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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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21/11/2012 at 21:40
Camlo - I don't think anyone would accuse you of being a rubbish mum. I don't think anyone could go through a situation like that without it affecting them and causing them to try to find a way of coping with it. As you have been a nurse you probably protected yourself by concentrating on the practical side - in your view at least. But there is NO way that you are a rubbish mummy. So please don't try and convince us you are!
21/11/2012 at 21:45

I rarely do a whole 'pilates class' on my own CM, I just do like Caro 10-15 minutes most days.

I am continually bounced upon by dogs when I am out running in particular areas round here where dog walkers go. Drives me nuts as I really don't share their confidence that said dog won't do me any harm when it's already leaping up at me and got paws on me, so yes, WHY oh why would leave on with a baby? Guess you can tell I'm not ecstatic about them either!! That said, a couple of friends have seriously soppy well-behaved ones and I will happily pay them attention.

21/11/2012 at 21:51

and NOPE Camlo - rubbish mummy ... I don't think so!

Actually, this incident happened at Js guitar last week and made me realise we all do really really really stupid things sometimes!!! Parked car in car park, got mine out of car and set off, other car started to reverse and back door flew open at same time and small child fell out of car hitting head on ground. I leapt over and scooped child (age 3?) off the ground as mum came round and said 'so, what happened?' to me!  We have travelled with door not quite shut a couple of times, and once when both children were small I forgot to clip actual seat into seatbelt (baby was clipped into seat), but not done that particular combination for sure!!

21/11/2012 at 22:15
The best combination........young couple come in heavily pregnant, plus several kids in buggies and nappies running round with new staffie puppy, who is so cute aged 6 wks.......and they barely have the money to scrape together the vet bill (despite spending ??400 on a puppy they were assured was 'pure staff' with no proof) let alone the time to give the thing the attention and training it needs.

I have put down a few dogs in my time for aggression, and I'm sad for the people that have to make that decision, but it really is a no brainer, especially now I have my own kids.
21/11/2012 at 22:35
When eldest was about 4 I was offered a Rottweiler who was too big for her existing home. I was all for it but my Nan put her foot down and told me in no uncertain terms that I was NOT going to have her. THANK GOD!!!! Funny how I can reflect on my more silly decisions with the advantage of hindsight now but at the time I thought I knew it all....
CC child falling from a car???? Accidents are understandable but jeeps that could have been fatal and her attitude was Bizarre! I'd have taken her plate number and reported it.
21/11/2012 at 22:56

I think I was so shocked Camlo, like, did that really happen??? kind of shock, it was pitch black and my kids were equally stunned. It was only once I'd got J into his lesson and sat down with S to wait and she was talking to me about it that it all sunk in.  Didn't see her this week to ask how her son was!!??? But yes, could have been absolutely awful, she could have easily run him over with the front wheels etc. Is still imprinted on my mind.

22/11/2012 at 07:17
I weighed M for the first time in about 8 months yesterday - used the airport luggage scales!
Interesting dog discussions (haven't seen the news you were referring to). Matilda adores dogs and would approach any and every one!! I am teaching her that not all dogs like little girls as much as she likes them and to ask the owner before approaching. Obviously she is always with me and we will often just wave if I think dog (or owner) looks dubious. Trying to teach a bit of healthy respect without stamping on her passion. My parents have a foxy and she adores her but we have strict rules about where to pat her ( body only not feet, tail or nose!) and not to chase her. She's never left alone with her even though shes very gentle. Oddly she is more nervous of cats (scarface claw I think!).
Had a lovely afternoon with M, walked down to beach in the port, played in the park and watched a digger for AGES!
Sounds like some pretty awful weather in the UK at the moment!! Hope you all get a bit of nice autumn respite!
CC that car story sounds horrible - cant believe she wasn't more worried.
My stupid story for the day - drove off home from where we had parked for our walk and didn't realize until we got home that I had left the buggy with my handbag etc underneath on the pavement! Panic drive back and still there - phew!! Glad I don't live in London - itd be gone in seconds!
22/11/2012 at 07:43

J loves dogs. in fact, i think he is one. part springer spaniel or something. he wakes up in the morning and literally bounds around. even if i have to wake him up, as soon as his eyes open, he gives me a daft grin, shoots out of bed and starts talking and bouncing! then there is the running round in circles when he is excited and general levels of enthusiasm about everything. so he is either part dog or has ADHD or ASD - i think i prefer the dog theory

sounds like a close call with the handbag. i know JG has done something similar. i left J's nursery bag on the pavement in the car park once, but that is about it. which is amazing given how scatty i am. most of my scattiness relates to personal possessions - key, purse, phone. they have places which they are supposed to live in, but if they aren't there, i have absolutely NO idea where they are. and i am so absent minded when i put things down. if i come in with bags full of shopping and my keys in my hand, i can find my keys literally anywhere in the house!

22/11/2012 at 08:24

I regularly lose my car key, only to find it in the ignition still.  Few times I drove away from gym with bag left on the floor.

22/11/2012 at 08:41
Dammit, jetlag! I have to admit that the first thing I did when I landed was check on here! Didn't take in much of what anyone else was saying as I was skim reading for EF's news. Wooohooo!!

Sending sticky baby dust

Not much chance of more sleep here for a while with a wida awake Max....
22/11/2012 at 08:43
Ooh I very nearly left my handbag in our rental car yesterday when we dropped it off. Phone, purse, passports... I guess we wouldn't have got far but don't know if it would have still been there when we got back.
22/11/2012 at 09:24

Oh lordie CC. That is horrific. My car beeps at me is the doors aren't shut properly. But yes I have driven off without strapping in. Although tbh Sophie shouts at me now. 'Mummy strap my in Mummy!'

Bless E CM. She is such a cutie. Not worried about the glasses thing, just be nice if one of them didn't have to wear glasses thats all. We have our fair share of stuff. Still don't know if Harry will go through puberty yet after losing a testicle. That plays on my mind every so often. I'm sure its fine but you do worry don't you...

Dogs and babies. No... I didn't let the cats near my babies without me there, although tbh they kept well clear!

I have done the buggy thing before. Thinks most of us have. Still can't find my ted baker watch that I lost near or in the car at a race the other week. I took it off near the car and put on my garmin. Had it one as drove straight to race from being away for the weekend. Doh!! Hubbie not happy with me ...

I think Josh must be a dog then too. He also does the running in circles pulling stupid faces and he bounds everywhere too. Harry bounds but doesn't do the silly faces and circles thing ...

I go to a pilates class once a week and do my own thing about 3 times a week. Mostly I focus on my gluts after my injury but do some other stuff too. Time is the key. Just not enough it at the mo. I was still sorting washing at 10.30 last night as have had so much work this week just not go it done. So must get off here as more work to do, some bits of food to go and buy. Parcels to collect, pop into Comet to see if anything to buy like DVD players for the car. Do some packing as away to bro's tom for Mum's birthday. Then collect kids, swimming lessons and then club run. Actually have a sitter so both going in the wind and rain!!

So behind this morning. Hubbie didn't reset the alarm after he got up at 6am and we all slept until 7.30am. Ahhhh! Out the door by 8.15, no idea how??!

22/11/2012 at 10:56

CC - (and anyone else who may know the answer to this) - have really stupidly agreed to enter the thunder run 24 (24 hour offroad race which we are doing in a team - 10k circuits, someone has to be out there at all times) and we now have a team place. what shoes should i get for this? am assuming trail rather than xc? bearing in mind i can't even run offroad at the moment. am going to have to start to learn how to do that! it isn't until july next year tho so i have time to get some practice in?!

22/11/2012 at 11:50
Ooh that sounds interesting cm!

Camlo - what you said about how you nursed Archie in hospital was interesting. When we had the horror night with Archie, I was holding him as they were working on him, I actually bolted from the room as I couldn't take any more, God knows how I'd have lived with the guilt if I'd left him and the worst had happened but we all deal with these things in different ways, mine was to sit and rock in a corridor...

Cc - that's a corker! Some people... But yes, have driven off with children not strapped in

Caro - it must make you so angry in that situation. I'm currently trying to educate Ted into why we can't currently have a dog.

Cm - I reckon Archie is part Labrador, more due to his eating habits than anything!
Mm - I hadn't realised that, that is a worry. Hope it's never confirmed if you know what I mean.

Right, my house is a tip! Must tidy up!
22/11/2012 at 13:47

Woohoo EF so chuffed to hear your news.

Dogs can be such brilliant pets and such a bond between them and kids . Also caring for an animal gives kids so much back. Most of the time it is stupid people who should never be allowed to own a dog, or a child for that matter, that makes it go wrong. It makes my blood boil when people treat dogs like babies, sleeping on beds and ruling the roost then wonder why it all goes wrong when circumstances change. A dog can be a faithful friend and companion but it is still a bloody dog so train it well and treat it like one!

Scary on the kid falling out of the car. Makes me shudder. Thats how my friends wee boy was killed, he fell out the back door of his dads landrover and was hit by the livestock trailer it was towing, he died instantly. Can hardly believe it was 6 years ago.

Sophie and Dylan have glasses and I must admit I am so nervous and very relieved when the others have had eye tests.

CM - when is the race? It might depend on the ground conditions. I ran my trail races in road shoes but they weren't technical courses just off road, paths. grass, tracks. Was a wee bit slippery because of torrential rain but not too bad. CC will have good advice for you I'm sure.I've yet to buy trail shoes but keep looking at them.

Had a good track session last night. 4 x 1mile reps in 5.59/6.01/6.03/6.02. Was pleased because I was running on my own, first guy was 20 secs ahead and next two folk were about 40s behind. Thinking I might do the big run next weekend. Been waiting for the wind to swing round as its been a 20mph plus headwind for the last week! The route runs north to south.

Was hoping to have time to write more but going to have to take boys to their swimming lesson. Alot going on at the moment, always hectic here but more than usual. My friend is having a really bad time just now and I am trying to see her everyday. We did a 4 mile walk while the boys were at nursery this morning. Got some work issues going on too and other stuff but too long winded to go into at the moment. Still keeping my head above the water anyway thats the main thing.

22/11/2012 at 13:54

good to hear your head is above water Lotte!!! Was thinking of your run today as I battled my way back along the coastal path ... was hilarious actually as I had quite loose shorts on and they were blowing up to my waist and my t-shirt was being blasted up too - was a struggle to keep me decent!!

Back later, somehow seem to have used up most of my time allocated to house clearing doing other random stuff - oops and have 40 mins til pick-up to achieve miracles ...

22/11/2012 at 17:56

So glad for you EF, great news!

22/11/2012 at 18:20

well i'm not really looking forward to tonight's run. have been sitting at my kitchen window today watching the massive oak tree branches bending and twisting. it hasn't stopped sheeting down either. and i'm off out with club to do mad intervals somewhere...

hope everyone is safe. friends in devon / cornwall are flooded / stranded etc. train station roof blew off in plymouth...

just called to speak to the kids and J is the camel in his play. he is delighted, as he had hoped to be the dog, the cat or the camel. i am just wondering how the hell i make a camel outfit. suspect i may be searching eBay for an outfit!!

22/11/2012 at 19:35
Fairly certain Sainsburys had them last year CM, but that could be my imagination! You're brave running in this tonight, Bypass was closed due to yet another accident here, streets on hills have water running down like rivers! Hope your friends are ok, mad about Plymouth train station!

Lotte - hope things start to improve soon.

Well off to a craft market I've been invited to at my friends' church, it's supposed to be mega so hope I get some pressies!
22/11/2012 at 20:16
I am soaked! It was fun tho. 6x500m and 2x1k.
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