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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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03/01/2014 at 21:01

JT I was thinking the same re T's house.......My Welsh geog is not hot so didn't really realise you were nr the sea.

Just saw on FB about one of the running mums doing the sport relief swimathon, (initials LL but cant remember what her name was on here) So it prompted me to enter the family for the mile, esp as it's in the Olympic Park so dead easy to get to.  So if any other londoners are thinking about it we're doing the 10.15am 1 mile event on 23rd March - come and join us!

So found out this evening that you can now book online appts at my GPs!  Hurrah!  So I booked one to get my asthma checked and my newly self diagnosed eczma, to discover there were loads to choose from between now and 2 wks time.  It was so much less stressful than trying to ring them.  Thank god for technology.

03/01/2014 at 22:16
When j lived with T we were just a couple of fields away from the tidal Severn estuary which had the second largest tidal range in the world. I am now just a mile from the Usk river and the tidal range goes well up the river. Still extremely tidal in the village. Friend's house is ok for now. High tide in the morning is 9am but not meant to be as high as tonight.
04/01/2014 at 09:08

Hello and Happy New Year, a bit late I know but I have had an almost 2 week self enforced laptop ban (which has been great actually). I do have FB on my phone but even got out of the way of checking that very often. I have read 3 books in the last 2 weeks which has been such a treat!

We have had a brilliant festive. Such a lot of socialising, far too much drinking and late nights / long lies. Christmas day we had 16 for dinner but it all went really well. Hogmanay we had our usual party in the hall which finished at 2am, but we got sidetracked on the way home (walking as its only half a mile) and ended up at a friends house until 6am, what a riot! All the kids were still up and were such stars. (Ours and others!). New Years day was a waste as we spend the entire day in bed, kids slept until between 3 and 4.30pm! Then we had friends over that night for takeaway and the partying began again. They couldn't get a taxi home so stayed over. Last night was the first night in 10 days that we had a normal quiet family night. My liver so needs it i can tell you!   Its been fun but really need the kids back in a normal routine, the thought of school and work on Monday is terrifying!

So after 4 weeks of no running thanks to a knee injury I am finally back running hurray. Have managed up to 10 miles yesterday. I did keep going with the turbo but geez its amazing how much running fitness you lose in 4 weeks.

Can't believe section is on Thurs JT. That time has just flown past. Very exciting.

That's the kids getting up now so better go and get breakfasts on the go.

04/01/2014 at 11:23

I did 5 very wet miles this morning, good to get out the house though!  Looking forward to the return to school as the rain makes every day a bit tiring if we are stuck for things to do!

04/01/2014 at 11:36

Wow Lotte, I feel tired and hungover just reading that!   Yeay to getting back to running !

I had a wasted morning taking Sophie to swimming and Nicky to watch, only to find it wasn't on today .  Could have done the parkrun instead .  Still, hubby benefited from a nice lie-in so at least he got something out of it!  Tempted to go out for a little jog this afternoon...unheard of for me but we've got nothing else planned.  I'm going out tomorrow morning though so we'll see.

Thanks for the anti-blimp comments .  I'm on a don't-eat mission as I just don't need to after all the pigging out over Christmas!

Hope the flooding isn't too bad at your friend's, CM, but terrible at T's!   Miserable grey wet day here but doesn't seem to be raining at the moment at least.

Came down this morning to find the Roses tin of dry cat food (which was filled after Sid ripped open the bag) upside down on the floor - fortunately not open!  That cat...

I took part in a friend's Body Shop online party last night and won myself a load of free stuff, very satisfying!  Spent nearly £40 but have got tons for my money 

04/01/2014 at 13:24

6 miles on bike done in driving rain and through flood waters. Legs like jelly now cos not used to cycling this much! ( did just over 7 miles a couple days ago). RF - no idea how you do he puffer! Respect! 

Body shop thing sounds fun JG. Aand how cool to win stuff. Glad your fun run was good CM. how is water where u are? Is T submerged yet?! Head so cold I have brain freeze an can't remember anything else! Good to hear from u Lotte! 

04/01/2014 at 16:09
Friend and T survived. River in Caerleon flooded fields either side of river right up to the houses that J's school friends live in. Ran into town along the river this morning and the water was everywhere. Police and sandbags out in town but think most people escaped. E had a play date today so I took the opportunity to take j for a walk. We did 5 miles and on top of the 5ish miles I ran this morning I feel quite tired. J has a sleepover tonight with his friend from school. First one in my house. Am q worried. Don't trust his friend in the slightest...
04/01/2014 at 19:25

Just lay down the law CM - it's your house and if he doesn't follow your rules he won't be invited back !  At least that's how I hope I will be when mine start bringing friends back for sleepovers...!  

Wow 5 miles, I think Sophie would be whining after about one...!  They've both been shattered today and I'm feeling slightly iffy so I wonder if we've all got a bit of a bug of some sort.  Just slightly headachey and sore throaty, but I still want to go running tomorrow so can't be that bad   And she's just turned up...sigh!

04/01/2014 at 19:31
I laid down the law JG and told him I would take him home if he messed around. So far so good. E is in my bed with popcorn and the chipmunks DVD. Boys are downstairs with Pokemon and popcorn. What can go wrong?
04/01/2014 at 21:02

Gotta love autocorrect! Glad all going well so far CM & hope you feel better soon JG. 

04/01/2014 at 22:03

Both boys in their sleeping bags on the mats in the lounge. I guess this is the point at which it all gets stupid. It is the first time I have had another child sleeping over without its parent. E insisted on having her mattress on the floor in her room as she felt left out. Bless!

05/01/2014 at 02:41

CM, hope you all make it through the night!  Must feel like a huge responsibility the first time you have a child to stay without its parents. 

Hi Chynah, missed you. Glad you are ok. 

Soneone was asking who LL on fb is, she's porkyplodder.

05/01/2014 at 13:34

Feeling ok today thanks Brookie .  Went out early (for me) to do 8 miles this morning before hubby went out to meet a friend.  Took forever but I made it round and feel much better for it.  Hip/glute/hamstring still really ache  and have left a message with the physio, so hopefully I can get that looked at soon.

Yes CM, hope it all went ok and they did eventually go to sleep!  I hate even having children over to play or for lunch without parents!

Starting to look windy again...sigh...

Oh and CM I was thinking while I was running, for some reason, about your treadmill getting ruined - don't think I ever commented.  What a b*gger   Is it beyond repair?

Caro - just seen Matilda's scraped face on FB - ouch!  Poor thing, she must be very brave to still be smiling!  Who needs boys 

05/01/2014 at 20:56
Oh no. What happened to M caro? Well done JG. 8 miles is great!

The boys did go to sleep last night. About 10ish. They woke at about 7.30 I think so not bad really! Nothing untoward happened. Although J's friend did tell him that reading books with me in my bed would "girletise" him. So now he won't get in bed with me to read! . Inevitable at some point I guess. But I liked our bedtime snuggles.

Have been taking kids out for a few runs recently. E is particularly keen. I ran back from Cwmbran today in the hideous rain and winds. When I got home E wanted to go out with me so I took her and J for a run round the block. It is about 0.75miles. Poor lass tonight tho. Weather was so grim. She was whipped by the wind and beaten up by the rain. Didn't put her off though. She got straight into a warm bath and was as happy as Larry. What a change from my walk-refuser of even a year ago!
05/01/2014 at 21:26

Our hearing's not working!!  Argh!  Just what we need after the car, washing machine, microwave and toaster.  Did someone curse us??

Xmas well and truly over.  Decs downoutside outside, and we went to our fab local panto today.  Back to school tomorrow

m fell off a swing this morning.  I wasn't there and hubby didn't see what happened but she said she was trying to get off, and somshow she ended up with her feet caught round the chains, with the swing still swinging and her face on the ground being scraped along.  So she has a grazed forehead and nose, and its a bit sore and not a great look for the first day of school!  She always does things to her face!

Has anyone ever heard of siblu holidays?  They seem to have several campsites in France, not quite on the euro amp scale.  Or Indigo campsites?  Cold weather is making us research our summer hols!

good luck at work tomorrow vixo.



06/01/2014 at 09:02
Good luck vixo!

Last day of hols today so we are off to Swansea to waterpark. In spite of gale force winds and flood warnings. Water park is on seafront so may be a bit wild!

Need to get e's passport photo done. Should be interesting. The lady I used to do Jacob's photo in the studios in the village is no longer there so it be a machine job. Eek.
06/01/2014 at 11:42

Have fun CM.

Back to school and work this morning. I was so paranoid about sleeping in today that I think I hardly slept last night and then when I did had a very strange dream about my sister going missing and mum and dad coming to tell me that the police had charged her for something and she had run away! Very odd but it was so vivid I actually thought it was true when I woke this morning! Lol.

It was a struggle to get out of the house for my 5.30am run again, first run with the headtorch for weeks! But all the kids were up by the time I got home, hubby was even up too, so it was all fine and we all left on time with NO shouting, and that never happens. So it can only go downhill from here!

Speaking about hubby he has a job interview on Weds, fingers crossed. His 2 year contract runs out in March and he hasn't heard yet if it will be extended so it would be good if he got this job. Unlikely though I think.

Hope you are enjoying some me time JT. Do you know what colour you are having this time, I can't remember. I do have to laugh at your posts, takes a bit to decipher the autocorrect sometimes!

Well done on the kiddi free running this morning JG. Hope you get your hip sorted. Mine is playing up a bit too so think I might give the chiro a shout.

Oh yes I was going to say to Caro that it was porkyplodder aka LL that we met up with at VLM that year along with JT and EF.

Suppose I better get on with some work. Happy Monday folks!!

06/01/2014 at 11:44

Aargh CM just reminded me that I need to get passports for all my lot and me before we go skiing in March. Bah to all that paperwork and faffing and even bigger bah to how much it is going to cost.

06/01/2014 at 12:05

I know how you feel Lotte, I slept worse than normal fretting that we would forget it was school today!  B is sleeping badly so I feel like a zombie today!  Then it totally tipped down for the school run.

Vixo - good luck for today x

JT - hope you get some quiet time before the baby.  My brothers girlfriend is scheduled for induction on Saturday if it isn't here by then!

Caro - bah humbug to the heating.  Hopefully nothing will break for a good few years now!

06/01/2014 at 12:37

I know we met LL (aka PP!) but just had a brain block and couldn't remember her forum name

Heating working - I knew it wasn't the boiler, it's the thermostat - bloomin wireless digital siemens thingy that has only lasted 3 yrs.  Heating is now on and I can turn it off manually and boiler has been serviced and all is fine.  Plumber back tomorrow to fit the new thermostat.  

It meant Eric and I have been trapped in this morning (after swimming) and same again tomorrow.  Boring!

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