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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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28/02/2013 at 07:58

Hope you have a nice time when you meet up later CM xx

28/02/2013 at 08:21
Happy birthday Martha and Ellen. Hugs to CM. I keep meaning to comment about the birthday activity you have planned for this weekend, painting horses' hooves!?!? That really made me laugh. I bet she'll absolutely love it!
28/02/2013 at 08:35

Happy Birthday Martha and Ellen. Hope you all have nice days.

Oh dear Hoggle, your injury doesn't sound good at all (())

Thanks for ideas CC. Glenmore sounds like a plan. Not sure if I am going to do the 24hr race or not. Depends on how I run at Edinburgh marathon. If I don't get a result I am happy with (which is likely 6 weeks after 100k) I  might be tempted to put the 24hr off til next year and have a really good PB attempt as Loch Ness marathon. Just swithering wanting to do everything! Feel like I am running fast at the mo and would like to get a good marathon time to show for it!

Saying that I didn't have the best session at the track last night. 2m w/u and 2 c/d with 6x800m, times were about 5s down per rep but it just felt SO hard. It was really windy and the legs are weary at the moment so nothing to be worried about. Its funny I still get really nervous about the track session. I spend all day dreading it and get butterflies before I start! I think it doesn't help that it is the only run I pre-plan, everything else I just make up as I go along!

Argh gotta go, Cameron yelling on the loo that there is no loo roll left!

28/02/2013 at 08:36

thanks all. just about to go down to school and meet up with her because T is dropping J off at school. will sneak a hug with J too (if he'll let me).

am in tears though. stupid i know. just blown up lots of birthday balloons in case T lets her come back here at some point during the day. a house full of '4 today' balloons and banners on the window - and no 4 year old. i am finding this much harder than christmas - probably because i don't like christmas day much, and also because for me birthdays are quite emotional as i remember giving birth to my 2. i started getting a few contractions from 7.30am with E - she was born at 11.15, so right now i was phoning the hospital asking for the midwife to come out.

oh and yes - i cannot imagine what on earth painting horses' hooves is going to be like, or why they would even let you do it. presumably they really are VERY stupid horses. you dress them up and do their manes and put bows in them and stuff. i invited one of E's friends from school and her mum said 'ooh Evie would love that. presumably they aren't real horses?'. err - yup!!

28/02/2013 at 09:57
Happy birthday Ellen and Martha!
Can totally see why birthdays would be harder than Xmas CM. hang in there. Hope today goes ok.
Edited: 28/02/2013 at 09:58
28/02/2013 at 10:02

Oooo I don't do nutella. Can't stand praline. Yuck Yuck!! Malt loaf though is lush, so squidgey. Yum!

I am pooped. 5.45 get up and onto the dreadmill for 10 miles with 4x1.5 mile reps. Kept them pretty steady as did fast speed last week and will be doing next week too so kept to half marathon pce, first 2 6:30s next 2 6:18s. Very hard to keep going at that time in the morning. Realised during the 4th rep that I'd not told the boys where I'd be when they woke up, treadmill is in the play room near the patio doors for fresh air! Sophie gets a bit distressed when noone is upstairs. Kept going though and Josh appeared to say Sophie was crying and his verucca was hurting!!! Foot still hurting which is annoying. It's either my knee or foot!

Off to see physio in a bit and osteo while I still private health care as from tomorrow its gone as hubbie last day at his current job today. Hubbie's new company cover him but not the rest of us ...Might look into keeping paying for me given my foot troubles.

I so feel for this morning CM. Would love to give you a big hug. Hope you got your cuddles with her this morning. She is such a cutie (())

How about aqua-running? I have a proper running belt. That wouldn't hurt at all and you would get the runners high you need. Have to run in the deep end so totally impact free? If you're passing you are welcome to pop in and borrow it. If not maybe get some crawl lessons to take your mind off your calf?

Right best dash. Have enormous food shop to do as well as we are one of  host houses for starters for the village progressive supper on Sat. Going to make brushetta with different toppings (pea, mint and broadbean my fave) and rocket/pancetta/parmesan salad. We have 8 folk coming then we move onto other houses for mains. Puddings in the village hall at the end. Is usually a fab night as you can imagine and much carbs to be had I'm sure!!

28/02/2013 at 10:10
Happy birthday to the girlies today then - Ellen and Martha. Big hugs to you CM - I hope the day passes quicker for you.

Oh Lotte, tired legs, surely not! Know what you mean about wanting to do it all ... and i'm still half on the bench! I'd still like to if I could do a sub 3.30 Mara (pb 3.34 from 2009 eek), so an also toying with idea of loch ness Mara too.

Had nice melt down on hubby last night so wee are resolved to try and come up with some form of plan-decision about way forward at the weekend ... Sigh!

Ankle predictably sore today but need to blitz house so just a short treadmill session I think. Am booked in for spinning class tomorrow (first in over two years) and out next weekend for a session with the Dirt Vixens hopefully.

Feels so warm here today .... No frost!
28/02/2013 at 10:11
Cm, must be so tough. Hang in there and I hope you get to see e today. Happy bday to her and Martha, Kinsey!

So we survived the school run this am as hubby was in hospital at 7.30 waiting for his op. Evie is still asleep and I'm about to have a friend round to see Evie.

Ooh and treadmill arrives on Tuesday
28/02/2013 at 10:12
Meant to say mm, maybe knee compensating for foot pain?
28/02/2013 at 10:34
Happy Birthday to all the littlies celebrating today.

Hope hubby's op goes well Anj and congrats on surviving the school run. Enjoy ur treadmill when it comes.
28/02/2013 at 12:22

v exciting re treadmill Anj and also fingers xed for hubbies op.

the nutella/maltloaf combo does get round your teeth a bit but yummy none-the-less.  Good effort this morning MM.

Not THAT warm but just such a contrast to the heavy frosts and minus figures we've had!!

We have eight adults and nine kids coming late afternoon for tea/dinner on Saturday ... am planning to get kiddies fed about 5-5.30 (making large cottage pie for them tomorrow) and then adults get to sit down while they play/watch dvds and generally trash the house!!!  Haven't planned adult yet ... french onion soup to start though, perhaps a Raclette (cheese and meat/fish fest!!) as we picked up one in France years ago and it needs an excuse for a dusting off!! for those who don't know what I'm twittering on about!!

28/02/2013 at 13:04

Sounds like a good night planned for Sat CC. Thats the kind of night we have alot! Hope you and hubby can work out something better, did he show no interest in that local job then?

Jings MM don't know how you managed that session but well done. My alarm goes off at 5.20 so I always run at that time of day but rarely intervals, let alone intervals (or even just running) on a treadmill, no thanks but I know needs must and I would probably change my tune if I had to.

2 runs for me today, 10 first thing backed up with 7 while twins at nursery. Enjoying a cuppa tea and some oatcakes just now, carbs eek! Also had a couple of herring fillets in dill marinade and trying to ignore the liquorice in the cupboard calling me!


Edited: 28/02/2013 at 13:29
28/02/2013 at 14:11

Oh yuck to licorice Lotte, you can have that . I have scoffed a pile of rice cakes with salad and houmous. Was starving and still am. Very embarrassing during both treatments as my stomach was rumbling so much!  Love herring, mackerel etc. Might have that tom actually. Yum!

No idea Anj tbh. Foot was pretty good after 20 miler last week and had no pain during the race at all. Anyway it has been pulled and massaged and wiggled and had ultrasound and the osteopath has had a go too. Not sure when I will next go as need to sort hubbie's health insurance first. Will do if needs must as helps so much.

The treadmill is actually not as bad as you would imagine. Hubbie was going swimming at 6am so no chance to go out before and no time between physio and school drop off. And actually its no different to a track and does give you a very good work out. You can be pretty certain you will stick to the pace you have set as NO WAY will you press that - button!!! Got lots of new music on iPod too which plugs into the machine as it has speakers so its fine for speedwork. I find steadies much harder though but could probably manage it if needed. I love running at that time too, not quite as early as you 5.45 is my wake up call. But love weds now that S is in pre-school and I can get my mid week long run done in daylight and I get to lie in that morning till 7am too!!!. So much better than 15 in the dark.

Sounds good CC, we often do that too. At least we are just doing starters on Sat. I don't know the people we are going to for mains, but thats what its all about hey!

Also going out tomorrow for hubbie's leaving do but probably going to drive as I need to run 24 miles on Sat and it will save us the train and taxi fare too. Thought about doing it tom as hubbie off, but think I need to give me foot a breather, so will just do 4-5 miles easy.

28/02/2013 at 14:17
MM, I remember you talking about Mr MM's job but don't think I remember you saying he had actually changed job. What will he be doing now?

Are you out in Swindon tomorrow night?
28/02/2013 at 14:31

Oh yes TT . Some place that does all types of food in Old town? Then onto to some pubs?

He is moving to Boeing in Bristol, starts Monday. Similar type of job Head of HSE and Risk for the UK. Hopefully more responsibility but less hours is what he reckons??? Hmmm, we shall see!!! he can still bike there, its about 25 miles from here via the lanes. He is thinking of going for a UK spot in the World triathlon champs as its in London. Qualifying races all full except for Liverpool in July. Now he is V40 he has more chance but then everyone will be trying tbh. Worth a bash though, hence he is swimming once a week and has been doing some treadmill sessions to see what shape he's in. He can still knock out 6 min miles off no training. Very annoying!!!!!

28/02/2013 at 14:41

you got there before me TT - was wondering about Mr MMs job change too!!!

Lotte - he did acknowledge it, but apparently the guy whos the boss of the company is a complete to**er and there is a high turnover of staff - fair do's if that is genuinely the case but need to hear more from him!!! I still don't get why he can't find something Aberdeen way, even if he has to have digs for a few days during the week, at least he'd only be 1.5 hours away and able to get back for the odd thing. Hey ho!  I do acknowledge that he has one of the few remaining Final Salary Pension schemes and that is worth a fair amount to us!!! But life is too short tbh and we are not happy. Hey ho.

No treadmill run so that will have to be tonight now ... but house is in WAY better shape so I feel clearer in my head for that!!

School run and ballet ...

28/02/2013 at 15:01

J loves mackerel too - had it on toast for breakfast yday morning. tinned mackerel with tomato sauce. odd boy!

survived the morning with T - find it very hard. E's behaviour when he is around isn't pleasant. he lets her take blankie everywhere so she flops and sucks her thumb CONSTANTLY. and he carries her everywhere. except today he was carrying her, on his shoulders, not holding onto her legs... and his shoe laces were undone. he said 'it's fine. i never trip'. i just walk ahead and try not to look

she headbutts him, bites him, kicks him, hits him. and he just laughs. i hate it.

i have just come home while E at nursery and done 2 hours work. heading back down now to meet kids from school and go out for tea. dreading it really, as much as i want to see them, because there will be awful behaviour

am going to get really pissed all on my own tonight. i am so low i just want to sink into oblivion

28/02/2013 at 15:01

that is fab news about change of job, MM. can't believe bristol is only 25 mins tho - he must cycle fast!!

28/02/2013 at 15:53
CM, huge hugs. You are doing so well. It must feel so desperate but one thing I have observed is that things are so much better already than 2 years ago or so. It may be unpleasant but you would never have dreamed back then that you might possibly have even had a glimpse of your babies on one of T's days.

I wish I was closer, I would come and get pissed with you, drinking alone sucks.
28/02/2013 at 16:28

25 miles CM!!!

You are welcome to drive over here CM. Happy to open some wine tonight

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