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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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22/12/2013 at 16:56

I do most things here too Caro, although hubby did put the tree up and a few decorations.  He writes cards if I tell them who they're for and hand them to him with a pen!  I totally understand how you feel though, I was like it only a few weeks ago. It's quite a negative spiral when you start believing that your other half thinks you're "only" part-time and should therefore do all the housewife duties.  I eventually mentioned it to hubby after weeks of stewing and fuming over every little thing, and he assures me he doesn't think that.  Not sure I totally believe him but it was nice to be told at least. ((()))

How are you CM?

22/12/2013 at 16:58

JT - yes I think possibly he's got used to life with kids without teaching and wants to maintain that with a new career, which just doesn't happen.  

22/12/2013 at 17:50

The things that bugs me is we have the same discussion every 6 months, I have a massive tantrum and blow up, he promises he'll try harder, etc etc......same old story.

About to go to carols and 9 lessons with Matilda, hopefully she'll behave or I'll wish I hadn't taken her!  Did run 5.5 miles this afternoon so at least got that done.  Going on our Santa steam train ride tomorrow - in a frigging gale and torrential rain  by the looks of things.  Oh joy.

Camlo    pirate
22/12/2013 at 18:26

Haha JG, does he watch you get up to fetch a glass each time and not twig!? 

Caro - good job you can run otherwise he would be looking at a smack in the chops! It isnt fair but sometimes i really think men just dont have the insight. Its prob not intentional, just a complete area of the brain they lack. I would forget his washing, his beer, his shaving gel, his essentials and then he may realise. Or book a weeks hols again and leave him to it! Hope the train is ok despite the forecast. 

JT - I hate it when something goes wrong with an order, so much harder to remedy than if you go into a traditional shop. Hope you get some rest over Christmas x

Got that virtual kick and went to the clubs mulled wine run. It was perfect as the sun was shining but there was a stiff wind which made it just challenging enough to burn off the alcohol consumed during 4 pit stops. 

Hope CM is Ok too xxx




22/12/2013 at 21:13
Yes CM, are you OK? Hope your weekend has been good and the next few days are bareable.

caro - my husband doesn't really do much towards all the organising - hasn't bought a single present for any of the children, won't organise any of the food, has only written the 3 cards I put in front of him that I insisted he had to write himself. I don't buy any of his family presents, so it's up to him whether he bothers to get anything (although it's only his dad, his dad's wife and his brother, and they're not too big on presents and some years don't bother at all). But he is very good at tidying and clearing up and will more than pull his weight on that front, so we're heading towards being equal-ish I think. I don't think the children would get such well thought out presents if for some reason I wsn't able to buy them, and I don't suppose many cards would be sent, but I hope he'd pull his finger out and make some effort!

This year we've got my parents and husband's dad and wife coming here on christmas day so I feel under some pressure to cook a decent meal (he's said he'll do the cooking, but I know that won't extend to checking timings, planning serving dishes/saucepans etc, so it's not really worth much!). Has anyone ever brined their turkey before? I'm considering doing it but don't want to buy a receptacle, so thought a cleaned out and milton-ed nappy bucket would do the job fine - husband raised his eyebrows, but they're hard plastic and completely inert so should be fine if properly cleaned! Our friend said he's going to do his in a bucket lined with a (clean!) bin bag, so would that be better than neat in the nappy bucket d'you think?!!

Anyway, homelands is on so must go and watch - back later!
22/12/2013 at 21:17
Hello. I have been reading. Thanks for thinking of me

I can't comment on the husband thing. But yes in the past I did end up writing all the cards to all his rellies who sent to us - most of whom I never met!!

And obvs all the cooking and cleaning...

I am ok. Well. Not really but you know. Have been busy. 9 mile run today in strong winds and hail. And went to cinema to see hobbit tonight. Will see kids for next 3 days even if just for hour or so so it is sort of downhill from here. Except for it being Xmas eve and Xmas day of course. Hmmm...
Camlo    pirate
22/12/2013 at 21:51


CM What was the hobbit like?? Glad you got a decent run in too. 

Vixo - hubby is a homeland addict, i can never work out if Brodie really is a goody or a baddy, or a goody pretending to be a baddy, or a baddy pretending to be goody......

my hubby will shop and cook, clean and do DIY..... However it is on his terms and when he feels like it so room for improvement 

Wish i had braved the run sooner, feel so much better already.

22/12/2013 at 22:28
Glad you got out camlo. I have found recently that actually I don't always feel better after a run. I have had some awful runs. Tears streaming. However not today. It was too foul weather. I was concentrating on not getting hypothermia!

Hobbit was good. Wouldn't take j to it tho. Have friends who have taken their 7 yr olds.
22/12/2013 at 22:37

Need to arrange to see hobbit before it goes off.  Actually just realised now my dad is coming for Xmas after all due to uncle spending Xmas in Swedish hospital we can go and see it after all.  Must arrange.

ok so I'm glad all men are the same and it obviously is something the Y chromosome lacks.  I just need to learn to live with it.  We wrapped the remaining presents tonight together, and at the end I said don't forget to wrap mine, and he looked at me blankly. My nook e reader that I bought and handed over 2 months ago.  I hope he knows where he put it!

tomorrow we have to collect the turkey from Waitrose between 2 and 4 so I shall send him out in the wind and the rain-walk will do him good . Then after the kids are in bed we are going to brave tesco together to get the remaining bits as I refuse to go on my own. Not even going to contemplate running tomorrow as the weather looks so grim, but hope to do 10 on Xmas eve-I said I wanted to do 10 before Xmas so this will be my chance, then my 1/2 training prog starts on Monday.

carols were nice and she behaved of her school friends was there and I think she would have behaved better on her own.

my sister brined her turkey that she won on a thanksgiving race this yer vixo, she said it was really moist.  But I'm really not sure about the nappy bucket.......not when I think of what goes in Eric's!  

Really glad you went running camlo!  Go again!

22/12/2013 at 22:49

Hullooooo! been super rubbish about posting. Feel bad. Still trying to get used to life with two kids but knowing what the rest of you juggle it seems a poor excuse. 

9 lessons etc sounds nice Caro and congrats on PB - another one! agree mostly with all men comments although actually mine is v good at presents. I think is his way of showing love etc. rather than actually doing useful things like childcare or cleaning! Anyway, he's been around the weekend and has stopped work for Xmas now which I am loving. He didn't take any paternity leave after baby I was born so it's so amazing to have family time now. 

Hope those of you who are struggling at mo are ok. CM thinking of u a lot. Hope u r ok. 

Need to read back a bit and catch up. but I've managed a few runs now ! Soooo pleased to be back out there. Had physio check and tummy muscles all healed and back together so pleased about that too. Can't do a sit up yet mind you although I can managed the plank now for a shirt time. 

lingest run only half an hour so far. Goal is  40 mins before Xmas so hoping to do that on Xmas eve. 

23/12/2013 at 00:53

Mr TT is pretty much the same Caro, he has actually done some Christmas shopping this year though which is a miracle, he would usually be saying still at this point that he didn't know what to buy me.  I have bought everything for the boys though.  Still need to buy him something and to finish his stocking and also buy for my friend's stocking.  We exchange stockings otherwise we would have to buy our own!

We have friends visiting from UK this weekend, his sister lives in Georgia so they are setting off tomorrow morning to stay with them for Christmas.

Unfortunately Max was very sick last night while we were out and the sitter had to clear it up .  He was then sick all night but seemed better today.  Mr TT and I felt like ticking time bombs and when we went out for lunch (to the English Pub!) I was sick in the bathroom there, grr.  Max was also sick again and again tonight so don't know how long this will go on.  Annoyingly I left my phone at the pub as we left in a bit of a hurry but my lovely friend has collected it for me .

Really hoping I am well enough to go shopping tomorrow....

CM, not long now, thinking of you too.

Hi Brookie, good to see you.

Camlo, so glad you made it out for a run.  I ran yesterday morning for the first time in ages, we always run out to the beach and the sun was just rising over a misty ocean and we saw dolphins!  Couldn't have been more perfect!

23/12/2013 at 09:03
TT - I see your dolphins and raise you...umm...err...a stray cat? No, doesn't have quite the same ring does it, your run sounds amazing!
23/12/2013 at 12:50

Wow dolphins! Amazing! Can't even imagine how cool that must be. Got out again this morning before the wind and rain got too fierce. Only 30 mins this am but that'll do. Caro, whih half are you doing? 

Braves Oxford town centre this morn for some last minute gifts. Wasn't too bad at 10am but horrendous by 11.45! Safely home now by the fire. 

23/12/2013 at 13:01

Oh and re brining turkeys - not done it myself but friend has and said it was v moist. Would have thought clean nappy bin would be fine - after salt water is kind of a disinfectant anyway right?!! and for comedy value. ("We prepped our turkey in the nappy bin!") it has gotta be done! 

Camlo    pirate
23/12/2013 at 15:35

Dolphins - yep that trumps my sheep and dogs on my last run too. 

Vixo - no no no you cannot use a nappy bucket. Scrub as much as you like but when you sit down to eat i bet you it would be impossible to actually tuck in. not sure i get why brining helps either, surely it would draw water out rather than put it in? 

Have just got home from work, was a good girl and left my laptop there too so no chance of me working over xmas even if i wanted to!! 

23/12/2013 at 18:53

Well done on the laptop abandonment Camlo, very proud of u 


I do everything too, never mattered if I work 23hr wk or 55hr wk, I do everything all yr. Only thing he does is his own 

ironing and he helps clean up on Christmas day. Will do dishes 

mayb once a wk. I have bought all of my stepkids pressies for 

last 19yrs. Men seem to think that once they have impregnated u they 

can stop helping out/doing their share of housework. I am not very good at having 

a helper mind, like things done my way, but that doesn't mean 

he can't do dishes more often or clean the bathroom more than once 

a yr. He cuts the grass and puts out the bins (the generally accepted men's jobs). Paints the outside paintwork, but I 

do all other decorating and diy (I am better at diy, it's in my genes, my Dad's a joiner).

23/12/2013 at 20:30

Good one on the laptop Camlo. And impressed by the DIY skills Tangy. Nice evening here tonight. Brother over to visit. We are doing the Berlin marathon together next year so been getting excited about that ( easy when the training hasnt actually started)! Then a bit of Xmas baking and food prep. Using some Nigella recipes. I'm still Team Nigella despite recent news! 

23/12/2013 at 20:31

By the way TTid - how r u? Hope u escaped the sick bug. 

23/12/2013 at 22:00

Camlo, also very impressed by the laptop abandonment, well done.

Sadly Brookie, I did not avoid the bug.  We took our friends out to a local British pub for lunch yesterday, Max was feeling a bit better but had to run off to the toilet before he even had a bite of food and was sick then I ran to the toilet a little later and had it coming out of both ends (sorry TMI ), felt like death so texted Mr TT from the toilet saying 'feeling really bad' and he came and rescued me and got everyone ready to leave.  Our poor friends then both succumbed during the night last night, just in time to drive to Georgia to spend Christmas with his family, oops.  I feel awful that we have ruined their holiday.  I feel a lot better now but Mr TT has been feeling bad all day.  Just ran out to do some Christmas shopping so will just go to buy food tomorrow then we should be done.  Shops are nowhere near as crazy here as they are in UK so will not need to get up at 4:00 to go to supermarket.

24/12/2013 at 21:05

Merry Christmas everyone as I doubt I'll get on here tomorrow!   Hope you enjoy your Christmas run if you get one.

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