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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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08/11/2012 at 21:36
I really hope my sweet little boy stays that way and doesn't follow in his sister's foot steps! We found out the sex with M because I so didn't want a boy, that if it had been I wanted some time to get used to the idea, rather than it being an unpleasant surprise at birth. Then with E I wanted a surprise as I generally didn't mind. Towards the end I was trying to work out what I wanted but really could t decide, and now of course I think he's geat, despite my wrecked body.

Seriously EF, I guess if I were in your shoes, and you only put one back in and it doesn't work, don't you think you'll always then be thinking what if? I have no idea of the statistics, but aren't the chances of you having one baby significantly improved if you put two in?

Ang, should have said nat insurance, not mat, short for national insurance contributions. It's all to determine your state pension, which won't exist by the time we retire anyway.
08/11/2012 at 21:42

Retire? You mean we will actually be able to do that?? ... I'm kind of assuming that once I get my Pilates qualification and get it up and running, alongside getting the massage going again, it's going to stand me in good steed for self-employment WHATEVER my age ... so while hubbys actually retired I'll still be able to top up the missing funds with something!


08/11/2012 at 22:22
The idea of having a girl puts me off having a third!!! Boys are just great

Good luck tomorrow EF. Xxx

Cm - good running! Get you!

Interesting the talk of stocking fillers, the scooter bits were what we had decided to go for too!

Does anyone else have helmets for their children on their scooters? Suddenly occurred to me that we're anal about it on a bike but they probably go faster on a scooter...

And another one to say about mini micros! Bought a cheaper one to start, absolute tosh, not worth wasting money on...

Doh... Forgotten rest. Sorry all! Still hacking, no test results yet, hoping normality will resume soon!
08/11/2012 at 22:22

Retiring? No, that's never going to happen for any of us. This goverment will have us all working into our 70s at which point we'll keel over from the strain of working for so many years and the tories will rub their hands together gleefully at the thought of the reduced pension claims ... Although as Caro says, there probably won't be any state pensions by then and if there is they'll probably have means tested that too and anybody who has more than £2.50 in their bank account won't get it! Ooops there I go again ...

Can't remember who asked but the changes don't start until 1st Jan next year I think but the letters are going out this week to all tax payers over £50k telling them what they need to do. Haven't had mine yet - has anybody else had theirs?

Right, quick glass of wine before bed as haven't sat down all evening what with getting kids to bed on my own (hubby working) and making his birthday cake (which I burnt because the kids distracted me and I set the oven too high ), wrapping his presents and then cleaning the kitchen. Mmm, lovely wine ...

08/11/2012 at 22:24
I think it's a question of personality rather than sex. Our second girl has always been extremely laid back, smiley and happy, and is 100 times more cuddly than the first ever was (and is!). Isabelle is very selective about cuddles and kisses but E is always coming up and resting her head against my leg and does a lovely cuddle and kiss where she holds my head in her hands and just sort of snuggles in. She's such a cheerful little soul that at least 2 of our friends regularly sigh and wistfully say they'd have a third if they could guarantee they'd be like E! The friends we were away with last week have a daughter who's very easy to look after and always pleasant, and a son who's a real handful, and say that if they'd had their boy first there would have been a much bigger age gap as they wouldn't have been able to face another for some time!

We seem to have another gastro bug here - aaaaargh, I can't cope with much more! When we went to bed last night E had been sick in her cot but I'd heard her coughing lots so thought it was caused by coughing, but I got called to pick up Isabelle from school this afternoon because she'd been sick and then she was sick again as soon as we got home. They were both ok for the rest of the day, but tired, and were in bed by 6.30. I felt a bit dodgy over the last few days but nothing concrete and went to work etc, but have had rather unpleasant guts this afternoon - luckily now settled down!

To top it off I've got to go up to the hospital tomorrow as at my 34 week midwife appointment yesterday she only measured me at 30cm, and apparently at 28 weeks I was 29cm - so concerns about the babies growth/fluid levels. I've had this with both the others, but much later - at 38 ish weeks - so am feeling slightly concerned, although trying not to worry. I definitely feel bigger and the baby is moving loads, but after the big haematoma I had earlier on I've always felt a bit uneasy about this one, and one of the things I was told the haematoma could cause is IUGR. Oh well, tomorrow afternoon will tell...

All fingers crossed for you EF, whatever you decide about embryos etc. very hard decision. Do you get the option to freeze any leftover 'good' embryos?
08/11/2012 at 22:31
No letter here yet, and ours will all be going. I'd scrape in under on my part time salary but hubby won't. I think the argument against judging it on household income was that it would be too expensive to implement, and there would be lots of scope for people lying etc - not that that makes it right. We are being squeezed in all directions as our salaries are frozen, pension contributions increased - my husband now pays nearly ??800 a month in pension contribution - and now child benefit going. We are 'lucky' in that losing the child benefit won't make a huge impact on our situation at the moment, but the combination of all the factors is certainly making things tighter (and that's with low interest rates making our mortgage more affordable), and like Camlo said, we've worked bl***y hard to get here so I don't feel all that lucky sometimes!

JT - helmets compulsory on the scooter here. Isabelle doesn't even think about it, just always puts it on, and luckily most of our friends do the same so it's never been an issue. Helps that she really likes her helmet, which has built in flashing LEDs on the back!
08/11/2012 at 22:47
Try not to worry too much Vixo. Hopefully it's just an earlier presentation of a previous problem. It is hard though, know how I was with Archie with the placenta previa and thought of him ending up in scbu like Ted. And you're at 34 weeks now, so the baby is strong. Xxx

Child benefit. A chaotic shambles. Beyond a joke tbh. We're just about ok here, but why is there no London weighting?! My London weighting was a joke when I lived there, but even so...

Right, need to get the scooter helmets sorted! Some really cool ones on the mini micro scooters website!
08/11/2012 at 22:54

oh vixo hope all is well.  i suppose best that they check now tho. 

i do get to freeze for further goes (which are cheaper cos dont need all the drugs)  aaaaargh!! 

08/11/2012 at 22:54

and yes helmet compulsory for lou on scooter.  tho we just use the bike one!

09/11/2012 at 00:19

Oh no you are all scaring me with your talk about terror girls! M has suddenly become very posessive with things and very snatchy!! Not cool - hoping we can work through this phase quickly and that being at daycare helpps rather than hinders!


09/11/2012 at 07:22
Hoggle - snatching and being possessive is definitely an age thing! Wouldn't worry too much.

Good luck today EF and Vixo. X

Don't know why we've been so dull with scooters and helmets. Especially as we have no problems with the boys wearing them. But then they've both been on a bike for longer than they can remember so it's never been an issue!
09/11/2012 at 08:02
Thank you, will report back later.

We use the same helmet for both, not a specific scooter one. E is getting a new helmet for Christmas as the baby one we've got has got pieces of the plastic missing where it's been so well used and thrown around. Hubby doesn't see this as a problem - we differ slightly on that!

Hoggle - definitely just a phase. They don't understand sharing for some time yet, so watching them 'play' together is quite entertaining, but they all do it so don't get too worried.
09/11/2012 at 08:25

Good luck for Vixo and EF today then (()). I had numerous growth scans with S because she consistently measured under, but then I struggle with their concept of growth anyway, Joshua was 'the official correct size' and ripped me to pieces!!

Yes Vixo, that's what we are like - low interest rates so technically SHOULD be better off ... don't pay for childcare any more but just the cost of everything else ... can't believe how much more a shopping basket costs.  Anyway, I need to order some more OIL today - oh  joy, that'll be cheap then!!!

Also agree that there is definitely a degree of 'character' in child behaviour.

Oh and Vixo - where did you find that towel thing you have ordered for Isobel - S would lOVE that as again we have the whole towel turban thing here.

09/11/2012 at 08:52
CC - Jo Jo maman bebe have them, and do free delivery I think!
09/11/2012 at 08:52
Vixo we have the Met Elfo one for Archie. Fits really well, far better than the Bell one we had for Ted. I got it really cheaply on amazon too. Teds helmet desperately needs replacing, and I've just realised how old mine is...
09/11/2012 at 09:04

Good luck Vixo. With Leila I consistently measured at least 2cms under too. I think I had around 3-4 extra scans within the last 10 weeks and even the day before she wsa due I was told to expect a 5lber. And out she came weighing a healthy 6lbs9oz. 

I too feel more uneasy about this pregnancy than with Leils after all the early problems. I struggle with their growth charts too as the average size in a woman is dress size 14-16 in the UK so surely they will measure bigger than say someone who is 8-10? May be being very simplistic here.

I must say Leila is very chilled out too and full of cuddles and kisses. She doesn't really have any tantrums or diva episodes and is generally good fun and great company. I think we are just lucky and I expect this one will be a wake up call!!

Retirement, I too like CC am re-training so I can make a decent wage so hubby can retire... he is 9 years older than me... and I can work and earn the pennies. There is no way he can carry on as he is for another 30 years.

09/11/2012 at 10:10

Can we stop with all the bombay sapphire/gin talk, it's making me really fancy a G&T!!!

Thanks for all the advice re buggy boards/walking etc, all very useful.  I'll investigate, are the buggy boards generic that fit most bugges? I am liking reading about tough guy training too.  I really enjoy the off road/obstacle race type things, just for fun, not really as a competetition, I would stick to road races if I wanted to go for PB's etc.  I like the variety though.  My sister has signed me up to be in her team for a 10k one in March which will be only 2 months after the due date so not even sure it will be even possible in terms of core strength & fitness but we'll see what happens, if I can't then I can't, not going to dive straight back into anything too silly straight after, want to get my midline abdo muscles back together first as that was the worst bit after my son was born.


09/11/2012 at 11:06

Good luck Vixo and EF.Hope no more spewing Vixo.

EF twin boys are great! Honest! I wouldn't swop mine for the world and the relationship they have with each other is just amazing. Hard work when they were babies but easy peasy now as they play together so well. My eldest Sophe was a dream and still is, always wanting to please, Emily is so different, stubborn and doesn't care a damn what anyone says, its her way or the highway! I wouldn't change either of them though, variety is the spice of life and all that. You just love them all 100% foibles and all! Love the experience of having boys and girls, they are so different and boys are definitely aliens! And don't even get me started on the non stop wrestling! I found with my boys though Mum is god until they are about 5 or so and then suddenly it is Dad who is the main man! Still need mummy cuddles though!

Wondered why you were so quiet CC. Good to have you back!

Don't think I have said hi to Em, welcome. I have 6 kids, Sophie 12, Dylan 10, Emily 9, Reece 7 and 4 year old twins boys Lewis and Cameron.

So running, well getting the miles in with doubles everyday. Doing 10-12 miles every morning then a shorter session later in the day when I can fit it in. Did a track session on wed, was 10s off my 1 mile PB boo but after the holidays and then a high mileage week followed by wrecking my body with gin it was only to be expected! Followed it with 5 x 1000m quicker than 5k pace. Trying to plan when to do this 80 miler is hard but probably looking at the weekend 24/25th depending on the weather. Eeek.

Edited: 09/11/2012 at 11:07
09/11/2012 at 11:46
Caro - I think I just saw you in South Woodford, we're in the Pizza Express having an early birthday lunch for hubby. Was it you or have I got it wrong and completely forgotten what you look like?
09/11/2012 at 13:35
Cc you can get turban thing in loads of places. Lou and I have one each , both marks.

17 eggs

More blooming injections tho as risk of blood clot as am overstimulated.

Back mon or wed. If it is wed then they only put one in regardless. Andy was normal today too for once so that was good news as well.

Sorry not to say much. Hope all ok vixo.
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