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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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30/11/2012 at 11:17

Vixo - got any medised hanging around? cruel mummy

yes, am thinking maybe i should get a hot bott really. the kids have some animal ones from aldi which they love. they also seem to stay hot for ages! still warm in the morning.

have now phoned KnowHow as am so paranoid that deliveries etc won't happen. (i know - i don't trust anyone to do anything they say they are going to do). and it is on the system (phew) and is scheduled between 1015 and 1415, so i should be ok to go down to school to watch J in the concert. hurrah!

have also just had a man around about replacing panel in back door and putting in a cat flap. have been meaning to do that for ages. cats are getting neutered next week so i then feel like they will be able to come and go as they please!

30/11/2012 at 11:39
We thought we had some medised, but when I looked for it it has obviously run out!!
30/11/2012 at 11:49

medised used to be the wonder drug for my two, i know it sends others hyper but worked on mine. 

Definitely get the hot bot CM, they are cheap and frankly quite amazing. When we were on honeymoon, we used to fill up our drinking bottles with hot water before going to bed ... if you wrapped it in a fleece it did similar job!! Just had to make sure you didn't get the bottles confused (the pee bottle and the drinks bottle!!!!!).

No, am not trying it immediately. I have managed to set it up OK but want to check the belt-tightening process with hubby ... I am sure I can sort it but brain is clearly a bit sleep-deprived and is like reading double-dutch, mind you, instructions are dire!! Just feel I'd rather someone double-checked I HAVE put bolts in the right place etc too. So hoping to finish up my jobs here and get an 8ish-miler in the woods done before pick-up and psyche myself for a longer one on Sunday ... of course, now if I run out of time I can finish my distance of indoors in the evening

30/11/2012 at 12:22
CC loved your winter running photos. Fab.

I'm enjoying my day off today. Work has been manic. I don't know how I thought 3 days was gonna be possible. I've done nearly 35 hours this week and last and I'm supposed to do 22.5. Hmmmmm. Had a nice frosty run this morning tho.

AND........HUGE news of the day - I think I am having a period!!! Only second natural one since they stopped aged 19. I am thrilled. Means we can keep trying for our second with some actual hope that I might be ovulating. And I'm still bf-ing once a day so I'm now thinking I don't need to rush to stop just so as my periods might come back. Yay!!

Sorry for self centred post. Waves to everyone.
30/11/2012 at 12:28
Just also worked out what stfu is too.....I think.

RF - gutted for you. It's carp when that happens. The area I live in in London is a very transient place and it puts me off making the effort to make good friends as I just think they will leave soon.

CM - how you feeling today?
CC - well excited for you with the treadmill.
Lotte - go go go!!!
30/11/2012 at 13:25

wow - Lotte has finished in an amazing time. well done, Lotte!!!

brookie - good news on AF. i curse mine turning up every month but understand how frustrating it must be if they don't!

i have a new oven. it was incredibly easy. i had obviously measured it all up and was sure i had ordered the right thing. but you know what it's like. i was half expecting the guy to turn up, take the old oven out and say 'ooo, love, can't do that. it's wired from the lights' or something similar. this house has some ... erm ... unorthodox wiring and plumbing (eg the stop cock is actually underneath some tiles in a bit that's boxed in in the bathroom so you have to lift a tile which isn't grouted in to get at it - but obviously unless you know it's there and not grouted in, you have no chance of finding it!. similarly the pump for the boiler is behind a hole in the wall cut into the eaves of my built-in wardrobes. again... err?!??!).

so - my lovely new shiny oven is sitting there looking pretty. have no intention of using it this weekend tho! am off to a gothic horror thing in usk tonight - no idea what it is. sort of story telling thing. was only £3. and tomorrow am going to birmingham for my xmas treat from N to see BSO playing in a concert, which should be good. then kids back on sunday.

30/11/2012 at 15:02

Way to go Lotte!

My hubby is back - early hrs of this morning!  Phew.  Now can enjoy the wk end.



30/11/2012 at 15:28
Yay to amazing 80 mile runs ( just WOW!!!!!), AF, sparkly new ovens and treadmills, hubbies returning and nights out (enjoy CM !!!!!)
Boo to sleepless nights, insensitive hubbies and end stages of pregnancy tiredness!
I'm feeling really down due to yesterday's news but have cheered myself up ever so slightly by going to the LBS in Dingwall and hopefully sorting out a second hand 'giant' racer bike. Obviously can't afford such a thing at this time a year but who cares I need/want it to stick on my second hand turbo ( not used yet!) to do some training for my MTB mad event in 2 months.
Gawd M has no clothes on & R has a swim cosi on so betta go and retrieve nappy n clothes. Fire on so not that cold!
Stayed at 1 degrees here today.
Hope Lottes having a well deserved rest............. Supermum ))))
30/11/2012 at 16:25

So do you live in Dingwall RF?  One of my good uni friends is in Delny Muir, nr Invergordon and has 2 wee ones - I wonder if you know her?

Going to go to South Bank xmas market as a family outing tomorrow.  Babysitting tonight, hope they don't stay out too late!

30/11/2012 at 17:40

Hello ladies. Finally a chance to check in, plenty of time for it since I can't actually get up at the moment. Its been some week culminating with my 80 miler.

I set off last night at 7pm in the far north island of Unst (A 3 hour drive away from home). The first leg was 12 miles to the ferry which I did in 1hr 45. We then crossed by sea (10 mins) to the next island Yell. Had to clock watch here to make sure I caught the ferry otherwise a delay would have thrown out all the logistics. This was an 18 mile stage to the ferry at the south end of the island. The roads through here were incredibly slippy with 0 degrees and no wind. Had trouuble staying upright! Arrived at the ferry at midnight for the 20 min crossing. It is a very bleak island and of course it was dark, but braw bricht moonlight! Didn't even need the head toch to see where I was giong and there was only about 2 cars that passed on the 18 miles stretch. After the ferry crossing I had 50miles to do and had split the route into 10 mile stages. So it was a case of plodding onwards to the checkpoint and then refueling etc, I tried to allow myself 10 mins at each stop. Hubby was my support crew and drove ahead witht he car and waited til I caught up. During this first 10 mile mainland section the road was lethal. Black ice and so slippy. Hubby lost the car on the corner, pprobably cos he was giong so slow, and narrowly avoided landing in the ditch. Had a few moments here when I could invisage up getting stuck but he managed to get it moving again but there was a tense few moments where I wondered if it was all going to end here!

After about 42 miles of solo running a friend joined me (about 3.15 am I think). IT was still icy and we had some laugh trying to keep our feet. Doing the splits after running 50 miles is not advisable. She ran 10 miles and then another friend joined up. We did a few together before a guy from the club joined us and then 10 miles later Moraig (who CC knows joined us). So I had company right until the end and this really kept me going. I didn't walk at all during the stages apart from a couple of sliding incidents!!

My hip flexor is agony. It started to hurt about 30 miles and by the end I could barely lift my left leg. And now I can't at all. The last 10 miles were particularly hard, I could see the lighthouse (my stopping point and most southerly) but it still seemed so far away. Managed to maintain a run shuffle but god it was tough. Other than that the legs aren't too bad, quads sore but have been worse,  no blisters and only 1 toenail looking dodgy.

So bang on 80 miles and I finished in16 hours 45 mins including all the ferry and checkpoint stops. Absolutely delighted to have finished as I was having very negative thoughts all week and more nervous than I have been about any running challenge. I think my final sponsorship total will be between £1500-2000 so happy with that. IT was some experience, highs and lows but the feeling now that I have done it is amazing.

On second glass of bubbly and hubby making mince and tatties for tea! Now the only decision to make is do I enter the glenmore 24 hour race tomorrow when it opens!!!!











30/11/2012 at 18:22
Lotte that sounds fantastic and to do it in the middle of winter must have added to the challenge. Sorry to hear about your hip but hopefully it is just protesting from distance and not a lasting thing. I will donate ??10 to birm hosp for you.
Yippee to oven, new bikes, ovulating and getting hubbies home.
Boo to black clouds....or is it just me? managed a 5 earlier but still feel miserable and burst into tears when I got kids home because they were bickering.
30/11/2012 at 18:23

Enjoy that afterglow Lotte, and the mince, tatties and bubbly - it has been very well earned!  You are definitely an inspiration.  Can you repost your fundraising page? Amazing effort, did think of you a lot last night and hoped you had the same clear moonlight that we had although skidding on the ice doesn't sound fun at all!  Am very familiar with that run-shuffle ... of course you need to enter the Glenmore race   ... I'll come and join your support crew if you need volunteers, I love it down there and very local for me really. Am sure you'll be mobile very quickly actually but DO REST please!! I was amazed to be able to walk down the stairs on the Monday (given I couldn't move on the Sun eve) after I did my 100-miler and by Tuesday I was able to go clothes shopping with my sister!

Hip flexor - well mine was the same on the SDW100, I think it stemmed from a tight Iliopsoas (muscle that comes from front of spine and feeds down into top of thigh/groin area) which is one of the main hip flexors. Lots of serious stretching - I think things like 'the dart/arrow' really helped but you can google it and see what you think!!

RF - great news re the bike, perfect addition to winter training for sure

I am very excited about treadmill, just the knowledge I can squeeze in training whatever ... obviously nothing beats outside but ...

Brookie - good news re AF

 True in a way about making friends, BUT I definitely chose the other option when we moved here - I had no idea whether we'd be staying (still don't!) or for how long etc, but if I didn't make friends I knew I'd end up very very lonely and the black clouds would be a permanent fixture. Making friends IS hard and some stay a lifetime, some are just part of the journey, but without friends ... hmmm ...

Edited: 30/11/2012 at 18:25
30/11/2012 at 18:26

Just finished reading Scott Jurek's eat and run - definitely one for Lotte and CC, put it on your xmas lists!  

Lotte - sublime and utter insanity - you are a star!

30/11/2012 at 18:34

I have read it Caro - I did find it inspiring and actually about to re-read but by the end I felt it was a little sad that he seemed to have no other relationships in his life aside from food refinement and running!  That's why I think Lotte is amazing - so much else going on in her life!!

Camlo - me too, you are not alone believe me.

30/11/2012 at 19:38
I made his veggie was very good
30/11/2012 at 19:54
I have got that written down to try, I'd buy his cookbook. I also greatly admire his drive etc, but just seemed he was missing some other stuff in his life.
30/11/2012 at 22:52
Yawn....Wish my friends would hurry home, I am shattered and need my bed! Not looking forward to going out in the cold and driving home. Brrrrrrrrr.
01/12/2012 at 17:11
Quiet today ladies??
Just got back from a long distance walk event- was supposed to be 17 but we did nearly 20. Took 6 hours with 2 tea/cake stops but 16 members of our running club pretty much all together at the end was brilliant. Waterproof socks worked well today too.
Hubby took boys to the local airfield for his helicopter lesson, which he loved. Pity it was a one off. He would love to get a pilot licence one day.
Hope vom bugs are gone and everyone is enjoying the 1st of December - also hope other kids did not open day 24 on the advent calendar like mine did.....
01/12/2012 at 18:38
Ha ha LOL about advent calendar. Wow Lotte - as always I loved reading your race report. I'm so in awe. The Scott Jurek book sounds interesting. I shall put it on my list. And yeah, Lotte your achievements are all the more incredible because of the life you have as well! I salute you!

CM - hurray for new oven. I got one too just before E was born as we didn't have a microwave and thought it would be useful with a baby. We got one of those combi oven/microwave things. Love it.

RF - yay to new bikes and boo to black clouds everyone who is under them right now. I lost my pills two weeks ago and had a couple of lousy days as a result but feeling more chipper now. (Found them again!)

So annoying though as I'd just started running again and was building back up when I got sick again! Honestly. I have never been so constantly I'll in my life since E went to nursery and I went back to work. I've not been 100% for more than a couple days at a time since blooming September!! Is this normal? How long will it last?! What can I do???

Camlo the walk sounds fab and great that your hubby enjoyed his flying lesson.
CC - so the treadmill arrives Monday? So exciting. Can't remember who said they seemed to run slower on a treadmill. I'm exactly the same. 10km per hour seems really hard work but I can do 10k in less than that on the roads! Bizarre.
01/12/2012 at 21:30
CC - my new treadmill runs way too fast too, I would say that 8kph feels nearer to 10kph. The calorie counter is way off too, has me burning 79cals in a 30min run, I don't think so.
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