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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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06/01/2014 at 13:29
Am at all you can eat pan Asian buffet in Swansea. Hilarious food combinations. Stir fried prawns, hash browns, egg fried rice, baked beans, cocktail sausage, noodles and fish fingers for E.
06/01/2014 at 13:49

06/01/2014 at 16:35

Sounds tasty

Glad heating's working Caro, our thermostat is playing up too, have resorted to randomly pressing buttons until heating comes on!

Very jealous of all the passports needed, know its a faff but means you're all going on holiday! We need to plan our summer holiday soon, it'll be the last one before we're stuck with school holiday so want to go somewhere a bit special.

Lotte- your nye sounded amazing! Your kids sound like such a brilliant bunch too. Loving all the photos on fb of them doing races recently.

Went up north at the weekend to see hubbys mum. Not a good experience, she has not been doing well anyway, too many meds, drinking, deciding to stop her a/ds without advice. Got arrested for drinkdriving etc. But she sounded ok on phone and more with it. Anyway, we arrived, took her to shops as no food, cooked dinner etc. Then we said we weren't drinking for dry January and she promptly went down to cornershop and bought 2l of cheap cider. Drank the whole thing and spent literally all night shouting and staggering around the house. Just horrid. She didn't remember in the morning. We had to leave as couldn't have girls there and hadn't had any sleep! Sad because she plays with kids and Maggie wanted to stay and kept asking why we were leaving but what can you say to a 3yr old?!

Anyway, on a happier note I've managed some running! And did bootcamp yesterday so feeling slightly blobby. I seem to already have morning sickness, Thought I was getting ill yesterday until it clicked as to what was actually going on, got to find time to go to the dr sometime soon I suppose!

JT- hope you're enjoying your last few days before baby! Didn't we used to say on the pregnant runners thread that trips to Ikea made you go into labour?!

Right best do some more work. Am working at home and need to hide in the bedroom as nanny has girls but lying on the bed just makes me want a little nap...


06/01/2014 at 19:21

Lucky you got that sorted JT - would have been very annoying to not be able to have CS on Thursday! Good luck if I don't manage to post again before then.

I've managed a couple more runs (well run/walks) and they are getting very slowly easier. Yesterday M went back to daycare and as I am quiet at work and hubby not working we decided to make the most of a child free day (well til 2pm anyway) and went and did a bit walk up the mountain as it was a gorgeous day. Totally knackered afterwards but lovely. Decided to go back up the mountain for a dinner picnic as Matilda loves them so hubby cooked and we literally took the meal in its serving dish (still hot) proper plates etc and just threw them all in the boot - was lovely!

Hope all your wild weather dies down. We have had a mix of beautiful days and then quite a lot of wet. Still feels like we are waiting for summer to start!

06/01/2014 at 20:19
JT - wow good job you worked that out! Water park was fab actually. Helps that my 2 are now old enough and good enough at swimming for me to let them go off on their own. J can go down the slide while E swims somewhere. I left j and went off with E then left E to go find J. Would be hard work on my own with both kids otherwise. There is also climbing and soft play. It isn't a cheap day out. They take tesco vouchers tho!
06/01/2014 at 20:49

Sonya, that's sad about your MIL, bad that she couldn't remember it either.  I have no idea how much my Mum drinks but she hasn't bothered getting her driving licence back after drink driving years ago so I suspect she drinks more than I think.

Sounds very windy again here - lots of trees down locally, but they are slowly being cleared away.

Hoggle - picnic sounds lovely!

JT - phew to steroid jab being spotted.  Funny how these things get missed unless someone has their thinking cap on!

CM - water park sounds good.  I like taking my 3 to Wisley Gardens as once they are in I know they are pretty safe.  Martha and Aidan are very good to be honest and Benedict still mostly sits in the pram, but sometimes the big two disappear off into the distance leaving me jogging along in their wake!

06/01/2014 at 22:01

Sorry just been skimming here - too much going on! 


Mil still in hosp and had now had a stroke as well. we went to see her on sat and it was horrendous as she was so confused and looked terrible. However others have been in since and it seems we caught her at a particularly bad time as she's been fairly coherent to them. She's struggling with swallowing now which isn't ideal when she has to take 25 pills first thing in the morning for her chemo. She hasn't lost the use of her left side but she is neglecting it apparently which I presume means that she is just using her right and her brain isn't remembering  her left is there even though it can work. 

Ive managed a whole 8 miles running. Woo!


on my phone so just saying hi and waving. Xx



06/01/2014 at 22:02
Work was ok. Am tired! Due to daft parking restrictions I had to park at the park and ride and get a bus in and back which turned my 12 hour working day into 14 days out of the house (it's already a 30-45 min commute). The good news is that I'm not at work again until next Monday!

Sonya - that sounds horrible re mil, what a difficult situation. Hope the morning sickness doesn't get too bad.

JT - how exciting, I can't believe it's come round already - looking forward to hearing the news!! Joe you've managed to relax a bit - it really is all over once you've got 3

Hoggle - E is a bit of a monkey at the moment and I think she's a very similar age to your M. She's got a very winsome smile which she accompanies with truly wicked behaviour!

Caro - hope M's face is ok - looked rather sore!

CM - I thought you meant an open air waterpark at first (I presume you didn't?!!). Sounds like great fun.

Our nanny had her first day today and it all went very well (hubby was around to show her everything and then went out for long stretches) so that's great and I know I won't worry about the children when I'm at work. She used to work at nursery but left about 3 years ago to be a nanny, and has been with the same family until she went on maternity leave. She's bringing her 6 month old with her - will be hectic I'm sure, but I'm very happy to have someone we know and trust to look after the girls.

Bless him, my husband had dinner ready for me when I got in at 9, and had even bought a mini bottle of prosecco for us to share. The rather funny side to that story is that he bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate after my first day at work as a consultant, and that's when I told him I was pregnant, so he had to drink most of it himself (although I think I probably helped more than strictly advised since I was still rather shocked!). It was nice that lots of the nurses, secretarys etc remembered me as I've been off almost twice as long I actually worked there before I went off on mat leave!
06/01/2014 at 22:03
EF - that sounds horrible. Hope things start to improve soon. Well done on the running!
06/01/2014 at 22:14
No not open air vixo!! Glad day went ok. And nannies are fab! How cool to have a NWOC. Will be hectic for sure.

J has just gone to sleep. Poor lad. Couldn't settle. Combination of late nights and lazy mornings I think. He is in my bed! Which kind of puts into perspective the girletising he was worrying about after his sleepover with his friend!

Haven't heard from CC in a while. Hope all ok
06/01/2014 at 22:17
And EF - that does sound awful re MIL. (())
07/01/2014 at 06:36

Urgh JT hope you got some sleep.  

EF - your poor MIL, hope next time you see her she is a bit better.  Its so sad, the last time I saw my gran she was so confused.  I hope your MIL is getting good care xx

Vixo - well done on your first day.  Sounds like a longggg day!

07/01/2014 at 07:39

Those certainly sound like long days Vixo but nice to be remembered!

EF that sounds very tough re your MIL, I hope she improves soon.

Your MIL situation also sounds tough Sonja although for different reasons. Sounds like you did the only thing you could by leaving.

JT I hope you are fast asleep now. Your spell check really is amusing!!

Another night of sleep battles so it looks like the nap at daycare has to be dropped too so will look forward to some very grumpy afternoon/evenings for a while. Does anyone know how long it takes to adapt to no nap? Problem we have is if we go anywhere in the car she falls asleep after 2 minutes!


07/01/2014 at 08:04
Hoggle - doesn't take long for them to adapt. You do have to time trips in the car for earlier in the day. Or work very hard at keeping them awake. I sometimes put kid in front with me so I could poke them to stop them going to sleep! E fell asleep in car yesterday and couldn't get to sleep last night. And she is 5 in feb!
It is a pain!
07/01/2014 at 21:55

 Happy new year to you all, may 2014 be filled with lots of running, cycling & maybe swimming & it sounds like there's gonna be a few babies also, yay!! Congrats to Sonya & is it TT?? Have just sKim read the last few pages so may ave that wrong!!

also good luck to JT on the impending birth, how exciting for you x

Have not been on here for at least a month, tut tut. So probably missed loads sorry.

CM - missed u on FB. Sorry to hear you have been having such a difficult time recently, massive hugs & hope things will start to improve really soon for ya chick ????

EF- sorry to hear about your MIL.

Vixo- wow back to work already, boy that seemed to go quick. Hope it's not to much of a shock.


07/01/2014 at 22:05

Training wise I've mostly been cycling with the odd wee run in here n there. Only  11 days until the strathpuffer, omg!!!!!! Can't believe I thought it was a good idea to do it again. Fair impressed though so far this year I have cycled 80 odd miles! Gonna do no exercise after Tuesday next week though apart from back n fore to school with the bike trailer & stretches.

my baby started school nursery on Monday. Happy to have 2.5 hrs to run & cycle but sad to see her grow up.

right will try & pop back on more regularly now x

07/01/2014 at 22:10

RF I can't believe you're doing it again either!!  Is it going to be on telly this yr?

07/01/2014 at 22:13

No, whew!!!!! Hahaha. I sometimes bump into  people, mainly tri or cycling peeps who say oh weren't you on the TV????? So funny.

07/01/2014 at 22:50

They must have been having a quiet day at the GPs!  Or they needed to fill a quota or something


08/01/2014 at 12:02

Eeek to midwife JT - some of them are a bit out of order!

I have a brand new nephew, William 7lb 14oz, cheeky chap was back to back so it was a c-section.  Very excited!  Haven't even seen a photo yet!

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