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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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14/11/2012 at 21:46

Hi all!  Agree on all the school paperwork, last night we had to do nit check too!

Think Benedict is teething - he is shouting in his sleep.  Wondering whether I should try sleeping in a different room as he's not waking himself, just noisy!

Havn't run for ages, too busy or poorly - maybe this weekend....

14/11/2012 at 22:02
Phew, I can't keep up with everyone!
Carovet, I don't do anything very exciting, but yes I do work for a charity in their small animal referral hospital. I'm a nurse but got an American qualification so am A Veterinary Technician Specialist in Anesthesia and I'm lucky enough to be able to anaesthetise things every day and nothing else!

Fab job but having a crisis now pregnant with 2n child. Don't want to miss both of them growing up/ starting school etc and live an hour from work. Although work are fab and have been as flexible as poss since having my first child (no OOH etc) it's still not a guaranteed 9-5 where I can guarantee I can get to nursery by 6 to pick them up etc. so thinking of re- evaluating like you.

I hope the careers advice is useful (there was me thinking conferences were all about free pens and chocolate, and alcohol ) Let us know how you get on.
14/11/2012 at 22:11
So do you lecture to the nurses or vets em? Interesting you got an American qualification. Having worked in the US for a yr I do kind of get the impression that American techs are more qualified that uk nurses and that it is more of a long term career. Most vet nurses I know are really young, and by the time they are in their late 20s they are fed up with it, and trying to find s etching else to do. Correct me if I'm wrong! Which charity do you work for?

Right, early start tomorrow, hubby has his 'schedule' and if it all goes pear shaped, well, nothing I can do about it coz I won't be there!
14/11/2012 at 22:27
Don't worry about hubby, I'm sure he can cope for one day

I think I agree with you about VN's in general. I think training and knowledge can be ery hit and miss and inconsistent in this country (one pf the reasons I wnjoy lecturif an passing on knowledge) and what nurses get to do etc is very vrianle and can lead to lack of job satisfaction I guess. I qualified 12 years ago and nothing has really changed in terms of VNs I guess I've been lucky enough to work in a teaching environment and for the past 5 years have had the opportunity to learn at journal club, rounds etc and learn from the best veterinary anaesthetists meaning I have responsibility and good job satisfaction as well as always learning. I mainly talk to nurses- at BSAVA anyway but do some vets too (in fact I'm doing a new grad vet lecture next week) I work at The Animal Health Trust ( we may even have a stand at The London Vet Show.

Have a good time
14/11/2012 at 22:28
Sorry for all the typos!
14/11/2012 at 22:32
I also do a bit of consultancy- visiong practices and trouble shooting anaesthesia problems- equipment, ventilators, monitors etc or do hands on teaching with the equipment they have. It's amazing how many places have fancy equipment but don't use it as no-one knows how to use or interpret it. I really enjoy that side of things too as I think practices can get a lot out of it.
15/11/2012 at 08:44
Argh. Lost a post on the train to work! Can't keep up with you all these days. Thank goodness for Facebook. Gonna sneakily post from work later if I can. But quickly - CM you posts on FB made me laugh about E. she sounds brilliant! And go Benedict with his sitting!
15/11/2012 at 08:53

that sounds a nice job Em. When i was wee I always wanted to be a VN but was put of by the poor pay. Ended up being a normal nurse, better pay but shift work and annoying grumpy patients/relatives. At least animals are mostly cute and arent rude ( well unless they bite you i guess!!!!!!)

Enjoy the show caro & hope hubby copes!!!!

Kinsey- babies can be noisy wee things cant they. Maybe try him in another room?

Not run now for 4 wks, think I've forgotten how to do it!!! Foot definantly improving though and hardly sore to walk on now. Did a wee half hour MTB ride last night, went in the woods and didnt get too freaked out!!

At work so better go and do some x

15/11/2012 at 08:55

Oh M had the chicken pox last week, she had 3 spots. Yes 3!!!! Which means she may get it again do you think???

15/11/2012 at 12:19
RF - a friend of ours invited us over when Archie had cp as it was ok as,all three,had had it... Youngest who had had a.mild case ended up plastered... That said, my neighbour apparently had a really mild case but has v good immunity, she's an itu nurse so needs regular checking apparently.

Interesting the debate about left and right! Scissors etc are easily come by these days. cc - the writing angle is classic, only a problem now if they start lying over the person next to them;-)

Vixo - glad your mum is doing well, and boo to more sickness. Work wanted to know yesterday what I'm doing next wk, I'm going to docs today to get advice as I really don't know. What to do. I want to go back but am worried about knocking myself again and ending up off again. That insurance wise, would go down like a tonne of bricks! Definitely not as good as Tuesday and finished course of Singulair so think I poss need to remain on it for a bit longer

Ah, schools and paperwork... Ted's goes from feast to famine! We have letter day Thursday so all general stuff goes out then in my school, anything important then goes out separately.,, and doctor I'm seeing this afternoon is someone I had a bad experience off. Pants.
15/11/2012 at 13:22

Oh goodness JT, hope you get some sense. Does sound like you need to stick with the meds a bit longer and pleeeeease don't go back too early. Your immune system must be pretty trashed at the moment!!

RF - good news re the foot, keep off it a bit longer and hopefully you'll be back out running BUT your mountain biking sounds fabby, especially night time with headlights. Was quite a big thing, night riding off road, when I lived down South, quite a few groups that mainly did just that in the winter.

Lovely 7-miler this morning - from beach at Lossiemouth. One of those clear blue skies and sunshine days. Pretty easy running - EXCEPT (why can't a do a run without one of those!!) not having a clue where I was going and more hacking through sand dunes to find track into woods and then going god know where on the way back and ending up in the middle of the mud flats by the river with all the birds!!! Hey ho. Nothing like running through sand with wet trainers!  But pleased with running this week.

AND top news, I am buying a treadmill - and I am not funding it all by myself. I usually get some money from FIL for Christmas so that will contribute but hubby insistent we'll find the funds somewhere in the budget .....

15/11/2012 at 14:05

What is it they say about Left Handers?? More likely to be a genius or a psychopath...or something like that!

Oh JT. Hope you get some help, don't go back too soon and take care of yourself.

RF - good news about your foot feeling better, mountain biking sounds great in the dark. Not sure I would be brave enough to do it on my own...all those eyes!!

CC, your run sounds good. I'm not as brave as you and rarely venture off the beaten track if I think I will get lost. The one time I did it in Oz I had to scale a massive hill, then coming down the other side all I could hear was tribal drums and chanting... I was convinced I was going to be eaten by a tribe of aborigines!!

Boo to the shouting Kinsey, noisy babies!!

JT, been meaning to ask your opinion of schools if you don't mind. What are your views in streaming within a primary school ie 4-9? We have a choice between 2 good schools, one which has an amazing outdoor area and is in the Great Park so no traffic within a beautiful location... and the other is more urban, very focused on numeracy and was all the head kept talking about and when hubby asked about other things like swimming, trips outside the school etc, she just said their main focus is numeracy and literacy... They stream for both numeracy & literacy so I am just interested in your views and steer on it?

My instinct is to go for the outdoorsy school as Leila loves being outside and I am convinced that if she is happy in her environment then she will learn better, but what if I am discounting the need for focus on the other side of things?

Nice 4.5 miles through Eton and along the river today... was slow but so nice to get some air

15/11/2012 at 14:06

Ooh, and fab news about the treadmill CC. Let me know when you start doing your research, I think we will probably get one for Christmas as hubby is keen to get fit but doesnt have the time or inclination to run out...

15/11/2012 at 14:06

yay to the treadmill CC and well done on another muddy run.

Oh dear JT, surely your lucks about to change and your going to be fit and healthy before you know it. (((((()))))) x

At work today

15/11/2012 at 18:08
Thanks all.

Cc. Woo hoo to treadmill!

Anj - I'd definitely go outdoors! Yes, of course they need literacy and numeracy skills, but setting at 4????!!!!! We all provide work at an appropriate level, but labelling children so young... Ouch! I think as well your gut reaction is the best thing too. Our local school is supposed to be amazing, but I just didn't get it. Went to the smaller, less resourced school, but it was the right decision. If you have an outdoorsy girl, she needs her interests. Having taught in pushy schools, they don't suit a lot of children.

Well, GP.was great. I'm not allowed back, but, he's sent a strongly worded letter to respiratory pointing out my inability to work and the urgency to be seen. Told me to nag too. He's ordered more tests, but thinks I've never recovered from the chest infection in the summer. Burst into tears on my Head when I spoke to her about more time off, but she was lovely. She realises my frustration thankfully. Feel a bit better things are moving again. Apparently there was a very strong strepococcus pneumoniae result in the summer so he thinks that may well turn up again. We'll see, I'm not sure I'll ever find out what is wrong.
15/11/2012 at 18:27
Oh poor you JT. sounds so very frustrating. I hope the strongly worded letter does the trick. Anj - I don't have much experience (any?!) with choosing schools. (Not there yet), but I think the others are right about trusting your gut instincts. The outdoorsy school sounds fab! Living in central London - a school with that of facilities sounds amazing.

RF - glad the MTB going well. Good on you for still doing stuff when you can't run. Yay to treadmills as well. Very jealous. We have no room at all for one but it would be handy.

Managed to run home from work via nursery yesterday. Felt great to be out again.
15/11/2012 at 20:50
I get the impression that Matilda's school is a pushy school, but we're very happy with it and the resources for such an urban school are fab. We have access to so many educational websites, that apparently are funded by the PTA and the school has to pay to use them (there I was just assuming everyone could access these things, but my friend who is on PTA at our second choice school says not) there is a large grassy area for play in the jr school (overlooking a 6 lane rd, but then my concrete playground in HK was under a flyover!) they have already been on two trips so far, outside the school. This week is maths wk, so all the parents who wanted to could go in and watch a maths lesson, so I went in on Tuesday. I do feel really lucky that she got into it. But they don't stream, but they do give the ones that are advanced extra stimulation, and there is a special needs kid in M's class who has his own extra helper in the mornings so it goes both ways.

Anyway, today was long, tiring but good. Saw a few friends, spoke to about 5 recruitment agencies, they all said they'd call me on Monday and to send my cv. Most we're very positive and enthusiastic about my job prospects. Met with a careers advisor who looked at my cv and pretty much said it was great, just a few tweaks (hubby helped me write it when he was out of work, as he got good at perfecting cv writing!)

RF normal vet nurses get paid peanuts, which I think is why it attracts very young girls, who can get a qualification whilst on the job, but then once qualified as em says there is such variation in what they are allowed to do, depending on where they work, and very little chance of decent pay increases, less you specialise, or take on managerial roles as well. Whereas in America I think to be a vet tech which is the USA equivalent is a college degree course, takes 4 yrs, and they a better qualified, able to do more things and it is regarded as a career for life. Correct me if I'm wrong em!

JT, really hope things move in the right direction soon! So is there someone subbing for you and the insurance pays their salary?

Right, needtomsory out all the rubbish I picked up today, and go to bed!
15/11/2012 at 21:18

JT - glad GP was better than you feared...

interesting re: schools. the school my 2 are at is the less favoured in my village. everyone wants the endowed school because it has 'the reputation'. but i love J's school. it is small, intimate, yes a bit scruffy, but the teachers are all lovely and i have had no problems at all since he has been there. more importantly, the teachers really do get both my kids. you wouldn't believe how much of a relief that is after the previous pre-school and nursery experiences with J. i have seen it go very badly wrong, so i am now so grateful for a school where my kids are appreciated for who they are. i spent a good 45 mins with E's nursery teacher yesterday and it was lovely. E would certainly thrive in a pushy school but TBH i think she will do well wherever. J wouldn't thrive in a pushy school, so i am glad he is where he is now.

15/11/2012 at 21:27
I know someone in my road who took her son out of M's school after a few wks last yr and put him in the other school as he clearly wasn't happy. Like E, M would thrive anywhere, so I only hope Eric is the same. At least he's not a summer baby. A friend of mine has her daughter in reception and her son at the school nursery, and apparently there are some parents of the nursery kids wanting to know why their kids aren't doing phonics yet! Um....because they are three!!

Eric was fine today, between him and hubby they figured out the bottle. We only have one bottle, and for all I know it may have had a newborn teat on it or something, and hubby said E was sucking like mad but nothing was coming out! So he snipped a bit bigger hole and then it worked fine, and he liked the aptamil. Obviously not fussy! My Boobs were relieved by tonight that's for sure!
15/11/2012 at 21:50

well I'm not a genius ... so I guess I must be a psychopath!!!

Schools, do think there is a lot to say for gut feel; just think, in some places you don't get to choose at all so what you get is what you get, and I think it's easy to forget that sometimes. J went to probably a 'pushier' school down South, mainly on the back of hubbys insistence that as we were never likely to be sending our kids to private school, if he had a place at one of the top schools in Hampshire, he should go; I actually had a far better gut feel about the school round the corner he was originally going to, which had a higher level of kids with extra learning requirements, and therefore extra teachers to help, and just had a really really good vibe. The 'good' school was OK, but I wouldn't say J thrived. Up here (aside from the playground antics with some of the boys), he's done well with all teachers so far; and Ss teacher seems to get her - so far - phew.   I still believe that if a child gets good back-up at home and is also getting a well-rounded education (pastoral as well as in the classroom) then they will be fine.

Glad Dr was supportive JT. Can well believe that whatever you had in the summer left you with a weakness etc. Good that head is being supportive too.

Caro - that sounds like a proper productive day and good re Eric and hubby and the bottle!  I used to put extra holes in/enlarge them with a needle if necessary.

Packing for all of us for weekend in Edinburgh after sorting out the dressing-up for Children in Need ... I have a Harry Potter and Sugar Plum Fairy I think!! All a bit crazy what with after-school ballet, back for hairdresser, last dregs of homework, guitar practice, oh yes, and tea!!!

So best be off and putting final bits of portfolio together. I may have done plenty of practical teaching but I've definitely NOT done enough revision of the technical stuff! Was doing my run this morning reciting my class I will be teaching - I have to do 30 mins worth of a class, but have no idea if it actually takes 30 mins!

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