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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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10/02/2013 at 21:06

Have ordered E's c pox vacs from the pharmacy, he's booked to be given it next Tues 19th - his b day!  I am such a mean mummy........

He was sad again all afternoon and very red faced.  Poor mite.

Snow on the ground here, but doubt it'll last long.

10/02/2013 at 21:34
After everyone conspired against my running this weekend I finally managed to get out tonight. 9 miles in the dark and wet. My feet are a bit achey but I feel so much better!
Moo used to get horrendously constipated to the point I had to use suppositories to help him go. I used to used a lavender hand cream to rub his tummy and that seemed to help, along with warm baths.
10/02/2013 at 21:39
What is Moo's real name? My Matilda is Moo, but only to us and never in writing for some reason.
Edited: 10/02/2013 at 21:39
10/02/2013 at 22:01
Michael Frederick James Cahill (plus surname). His dad named him before I was conscious after the anaesthetic.
He gets called Michael or moo. It doesnt seem to confuse him cos he ignores us most of the time anyway
10/02/2013 at 22:21
That 's quite a mouthful he'll be glad of the nickname-it's easier to spell!
10/02/2013 at 23:53

Hello all Especially the dedicated hardcore who've been on this thread for the last four years! Just checking in to say hello. Its been a LONG time! ahem...22 months exactly. I just checked...shock. Last time I was on here, I changed my name from Tamsin to Bogbaby, i'd just done Kinder Downfall Fell Race and was deliberating over whether to go for baby number two! Well baby number two, Louis came along last February 2012, in fact he will be One next Saturday! So I have Jim aged 4 and Louis now. It took months (again) to get back into my running, but I restarted last August and ran a short beach race (Blyth Sands) in december and joined a new club (Wallsend Harriers) a few weeks ago. Well i say joined...Ive been twice! Seem like a nice bunch and very handy as they meet just round the corner from my house now. So ive managed 16 miles this week...nowt compared to the likes of Lotte and co, but i'm doing my best to get out four times a week. I'm looking for a race to enter and might have another crack at Kinder Downfall again in April although i'm not really fit enough, so lookig for a nice scenic (ideally not too hilly) half marathon somewhere...from about May onwards if anyones got any suggestions! I only really run for the views! I've never been very fast! In other news I had my BIG FAT HAIRY 40th birthday last September. That was a bit of a shock! But i'm over it now. It was good to run the Blyth Sands race which is a handicap and see the women in the 50+ age group looking younger than a lot of women my age! Must keep up the running.....i WILL live longer..AND look hotter!

Loads of love to all and any race suggestions scenic 10K - half marathons in the North of England...let me know!


11/02/2013 at 11:25
Congratulations on baby no 2 + the big 40 BB, there are quite a few of us on here a couple of yrs either side of 40. Mine was last Nov.

Was supposed to get up early yesterday + run 6 miles + couldn't b bothered, so my 1st missed run of the yr. Very disappointed with myself, was going so well. Anyway marathon training starts tomorrow so this should b interesting, my 1st marathon that will hopefully get to train properly for.
11/02/2013 at 11:52

Bloody snow here again.  Feels like everything is conspiring against my marathon training this year!  Poured down throughout yesterday's 16-miler but the wind was as bad as had been forecast so it was actually a more pleasant run than the 20 the previous Sunday.  My two lovely running buddies came with me as well, bless them - they have no need to run that far - which was a bonus.  16 miles in 2:10, bit slower than my last 16 but there were a couple of really muddy sections which required careful circumnavigating to the point of having to walk, so overall happy with that.  I felt strong right through and given the conditions it was adecent run.

Today's plans completely scuppered by the snow - wasn't expecting such a dumping given how wet it was yesterday; didn't think it would settle.  Just SO wet and slushy on the roads and pavements.  Might see what it's like by this evening - I can always put plastic bags over my socks before I put my trainers on, it's just not pleasant having freezing wet feet and I don't have any other shoes.  Just a short recovery run scheduled for today which I may be able to fit in later in the week.  10M scheduled for tomorrow so hope most of the snow has gone by then.

Scary when the car slides, Lotte - glad no damage done!  It was total gridlock on the school run this morning - I wish women in 4x4s would learn how to drive them.  One just sat in the middle of the road watching while I manoeuvred round her - thought those vehicles were designed to tackle difficult conditions, more so than my Seat anyway!

Tangy, don't worry about the missed run - you will be doing more than enough once the marathon schedule starts!  Good luck with the training.  Just hoping that will be it for the evil weather once this snow goes - it's been one thing after another in the 6 weeks since my schedule started!


11/02/2013 at 16:41
Was gorgeous sunny day here today, fab long run weather + it's my rest day
11/02/2013 at 17:53
I've been sorting out housework today. It's really boring and frustrating because I'm trying to clear and clean round Mr by ecks stuff. He isn't s tidy being at the best of times and work has been rather busy lately
11/02/2013 at 20:07

sorry to hear about all the poorlies. i have a poorly boy too. picked him up from his dad's this morning and he has been vomiting again. that's the last 2 weekends that he's spent at his dad's that he's ended up sick. now, call me paranoid, but the state of his dad's house is worrying me. it's fetid at the best of times, but a week after J had started the d+v last time, he still hadn't cleaned the toilet or the sink. i'm now paranoid that J has picked up something nasty from his dad's. took him to the GP today who agreed it wasn't right that he should be sick again so soon, so he has asked for a poo sample to send off so that they can see if there's anything that needs treating. this sounds bad but i'm kind of hoping it's some kind of nasty bug thing that is quite treatable by anti-biotics but then i can turn around to his dad and tell him to deep clean his house and keep it clean! i have asked him in the past to clean and he's said it's fine and no issue. and his bloody mother and girlfriend were there again this weekend, and i bet it's still as bad as it was when i last went in there. the same stains on the sink; the same gross, crusty towels hanging up.

anyway, poor J has laid on the sofa watching TV all day. E had a play with the girls next door for a while, but it's scuppered all our half term plans, including going to visit MM tomorrow. need to get it sorted, whatever it is.

sorry - me, me, me again.

on the plus side, i got a new shower installed, so i can now have a warm shower. woohoo! haven't had a warm shower since i moved in in may. over the summer, it was kind of tepid but since the temps have fallen, it's been cold at best. but now - woohoo!!!

11/02/2013 at 20:35

Oh, that is rubbish CM.  I bet J has been re-infected with the same viris because T never cleans the place.  If it's norovirus it's incredibly virulent and can survive on surfaces for up to 11 days I think - so if no cleaning has taken place then it's quite possible he could get it again.  Surprising that E hasn't gone down with it as well though?  You really need to be so vigilant with norovirus - thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces several times a day and definitely after any bout of vomiting/diarrhoea.  Really hope J feels better soon.

Hurrah to the new shower though - don't know how you've managed without!  I freak if someone turns on a tap downstairs when I'm in our shower as it immediately goes stone cold.  And I've come back from some of my long runs SO cold with the weather we've been having that without a hot shower I'd probably have hypothermia by now.  The last few times though I've walked in the door, freezing cold and/or soaking wet to find hubby is in the shower.  WTF?  I've been out since 7:30am and I don't get back until 10ish so why couldn't he have his shower somewhere between those two times??

No run today - too snowy first thing, then about 4" of slush everywhere all over the roads and pavements as it started to melt, now frozen so slippery.  Annoying.  After I've dropped Kit at school tomorrow I will check out my planned 10-mile route by driving round it - if it's too bad I will go to the pay-as-you-go gym up the road and do it on the treadmill - dull, dull, dull but maybe necessary.

11/02/2013 at 20:52
soooooo tired, kids gone to a spa with grandma for 3 days so I can cram work in. Just spoke to Tom who had done 34 lengths of the pool today. Not bad considering he was at the dr yesterday getting emergency steroids for asthma and he is only 5.
CM bleugh to more germs, no wonder you are cross! love the pics of E eating parrot cake!
Minks - do you find slush too slippy in offroaders? Not sure I can face a treadie for a long run.
ByEck - I hate housework too! Love your wee lads name, that's what I call a proper name.
Tangy - if I had time and sunshine I'd have said stuff it to the schedule! Hope you find it manageable when it ramps up and don't feel like a slave to it.
RF - good balance of bike-run again.
Sonia - big hugs to your spotty household.
bbbbbrrrrrrrrr don't know about anyone else but I'm freezing!
11/02/2013 at 21:55
oh forgot to say hi, congrats on baby and happy 40th BogBaby!!! no idea on a good half but anything local would be in my sights.
11/02/2013 at 23:21
Was tempted Camlo, but I already run 5 times a wk + sometimes twice on a Tues, so I try to b strict + keep Mon + Thurs no run days. Esp as previous shin injury is always niggling away in the background + about to kick off marathon training. Aforementioned shin injury put paid to 10wks of marathon training last yr.
12/02/2013 at 07:54
agree with not doing too much TT, very sensible. I am off to South Wales this morning with work so just thrown my kit in the car and if I finish in good time I may try and find a run with some sea air!! Slept like a baby with no kids here.
12/02/2013 at 14:47

hope we've been kind to you in south wales, camlo. chilly day today. just been outside with the coloured ice marbles we made. kids kicked them round, smashed them, and then J made a potion of them with rainwater, mud, moss, leaves, sticks. typical boy!

had the pleasure of bottling up J's poo this morning. omfg, how i boaked. no idea why really as thought i was immune to poo after 2x reusable nappies. suppose it's been a while, and there's something about poking and prodding it to get it into a narrow tube that makes you heave. E was asking me question and I was heaving, and she was saying 'pardon, Mummy. i don't understand what you are saying'.

she woke me up at midnight last night complaining of a sore neck. it's either a sore neck or sore ear every night she stays at mine, so i'm thinking it's her mattress.  she's in a cotbed still and the mattress was q cheap. so today i bit the bullet and we went and chose her a new single bed. yikes! last of the baby things is now going as i have sold all my reusable nappies on gumtree and now her cotbed will be going too... she has chosen a cream, metal framed-bed with swirly bits. really not my cup of tea, but i don't have to sleep in it!

she's off playing with the neighbour's grandkids again, while J and I chill out. we've been out lopping some of the bushes down a bit and now he's reading some of the library books we picked up this morning. his reading has come on a right treat suddenly - he's now reading everything and anything to himself, which is amazing given that at the end of reception, i wasn't even sure he could read anything and thought he was just guessing based on the shape of some of the words and the pictures!

12/02/2013 at 19:55
Hi bogbaby
Hope u got a run in Camlo.
Sensible Tangy, we need our rest days. Good luck with your marathon training. Your starting of on a good base.
Sitting with feet up, am knackered. Was wanting to go on turbo for a wee spin but too tired. Did 10 miles on bike in gym and 3 on treadmill this morning. Don't know why I feel so knackered. Hubby says I do too much exercise but I don't think I do. All I did yesterday exercise wise was yoga at night. Take a multi vitamin & good diet so shouldn't be lacking iron..........hmmmmmm.
It's quiet on here at the mo eh?!
Putting M to MIL in morning & taking 2 bigger girls & their friend to Inverness to a morning showing of 'return of the guardians'. I have never taken them to the cinema so quite excited! It's in 3D and was cheaper than normal as its the school hols. Think we'll go for pizza after. Their friend is the son of my friend that's leaving to go to NZ in 5 weeks still cannot believe they are leaving. He's then having a sleepover tomorrow night. That'll be a first also as the girls have never had anyone stay for a sleepover. They are all very hyper!!! The bag of popcorn, juice and sweets is all ready in the car
Mmmmmm to the poo sample CM, boke indeed. Sounds like he's feeling a bit better does it???
Made pancakes, not as good as my mums yesterday though!!
12/02/2013 at 19:55
South Wales always amazes me with the houses crammed into rows but a blimmin motorway running through them. One minute I am in desolate wilderness then surrounded by industrial plants - I was by port talbot, weird!
Got home and ran around the block to keep warm while the central heating kicked in. Hubby got home, saw me in running gear and asked was I coming or going so I said -going- and went to club!! Hoorah 6 by myself then another 5.5!
now I have to spend a few hours writing up work and hoping it doesn't snow too much overnight as another trek in the morning.
Hope everyone is OK - quiet today?
CM - I hope they gave you a blue pot with a 'scoop'? you only need a wee bit for them to smear on a plate!! Ice marbles look fab!
12/02/2013 at 19:57
cross post RF - good diet helps but even low levels of exercise can bash your iron esp if you are having heavy periods too.
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