mile!  I also thought there was no way it was a mile when they did it but I wasn't timing.  It was 1 lap of a XC wood chip outer track they had which goes all the way round the edge and then only 1 lap of the track.  Poor kid - I made walk/run a whole mile a few wks ago just to see if she could before entering her for the fun run.  I certainly wouldn't have her do more than that at this age, and the emphasis has to be fun.  The age range was 5-11 and she was the only 5 yr old.

My official time was 43.15, over a minute ahead of the 3rd lady, BUT 1st lady was 38.42 so not surprising I never laid eyes on her!

CM - hope some time off helps you sort things out.  Same about the job interview but like you say no point causing yourself added stress at the moment.  Hugs. 


15/10/2013 at 18:16

Hi Camlo, glad you had a lovely time.  Rather randomly we've decided to hire a cottage in Norfolk for a wk instead of Gran Canaria.......cheaper and less stressful as far as I'm concerned.  Then we can still have a nice 2 wks in France in the summer without be worrying that we've already blown the holiday budget fo the yr.

15/10/2013 at 22:13

Belated birthday wishes to aidan. 

Hugs to cm 

massive well done again to caro (lol iPhone changed you to avocado) 

hi minks

welcome back camlo. 

Waves to everyone

we've been tidying for valuer coming today for remortgage purposes. I don't have much confidence in him as he told me the market is flat and yet the news today says prices at record high. Plus the 2 houses which have sold in our street in the last year have sold in days. Hmmmmm. 


15/10/2013 at 22:14

How's max tt? 

16/10/2013 at 00:18

Oh CM, huge hugs from here. Please don't forget that you are an awesome mum, don't let all the crap get on top of you. You have some great friends (by the look of Facebook), I hope that you can lean on them. 

Max is still not good EF but thanks for asking. He had a terrible night last night with a bad throat, awful cough and a fever (didn't have a thermometer but he was burning up). He said he was better today and he couldn't have made us prouder earlier when he had a golf lesson in front of about 40 people. He behaved beautifully and hit some great golf shots. Everyone kept coming up afterwards and congratulating him. I was bursting with pride. 

We got back about an hour ago and Max is not quite himself but not complaining at all but he has a high temp 102F, don't know what that is in C. He's so robust!  Tried to find an after hours walkin centre but no joy so just dosing him up and getting him into bed early. 

Camlo, glad you had a good holiday, how is your nan now?

16/10/2013 at 06:50

well done Max.  Hope he's better today.

16/10/2013 at 11:07

Hope Max is feeling better today tt, he really is a trouper though and you must be a very proud mummy!

long time no post from me. General slackness, no excuses really! I tend to read before bed then too tired to actually post anything intelligible!

Great running Caro!! And grrr to just missing your age group win Minks but fantastic to pace someone to a sub 50 first 10k! I'm doing a 10k race in Richmond park on Saturday. My running and knees had been holding up so I entered it, but immediately got nasty knee pain which physio reckons is just overuse not my itb problem, slightly annoyed as she told me to up the running and now said I upped it too much and was running fast down hills too much, I live 'on thames' so if its too hilly here I'm really in trouble! Anyway, am rolling lots, not running over an hr at a time and doing my lovely beginners pilates once a week (CC - I am a pilates convert! Annoying everyone by talking about their posture ) so will do the race and not expect any sort of pb.

Camlo- I went to playa del ingles! But I was 19 and it was one of those holidays you see featured on bbc 3 "teenagers abroad, sun, sex and alcohol" so my memories of the place are decidedly not family friendly . I am most definitely tempted by some winter sun though. Hope your nan ok.

Tb- hope hubby not suffering post op! Was it a nose job then?!

Hoggle- hope you've had more sleep and keep motivated on the exercises!! It'll be worth it in the end. Matilda looks so cute on fb.

Happy birthday to Aidan for yesterday! They are all growing up fast.

Also haven't said congrats to Brookie on our newest arrival! Hope to hear from you soon, love the name too.

CM- sorry to hear your struggling (()). Definitely think the counsellor is a good idea. Keep talking on here too, we're all reading and good listeners.

And lol to avocado EF . Hope the valuation was good!

16/10/2013 at 11:19

Hi, I've posted this elsewhere but not had much response and it might have more relevance on here, does anyone have experience of running when pregnant after having a previous premature labour?

My first child was born 9 weeks early. I ran 20 miles a week up to two weeks before she arrived and when she was born the doctors commented on how big, fit and well she was and said it was probably due to how fit and healthy I was.

I'm currently running 40 miles a week at the moment (still early pregnancy) with a half scheduled for 4 weeks time. I've changed my aim to enjoy it rather than concentrate on a time.

As I am now at a greater risk of another premature birth should I continue with my running for as long as possible (due to the health benefits) or stop all together? My doctors are being really vague and not giving me any help, other than saying its better for the baby if I'm fit and healthy...Thanks

16/10/2013 at 11:46

Hi SJJ, I don't have any experience of early babies but it sounds like your doctors don't think running was a reason for your previous early delivery?  I would keep it up at an easy pace if I were you unless anything feels uncomfortable.  Bit vague too, sorry!

16/10/2013 at 13:04

Sonya my couin's doing that 10k.  She ran her 1st ever a few wks ago and loved it so much she immediately signed up for another.

SSJ - sorry, no help really but as far as I'm aware running isn't likely to cause premature birth in itself, but if you are higher risk because of a previous one then prob better be extra cautious.  I ran through both my pregnancies, and walked when I could run no more.

16/10/2013 at 13:36

Caro- if your cousin is anything like you she'll be way in front of me!

SJJ- no experience of premature birth either but you should just do what you're comfortable with. I would say that my pelvic floor suffered more the second time round so I just cross-trained from about 20wks, also had groin pain and suspect some of my post birth running issues were due to not listening to my body and stopping running earlier!

16/10/2013 at 14:03

New runner Sonya, and has lost about 1/2 her body wt since she started running.  She was extremely over wt so I am absolutely amazed at how well she is doing.....she has her sights set on a couple of halves next yr so I hope she doesn't lose the momentum she's got going.

16/10/2013 at 14:23

Well done Caro and Minks (and Matilda!).  Sophie did a 1k fun run aged 4 last year but I haven't bothered with any more since as she hasn't really asked or anything.  If the minimum age is 5 then it should be fine for that age, I say.

SJJ - no premature birth here either, but I wouldn't have thought the running caused it.  I went for a run one morning and started bleeding later that day, then a couple of weeks later (after continuous spotting) discovered there was just an empty sac.  HOWEVER, the midwife said the run would not have caused the bleeding.    I also know a fitness instructor who has 3 kids, 2 of which were premature and she does loads of exercise, but personally I wouldn't have said the 2 were linked.  I think doctors are cautious and stuck in the middle between encouraging you to stay active and being blamed for causing a premature birth .  Keep going at a steady pace, don't overdo it and listen to your body, I reckon.

Ugh, horrible weather here now, just in time for the school run! Might put a jumper on under my waterproof...!

16/10/2013 at 15:21

thanks guys.... I'm seeing another specialist in a few weeks so I'll keep running until at least then and see what she says. Its so difficult to get the balance right being staying fit and healthy and being overly careful.

16/10/2013 at 21:13

Urrgghh, 24 hours stomach bug for me - yuck! Feeling better after a day off yesterday where I mostly slept. Keeping fingers crossed that hubby and Matilda don't get it!!!

CM - big hugs to you and also well done for taking some time off work to sort yourself out. Work can always wait - you are far more important! I hope the counselling session helps.

Man I am so unfit its embarrassing! I think I am the unfittest I've been in my life - sigh!! I need to start doing some longer walks to build up strength in my leg (the one with nerve damage) so that I can start thinking about running. The specialist said in a flippant manner once you get your orthotics you will be great, obviously no marathon running but life as usual - she looked a bit taken aback when I looked so gutted! Apparently I should stick to about 25km a week. Ah well that's 25km more a week than I'm doing at the moment! I'm secretly hoping that I might improve more than that otherwise I will shift to triathlons!

Lots on in the next few days and have been badly neglecting work so best get on with it!



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