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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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24/02/2013 at 11:54

Why did you try the diet Lotte? To try and lose weight???? Just interested really. I would find it too hard to think of things to eat different to everyone else and time is so short as it is. Just no idea what I'd eat other than lots of fruit and veg and the bol without the spag with lots of veg is that you do? Or do you eat sweet pot with everything instead of the pasta? Seems too complicated!

24/02/2013 at 12:30
What do you have for Bfast on a paleo diet? I really don't like eggs much so that wouldn't be an option. I can stomach a couple of eggs a week at a push but certainly couldn't have them every morning. So what does that leave if no carbs and not much fruit? Yoghurt? With what?
24/02/2013 at 12:57
I imagine unrefined grains were part of hunter gatherers diet, but probably only a small part. I suppose if u eat lots of nuts +seeds than they have tons of calories as well as tons of nutrients. Honey would b big part of it too, certainly seems to feature largely in diets of tribes I have seen in various documentaries.
24/02/2013 at 12:59
Roots would b hi in carbs I am guessing too.
24/02/2013 at 13:04
Haven't read article above yet, but am assuming u can have beans etc, so imagine things like houmous + mashed up beans with raw veggies would b good for breakfast.
24/02/2013 at 13:08
Think it just generally a good idea to eat foods that haven't had a load of processing done to produce them. Meat, fish, fruit, veg, beans, rice,unrefined grains etc.

Says me eating a white bread egg sandwich lol. Only 2 slices of bread I eat in a wk tho.
24/02/2013 at 13:39

Thats why I still have museli in the morning CM!! I couldn't face eggs and veggies in the morning.

MM I first cut out white bread a few years ago when I was having a pain in my side an Dr suggest it was probably ibs and cut out some foods to see. It made an instant difference.Yes I used to eat eggs on toast or peanut butter instead of a meal when I was being lazy but I haven't eaten any bread at all for a while now. I do have oatcakes sometimes though. And yes I also had an energy bar yesterday but like I said I am not totally strict. I don't miss pasta at all now. Agree with what TT said, I think it is important to eat as naturally as we can most of the time.. I find it all rather interesting. IT also ties in with being an ultra runner and wanting to teach my body to use the fat stores for energy instead of relying on carbs which will run out. ScottJureks book was food for thought, he is vegan but the basic principles of eating as naturally as possible are there.

24/02/2013 at 13:44
I have just finished reading Jurek's book lotte
24/02/2013 at 14:19
Wow, we are about as far from carb free as it's possible to be I think! I try and make sure I eat less than my husband, as he's considerably bigger than me, but we often have carbs with our meals - as well as lots of veg.

Have carbs always been one of your 'bad' foods lottie? I know a friend of mine from uni who was a junior gb runner and had first anorexia, and then bulimia, had a huge problem with carbs, and particularly refined carbs. She just couldn't eat them sensibly, but I can't help but think that cutting them out completely would just be another sort of disordered eating - although you're obviously cutting them out for a different reason. I think my husband would think I'd turned into a fruit loop if I suggested I was cutting out all carbs - and I don't think he'd be impressed if I stopped baking! I never buy biscuits or cake but I do make a fair amount myself, which I'm much happier about everyone eating.

Having said we don't eat much meat, we've just had roast pork (organic, from a local farm because it was on special offer!) which I did actually really enjoy, and I did a rice pudding - lovely comfort food! We've also got a few more Chelsea buns to eat this afternoon - carb tastic!
24/02/2013 at 15:24
FFS all this talk of food.... I got up and ate a bowl of porridge with extra oat bran, nibbled some nuts and fruit feeling virtuous but then had leftover Indian takeaway for lunch followed by toasted sandwiches and half a dairy milk..... WHY????? am in a foul mood as hubby busy in the extension and kids hopping on and off the furniture. Have offered to take them out so at least I can breath some fresh air but they are quite happy chopping up cardboard, flinging toys at each other and flicking the TV over constantly....arrrrrrggghhhhhh.
24/02/2013 at 16:50

So what do you eat then Lotte on a daily basis? Lunch etc? I just can't imagine be able to get the calories in. I still don't get what is wrong with spuds, they are a root veg out of the ground aren't they? And rice, what is wrong with rice? Jurek still eats carbs though Lotte. I enjoyed his book but it all takes too long that way of eating and I'm not about to cut out dairy and meat. I don't eat much fat tbh, just yoghurt and milk on my cereal. Hardly any cheese except for some parmasan sometimes. I can understand cutting out wheat, but why all carbs? I have never eaten white bread except when in France. What do you eat for enjoyment/treats? It must be sooo hard to be so strict and all your mileage too? I had a magnum last night for pudding and have to say I really enjoyed it and have zero guilt about. I would worry if started to feel guilty as that is food disorder territory again isn't it? You really are turning into an elite athlete Lotte. I am about to retire I think. I can stand all this build up and let down anymore. I'm on the verge of running just to keep fit and not racing anymore.

Just walked round westonbirt and knee fine. No idea whether to try again or not. I guess at least this rest will have helped my arthritis!!

24/02/2013 at 16:58

Never give up MM! I'm 15 years older than you, had knee surgery, constant niggles and injuries, illness and I'm still trying to get fit for April. Might not make it, but got to keep on trying. Stick in there!

24/02/2013 at 17:24

I am going to give up RB. Maybe not quite yet, but I have been racing since I was 15 and I think it's time soon. I am slowly falling apart. Hubbie is the same running and racing and too much mileage for too many years. Once the kids are competing more in their teens in whatever they decide to do I will def retire and live through them for sure.

24/02/2013 at 17:30
Don't give up MM but maybe a change of focus to shorter races so you still do hard training but not the mileage.
24/02/2013 at 17:56

RB's right. Don't give up MM. Give it a go, and then seek advice if it is still dodgy.

Everybody is different in what their body can metabolise best, so low/no carb just wouldn't suit some people. However in other people it works well. I think it is just finding out what works best for you. My ideal weight is around 9 - 9.5 stone, which I sit at when running/eating normally. I'm around 5ft 7in.

Anyway...race report. So Saturday morning I wake at 7 feeling like I'd wet myself and my waters had broken. They were only trickling so put in a maternity pad and went back to sleep for an hour. At around 10, I called the birthing centre to say my waters had broken, but no contractions and they said to come in to be checked. So we dropped Leila off at my parents and went into hospital where they examined me and indeed they had broken. I was booked in for an induction the following morning (Sunday) at 8am if I hadn't gone into active labour before then, and sent home.

So we left Leila at my Mums and went for a walk into Windsor and did some shopping (all the while leaking like an incontinent old lady!!) Then went for lunch at the pub!! At about 5pm I started getting a couple of tightenings every 5-10 minutes. By about 10pm they had started getting more painful and I remembered the pain from last time. I lay in bed until about 10.15 when hubby told me to phone the hospital again as they were coming around every 2 minutes and lasting for 30-45 seconds.

The midwife in the birthing centre advised that I got up and moved around to get the contractions to last longer but didn't think we were ready to come in. After listening to another couple of contractions she said to come in. So we grabbed the bags and jumped in the car. Halfway down our road, we discovered we had a flat tyre!! So we had to drive back and swap over cars all the while the contractions were coming thick and fast and were beginning to get seriously painful.

When we finally got to the hospital at about 11pm, the midwife took all stats and examined me and said I was only 2cm, so gave a sweep and pushed me to 4cms apparently. Then she made us go for a walk around the carpark, with me doubling over every couple of minutes with pain. The contractions were far worse than last time as they were radiating down the front of both legs. We came back in at 11.30 and she offered me the birthing pool, which I reluctantly said ok to. After another hour or so of painful contractions, which I coped with by kneeling over the windowsil and sticking my head out of the window, I got into the pool and had some gas and air. My designated midwife arrived who I had met before and was in and out of the room. I was kneeling in the pool leaning over the edge holding hubbys hand and the gas and air! Around this time I felt rising panic and a need to push and got hot and cold sweats, she told me to go with my body as it knew what to do, so the pushing started and after 2-3 contractions the head came out. I thought the midwife was out of the room, and started hitting hubby through a mouthful of gas and air to get the midwife when I heard her open the door and tell the other midwife the head was out! Then on the next contraction the body came out and she told me to reach down between my legs and get my baby. It was 1.42am. I think the intensity and speed of delivery sent me into a bit of shock and I was shaking, but picked up my slippery baby and sat on the edge of the pool. The midwife showed me to rub babys chest with 2 fingers and blow on her face and with a cough she started crying. I was so shocked I even forgot to check if it was a boy or girl and had to be prompted by the midwife!!

The placenta was delivered about 10 minutes later and baby Evie latched on and started feeding whilst hubby cut the cord

24/02/2013 at 17:57

I sat in a complete daze whilst I was checked, but I had not torn so didn't need any stitches. After the best tea and toast ever, I was told we could go home, at 4am in the morning!? But as we would have to come back in the morning to see the paediatrician I decided to stay, although I was far too pumped with adrenalin to sleep! So in the morning, Leila and hubby came in, and Leila met her little sis for the 1st time which was lovely. Evie was checked and we went home.

She is now a week old and is such a poppet. She is feeding well, and sleeping a lot. Although lack of sleep is kicking in as she is feeding 3 hourly. My mother in law has been fab and has been dropping off soup and bolognese sauce etc for us all, and we are slowly getting into the swing of things.

24/02/2013 at 19:11

Fab story Anj. So glad I don;t have to go back there again. Sounds so similar to my birth with Sophie...

24/02/2013 at 19:15

lovely tale Anjelicals - love the way the midwife pretty much left you to get on with it ... in a good way that is, although can imagine it was a bit of a shock scooping your own baby out of the water and blowing on her etc, but what memorable first moments hey? 

TTid - good to hear you are hanging in there but boo to the sleep deprivation ... NOT nice and I think we easily forget those days of spending more hours awake than asleep. Hope you get some rest soon.

Loving this lively debate about carbs etc.  For starters Sweet Potatoes and White Potatoes ARE completely different ... they are not even from the same family, and ironically Sweet potatoes have less sugar in them so from a GI point of view they are better; however there have been many studies proving the health benefits of the humble white one too.  Certainly I reckon a potato is way less refined that say white pasta?

back in a little while - have more to say but need to get kids in bed!

But definitely don't give up MM ...  agree with EF here, perhaps a change of focus to shorter distances, and what about the Masters stuff? Can imagine body has taken an enormous hammering over the years, and your contribution as a coach is still very valuable too but I still reckon there is plenty out there to challenge you if you can let go a bit... ((()))

24/02/2013 at 19:39

weekly food - well is a bit of a struggle here as is me and my oh so receptive children in the main!!! To be fair they are not that bad but choices can be limited. Generally of a week there will be wholemeal pasta in homemade tomato sauce with extra vegetable and cheese; chicken dippers (chicken breast strips dipped in flour and oven baked) with potatoe wedges and veg; pizza + carrots and hummus (guitar night when time is minimal); fish fingers; turkey meatballs with spaghetti; oven baked salmon with veg and either mashed/baked pots or couscous if I can face the mess!; spaghetti bolognaise is a favourite; sometimes homemade burgers.

Hubby doesn't really care what he has provided it has piles (and I mean piles) of vegetables. He has slowly been converted to the likes of chickpeas, lentils and quinoa. My kids will eat pulses so I often add them to bolognaise or chilli to bulk it out.  We probably have red meat once a week, at weekends I'll often make proper fishcakes, roast a chicken or make kedgeree which I absolutely LOVE.  I will even eat cold kedgeree for breakfast .  Bangers and mash are a popular Saturday evening treat for us all, with lots of roasted onions for hubby and me.

Biscuits - yes, we have them in the house, and also homemade cake - I make banana loaf regularly for mine to take to school for snack.

I totally agree that the body is designed to function on less-refined stuff, off course it is and I know that when I have the energy and enthusiasm to be more focussed on that kind of thing I feel waaaaaay better and sprightly. I definitely eat less carbohydrate than I used to, and find I function on a long run better when I've had a decent protein boost the night before - I think that effects me more than the carbs. This wasn't always the case, and I used to eat way more carbs by way of pasta in the past.

Edited: 24/02/2013 at 19:43
24/02/2013 at 19:50

I also think different bodies are designed to be fuelled differently. A very interesting book I bought years ago was called the Adam and Eve diet - essentially described eight different body types - their strengths and weaknesses and the sorts of foods they needed or didn't. Talked a lot of sense and I have utilised elements of it over the years.

I found Scot Jureks book really interesting but I have not the energy or enthusiasm for things at the moment to be that focussed!!  His recipes do look good and I want to try a few for sure but I just need a boost of general enthusiasm all round at the moment.  I find too frequently at the moment that the single-parent thing drags me down and I don't look after myself properly - needless to say the kids are thriving!!

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