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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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09/11/2012 at 13:43
Oo EF. Sounding good. Why do they only put one in on a weds? Is it half day or something?!?!
09/11/2012 at 13:46

17 - blimey!  

Anjelicats - that was my thinking re the growth charts - seeing as I'm a size 6ish, how on earth would I measure up as the same as a size 14 person? Like you they were giving me dire predictions of a seriously underweight baby until my last scan where I got a lovely sensible consultant who was really calm and said it would be about 7lb and she was 6lb 9

Back later, need to shower before school run. Just done a 12-miler but was sooooo windy, was trying to blow me back up the downs. A fair amount of yomping as well as running as was off in the hills a bit. Great for clearing out all the cr*p in my lungs though although a bit too much coughing for my liking.  But glad to get it done after 10 yesterday too. No running for two days now hey ho!

09/11/2012 at 13:46

ha ha CM, that's funny!

09/11/2012 at 13:50

Great news EF!  And do do those injections, a friend of mine ended up with the most horrendous problems because she ignored advice when she fell pregnant with her twins after fertility treatment...  Thankfully, they are all very well and the twins are now aged 6

Anj/CC - I was a 12 when I got pregnant and was always just about on the line, so yes, surely a smaller person would be smaller!  That said, my sister who is about the same sized as you guys got known as the 'Lady with the magnificent bump' in her village, but Ollie was 9lb7oz!

Hope all ok Vixo x

09/11/2012 at 14:49
JT I just read that as I was 12 when I got pregnant!

Karen, indeed that was me! Doing my daily walk to stop me going mad. Was I chatting to a lady with long dark hair, or just whiz zing by? Do u come here often?

Just been to work and handed in my notice, so it is official, I am unemployed....eek. Right, I am giving myself till the end of June to find work and I'll try not to stress about it till then.
09/11/2012 at 14:49
Oh and EF ditto CMs question.
09/11/2012 at 15:15
I've got a 1.5 hour wait for a scan. It must say something about my life that I'm actually quite pleased - hubby at home anyway so no worries about the children, I've got my kindle and am sitting in costa with some totally justifiable time to myself!!
09/11/2012 at 15:18

You 'enjoy' that moment Vixo ... I can't imagine you get many opportunities to sit in Costa with a coffee, child-free!

09/11/2012 at 16:29
I agree about growth charts. According to the red book my son was off the bottom of the growth chart (lower than 0.4%!) for the first 3 mo of his life! Admittedly we had some problems with breast feeding and he did end up moving up a bit but he is still small now at 2.5 years old. However I'm only 5ft 2 and a size 8 (when less whale like anyway ) so he is never going to be enormous. I don't mind that he's still in 18 mo clothes, he eats well, and is healthy that's the important thing

Although with this one I was measuring 30cm at 28 weeks and everyone says I'm enormous! (Although I still maintain it is because I am small it has nowhere else to go but outwards )
09/11/2012 at 16:56

Phew just fed 10 kids tea and got half of them out the door to athletics on time! Time trials for them tonight for team selection for a competition south. Have my friend coming over later for a takeaway, yum. Think I have earned it today, followed up my 10 miles this morning with 10 miles this afternoon, taking advantage of hubby being home! Windy here too CC, but I managed to stay dry this afternoon for the first time in ages.

Good news EF. Hope Vixo got on fine too, child free coffee time sounds bliss.

Boo to no running for 2 days CC but yay to yesterday and today.

Eek Caro but yay too and hope you find something better.

09/11/2012 at 18:01
EF - hope your day has gone well.

Scan all looked ok. Baby measuring well within all the centiles, with an estimated weight currently of 5lb 5oz - which given that Isabelle was only 5lb 12oz at term would be a bit of a surprise! It wasn't being very compliant so I didn't get a particularly good look at it, but reassuring to know everything seems to be on track. Thanks for all the kind thoughts. And yes, I enjoyed my peaceful hour reading by myself!
09/11/2012 at 18:13

Oh thats good news Vixo.

CC - starting to really panic about this 80 miler. I need tips! Been reading some stuff and my main plan of running as far as I can and then taking walk breaks thereafter is really not the recommended method! I don't really know how to go about it. Obviously it is not a race so there is no need to kill myself over a time BUT being me I would like to do it in a decent time. The route is all on road and constantly undulating. Any suggestions? Just read about 15mins run and 3 mins walk, But I am a rubbishly slow walker, too many years of plodding at kids pace!

09/11/2012 at 18:40
Good news, Vixo And EF too - 17 eggs is awesome!

80 miles is a looooong way. You definitely need some walking, at least. And lots of Mars bars, preferably on some kind of drip
09/11/2012 at 19:20

Think I'd prefer some type of motorised assistance Tatty Lotte, I have no idea!  Could you practice some walking?  I know that's a recommended method for Ironman...

Vixo - excellent news! Hope you can rest easier now.  It is possible to get a substantially bigger baby... Ted was 7lb2oz, Archie 8lb 1oz.  My sister went from 7lb 7oz to her second being 8lb 15oz!

Caro  - Ha ha! 12 + 20 years for baby number 1!  Good luck with the job hunting, for your own sanity I think you needed to look elsewhere.

Lotte - one of the best energy foods I ever had was Kendal Mint Cake when I did the brathay marathon, a change from gels?!

So, in my wisdom I decided to let Ted choose said new helmet so it can be ordered for Christmas.  He chose the Kiddimoto police helmet, all fine, except everywhere has sold out apart from one shop which has unpleasant postage levels!  Debating whether to risk the other shops getting more stock in (kiddimoto are saying to email for details of stock) or to just try and ignore the fact that this shop is about the only place that charges postage for these!

09/11/2012 at 19:23

Ooh, and finally got physio for my back today...  Had to cancel a number of times due to said cough,  It's basically a mess...  I have very limited movement in the shoulderblade area on both sides, a lot of stiffness and swelling around the spine from the neck down.  The plan (once the coughing has stopped!) is for accupuncture, apr, manipulation, posture realignment...  I've been strongly recommended to do pilates or yoga, but thankfully apparently my core is ok!

09/11/2012 at 19:30

Vixo - good news from you. Will be interesting to see what weight 'it' appears at then.

LOL at the pregnant aged 12, I read that too but quickly realised - just shows how we don't really read doesn't it!!!

Lotte - first - stop panicing  hee hee. 15/3 is probably not the way to go, I actually find the whole run for a time/walk etc a bit difficult - hard to slow to a walk when you are on a roll etc and you DO have to be disciplined about starting running again when it's all hurting. Thankfully all my ultras have had significant climbs in them so I've been able to use the "walk all the big hills, jog the flats and run the downs" mantra successfully. The biggest challenge is not to go out too fast, start off slowly, and then go a bit slower!!!  Too fast at the beginning = more walking at the end.  Whilst your route is undulating, any definite incline becomes a power walk, the walk breaks are also good for the getting fuel on board without actually having to stop. Walking is meant to be 'purposeful', I always think of it as walking with attitude, definitely not an amble, although my 'walk with attitude' probably wasn't at the end of the SDW race!!!  I always try and keep in mind while I am walking that I do not want to be slowing significantly (clock ticking and all that) and it usually is enough to keep me focussed on a decent walking pace.  I also find at the end, when my quads are trashed that going uphill becomes very pleasant compared to the downhills!! Given your training you definitely have the stamina to do this, key will be the pacing I think. Obviously this is advice from a somewhat slower ultra runner - I am in awe of those that win the ladies races doing 8.5-9mm throughout the race ... something I suspect you will be quite capable of doing once you've had a bash at the distance and figured out what works for you!

The thought of 80 miles on road brings me out in a cold sweat tbh!!! Beware the camber of the road too.

Fuel: don't underestimate your requirements, you are going to be out for a while no matter how quick you are. I start taking stuff on board from the start really - well something every hour for sure and just keep on going like that. I know you can get away with not a lot on your training runs but again, it's all about not hitting the empty light!  I wouldn't say I ate loads on the SDW but I was taking on board gels, sausage rolls (well until about 70 miles when they were yeuch), mini flapjack, chopped up mars bar, peanut butter sandwiches and electrolyte in my drink.

Just been reading the crew instructions for the WHW race, have been so caught up in the applying for ballot that hadn't thought too much about that side of things so will be touting my Northern friends for willing crazees looking for no sleep over a weekend!!!

Edited: 09/11/2012 at 19:35
09/11/2012 at 19:36

God Lotte - bet you wish you'd never asked now!  Am probably talking absolute boll*cks but the above is what I have found so far ... but now I need to find out how I can get faster over these longer distances so I'll be needing your help there!

09/11/2012 at 21:09

another who thought u a pre teen mum janie! 

well ouch ouch ouch.  now in a fair bit of pain.  obv been on google and self diagnosed severe hyperstimulation.  however it may just be mild hyperstim coupled with constipation! 

at any rate i need to ask them about the blood thinning injections when i call tomorrow.  sure it is a sunday start but all a bit woozy! 

they only replace one 5 day old embryo - which is then a blastocyst.  chances are better with blastocyst but is risk if they dont develop on days 4 and 5 that you get nothing so is not sn easy decision.

09/11/2012 at 21:40
Hope you get a good rest tonight and tomorrow EF. Take it easy!

Glad all is well with you and jr vixo. Mum in M's class is being induced on Monday with daughter no 3, due to suspected pre eclampsia, think she's made it to 38 wks but she was looking very haggered today so I don't envy you.

M was horrendous this afternoon again. I seriously don't know how u do it CC, and chynah. Had to open a bottle of wine tonight. Don't really feel anything regarding my job. The nurses and receptionists were lovely, and I bumped into one of my fave clients, who immediately recognised that the cardie he was wearing was one she knitted for Matilda! Boss didn't say anything much, and in the hr that I was there I heard a good few tales about boss and much griping about how useless he still is, so nothing changes. Made me realise I'd made the right decision.

To cousins tomorrow, yay! Adul company fr me, children for M.
09/11/2012 at 21:58
You def made the right decision Caro!! Any wavering just head on here and we'll remind you!
Waiting on new of my second overdue friend this week! First had 50+ hrs latent labour, didn't progress past 3cm so c-sec. Second friend had contractions on and off on thur night, nothing yest then more last night - heard nothing today so really hoping she doesn't head the same way as that will be 4th friend in 2 months with a non-progressing labour ending in c-sec - crazy!!!
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