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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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19/12/2013 at 23:05
19/12/2013 at 23:32
Oooo Ross isn't far from me Kinsey

Snow camlo? Brr

Cc - feel for you. You really do so well
20/12/2013 at 10:58

oh god, i'm not patient. and i think i'm only as patient as i am (not very), because i only have the kids half the time. you do amazingly.

i'm sitting in a travelodge room in newcastle working! came up from leeds last night and went to a Status Quo gig (haha). it was ok actually. N is off today so has gone out for a wander. I have a call at 11 and then have to check out, so will have to find somewhere else to work after that. i'm using my broadband dongle so to all intents and purposes, i really am working! i actually have a load of stuff to submit today. we're going to his folks' house later (Richmond), and then tomorrow we're going for a walk and heading back down to home.

i managed a run along the Tyne this morning. it was lovely. newcastle is a fab place.

20/12/2013 at 18:23

Well done on getting out for a run along the river CM, sounds great.

Exciting about the house Kinsey!  We had a holiday near Ross-on-Wye a few years ago and it was lovely round there.

Said goodbye to Sophie's teacher  and the other Y1 teacher who's going on mat leave.  He's leaving teaching so I guess he just couldn't hack being an NQT and has quit after his first term.  It's such a shame because all the kids and parents loved him, but it was taking over his family life, as teaching does .  Can't remember if I said but there's now been an extra mess-up as the mat leave cover has now said he can't do it, so Y1 will be taken over by Nursery teachers after Christmas!  Not ideal but what can the school do at such short notice.

Anyway, home alone with kids tonight as hubby out on the booze.  Quite glad really as it's so windy and cold I really can't be bothered to go anywhere!  I was thinking I might do the parkrun in the morning, but if hubby's been out tonight he's not going to want to take Sophie swimming for 9.10 I don't suppose .

Happy end of term people!  Do Scotland break up today too?  I know your terms are slightly different at other times.

20/12/2013 at 18:33

Yep Woohoo! Holidays...


CM u sound very patient and super hands on, ur posts 

where u describe having lost it and think that is unreasonable 

describe a normal day for a lot of us lol. And u do tons 

of fab fun stuff with the kids. So stop being hard on yourself. 



20/12/2013 at 18:44

I shout at my kids all the time, have sworn mid rant on more 

than one occasion and have locked myself in toilet and cried or screamed 

into a towel on many occasions. Not proud of swearing, I hate that 

when hear someone swear at their kids, but the other stuff 

is perfectly fine and I am not going to beat myself up about 

any of it. My kids r loved loads and looked after very well 

, Mum losing the plot and using some colourful language once in a 

blue moon isn't going to damage them. In fact I can't abide perfect people 

who never even raise a voice to their kids, They have the brattiest 

kids of all who Would probably burst into tears instantly if someone 

shouted at them. Good life training in my book, to know that u can push 

people too far and sometimes people are having a bad day and need 

some consideration.

20/12/2013 at 18:44

We finished yesterday! Why finish on a Friday when you could finish at noon on thurs. 

eek it's scary windy again.


andy's mum got taken into hospital last night. High calcium levels in her blood. She's aged 20yrs in the last 8 weeks. Shingles combined with back and hip problems. Has resulted in total mobility loss, appetite loss and therefore weight loss. Also she's on lots of painkillers so she's a bit woozy. Apparently she looks better already because she's on a drip and hydrated again. I had to go down and pack for her then decided to wait for the ambulance. She was ordered in at 5.30 and ambulance came 8.30 but wasn't in a bed til 1.45am. Andy said the hosp was mobbed. 

better do bath time. Plus stupid autocorrect is going wild toNight. 

20/12/2013 at 18:46

Ps Louise cried yesterday cos I was so scary when I erupted after asking nicely for 10 mins to put her coat on. I went absolutely ballistic. 

20/12/2013 at 20:13

Its difficult though CC as they get out of the habit of parenting and I think you do have to stay on top of the kids otherwise if you give an inch they take a mile!

We had a friend of Martha's over for tea last night and I'm just surprised again how cheeky her friends are and I hope she isn't that cheeky when she visits them!!  

We also broke up today, Benedict has had a temperature all day and Aidan seems to be brewing something too - nice.

EF - hope Andy's mum is okay - stressful xx  I also go mental when I have asked the kids to get the coats and shoes on more than 3 times!

JG - not sure a term of teaching is enough to make a proper decision, shame he is leaving them in the lurch a bit too.  Martha will be gutted to leave her school.

TT - agree with your regarding the shouting.  Sometimes Alan and I argue in front of them too and I think they need to know sometimes people get cross and then sort it out.

20/12/2013 at 20:27

Oh yes, at TOTM I generally lose it several times, usually at the kids and sometimes at hubby and usually in the mornings!  And I have some rant in the car about how we're late AGAIN and how it's all Nicky's fault for being slow/Sophie's fault for not doing as she was told - generally some completely unfair flippant statement that I always feel bad about afterwards !  This is why I could never be a primary school teacher...!

Yes I agree one term is not long enough, I don't know who, if anyone, he spoke to before making the decision to leave but he really shouldn't have thrown in the towel so early.  Saying that, I have no idea how people with kids train to be a teacher as it takes so much out of you timewise and emotionally, and the first couple of years are so hard.  Anyway he's got my email address so I'm hoping for a full explanation soon .


20/12/2013 at 21:19

It is always easy to see other parents mistakes when 

u are looking on from afar, many times I have thought 

hubby was being impatient or snappy and have said to him 

in another room, made suggestion of how he should b. But 

have also realised I have done exact same thing and made 

same mistakes too. I pretend there is video in the room watching 

me and try to see the situation from the outside. 


Looking after other peoples kids is much easier, have rarely 

had to raise my voice to a minded child except if it's just noisy. But 

I have bn very lucky with the kids I have had too. 

20/12/2013 at 22:00

Seems a bit odd quitting teaching after only 1 term.  What was the point in doing the training??

Hubby, who has no memory or common sense, only weighed out enough pasta for one tonight, instead of 2, so I am starving.  Alright for him, he had pizza express for lunch!  

Park run in the morning - santa hat in the pissing rain and howling gales.  Can't wait.....

Last day of work, wanted to feel all chritmassy but don,t am tired and in a bad mood.  Bed.

Camlo    pirate
21/12/2013 at 08:24

Good luck with the santa run Caro, wish this rain would stop!! Not being stupid but why did you not take the whole portion and tell him to bloomin cook some more!!? 

only have monday to work then off until new year (apart from the boss telling us to 'just do some reading around it and then you'll have a policy ready by the time we come back'.....errr will I ??? 

EF Shingles is a bugger, often underestimated by people who havent had it. The effects can last for months so big hugs for your mil. 

JG i feel sorry for the guy if he thinks he will find another job straight away too! 

CC and all the other 'mostly single mums' - i feel your pain, all the work and no respite from it EEK. I would cave for sure. If hubby is out all day I always go to my sister to share the load and get adult company! 

However, I am an excellent parent, never shout at the kids and they are delightful cherubs at all times but especially so in front of others and when we are in a hurry........ 

no running still, but i have tidied the house, wrapped presents and put half of my belongings on ebay. Today I got a rare TOTM which may explain things!! Hope mojo comes back now.... Have tough guy to train for! 

21/12/2013 at 19:53

He offered me his but he'd already put sauce all over it, and I felt bad, so I just had bread, nice wifey that I am!

Enjoyed parkrun, the rain stayed away, but there was a fearsome wind, so very happy with my new PB of 20.24!  But some woman appeared out of nowhere and trounced me completely, so I 'only' came second  However, I did beat the 14 yr old girl, and if she hadnt been there I wouldnt have got my PB as she always makes me run faster.  I just looked up the lady who beat me and she was a first timer, but obviously a bit of a tourist as has done several park runs all around London so not local, and her PB is 16.27!!!  So not only way out of my league, but in another stratosphere.

Been drinking mulled wine all afternoon as had friends round, now need to tidy up and eat some proper food.


21/12/2013 at 20:53

Ok so just googled the lady who beat me and this is her profile on power of 10

So I'd say she's a bit of a pro........


Camlo    pirate
21/12/2013 at 22:57

Whoa, thats some PB to have under your belt..... Well done for a measly 2nd place!! 

Feel crap and NO inclination to run at all ever again so will force myself out tomorrow before it becomes too hard. Hope the gales can wash away this stupid cloud. 

22/12/2013 at 08:29

Wow well done Caro!  Love the child pacemaker 

Lotte - lovel pics on FB of your kids doing a bit of cross-country running, they must be the healthiest kids in the country with all that fresh air and exercise !

Sending you a virtual kick up the butt Camlo and expect to hear a report of your run (however short!) later .  Someone said (or possibly I read in RW) if you're struggling for motivation, tell yourself you'll just do a mile and see how you feel at the end of it.  Hope the clouds shift soon.

I was supposed to be going for my regular reservoir run this morning but hubby had forgotten he was going go-karting with friends .  I did ask MIL when she came to babysit last night, but she didn't sound over-enthusiastic so I told her it would be too much hassle anyway .  I invited my dad to stay the night tonight yesterday (if that makes sense!) which is always traumatic but thought I'd be brave, but he's texted to say he's got a tummy bug and can't come - he always cancels at the last minute, I never know if it's because he doesn't want to come or is genuinely ill a lot.  I'm not surprised anyway and at least it means I can go to a friend's tonight instead!

I did the parkrun yesterday and was 7 seconds outside my pb so I was quite pleased, particularly as I've got a slightly dodgy tummy at the moment and hadn't eaten much the night before.

Right better get the kids some breakfast I suppose!  I am being given regular countdowns to Christmas by Sophie!

22/12/2013 at 08:31

Oh and your comment made me laugh Caro - your hubby who has no memory or common sense  Grr to the pasta though!  My hubby NEVER brings me a glass of water with my tea when he cooks, even though I have had one every day since he's known me virtually!

22/12/2013 at 14:00

Honestly if I dont snap out of my foul mood and hubby doesn't start being nice to me this is about to be the worst xmas ever........It's all so silly as xmas is supposed to be about family time, and yet all we do is bicker.  He's out in his bike right now, M just threw a massive strop so woke Eric up who is wailing in his cot but I really can't face getting him up!  Step Grandmother died yesterday, funeral will be sometime after the new yr, don't know if I will go.  

OK, so if everyone answers yes to this question I will feel much better.  I assume I am not the only wife on here who does EVERYTHING for christmas??  ie buy every present, do all the shopping (online and otherwise) plan all the trips, cook all the meals, decorate the tree, put up cards, send cards (ok he did a few) etc etc.  I just feel like I have done it all, he has done bugger all and I get zero appreciation!  Or am I just being harsh as he has a full time job, all I am is a mere part time house wife with nothing better to do therefore it is my job to do it all??

22/12/2013 at 16:42

You are not alone Caro! The wrapping is what bugs me the most. I hate it and I have to do every blessed parcel. 

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