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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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11/11/2012 at 22:48

I'm a huge fan of the pigeon stretch!!!

11/11/2012 at 22:50
I think you'll be fine Caro. My HV told me when Ted was 10 months that if I ran out of formula he'd be fine as it was so close to age 1 and she was certain he'd get the.right diet(!). Given it's pretty much a one off...

Btw - has anyone else been told at their two year check that their toddlers' need vitamins? Just wondered if it was just something going on round here!
11/11/2012 at 23:05

Scarlett started on real milk a month earlier than she should have - we were going skiing and I wasn't lugging cartons of aptimil over with me and waaaay too expensive over there to buy. Go for it, am sure he'll be fine. J had some at about six months when I went somewhere and his bottle leaked everywhere in the car!

JG - side-plank on a frozen shoulder is probs not the best, things like shoulder rolls, wide arm arm floats (thumbs up, palms forwards, just to shoulder height and then pushing down on way back down etc). What a bu**er the classes though as that would be just what you need.

CM - I have that whole hip rolling thing that goes on, making me wonky, although not so bad recently. I guess when you are working - pilates etc really try and be aware of it, all about balance (of course) = tight muscles (short) vs loose muscles (long) - usually where there is an imbalance, this will be going on and the aim is to lengthen the short muscles etc and then they will stop pulling everything out of line ...

Oh god, can you tell I've just spent last 1.5 hours filling out stuff for my assessment - who knows if I am making any sense!!

JT/CM - I think hubby did pick up notes of desperation today - at lunchtime I could barely be civil to him, so hacked off was I , but we managed adult conversation this evening. He only half-heartedly tried to convince me vs using the turbo trainer (I think he thinks the treadie will sit in corner gathering dust - um no).

And CM - don't worry, much of the time I feel I sing from the same songbook as you!

12/11/2012 at 07:49
Caro I agree with being fine with cows milk. J had it on his cereal from 7-8 mo & as his drink from 11-12 mo, & we gave it to him before a year occasionally as a drink. Like JT said occasionally before 1 yr as a drink is fine.

JT J had his 2 yr check about 3 months ago and they never mentioned vitamins?
I always think as long as they have a good balanced diet they should be fine? Esp as lots of breakfast cereal & bread etc has added folic acid, iron etc. what particular vitamin were they worried about?
12/11/2012 at 09:41

sorry yet another me post.  embys not done so well  down to just 4 good quality ones so going to have 2 put back today and freeze two.  if they dont freeze well then that's all our chances done.  bollox.  but possibly explains the last 3.5 yrs of fruitless trying esp since the one time it did work the poor baby had problems.  

hey ho.  thinking positive - on a month to month basis you only get one egg and it only takes one to work! 


12/11/2012 at 09:55
EF, How incredibly frustrating and disappointing, it must be so emotionally draining. Keeping everything crossed that at least one works for you. I can't imagine what it must be like but thinking of you
12/11/2012 at 10:02
Oh EF, thinking of you and the embys! It only takes one good one to make a baby, so all fingers crossed that one of those sticks for you. Hope you can have a bit of time to yourself over the next few days and work isn't too hectic. Big hugs from down here.
12/11/2012 at 10:22
Thanks guys. I just keep saying that to myself - only takes one.

Am presently drinking like a woman possessed as got to have a full bladder. And I suspect this afternoon's entertainment may well be Christmas shopping on the Internet. If I'm thinking positively then I'll be feeling too crap in a few weeks to do any shopping! And yes that does count as a positive thought!
12/11/2012 at 10:34
I really really hope one (or two) of those that they put back does its stuff EF. Xx

Eric has abidec multi vits as in theory could be iron deficient as breast fed, and I do give M multi vits. We eat only home made bread, so no added vits, and I'm guessing tesco value porridge oats, or Cheerios don't have too much added!
I take a multi vit every day, not sure it does much as I always get colds. However I bet we eat better than joe average who the advice is prob aimed at!
12/11/2012 at 11:01

Ah EF, keep positive my love. It does only take one good one as Vixo says. So so hope it works for you. Big hugs and look after yourself x

Me & the girls all take a daily vitamin.

At work. Getting my flu jag later ;(

12/11/2012 at 12:09
All done. Very straightforward
12/11/2012 at 12:38
Everything crossed for you EF. On the Plus side, 4 have done well! And it only takes one. Who knows what the rest of us do? It's only in situations like this you find out. X

Em - not sure why! We live in South Wales so maybe it's due to the poor diet issues I keep hearing about on the news! It was vits a, c and d.

I seem to remember something about anything you need or low quality being excreted anyway... That said, some of the shopping trolley contents round here are scary! I'm the odd one out with my obvious cook from scratch approach and bread flour!!!

Ok, so today proved to me I'm not as well as i.think! Just did small weekly shop and it wiped me out. Rah! On plus side found a gammon joint half price as butcher burst pack putting it on display Sorry Caro, C word again!
12/11/2012 at 13:15

Fingers crossed here for you too EF (())

12/11/2012 at 13:24

Yes EF, lots of +++ thinking from up here too ... does make you wonder what all our bodies do actually do, going on the 'it only takes one' thought ((())), hope you can take it easy over next few days.

No vitamin taking for my two, although at end of last winter I did start giving them Vit D seeing as daylight is a bit challenged up here and there was all the talk of higher MS rates up here due to that.  Hmmm, perhaps I will start that again but that's about it.

back later, worked this morning and have an hour to squeeze a run in ... it's 7 degrees out there and raining, inspiring stuff!!

12/11/2012 at 14:25

thank you all.  What a few days!  Well now there is nothing left to do but wait.  And do my progesterone gel and my heparin shots I suppose.  I have to say though that I felt absobloodylutely awful on Friday.  I felt a switch flick in the middle of the night to suddenly feel a bit better and today I was fine.  Now I've had my progesterone gel again I feel a bit nauseous but I think that's all in the head!  Friday was weird though because I was fine at the hospital and came home and was totally fine then felt a bit tired so went to bed then ugh, was sore, felt sick, went to the loo and collapsed on the landing on the way back.  Was not good.  Told Louise that I had the sick bug which has recently afflicted both her cousins!  still, all over. 

Supposed to have blood test Friday 23rd but I'm in London so have to do hpt that day and phone them and I must go in for a blood test on the monday as well.  They need me to go for their stats so fair enough though it's hardly going to be a fun trip if I know it's negative.  But it won't be.  PMA and all that. 

My Christmas cards have just arrived in the post.  (sorry!) i feel I ought to start writing them whilst I am at home!

Right, off to do some online shopping now! 


12/11/2012 at 14:35

Everything crossed for you here too EF (()) must be so hard to think about anything else!

Hope you got the run in CC, can't beat a bit of cold drizzle Also sounds positive about the treadmill, even if hubby wants you to self fund it (I think this is completely unfair btw!). Things sound really tough at the moment so anything to make it all seem a little better has got to be a good thing (and hopefully hubby will realise this too), On subject of treadmills, Anj - as JT said, dont expect much maneuverability. We recently got a t4.5 reebok which is supposedly one of the easiest to move, folds well and has an extra wheel prong for moving it (if that makes sense!), but it is still massive and I can only cope with lowering it and then just run on it where it is facing the hall wall! I already have to shift all the stuff from in front of it so when pushed for time (like during a babys nap) you need it to be quick. Also, I dont have a garage but even if we did I would need the treadmill indoors so I can keep an ear out for Maggie creating mischief (if refusing to nap and crashing about trying to wake Rosie). Might not be a prob for you if intending to mostly use it when only have the baby in the house.

I keep buying kids vitamins to give Maggie then forget! Just a winter thing mainly for the Vit D, but she does eat weetabix etc which are all fortified. Rosie drinks aptamil followon so sure she gets enough vits/iron from that. I did hear in the news that the advice is for Vit D supplements but I've never been told by an HV to use them. And yes, all water soluble vitamins don't get stored so if you take too much (like a berocca) you just pee them out. Fat soluble ones- its best not to supplement, unless adviced to, as you can take too much of them.

JT- keep resting! assume the gammon is for christmas then?! No presents bought here yet but am definitely thinking about it a lot, I do love buying presents for people, especially now that Maggie seems to understand the concept!

JG- boo to feeling ill too. And to the pilates class clash!

Lotte- I am just completely in awe of anyone who can run 107miles in a week, even if they didn't have 6 kids! I am pleased with my little 14miles last week!

Camlo- tough guy preparation sounds like its going well!

CM- thats really cr*p about your back. Hope the exercises help and I'm also a fan of the pigeon stretch since my PT showed it to me. I was considering that deerpark 10k on Sunday, main reason I haven't entered is because I did my 10k PB in Richmond park only a few weeks ago and am sure I'm not as fit/trained now so I would be slower when I obviously want to beat it on my next 10k.

Bit of running going on here. Little 4 miles with a hangover on Saturday after mummys night out (in a proper cougar bar in Esher!), then did 6 miles on Sunday in beautiful sunshine through local woods (and had to do my first "Paula", not used to being in parks without toilets!). Brought my running kit into work today but have actually been working(!) so will escape tomorrow lunchtime instead. Also did a mini bootcamp with 3 others in my old PT's back garden one evening last week. Was pretty good and I'm hoping she'll keep doing it as far cheaper than PT but also forces me to do some cross training, those squat jumps make my thighs burn! Oh and i'm also getting a pain up inside of my thigh when running, groin perhaps? Slightly concerning as happens when I speed up, maybe I'm not warming up adequately?

Nice weekend with my mum visiting. She did drive me nuts a couple of times (asking me to stop on way back home to get beer in waitrose when it was midday and M having full on hysterics in the back of the car - you can just drink all the wine I've bought you or sod off to the

12/11/2012 at 14:37

EF - thinking of you. all so very tough... fingers crossed, and wishing you heaps of sticky stuff

having driven round all over the place trying to get sodding parcel weighed and finally working out the price for shipping to germany, the guy says it's too expensive(19.96 for a 15kg parcel from UK to Germany and he thinks that's too much!!!) and he doesn't want it. FFS!! now i have to second chance it and pay eBay. grrrrrrr... and it will be two charges as there are two separate items which he won and wanted shipped together.

12/11/2012 at 14:40

missed my last bit! see below

pub!). Luckily my sis took her to a brewery open day on Sat to get her out of my hair for a bit and she did help with the girls quite a lot on Sunday and this morning so overall was more help than not...! Rosie loves my mums dog so she was happy, got to crawl after her all over the house, very cute.

Oops, didn't realise it was 2.30, best do some work and stop pretending its still lunchtime.

12/11/2012 at 16:14

Thinking of you EF. Did you have 2 put back then? When do you know if all is good?

We don't have vitamins here, but I think that we kind of eat a healthy, varied diet and L eats lots of fruits and vegetables, plus cereal, bread etc etc...and we are outside for at least an hour each day.

Sounds a bit of a nightmare with Mum Sonja, I hate it when people don't account for kids and realise that they HAVE to come first otherwise it is you paying the consequences. Maybe one of the adductor muscles that is pulling, lots of stretching, try the sitting with legs bent at knee and out to the sides and soles of the feet together (if that makes sense) That usually gets the adductor group.

JT - hope you spent the rest of the afternoon taking it easy!

Feeling a bit ropey myself today, did tesco shopping then playgym and then thought I would try the gym whilst Leila was at pre school which was ok, but now feeling headachy and wiped out. Told Leila that I might have a little sleep whilst she played and she said "but Mummy, you have to cook dinner..." hmmm so I do.

12/11/2012 at 16:44

Good luck EF, keeping everything crossed.  Was it all the hormones making you feel horrible on Friday?

JT - no vit advice here, I would have thought a varied diet would be enough??  I can see parents relying on vitamins rather than a good diet (not parents like us of course ).  Boo to still feeling rubbish, take it easy.

CC - is that arms out to the side with thumbs up?  I have one exercise from the physio which is arm up at right angles on a door frame and lean forwards so it stretches my arm and shoulder, if that makes any sense!  Not sure that's helping that much though.

Better cook the kids some tea I suppose...!

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