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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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17/11/2012 at 20:36

Well my sister added another trophy to her collection today after winning a 10k Thanksgiving Turkry Trot - her prize?  You guessed it.  A 20lb turkey!  I hop she has a lot of friends to share it with!

Yes JT a 4 form entry school - do they get any bigger?  I've never heard of 5 form entry, and it is the biggest round here, that's for sure.  It is separate from the Jr school in that it has its own head, own teachers etc, but the PTA is one and the same so they share the resources from that, and by all accounts it is very well supported and make a lot of money.  I guess I never really appreciated before how much the mponey the PTA raises is really needed to fund schools.


17/11/2012 at 22:21
Yippee to another win for your sis Caro, wish she could share her talent a bit though! I slogged my guts out at our local 10m earlier and nearly caught my arch rival which I was chuffed with.... Until I checked against last yr and realised I am getting slower not quicker!
LOL to big schools, when Archie started in sep there were only 2 newbies!
JT - don't know what to say, 1 step forward and 2 back.... Think you are going to have to accept the road to recovery needs to be slow.
EF - really hope you are OK. Must be torture knowing that you are so close xxxx
Boo to flu bugs RF
Sorry cant remember much - I am jiggered. Went to a comedy club last night so didn't get to bed until 2am and had to be up early for swimming and the race *yawn*
17/11/2012 at 22:32
Hey folks, thanks for thinking of me. Struggling a bit. My sis made a wee announcement today..... I'm pleased for her but oh did it have to be this week. Completely irrationally I just felt like someone turned my positivity and hope off. It makes me a horrible person but all I can think is that if it works out for her bit not me then I will be reminded of that for the rest of my life. Her due date is about 5 days before mine would be.

Caro I wish I had a tiny bit of your sister's ability!

Glad the vet show was good.
Rf hope u r in bed now and feeling better. JT I'm glad u seem to be getting somewhere with a diagnosis.

Going to buy a Christmas tree tomorrow. I always do fake but I seem to remember some branches fell off last yr so better get hunting.
17/11/2012 at 22:39

on the plus side i got lou moved up a swim class today as she was going backwards.  what a difference! teacher great and worked them all hard.

also got her tap and modern shoes today so she was v pleased. 

school wise i have no idea how many are in the whole school but there are 76 primary 1s - 3x 20 per class plus a 1/2 composite of 16 P1s and 9 x P2.  



17/11/2012 at 22:41

camlo that sounds v much like you have that thing called a life! comedy club til 2am. impressed! 

17/11/2012 at 22:48

Oh EF that is terrible timing isn't it?  I would be completely the same so be kind to yourself for feeling less than cheery about it.  Keeping everything crossed for you still.

JT - hope that the cough changing is positive.  

RF - I was the same on my potter today!  Very slow but I loved it in the late afternoon autumn sunshine.  Trying to focus on the enjoyment rather than the lack of fitness .

17/11/2012 at 22:52
Thanks JG. I feel such a cow. But my SIL also preg, due April, so it was kind of a final kick.
17/11/2012 at 23:24
You're not a silly cow EF. You wouldn't be human if you didn't feel sad. I was faced with a similar situation and it was so hard. Try and stay positive. Xxx

Caro - that's some turkey!!! Is her oven big enough?! And no, I think four form intake is about as big as they get.

Camlo - sounds a good night. Maybe you were just tired rather than getting old

Sounds like there were some nice runs today. I love running in the cold which is probably as well as that's what I'm going .

Feeling a lot better tonight, so hopefully all is kicking in. The bruise from my blood gas test is embarrassing! It's about four inches long on my wrist, red and purple, looks like I've been trying to finish myself off!!!
18/11/2012 at 08:54
EF - you're definitely not a horrible person, just one who's really been through the mill, and I think that reaction is completely understandable (and absolutely normal). We're all keeping everything crossed that you'll have good news soon too!

JT - glad you met someone you felt you could trust at the hospital, and hope the new regime helps. MAU is always busy, but always different and that's why I enjoy it. I've only got 2 more shifts left, and I have to say, I was pleased about that when I finished work on Wednesday - I felt very achey and sore and had had loads of Brixton hicks during the day. Only working Monday and Wednesday this week!

Well E is still poorly - I think she's got the same thing as you JT! She's had a cough for ages and when she eats it seems to irritate the cough which then makes her sick - although last week they both definitely had a vomiting bug on top of the cough! She's been so droopy and tired and just not her usual self. She's also lost weight and seems really skinny. Over the last few days we have had a few flashes of her usual self so fingers crossed she's getting there!
18/11/2012 at 14:20

Poor E hope shes better soon.

(()) EF

JT hope you are on the mend.

Thought CC, RF and Tangy might be interested in this book

Also CC did you see the bit on the BBC news about your neighbours

Its been a mad busy and fairly shite week here.Running has been my sanity so the taper hasn't quite happened but at 80 miles it is 27 miles less than last week so maybe that still counts as a taper!  Will be back later for a proper catch up. About to brave the hail and hit the beach for a walk.

18/11/2012 at 15:50
Lotte - that is not a taper..... It is twice the amount.
EF - not a cow, not silly and certainly understandable. fab about Lou going up a swim group.
Vixo - grrr to sickness but hopefully not much longer now and yippee to only having 2 days left to work.
JG getting out there is fab and enjoying your runs is far more important than chasing times. Glad you had a good run.
I'm sat at my in-laws watching the boys play in their orchard. Tom is mastering the monkey bars with grandma and Archie is taking penalties against his grandpa. We are so lucky!
18/11/2012 at 18:43
That sounds bliss Camlo. We have opposite extremes, my parents who like to observe family life and my inlaws who trash the house and wind everyone up until there's tears!

Lotte - hope things are ok, and if you can, please try some more tapering! You of all people know how it can go pearshaped if not done. X

Poor E Vixo! I really hope she hasn't got this. And the sickness disappears soon. Yay to two shifts left they'll probably be the longest ever! It was good to get someone talking sense. I'd had a really scary time and the MAU team were awful. They couldn't get that when my breathing was going that the cough kicked in and were convinced I was hyperventilating. I've suffered with hyperventilation a lot as a teenager and it wasn't that (well not needing the paper bag anyway!). The consultant was obviously cross that my blood gases didn't support his panic attacks theory and was so rude to the general medicine team! Things are working thank goodness, just hope I can step down the regime sooner rather than later.

I've just realised I didn't explain what happened on Thursday. About 7pm I suddenly felt really funny, could feel my heart going a bit and felt very breathless. Started to shake from head to toe and felt really unwell. After about half an hour hubby called out of hours who said they'd ring back.

We were just about to go to a and e when they rang. Went down for appointment, waited as you do, then started to feel really funny. I knew I was breathing really quickly, but couldn't be bothered to control it. I could feel my head rolling and hubby talking to me, but he was just really annoying,me as I didn't want to talk. It must have been at this point my eyes started to go as he went for help. Apparently around this point I lost consciousness. I knew stuff was going on around me, it was very odd. Next I really knew I was having my spacer administered while they set up the nebuliser. Had to two lots of nebuliser drugs whilst they called 999. ambulance took 30 minutes! The rest I think you all know.

Apparently I didn't wheeze which is a bit concerning, doc thinks it might be due to swimming in my youth and playing the clarinet, something to do with developing lung function at that age, so it's not uncommon for people like me to mask asthma symptoms. Guess I'm just going to have to learn the danger signs, and quick!
18/11/2012 at 21:42

Lotte - that is so NOT a taper!!! Running is good for dealing with shite weeks for sure, and you are a running superwoman, no question, but give yourself the best potential for completing blowing away your challenge ... please pretty please??

EF - that is sooooo hard, and I definitely would have been unable to think nice thoughts if that was me. A others have said, it definitely does not make you a cow/horrible person at all and you are on a very rocky rough journey at the moment.  Just got everything crossed for you and thinking lots of ++++ thoughts.

JT - really hope stuff is improving, productive coughing has got to be good surely?  I know no comparisons, but I am never wheezy with my asthma so there is none of that forewarning.

RF - hope you are not flued up!

Camlo - loving the night out, you lucky soul and well done Brookie for getting out to run. Don't focus on how fit you were two months ago ... onward onward!

Vixo - there have been some nasty cough bugs up here, my friends daughter who is 2.5 has had something for a couple of months now, she's just about stopped coughing. Thankfully the others seemed to just get a mild version but the big thing was the cough. Really really hope it improves. Can't believe you are so close now!!

Mad mad weekend here what with driving down on Fri evening and getting little sleep (knew THAT would happen with all of us in one room!!). Theory paper had a few scary moments (complete mind blank and knowing I was writing bo**ocks a couple of times!!), but somehow managed to pull it off - practical was much better but I was one of the last to do mine. We were a group of eight on the course and we were being the 'clients' for the person being assessed, so took part in 5 30 min pilates classes on Saturday, sat out of a couple!!!  Anyway absolutely delighted and soooo relieved, dont' think I could cope with the strain of the logistics for getting to the course, let alone anything else. 

Ate in hotel last night and sat polishing off bottle of wine with FIL while hubby took overtired kids off to bed (payback for him sitting in restaurant with FIL on Fri eve while I was trying to do last minute revision in hotel bathroom while hyper kids where NOT going to sleep and driving me nuts ... his mobile wasn't receiving my frantic messages to him!!).  Today we all yomped up Arthurs Seat before heading back in our different directions!

INSET days now for Mon and Tues so haven't run since Thursday - bah... five whole days of no running - eek!!

Edited: 18/11/2012 at 21:45
18/11/2012 at 22:30
JT - fingers crossed everything is on the up now. Sorry you had a bad experience on MAU - obviously ours is very good!!! (unable to do winky smiley faces on iPad!)

Camlo - I can't believe you were out til 2am - respect! The thought of it makes me feel exhausted!

Aaaargh, more vomiting this evening. Eliza seemed a bit better today - had a long nap this morning but was actually 'chatting' and playing a bit, and ate some of the pizza I made for lunch (her favourite food!), but then this evening after picking at a few things for tea she vommed spectacularly all over me - 4th load of washing for the day now on! - so not sure where to go from here. If she's not much better tomorrow I might take her to the GP on Tuesday, even though I don't think there's anything they can do I sort of need someone else to say that. I wonder if some of the coughing is reflux so might get something over the counter for that, but poor little girl, she's just not been herself at all.

I'm also feeling sorry for myself - did loads of leaf raking in the garden this morning with Isabelle whilst hubby was out cycling, and then we all cycled over to the sports centre to see some of the national cyclo cross racing this afternoon, and the combination has completely bu****ed my back. Sciatica going crazy this evening and I have been very uncomfortable. I knew the raking was a bad idea but I just had to be outside doing something on such a lovely morning - seriously paying for it now, but we did have a good day!

CC - great news on your course - think I could do with your combo of sports massage and Pilates at the moment!

Right, only came on the computer to get a new book for my kindle so must get going and into bed (after getting the last load of washing hung up!!) - anyone read anything good recently?
19/11/2012 at 07:00
Vixo....... Definitely a case of do what I say not what I do!

Hope your back is better soon. Boo to the voms
19/11/2012 at 08:08
I know , I know Caro! The thing is I know the sciatica will stop as soon as the baby is born, so I got a bit stir crazy yesterday - still, worst case scenario if I go 2 weeks overdue is now only 6.5 weeks!
19/11/2012 at 08:39
Oh boo Vixo! That's not nice. It must be so frustrating not being able to prescribe what you know you need! Hope your back is better. I think infant Gaviscon is prescription only. Typically have just pulled a box out the cupboard yesterday to return to the pharmacy, what a shame you're not nearer!

And, I'm sure your Mau dept is a different kettle of fish! This is the Royal Gwent after all... Unfortunately, I didn't get to choose the hospital, otherwise it would have been UHW!
19/11/2012 at 19:23

bit quiet on here today girls!!

Very exciting INSET day doing jobs but kids played well while I cleaned!

Vixo - boo to the bu**ered back and return of the vomiting too ; have you taken her in to see anyone today?  I had to resort to going for walks with my Leki poles when I was pregant with S right near the end, kept me sane, kept me upright and her in a good position and kept my back in one piece!!

How you doing today JT and EF too?

19/11/2012 at 20:09

Hope you are on the mend now with some sort of diagnosis JT.

Vixo, rubbish to the bad back and vomming. Not what you need. Anything that is kind of push/pull seems to tweak my back at the moment, so I try to avoid hoovering, sweeping etc. Hoovering isnt so easy to avoid but I can quite happily not rake the leaves

Brilliant news on qualifying CC. So is that it now? You can teach any level pilates? Fabulous

EF - hope you're ok. Does your family know what you are going through at the moment? Still thinking positive thoughts for you.

Not a great day here, took hubbys car into the garage to get new tyres and ended up needing  4 of them, plus tracking and minus ££££. AND we still need to get something done to the suspension which is going to be more money. Grrrr!!! Got a short run in at lunch time whilst Leila was in school but feeling a bit coldy so took it especially easy.

Hubby is away now for 2 nights which isn't helping me feel any less fed up. Hey ho, hope tomorrow I wake up in a better mood!! I should really be doing some work, but think I am going to have a hot chocolate and go to bed!!

19/11/2012 at 20:13

Indeed it is quiet- guess Mondays are catch up with housework, shopping, work etc day. 

Vixo- hope baby shifts down soon to give you some space, I must admit I never felt any relief myself towards the end as I got bigger and bigger but some describe a definate improvement if baby engages dont they? 

CC- I hate inset days as often the holiday club is shut too so you are totally b*ggered for child care. Glad your angels were good for you! Glad you got a reward of wine and yomping (that sounds dodgy...)

JT- scary episode for you and disgusted by the argueing going on around you when you were in. Its hard to have faith when professionals cant agree! When we were in hosp with Archie the staff were argueing over the dose of sedative they needed to effectively put him into a coma so they could put him on life support. I was terrified!!  

Looked myself up on power of 10 yesterday.... I have a handicap of around 15 which I thought was pretty good until I looked a few of you up (Lotte about 6??). Heyho!! 

Had a slow 5k before work and skipped in feeling really good.... until i had another email declaring me deskless again. gggrrrrrrrr. 


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