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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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13/11/2012 at 20:28

caro - not unreasonable!

no anj i wouldnt leave and do shopping either.  unless it is advertised like a creche service! 

i can test friday 23.  blood test mon 26.  will test alone in hotel rm in london.  rubbish. my thinking is that if i got positive now then it would fade as the trigger shot hcg that i took last wed leaves my body.  so,a positive now means nothing.  but, if i had seen a negative then i would know that any positive which followed was genuine.  warped i know! 

13/11/2012 at 20:29

Er no Caro, not remotely unreasonable, but just the sort of expectation there would be in this house!! Even less unreasonable given he's just come back from being away.

Cranial osteopathy - I have had it in the past; I thought it was a bit strange to start with but I did find it to bring results, especially when I was TTC with J, basically I think it's what helped get me ovulating again!  I believe, and Ang can correct me if wrong, that it's something to do with the rhythm of fluid moving around the tissues in the body. I have absolutely no idea how it works, but I would have sessions and the next day I would feel like I'd been clunked and clicked but obviously I hadn't as it felt like she'd just held her hands over me. In certain places I'd like wierd heat/fuzzy feelings - all very odd and difficult to explain. Hubby thought I was barking - being an engineer and all that. Had it throughout pregnancy with S and it did seem to keep back ticking along but that osteo was no good with rehab exercises. She also sorted out Joshuas cronic colic with it.

Anj - agree with JG and yourself, that is very very very scary ... no way I'd do that. I might now leave S with J in such an area, with very strict instructions, but I think I'd still want them in my sight?

EF - STEP AWAY FROM THE TESTS ... it is sooooo not worth it, definitely a bit of a mind f**k (scuse the language) I would have thought. I would be no better though!

Vixo, I am sure you will be fine, poss a bit frazzled at times but things will fall into place and baby will have double entertainers too.

Pilates - well a couple are definitely keen to follow up with 'proper paid for' classes. I think I am going to try and operate from my lounge for the time being. It's enormous, and I'm not being OTT, it is, and I reckon I can teach 5 people in there. That way I have no overheads, can guarantee a heated room with music that works!! Have said I will just keep going as I am up until Christmas (will probs only have 3 people for now) and then after Christmas it will be paid for ... will be doing some advertising before Christmas etc to play on those new year resolutions.

So on that note I really ought to be revising, otherwise I am going to be redoing some of this instead of passing!

13/11/2012 at 20:36

Caro - I think Cranial Osteopathy is a more "holistic" approach, and I think it is to do with releasing the stress and tension from the body which has been accumlated over time. I don't really believe in all that malarky either, the Osteopath that I see def doesn't do any of that, and when I am retrained, I don't think I will either. I know that osteos are supposed to take a holistic view on the body being in harmony and all that, but I tend to look at that as meaning the alignment of muscles and bones rather than someones rhythms etc. Is there no other more hands on Osteo you can see who will do some massage and manipulation?

13/11/2012 at 20:44

X posts CC. Not meaning to disregard it, as I have never had it done, or have studied it (yet), so obviously if CC has had some benefit give it a go?

I'm supposed to be working as well CC, writing an essay on the Physiological and Psychological aspects of stress and how it affects society..., but keep finding distractions in the form of masterchef and facebook and RW!! I think I am going to call it a day as nothing is getting done.

13/11/2012 at 21:18

Thanks for your comments! I think with hubby a lot is tied up with the fact that he is not particularly happy with his job at the moment - not sure what options there are to change though! Money is a big part as we need to be saving to buy a house and having a baby would put that on hold for quite some time. I need to back off and leave it for a while - badgering is def not the way to go with him!!! I just need to try to put it to the back of my mind and not worry about it for a while - going to be tough as sis is trying for no. 2 with no. 1 only 6 months old! And however said get going before they start doing the terrible tantrums - yes thats my worry!! M was such an easy baby so if she suddenly starts being dreadful he's going to be even less keen!!

Hope you managed to hold off the testing EF. Tough that the day you test is when you are on your own though!!

M saw a cranial osteopath when she was a newborn as she had a fairly traumatic birth and I figured she prob had a pretty sore head! It looked like a load of mumbo jumbo but worked really well - head freed up over night and her wee crunched up body (legs bunched up etc from being big baby in a small bump) literally unfolded so although it's not something I can get my head round, it did feel like it worked.

Yuck - day started with sun shining and now dark and pouring! Poor M was sent to daycare in t-shirt and shorts!

13/11/2012 at 21:24
For one moment I forgot you are Southern Hemisphere hoggle. I was thinking shorts?! It's November!
13/11/2012 at 21:32

Anj - don't worry ... so much stuff is 'horses for courses' isn't it?  Reflexology, accupuncture, pilates, yoga.  It was certainly a new one on me, I think for me it helped that the lady I saw originally came across as pretty scientific, rather than all 'airy fairy', she was quite assertive with what she did; the lady I saw subsequently (different practice) was probably not so assertive and couldn't get my back sorted in the long run but she did work wonders on J - miserable baby that he was with his colic etc - probably a bit like hoggle too with a long long baby scrunched up into not a lot of space couldn't have helped at all!!

Tis tough when they don't enjoy their job - I have one of those too. Hang in there. Things WILL sort themselves ...

13/11/2012 at 21:58
Boo to crap oz weather, expensive courses, wet beds, leaving kids unsupervised, writing essays and wanting to test (I sympathise totally but EF you must wait!)
Yippee to warm Scottish weather, Pilates, beating the chaps at running, finding nice play areas, having hubbies home and nice baby cuddles.
Can also relate to hubby's not liking jobs, mine hated his when we met but changed the week we had Tom. Now he is a carpenter on Sh*t money but has no stress and loves it. of course he has also learnt to do lots of stuff so has built our extensions saving us a fortune.
Did reps with club tonight and pushed myself to go a wee bit faster and further than normal - 5.5miles but felt good and came home to some iron boosting liver and bacon for tea.
13/11/2012 at 22:24
She's definitely of the holistic jumbo jumbo approach. I have one more session on he NHS then def not paying to see her. It's hard to say whether she has helped, as I haven't run for at least a month now, so has it been her or the running?

Ok Em now I want to know who you are! Or at least where you work! presumably at a uni or referral centre? Been to the London vet show every yr, as I live in London so it's v handy. I'm certainly not of the lecturing calibre....I normally see friends, go to a few lectures and try and get as many free chocolates as I can from the trade stand! However, this time I am going to the bva careers fair too, I have a half hr slot with a 'careers advisor' on thurs morning, am going to take my cv with me and just have a chat. Then plan n talking to all the recruitment agencies there, plus some of the vet practices that will be there, normally the corporates, like medivet, goddards etc. then I really need to get my arse in gear and send my cv out to all the local practices. Just not sure whether to do it ow, or leave it till after Xmas.
14/11/2012 at 13:56

I can just picture your face in your osteopath sessions, Caro .  Have to say I've found a lot of these things like yoga, shiatsu massage (I think??) sounded like rubbish at first but I've really found them to work. Does sound a bit wishy washy but if it's widespread practice there must be something in it??

I'm pleased to report I'm feeling much better today .  Still a little off my food - couldn't stomach BBQ sausages last night at all!  And just had some chicken and a banana for lunch (oh and a massive cranberry and white chocolate tiffin in Tesco this morning )!  Headache seems to have gone but I think I need another early night tonight just to be sure.

Parents evening tonight - I'm wondering if it's excessive for both parents to go to a FS2's first parents evening?!  Grandma is coming to babysit while we're out.

Nicky has declared that he's "no tired" and wants to "watch Diesel 10" so no nap for him today!  I'm in 2 minds about the wisdom of getting these Thomas DVDs from the library - useful babysitters but they want to watch them every day! 

Caro - been meaning to ask, Ralph's voice keeps coming and going or going very squeaky at times.  He seems otherwise well so should we be worried?


14/11/2012 at 14:38

JG if he's eating ok, not dribbling lots or anything like that, then I prob wouldnt be worried.  

Ha ha!  Yes, I wonder what my face did look like with the laying on of hands.  There is no doubt that it is better than it was when I started seeing her........but who knows?


14/11/2012 at 17:44
It's really interesting isn't it? I think there's a lot we don't really understand about our bodies, some really is mumbo jumbo,but like jg says, there must be something in it!

Caro - I'd be the same! I worked for a,headteacher who said that I needed to work on my poker face as my expressions gave what I was thinking away every time!

Jg - at least half of the parents who turn up it's mum and dad so not excessive. It's when the divorced ones turn up together it can be fun

Ef - hope you've managed to resist the tests! I seem to remember you doing lots with Lou! Hope you're feeling ok.
Vixo - how's your mum? Hope she's recovering ok.

Hoggle - parenting does bring some very tough issues. Is hubby coping with the move to nz ok? You will get there.

Camlo - good running!!!!

Cc - hope the revision is going ok!

Well I'm in a dilemma. Results back, it's not whooping cough. Don't know what it is, especially given anyone medical who's heard me cough is shocked! Cough has been abating, starting to feel on the up. However, today, I'm feeling breathless again and temp is 37.4... Peak flow ok, so starting to feel ok again but other symptoms coming back. Aaagghh! Part of me cba to go to the docs again, but, hubby nagging and concerned.....
14/11/2012 at 17:45
Jg - our cat used to do that a lot too, too much nagging us!
14/11/2012 at 19:10

That could be it JT!   He does seem to be permanently hungry but I do weigh out his food in a constant attempt to make him lose weight.  Seems to have got more whiney recently but I've also changed brands recently so this stuff may not be as good (Pets at Home own brand!).

Boo to the lack of diagnosis.  What would the doctor do/say if you went back?  Was there a plan B if plan A came back inconclusive?

Parents' evening was fine although Sophie's teacher seemed very careful not to oversing her praises - probably doesn't want competitive parents adding pressure!  She said she is left-handed which I feel funny about for some reason - my Granny is left-handed so it's not that surprising, but somehow hubby and I see it as some kind of disability which is COMPLETELY stupid in this day and age!  She also said she never has to tell her off because she never does anything wrong, and S doesn't like it when other people don't do things correctly or join in  - verging on perfectionism...!

14/11/2012 at 19:38
JT - thanks for asking, my mum is doing really well and walking around without crutches. There are quite strict rules about what you can and can't do for the first 6 weeks after a hip replacement so that you don't dislocate it, so she's a bit limited by that, but it's all gone very well so far....which is just as well as they had E for me today in an emergency as she was sick again overnight and really lethargic this morning so couldn't really go to nursery. My dad, bless him, cancelled his day in London (was going to meet my brother for lunch and do some shopping) as mum can't pick E up from the floor or put her into the cot yet.

Annoying about the results, but I suppose doesn't really change anything, as there wouldn't have been anything extra to 'do' even if it had been wc. I suspect it will just end up having been a nasty virus, which has effected you badly, and I think you can really expect to have good and bad days for a while. When you start to feel a bit better you do more, which then sets you back a day or two again - all normal when you've been unwell for a while, but annoying none the less. Temp of 37.4 is pretty normal so I wouldn't be too worried about that, but if you're still feeling bad in a few days then you'd probably need to see the GP if only to sort out work?

I was just relieved at Isabelle's parents evening that they didn't say she was a complete pain in the proverbial! She still tells us very little about what she does during the day, and what we do get told doesn't always seem to contain much truth, but she seems to be enjoying it and is definitely starting to get the hang of reading so I deem it a success so far!

Surprise surprise I'm not a huge fan of the 'mumbo jumbo' stuff, and I have absolutely no truck with the theory of energy flowing in plains through the body which can be tapped into etc etc, but I do think that psychology plays a big part in a lot of illness and that there are lots of good effects from all sorts of treatments which don't have scientific basis. I object to anything that is peddled as absolute truth, and at great expense, to vulnerable people, but I think that time, relaxation and making people feel good is sometimes as important as any drugs or surgery that we can offer through conventional medicine.

I feel like we're drowning in bits of paper from school! Every day there are more forms, letters etc, and I'm sure I'm going to miss something soon. Today it was the Christmas card order form for the card she's drawn, something about the Christmas fayre and another form to fill in. How on eart do you manage with more than one child? Or 6 Lotte??
14/11/2012 at 19:55

Oh god Vixo - the endless bits of paper drive me nuts, and then you get bits from the ballet, the guitar, the swimming, the cubs .... la la la la la!! Boo to continuing sickness though, you lot really do deserve a break!!

JG - I'm left-handed - and proud of it! It's definitely not a disability , can just be a bit awkward sometimes when handling stuff like scissors and things if she does everything left-handed. My writing is far neater than my husbands (a right-hander) in fact people often comment on my neat writing, but I used to drive a particular teacher nuts because I wouldn't have my paper/work books straight aligned to the desk (I needed to turn the work to almost 90 degrees to the table in order to see what I was writing!!). J uses his RH to write but he used to write LH and I am sure they disuaded him from it at school, annoys the hell out of me as his writing is not the best although part of that is being a boy. I grew up with a LH dad and both my grandfathers and I just don't get why it matters what hand you write with - not digging at you JG at all, just merely rather confused!!

JT - I guess it's good it isn't WC, fingers crossed you continue to improve. It does sound like just a horrible horrible virus, and with your chest being your weak point it really got you. I hope you are not going back to school yet though .....

I did a long run today  16 whole miles, furthest done since the SDW race!! Relatively flat run through forest but I still managed to get frozen feet running through the boggy salt-marshes and then tripped over a tree root in ankle deep mud and cut my knee and twisted my ankle!!! And then there was the hacking through pathless forest to get out of the salt marsh and back on the forest track again. And it felt GOOD, I could breathe properly for the first time in a few weeks. Just hoping the ankle twist is minor so I can squeeze in another run before five days of not a lot!!

14/11/2012 at 20:39

CC - not digging at left-handers in general either, apologies if it came across that way .  It's like when she's using scissors I think "Oh no, she needs left-handed ones", just little things like that that need to be different, although in reality I can't think of much else!  Saying that, she does seem to manage ok with right-handed scissors??  Her teacher said she has a bit of a funny grip when she holds her pen, which I'd never noticed so will pay attention more now.

And yeay to the run 

Vixo - bless your parents stepping in like that!  Had to laugh at you being relieved they didn't say Isabelle was a complete pain at school, I was wondering that about Sophie when they said she doesn't like it when other people don't do good sitting/listening/don't join in  - sometimes I just say oh Soph, be quiet!

14/11/2012 at 20:56

vixo - good news about your mum

i had E's consultation today. she is 'wonderful', 'confident', and yes 'wilful'. she seems to be particularly good at all the social / emotional stuff they evaluate. very mature (!). her language is very good also. maths is fine - but not blistering like the rest of it. so maybe she will be my little linguist! she had me in stitches today telling me that i was pronouncing the phoneme 'l' incorrecting. i always say 'luh' but apparently it is 'ullll' with not much 'u'. J was so upset because he says it 'wrong' too!

E never shuts up apparently - apparently her vocab is so good and she loves showing it off. hahaha! the only thing she doesn't like is if someone gets in the way of her getting her own way. she had a mini scrap with another girl who wanted to be 'teacher' yesterday. apparently E trotted out the worst insult in her book 'you aren't my friend any more and i'm not inviting you to my party'. made me laugh so much as i get that all the time from her

must say i'm relieved that it went that well.  she is clearly a feisty madam and i know she's bright but you never know for sure how well they are doing. she is already achieving levels on the evaluation that J didn't manage until well into reception. that's girls for you though, i think. on the whole anyway...

14/11/2012 at 21:25

JG - I actually use my right hand for cutting things and it feels wierd with the left!!!  Scarlett has developed a strange pencil grip that she refuses to change, and she is RHanded. My dad bought me an ink pen with a LH nib when I was about 12 I think. I have to say not much causes problems, when she's older it's stuff like tin-openers and potato peelers that cause more chaos!!  It's great when you play things like tennis though - confuses the hell out of your opponent

14/11/2012 at 21:28

And left handed golf clubs are sooo much cheaper than right handed ones... just something I stumbled across.

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