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31/12/2013 at 13:48

ok - anyone recommend me a 6 man tent that doesn't leak? last one i had was a cheapy and did me two seasons but in july last year (at thunderrun), the rain absolutely pissed through the whole tent. so i want to get one that will actually last more than a couple of years. prepared to pay a bit more for it (think the hi gear one was only £150 or so - what can i expect really?).

i have found one which is highly recommended - gelert one - but then you look on amazon and there are loads of reviews saying it leaks. is it possible to get one that doesn't??

31/12/2013 at 14:39
I don't think any 'family' tents will withstand all weather - the combination of rain and wind we've had this week would, I suspect, be too much for most of them - but I would expect any of the big name brands to be reasonably decent. If you really want it totally weatherproof you'd have to go for a proper double-skinned mountain tent which would be much more expensive. I think the answer is not to camp if it's forecast to rain non-stop, or if the rain is combined with strong wind - your average family tent just isn't made for those conditions!

That is a real pain about your leaks CM. we've had a small damp patch appear on the chimney breast in Isabelle's room but we're ignoring it and hoping that it's a result of the rather extreme weather we've had, and won't cause further problems! (way too expensive to start exploring the roof!)

Kinsey - those 'sellers' sound barking. What a pain! Our day worked out ok yesterday as we spent a good few hours out, and then they played really nicely when we got back and I got a good hour and a half of cleaning and tidying done. Today I got them all water-proofed up and we walked to the library (which was shut - oops!), and then for a babycino! Which kept everyone happy and got us out of the house.

We're out tonight at a friends house and will be taking all the children and hoping they go to sleep at some point! I expect isabelle will stay up for a while and watch DVDs with the other children, but E hasn't had a nap today so hopefully she'll give in and go to sleep before it gets too late...who knows about O! It's hard to believe that it was a year ago we did exactly the same thing and O was only 10 days old - she slept most of the evening in the Moses basket in the corner of the room, but I think she was awake at midnight to see the fireworks and enjoy a glass of champagne!
31/12/2013 at 14:45

the problem is, vixo, that you can't always avoid the rain in this country! it didn't rain non-stop at the thunderrun, but it did rain very heavily on the second night. just for about 4 or 5 hours. and once a tent has leaked, i find that that's it - it leaks at the slightest provocation!

this is the race i'm doing tonight:  looks like it should be a good party at least!

31/12/2013 at 15:02
True enough CM, but I what I'm saying is that I don't think you'll find a family tent that will withstand constant or heavy rain - they're just not made to those standards. If you want to be absolutely sure you'll be dry you need to spend ????! Our vango has been fine, but hasn't been in really heavy rain. I suspect the bigger, heavier tents with steel poles would be better, but they're a pain to put up - a good hour - and not nearly as portable, especially if you're trying to do it yourself. Or get a smaller, double skinned, higher spec tent to take if the forecast is bad? I think Liz (on fb) takes a smaller sleeping tent and then has a big sheet-like shelter to provide more outdoor space, so you could make sure your sleeping area was dry, whilst still having some protection for sitting and cooking if necessary. We bought a vango shelter this year which is an enormous rectangle with guy ropes which you can configure in several different ways to provide additional shelter - since our tent is now getting a bit squashed with 5!!
31/12/2013 at 15:05
Honestly, it's like groundhog day here - tidy playroom, empty dishwasher, provide food, clear up...and repeat. I have just sorted out the playroom so you can get through the door and now O and I are in here, and the other 2 are upstairs causing goodness only knows what kind of carnage - there's lots of shouting and laughing so they're having fun, but I'm sure it will involve yet more tidying!
31/12/2013 at 15:10

that's an idea vixo - i have to be able to put the tent up on my own with just J to help. he is fab, though, and quite strong, so can hold things while i pull / push / hammer etc. i managed the 6 man tent we had with just him. 

maybe that is what i need to do - get a decent tent to sleep in and then a putty up thing / shelter for cooking, goofing etc.

i'm not that bothered if the rain comes through a bit. but the problem i find is that once a tent has leaked once in heavy rain, it then just pours through even in the slightest shower or with dew on the top.

i had a day like that yesterday, vixo. tidied up before kids' friends came round (only because E's best friend's mum was coming for the first time and she'd never been to my house before - so i thought it wasn't good for it to be a pit!). then cleared up repeatedly after that so that i could still walk along my hallway, into my bathroom etc. as long as they are having fun tho, eh?!

31/12/2013 at 15:47

on the other hand - what is a decent small tent? nick bought a vango tent which was supposed to have 5000HH and had excellent reviews. scouts use it for their camping trips etc. it was fine a couple of times, but at the thunderrun, when the rain was pouring through our hi gear one, we put the vango up inside the hi gear and it literally p1ssed through the vango as well - so through the hi gear, and through the vango inside it. nick then bought another one of the same (god knows why!) because it has the highest HH of any of the tents in the same bracket, and i took it away with J at the beginning of sept and it leaked even though it was brand new. his friend (who is a scout leader) said he had never known this vango type to leak before. so are we just unlucky or incompetent?!?

i don't actually know what type of tent to buy to be sure that it won't just pour through it if it rains. i can cope with it leaking in terrible conditions, but what i don't want to do is spend £££ on a tent which i take away and it leaks in a shower overnight and then is like a colander every time it's damp.

31/12/2013 at 17:10

Happy new yr all.  We are still at my dad in wilts and did soft play this morning, and I took Matilda to frozen this afternoon.  I can't imagine I'll be up at midnight to be honest, I value my sleep too much and am coughing again so didn't sleep well last night.  Very wet and windy run yesterday morning and looks like tomorrow's will be the same.  We have been desperately looking for something to do tomorrow in the wet and think we will try and the army air museum in middle wallop.......desperate times and all that!

Eric is now frequently removing his nappy, complete with poo, in his cot.  Help!  What can we do?  I am fed up of washing sheets and having to chisel stuck poo off his legs and feet in the mornings!  He is no longer in a sleeping bag as that didn't make a difference, and he can get out of whatever he is put in.  I am thinking once wet home I might put one of the washable nappy outers with poppers over his night time disposable in the hopes that he can't undo the poppers......

having pheasant for supper, shot by a local.


31/12/2013 at 17:11
31/12/2013 at 20:12

Would he be able to handle a pull-up Caro?  I'm so glad we only ever had one episode of Nicky putting his hand in his pooey nappy!

Good to hear you sounding so upbeat CM 

Happy New Year all!  I'm in my dressing gown already as we came back from my mum's today via my sister's, and the weather on the A14 and A1 was just awful - quite scary moments where I actually couldn't see where I was going and just focussed on the lorry I was overtaking and hoped he didn't veer into me!  So I had a shower just now and feel shattered!  Roll on midnight .  We're watching The Trollhunter again - a great film if you haven't seen it, was on the other night.

We survived 4 days at my mum's but Sophie kept crying about how she wanted to go home the night before last and we were pretty fed up by yesterday morning!  Saw my relatives though and some friends so it was good really.

Your talk of tents reminds me why camping is a rare occurrence for me and only done out of pure necessity !

Happy 2014!! 

31/12/2013 at 20:18
Ewwwww to the poo Caro no suggestions but sympathy!
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
My sister had her baby this morning naturally - still waiting to hear more details. Thrilled for her (but secretly very envious too - yuck not a nice emotion!). She had a long long pre labour - was 4 cm and irregular contractions for 4 days! She was desperate to avoid a c-sec this time so will be very pleased.

Quiet New Year here, drinks early on at a friends then home and in bed by 10.30!!
Oh nearly forgot most important news - I RAN!!! Yep hubby and I went out for a very short walk/run yesterday with him pushing M in the buggy. All sorts of aches and pains while running but nothing lasting so will be out again tomorrow.

Thanks for reassuring me that those of you with 2 year olds are also having trials!!! My friends kids are all a bit younger so not quite there yet. It's been much better since getting home - too much attention etc at the farm. Also although my parents are great and not judgemental it's still like parenting in a fishbowl!

Anyway hope you all have a fab New Years eve xxxxxx
31/12/2013 at 21:28

Not posted for ages but do try and keep up with most of you on FB.....

Happy New Year to you all and I hope 2014 is a good one! 

 and congratulations to those with scrummy new arrivals this year!


31/12/2013 at 23:46
Happy New Year all!
Vixo, I often let mine blunder off and then regret it later when I find what mischief they have been up to! Benedict is finally getting some words which will hopefully help, at the moment he just squawks in protest which annoys us all!
31/12/2013 at 23:58

Happy new year all of you. Another 5 hours to go here. Can't wait to get boys in bed....

01/01/2014 at 00:07
Happy 2014 all!

The nos galan race was rather wet. I came home and showered and got into my onesie! At least I ran faster than on Xmas day - haven't got chip time yet but clock time was faster than Xmas day parkrun

Hi Chynah. Think of you often. How are things? And with hubby?

Great news re your sister Hoggle. I understand the envy thing (())
01/01/2014 at 00:42
Laughing at cat. Came home from run and ate chilli. Cat licked bowl and had a bit of a shock! Came in a bit later with a mouse and chomped it. N and I had a go at the chocolate sundae thing I bought for the kids to share yesterday (they didn't finish it). Left it on the floor as was too much for us. Cat has his nose in it now. So tonight for katsuma it has been: chilli, mouse then mousse . (Yes caro - I know!)
01/01/2014 at 08:59
Happy New Year - or happy new Christmas, as E was shouting at everyone at midnight!

CM - hope the cat doesn't reproduce any of that little concoction for you!

Who is the person on fb with the initials WB, who recently posted a lovely family rugby pic?! I can't work it out!
01/01/2014 at 09:59
Vixo - don't think she has posted for a while. I want to say "gingerbread latte" but that may just be me being thick!

Vile gales here again. Off for a walk on the coast. As you do.
Camlo    pirate
01/01/2014 at 10:34

Congrats on the run Hoggle and your new niece/ nephew.

Caro, could you somehow change the time that he poo's? If he is taking it off because he has poo'd then you can kind of sympathise with it! If it during day nap, move the time of the nap? 

Vixo WB is Trendy (cant remember the rest of it- i have a list of our real names against  our RW names from a while back!)

CM your cat eats well... bleugh. Glad you had a good run and get kids back soon to enjoy some time before back to school. 

Stayed over at sis's until nearly 1am with kids still bouncing, i am knackered this morning.

Hope 2014 brings peace and calm to those that need it, looking forward to news of new babies, new homes and new jobs but most importantly new races, new PB's and new goals. 

I am definately cutting back for a while, only tough guy in Jan and a sep marathon booked so far. 

01/01/2014 at 13:25

Love the cat diet CM .  Our cat managed to rip open the bag of cat food (for the second time!) while we were away and MIL found it with biscuits all over the floor - they must have had a right feast!  At least it was Ralph's low calorie stuff for older cats . Then this morning Sid woke me up licking any bit of skin he could get to (face, hands...) so I went downstairs and fed them at about 6.30am.  In the meantime I went back to sleep and hubby got up at 8ish and said Sid made such a fuss he assumed he hadn't been fed and fed him again - damn sneaky cat!  He has definitely got fatter since we got him so I may have to reduce his portion - he makes such a fuss if I give him less though, I thought cats weren't meant to overeat?!  He is about 18 months so I'm not sure if he would naturally fill out a bit at this age, or if he's just a porker...!

Got my butt out for the parkrun this morning and got a pb by a few seconds .  Pretty cold and sporadically wet but conditions have got much worse since I've been home and dry!  Feeling virtuous for getting a good start to my New Year .

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