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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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05/03/2013 at 22:36

The ship will so NOT have sailed EF ... I am going to be 43 this year and still hoping for the odd PB ... ofcourse, I could be expecting for blooming miracles!!!  I think I'd love to still have a bash at beating some of my pbs:

  • 3.34 mara 2009 (sub 3.30 would be awesome),
  • 1.37 HM (2008) (anything below that would be fab),
  • 43.10 10km (2010)  (oh god surely I can lose 10 seconds!!) a
  • 72.02 10-miler (2011) (70 mins would do me nicely)
  • and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do an 11-hour 50-miler

obv if I would stop breaking myself by running on trail all the time and get some form of speedwork in that would help enormously, although I do do hills!!!

MM - that still sounds a fab session so well done, esp as feeling crap.  I get nervous before speed sessions. I also get very nervous before every pilates class I teach although today I did both without nerves (only two people in each class) but I REALLY enjoyed it and they all said they loved it - phew

Awesome coaching too

Tangy - that throat thing in pregnancy sounded grim

Yes - everything that goes wrong with you can apparently be blamed on running - according to most of my family and even my husband at times.

Brookie - I also found with both of mine sipping on sparkling mineral water flavoured with lime helped (citrus felt good) and sucking on foxes fruit drop sweets too.

JG - hope gym trip did the job

Hoggle - yes, agree that generally women probably do mid-life crisis much more quietly!!

Edited: 05/03/2013 at 22:36
06/03/2013 at 06:03

Agree, EF still plenty of time for PBs. And CC you just need a bit of luck now to get a decent block of training without lurgies, injury etc.

I am the same about my wed night track sessions, i get so nervous and really dread them. I think thats why making it up as you go along works for me. Yesterday I just felt good so decided to do it. I didn't have time to ponder what I was doing or talk myself out of it with excuses like "well don't worry if you can't hit your target pace since you have already done 10 so tired legs etc." I think most of the time your mind determines your limits not you body.

Good session MM, what length of recoveries did you have? Well done on the coachee, great stuff.

When was Karens half? Would that h ave been on Sunday, was wondering how she did.

Cold wet and windy, not feeling the love for my run today and now running late...

06/03/2013 at 07:58

Ugg I have speed session anxiety. Roll on 9pm when it's done! I get nervous about coaching and nervous about the session too. Feel starving too as usual which isn't good . Just can't eat enough at the mo to get me through.

06/03/2013 at 08:21

Oops gremlins!!! iPad ones!

Recoveries were 60, 90 120 secs. We had 2 mile warm up with drills and strides and 2 miles warm down.

Happy to help EF. Its just consistency in training. She is so enthused now bless her. She used to run once or twice a week when she felt like it but now has toned up and looks like a proper runner and is running 5 times per week with speed session, tempo run, mid week long run, long run with paced miles in it and an easy run. Was going for just sub 4 but now I reckon 3.40-45. Very excited for her!

15 miles of for me today in what looks like yucky drizzle, such a shame after yesterday's glorious sunshine and warmth. Now have a shin niggle. It will be a miracle if I get to the start line!!!

Feeling very very down today. Serious money problems in our house both shouted at each other for the first time in ages and I couldn't sleep. Looks like going to have to take a mortgage break and pay just interest. Boys going to have to stop guitar lessons and maybe even gymnastics and probably cut back on S's childcare too. Oh God!  I really need to find some kind of work ....

06/03/2013 at 09:20

oh dear, MM. sorry to hear about money woes. they are absolutely the worst. i hope you can find a way through

i had a bad morning too, but probably triggered mainly by fact kids off to T today and won't see them till sunday night. J still majorly overreacting about hands this morning. started crying when i said i had to change dressings and then proceeded to heave over the toilet after i did them. he whined, cried and wailed for about 20 mins. seriously?!?!?! anyway, then E started crying so i said 'right fine. you are by yourselves this morning. i don't care if you eat or get dressed, i will take you to school as you are'. both of them then got dressed (E put on dress, skirt, trousers AND a cardigan ) and E got and ate a yoghurt (miracle for her in the morning as she usually needs spoon feeding to eat anything!). maybe i need to do this morning often!!!

i am chock full of cold this morning. and have physio appt at 11am - at least i hope it's today. not like yesterday's asthma nurse, which is next monday!!

06/03/2013 at 11:11
Feel ur pain MM, Mr Tangy bn out of work since beginning of the yr + the mining job he is waiting for isn't likely to start til June as they r waiting for drilling rigs to b delivered, was originally hoping it would b March. Also the Mum of 2 of kids I watch 3days a wk has quit her job + is dropping them dwn to 1day a wk til she starts uni in Sept, not good timing. Feb/March has bn a nightmare too with 9 birthdays (two 50th's + a 70th), mother's day + Camryn's dancing display that has cost me nearly ??100 in tickets, costumes + dvd. Could just cry at thought of next few months finances.

Having problems keeping food bills dwn too, struggling to get weekly shop under ??90-100 + I used to b able to do a shop for ??50-60 if was skint. About ??10-15 of that goes on fruit + a biscuit for snack for the minded kids tho, so should b able to reduce that a little bit with having less kids from next wk. Can't bring myself to give up the healthier options either, liking having lots of salad + we r used to wholemeal pasta + brown rice etc.
06/03/2013 at 12:35

Couldn't sleep as way too much work stuff whirling round my head so decided to get up and do some of it rather than lying awake angsting about it! I hate it because I feel (and am) behind the ball on a whole lot of things and usually pride myself on being reliable and having everything done well. However had a lovely email from my managers manager praising a piece of work I do regularly - just what I needed to hear! Hoping that an evening of work tomorrow night will catch me up a bit and then I can keep on an even keel (ended up in tears on phone to manager today which was annoyingly pathetic and she must think I'm a drama queen!).

Hubby came home with flowers which was lovely too - first time in a LONG time! We so desperately need some time together we are like ships at the moment! Decided to go camping for the night on Fri night just because we can - yay!

Stupid leg playing up and really painful today which hasn't helped anything I think. Especially when I have to do swimming lessons! M is really loving them though and really gives it her all!!! She swallowed a load of water today because she was laughing too hard before the teacher put her under to swim to me! Came up spluttering and still laughing!

Boo to financial worries Tangy and MM - was horrible when we were in that situation last year and will be similar again if hubby decides to requalify.

Speed sessions - what are those?!

Had a long chat with friend whose baby had a transplant - wow pretty much a miracle. Drs have since told them that if he had not got a donor by Tue he would probably have died - so scary!!! They have a tough road ahead though.  They stay up in Auckland in semi-isolation for 3 months then anotehr 6-8 months where he can't be in contact with any other children. They are going to live with her parents who are in the South Island as they feel being at home with friends all around would be too hard too keep away and easier this way to not have to keep putting people off.

Right, I REALLY must go to bed - will be rubbish tomorrow!!

06/03/2013 at 12:50
It's a blessing really he is so young, so much easier to keep a baby isolated than a an older child, but hard for them never the less.
06/03/2013 at 13:08

blimey, hoggle. makes you realise really we have nothing to complain about with your poor friend's wee lad.

hope camping is good, and that your leg doesn't play up too much while you are away. sleeping on the floor / in and out of tents doesn't sound like it will be ideal...

just been to physio and she reckons i am being a chicken and need to get out walking even though it still hurts. . so i will do as i am told. also lots of stretches - every hour - and strenghtening from next week.  she reckons about 3 weeks of that regime of stretching and strengthening and i should be able to test a wee jog on a walk, which is such good news. will have to see how it goes tho as obviously i am paranoid that it will go again like it did last time. she thinks that was just bad luck (and my stupidity trying to hop!)

06/03/2013 at 14:05

Oh what good news CM . I guess walking will gently get it moving. You can't do much damage in day to day walking. I think introducing exercises is key to preventing it happening again, so a good move. Trouble is I've had so many niggles over the past year I have so many exercises I have to do to keep on the road. It is a nuuty past-time!!

Back from 15 painful miles. Shin has flared up now. You know I just give up!!! Hopefully this is one of my usual shin niggles and they only last two days. So rest day tomorrow instead of friday and will use the x-trainer friday morning, maybe try a run friday night before the race. Grrrrrr!

Have been moving money around all day from my business acc (although hardly anything in there ) and from our last ISA into savings acc. We literally will have no money once they have gone. Mortgage is huge so no idea where we go from here other than not eating

06/03/2013 at 14:29

That is so hard for your friend hoggle, can't even imagine what it must feel like to know you were so close to losing your little one. Fingers crossed everything goes well for them now and he lives a long and healthy life. And try not to panic about work! You must be doing something right for the manager to praise you, only good workers are up at night worrying about it too! Boo to leg playing up though.

CM- sounds like good news to me!

Need advice re. physios actually. I have never been to one!. My ankle/lower leg/foot pain is much worse following yesterdays run (it was so sunny I couldn't resist!) and then I stupidly did bootcamp too. I can't walk without a limp so no run today obviously and have put voltarel gel on and trying to rest it whilst at my desk before rest of week at home with the girls. Can feel it throbbing Anyway, I am obviously really worried now and don't want my really good marathon training all going to pot, so should I see a physio?! Looks like I can get an appt at a local one tomorrow if needed.

MM- lol to your comment about being a miracle getting to the start line! I'm feeling extra pressure to do my marathon (Shakespeare in Stratford - week after London) as I've paid quite a lot for accomodation for me and my family, plus my mum, sister, bil all staying with us. Will be a miserable old weekend in Stratford if I don't run!

CC- impressive PB's which I will never match! And no, none of us are over the hill yet I know I can do better, but thats mainly due to only getting serious in last 5 years and the inspiring girls on here keeping me going

MM and Tang, (()) with the money problems. It's what most people argue about I guess (although housework comes a close second on here!). Things have gone up hugely, utilities and food (after my £800 gas/elec bill..). I realise I am lucky to be in a situation where I can consider quitting work. Just saw in the news how much childcare has gone up in the last year. I realise that doesn't necesarily mean extra money for the childminders such as Tt. And MM, it if makes you feel any better we've been on an interest only mortgage for 8 years.

Can't remember what else I was going to say! Oh yes lotte, if I had 6 kids and a hubby who did no housework I'd expect to be a kept woman...


06/03/2013 at 14:30

x-posts MM (())  to money worries and injuries

06/03/2013 at 14:41

has hubby taken a pay cut in his new job, MM?

anything else you can sell? i have been busy selling everything recently. i managed to sell E's mattress from her cotbed, her cotbed duvets and all her cotbed bedding last week, and her cotbed itself this week. it's only made me £55 but it pays for food for a week (shopping at Aldi...). I am literally looking around at everything in my house wondering if I can sell it. Once car boot season starts, I have loads I want to try and shift that way.

06/03/2013 at 14:43

xpost Sonya - yes, get thee to a physio if you can. i swear by mine. she is amazing.

06/03/2013 at 15:27

JT - i have never been to St Fagan's where it hasn't been raining!!

06/03/2013 at 15:33

No slight pay increase love. But his company in Cambridge has closed its doors, so my monthly income and dividends from that has gone as has the child benefit. Our mortgage is huge and everything has gone up. We have been burying our heads tbh, useless both of us with anything involving money and budgets, but now its starting to bite sadly

Oh god 3 giggling school boys. Might have to chuck them outside in a bit!!

06/03/2013 at 15:34

Oh yes just sold off road buggy for £100, must clean it actually. Tens machine and some book shelf supports sold too. Have some other bits but all takes so much time doesn't it!

06/03/2013 at 16:01

Sympathies on the money issues.  It's the one thing we tend to argue about.  We are both good with money (hubby is more of a saver than I am, probably because he doesn't like shopping!) but as MM says, everything has gone up and as I pointed out in our last argument on the subject (!) hubby still budgets the same amount for food etc. per month that he did 3 years ago, then complains when the food shop goes over budget almost every week!  I am pretty good at planning the weekly shop and only put down what we need.  We have stopped ordering the food online - apart from the delivery charge, we got annoyed at the fact that the 'money off' vouchers they sent with every order could only be used instore and not online.  Hubby doesn't mind going to the supermarket so now he does the grocery shop as soon as I get back from my Sunday morning long run.  I write the list the night before.  Each week we seem to get a voucher for £7-£10 off the next shop so it's working out quite well.

Our last gas and electricity bill was bigger than expected and I'm anticipating the next one will be huge as it covers December-March and it's been SO cold we have had the heating on more than ever.  That will also coincide with the water bill for the year which is £450 (we are not on a meter).  On top of that our boiler is up the spout (our hot water is hand-hot at best, just about hot enough for a bath for Kit but would be too cold for me; luckily shower has its own heater) and there is a leak somewhere in our hot water system that may well involve taking up most of the downstairs floor to find.  It's a slow leak so we're putting it off since we discovered that our home insurance does not cover for trace and repair ...

We did sell Kit's old Quinny Buzz plus all the accessories for £160 on Gumtree so that was good.  Have had less success with other items though.

06/03/2013 at 16:09

Physio booked. Took the opportunity of hubby being at home tomorrow morning (as we're looking round a nursery) to sneak in an appt straight after. No idea what to expect from this physio but she does specialise in sports injuries so we'll see. Please don't let it be serious!

Outdoor museum? What do you get in one of those?!

MM- do you sell stuff through ebay or a local site. Carboot sale, like CM suggested, is a good way of selling stuff you had no idea anyone could want!

06/03/2013 at 16:12

Everything is just so expensive, though.  Now have to find another £99 for Kit's swimming lessons for next term (12 lessons).  It costs me £19 a day to get to work which is extortionate; luckily because hubby generally works from home on a Wednesday I use his season ticket on that day so only have to pay for two days instead of three but still ridiculous amount of money.

Did my 3rd 20-miler on Sunday; two more to do before the taper starts.  I have been doing them on alternate Sundays with usually a 16 on the Sunday in between.  Had a check-up with chiro on Monday, everything is still properly aligned which is a miracle given that I've been doing most of my runs too fast   Just can't seem to slow down the long runs.  Probably because I am usually conscious of the fact I need to get back and cook lunch so can't take too long!

Right, have read back but need to get on with some work now so can't name-check everyone but I'm up to date with what you've all been up to.

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