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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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01/03/2013 at 06:06
I know what you mean about spending less depending where you live Camlo. I spend sooooo much less living here than I did in London. The stuff we do is mainly outdoors/free and I just don't fancy shopping - shops are pretty average anyway.
01/03/2013 at 08:24

I definitely spend less on a day-to-day basis here and kids swim/guitar/dance lessons are considerably cheaper too ... but we are paying a mortgage on a house in a nice area of SE England (so I'll be glad when we can put that on the market and hopefully at least make back what was spent to restore it!!), diesel I use a lot of - driving to various activities, school run etc and hubby has living costs down South although his company cover a lot of that. Oil for heating is a killer though - costs us waaaaaay more to heat this bungalow than our 200-year-old house down South!! But this rental place is not energy efficient at all. Again, if I had my own place that would not be the case!!  This year we've had a very expensive holiday but that's the first time we've done that in years, usually it's a week in a tent in the UK.  So we could definitely lower our overheads once we can buy something ... and there is no doubt where we live is beautiful. Unless I do the trawl into Inverness then shoping is pretty much non-existent unless by internet and frankly I can't be ar*ed anyway!

01/03/2013 at 08:25

Waving to JT, glad you are still here!!! But boo to continuing no running etc

Happy Anniversary Camlo - enjoy and hope the butt behaves!!

01/03/2013 at 08:26
Yeah London is a massive financial drain. I feel like I am haemorrhaging money some days with nothing to show for it. You always end up going out with people, not that that isn't nice, but going to folk's houses and bringing/sharing food is much cheaper and way more chilled but it takes so bloomin long to get anywhere its more time effective to meet centrally. And then it's drinking, food, cabs, babysitters....!

Can't remember if I said but we are gonna move out. I'm staying with my parents in Oxfordshire at the mo and just listening to birdsong rather than police sirens and traffic. It's so lovely. All you gals who live in the wilds - I love the photos of your runs. Look idyllic.

Good to hear from you JT. And glad y'day is over for you CM.
01/03/2013 at 11:29

I do find it really odd when we go South and stay with friends and family - am so used to hearing nothing except the sea gulls and the wind!! (and occasional helicopter/planes on maneuvers at night which can be a bit much!!).

I love it when we all pile round someones house and it is definitely our turn. Nobody lives especially close - probably about 8-10 miles for the 3 other familes concerned, but they are all 'local'!

Spinning class done and I didn't expire. Was good fun actually as sociable and with no work recently I've been spending too many hours alone, and pumped up music to lift the spirits. Was funny at end though as he did some 'core' stuff ... he was just such a 'bloke' and was trying to get us to do this really quite challenging stuff and one of the ladies couldn't do it but he didn't give her anything else instead - my 'pilates' brain was going into overload!!!  And then just done three miles down to beach along through village and back in my minimalist shoes, very slow 'pitter patter' rhythm taking small steps and no niggles  so 20 running miles clocked for the week, if I can survive 10 on Sunday then there may be hope!!

01/03/2013 at 11:41
Wrote a really long post yesterday and lost it! Most of it was moaning anyway, expect repost will be just as bad
Good to hear you're ok JT, despite no running, grrrr.
CM- glad you saw you birthday girl and hope time is flying by until you have the kids back and can enjoy a birthday weekend. I do agree with Camlo about why you invite T. No shared trips after my parents split, not even for birthdays.
Glad Martha had a good day too Kinsey, yes must be weird first day they are at school for it. How's benedict doing? Sleeping well?!
Agree about certain areas making you haemorrhage money! Brookie - we moved from sw18 out into Surrey before second baby was born, unfortunately this area of Surrey is just as expensive and I can't walk everywhere like I used to, so now I drive to the expensive coffee shops etc! However my national trust and rhs memberships save me a fortune on places to take the girls.

Maggie is a bit fussy with food (especially textures) but reckon it is mainly my own fault for not giving them enough variety. I don't give her alternatives but we tend to cook our food separately as I assume they won't eat it (we do love hot food but I could modify). I made a lovely cauliflower and pomegranate tabouleh the other night, with pine nuts and bulgur wheat, which we had with chicken/fake chicken. There was plenty left which is scoffed instead of even trying it on Maggie. Must make more of an effort as we love to cook and don't want picky children!

We are recovering from d&v here, poor Rosie again. Had to turn around on way to work on Tuesday to get her. I feel like I've been off work more than I've been there since going back. And then my childminder told me she is quitting! I nearly cried in front of her! The kids (and me) love her and I don't know how we're going to find an affordable replacement that can fit both girls in. The childcare cost is already more than my salary. After brookies announcement I did wonder what I'm doing working! Seriously considering quitting, not that ive told hubby this, he wants to get a nanny. I guess it could work out no more expensive but I really just can't imagine anyone better than my current childminder He also reckons I wouldn't miss as much work when kids are sick but to be honest I would've still stayed home with Rosie as she needed her mummy.
Anyway, I'll stop worrying about it for now! Just don't know where to start in even looking for a nanny, any tips?!
Another shocker was my energy bills, ??350 and ??450 for the quarter! I nearly passed out! Partly due to last reading being estimated but still....! We've been looking at holidays but that's gone in hold now!
So trying to be more cheerful today, count my blessings etc! Rosie starting to perk up, just horrendous nappies now. And (touch wood) no one else has got sick. It was funny on Tuesday, I got Rosie home and she seemed ok ish so I fed her some toast with jam, I could hear CM saying "not a good idea", half an hour later she puked all over the carpet! And then couldn't even keep water down. So only water and juice for two days after that, I learnt too late...
She's had porridge (made with water not milk) this morning and no reappearance yet.

Did a few treadmill runs while stuck at home during nap times. I have a nasty pain on right side of my right ankle so am praying I'm not due an injury!

Oops, didn't realise time, meeting a friend at 12 and we're definitely not ready...

Enough waffle from me anyway
01/03/2013 at 12:58
I think we have the best of bth worlds - we live in a city but on a very quiet road, and are 20 minutes from the new forest in one direction, and from the south downs in the other. We have lots of shops within 10 minutes but we're not really shoppers and most stuff I do online. If we go shopping it's either to John Lewis or ikea - pretty much everything you need in those two I reckon! I grew up in London but absolutely couldn't move back there, but equally I think really rural wouldn't be right for us at the moment - love that the children can safely ride their bikes/scooters to the common, that we have great friends we can walk to who we see all the time, we can walk to a food shop, walk to school etc.

Sonya - it's a tough decision alright. We might think of a nanny when I go back to work (which I definitely will be doing!), but I think I'll have to think about that nearer the time.

CC - the running sounds good, hope it lasts!

I can't remember anything else - sorry! Will have to read back and then write again - brain drain!!
01/03/2013 at 12:59

haha, sonya - glad Rosie is a bit better

re: nannies - SERIOUSLY expensive. we got no change from £30k a year by the time you factor in salary, plus tax and NI, expenses (fuel) and all the activities she did with the kids. so you need to earn over £45k to just pay for the nanny by the time you pay tax on your earnings... and she was on a low salary - £7.50 an hour I think. you would have to pay more than that in your neck of the world.

i got ours through an agency - Tinies. they were pretty good and she was absolutely amazing. but we paid them to find her as well - can't remember how much. May have been a month of her salary...

01/03/2013 at 13:49
It does depend on how many hours you want though, CM. if you only need someone 2 or 3 days a week then you pay much less in NI and tax as they're likely to be only just over the threshold. I wouldn't really expect a nanny to have to do much driving at all from ours, and we don't spend much on paid 'activities' so I wouldn't expect a nanny to either! When I calculated the cost based on the number of hours I think we'd need it wasn't much different from nursery x2, and before and after school, and holiday care for Isabelle. In fact, nursery are putting their prices up, so they may equal out. One of our friends has a nanny contracted for about 55 hours a week - now that is expensive!
01/03/2013 at 14:29

we had a nanny for 4 days a week. she worked 45 hours. so that's why it was so expensive, i guess.  the only trouble with 2 - 3 days a week is that you will reduce your interested audience, unless you can find someone who wants the days you don't...

you may find the nanny wants to do stuff too - mine liked to meet up with other nannies and their charges, so there were fuel costs for that.


01/03/2013 at 16:44
What an eejit! Always do half hr on the exercise bike after my 3 short runs of the wk, came in today after run +got on bike as usual. But felt really hard work so ended up only doing 4miles (half what usually do), thought legs were just knackered. So dragged bike out into garden + thought I'll do the other half after have picked kids up from school + done snack + they r all playing out in garden. Gets on bike lateral and starts pedaling but it's still hard, about half a mile in I realise it's bloody turned up to the best level. What a wally! I usually turn it up for last mile but had forgotten to turn it back dwn. Nothing wrong with my legs at all, just my brain.
01/03/2013 at 16:45
*later not lateral

*next level
01/03/2013 at 18:34
Lol tangy! Yeah, loads of my colleagues and friends have nannies. They all swear by them. Some are live in too - I'm not sure I'd like that but I guess if you have a massive house it would work! If we put two kids in E's nursery it would be ??1600+ a month and that's only for 3 days.

Ventured out for first time in a week to buy more gaviscon. Thought I was gonna chunder in waitrose so ended up shovelling in mini scotch eggs which suddenly seemed like the most delicious food ever and then eating two packets of Pom bears. Got home and threw up when I got out of the car. Argh. Anyone got any miracle morning sickness cures?!
01/03/2013 at 19:34
Eating Brookie. 24/7. Only thing that works. Full sugar fanta and oranges.
01/03/2013 at 20:25

Yup, eating was the only thing that kept nausea at bay for me too I'm afraid.  With J it was relatively healthy, with S it so was not!!

Oh gads Sonya that's a nightmare, never done childminders but have had fantastic pre-school teachers etc that I've felt the same about. So hard when it's your little ones you are leaving.

JT - I think that's what I feel, if we end up having to move, I'd really want to be able to get to my parents more easily - would be the carrot for me.  Hard when you don't feel you belong though, that's the tough thing for me up here, I DO feel I belong ... but for hubby it's totally different cos he's only here at weekends and not involved with anything up here except for his Saturday morning biking crew.

Well done to Ted though, fantastic

Epic evening here, picked S up from school at 2.50, went home, picked J up from Badminton (back in town again) 4.30, needed to collect hubby from airport as one car this week ... his flight delayed of course, so killed time in town and then finally got him from Inverness at 5.50 ... then he wants wine from Sainsburys on way back so finally back here at 7pm - bah ... do I need wine or what!!!???

01/03/2013 at 20:38
I found avoiding dairy helped my sickness a bit, no milk, cheese, butter etc, even a little butter in mashed potato sent me running to throw up. But it didn't take it away completely.
01/03/2013 at 20:58
Eating helped slightly here too but mostly rubbish- fizzy juice n sweets, apple juice, cornflakes etc. poor you, it's just grim & feels never ending at the time
Sounds a busy afternoon CC!
Well done Ted & hi to JT! Shame to the no running though.
Sonya- sounds hard. Lots to think about and decide.
CC- luv spinning. Haven't been for years though.
Tangy- silly billy!!!
Ran twice today, feel like a proper afaleete!!!!! 10 k on treadmill at 6.30 am & 5 k outside at 6 pm when hubby came home.
Hope u have a fab weekend CM with your babies despite having glitter everywhere
01/03/2013 at 21:16
Whenever hubby says we'd be financially better off in London I remind him of child are costs! For equiv of 3 days per week we pay about 350 pounds per month and when/if we have second M will be getting 20 hrs free which will help.
Boo to morning sickness Brookie! You're in good company with EF!
01/03/2013 at 21:36
RF- well done on the afaleete status, it's funny how 2 runs feels easier than doing it all in 1.
01/03/2013 at 22:33
Yippee to afeleet status, winning prizes, spinning and getting hubby home CC
Boo to more vom and child minder giving notice Sonia (was there a reason?), expenses, waiting around and glitter house!
Morning sickness is the pits - I ate constantly and protein seemed to work for me so lots of ham, cheese and junk!
childcare- I was soooo wary of nurseries but was so pleased I was persuaded as it was the best provision I could have hoped for locally. Just saying don't exclude options just because of preconceptions. Why wouldn't nannies want to work part time either?
Dropped kids and set off at a gentle pace, legs felt good so kept going and was doing ok until I went off road around mile 8 and within a mile had all sorts of niggles. reassured that pain has gone from left butt cheek but not impressed that I now have pain in my right knee.....
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