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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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17/11/2013 at 21:19

oh hugs to the folk struggling with black clouds.  I know it isn't as easy as just plodding on and getting through it but I hope you start to pick up soon. 

I've just written to Capital One closing a credit card account I wasn't aware was open.  Just got an email saying that they are changing the way they charge me.  Hope to goodness no one has been racking up a fortune on it!  I'm hopeful not because I am not exactly hard to find so they would probably have been after me by now!  It's a challenge to close it though because I don't know the account number, I don't know when I opened it and I couldn't tell them what the last thing I bought on it was.  Oh well, I'll see what they make of old fashioned pen and paper!

Had a chat with work last Friday.  They want me to put myself forward for a new role.  I've agreed to do so but I'm secretly hoping that the folk doing the recruiting for it don't want me as frankly I don't think I'll get any more money even though I am paid 5 figures less than the nearest (male) partners, it will probably involve a fair amount of work out of Glasgow office and will also involve travel.  Yuck to all of it!  However I don't want to burn any bridges and if the kids were a bit older then the job itself has real potential.  The question though is whether I really want the potential or if I really just want to coast my way through the next five - ten years.  I am not sure! 

Feeling grumpy tonight but I'm just hungry. We had a big lunch with friends round and so tonight I have to make up for it!  Chicken noodle soup is just one pro point so that's it.  Might need to go to bed now before I eat something else!  the WW is having an effect though - lost 7lbs in the first 3 weeks.  Hoping I've shifted another couple this week as (a) i'm hungry and (b) I've upped the exercise.  Yesterday I did 4.4miles at 8am and then a gym session at lunchtime.

My nieces were born in the 1990s.  I still get a shock when I realise that because they are now 19 and 16 which means they must have been born when, 1980 or something in my world.  I am of course just 27 in my world. I liked 27.  Though I want to be 27 with Lou and Fraser

Wee lad is doing brilliantly.  I just adore him.  He's so good and smiley and cute.  Mmmh, I could eat him up!

Enjoy Disney on Ice.  We have The Lion King on Thursday at great expense.  3 tickets = over £150!  It's supposed to snow on Wednesday.  FFS.  It had better just be a flurry! 


18/11/2013 at 18:19

Proud sister moment - big sister came 1st ladies master (that is the category for over 40s) in the Philadelphia 1/2 marathon yesterday, with a new PB in 1.25.21.  She won a really big trophy, $500 and got to hang out in a tent with a bunch of kenyans (her words not mine!)

When is 'Frances' being born?

Camlo    pirate
18/11/2013 at 19:01

Yippee to big sis Caro! Well done! 

EF, good that see you as capable but not sure why they think its ok to pay you less than the chaps.... Dont they realise you could sue their asses off! Hope credit card is cancelled ok, i often wonder if ive got 'anything' active that i dont watch. glad your wee fella is gorgeous and doing well. 

Fooooooood yep its so hard, have pecked away all day but of course it doesnt count as most of it was either breakfast (toast at any time is brekkie, yes?) or didnt touch a plate (food on the go is a not real meal, yes?)

Grumps are better, hubby told me that my best friend has also booked a weekend away for my 40th..... Scuba diving in Murcia.... Eek! 

Is Frances is coming this week as remember thinking it was close (but not on) my birthday. Tatty did say she was bottom down! 

18/11/2013 at 19:57

Ooh well done to your sis Caro - great stuff!

Camlo - glad you are feeling a bit more perky, sounds like you have some fun lined up!

JG - well done to Sophie for winning tickets!!  Martha entered a colouring competition for the Woking pantomime which has Justin from Cbeebies in it!  Both she and Aidan keep mentioning it so I might have to buy tickets if we don't win some!

18/11/2013 at 20:30

JG I bought 2 tickets for M and I to go to Disneyland ice in Dec and they are not cheap!  So well done Sophie.  Look forward to hearing all about it.  I understand the done thing is to dress as a Disney princess, so you have to tell me if all the girls do.

18/11/2013 at 21:23

Well done to Caro's sis!! That's awesome work!

Camlo - glad the clouds are receding, sounds like you have some great birthday plans!

CM - your pics of Dinovember coincided with my sister sending me a link about the same thing. Must be a global dinosaur invasion!

Sorry rant warning!!!

Because being totally overwhelmed by work, too many things happening in 'real life' and general worry about hubby securing a job once his course finishes soon is not enough to cause me stress, the property management company phoned to say the landlord is selling the house - big fat SWEAR WORD!!!! We do want to buy and it may end up being a blessing in disguise but it means that either we have to find the right house in a very slow property market, get a mortgage which requires hubby to be in work and get moved by 18th Feb or we will have to find somewhere else to rent while we find somewhere to buy - arrrgggghhhhh!!! This is not what I planned for my summer!!!!



18/11/2013 at 21:57

Oh bu**er Hoggle.  Don't suppose there's any chance you can buy the house??  I'm guessing not........really hope you find somewhere and can get a mortgage.

18/11/2013 at 21:59

Presumably he's not selling it as a tenanted property then Hoggle? That's a scunner. 

18/11/2013 at 22:39

What a b*gger Hoggle .  Guess something better might turn up for rent, but like you say not what you'd planned.

Caro - I didn't think about it at all but you're the second or third person to mention dressing up so it's a good job I bought Sophie a Rapunzel dress a couple of months back that I was saving for a special occasion .  Will confirm later in the week if they're all doing it...

And apparently the colouring competition was judged by about 20 old dears and all done "properly" so maybe I should give my 5 year old some credit .

PTA coffee morning went well and we raised £88 so that's good, it all counts.

Currently procrastinating my lesson planning for tomorrow... that's the trouble with only working 1.5 days, by the time Tuesday comes round again I've forgotten all about what I was doing last week!

Well done Caro's sis too!

18/11/2013 at 22:59

Yes well done vicky! I'm so impressed. You did well at the weekend too I Eem to remember Caro. 

19/11/2013 at 04:05

Our rent house is a 2 bed which is fine as we are only renting but we would need to buy a 3 bed so no use buying it and no not being sold as a rented property. Ah well, hubby not working will mean he can project manage operation move house! Which is a good thing as he's the fussy one and I usually end up getting frustrated trying to meet his requirements!!

Will get out of the grumps soon, stupid work is what's making me grumpy really!

19/11/2013 at 06:18

That is crap Hoggle.  We had it happen last year but we did manage to extend until they had actually sold but then that means you have to put up with viewings.

Hope you can find something suitable xx

Camlo    pirate
19/11/2013 at 07:39

Eek, Hoggle hope you find somewhere to move to, but as you say not easy when you have so much up in the air at the moment.  

JG -Wasnt impressed with the implied laziness given to us mums either. My actual job is only part of the work i do keeping us afloat, running the house, managing kids (feeding, clothing, cleaning, dr, dentist, ordering supplies, xmas and birthdays, etc etc), bill paying and general grown ups admin duties..... Some people still believe in faries. Hope you got your lesson plan sorted. 

19/11/2013 at 12:05

Kinsey- we have tickets to Cinderella in Woking! Maggie is very excited about seeing mr tumble in it but it is bl**dy expensive so hope you win the tickets!

JG- sorry for slack response to your questions about kindle! Pretty sure its a16gb kindle fire hd so must've been over a £100 new. Its not the latest model anymore, he bought it in May. Has got a nice purple case they can have too. Trouble is, hubby is a hideous liar to me about how much things cost (because I hate spending lots of money and he spends like theres a hole in his pocket) so if I ask him how much he spent on it he will knock at least half the money off it (I have many times found receipts for things which he has lied about - he really should learn to hide the evidence!). So if your friend really is interested I will ask him later how much he wants for it rather than how much he bought it for...

My hubby would never dare imply that I don't work hard at home with the kids as they're both pretty full on at the moment. I did make him laugh on Friday though, he'd sent me a text from work saying how horribly stressed he was. Just happened that I'd been to a school xmas fair and bought cakes and fudge (as you do) so sent him a photo back of us all eating cake "another tough day at the cake factory". I guess I am not helping the image of us mums sitting around drinking coffee and eating cake all day Cake factory is reference to a great Mitchell and Webb sketch when they describe their working days, one in a hospital and one in an icecream factory. Will have find it on youtube and try and link it...

Hoggle - that is pants about your house. Is there much to rent in the area? do you have a bargain house? Hopefully will be ok if your hubby is happy to get searching for something. I can imagine as much as its great that hubby is retraining and following his career dreams, the lack of employment is a real stress.

Caro- wow, your sis is super speedy! Well done to her. Is all your family sporty? did either of your parents do a lot of sport?

EF- lovely to hear your little man is doing so well and making you smile.

Camlo- hope black clouds have well and truly lifted and you're excited about birthday plans. I would most certainly not like hubby planning a surprise weekend without some involvement from me either! (and thus not making it a surprise, so ungrateful aren't we.....)

Might have to add a bit of ranting too, sorry! (time of year for it!)

We currently rent out our flat and are renting a house. Two of the tenants have moved out and have stopped paying their portion of the rent believing it was the remaining tenant's responsibility to find new tenants or pay it all. They are contractually liable for it as its a joint contract between all of them. But while all is being argued between the tenants we have not received rent since Sept. Which covers our own rent. Not a good time of year to have to go into our overdraft and savings! And this may happen next month too. We will of course hold their deposit back but that'll take ages so we will likely be a couple of grand out of pocket until sorted!

Also, just had my childminder who looks after Rosie every other Wed quit (nanny does the other days, slightly complicated setup!). And neither me or hubby have enough holiday left to cover it.

Work is pretty awful as we are being backstabbed by another group who share some of our lab, they are moving new equipment in without prior discussion and taking down our two office cubicles to do it. Only found out as overheard them in corridor. We have no office space to go to so may end up sat in the corridor. And is all happening pre-xmas, don't know when they were intending to tell us! Feel so sorry for my boss and he's just gets walked all over by gro

19/11/2013 at 12:08

My post was too long so it cut it off! Fair enough

It did say a couple more rants, I will give the shortened version then

Boss gets walked all over by groups with more money and power.

I'm feeling crap about my lack of looking at schools for Maggies application so it'll be just based on closest not on best because I didn't go on walkabouts like good parents do.

And my lovely bike got nicked (they got through both my locks).

19/11/2013 at 12:54

I am chuckling at the thought of my parents being sporty!  We did lots of walks as a child, at high speed, which is why I only have one walking speed now (fast!) and get infuriated when walking behind slow folk.  But nothing else.  My sister was over wt until she was 10, and neither of us were in any teams at school, apart from me being goalie for the hockey team (ironic given how tiny I am!) I once found her in her room at school with several teachers in the recovery position as she had semi collapsed during cross country (and she was probably plodding along at the back!)  Her (now ex) husband got her into running, and I followed suit shortly afterwards as I realised it was easier and a lot more pleasant to stay thin by exercise rather than starving yourself!

I am soooo tired,  I need to clean bathrooms but all I want is to go to bed......


19/11/2013 at 12:54

Bugger to bike Sonya!  Bastards.

19/11/2013 at 13:14

Helloooooo! Have been so bad about posting lately but just had a mammoth skim-read. Some horrid things happening and I really hope the black clouds go away soon. CM - Citalopram is the best AD I have ever been on. Once the initial side effects wear off, it is truly fab. I just feel 'normal' on it, whatever 'normal' is! Big hugs xxx

Frances is coming tomorrow! I am feeling quite calm but then a bit nervous too. Keep worrying that there will be emergencies and I will get delayed. Or that it will snow and the surgeons won't get in. Not really worried about the surgery itself, bizarrely! I will post some news as soon as I can

19/11/2013 at 13:23

Good luck tatty!

19/11/2013 at 15:03

Good luck Tatty! 

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