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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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28/02/2013 at 16:30
Happy birthday to the girlies
Ahhhhhhh CM, all sounds so hard for you. I can't imagine not seeing my girls so I know u must be feeling heartbroken. If you can try and think of all the fab things you have arranged for you for the weekend. You are a brilliant mum to them both and always arrange great things for them & do loads with them. Much much more than the rest of us do! Big hugs to you (((((())))))
Yikes there is far to many of you with injuries & niggles. Dislike. Lots.
Blimey Caro, that is way to light! I never lost weight BF as I ate so much!!!! LOL. Get eating cake!
Hope hubby's op went well Anj.
28/02/2013 at 17:18

Oh God CM - well done, that must have been heartbreaking. I know I moan about my two a lot (and you probably think I don't know how lucky I am ... but I do); if I was in your shoes I know I'd feel just the same.  Good luck with surviving tea-time.  Drinking alone definitely sucks though ... any chance of getting over to MMs?

The hoof-painting etc sounds intriguing for sure!!! Pics please on Fbook ...

Just made a large vat of my version of Scott Jureks winter chili ... can picture the kids 'yeuch' vibes already but I think it smells fab and I will eat it anyway

28/02/2013 at 17:30

We are having a similar chilli tonight, well stacks of beans and lentils and veg. Hubbie going to running club though so I will starving by then, so just nibbling some nuts!! Economy drive at the mo, money very tight and as we are out tomorrow to eat and on Sat night for the progressive supper need to eat cheap tonight.

Hubbie has been given new wine glasses though and a few bottles too, so seems a shame not to try them out especially as I won't be drinking tomorrow!!

I never lost weight BF either, it all came off when I stopped!!

28/02/2013 at 17:31
Never heard of raclette CC, will look at your link.
I've just started reading Jureks book............... My girls are not adventurous when it comes to food, so annoying. Would eat no veg unless I made them. They had fish fingers, chips n veg for tea, then melon n a tiny piece of cheesecake. I had salad, few chips n small piece if fish. Will have a yogurt n fruit later as we ate early as they were very naughty n driving me demented.
28/02/2013 at 17:39

The hoof painting etc might sound bizarre but as an ex horsey person its actually really normal! Great marketing though aiming it at kids parties. When horses are groomed and prep'd for show applying hoof oil, plaits etc is normal and necessary. I did notice you could get glittery hoof oil nowadays. We once painted my friends horses hooves red the night before a show for a joke, it was only a club jumping comp so she wouldn't get marked down or anything, just felt a right spanner riding a horse with red feet!

I feel ready for wine tonight, shame I have none in the house or I would have joined you in chin up CM, don't know what else to say, thinking of you.


28/02/2013 at 17:44

We are very lucky my kids will eat anything put in front of them. They are very popular at friends' houses as they really do eat anything. Well they know they won't get anything else when here so its that or starve . They will have the veg chilli tom with rice and so will Grandad . I have bought him a disgusting pudding that I know he loves for when we're out, processed cream yuckiness!

Just taken madam out for a spin on her bike after tea as hubbie has relieved me of swimming lesson duty. Hurrah! She is doing jigsaws so best get our dinner cooked before her bath time.

28/02/2013 at 17:48

mine don't get anything else either, and rarely starve!!!  It's just been a while since I've tried some different things on them ... but Tuesdays prawns with pasta, garlic and lemon got hoovered up so fingers crossed ...

28/02/2013 at 17:50

OK - so hoof painting totally normal then ...   

28/02/2013 at 17:56

My lot are fab eaters, same MM they are welcome guests cos there really isn't much they wont eat, even salads and veg. One friend laughed and said they were the only kids who fight over the lettuce as in who gets the most. Fajitas tonight, the fav family meal at the moment, the twins would eat it everynight if they could.

Been scrimping here too, payday today thank god! Cupboards are bare!

28/02/2013 at 18:21

My boys LOVE prawns so have taken to buying them frozen so can chuck a few in things for a treat for them. They had stir fry with fish and prawns yesterday, tonnes of veg, noodles, ginger, mango chutney and soy sauce. They loved it!!

Nice day planned tom as hubbie off. He is going to S to her dance class while I do some cleaning, going to do 5 miles very easy in the morning first. The going to meet FIL in Lacock at the garden centre. Fab play area there and I can get some seeds etc for the garden. Have some lunch in the cafe, hopefully Grandad will pay . Then back to pick up the boys. He is then looking at a couple of bungalows in town as his house has had two viewings today. Only been on the market 2 days!!!


28/02/2013 at 19:47

CM - one thing is guaranteed and that is that he will continue to be a tosser, although at least you got to see E today.  I guess she is looking for attention from him with the biting him and everything.

Must try prawns, mine aren't really fussy and are getting better at veg, not sure a veg chili would go down well though, must experiment more.

Happy Birthday to Kit too - where are you Minks?

Turning 5 seemed like a bit of a milestone here - first birthday at school so no opportunity for a nice day out.  Having a soft play party on Saturday.  I bought her a Disney Store Sleeping Beauty dress and I'm glad I spent the extra bit on it as it is a lot nicer than the cheaper versions - has a semi hoop thing going on in the skirt!

Hubby here still in semi limbo with his job in Bicester, not properly full time, still on contract, will have to wait and see if he can raise more money to keep it going and it means we don't see much of him.  Its his birthday tomorrow and he will be in Leeds and travelling back so not in until late although at least we have the weekend to sort of relax after all the moving shenanigans etc

28/02/2013 at 20:12

Oh Kinsey - that's hard, and weekends become very short don't they?   and yes, it's wierd when they have bday on a school day. S's on a Saturday this year, but not much better really as we have an orienteering comp in the morning and a rugby tournament the following day but apparently I HAVE to fit a party in too!!!

Sounds like a nice day MM.

Yep, frozen prawns - thats what we have along with frozen sweetcorn, peas and green beans to supplement the fresh stuff.  Mine ARE pretty good but could do with improving on the vegetable front, but then I'm not going to complain cos they eat lots of what they do eat (carrots, brocolli, green beans etc).  Just not keen on stuff where it's all cooked to mush (like lasagne).

Chili went down OKish but we have discussed some modifications to it!!

Blimmin ear/throat annoying me now - obv just an infection following from last weeks virus but hurts when I eat and swallow on one side, no temperature or anything so hopefully it'll work it's way out!

28/02/2013 at 20:13
oh lord what a day...... A470 shut as I was driving home from Cardiff so left this morning at 7.30 and only just got back.
happy birthday to E & M
fab running again from you all
and lastly thanks for the link to the raclette, my mum has one and NO ONE had any idea what it was! She was about to sell it in her charity shop so I may just rescue it!!? or not.....
lunch earlier in the clink was fabulous, well worth a visit if you are feeling flush! hubby just put gammon and salad in front of me so back later.
28/02/2013 at 20:18

So do E, M and K all share a birthday?  Happy Birthday!!

Hubby on plane back from HK as we speak.  I e mailed him earlier and asked him if he wanted me to open his post as one looked like his hosp appt for his back.  Good thing I did - 9am tomorrow!  Means he lands at 5, will just about have enough time to come home, collect all his referral stuff plus the disc that has the MRI of his back on it, then back into town for his 9am appt!  He is going to be sooo tired.  It's at the London Independent Hosp but an NHS fast track thing, so hopefully he will see someone sensible.  Our friend who is a medical sales rep for spinal implants so knows all the london surgeons recommended this place.  Fingers crossed!

My kids eat anything as well.  E had beetroot risotto for lunch and they both had chilli for supper.  M moans sometimes but it never gets her anywhere!  E's book from the childminder comes back saying he eats things like lettuce.......not sure I quite believe it!  Well maybe if its very mixed in with other stuff.


28/02/2013 at 20:24

kinsey - hope she had a nice day anyway. E went to school this afternoon and the nursery teacher danced her in with a happy birthday song and lots of cheers. they do make a fuss of them

camlo - heard about the a470 on the news - what a bugger. also had heard about the clink being good. is it really expensive?!

we dined out at F&B. i had calamari and a salad. kids tried some calamari and both declared it 'ok'. it wasn't the finest tbh (there's a surprise). my two do fairly well with food most of the time. they will try new things, which is good. and both will try things they declare they don't like, just to check whether they still don't like them. E still won't eat anything cold (apart from crap stuff like crisps, biscuits etc). she eats fruit and red pepper / cucumber cold. but she won't eat sandwiches, cold cheese (will eat it cooked), cold sausages, chicken etc. that is a PITA

thanks all for your support. and i'm sorry i flipped yesterday. . i am struggling so badly and you are right, camlo, i don't have anyone to sound off at - other than you lot. and i wallow in self pity and the black clouds descend...

another example of tosserdom today was as we were picking E up from school. nursery teacher came out and handed T (standing next to the door) a letter from school. i asked him what it was and he said 'i don't know' (well f****** well read it then). eventually he read it and said it was about the easter fun event. i asked when that was and he said 15 march. i said 'oh that's my weekend, so could i have the letter please?'. he said 'i don't know whose weekend it is' and put it in his pocket. i repeated ' that's definitely my weekend'. and he walked away. FFS?!?! anyway, when J came out of school, he had the letter in his bookbag, so i made a point of taking it out of his bag and reading out the information about the tickets in front of T. i then said 'ok - so they need to know how many adults. so would you like to come?' and he said 'dunno when it is'. ERRRR?!?!??!?!?!?! we had that discussion. you have the letter in your pocket. honestly - i give up with the man. WHY must he be so difficult? i shan't be mentioning it again. i won't invite him to come and i will have more fun without him around.

28/02/2013 at 20:28

oh and thanks for the invite tonight, MM. i have to pick the kids up from T at 7.30 tomorrow and i want to get p1ssed, so i don't think i can really drive over to yours, manage to get p1ssed, stay over (obviously) and still get back for them at 7.30... but thanks for the invite. and i would definitely like to come and see you sometime. shame we didn't make it at half term. are you around on the weekend of 15th march? we are going to stay with a friend in colerne on 16th (that is how i knew the 15th was my weekend!) so we could pop in / meet up somehow maybe?

28/02/2013 at 21:01

Definitely don't invite him CM - you are so generous with sharing your time with him and he doe not deserve it!! Enjoy the time with your kids without the stress of T being there!


28/02/2013 at 21:10

you are a saint CM so not do not invite him!!!!  What a pr**k

Camlo - glad I have enlightened you re a raclette!!!! tbh we don't use ours very often but 'tis good fun if you can get hold of the cheese. Our friends loved it last time we did it.

Mine won't eat lettuce but will try most things at least once and also do the trying to check they still dislike

Right ... guess I had better phone hubby, he's probably ignoring me after last nights tearful rant at him!


28/02/2013 at 21:32
Camryn is pretty good with food too, she loves most veg, meat, fish. It's just trying to get calories into her that is hard, she isn't that keen on pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, she will eat small amounts but would rather eat brocolli or red peppers. So her calories tend to come from drinking milk, eating chocolate mousse + mini rolls, which isn't great but she eats loads of fruit, veg, meat + fish so extra cals from pudding is ok compromise given she is a skinny wee thing. She does like pastry tho so chicken pie + brocolli is her favourite lunch just now. She goes throo phases with food, just now she has to have a chocolate weetabix + mango &pineapple smoothie for breakfast every morning. Then without warning it will change + she will suddenly want shreddies with raspberries or something along those lines every day.

She loves spaghetti bolognese, golden fish (smoked river cobbler), pink fish (salmon), good old fashioned roast dinner + brown fish (smoked mackerel).
28/02/2013 at 23:07
glad you had some fun today CM, perhaps you could think about why you invite T to things? Kids would prob be happier with you alone where you aren't having to watch every step and you would defo be happier! My parents split when I was young and I don't recall a single trip/ tea/ Santa visit etc after that where they both came. I think you invite him because you are thinking of kids feelings but my view would be that it benefits T only. Clink was lovely food and impeccable service, starters around 5, mains 9-13 and puds about 5 so not too extortionate and I had duck with risotto and tempora veg, apple trio and a juice cocktail for 20.
My kids eat everything and don't get much choice about it as we are quite firm and don't pander to their protests! No way could I cope if they were fussy!
CC hope you had a nicer chat with hubby, can't imagine how hard it must be. if only we could manage without needing to pay bills! It's funny when I read the diverse lifestyles we have just on this thread and there are some who manage to balance work and play very well. I may not have chain stores, coffee shops, cinemas, fast food or the like locally but that means less opportunity and pressure to spend and we live far more cheaply as a result (I think...). Not saying I could survive with you in the shetlands Lotte but quality of life does seem easier to find in the more rural areas and the running is FAR nicer (or am I talking rubbish??).
hey ho, its my anniversary tomorrow and hoping to test my butt with a little run and wrap toms 1D tickets and poster before st davids day assembly.
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