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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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06/11/2013 at 15:42

Oh the after school club nightmare!! 

06/11/2013 at 20:22

Well ladies I have manage 3x 40 min walks this week. Seems pitiful but its the most exercise I've done in a week since Feb so I'm pleased and Matilda is loving going to daycare in the morning in the buggy. Hoping my new orthotics arrive in the next week or so too because I know this increase in exercise will start ramping up knee and hip issues soon!

Had a challenging night last night - Matilda took herself off to bed at 6pm and I thought great as I had book group at 7pm and had been worrying that she'd hear everyone and want to get up. Then at about 6.20 she woke up and cried, I went in and she vomited in her bed. This is the first time she has EVER vomited so not exactly well timed!! Hubby was out for the evening so I had to clean up (luckily fairly well contained) and got her back to bed before everyone arrived. Would have cancelled but most people would have been well on their way by the time I could have phoned. She stayed in bed and book group friends were non the wiser and we actually had a really fun night - I love my book group!!

Right, I have a ton of work to do and a big deadline tomorrow so best get off here. Hope everyone with colds is improving!


06/11/2013 at 21:45

Yeah think I will go back to the GP, my peak flow is always well well below what it should be, and before various people have put it down to my small frame, but I can still give a pretty good puff!  I do have one, I should give it a go and see.

I had Eric weighed yesterday just for fun, and he was 13.8 kg and on the 95th centile!  No wonder hubby and I have bad backs!

07/11/2013 at 13:14

black clouds

finally - 2 months after I first tried - nailed T down to schedule for xmas. Tried it by email, but oh no - spreadsheet required. my suggestion dismissed; his had him having both xmas day and boxing day (no way mate). and then his second suggestion had me having 3 nights; him having 6 nights; me having 3 nights. er no - I don't think so.

so we have finally agreed that actually he gets 8 nights (!!) but from the weds before they break up. he gets them therefore thru till 26th in the morning (but i see them 23 + 24 for things we have booked) and then i get them for 5 nights. he only has 5 'holiday' nights in his 8 nights which is why it has worked out like that.

means i only have one weekend in the whole of advent with the kids. this is sh1t. i love advent.

07/11/2013 at 17:32
Oh CM that's tough. Is it his 'turn' to have the kids most over Xmas?
I can totally see why the black clouds are looming. Perhaps you can plan loads of Christmas excitement in the lead up and then the kids will drive him mad with Xmas hysteria once they are with him. No real solutions but sending you a big hug ((()))
Worked til midnight last night - knackered now but made some good headway on stuff. I still have LOADS to do before manic 3 day trip next week though which is feeling a little daunting!
2 birthday parties this weekend though - one at the highly unhelpful time of 12pm (everyone going has 2 year olds who all nap around then but her daughter doesn't nap so she refused to change it when someone pointed it out - she one of the more challenging girls in my coffee group!).
08/11/2013 at 19:13

Ooh, quiet today.  Hope everyone is OK. 

CM, sorry to hear you are getting the raw deal once again.  Glad J was OK in the end, I was half expecting you to say he had come down with something a day or 2 later as his behavior was so odd.

Hoggle, that's a crazy party time, hopefully all the kids will melt down and she will learn her lesson (maybe not so great as you will be there too!).

Max has been waking up early this week, I'm guessing related to the clock going back, we only did ours last weekend.  The last 2 mornings he has appeared in our room fully dressed, I think it was 5:00 this morning, ugh!

We have a 2nd birthday party on Sunday morning, far more civilized time of 10:30, so we get to go to Toys R Us tomorrow to look for a gift.

We are launching a new product at work at the moment which is pretty exciting but also pretty stressful so no getting the best night's sleep anyway at the moment.  Only 3 weeks until we go away to Dominican Republic for a week though so looking forward to that and some holiday shopping this weekend, in fact might bunk off early today and nip to shops before collecting boys from nursery, far easier to shop without them....

Have great weekends everyone x

Camlo    pirate
09/11/2013 at 22:49

Oh CM, I can imagine how hard you will find it. Dont you normally share xmas day though? Glad J is back to his bubbly self. 

What are others buying for xmas? Have got boys a tesco hydl each - cant believe i have actually bought a tablet for a 5 yr old but no way could we got one for Tom and not Archie. Hope I can download a few apps then block it from the internet as NO WAY do i want him getting on line! Used tesco points so didnt have to hand over any cash (and i used my sisters points too!). 

Hoggle - just listened to your ted talk link about work/ home life balance. Wow, so true!  I think we all struggle to keep our balls in the air regardless of how much we work, how many kids we have, how much cash we have and how many miles we run. WHY? 

Caro -phew, big boy!! 

Good luck for the 100 Lotte, tut tut only 2nd lady despite it being a training run..... Are you sneaking in blue smarties at your checkpoints??? 

TT - what is your new product? 

JT - did you say if you were having another boy or did i dream that? 

Tatty - counting down!! Exciting!!!!! 

10/11/2013 at 00:47
Glad you liked it Canlo - I quite liked how we can just expect our work to provide work life balance we have to take ownership ourselves.

Well 2 birthday parties over and couldn't have been more different - one huge, too much food, kids not allowed to eat until a certain time (but food on display etc). We left after cake as I didn't fancy all sitting around watching a fairly spoilt child unwrap an enormous pile of presents!! Today's was laid back and the kids had a bal!

Gorgeous weather - fish and chips at the beach Fri night than lots of paddling pool time today!
10/11/2013 at 09:09

Cam was at a party like that a few wks ago, her whole class were 

there plus the birthday boys friends and family, so in excess of 40 kids, a mini zoo entertainer, tons of food and The party bag 

was actually a large gift bag with in excess of £10 worth of stuff in it (For 40 kids). I reckon there will b no other class birthday parties 

as no one else will want to compete with that. Some people have more 

money than sense. The birthday boy's brother was having a party the next wk too as their birthdays 

were only a day apart.

Camlo    pirate
10/11/2013 at 17:03

Jeez, that is some party...... 

Lidls have hooded running tops with a nice thumb hole to keep your hands warm too for £6.99. Bought it yesterday and wore this morning - fab! 

Did 8 miles and am proper pooped. Black clouds swirling too for no reason (well apart from all the normal crap and dilemmas).... Early night necessary i think! 

10/11/2013 at 19:52

Eesh that birthday party sounds grim to be honest.  Not a fan of huge parties for tots as that many presents makes me feel a bit ill.

martha has been invited to an outdoor Nerf gun party on dec 8th, think I might ring the company and see what they do if the weather is bad as they are only 5 and 6!

10/11/2013 at 22:37

Matilda has never opened presents in front of guests, and we have never been to a party where the birthday child has been allowed to.  Ugh.  Her last b day party was her biggest and I think we had 12 - more than enough!  I will never be doing a whole class thing! (although am more than happy for M to attend them if people want to invite her!)

Did lots of cycling today with her - well I ran and she cycled over 4 miles, then later on we all went for a walk and she did another 2.5.  She will sleep well tonight!



11/11/2013 at 07:42

I hate opening presents in front of people, can't think why 

anyone would deliberately put their child through that torture.

11/11/2013 at 13:32

I am very much done with the idea of birthday parties. especially now that J is going to be 8 next year, the parties seem to be longer and involve activities (cinema, mini golf et) and you have to supervise them all as their parents don't stay! fortunately J is quite select about his friends and is happy only to have a few. He wants a laser quest party next year. E, on the other hand, is a social butterfly and probably wants the entire infants school to come to hers.

I have started my citalopram, and now I am not sleeping. I wake up usually about 3 hours after going to bed and that's it for the night. I am consequently utterly exhausted. still signed off (until 21st) so took myself back to bed this morning once I had done the school run and dozed for an hour. felt very guilty but actually I am off sick, so what the hell.

J is exhausted too. not sure if he is just run down or if it is all too much for him at the moment. E brought her first school reading book home on Friday and read it to me. amazing how they pick it up really! it was hilarious though - she had the line 'Fat Cat is looking at the bird, too'. so she read up to 'looking' and then paused. I could see her going back over the word, and I said 'you've read that one, you need this one now' (pointing to 'at'). And she said 'no - there's something wrong.  L-oo-k-i-n but why is there a 'g' at the end. There's no 'g' in lookin'.' She wouldn't believe that it is in fact looking - she has never pronounced the 'g' at the end!

11/11/2013 at 16:37

Ugh, why would you spend so much on your child's birthday?!  I've never done a "paid for" party, if we invite lots of friends then it's a run around the house job or now we go somewhere and everyone pays for themselves (although actually we paid for the kids' train tickets this year for Sophie's party and took a picnic for everyone).  Fortunately Nicky hates parties so no need to bother with them for him at the moment!

It is amazing isn't it CM - I'm still amazed at the words Sophie can read that I expect her to struggle with.  Basically the only words she can't read are ones she's never heard of before, and she's only 5!  I remember to start with she pronounced the g on the ends of -ing words, but I was never sure if that was a Sheffield accent thing.  Parents' evening tonight... 

I had a fun night in Manchester on Sat but feel I'm paying for it now, so tired!  The kids had missed me which was very sweet, even though I'd only been gone 24 hours!

Hope J's ok CM, I think they do start to get tired around now on the run up to the Christmas hols.

Tried to tell Sophie off for not going to bed last night when she came down at about 7.40pm, then saw she'd written out all the numbers counting back from 100 in was hard to get cross about that !  The girl really does love her schoolwork, little nerd 

Got another pb in the parkrun on Sat too which was good, especially as I felt full of snot when I was running !  Still just over 31 mins so not very speedy but it is a hilly route and known to be slower than other flatter routes.  I'm doing Leeds Abbey Dash on Sunday which is a flat route apparently.

Right better sort some tea before Grandad comes round to babysit.


12/11/2013 at 13:52

Gosh, we're going to drop off the first page soon so thought I'd better post

Agree re. parties, they do seem to get bigger and bigger! We did Maggie's 3rd at a softplay, did really enjoy being able to leave the mess to someone else! All we had to do was a cake (stressful enough!). And there's no way she was opening the presents! They had to be stretched over several days otherwise she would just rip off the wrapping, give it a glance, before immediately moving onto the next one..

CM- hope you're ok and the side-effects of your ad's are wearing off, is that an ssri? Love the reading from all our clever kids, not that Maggie is reading yet, although knows her letters. She was telling me how she was using her imagination with games with her teddies, can't believe she's only 3 and a half. I keep worrying about Rosie who hardly says any words yet, whereas Mags was speaking full sentences and singing nursery rhymes by 20mths... Always need something to worry about

Well done on the parkrun pb JG! Especially on a hilly course and when full of snot! I've been slacking off with the running due to a sore throat/cough/cold thing lingering on. I haven't been that bad so really should just get back out there. Signed up for bootcamp this evening so at least that'll get me moving and hopefully motivate my expanding backside!

Oh and rather randomly wondered if anyone interested in a kindle fire? Hubby bought one a few months ago to use for work email (and books of course) but then found out he couldn't access work email on it. It now gets used solely as a kindle by me which is ridiculous. Anyhow hubby has been saying he's going to sell it for weeks now and never gets round to it so thought I'd see if any of you girls want to make me an offer?!


12/11/2013 at 18:53
On the topic of parties - a Facebook friend had a huge bouncy castle at her daughters first birthday party. Hubby told me off when I made a snarky comment but seriously - what a fuss and expense?!! And it will only get bigger each year! Perhaps I'm a grinch!!!!

Marathon road trip under way - 650km driven yesterday and 3 meeting done. Left home at 7 and got to hotel at 11pm so am knackered ! Not so much driving today and one meeting is with a colleague which will be nice then another evening meeting. Zzzzzzzzz
12/11/2013 at 20:18

I have to admit changing my style regarding parties as time has gone on, last year I did a soft play party for Martha and 13 friends, it was £9 per child and included hot food and a party bag.  I found the amount of work in getting the house tidy and preparing food etc quite stressful and soft play was a lot easier.  For Aidan this year I hired a lovely clown called Tooty Frooty - she took over for an hour of the party and that too made it a lot more enjoyable for me.  We only had 9 kids!  Ah well, you only live once!

I definitely wouldn't do present opening at the party though - and I totally wouldn't invite any more than I did as even if there are brothers and sisters involved Martha still ended up with about 10 presents that she really couldn't appreciate as she just ended up with too much stuff!

I mentioned Martha sprouting extra molars - I looked it up on the British dentistry website and its normal, they get adult back molars before their milk teeth start falling out.  Who knew!

12/11/2013 at 22:20

Nice to know I can be right about some things, even if it is only teeth!

12/11/2013 at 23:45

Sonya - I have a friend who's looking for a Kindle but I don't know much about these things so is that the same as the one you've got?!  She is looking for one for about £30 I think ideally but would probably consider up to £50.  No idea if that is in any way a reasonable offer so feel free to reject it!  Apologies for being vague...

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