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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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12/11/2012 at 16:51

A huge good luck from me EF x

12/11/2012 at 18:32
Good luck EF, thinking of you xxx
12/11/2012 at 20:37
God I have just sat through an hour online lecture on anti microbial resistance, so dull!! Managed to chew my way through a whole tube of polos during it.

Got my pay cheque today, where they delight in telling me how much I should be getting paid this month, then deduct the lot as I'm on maternity leave. However, I realised that unbeknownst to me I have had a pay rise. So this means for all my 2012 leave they have to pay me for, I will get a little bit more

Saw a mum from M's class at pick up time today, who I thought was being induced with 3 rd baby today, so I did a double take when I saw her and said what are you doing here-she'd had it yesterday! There she was walking to pick up daughter no 1 from school! There is no way I could have walked anywhere the day after giving birth, let alone to school!
12/11/2012 at 20:44

Ohhh good luck EF - thinking of you lots! The wait must be very tough so I hope you have lots of chocolate to help things along!!

Dropped M off and daycare and there was a notice up about a vomiting bug going round daycare - joy!!! Please please can she not get that! I have a meeting away on Thur - just for the day but really need to be able to go, and want to go down to the farm for the weekend on Fri!

Exciting news is that for the first time in ages I went for a run. Dropped M off in my kit and went as soon as I got home! not far but felt ok - knees a bit funny but am super tight at the moment so need to stretch stretch stretch. Also going to find a pilates class as my core is RUBBISH. Trying to get a bit more focused on me for a bit, hubby and I are having a bit of a rough patch (just generally not being very nice to each other) and I figure if I'm feeling better about myself and having a bit of me time, then that positivity will rub off in other areas! Biggest issue we are having is that hubby is not sure that he wants another child. Partly a financial thing which I understand although don't agree with entirely but also not wanting to go through the baby stage again. We wouldn't start trying until mid next year if we were going to but I feel stressed at the thought of it not being an option. Pretty tricky but he does have some fairly major changes of mind so will see what happens over the next few months.

Right - really really should be working!!!

12/11/2012 at 21:21

EF - hope you are resting up

Hoggle - oo that's a tricky one. but then i was adamant adamant adamant that there wasn't going to be a number 2 as i hated the baby stage so much. it wasn't until J got to about 20 months that i cracked...

back feeling marginally better tonight. the pigeon stretch did nothing for my sacro iliac although i do do that stretch (didn't know its name) for my hip / ITB anyway. i will try a trot tomorrow. just looked at the route for the 10k on sunday and it's along the river which should be nice. logistics shouldn't be too bad as friend is only 4 miles from start also. just have to get past the late night which we will have on saturday as going to concert that a friend is singing in in covent garden!

right - i am buggered so off to bed. the kittens are knackered too and they have passed out in the kitchen so i don't even need to chase them round the house to try and get them into the kitchen overnight!

12/11/2012 at 22:30

Oh EF, that's not nice feeling so grim. Just really really really hope it all goes well and thinking of you lots. Please try and take it easy where you can.

Hoggle - that IS a tough one. Like CM I was adamant we were only having one and then buckled at a similar point!!! When S did arrive hubby then basically ignored her for the first year or so of her life ... and he was the one who really wanted multiples!!! It's difficult when they are so small to see beyond it (thinking of your hubbys mindset). For me, now, despite my initial reluctance I am very glad as my two are fabulous together (well probs about 70% of the time!!).  I do agree if you feel better about yourself and have some me-time it can definitely help on the domestic peace front so I hope you continue to get some me-time windows, they are so very important.

JG - yes, thumbs leading, just float arms up and then slowly return to start and then start to introduce some resistance on the way down (pushing down through treacle) and lengthen through neck - kind of makes all the neck and shoulders engage. I would think even just lying on your back with arms extended down by side would help open out chest if it needs it? Gravity doing it's job etc?

CM - have you tried some brutal rollering on it band?

Sonya - mum stay sounds a bit grim but glad you got some++ out of it. Love sound of girls night in 'cougar bar'!!! and getting some running in.

Just finished final typing up of assignment sheets - at the point where i don't dare read any of them again as i am NOT re-typing anything else.

Ran in the drizzle and it was lovely but chest feeling all tight again. Hubby sent me interesting link today - research in Norway linking asthma symptoms to hormone levels, ie things get worse at particular times of the month. Blo*dy typical, but I'd got with that.

Off to bed myself now as totally trashed, have pilates to teach in morning.

Funny night tonight, had one of Js friends home for tea before taking them both to Cub trip to Elgin Fire Station - they (J, friend and S) decided to have a disco ... this entailed turning all the lights off in the lounge so pitch black and whacking up AC DC to the max - love it, not sure the neighbours did though

12/11/2012 at 22:38
Oh dear mixed day - fingers crossed EF, really hope it works for you. Can you just think about getting cover for your London trip in case you don't feel like going.
Hoggle - cant imagine having to compromise on such a huge issue but good that you are at least able to talk about it and hopefully as things settle you will reach a decision together which is acceptable to you both. The baby stage is sooooo hard I'm not surprised some people blanch at the thought of doing it again. Life is so ironic when we have Mums on here desperate to have another and others desperate not to. I did my thesis on adoption and struggled through infertility before having my wee boys and my heart goes out to you all.
Some fab running and biking! Nowt for me today.
13/11/2012 at 14:20

Quiet on here today! Thought i'd better stop us dropping off the page

EF- hope all ok.

Hoggle- (()) some me-time will help and glad you and hubby can talk about it. As others said, baby stage can feel too tough to do again, even with an "easy" baby! My only major gripe was lack of sleep with no.1 but was determined to have two close together so just carried on working on no.2! Obviously hubby agreed!, he was an only child for 10yrs and would've liked a close sibling (his mum was single and worked long hrs then got remarried twice in quick succession which didn't help!). I am actually finding Rosie adorable now at nearly 10months, she is just constantly smiling, giggling and crawling/cruising around, a very easy girl, (who seems to have settled in with the childminder already, despite my intitial worrying!) Reckon the first 4months are the hardest when they don't really respond much and just need constant feeding/cuddling! Oh and the baby stage with no.2 is actually easier and feels shorter than with no.1 (at least for me it was!), the time just rushes by because you're busier with both and before you know it they're talking and walking

The toddler stage is far worse so get pregnant again before the tantrums start and you both get put off   Going back to the discussion about boys vs girls, I have no experience of boys but surely they can't pull a strop quite like a girl can?! A major reason for not having a no.3 for me is the thought of having 3 girls, then 3 teenage girls

CC- laughing at the disco! Your kids have good taste.! Asthma and hormone link is interesting, wouldn't surprise me, hormones can affect virtually everything else.

CM- glad back feeling better. That race does look nice, its an early one so will be all over and done with before you realise you had a late night the night before! Is your friend doing it with you?

My groin, or whatever it is, pain still twinging, just did lunch run down the embankment and it was making its presence known. Thanks for stretch tips Anj, I am considering sitting on the lab floor and doing some now...

Its quite funny running in central london at lunchtime, there are loads of runners, mostly blokes and they take it very seriously! I had numerous men determined to overtake me! One lumbering bloke charged up and round me then could only hold the pace for a minute or two (I wasn't going that fast) before I overtook him again, I then had to show off and zoom off into the distance so yes, I'm as bad as the rest of them


13/11/2012 at 14:39

Yay, hubby home!  He got home at 2am and I didnt wake up......but then M came in at 3.15-I've wet the bed.  boo.  Mummy tired.

I got to cluck over the little baby born on Sunday this morning, weighed about the same as E, but so hard to remember him that small now.  You are right Sonia - where have the last 9 months gone??  He really is such a lovely baby - I think I'm in the minority in actually liking the tiny baby stage, he was a sweety from day one.  

Starting to think seriously about the C word, ordering a few bits and pieces etc.  Just dont want it to suddenly creep up on me.

13/11/2012 at 15:09

Hoggle, know what you mean about being kind to each other. Do you have anyone to  babysit so you can get out just the 2 of you to remind yourselves that you do actually like and enjoy each others company? Hubby and I climbed Snowdon a few months ago and we had a great time, it really reminded us that we do have fun and still make each other laugh. Hope you reach a decision on more children, its a tough one.

Ha ha to competitive running Sonya. I am (was) guilty of that. I think even 60 year old joggers overtake me at the moment!!

Ha to dancing to AC/DC too CC. Wait until they are teenagers and doing it in a strop in their bedroom!

Nice shorts and vest run again today. Was almost 16 degrees at lunch so was nice to be out in the air. We had a school visit this morning at a local school which the head took and lasted 2 hours... I had had enough of standing by the end of it, and school children.

Caro, your comment just made me order my first pressie, a CInderella costume for Leila. She is very much in to her Disney Princesses at the moment. So 1 down, many, many more needed!!

13/11/2012 at 15:41

strange warm weather here too! Yesterday morning it was -1 and I was scraping the car and went running in gloves etc, today it was 14 degrees when I went out and my t-shirt felt too hot!!! that was despite a VERY stiff breeze, but the breeze was Southerly hence warm!!

Definitely agree about getting some time out together doing stuff you used to do pre-kids. Does exactly what Anj says and reminds you of exactly why you did get together in the first place, which scarily can be easily forgotten. Hubby and I were fortunate enough to get four days in Snowdonia last summer and it was awesome ... plus parents gave us a day out in hills back in March. Without the kids around, you can be each others priority again, something that definitely goes on backburner.

LOL at the competitive running, guys just can't bear to be 'chicked' can they!

I don't think you've been running THAT slowly Anj, that said, there is a 65-year-old in our club who knocks out 46 min 10kms still

Can you believe it's getting dark here already!!!!

S got a party invitation today from school, she's mega excited about it, but hasn't a clue who the girl is ... seems the mum has invited all the kids from both P1 classes (and she's in the other class to S) - so we are talking about 40 kids. I've got no idea who mum or daughter is so I am hoping we can quietly lose the invitation ... does that seem bad??

8 miles for me today, sea looked really inviting but have no idea of temperature and didn't have time to hang around for a dip to see! Was seriously tempted though as it felt sooooo warm!!! Chest felt much looser than yesterday though. Did my pilates class for two this morning which was fab so tonight I just need to get going on some muscles revision and theory of pilates.

Was something else I was to say but have forgotten! Hey ho

Edited: 13/11/2012 at 15:42
13/11/2012 at 15:51
6 weeks today Caro!!

I agree that the 'baby stage' second time round is very different from the first. I think we were more than a bit shellshocked about just how different our lives were after Isabelle was born, and it took us a bit of time to settle down and get used to the idea. Second time round I enjoyed it much more too and really loved the days when she was teeny tiny and just needed feeding and not much else. I have a feeling that third time round we may not notice much at all! But it must be very hard to feel that you want more children than your partner. My husband is always the one who said he fancied having 3 - and 3 girls at that! - so I'll blame him if I fall apart in a gibbering wreck next year! In fact I wake up not infrequently at night wondering if I'm going to be able to cope - fingers crossed!!

EF - hope all ok with you today.
13/11/2012 at 15:56
CC - we've started getting invitations from school too, and I don't know if people are inviting the whole class or being more selective. Presents get expensive, if nothing else, and I'm not keen on the idea of having to invite everyone back again for Isabelle's - we've managed to get away with mainly the children of our friends playing games in the back garden so far. I have a feeling that will end soon!

Have you got a pilates class lined up to teach when you qualify? Seems like the kind of thing your foundation peeps might be interested in?!
13/11/2012 at 19:03

I'm fine today thankyou all for thinking of me.  bit queasy but think that might be the progesterone.  pondering some naughtiness as you are told not to test early for fear of false positive as you have had hcg injection.  but thought might test now with some cheapy superdrug one and test every couple of days because a positive now is meaningless but if it goes negative then positive again no no! i mustn't. but oh dear day 1 of the wait and i'm demented already.  

we have had 3 invitations so far.  two did whole class and other did all girls.  lou has her birthday during trades hols so i won't need to worry too much i guess!

13/11/2012 at 19:04

hoggle that is hard.  (())

13/11/2012 at 19:12

Nooo!! Go and eat chocolate/buy things online/book a holiday!! if the result is meaningless why do it!? When do they recommend you test btw?

I too don't need to worry about returning invitations as Leilas birthday is always at the end of the school hols (3rd Sept) They don't usually start back until 10th or something. I guess when she gets a bit older we can have her party later.

Did a new softplay at our local garden centre this afternoon after pre-school. For a softplay it really is quite ok. However, at the end it was myself and another lady and her 2 kids. We were sitting outside the area when Leila came out saying there was another girl in there crying. There was noone else in the restaurant softplay bit so we had no idea whose child she was. Leila helped her down and we had to go and get staff to find her Mum. The child could only have been 3 and certainly no older than 4!! Turns out, the Mum was over the other side of the garden centre doing shopping (Its a big garden centre!) Now I am by no means a paranoid Mum, but there is no way I would leave L in the softplay by herself whilst I wondered about shopping. Really...anyone could come in, or the girl could let herself out...

13/11/2012 at 19:17

That is scary Anj, I would never do that!!

EF - wait wait wait...keep busy!

13/11/2012 at 20:10
Step away from the tests EF. When do you go back again?
13/11/2012 at 20:12

Yes EF, wait until they tell you.  You really dont want a false positive, that would mess with your mind even more I think!

So Anj, are there different sorts of osteopathy?  The dragon lady I am seeing is a cranial osteopath who apparently specialises in treating mummys and babies.  Today, session 5, she decided to look at my head, neck and chest, because supposedly they are all connected, and esoecially my occipital bone which mirros my sacrum, so if that had any issues it could cause my back pain (you can tell I really believe all this stuff cant you?) So she spent amount 5 minutes with her hands round my head, doing what felt like nothing to me, telling me it was all to do with my CSF and the meninges.  I mean at least with the chiropracter when he pummled and clunked me it felt like he was doing something, and with a physio or a sports massage it really feels like something is being done - but just lying there with someone laying their hands on me?   And when I asked her what she was doing her answer was cranial osteopathy - so what is that exactly?

Pilates tonight in a mo.  

So at dinner hubby announced he was going climbing on Thurs evening.  Er no....I dont think so.  Bearing in mind he is working from home on Thurs and his parents are coming over to help with the kids, whilst I am the london vet show all day, then on Fri he is taking a day off to look after the kids.  I will be leaving home at 7am Thurs, back prob about 6.30pm.  I will be knackered.  I pointed out to him that I am already going to have to spend a considerable amount of my day tomorrow organising things for the 2 days to help him, so I dont expect to come home Thurs night, find the house in chaos (which it will be) and then him bugger off, leaeve me to tidy up, make M's lunch for the next day, cook dinner etc etc.  Unreasonable? moi?



13/11/2012 at 20:26
Def not unreasonable Carovet! Have you been to the London Vet show before? Is it any good? I normally end up at BSAVA every year as I've lectures there the last 4 years so its free and a good opportunity to catch up with people. (Although the year I went with J as a 3 week old was a slightly different experience!) I'm also speaking at a European Veterinary conference in April called VOORJAARSDAGEN, never been so not sure what to expect but it sounds similar to BSAVA, just in Amsterdam. Timing not great as the baby will not be about 10-12 weeks old but hey ho. As I do anaesthesia only and have to do anaesthesia specific CPD to retain my specialist title I tend to stick to the European Veterinary Anaesthesia conferences or even IVECCS but they get so expensive, CPD allowance doesn't stretch very far.

I'd be interested to hear about The London Vet Show- hope its worth the effort!
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