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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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22/11/2012 at 20:57
I think it's someone birthday today.......happy birthday Camlo

Craft sounds nice JT, I'm going to a Scandinavian Xmas market tomorrow with Eric and a friend, which sounds interesting. Hope it's not raining........

CM hope you had a hot bath!
22/11/2012 at 23:26
Thanks Caro, was up re- cathing Archie in the night so we all overslept and as hubby was leaving I did confess it was my birthday to which he replied -shit is it??
generally crap day continued with no presents at all so I bought myself some trainers off the internet before dashing out to running club AGM where they gave me membership secretary as a gift! just got home, house in darkness and everyone snoring.
Boo to wind and rain, leaving buggy behind, having to make costumes, and Jet lag.
Yippee to fab mile splits, 24 hr races, Xmas markets (I bought everyone mulled wine for Christmas last yr from Bath markets), handbag not being stolen, camels and kids being like dogs.
22/11/2012 at 23:34
Happy birthday Camlo!!!! So sorry it wasn't the best day - have you got a good weekend planned?

And EF - yayayayayayayayayayayayayayay!!!! I am dancing with glee for you!

Sorry not to name check everyone right now but been working till late and need to sleep now!
22/11/2012 at 23:47
Yes fab weekend planned, boys swimming lessons then hubby having a helicopter lesson then stuck without babysitter so won't be able to run much..... Erm maybe not so fab.
23/11/2012 at 07:30
Oh I hope hubby comes up with something Camlo! That's not fair! Wish I was,nearer I'd have offered to sit. Hope some nice things appear from somewhere. Xxx

Cm - you are good, never can you be called a fair weather runner! Interesting about E and reflux, Ted is still a skinny Minnie as you know, and all others I know who've had it.

Market last night was ok, not as great as I expected but got a couple of pressies and sone Welsh cards for the Welsh speaking contingent. I got a lovely bracelet too.
23/11/2012 at 09:12
Yep, Maggie was a reflux baby and she's tall and skinny. However her baby sister who is eating twice as much as her big sister already isn't exactly a chubster either!

Camlo, happy birthday for yesterday!, and boo to crap hubby, lack of pressies etc. can only get better?!

Well done on going to club CM. No running for me yesterday either, I couldn't go outside due to absent hubby but the treadmill stared at me all evening....

Had a not very successful but interesting run during work lunch break on Wed. Decided to run round the end of the london marathon route up birdcage and mall as thought it wouldn't be too busy due to rain and might be fun. Of course was tonnes of tourists, hideous traffic and police due to a protest march which I caught up with on Westminster bridge. Then I ran into some lanky silly man on his mobile who walked in front of me, turned out it was Jeremy clarkson! Should've tripped him up Anyway, always nice to be out even if I walked most and only did 4 miles in the end.

Must run on treadmill today as got no hubby again

Would love to go to a craft fair or Xmas market, my mum wants me to go to bath, which is lovely but so packed I really can't do it with both kids (as my mum isn't the most helpful of grannies!). Think just amazon for all the pressies this year. Going to the running show and Sandown tomorrow so will find lots of pressie ideas for myself anyway.

Lotte, hope all is ok and with your friend. Sounds liks you're having a tough old time, will your 80 mile adventure be a nice break from it all?! I'm still slightly scared by your taper week of 80 miles, I'm just into double figures for this week!

Agree with all that's been said about dogs and babies. I grew up around a variety of dogs, my mum does pet sitting in her house, and the little terriers are the worst I reckon. Some of the nicest tempered dogs have been staffies, but i realise that their powerful jaws are always a danger. My mums lurcher is a complete wuss and hides from Rosie who loves to chase her but I would never leave them alone (she will growl at her). I do let Rosie clamber all over the cat, who's a big softie and the worst that happens is a scratch. I know so many friends who's toddlers are absolutely petrified of cats which I find strange, I want my kids to love animals. I learnt the hard way about goats once, I wandered off to stroke one in a field and he ate my tshirt, my mum still cries with laughter when she remembers me running back to her with my tummy on show!
Gosh, must go, will be late for ballet, no more waffling on from me
23/11/2012 at 10:05

Oh Camlo, I really hope hubby makes it up to you somehow over the weekend! That doesn't sound like the jolliest of birthdays (())

Lotte - hope things get better for you too, sounds like you are being a fab friend though.

Ummm forgotten loads now ... will come back later about trail-type shoes.

Glorious day here but very windy and pretty chilly. Was meant to be doing 15 today after yesterdays 10 BUT I seem to have pulled something in my calf was niggling midway through run yesterday but didn't effect stride or anything but was sore last night. So iced it, massaged it, rest it for a couple of days and see I guess. Pi**ed off though, two weeks of decentish training after three weeks of bugger all and now this. Not sure if cycling on it is a good idea so going for rest and I have an orienteering comp on Sunday so that will tell me whats what I guess. 

Treadmill arrives on 3 December though so better be up and running again by then!

Hubby home tonight ... first weekend at home for three weeks (I know I saw him in Edinburgh last weekend but not quite the same!). Will go too quick though.

Sonya - good to hear you are getting out. LOL to Jeremy Clarkeson

Great speedy workouts from Lotte and CM

Christmas fair - yes, I like them too, think there might be one at Brodie Castle, must check that out. Christmas shopping - no, none done, Will be Amazon I expect for most.  S wants a DS which is fair as her brother has one and she plays on it all the time so it will be an investment. And she wants some more Zoobles (Lotte, that was inspired as she loves them!) so easily pleased. J is keen for a guitar now he's started learning and apparently wants a microphone too. Best get ar*e in gear with all of this soon I suppose, plus stuff I need to send South.

23/11/2012 at 11:44
Argh. E has dropped iPad and screen cracked
23/11/2012 at 13:08


23/11/2012 at 13:49

About to google zooble
23/11/2012 at 14:36
Typically have insurance on iPhone as take it everywhere. iPad stays home so ... I thought ... Nah won't bother. Except today I took it to chiro so e could play on it while I had treatment. And when she got out of the car - bam. It has a case but it was folded back because she had been playing with it. Argh!!!

No idea what zoobles are. J wants moshis, Lego and nano cars. E wants pram and doll. Anyone got any doll recommendations. None seem particularly good. Latest baby Annabelle has rubbish reviews...
23/11/2012 at 14:41

Hi all, crazy busy couple of weeks so not been on for a while so had totally missed EF's brilliant news - congratualations !!!! So pleased for you .

And Happy Birthday to Camio for yesterday, hope your family treat you to a fab birthday weekend to make up for the lack of pressies!

My at home day today (yay) but Anna is being a right grumpy madam so I've told her that I'm not going to talk to her if she keeps using her grumpy voice. Definitely one of the down sides of having 3 is that the youngest has 2 older siblings to learn bad behaviour from so is more likely to pick up stroppiness at an early age. She's still super cute when she's not being stroppy though .

So I thought it was about time I made use of the fact that I have my very own resident PT (although I think he's expecting payment in kind  ) , so my hubby has written me a program and I'm actually really enjoying both the running and the weights sessions right now. Have been following it for the last 2 weeks and already lost 4lb which is good. Not so good is he's banned me from cake, chocolate, sweets and crisps , although to be fair my snacking had started to get a bit out of control and I do have a very sweet tooth! 

CC - so you're now our qualified queen of pilates? Well done! I love my little pilates man, he always plays dodgy pan-pipes music during the class which I thought was a little odd to start with but when we had a replacement instructor the other week who didn't use music I really missed it and found it was much more of a slog with the only noise in the room being her talking and people grunting!

Will try and read back properly over the weekend but hope everyone else all good.

CM - uh oh to the ipad!

23/11/2012 at 14:58
CM - there are definitely people who will replace iPad screens - for about ??40 round here. They're not official, but if you know anyone who always seems to be able to get 'deals' on stuff, or is a bit of a 'fixer', they'll know who to ask! Failing that you could send it over and I'll find out who did it for our friend.

Happy birthdays to Camlo and Tangy. Camlo - sounds like you're owed a bit of effort from your beloved!

I have just bought Isabelle some boots from a fantastic online shop - happy little soles. They do barefoot shoes for children and they're gorgeous. I decided to get her boots instead of trainers as she can wear them then for everything that doesn't require wellies, and they weren't any more expensive than the clarks type shoes. I'm seriously impressed with the service - they arrived this morning but I'm slightly concerned that one foot might be already a bit snug, so phoned up to get them to send the next size as well so we could compare. She said she'd treat it as an exchange so didn't charge me any shipping and also didn't take any payment for them as she said it would be easier with the paperwork, so just to send back whichever pair we didn't want. Can't wait for E to need new shoes - they have some super cute ones with elephants on!

Karen - well done you on the training and weight loss. I will have to put some effort in in the new year!

CC - hope your niggles clear, very frustrating.

We've got friends staying for the weekend so husband and I have spent most of the day so far cleaning - was long overdue!! I've done 3 loads of washing and even dusted upstairs - dusting is normally his job, I just never seem to get round to it! Mustn't forget school pick up, and then Isabelle and I need to make the Christmas cake as I put the fruit to soak in brandy about 3 days ago but we haven't had a chance to do the rest - had better add more brandy as I'm sure it will all have evaporated! Husband birthday tomorrow - hope he likes his new gardening gloves and book - very uninspired, but have to save some stuff for christmas!
23/11/2012 at 15:45

Vixo - I have been having an enormous clear-up today. My husband has so much cr*p hoarded, can't believe the amount of stuff I've unearthed that I thought he'd got rid of. We have loads of storage space but definitely don't utilise it properly and I need to make room for the treadmill too! Hope hubby enjoys his birthday. 

J has got some Merrell barefoot type trainers which I got off Amazon, last time he wore them for Orienteering he said he found it much easier to run in them than normal trainers,although they have no water resistance at all but not fussed about that!! Agree price-wise there is very little difference, I think Clarkes are pretty expensive these days and I find their shoes very uninspiring. If I've got to spend that kind of money it's surprising what else you can find. S has some great waterproof long boots for school which are a german make and fabby warm and were cheaper than the Clarkes offering for starters and much more lightweight. Phew end of waffle there!!

Karen - great to hear you are enjoying some PT, enjoy the payment in kind too!! these are zoobles for the unitiated!!!

Of course, I am so awful when I don't get to run so after one day of niggles I have turned what is probably a mild calf pull into some kind of drama that will last months - serves me right for googling it ... all I was looking for was some kind of massage/rollering suggestions - but there is so much info from people saying they have been out for weeks on end with what appeared to be something minor

Anyway, meant to be checking bus times for collecting hubby from somewhere once J has finished badminton

23/11/2012 at 15:46

CM I have a camel outfit. When do you eed it for? Can post it Monday? PM me your new address, or text me lovely. In fact will text you now!!

Will read more later about to collect boys and jump in car to go to my bro's for my Mum's birthday weekend...

23/11/2012 at 18:09
Oh no MM - have just bought one on eBay
23/11/2012 at 19:57
Camel outfit swaps - gotta love this forum!!
Sorry to hear your birthday was rubbish camlo - I had one like that this year! I hope hubby makes up for it!
Off to the A&P Show today - loads of animals, tractors etc! M will love it!
23/11/2012 at 20:01

Have yet to discover if we need an outfit for an xmas concert.  If it's a camel I know who to ask!

23/11/2012 at 20:23

I think we have another birthday girl........

Tangy Twirley step right up!  Happy Birthday to you 

23/11/2012 at 20:30
Wow birthdaytastic!

Happy birthday TT!

Had vision of future tonight. J lounging on sofa farting and playing with willy while watching TV!

I asked E tonight if she was a 'great big fat hairy' madam. She said 'no I am a great big fat skinny one'
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