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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/02/2013 at 08:07

Oh dear Monday morning hangover not good. My friend text yesterday afternoon, "on my way over, have wine, while hubby away girls can play". So we whipped up spag for the kids then my sis and nephew appeared.She must have smelled the wine Another friends wee boy was still here,he'd appeared in the afternoon. So we text her "......has been really bad, come and pick him up, PS bring wine". Haha she obliged. So I woke this morning, my sis an friend sleeping on the couch, other friend had walked home but her car still here.I was in bed with all my clothes on, ffs whata disgrace.  My head hurts alot and hubby due home in about 10 mins. 9 empty wine bottles on the kitchen table plus empty gin bottle but there wasn't much in it to start with, honest. Gonna be a long day, kids off school but at least I don't have to work today. My pal just left and she has a 9 hour work shift to do. So MM def not elite athlete material, lol. Hubby should be home any minute. I need to run while he gets ready for work,yikes. Did a 3 mile recovery run yesterday and my calf still a bit sore so it will just be a slow one again today.

And yes you might be right maybe the carb thing is just an excuse and its still disordered eating. I don't know . Typical food day wouldbe museli for brekkie with fruit on top. Lots of. Cup of tea and apple and orange mid morning. lunch is usually cup of soup (yes I know prob full of salt an shite!), yogurt and wee bag of trail mix that our local health food shop makes up. Then tea at night so something like chilli (just the mince sauce) with lots of veg brocoli and sugar snap peas for example. Some dark chocolate. Supper might be another yogurt.Thats generally it. Might have a couple of oatcakes at some point if I'm really hungry or apricots or almonds or yog raisins again from our local health food shop, they are yum and not like packet ones you can buy.

Don't give up MM but I can understand after so long that you might lose the fire for competing.

And RB nice to see you.

25/02/2013 at 08:09
Hubby is obviously channeling Mums Running Club tonight - first time ever he suggested we didn't have carbs with dinner - fish and yummy salad. Needless to say its bedtime and I'm starving!!!
25/02/2013 at 08:29
NO MORE TALKING ABOUT FOOD FOR ME, after the Indian, toastie and choc I felt so bad that I ate tea, 2/3 of a viennetta, half a fruit strudel and the rest of the dairy milk (family size bar). went to bed in tears! gggrrrrrrrr.
25/02/2013 at 08:37
haha lotte, you are getting all your carbs from wine!!!!!
25/02/2013 at 08:56
Was thinking that about the wine too lol
25/02/2013 at 09:01
80% good 20% bad Camlo, don't beat yourself up, today is another day + u will fill yourself up with delicious healthy food full of vits + minerals today + enjoy it
25/02/2013 at 09:05
Rest day for me today, did 10 miler yesterday + legs have felt fine. Longest run I have done since September last yr so was expecting to b sore, but surprisingly ok.
25/02/2013 at 09:49
Lotte -sounds like a good night!! Hope today isn't too painful!
25/02/2013 at 09:52
In future I am going to refrain from vocalising any moments of hope - feel bloody awful today and was lousy overnight too. Bah.
25/02/2013 at 09:54
Lotte, was that 9 bottles of wine and some gin between just 4 of you??? Ouch! It's a LONG time since I drank anywhere near that much but can so clearly remember the hangovers. I remember a particularly good one on a Sunday night too with us all having to work on the monday, truly grim, hope you make it through the day.
25/02/2013 at 11:25
Ouch lotte. That's a lot of wine!!
25/02/2013 at 11:34

Wow, you lot were chatty this weekend! Taken me a good half hour (of work time) to catch up!

Lol to the wine lotte! How on earth do you manage to soak up a hangover without some stodgy carbs?! I'm amazed your body functions so well on your diet, or is that a good advert for it. Was it tangy/camlo who said there are 8 body types and diets? I know for sure that my periods would disappear if I ate like that. My body is incredibly sensitive to me either eating less or running over ~30miles a week. I can't let my weight go below 10ish stone either. My periods have already gone from 27days pre-xmas to now nearly 40days and I'm sure its down to the marathon training.

Anj- wonderful race report! Might have been a shock but all sounds great to me. You know its gone well if you're allowed to go home! The hospital I had Rosie at have a 6hr rule otherwise I would've been straight out the door!

TT- Hope you got some more sleep and hubby didn't go to play golf?

Big hugs to MM, CC, CM and all others feeling down from lack of running/injuries.

Tang- great running! Your training sounds like it is going great guns. Rest day well deserved. I'm on a rest day after a too fast 16miler with my old PT yesterday morning! She not only runs faster (way faster) than me, she also wanted to meet at 7am, so was home by 9.30am, very unusual for me hubby (amazingly) had the kids fed, dressed and had put the washing/dishwasher on so I didn't launch straight into housework just ended up being a 'horse' for Mags when I tried to do some stretching.

Yes, I completely agree there is some disordered eating on this forum! Fast days, paleo diets, no carbs!! I used to have an eating disorder at Uni but what I ate sounds almost normal now.... We eat carbs with every meal, hubby is bread obsessed (likes to make it too luckily) and we have bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner some days (toast, sarnies, stew/soup with bread). All meals have pasta, noodles, sometimes rice, potatoes (hubby not keen on spuds and I could live on pasta). When I'm ignoring hubby we can have couscous, bulgur wheat, quinoa, polenta etc. All with mountains of veg of course, loads of cheese, soya etc also eaten. I'm a veggie so not much meat consumed and I do eat fish but v little because hubby doesn't like my favourite salmon. Anyway, I reckon I eat more than most on here, plus an array of biscuits, puddings, yoghurts etc. I've just started making my own muesli as a vague attempt to cut down on bread/cereal at breakfast. No idea why I decided to as I feel fine on all the bread I eat but I am now addicted to my homemade muesli with loads of greek yoghurt and fresh fruit on it, yum!

And talking of food... I'm reading a very serious book called "eat your heart out" by felicity lawrence about the food industry and our health/planets health. Reckon you might quite like it Caro after what you said about omegas and fishing. It is quite depressing read and is making me think too much about how our lives are all going to change massively in a very few short years when oil runs out, so I'm three chapters in and having a break from it to read something more cheerful! Anyway, an interesting point is that now meat isn't a luxury and the whole world wants it on a mass produced scale, livestock accounts for a fifth of all greenhouse emissions (not including methane from cows) and a third of all grain produced goes to feeding our meat rather than ourselves (or biofuels). Going veggie for a year is better for the planet than trading in your car apparently! She thinks the way forward is beans/pulses for protein and meat from your own backyard. (So the paleo diet is fine as long as you hunt like a caveman too and don't buy it from tes

25/02/2013 at 11:37

cut me off mid tescos. I must be going on too much.

25/02/2013 at 11:41

Sorry, sound like an activist ranting on (I may be one by the time I finish this book - run off to Wales and run a self sufficient commune. But the chapter on breakfast cereals was a real eye opener. I'm particularly scared by the acrylamide thing (which I did know about but chose to ignore), must wean Maggie off her hooplas and never buy her crisps again.

25/02/2013 at 11:48
I have started making my own granola as a cereal or porridge topping. It is yum!

Sounds like an interesting read sonya, I will write it down. I agree about the depressing thing though, Hugh FW was in South Georgia showing stunning wildlife and scenery that is all being affected by fishing. There were a load of biologists and scientists helping look after it all and he asked them if they would like to see the whole of the ara (200 mile radius) have no fishing instead of just 12 miles at the moment and they gave v cagey answers. It turns out the fishing industry gives the govt of South Georgia 3 million pounds a yr, to protect the wildlife, so no fishing, no money......basically it all boils down to politics.
25/02/2013 at 13:01

Blimey Lotte that is so few calories. I was expecting you to say a big bowl of wholesome soup or something. Goodness I eat so much more than that in a day and run less miles. Maybe why I can't shift my middle though but I'm happy I guess. Yes maybe carbs are coming from wine Lotte!

Need to make some soup for tom actually as have friend coming for lunch with her wee boy and they adore each other. In fact I rang her immediately I discovered that S had worms as they always play together at nursery etc.

Today I have had huge bowl of crunchy cereal and special k with loads of fruit and yoghurt on top. Banana mid morning (after run, yes I ran 10k on the treadmill!!! Think it's OK??? Fingers crossed!!). Lunch toast and veg (carrots, pepper, toms) with houmous, nuts and dried fruit handful and apple. Will have more fruit mid afternoon and maybe some malt loaf or something like a hotcross bun then pasta with bacon and veg tonight and probably a yoghurt. I don't think I eat enough as have been feeling light headed after some runs and especially speed work but struggle in daytime to eat more just cos rushing around. We eat pasta about twice a week, spuds once a week then rice mainly or couscous. Always carbs though. I can't imagine eating chilli without the rice. Each to their own though, but it is basically Atkins diet and can affect your liver so be careful. My SIL has starved her body of carbs for years to keep her weight down eating only protein and running off that (she had always been a good runner but never quite managed the longer distances to her ability) and has ended up coeliac as the lining of her gut has been damaged. Have been reading loads of stuff about it to help her, so do be careful. Better to have a good balanced diet than these fad diets tbh! Remember in Paelo times our bodies were different to now.

More worms this weekend. So yuck! Harry this time, so we all took another dose. So hope it's gone. Have washed all bedding again and towels. Yuck yuck!!

Right more washing to hang out now I've iced my knee (just had a sports massage from my friends) and feet. Going to attempt a double day tom if the knee reacts OK tonight. Please please let it be OK...

I'm not retiring anytime soon, just know I can't push myself like this forever and sadly like Lotte is finding I am a pretty good runner and I know what I'm capable of if I can put in the training. I have a wish list of races I'd like to do Seven Sisters marathon and the OMM being two. So will tick those off at some point. I am not aiming for anything specific this autumn as the holidays have wrecked me for two years now, so aim for the cotswolds relays in June, as I LOVE that race and I have 8 other legs to run and enjoy yet and then go for the shorter stuff off less mileage over the summer like I usually do. Might run a relaxed half marathon but nothing serious this year. And with my new bike I'm getting for my 40th might have bash at some duathlons or even a triathlon again. Maybe!!??

Very interesting read Sonya might look that up.

25/02/2013 at 14:05

EF - hope you are feeling soon. FWIW, i reckon it's a boy. i was barf-tastic all the way through with J!

Lotte - lol to your night. how you could run with a steaming hangover i don't know. i end up needing toilet stops for upset tummy if i run with a hangover. and i agree - your foot consumption seems very low. don't know how you run 100 mile weeks on that!

i am very unconvinced by the idea of beans and veg for breakfast. tbh i would rather not bother! i don't even like cooked breakfast. i can eat one at lunchtime, but not in the morning. i honestly think i would go without if i couldn't have carbs. am sure that's not ideal either. J made me howl this morning. he asked for a crumpet and he then said 'your crumpets are so much nicer than daddy's'. i buy my crumpets from Aldi - 39p for 6. daddy buys Warburtons. hahahaha!

cat will be in doghouse here. E creating a daffodil to take to school for st david's day. left it on the table and he has just jumped up and walked all over it with muddy paw prints. ARGH! contemplating whether i should make another one before i pick her up. suspect she will notice tho!


25/02/2013 at 14:07

glad your knee feels better, MM

i could seriously be vegetarian. wouldn't really bother me, and, very embarrassingly, the only thing i would actually miss would be sausage / chorizo. i like bacon, but can live without it. but i LOVE spicy sausages and would miss those. but that would be it. seriously wouldn't miss anything else. i do like fish but could live without that too.

we are having salmon pasta tonight and to make you girls happy (except lotte who won't approve of the pasta!), i will eat with the kids. two fast days coming up (although will do 500 cal a day to keep Tt happy) before a blow-out on thurs for E birthday. Franky and Benny's for tea.  not really my idea of a nice meal out!!

25/02/2013 at 14:17

No not really CM. I could think of better places to have a blow out on food! Maybe a salad then?

I could be veggie too and like you I'd miss chorizo too . I do love bacon though too. I do like a good roast dinner and would have to keep eating fish and seafood as I like it way too much but otherwise yes could live without it. I'd get too anaemic though, struggle as it is and I take at least 1 iron tablet every day and eat meat 3-4 times per week.

Oh lordie to the daff can you clean it off? Damn cats. Mine are driving me mad at the mo with their fleas and fussy eating. Arhhhh!

I can run with a hangover but maybe not after that much wine tbh!!!  Hope you feel OK Lotte. Get some carbs down you!!


25/02/2013 at 14:28

You two definitely need to make Portuguese kale soup - it is full of chorizo

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