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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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11/11/2012 at 19:24

glad you had a good day JT and are (fingers and toes crossed) feeling better

I shall be doing my Delia 'Creole Christmas Cake' that I did last year which basically can be made up to just one week before Christmas!! Plenty of fruit and booze in it still though

11/11/2012 at 19:44

12 boggy miles sounds good Camlo...infact reading that I decided to go "off road" along the thames path today which was pretty muddy but much nicer than on the road and I avoided the looks I get when running on the long walk with a pregnant bump!!

Funny CC, I was just looking at that recipe this afternoon at my Mums as it is the cake she will be making this year. Sadly we are going to hubbys parents, but I am hoping there will be lots left for Boxing Day...although I do remember it being fairly boozy!!

We are also going to get a treadmill as I think realistically it is the only way I will get any running done in the day whilst Leila at preschool when the new baby arrives. They look like they fold up quite smallish!!, so we are hoping to keep it in the relatively empty understairs cupboard.

Hubby just come in with dinner, so back in a while!!  

Hope your embryos are doing their thing EF.

11/11/2012 at 20:07
Jeeps JT that sounds like a HUGE cake!! I'm not actually keen on Xmas cake so no plans to make or buy one for us.
Sounds like everyone had a ration of fresh air so hopefully black clouds and bugs will stay away for a bit.
Anj good idea about getting a treadie if you are desperate to 'run' but walking with a pram gives you more endorphins than boring treadie time in my opinion. My treadie is now at eldests.
Vixo - did you actually ride too? Thought biking when preg was generally a no no?
CC - I thought your advice for Lotte was spot on, ESP the bit about starting slow and fuelling while walking the uphill sections. My running club all asked why you were planning this during the shortest days too Lotte!
11/11/2012 at 20:15

i can't bake a cake as my oven is shagged. it burns at the back and doesn't cook at the front. and i don't have any shelves so it has to be cooked on the bottom. that's my excuse and a fine one too... i shall be ordering a new oven but then i won't have time to make a cake...

glad you are feeling better JT!! are you back to work then?

i have conceded that my back is, once again, knackered. it happens every sodding time that i do speed work and get some speed again. ARGH!!!!! i am doing pilates as well these days, but it obviously isn't enough. i am p155ed right off! i have a race at the weekend too, so am just going to ice and do core exercises between now and then and hope that i can do it without knackering myself further.

11/11/2012 at 20:27
I cycled till the day I went into labour but obviously just on the road and only a few miles!!!! I found it easier than walking as my legs were so sore due to vari veins.
Loved my treadmill post birth Anj- when M had a sleep I would do some intervals etc on it. She hardly sleeps now in the day so don't get the opportunity much. Use the buggy more now for running. Well did before I injured my foot.
Yeah CC- it's defo your kinda terrain I would imagine. There's apparently a great MTB trail in the Black Isle, different coloured trails etc but haven't been yet bit the cycle club go so ill no doubt go soon! Our treadmill is in the garage & never had any problems although our garage is attached to the house so never gets really cold.
Bit the bullet & went to the cycle club. Was hard, muddy work but enjoyed it I think!!!!
Lotte- I just don't know how you fit all that running in, it's insane woman.
I don't like Christmas cake either so don't bake it.
Yay to the curtains CM but boo to the oven oh and also the back, ouch. What a flipping pain.
Great running Camlo and well done CC on completing 2012,
11/11/2012 at 20:29

Oh no, which part of your back CM?

Camlo, I have to get some fresh air everyday or I feel kind of stuffy and not clean lunged...(if that makes sense, the only way I can put it) so the treadie would be to get the running in when I'm desperate. I think I shall join a running club which meets on Tues and Thurs evenings once I am back up and running too.

I think the biking is ok when pregnant isn't it? The only danger is falling off, I remember going over a car bonnet on my bike when pregnant with Leila at 4 months  Hope you all stay illness free too Vixo!

Glad you are feeling better JT. Hope it keeps going in the right direction and you feel right as rain in a couple of weeks.

Lotte - that is a ridiculous mileage for a week. I hit the dizzy heights of 18 miles this week.  Good luck for the 80 miler.

11/11/2012 at 20:30

What is the 24 bike thing RF? Sounds fun!?  

11/11/2012 at 20:35
My sister has just laughed at me CM, I've just commented that I've only coughed about 25 times today... I'm off this next week, I'm wiped out and one of my meds finishes Wednesday so things could go off the boil again. My getting out is walk ten minutes, sit down, walk ten, coffee!!! Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully back to work next Monday. I've been told not to go back till fighting fit as insurance has kicked in and everything back to square one with a second ??1500 bill for school if I go back too early.

Boo to your back... Is it upper or lower as have exercises for upper! Apparently my myofascia points are stuffed which has caused severely restricted movement in my upper back and knotting in the muscles. Which Pilates class do you go to? Trying to find one not on a Wednesday or Thursday!

Anj - only thing I would say about our Reebok.treadmill is that it's not very maneuverable. I bought ours thinking I would move it into lounge from study to watch telly (across hallway) but it wasn't possible so might be with looking into as I wouldn't be able to get ours in and out of an understairs cupboard... Sorry!

Camlo - the cake isn't as big as you'd think! But has 1.2kg of fruit in it!
11/11/2012 at 20:37
Worth looking into sorry!
11/11/2012 at 20:46

oh bu**er CM  that sucks and I know cos that's what always happened to me.

Camlo - why not biking in pregnancy? I did

I really like that particular cake as it doesn't have any of the other stuff on it, is just a really rich fruit cake which I LOVE, no icing, nothing.  Makes fab hill food. Can remember going on my first ever trip winter climbing (ice axe and crampon stuff) one new year up in Scotland with friends, we had some epic long days (talking 12 hour days) and we fuelled ourselves wonderfully on on of the guys mums Christmas cake, clearly had so much booze in it that it didn't freeze

Treadmills - well I have a love/hate relationship with them and have been over and over this plenty (as we all know). BUT put that up against complete inability to get out during school holidays, before/and or after normal hours, INSET days, kids off sick etc and husband generally not here, I think it's become a kind of MUST for me. Hubby always reluctant because of price etc, but the turbo trainer just doesn't do it for me, and I've actually just come off phone with him and he's pretty much agreed (obviously I need to work lots of hours at library between now and Christmas though!!) cos he's clearly not expecting to fund it!

Edited: 11/11/2012 at 20:49
11/11/2012 at 20:58
I thought you weren't supposed to bike due to risk of falling off....
I don't mind moist cakes like boiled cakes but HATE the dry old stuff, agree it is rocket fuel though CC.
CM - boo to back and boo to having to fork out for oven but yippee to eBay!
11/11/2012 at 21:23

sounds sensible plan, JT. hope recovery speeds up

it is lower back pain. sacro-iliac area. it is caused, apparently, by my scoliosis, which is only slight, but which throws everything out of line so that i end up with one leg longer than the other (even though it's not) and wonky pelvis. hence all the problems down the right hand side. have iced like mad tonight and done stretches and core stuff, including cat stretches and rolling down the wall vertebra by vertebra. have also just spent an hour packaging stuff up for eBay. i love the 217 quid but don't love the to-ing and fro-ing to the postoffice. and the guy who has bought my hi-fi separates lives in germany so i have to send them via DHL. which means going to get a quote tomorrow (don't have scales so can't weigh them here) and then going back again once he's paid. not to mention the fact that some people pay immediately and some take days to pay, so you are back and forward to PO all the time. i waited 2 days to send stuff once and someone commented that i took a long time to post, which is ridiculous as i have waited FAR longer. so now i am paranoid and post the day following the payment, even if that means multiple trips to the PO. PITA!!!

Edited: 11/11/2012 at 21:24
11/11/2012 at 21:24

oh and CC - hmmmm to hubby not funding treadmill.  that doesn't sound ENTIRELY fair to me. but then i am probably not the best person to comment really...

11/11/2012 at 21:38
Hi everyone, thanks for kind welcome. i cant keep up with all the posts, but JT your couh sounds horrific, i hope things are on the up.

Camlo: I have cycled throughout this pregnancy - in the forest tracks (although no black run ) and now at 30 weeks I'm mainly static cycling in spinning classes but still going off the saddle. I guess there is a slight risk of falling off but if you're careful I'm sure it's fine. My pregnancy Physio recommended it when I had to stop running at 25 weeks due to SPD pain as its obviously low impact, although I have to admit the bump does get in the way a bit now and the off the saddle hill stuff is HARD! I'm also still going to a boxing class(!) sounds crazy but it's a great way of working out arms & upper body without high impact pelvis stuff & I make sure I pair up with someone I trust to punch only my pads which I'm holding in the air
11/11/2012 at 21:47
Only a quickie, but CM the pigeon stretch helps my sacroilliac pain, and I do it over the side of my bed which increases the stretch. Feel free to google it!
11/11/2012 at 21:55

ooo that looks good. am about to go and try it, caro!

11/11/2012 at 22:00

I cycled a little bit in my first pregnancy but had to stop not long after running as my knees were sticking out to the sides due to my bump, which then started to hurt my knees, as I remember.  That was round a reservoir so no traffic 

Sorry trying to keep up but hard at times!  

JT - just picking up snippets about your cough.  Sounds as though it's on the up?

And Lotte - your run sounds amazing, I'm reading the advice on 80 mile runs with interest (though I have NO intention of ever running that far!).

Running still off the cards for me  Last weekend I was down at my mum's so no run then, then all week I've had a splitting headache and felt really rubbish - bit hot and cold etc - so not even any group classes never mind running .  Been sticking mostly to the diet though so I have lost about 5lbs so far even without exercise .  Ideally I'll lose about another 11lbs.

Also I found a very local pilates class with an instructor I know, included in my membership on a Thurs night....then hubby decides to take up footy again on a Thurs night without telling me .  Had only been once and now can only go once in every 4 weeks - really annoyed.  None of the other classes fit in so well, or I don't like the instructor/find it too hard.  I did discover, though, that my frozen shoulder is almost entirely useless.  I couldn't hold a side plank on that side at all, it just felt really weak. Not sure if it's stiffness or weakness so whether I should work on it or just keep stretching??  

Hopefully will get back to exercise this week...had 2 weeks of feeling a bit crap!

Sorry that was all a bit me me me!  Yeay to new curtains and making a profit on ebay CM - you really do need a new cooker by the sounds of it!!

11/11/2012 at 22:11
Have you tried parcels2go cm? We've done well with them in the past.

Cc - tell him it will make you happier

Ooh, I do the eagle stretch, we're turning into birds

Jg - boo to shoulder. Think I'll have similar issues when I start Pilates again. Rah to hubby though!

Very naughty, just booked Longleat center parcs for weekend before Christmas, got an amazing deal. Had already booked Longleat house tp see Santa. Can't wait!
11/11/2012 at 22:18
Don't mention the C word!
11/11/2012 at 22:26
Although saying that our scooter accessories arrived today, so that's one present down, one million to go. It was both my parents b day yesterday, hubby's is in 3 wks. Argh!
Although just been looking at various documents from work to figure out how much I will get paid for my holiday I've accrued over the yr and it should be a reasonable amount as I get 6.6 weeks leave a yr (obviously pro rata as part time) so that will help a this time of yr. plus I discovered for definite that the 2 days I am going to the London vet show next wk count as keeping in touch days so they have to pay me for 2 days work as well as pay my entrance to the conference. The ironic thing is (for them anyway!) is that it is also the BVA careers fair and I have a half hr appt for careers advice with someone, and I plan on going round the trade show seeing if I can put my feelers out for a job-all at my former employer's expense

So thurs and fri next wk that's where I'll be. Hubby is working from home one day and taking one days leave. I have bought a couple of cartons of that aptamil follow on milk but have no idea if Eric will drink it or not! I guess I could also buy some blue top normal milk as well, as it's only for 2 days, and he'll still get mummy milk morning and evening both days-what do people reckon?
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