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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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03/03/2013 at 08:46
EF can't believe you tried to return / rebuy stuff and really amazed they let you!!!!! Good on M & S, that is a really generous gesture. I found sleeping with a pillow under my bump really helpful so glad you have one.
JT - jealous!!!! I would love to start biking but have to find some more time and of course a decent bike first!
Hoggle - hard cramming full time into part time hours so good for you getting ahead when you can. I hate it when hubby is busy and I get really bored too.
Brookie - hope you can enjoy the pregnancy without worrying about your eating. I ate like a horse to help with morning sickness and it is more important to be well.

Toms 6th birthday so have been up since 7am (yes, that's early for us!). He LOVED his one direction tickets and bike ramp. Went out and tried to go off the ramp too slow so went end over end and is now sucking his thumb in front of the tv...... wrestling later, yippppeeeeee.
03/03/2013 at 09:28

Happy Birthday Tom!

Hubby is ok thanks EF. He had the op and now has his hand in a sling and the other hand has to be kept dry as he has steristrips on the cuts. So, he can't help with the baby, change a nappy, wash up, drive, pick up Leila or the baby, strap them in the car, cook, clean etc etc. So I have been running around like a nutter doing everything. I know I sound really harsh and unsympathetic but it is hard, esp when I'm up feeding twice in the night and madam thinks it's a game to stay awake for a couple of hours after a feed (last night). Saying that, I am getting a fair bit of sleep, and she is good mostly.

Brookie, I ate loads of rubbish in my first trimester too, in the end I put on about 1.5 stone, and I have now lost the first stone (2 weeks on) so half a stone to go, which will when I start exercising/running again. Speaking of which, I am seriously considering going for a run today to stay I crazy attempting it at 2 weeks on? Vixo pretty certain that you ran soon after? How is it going?

Caro, sounds like a good night out to me. Enjoy Amy Macdonald.

Lol at hiding with the burger king. Hows the back Hoggle?

03/03/2013 at 09:58
Happy birthday Tom!

Ps in my defence I hadn't taken a single label off so was within my rights to return, just maybe not to do it all at the one till!
03/03/2013 at 10:07

Belated Happy Birthday to Tom ... but ouch to the ramp efforts

Bike challenges sound good JT and RF.  RF, I have no doubt you will be absolutely fine - I'm mean, it's gotta be easier than ice-coated laps of a forest when you can't feel your hands and feet!!!

Amy Macdonald - lucky you, and yay to more work shifts

Anj - boy that sounds like hard work at the moment. I am sure a walk with a few experimental jobs won't do you any harm and will soon tell you what is achievable and whats not!!

Mad evening last night with our cheese fest, noone left until gone 10 so there were lots of hyper overtired kids , of course my youngest doesn't do lie-ins so she'll be fantastic later ...  Hubby drunk waaaaay too much port and we lost him for half an hour in the bathroom , not classy when you are one of the hosts!! This morning he insisted he hadn't drunk much until I pointed out the new bottle of port was now empty ... Thankfully it was right at end of evening, but even so!!!  But he's out on bike this morning ... so best get my kids into rugby kit and down the road.  Hoping to get out for 10 miles later on fingers crossed.

03/03/2013 at 16:25

Happy Birthday Tom, good pressie idea the ramp.

Jealous Caro, would love to go see Amy Macdonald. She was on top gear the other week and is a right petrol head!

Hope you get some me time Anj, I would say yes to the run but take it very easy and just walk/run.

Sounds like a good night CC, lol at hubby. Can I uncross my fingers, did you get the  10 done, I hope so and all fine.

Had a lovely night out at my friends last night, just the 5 girls and... wait for it... I drove! Good me. I could not do another hangover this week! She is the most amazing cook, seafood chowder and pecan pie, delicious. Ate up to fuel my long run today. Only got home at 2am mind so with the 6.30 wake up call I was feeling a bit tired today.

Had a crappy first 14 miles, just weary and struggling to hit 8.30 pace, not really in the mood. Cold, hilly and windy. Out and back with a strong headwind on the return  leg. My sis was waiting at our house so I could do another 6 with her. We never run together and it was really enjoyable, showed her my fav run with off road sections and tricked her into doing 9 miles, lol. (10mm mind you but that was good for her.) So 23 for the day and 104 for the week. I was starting to worry about my very tired legs until I looked at my training diary. The last 6 weeks have been 101 miles/ 93 /100 / 59 (cutback and half marathon race)/ 107 / 104. No wonder  I am cream crackered! 4 weeks until my 100k so one more big week and then a 3 week taper.

03/03/2013 at 19:08

Well WE knew why you were cream-crackered Lotte even if you didn't!!!  Wow to driving, yum to chowder and pecan pie ... we had French Onion Soup with soda bread, the cheese/potato thing with prawns, steak, lamp, pork and chicken all marinaded in different stuff with salad, and chocolate mousse to finish ... all homemade so was quite proud of that lot!! Although hubby was in charge of marinades.

Well the tough runs are the good ones Lotte so well done with that, and how lovely to run with your sis too, good distraction for that last section.

Well I ran but boy do I feel out of condition at the moment! Was really quite shocking but am assuming (very hopefully) that fitness will return promptly.  Ankle fine during run, but a bit grumpy now (just pulls on bend at front when I extend it and there is a niggle on side of achilles) so will be ice etc for me tonight!  Lots of stretching seems to help though.  Just short of 10 miles so 30 for the week ... along the coastal path. I probably should do a bit more on the firmer stuff rather than all off-road though (reluctant as I am to concede that ankle will probably like that!).

03/03/2013 at 19:32
Happy birthday Tom! 1D tickets and ramp sound fun!! Speaking of 1D, Harry styles keeps popping up in my dreams at the minute - nothing dodgy I hasten to add, he's just in them! V odd. My pregnancy dreams are always really vivid and bonkers tho. Last night I dreamt I gave birth upside down on a fire escape outside the hospital to this freakish man - baby with a fully grown man's head and a full set of adult teeth. That freaked me out I can tell you!

Good runs Lotte and CC. and yes, lovely to run with sister I'm sure. I love running with my brother and dad when I can.

Wow Anj, you barely gained anything with E! But all your comments helped and I guess even if I gain more now, it'll probably balance out as te months pass.

Hope today went ok EF. was thinking of you. And also wondering how the progressive supper went for MM? sounds like lots of people had lovely meals this wkend.

And how was th horse hoof painting CM?!
03/03/2013 at 20:16
No Brookie please don't worry about eating at the moment, it will even it self out. I got big quickly second n third time as felt so sick but put on 2 stone each time. I am now back to pre children weight.
Oh dear Anj, that is not great that hubbie can't help, not ideal with a newborn. Hope u got out for some fresh air. Be very careful running.
Well done on the long run after 4.5 hrs kip, yikes Lotte. Nice to run with your sis though. You have such a good social life
CC, run sounds good & your night las night. Food sounded yummy, well done. Ooooops to hubby spending time in the bathroom!
Two nights out in a row, wow Caro, enjoy.
LOL to your mad dreams Brookie.
Happy birthday to Tom
JT- had a look at your bike thing, looks fab. Wish I had applied for that...........
Yeah that's what I thought CC, if I can survive a 24 hr ice fest bike event surely I can climb hills on a road bike for 43 miles, ahem
25 miles on road bike yesterday & 13 MTB miles today so pretty tired now! Put the girls to my parents today n me n hubby went out together to red rocks in the Black Isle. Lovely to do something together for a change.did two laps of the blue trail & then the bike park twice which is brill fun- up n down steep wee hill things/ jumps. I obviously don't do the jumps!!! My new bike is light so was flying, scaring myself!!
C has gone to bed pale with a sore tummy so have put towel n her pillow n basin by her bed. Hopefully she just needs to sleep.
EF- hope your exam wasn't too awful today.
03/03/2013 at 20:18
Forgot to say- the strathpuffer will be on the adventure show Sunday march 17 th BBC 2. Either 7 pm or 8 pm, can't remember. Oh the embarassment!
03/03/2013 at 21:21
Happy birthday Tom!

Mad day today. Pony pampering photos on fb. Was v cute. Choc cake was a hit and is squashed all over my house now. Next door neighbour has her grandkids on Sundays and they popped in for the party. Two hours later they left and we couldn't find the older girl s shoes. V embarrassing. Eventually found them in the bin in J's bedroom. But not before I had turned my house upside down!!
03/03/2013 at 21:28

Brookie - agree with others, pleeeeeease don't worry about the weight gain, I too found when I was expecting no. 2 I popped out way quicker and was in my maternity jeans before I knew it!!! Guess the muscles just knew what to do and relaxed as soon as they could to make space!!  I put on less with no. 2 in the end, despite eating way more cr*p, I put it down to having no time to myself and running around after a toddler whilst feeling grim!! I did manage to stay active, although only running until about halfway through, but then it was powerwalking, a bit of swimming and light weights which kept the happy hormones flowing a bit!!  The powerwalking was my lifesaver really as it got me my 'me time' that I usually get from running, I just used to yomp round my shorter running routes.

Well done on the turbo JT - and yes, agree, it's hard going!! I have my treadmill and bike on turbo set up next to each other but haven't quite braved doing a jump from one to the other!

RF - that sounds like a fun day with hubby. So they are good tracks to play on then? Might be worth an explore that way for us ... is there anything the kids can do too or all a bit hard core?  Haven't really explored Black Isle so something for the Easter holidays.

03/03/2013 at 21:29

and I'll be watching the Adventure Show then ... can't miss your moment of fame RF . Hope the sore tummy comes to nothing too

03/03/2013 at 21:48
Oh brookie. I gained 4 stone with the twins and 1.5 with Sophie. Just go with it and enjoy it. It will fall off. I also stuck out so quickly with s. Muscles just know what to do.

Can't wait RF. awesome!

Fab running lotte. Know how you feel and you've run 20 miles more than me this week. No idea how you fit it in or keep enthused. I am so looking forward to running just 5 miles and not 5 and 10 in a day!

Sophie is having bad dreams, not helping. Dragons mainly!

88 miles for me this week. 24.5 yesterday and 10 today but with a 10k race in the middle! Only decided to run last night after 5 glasses of wine and a 3 course meal culminating in about 4 puddings as couldn't decide what to have. Had tiramisu, mars bar cheesecake, Chocolat torte and fruit jelly terrine. Yum! Our course went well, nice way to have a dinner party just doing one course. Met some fab people too. Some of the teachers were very trollied. The event was to raise funds for the school. One of the reception teachers dropped her bottle of wine on the floor in front of everyone! Was very funny and she took it well!

Anyway, 10k race at MP as became rather obvious that's how fast my legs were going to run!

Was also out Friday night for hubbies leaving do. I drove but struggled to stay awake after midnight, so was rather scared on drive home. Hubbie was plastered!

Need my bed now tbh!
03/03/2013 at 21:50
CC- there's a wee green run the kids could do a few times and a fire road they could go along and up and down. No play area or toilets or anything though. But you pass a wee place called rosemarkie a few miles from red rocks that has a lovely beach u could have a walk along before hand and there's a wee cafe by the beach.
Yeah JT turbo is hard work, try one of the sufferfest downloads then and be prepared to suffer!!!! Well hard work if u push yourself properly.
I got a second hand Giant road bike & a cube reaction MB.
03/03/2013 at 21:52
CC- if u decide to go we would HAVE to meet up
03/03/2013 at 22:20
yippee to some fab yomping and cycling. Looks like most of us are gradually getting back off the bench (touch wood). Nights out and food also sounds great.
Must put adventure show on the calendar!
would love to run with my sister or indeed any of my relatives but alas they are all too busy/ too fat/ too old/ too anything to exercise. Hubby runs when not building an extension but he is too fast for me.
Busy day with wrestling in the middle, Tom and Archie got very excited and shouted lots but also got very worried when the baddies got thrown out of the ring and came scowling into the crowd! Had to throw a birthday cake together at tea time and managed to eat 3 slices so feeling nicely bloated yet again..... oops. 1D isn't until 15th March, would have been much better had I bought tickets for cardiff not Manchester....
off to look for hoof pics....
03/03/2013 at 23:41
Need to go to bed, but Amy Macdonald was fab. She mentioned her stint on Top Gear Lotte, but its not something I watch. She's pretty sassy as well as having a stunning voice. That's why I like living in London, among other things, cool people come and sing on my doorstep
03/03/2013 at 23:50

Anj - I totally feel your pain/annoyance! You have just given birth, everyone should be running round after you and you end up doing all the new baby stuff plus looking after a husband as well. My hubby had an operation about 3 weeks after M was born and spent a week recuperating on the couch - we only had one small 2 seater couch and I wanted to be sat on it breastfeeding peacefully with some mindless telly on not listening to hubby moan!

Had a lovely weekend so have put last weeks moping about back/leg aside. I am just going to have to be very patient and accept that it will take a long time. So will keep the bench warm as lots seem to be getting back to exercise! Had a great chat with my manager (man she is awesome!!) and have agreed that I shouldn't do any trips away for work for a while as they mean LONG drives so upside is I probably won't have to go away for work until end of April.

CM - the pony thing looked how I imagined it! DId E love it and how was the nail painting?!

EF - how did your thing go on Sunday?

Shivering today as its cloudy, windy and only 22 degrees - we have had such a long hot summer that this feels really cold!!! Rained yesterday for the first time since before Christmas! Fine for the next week though but I think our nice daily 25 degrees is over now.

04/03/2013 at 06:54
22 degrees sounds lovely Hoggle! Your manager sounds nice & understanding which is good.
Glad Amy was good Caro. I luv her voice.
Well C was fine last night but M awake & R had a wet bed!
04/03/2013 at 13:40

Just dropping in - been trying to keep up but only just so not been posting.   Get you with the social life Caro, or is that it for the next 6 months .  I'm off for a night in Birmingham in a couple of weeks with uni girls - can't wait. 

I've been in a right grump for the last few days, no idea why - spotty too so clearly hormonal but the wrong time of the month!  Poor hubby has borne most of the brunt of it  though I did apologise constantly for being grumpy!  I got in a real temper with him on Saturday for saying he didn't think the kids needed a snack at 4pm - it really hit a nerve for some reason, like he was saying I had no clue what I was doing and just giving them snacks whenever they asked.  Anyway all cleared up now!  Hormones do make me completely irrational (though I wouldn't admit that to hubby ).

Sophie got her first badges for ASA Ducklings swimming which she was soooo pleased about - had to persuade her not to take them to school!  She's finally got over putting her face in the water, though still likes her goggles on sometimes.

Camlo - I think it was you who recommended reinforcing the bedtime routine to avoid wet beds and, touch wood, it seems to be working so thank you .

Bit gutted today as my leg and buttock are still really painful after my run yesterday and I actually had to walk up some hills as my leg was just too painful to extend properly .  I thought maybe I had Piriformis Syndrome which is a small muscle from your coccyx across your bum and can catch on the sciatic nerve too, but I've been using the tennis ball and it still hurt yesterday - worse if anything.  So I think a trip to the physio is required.  I can't see me doing Sheffield Half at the moment as I can't even run 6 miles pain-free, and I expect it will fill up soon .

Sorry very me me me post but will try to keep up with everyone's news!  Love the pics on FB CM 

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