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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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06/03/2013 at 16:14

The train fare bugs me too Minks. Mine is £14 a day as obviously when working part-time no point in getting a season ticket. Well done on the running!

06/03/2013 at 16:18
7 mile run with 10x 400m ints done, was hard work as wind was blowing a hoolie straight at me on my ints, every part of me aches now from fighting against the wind. Not quite as fast as last wks (blue sky + sunshine) ints, but 8:47, 8:29, 8:28, 8:26, 8:32, 8:34, 8:34, 8:24, 8:35 & 8:17. So nice + consistent except for 1st + last ones altho they balance each other out + still comfortably under the 9-9:45mM my training schedule asks for so happy happy happy. Rest day tomorrow
06/03/2013 at 16:23
Travel is my concern when hubby does start new job, it is 63miles each way so going to cost ??100 a wk in fuel + in winter he'll have to stay in hotel near the mine as it is awful rd to travel in winter.
06/03/2013 at 16:25

outdoor museum is buildings they have 'rescued' from other parts of Wales basically. plus some reconstructions of very early buildings. quite good for the kids as they can run around lots and clamber inside the houses. they also have bakery, farm etc there, so is quite distracting for a few hours. but if it's wet and there's a lot of you, it can be difficult to hide inside the houses / buildings as they can get quite cramped

obsessively doing my stretches this afternoon

fab effort on the intervals, TT! now would be about the time i would get injured with those fab speeds tho, so take care!

06/03/2013 at 16:27

and agree - everything is so expensive. everything goes up all the time and yet i haven't had a payrise in about 6 years. they just don't give them at work anymore due to the 'economic climate'. the only people who get them are people who are way way off the bottom of the payscale...

06/03/2013 at 16:45

Mixture of both tbh Sonya. Sold buggy on ebay. Sold old chair on gumtree and some baby stuff. Big stuff usually gumtree. Should have done that for buggy tbh might have gotten more. But sold now so thats fine.

I know swimming lessons gone up, phone bill gone up and thats just letters in the last two days. Might enter the lottery tonight!

06/03/2013 at 16:53

Just sold my bumbo to a friend, need to clean the doughnut of neglect and sell that, plus the baby car seat, and a nice baby mat with dangly things.  I have never sold on e bay, can't you put a reserve price?  Never sold on gumtree either - will have a look.  It's just a case of getting it all out of the loft, photographing it etc.

Looking forward to watching the marathon - sounds like it's going well Minks, but I dont want to jinx it!

06/03/2013 at 16:58
oh I know CM, think this is longest I have managed weekly interval run without coming dwn with a stinking cold or putting my back out. I have bn paying attention to running on my midfoot/forefoot + keeping feet light + increasing leg turnover so not overstriding/heel striking + running tall with shoulders back + head up. Seems to b helping, fingers crossed it continues.

Had one really bad pain in my shin during last wks interval run, thought previous injury had flared up, but I stretched my shin + calves + then concentrated on form for next few intervals + it disappeared completely + hasn't returned. Need to start using foam roller on my quad that tore last yr, occasionally feel a pull in it when out running so need to look after it a bit more, don't want it pinging midmarathon or afterwards like the original injury.

You have reminded me I was going to check out when pilates classes r on at gym too, won't cost me anything as have membership. It's council gym + costs ??30 a month for me + the girls, but that gets us free swimming, free softplay + free use of all the gym + classes so it is worth having, would spend that a month just going swimming + softplay once a wk. Plus it covers every council pool + gym in our area.
06/03/2013 at 18:54

Our council 'gym' is pretty useless unfortunately - the only classes it does is spin (which is in the entrance) and classes for the 55+ year olds!!! Such a bu**er as the council one I used down South (Tallbird goes there I think) was awesome and such a bargain. Hey ho.

Boo to the money troubles MM and Tangy - that's harsh not knowing when hubbys new job is going to start Tangy and quite the commute too ... hope it all comes together soon for you.

MM - we've had times when we've gone backwards on our mortgage ... ours is a combined thing whereby our mortgage and current account/savings (not that we have those) are combined.  When we first moved up here we were going seriously backwards and just about paying off the interest, kind of on track at the moment but never ahead for sure!!!!  This time of year is always cr*p for us as it's the MOT, Tax and Insurance that all seem to come in Feb/March plus lots of birthdays in Jan & Feb.  Hope you find a way forwards though, so stressful.  I am relieved in a way that we are used to surviving on just hubbys money and anything I bring in is a bonus - and my library stuff is unreliable (nothing for last month), Pilates pays me obviously but that's spread out depending on blocks and I have VERY small classes!!  We have lost child benefit too.

Sonya - physio sounds good.  You won't lose fitness too quickly - I think Pfizinger & Douglas (?) kind of bible for mara training have  a scale for getting back into training and up to 10 days off you can pick up where you left off, with a sliding scale from that.  Rest and ice are good. Have heard mixed stuff re anti-inflams - have to recheck sources but they can actually interfere with the healing of the injury, despite being good for reducing inflammation ...

06/03/2013 at 18:59

CM - cautiously ++ for you then re the calf. I think you were unfortunate, and of course, where there was a tear, there would have been scar tissue which would have been tight and perfect for re-ripping I guess ... had to laugh at your morning antics, I have that many mornings and this morning as Scarlett was shrieking from her bedroom she was told I was doing the school run regardless of what she was wearing ...

Have no desire to do boot camp but definitely not after these tales of woe Sonya and CM!!!!

Minks - good news re the back, fingers crossed, I am not saying anything more to tempt fate for you!!  Hope Kits bday went well though.

Ummmmm, have missed more I am sure, only skimread back ...

Worked this morning, then squeezed in 10 miles before pick-up ...actually felt like my body belonged to me today so think I am getting back in the groove ... ankle still niggling but nightly calf and ankle massaging (REALLY deep) + stretching and voltarol seem to be keeping it working!!!

Tangy - fantastic splits - go you

06/03/2013 at 19:00

Food bills are horrific, can't believe how much even a top-up basket costs now. Am very lucky, I get 12 weeks of swimming lessons for £34 per child, Js guitar lessons are £4 a go and same for Ss ballet.

Right, need to chase the lovelies on their way to bed now ...

06/03/2013 at 19:03

and Hoggle - I've found camping quite helpful with back problems in the past!!! Well the sleeping on a hard surface seems to iron out the kinks for me anyway.  Enjoy, is so hard to get decent 'me time' sometimes but amazing the difference it makes when you do get it.  It seems like you have a great boss and it also sounds like you are well valued, hope you get some sleep this night (not sure if you are in bed at the mo or is it morning??)

06/03/2013 at 20:26
wow busy on here today
Anti-inflam tablets are better than topical stuff but NOT if you have any asthma! Don't want to cure one issue but gain another.
Money - I lived on fresh air when eldest was small and I bought my 1st house as a single mum (1997 for 44k) but now I am lucky to earn decent wages and live quite cheaply. We have an aldi in the nearest town for groceries and most kids activities are a pound or two. OK I don't have enough for designer clothes and exotic holidays but in comparison to you girls I know I have it easy. Hope things improve for everyone.
Hubbies - cant moan, after a few frogs I bagged a good'un. Not only does he build extensions, but when not doing that he cooks and doesn't mind looking after boys.
Training sessions - don't get nervous although I find normal reps boring so a sense of dread perhaps but our club run around the town so use hills to tempo up or laps of the estates for reps. Not sure when I last ran a set distance and timed it! Tangy - your reps sound like a strength if you are doing them so much faster than expected.
Tantrums - yep, I find the walk off and ignore approach works here too. If I try cajoling I get more frustrated and it just drags it on. Can imagine you dropping E off naked and hungry CM!!!! NOT!
06/03/2013 at 20:56
Nah I wouldn't have really, Camlo. Much! Well perhaps not. I was imagining maybe half an outfit with the rest in a bag. And v little breakfast.
06/03/2013 at 22:33
Hubby is 'camping' to help his back as we speak.....well he's on the floor in his sleeping bag anyway! He's on a list now to get injections in his back where the disc is prolapsed. Apparently they'll try that a few times before considering surgery. Anyone had that?

I worked out childcare costs for my 2 for a yr if I work 2 days a wk will be about ??7k. My ??2.5k of stored up vouchers from my old employers aren't going to last long!
06/03/2013 at 22:33
Why does a pound sign always turn into question marks??!
06/03/2013 at 22:46

Are they cortisone injections Caro? I have my specialist appointment tomorrow so will be interesting to see what he says. Very slight improvement in my foot movement which is positive but still such a lot of pain when standing walking and all the time by the end of the day - grrr!

Better day today, tired but glad I caught myself up a bit last night!

We have great camping mats and have spent a fair bit of time 'camping' on the floor recently too so don't think it will be a problem. More worried about sandflies!

When is London Marathon this year?

Oh and I know several of you eat Chia seeds - what are they, what do they do? Saw them in the supermarket and thought about getting some but then thought I should know their purpose rather than just telling hubby - the girls on RW all eat them!!

06/03/2013 at 23:00

Don't know if link will work as posting front phone, but give it a try.
06/03/2013 at 23:16

Ah, haven't been on for a little while but nice to see I've been name-checked today so clearly you haven't all forgotten me . Lotte, haven't done my half yet - it's on 7th April so still a few more weeks of training to go. Don't think there's much danger of a PB on this one as it's a bit undulating and there's a nasty hill around mile 11 but I've compared my long run times to when I was training for my last half (2 and half yrs ago) and I'm running about same speed so good to see I'm not slowing down in my old age yet ...

Can sympathise with the money woes although we're doing okay at the moment - nothing to spare of course but we're covering everything we need. With 3 kids to feed we find it impossible to do a weekly shop for less than £130 though and food prices do seem to be going up all the time.

Hoggle and CM - hope you're both off the bench soon and back to good health. And hope the physio works out for you Sonya, sounds like marathon training had been going really well too, typical of things to happen that way!

As for speed work, I always find the idea of it much worse than actually doing it, get quite a buzz after finishing a fast session but like others always worry about them beforehand. Did 8 x 150 on the dreadmill today which was fun as I find intervals always relieve dreadmill boredom.

So we're building up to the party of the century this weekend when Lily turns 10! She is having her party in a hall near us and we've invited the whole class (what have we let ourselves in for ). It's a disco party so we're planning lots of loud music, dancing, some games and quizzes, pizza, salad and cakes for tea. We've only ever had parties at home before so she is literally bursting with excitement! Can't believe my baby is going to be 10 though, so grown up. You should have seen hubby's face when he saw the outfit she chose to buy to wear to the party, it's a short black skort thing, tights and flimsy top with vest underneath. I get the feeling we'll be seeing that look a lot in years to come .

07/03/2013 at 08:01

wow - how exciting, karen. 10 too. sooo grown up

i don't find the sleeping on the floor thing so bad for my back - it's the in and out of tents and having to crouch down all the time. also all the putting up the tent / lugging things around / constantly having to move things / pack things up / pull things out. but if you have someone to help you, it's not so bad, i guess.

off to reading / london / hemel today and tomorrow. won't be back home till v late tomorrow - hate travelling back from hemel late on a friday!

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