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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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24/11/2013 at 00:12

In fact love most of those old biblical boys names Jacob, Zachary, Elijah etc

24/11/2013 at 19:34

Survived a day and a half of single parenthood - roll on Fri!  Went to a nearby man made sailing lake today to run/cycle - had Eric in the buggy and Matilda on her bike and we did 4 miles, before I let them play - such a meanie!  Going to use the buggy again tomorrow whilst M is at school to keep me sane, then hopefully manage a Wed lunch time run whilst at work.  Been enjoying working out how the new washing machine and microwave work - such a saddo I know.  Am using the microwave 'combi' mode for the 1st time - only to re heat some chicken but we shall see.  I fully expect to come back to an exploded mess in a minute.

Hope everyone had a nice wk ends.



25/11/2013 at 13:34

Well done Caro !  Hope the chicken stayed intact!  I cooked a Slimming World Mediterranean Tray Bake last night which claimed it took 50 mins to make.  After well over an hour it was still half raw and we ended up eating the edible bits, microwaving the rest and eating what was cooked, and chucking the rest!  There's enough for tonight too so we left it in the oven for about another 45mins and I think it might finally be cooked now.  So annoying!

I'm at home with a poorly boy today . He suddenly came on all wheezy yesterday just before tea and has been coughing and wheezing ever since.  He had something similar a few times last winter and threw up every time, but so far so good...  A friend has kindly offered to bring Sophie home from school so at least I don't have to drag him out again.  Just hope he's better tomorrow as I'm working and hubby has an interview!

Brookie - well done on stretching your legs for the first time in (I imagine!) months!  Take it steady and build up slowly - I'm sure CC will be recommending pilates, as do I!  Isaac is a lovely name - a bit sad in our family as my brother had to have his baby boy terminated due to a bone condition, and they called him Isaac.  Otherwise Nicky might have been an Isaac!

I'm having a bit of a work dilemma as I was asked to cover 3 Fridays which obviously I jumped at as it means more cash.  But then I realised one Friday is our PTA Christmas Fair, where I am Santa's elf (!), and the grandparents can't do the other 2 Fridays .  So a friend has said she can pick up N and S one Friday but can't pick S up on the other Friday as they are going to a party.  So now I've said I can work 2 out of 3 Fridays (after initially agreeing to all 3) and then had to say actually I can only work till 2.30pm on one of the days...I expect the guy organising it is really fed up with me!  Shows how hard it is to work if you don't have family or a regular childminder to help out.

My mum rang earlier and is a bit fed up as my 98 year old Granny is becoming so forgetful she said she's not like her mum anymore  and she does most of the caring for her.  Anyway, it's a long story but basically Granny was leaving my mum her house, then my uncle (mum's brother) came back from abroad after 30 ish years away in March and has moved in with my Granny.  And now she says she's leaving the house to him as he's the eldest etc .  Feel sorry for my mum as she's looked after Granny for years and he turns up and takes the house off her.  Families and wills, so complicated!

25/11/2013 at 20:22

Oh no JG, that is rotten.  I think my dad had similar with his mum regarding the will but they sorted it out.  

hope you get the work sorted out, I'm helping a friend tomorrow by having her son as she is doing some work in school and is thinking of retraining as a teacher.  Always a juggling nightmare.

our car has gone wonky, the boot won't open.  Seems like an electrical fault.  It started this morning but when I spoke to hubby he said it was doing it on Saturday too.  The garage had a quick look and I have booked in for a proper look on Wednesday As they think it might be the switch. Urgh.

Martha's reading has taken a leap, so rewarding.  She was just reading a magazine to herself and is naturally curious and just picking stuff up and reading it spontaneously, yeah!


25/11/2013 at 23:27

Yeay to Martha's reading  but boo to the boot  - Sophie's currently (not right this moment I should add!) reading Justin's Jokes which I picked up from the library on Saturday - she's just about getting them, with a bit of explanation from me at times!

26/11/2013 at 21:10

Hello! Loving all of the Santa smileys Thought I had better pop in and update you all on little one. She is just fab and we are all besotted. She is a very calm and content baby (so far a lot easier than JP was, but I think that my being relaxed has a lot to do with that) and she is sleeping for 2-3 hr stretches at night. Most nights we're getting a total of 7 hours, which I am very happy with! 

The birth itself was amazing and I am so glad I went for the C. I guess otherwise we would still be waiting! I was first in theatre at 8.45 and she was born at 9.11. I really enjoyed the whole experience and felt calm right the way through. I haemorrhaged quite badly (1200mls) but they managed to stem it fairly quickly and I had a syntocin drip in recovery. That was probably the worst bit because I was there for five hours, but we did do lots of skin to skin to pass the time Six days on and I cannot believe how good I feel! Tummy is looking less pouchy (you know what I mean!) all the time and the wound is healing brilliantly. All worth it though! 

26/11/2013 at 21:34

Hi TB! Lovely to hear from you and such happy news  - great that you are doing so well and that your decision to have the c-section was definitely the right one.  7 hours in one night should not be allowed at this age! 

26/11/2013 at 21:44

Congrats again TB!  Almost makes me clucky......

So JG how was Disney on Ice?  And is the dressing up mandatory?  (at least in the eyes of a 5 yr old girl!)

Camlo    pirate
26/11/2013 at 22:49

Love the baby news, wish i was close enough for a cuddle Brookie and Tatty, glad your tummy is healed enough for a gentle jog Brookie and glad the planned CS reduced stress for you Tatty. not good about the haemorrhage, try and take it steady until your iron levels recover. 

JG - that does seem very old fashioned to leave your house to 'the eldest' esp when your mum has done all the care. I guess if her memory and capacity is questionable then she will have difficulty getting a new will anyway, so it may still go on what she wrote before (if she has a will at all). Does your mum get on with her brother? If so then maybe he will share regardless. my step dad was left everything by his dad but shared it all with his sister. 

Running club off to Ypres in september for the memorial marathon, going to back off a bit before building back up as i want my sub 4 next year if it kills me! 

27/11/2013 at 06:33

Please Help....Need to eat healthier 'Admission and working on it'.... My daughter is a year old next week, struggling so bad with midriff just isn't getting smaller, usually run around 18 miles a week however this will be increasing beginning training for GNR so trying harder with my longer run etc....Think being older really doesn't help having a baby at 40 is very different to when I was 25 and 30 after my sons, maybe patience and perserverence can help, any tips ladies? Thank You

27/11/2013 at 15:58

Hi fab40, my youngest is nearly 18 months and I am struggling to get out running much still so I'm not great for advice!  I have cut down on the fattier and more sugary foods I was buying and that's made a bit of a difference.

hopefully the longer runs will make a difference for you.

Camlo    pirate
27/11/2013 at 19:32

Fab40 - no tips, you probably know what to do but need the motivation and time to allow you to put it into practice. Now that is something we all struggle to acheive and i for one have a horrendous overhanging belly which still hasnt shifted and my youngest is 5! 

kinsey - How much are you getting out now? 

27/11/2013 at 19:54

Camlo - yes she is the most old-fashioned woman you could meet!  No my mum and brother get on politely but he told her in front of me when we visited recently that "you really are the most annoying woman, I'm so glad I haven't had to spend the last 40 years with you!" so a sharing option is unlikely .  The trouble with that comment is that I agreed with him but obviously didn't want him being mean to my mum!  He's 8 years older too.

So tired today and got a bit of a gurgly tummy - hubby and I have both had it for a few days. Nicky's been ill so it's probably related to that.  No exercise for me since Sunday, and unlikely to be any till the weekend, such is life at the moment :/

Got asked if I was pregnant by a 16 year old student yesterday .  I brushed it off as my belly does stick out like that sometimes, particularly if I wear the wrong jumper (hubby won't let me bin it ) but felt really down when I got home and had a bit of a crying sesh upstairs about feeling crap .  Feeling a bit better today although the whole work situation bothers me, with not being permanent and not earning much at the moment, but hey ho at least I have a job and French teaching lined up in January for a bit.

Caro - Disney on Ice was fab!  The Tangled section is particularly good, so if M hasn't seen it I recommend a quick DVD session beforehand!  A lot of little girls were dressed up but there were some who weren't, so not compulsory.  However Sophie clearly felt like a princess the way she carried herself the whole time in her dress!   Oh and the merchandise was extortionate - Sophie didn't ask me for anything except a Mickey Mouse balloon on the way out.  Quick look at the price (£8 or 9, I forget which ) and I told her I'd buy her a cheaper one elsewhere!

27/11/2013 at 19:55

Hi Fab40 - you can probably tell I'm struggling to shift the blob too so no tips I'm afraid!  Long-distance training has got to help though so keep it up..

27/11/2013 at 20:36

Thanks JG - M loves tangled more than any of the Disney stories - the no of times we listen to it in the car........I am well prepared for expensive merchandise so shall bring sweets with me and that will be that.  Disney have had enough of my money just for the tickets!

27/11/2013 at 21:13

I am doing practically nothing! I'm just knackered running around after three of them. Benedict still wakes at least once a night.  If we have a quiet weekend then I get out but the rest of the time hubby is away and I always have B so its impossible.

my flipping SMax is playing up, the boot refused to open from Monday to today at which point on delivery at the garage it pretended nothing was wrong.  effing thing. Literally the back windscreen wiper wouldn't work on the way to school but then it magically repaired itself?? Have booked it in for next Tuesday when I have fewer pick ups to do.

trying to make our mind up on a house. It's lovely but blighted by proximity to a pylon.  Also not near much else so would be in the car for school etc.  but its so much nicer than the new builds we have seen.  Def a first world problem!

JG, urgh to the pregnant comment.  A bloody estate agent made a comment a while ago as though I were expecting!  Prob with carrying Benedict is I stand in an unflattering not sucking it in way so I probably did look a bit 'bloated'!

27/11/2013 at 22:09

I've resorted to weightwatchers. 11lbs off in 5 weeks though so def working! Plus I've upped exercise so doing a run, couple of nights on spin bike, pt sesh and gym sesh on own. Not sure how long I can sustain but I've still got 1st 2lbs to go to goal. 

27/11/2013 at 22:53

Well done TB .  Glad C section worked for you. if I had a third I'd def choose it again. Tho I'm not. Having a third that is! 

28/11/2013 at 00:50

Well done on the weightloss EF and boo to rude teenagers JG!!

I've definitely lost some weight since I've started walking to daycare and back most days. Trying to reduce amount of sugar I eat with carrying degrees of success! ALso yesterday I noticed that my glutes were a bit sore after the long uphill - this is actually a major achievement and means that my orthotics must be working. It's the first time my butt has actually done the work it should do in a LONG time!!!

Work driving me mad today - bunch of ungrateful sods!!

SPoke to our property management company yesterday and apparently if we move out before our contract ends we have to pay a fee for breaking the contract AND cover the rent until a new tenant is found. As the house is being sold there won't eb a new tenant so we'd have to pay right up til end of contract in Feb. SUCKS!!!! But at least its made one thing easy, we won't start looking for somewhere to move to until Jan and def won't move til mid Feb so can enjoy the summer in this place.


28/11/2013 at 06:20

Ooh well done EF!

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