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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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27/02/2013 at 09:02
CM - I agree with the others, he doesn't look overweight, and is very tall. Where is he on the centiles in his red book? Mine always seem to get bigger before they grow upwards which then stretches them out. Isabelle is very lean and has been since she was quite small, but E has a proper little tummy at the moment. At the end of the day she looks so funny wandering around after her bath with her big round toddler belly! I'm hoping they all take more after my husband who is tall and a slender build!

Anj - hope your husband is ok. Really not what you need with a tiny baby as well, it's supposed to be your time to be looked after!
27/02/2013 at 09:05
Wow Anj. What a nightmare and not what you need with a newborn as well!

Good luck for those running today. Jealous of the sunshine up north. V grey here.
Meant to ask MM - what veggies do you grow? Anyone else grow stuff? What's easy for me to grow in a tub on a patio?! Other than tomatoes - I usually manage to grow a few small cherry Tom bushes each year.
27/02/2013 at 09:06
Toddler bellies are the CUTEST!
27/02/2013 at 09:15

Yes, I am wondering if they are going to put hubby under or do it under local? He is driving himself to the hospital tomorrow am to the day surgery so I guess I need to be on standby incase they do. He didn't even ask if it would local or general

Evie still asleep... I think my boob might explode.

27/02/2013 at 09:16

anj - oo that sounds very nasty. i do hope he is ok for friday...

vixo - just checked the height and weight charts online as don't have the kids' red books (they are at dad's for some reason - probably because i didn't think to pack them when i left). he is off the chart for both, but a lot further off the chart for height than weight, so i assume that means that, at least in the eyes of the charts, he is taller than he is fat!

J always bulks out too before he shoots up. he has not long shot up again, but he does have a bit of a belly. it's not fatty really. i can't see any love handles or anything, and his trousers always fall down because his waist isn't big enough to hold them up (and he won't do up a belt). he is in age 9-10 trousers for the length but obviously isn't a 9-10 in circumference!  his belly just sticks out a bit - like it's too full of food. which after his 2 slices of wholemeal toast with tinned mackerel in tomato sauce, crumpet with peanut butter and jam plus yoghurt this morning - i should imagine it is! he doesn't eat much lunch at school because they always serve potatoes (which he hates) and he doesn't like school veg. so for lunch he will eat meat and a bit of veg, plus pudding. but he will fill up tonight at his dad's i'm sure...

27/02/2013 at 09:16
I have tried to grow courgettes, peppers + tomatoes, the slugs ate them all. Only thing I successfully managed was potatoes + mint lol. Gardening is not my forte.

Remembered to have breakfast today tho- porridge with chia seeds + squirt of honey.

Off swimming with teeny shortly then lunch, nursery drop off, interval run, shower, school pick up, nursery pick up, kids snack, dentist, home, finish work, dinner + breath. Nat is doing her English higher prelim today, don't envy her.
27/02/2013 at 09:16

oh dear, anj - can you express a bit off yourself?

27/02/2013 at 09:17

We grow veggies here Brookie, but last year Rabbits got a lot of it including all my sweet corn and caterpillars destroyed my cabbages. My tomatoes got black spots, but I think it was a bad year for toms as not a lot of sun. The best things I did were parsnips, lettuces, carrots and pumpkins! Reading a lot of books about it this year so hoping that it will be more successful.

27/02/2013 at 09:18

Was wondering if it would make it worse if I expressed?

27/02/2013 at 09:23

i think if you just express a bit off to relieve the pain a bit, that should be ok. obvs if you pump 6oz off or something, you will make another 6oz but just enough to relieve the pressure should be ok. also a hot flannel on the breast may help?

27/02/2013 at 09:25
Sounds just right with belly size CM, kids bellies should stick out as their internal organs r much bigger in relation to the size of their bodies than us adults.

I would express a tiny bit off just to relieve discomfort, it'll Just b watery foremilk u will b expressing off. If it's unlikely she sleep this long every day it won't make any difference, if it becomes a habit then u know to just bare it for a few days til milk production adjusts.
27/02/2013 at 09:26
CM - he sounds fine then (according to the charts!). As long as his weight is in proportion to his height, which it sounds as though it is, I wouldn't worry about it.

Anj - take some ibuprofen, which should help if it is early mastitis. Keep taking it until the redness, heat etc settles down, and if it gets worse and you get a temperature, get to the gp ASAP for antibiotics - mastitis is really horrible. I had it twice with E and felt really unwell and managed to escape this time by hitting the anti-inflammatories early! Also, check you're not wearing a bra that's pressing in somewhere and blocking ducts - find the softest things you have to wear today.

Has anyone seen the interview with Mo Farah after winning the New Orleans half marathon? The interviewer clearly has no idea who he is and asks him if he's run before!!
27/02/2013 at 09:32

BMI obviously thinks his height and weight aren't quite in proportion as he comes out as overweight. who knows? what i don't want to do is just say - well, he's just a big lad, if actually he is overweight. i think i will check with the GP next time we are there for his eczema check. i think it's the fact that i know his dad feeds the kids more cake / chocolate / sweets than i would allow which makes me worry. although J is much less fussed about them than E is usually. in fact, mostly he can't be bothered with pudding here (because all we have is fruit and custard usually - sometimes with some sprinkles), and would rather go and play! he refused leftover birthday cake yesterday, but he did eat a tonne of dried fruit instead, which is also high in calories.

i think we could do with doing a bit more walking at weekends, but E hates it so much that we all miss out because of that.

i haven't seen that interview, vixo - but i read about it on twitter. haha!

27/02/2013 at 12:33
Off for my interval run in half an hr, not looking forward to it, going to have to run past the playpark workmen 18times, they will think I am bloody bonkers. It is still foggy here but alas I don't think it is quite foggy enough to hide me.
27/02/2013 at 12:49

I saw that in the paper this morning Vixo - bet she feels REALLY silly now!

CM - I've always figured with my J that providing his weight is lower than the height on the percentiles he is fine - think he's something like 90% for height and 75% for weight. If you are worried then mention it to Drs but BMI is not the best guide - puts athletes and the like at obese frequently because of their muscle mass; obv I'm no expert but I guess that's why we have centile charts for the kids rather than the BMI thing.

Ouchy ouchy anj - that sounds really really horrible!  Hubby lopped top of his finger off when I first met him - washing a wine glass that broke on him ... I suggested he went to hosp for stitches but he did a DIY steristrip job, finally 24 hours later went to A&E where they told him off, re-taped him up ... and then he went sea kayaking the next day wearing rubber glove to protect it!!! Has no feeling in tip now ... strangely!!

Good luck with the playpark intervals TT, just pretend they are not there!!

Well I did just over 9 this morning. It was exceptionally hard work and took me as long as it took to do 10.5 miles six weeks ago! But still a bit post-viral as well as fitness loss.  Will be at it with ice, stretching and roller tonight though.

 Will be glad when all the ice has buggered off though - really slippy in places and others not so difficult to get into a stride etc. Beautiful beautiful day and got onto a bit of beach I've not got to before (can only access it on foot or bike via forest tracks) so need to take hubby/kids to this bit next time we bike at weekends ... another reason to need the ice to go, then we can get out on bikes again.

Camlo - are you rolling your butt on a tennis or golf ball? and massaging (rollering) the hamstring, quad and hip flexor, plus stretching that lot too???

New trail shoes arrived this morning - model I've had before but not for a year so will need a bit of bashing in to start with (heels can be a bit unforgiving for starters). Nice bargain though ... shoes currently retailing about £85 but were in sale with extra 10% off too , so £56 inc postage ... can't believe just how expensive trainers are now, used to be able to get something at £60 full price, now not a lot of change from £90 unless in sale

27/02/2013 at 13:12

Enjoy the new shoes CC, may they bring you many happy miles! Cost is a nightmare. I really need a new pair of clodhoppers, I do all my runs under 10 miles in lightweights (asics skyspeeds or my speedstars) and then longer runs in nimbus's. But all my nimbus's are totally shagged out, holes in the toes and the soles are very worn down, they do far more than 500 miles for sure. I've been under the bed looking out old ones to eek out a few more miles in but must bite the bullet and buy some new ones so I can break them in before the 100k. Its quite interesting when you compare my old shoes to recent ones the wear is totally different, less wear on the heels now and the tread is ground down midfoot.

EEk, what a nightmare Anj hope hubby ok and boobs are better too!

Enjoy the intervals TT. 6 miles for me this morning and the track tonight.

Been trying to work out the logistics for the 100k. Headspin. Rubbish at decisions. It is in easter hols so was intending to take whole family away for a week but £720 just to get off the island, ffs. But then even if I go myself its going to cost a couple hundred plus accomodation and car hire. Not sure I want to go without support mind you, not that hubby and 6 kids will necessarily be the most helpful support either! If we do all go we would spend a few days up near aviemore or fort william I think. RF/CC any suggestions for good kiddi biking/forest/walking etc?

27/02/2013 at 13:28

Meant to say CC your mtb-ing ladies group sounds great, I would love to do something like that. This place looks good

Edited: 27/02/2013 at 13:29
27/02/2013 at 14:25

cc - glad you are back out there! it has been grey and cloudy here for days. very odd for it not to be raining. shouldn't complain but it is bitterly cold and it would be quite nice to see the sun as i can't remember what that looks like!

i am WFH today with down jacket on and hot water bottle down my top. inspite of scrimping with my heating, i still end up paying £64 a month for gas. that is mainly because the  boiler is 30 or more years old though and definitely not efficient!!

feeling a bit maudlin (what's new, i hear you all say!) as it's E's birthday tomorrow and for the first time ever since my kids were born, i will be waking up without them on one of their birthdays. i will be seeing E in the morning as i'm going with her and T to do some pottery painting before she goes to school (got the morning off) and then after school, we're all going out for tea together. and then she's with me at the weekend (from fri morning) until next weds so we will ueber-celebrate over the weekend. i think my kids will grow up thinking birthday celebrations always go on for about 2 weeks, because they usually celebrate one weekend with T and one weekend with me and often have other treats too. i'm taking E to get our nails painted (which she will LOVE and i will hate!!) on saturday; and on sunday i'm taking her to a little farm with one of her friends where they can groom and dress up shetland ponies!! they also decorate their hooves with glitter etc. can you imagine?!?! i have no idea how that works but i just know that E will be in her absolute element. and then after that i'm having a chocolate and haribo based kids' tea back at my house with god knows how many people coming. i keep inviting people as i see them....


27/02/2013 at 14:35
OMG OMG OMG Did 6mile run with 8x400m intervals and get this 7:53, 7:49, 8:07, 7:43, 7:52, 7:59, 7:59 & 7:51. That's what happens when do intervals on a nice flat bit. In shock, didn't actually look at my times til I got home, just ran as fast as I could. Don't think I have ever did a 7:xx mMl ever except on a dwnhill.

Workmen were fine too, were on their lunch for 1st 3 intervals then when they got back it was only the digger operators who were on my side of park + the young nedish workmen were all on other side so it was fine.
27/02/2013 at 14:42

YAY TT - go you  fantastic splits

CM - not sure I should really be running on ankle but have been fighting such awful black clouds that I'm taking the 'stuff it' route at the moment and it IS better, just not 100%. 

Lotte - absolutely shed loads of walking and biking around Glenmore - you could check it out ready for your 24 hour race in Sept , plus there is a campsite there which takes caravans etc.  Not quite so up-to-speed with Fort William but will have a think.

back later but have school run and was seriously late yesterday - ooops!!

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