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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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29/12/2013 at 11:37

Hi Kinsey as well! Oh and JT - when are you due? 

29/12/2013 at 14:48

Yes to awful toddler behaviour! Rosie (who'll be 2 in a couple of weeks) is testing us to the limit! Rolling on the ground tantrums about absolutely everything! Xmas spoiling and being constantly carried by daddy hasn't helped and her lack of talking is hard (Maggie was on full sentences by this age so it's new territory for me). Think her behaviour is why I'm so scared at the mo! I know she'll be over 2 1/2 by time no 3 appears and it is a bigger age gap than first time but will still have three under 5's for quite a while!

but I'm really not complaining as am happy about it

yes to worries though - I'm definitely more worried that something will happen, I feel that as I've had no problems with first two pregnancies that something is more likely to go wrong, how daft is that thinking! 

and brookie, if you want three and so does hubby I'm sure that's what you'll have!

not long jt! Very excited to meet the new arrival

gosh, thread is all about babies and no running, anyone been for a run today then?!


29/12/2013 at 15:38
I worried more with each preg too Sonya, maybe its instinct? Although it was all fine.
One of my friends is training as a midwife at St Peters by the way, and i think they are opening a new midwife led unit as well!
29/12/2013 at 16:22

I can assure you I won't be talking about babies any time soon on here, or ever!  Just yours, not mine anyway.  Congrats sonya

and yes I have been a run run, 4 miles in the Wiltshire countryside. My 10 wk 1/2 training plan starts tomorrow.

great fun running my Boxing Day 5k with Christine ohuruogu.  I've done the same race once before and she turned up so I had hoped she would be there, but last time she beat me by over 3 minutes, so it was quite fun to beat her this time-although for her it was probably her warm up jog!  I came 2nd lady in the 5k, just a very low key event, you just turn up, register, they give you a no and you run-all for free.

29/12/2013 at 18:03

I think Andy would divorce me if I said i wanted another!  Does seem a terrible waste of my frozen embryos though! 

29/12/2013 at 19:55
I blame it on Lotte - she makes it look so easy with 6 that the rest of us can hardly claim to be having a hard time with only 3!!

Congrats Sonya! I think you'll be fine with that age gap, as by the time the baby is mobile and causing trouble, Rosie will be over 3, if not 3.5, and so (hopefully!) a bit more sensible. I found it quite easy at the start as E was only 18 months when O was born, but the last few months have been more tricky. O is now fully mobile, furniture walking, climbing on anything and everything, and completely unpredictable, and at 2.5, E is into absolutely everything but has absolutely no sense at all. The other day I was in the kitchen and heard screeching from the downstairs loo and walked in to find Isabelle trying to have a wee whilst E cleaned the floor and Isabelle's hair with the toilet brush!! Ugh! I then found she'd used the fingerprinting set to print all over the sofa in the playroom, squeezed out some of hubby's post-shave face cream on the floor, decorated various toys with red lipsyl, and drawn all over her hands. All this whilst I had been putting the breakfast stuff was a long day!

My husband is working long days the next 2 days, my parents are away, and the friends I can comfortably call and invite us all over are either away or at work...and it's supposed to pour with rain. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do to maintain my sanity!

For now I think I might eat some more cake!!
29/12/2013 at 22:15

Cake is the answer to everything! I've just eaten two pieces. I must must must get back on the ww plan and I must also go for a run. Just ordered new gel kayano 19s and am just hoping they fit. 

Camlo    pirate
29/12/2013 at 22:16

Yay eat cake Vixo!! 

No baby talk in our house either and i have done 6 miles today (slow but it still counts as i didnt walk any of it)! 

Hope the panto trips have all gone well (oh yes i do), hope the toddlers start acting their age.... ah thats the prob isnt it!,, hope weather improves, house viewings are a little more productive and JT I hope everything goes swimmingly for you in the next few weeks. 

29/12/2013 at 22:24
Where are you Vixo? Hubby is off to look at a house so I am wondering what to do with my crazy three tomorrow too!
29/12/2013 at 22:57
Southampton Kinsey. Mine are at a tricky age - having the 2 small ones on the loose at the same time somewhere public is just too difficult as they both need watching like hawks. I can put them both in the pushchair but that doesn't really make for a particularly satisfying experience for them (although better for me!), and having E loose and O in the pushchair means that I occasionally (often!) have to abandon the pushchair to race after E.

I have had a text from a friend asking if we want to go over there in the morning and stay for lunch - oh yes we do, thank you very much, said I!

My last week off this week - back to work next Monday. I'm not dreading it, but I am aware that the organisation of the children and house is going to be a bit more tricky - and if only O would b****y well sleep I might not be quite so tired!
30/12/2013 at 01:29

More congrats needed. Fab news Sonja!

lying wide awake. Have come downstairs. N snoring so loudly I can hear it down here. FFS. 

Have had fab few days. But kids back to t on tues and sad already

wondering whether I will get any sleep at all tonight. Want to go upstairs and wake n up so I can at least stop the effing snoring. Grrrr. 

30/12/2013 at 06:51
I think we have def turned a corner here Vixo, I can send hubby off to soft play with all three and not worry too much. Martha and Aidan go off together and he only really has to watch B. Well done on the lunch invite, think we will just potter and hope for no major grumps!

CM, hope the snoring stopped!
30/12/2013 at 09:23

I feel ur pain re snoring CM, hubby has had too many days 

off over hols and his sleeping goes to pot, I cannot sleep with 

snorer either. Can't wait til he is back on regular nightshift and 

I get great night sleep.

30/12/2013 at 11:18
I cannot stand snoring at night. It winds me up too. I did get to sleep eventually but it was after 2am

E has her best friend coming for first time this afternoon. Oh god she is so excited. J also has play date. J winding her up saying her friend may get sick in next hour or die or the house might fall down on her. Oh god kids!!!!
30/12/2013 at 16:25

Haha CM, your J is a rotter isn't he?  Glad you got some sleep in the end, I have been sleeping badly for a few months now and I'm usually a great sleeper so am exhausted.  Boys are back at nursery today so we have come to work, Max had HUGE dark shadows under his eyes when I dropped him off this morning, oops!

Sonya, I don't think I said congratulations yet, glad you have both come around to the idea of number 3.  Mr TT is far more excited about it than I am which is a miracle at the moment as they have both been more trying over the Christmas break.  Os must be having another growth spurt as he was eating everything yesterday and a worse scrounger than a dog, he was even chewing on the arm of the leather armchair .  Maggie and Max are very close in age so will be interested to see what your due date is.  I have managed to not really attach to this one yet but know exactly what you mean about worrying more subsequent times around.  I have only told one friend here so far which I think helps it not to feel as real.

Kinsey, boo to the sellers pulling out, that sucks.  Hope you find something else soon.

Camlo, well done on getting out there for your runs, however slow they are.  I see you are still selling stuff on FB, hope you are keeping the black clouds at bay.

JT, thinking of you, so excited.

We have had 2 invitations for new year this year but have decided to stay home and get the kids (and us!) into bed at a sensible time this year.  We are working Thursday and Friday and really don't fancy throwing them off their schedule for just one night out, I'm not a huge fan of New Years Eve anyway, always makes me feel a little sad at the year gone by to be honest.

30/12/2013 at 19:51
We are having the worst luck with houses. Alan drove down and viewed another house with my parents today, great location etc and by this evening they had taken it off the market as they might build a bungalow in the garden!! I obviously need to work on my karma!
30/12/2013 at 21:10
Gawd JT, families, eh?
My brother and his girlfriend are due on the 1st Jan, am quite excited about it although suspect having a baby will be a bit of a shock to them!!

So far all the houses we have looked at have one thing in common, the sellers are all retired and seem totally mental! We need to find someone who actually needs to sell!
31/12/2013 at 10:05

oh kinsey that is so annoying!!

still heard nothing from my parents but given how you guys struggle with families, i don't think i feel too bad about it! i saw my aunt over christmas and she told me some of the things that my mum had done and said to her over the years, including throwing her out of her house when my aunt came to visit with my baby cousin one christmas. aunt couldn't drive and my mum lived about 6 miles from my aunt's house. aunt literally had no money and no way of getting home

my fence has blown down both sides of my house and my garage roof has leaked (again - even though i only had it done in the summer). this time it's leaked onto my treadmill which is now written off.


anyway plans for tonight have changed as friend's daughter is now ill. am doing the nos galan 5k in mountain ash and then coming back and going to a neighbours with my chilli and bottles of wine

happy new year all!

31/12/2013 at 10:39

Happy new year all too! CM - your J made me laugh winding up his sister. Boys can be so funny! Enjoy your 5k ytmrw. Sonya - I did a typo about 3 kids. I would like 3 but hubby definitely would NOT I meant to say!! 

caro - which 1/2 Mara training programme are you doing! I'm doing reading half on 2 March (I hope) so need a training plan too. 

31/12/2013 at 12:53

5k is tonight, brookie. i'm doing the fun run rather than the proper race because i'm a blimp

yes J loves winding his sister up. he's very good at it. it was so sweet seeing her with her friend yesterday. they absolutely love each other to bits and were so good. J has a really good friend too (we go on holiday with them); but their relationship is different. it involves lots of fighting and shouting and noise. E and her friend disappeared upstairs and i didn't hear them for hours. they are incredibly close - probably too close really. i think E's friend is rather dependent on her at school so they try to separate them. but it is so lovely to see them together as they are so cute. it's amazing to think that they could stay friends throughout school - i can easily see that theirs could be a lifelong friendship and how cool would that be?

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